The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on October 20, 1928 · 12
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 12

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 20, 1928
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12 THE SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER t SATURDAY. OCTOBER 20. 1928 Touring Service Is Innovation Installed at Smith SERVICEWILL AID RNDINGDF SCENIC SPOTS New Tract Office at Moraga Road and Park Boulevard Is at the Disposal of Motorists Smith Reserve's Entrance A. touring iervica for motorists la one of th unique features that have been introduced recently by the Smith Reserve sales organization of the Realty Syndicate Company. This service has been Installed In the Smith Reserve tract office at i'ark boulevard and Moraga road, the entrance to the beautiful home reserve, where two large signs invite the motorist to stop and secure information of this district and an up-to-date map showing the shortest and best routes to points of interest and scenic drives In the vicinity of Smith Reserve. "This service has been introduced," states Raymond Emge. sales manager for the Realty Syndicate Company, "to assist motor-lets enjoying a few hours' outing in finding locations of historical and scenle Interest well as to assist them in choosing the best and most scenic routes. ROADS CONFUSE. "The hundreds of new roads that have been constructed In the new home districts in the Piedmont hills are often confusing a motorists who have a definite destine, tion or are merely enjoying the many beautiful drives through this eertion. "By stopping and innuiring at the Smith Reserve tract office they are accurately directed to their destination and given a complete map of this entire district. Including all of the Skyline boulevard as far as the Claremont tunnel, Sequoyah Park, Joaquin Miller's home. Redwood peak, and Smith Reserve, as well as the shortest routes to various parts of the East Bay. The manner in which this service has been accepted by the motoring public has proven that it fills a long felt want and renders an appreciated service. "Few people know that the view from Skyline boulevard where it cuts through the upper part of Smith Reserve is generally conceded by travelers as one of the three most beautiful marine views in the world, rrom several points along this boulevard, a well as from many locations In gmlth Re. serve, one may look down upon over seven counties spread about the hay. GRAND PANORAMA. "The great East Bay from Hay- ward to Richmond offers an Inspiring panorama of over 60 miles in width. The large buildings of San Francisco stand out with startling clearness, and contrast mightily with the blue of Mr. Tamalpais and the Marin hills, sloping gently down to the Golden Gate. "FVr to the south stretches the rich Santa Clara Valley, and to the north Mt Diablo rears its head above the green valleys and tiny towns of Contra Costa County. And every hour of the day finds this vast panorama changing in color and beauty from the first flush of early sunrise to the golden-red of sunset and the soft purple of twilight, with thousands of lights twinkling in the cities below as night falls. "It is little wonder that this has been proclaimed one of the three most beautiful marine views in the Wyrld. Nor is it any wonder that such poets and authors as Joaquin Miller, George Sterling, Jack London and Herman Whltaker made their homes in these hills. And the forethought of man has reserved Smith Reserve as a home park in the midst of this gorgeous setting." Pair of Buildings to Be Built on Scott St. Sub-bids are being taken in connection with the construction of two three-story and basement frame and stucco apartment build ings to contain thirty-six two, three and five room apartments, elevators, electric refrigeration, dish. washers, tile baths, etc. They are to be erected on the northwest cor ner of Scott and Jefferson streets to cost $1!5,000. 'X r 1:1 r. I 1 -v ISH-. s Jr I ii. LI UP Lli S.F.WINSHQNOri mwim NORMAN STYLES HAVE BEEN Smith Reserve in Oakland. followed in the lodge that marks the entrance to S-8-7 LOAN PLAN IS SUCCESSFUL According to Pacific States Savings and Loan Company, the 6-6-7 underwritten loan plan for homes and income property is meeting with marked success. This new plan, which was originated by Pacific States Savings and which Is offered exclusively by that Institution, is somewhat of an innovation in real estate financing, and em bodies several advantageous features, one of which is a low interest note. Property carrying such a nots Is. of course, mors desirable and there. tore mors saleable. And this ap. plies not only to Income property but ta a horns where the occupant might, at a later data, desire to sell. second feature of the plan is that it provides for repayment In regular, semi-annual or monthly In stallments of a size that the borrower can meet over a period of five to fifteen years, Contracts Let for ' Medical Structure Sub-contracts havs been let in connection with the construction of a $200,000 five-story class 8 re. inforced concrete medical building to contain forty suites. It is being erected on the northwest corner of Twi-nty-ninth and Summit streets, Oakland, on s sit 77x102 feet, for ins Summit Medleal Building, Inc. St. Ignatius College Building Planned Plans are being completed for a three-story class C high school building to rontain twenty-six classrooms, assembly hall, gymna. slum and chapel. It is to be erected on Stnnyan street near Turk for St. Ignatius College, Fulton street and Parker avenue, at a cost of $100,000. Members of the Ban Francisco delegation to the recently concluded annual convention of the California Real Estate Association are find-tng a pleasant aftermath of the getherlng In reviewing the succohiss achieved In some of the lighter phases of the Baoramento conclave, One of the achievements towsrd which the local realtors are pointing with considerable pride was the winning of the Fred T. Wood trophy by the baseball team represent-ing the San Francisco Real Estate Itoard. Tha team, organUed by Ray Hl. gins, with W, W. Wilson as men-pger, carried off the coveted tro. nhy by defeating the nine repre. sentlng the Sacramento Real Estate Board In a hotly contested game by a score of 10 to t. Golfing honors were brought to San Francisco, too, with the winning of the Frank Ryan golf trophy by Polly Willard, who turned in the lowest gross score. On the entertainment side of the convention activities one of the most applauded features was the quartet of San Franciscans, directed by Kenneth Hall. The, usual host of friends vehemently greeted Dick Jose, deputy real estate commissioner, Clear as ever, his vole rose triuphantly on two nights. John J. Hefferman was the only man at the convention who seemed to do any work. He transacted much business for Barrett and Hilp at the same time fraternizing with his brother realtors. Jim Duke was very much among those present. His name should be George, everybody wanted him to da.somethlng every minute. 36'Room Apartment Building Is Ordered Sub-bids are being taken In con-paction with the construction of a three-story frame and stucco apartment building to contain thirty-six rooms. It is to be erecetd on Kighth avenue and Ivy drive, Oakland, at a oost of approximtaely $10,000. PALACE San Francisco's Leading HARDWARE CO. Half-price Special i9 It Regular $7.50 ANDIRONS II SHOW TO OPEN ON ill. 4 t bra standards, 14 Inches A limited number of this Solid Well. style. FULL LINE OF FIREPLACE ACCESSORIES AMIIHONS tip to $55. FIRE SCREENS up to 77. FIRE SETS, 4 piece, nn to $24. GRATIS COAL HODS WOOD BASKETS Deliveries within ISO miles 581 MARKET ST. Near Second Sutter 6060 Belle Monti Prices Going Upi Our Membership Drive is Proving a Huge Success Now We Must RAISE THE PRICE To Take Effect November First $300 has been the minimum cost of a 50-foot lot AND a full membership in the country club properties. On and after November first, it will be pi art u 7f& ii IX 4f, Vl wmmmm The policy of a down payment of $5.00 and $1.25perweek will continue This offer subject to withdrawal without notice 170PALOMA This Beautiful Ingleside Terrace, RESIDENCE M'lLIi.BE SOLD OX PREMISES AT PUBLIC AUCTION Sunday, Oct. 21, at 2:30 P. M. Located in one of San Frnfteo' most ejelunlve rr allien tlal tricta. ThU attrnetlve Spanixh hme elfrr tbt even the mailt dUcrtminatinif would rhnoxe. 8 In rue, gunny rnnnin ft master berlronni. in nuKc, 2 hatha, aunrnnm le'niHnK into pntln maln'a oom, eanvna atipplail walln, wrought iron fixtures, itpaeiouii ynrl, nhruhit and flonerA, aeparnte 'i ear garner, furnnre and hot water heater. We ran Knarantee an absolute bfirenln here, at (hl home Ml ST BR SOLDI Very eaxy term. Open for lnielliin dully, a-5. James A. Connelly Co. H iotter Bt. Auctioneers Kenrny 1SS0 FO YOUR PROTECTION DEEDS OF GOOD TITLE GUARANTEED All improvements are in, clubhouse, two golf courses, swimming tank, tennis court, streets, light, gas. Every pledge made has been kept. Bring your golf clubs, your swimming suit, your tennis racket, and come tomorrow. Turn right at Belmont Canycn Road and drive to the beautiful club house. MONROE, LYON $ MILLER Inc. 44?feuss Building Phone Kearny 8025 A special dltlon of Meyr Bros.' Good Horns News, printed In two colors and snnounclng ths oompl tlon of several groups of new homes In Mlrsloma Park, has just been distributed, according to the announcement made by the firm yes terday, Good Home News is a monthly publication distributed to owners of all Meyer-built homes and to several thousand persons who have asked to bo placed upon the mailing list. Extra copies of this Issue will be distributed during Miraloma Park's next furnished home-, display, the opening date of which has been set tentatively as November 4, it was said. keadln articles appearing In this Issue are signed by T. G. Meyer, president of Myer Bros.j Harry B. Allen, president of Allen & Co., developers of Sea Cliff and Peninsula properties, and Ross H. Ryder, editor of the magazine, Speeisl attention was called, on the editorial page, to the fact that the magaalne is issued free of charge to all who ar Interested In receiving It. Miss Shaffer Heads Women Realty Group Women realtors are active throughout th gtate Jn the effort to assure a. huge attendance at the convention of the California Real Estate Association In Sacramento next month, aecordlngto reports received by th San Francisco Real Estate Board. Cliff W, Clegg, grand mashal of the caravan and attendance committee, has ereated a women's dlvl slpn to assist him. Miss Geneve A, Shaffer of San Francisco and Mrs. Hazel M. Grant of Pasadena are the heads of the group. Long Term LOANS for CONSTRUCTION or REFINANCING Repayable (n small monthly payments at the rate of Metropolitan Guarantee BUILDING-LOAN ASSOCIATION 915 Mission Street San Francisco, Calif. Realty Board to Make Count of ' Traffic in City The Ban Francisco Ra,l Estate Board, in co-operation - with ths Building Owners' and Managers' Association will start a clty-wtde trafflo count next week, followtn an extensive study and preparation for what is expected to be the most complete check on pedestrian travel ever made In San Francisco. 7 II HOMES ' ' IN I0DSI Seven palatial new fcomw no grace the scenic slopes of Wood side Heights, the newly developed residential are In Woodslde, ppo site the Menlo Country CJub, ae cording ta to an announcement by Mark A. McCann, peninsula realtor. INSTANTANEOUS that describes locating Examiner Want Ads. On the first page of the Section you'll find a numbered index with classifications listed al' phabetieally. Find the number first you'll find your Want Ad an instant later., San Francisco Examiner Want Ads f,.J ul (Beautiful TERRACE WEST OF TWIN PEAKS Hueter'built ABJISTIG HOMES SPECIAL $16,500 Four Bedrooms, two Baths --on Santa Ana Avenue A spacious residence of fine appearance is being ef fered this week at this low figure. The homa is nearly new, a quality home in every detail of it finish and gp-to-date conveniences. See it today or Sunday. Drfve out over Portola Drioc or tat "K" cars direct. Tlfie oice is located at the corner of Upland Drive and Aptos Ace. LANG REALTY. CO. Exclusive Agents 0ice on Tracl-r-Phone Randolph 6450 Travel Information Travel Information lmtJWwfTOftlMwWfrtwttwwt AN INFINITE VARIETY OF ENCHANTING SCENERY, FROM TROPICAL LUXURIANCE TO 8XOW,CLAD ALPS. SOUTH SEAS AUSTRALIA An Ideal Ilolidsr Ret and Cpane A circular tour with itopevera, any point an rout, lfirkt dust round fare, Srtlfli second clas. $437. Sailing every 14 dais, PORTS OF CAI'Ll Honolulu, Suva (Fiji), Auckland (New Zealand), Sydney (Auntralia), Wellington (New Zealand), Rarotonga (Cook Island), Papeete (Tahiti). For pamphlets and full Information, apply Canadian-Australasian I'nion Mtram Ship Co, Koyal Mail Line of New Zealand, Ltd. 809 Hastings Street West 230 California Street, Vancouver, B. C. San Francisco ... Hind, Rolph & Co., Ino. 6T5 Market Bt.. 6. F. G,n. AgentI or any Tourist or Railroad Agent inn Reduced Winter Fares -NOW IN EFFECT- "Admiral Evnsn" 5 p.m. Today SEATTLE Vl One Way "Adlnlrnl Bennon" S p.m. Today LOS ANOELES SA DIEGO 10 One W a KIS.SO One Wny 20 Round TrlpifiiU Round Trip "Admiral Schley" 5 p. in. Tucs. POkTLAXD-rASTOJtLl 1(1 One Way For purtlculnrsi Onv'port 3300 TICKET OFFICES: 638 Market St.. Palacs Hotel Piers Hi and 18 foot of Howard St. Oakland: 4M 18th Street Berkt-ley: 87 fihattuck Square PACIFIC SeSeCO THB ADMIRAL LINE To LOS ANGELES $20 ronndtrip 7-day return limit TALE anl ; HARVARD $l&5o To SAN DIEGO Including Meali an4 Berth, $26 round trip f-day rtrn limit Sailings Every Tues., Wed., Fri., and Sat., from S. F. Pier 7 at 4 p.m. lAsscOjf; LOS ANGELES STEAMSHIP C(X' . . - - 685 Market St. Tel. Davenport 42 10 Oakland ' Berkeley 412 13th St. ai48Center Tel. Oak. 143S Trf. Thorn. 0060 ei-j Jf COUNTRIES fi J WOilLD ; W PRISIOENT UHER EVERY FRIDAY j ! AT 4 P.M. I GOLLASl 1: II STEAf..S:iiP LI TIE W H Jll pAHF.IRMA ST. 406 THIRTEENTH ST. f M CARMiJbVs OAK1.AD!060 Wl The Comfort Route to LOS ANGELES S. S. Humboldt S. S. San Juan 33 Glorious Honrs at Sea Open air dancing Radio Mnslc Promenade Decks - Meals and Berth Included $10.00 First Class Sailing Kvery Tnesda Thursday, haturda) at S p, m. L. A. and S..FNAV. CO. 683 Market fcU;-' Ph. Sutter 1GS0 rit-r n Oakland 18UJ. 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