The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on March 7, 1926 · 78
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 78

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 7, 1926
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A N THE SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER: SUNDAY. MARCH 7. 1926 m nr Trim murium SOULS AID AT HOSPITAL etterman Offers Medical In- j novation That . Is : Attract l ine Widespread Attention X-A. very Interesting- medical lnno "tion was discussed last Friday light at the meeting of the State loclety of Educational rnerapy. Ph meeting; was held at 1721 Van fess avenue In The Seven Art Cavern. The society aims to secure .upport for an "O. T." worker for lie home bound invalids In San Francisco. "Just as the Public Health Nurse uvs proved herself indispensable, so till an accredited Occupational therapy worker likewise answer an It-gent need," said Chief Nurse R. . Cameron. Miss Cameron Is Chief f the Occupational Department at . be Letterman Hospital at the Fre-. Idlo, where from fifty to sixty men re amused and instructed daily. ; And now Just what is educational 'tierapy? . Well, if one has the entree of etterman Hospital, .Miss Cameron I rill guide one to the most alluring , rorkshop imaginable. Beautiful ; hlngs are there made "by the lands of "the boys" scarfs, woven t 'il handlooms, dainty articles of ;i lasketry, quaint and gorpeous . rood en toys, and even drawings ecoratlng the walls.' The room , irlth the finished articles looks like . prized exhibition in a department tore. In working on them the men ; re undergoing an "occupational herapy cure." ! It Is Miss Cameron's delicate duty i o arouse an interest in very weary I nen and lead them to take ta-t in he workshop activities. The work j s undertaken only if the patient !.. hows any desire to do so. Generic ,lly a desire is awakened when ? lies Cameron suggests that the ' latient weave a scarf for his wife, r cut a toy for his children. Once ' nterested, the patient becomes en-? huslastic None of the things are '' nade to order. None of them are iver made for sale. The material is nrnished by the government. The Teatest numbers of Miss Cam-iron's patients are the neuro-taychlatric' She says: "All kinds of cases are susceptible O the influence of educational kerapy. The Occupational Depart-nent of - the Letterman Hospital Jms to aid all those who need this reatment. t is purely theraputic, lie patient's welfare being the first jid last consideration. Rapid strides ere being made in his state to introduce occupational herapy In all of the leading gen-T&l hospitals, according to her. ; "The State Society of Occupa- tonal Therapy look forward to the tear future when every hospital of 4iy size will have such a depart - nent as a regular part of the up- o-date scientific treatment of the Jck. Miss Cameron Insisted. At Friday's meeting Pr. Philip ting Brown gave an address on )ecupatlonal Therapy In various hronlc diseases. Dr. Edward W. rwitchell and Hiss Kate Foley also nade addresses. Miss Cameron Is In reality "First lieutenant Reba G. Cameron." She decorated, having been awarded ha distinguished service medal for ter work during the world war. the was also picked two years ago tf Colonel Albert B Truby, com- Weary Men Restored by Shop Work , ' -- ' ' 2 Ml fry v"' " W' i : fc If "rvr-A; Jl " ' 11111 CT-g Basketry workers in one of the Letterman Hospital shops. tnandant of the Letterman General Hospital, as chief nurse of the relief mission that was sent from San Francisco in September, 1924, to relieve earthquake sufferers in Japan. There Miss Cameron's work attracted the attention 01 tne Crown Prince who lauded her personally. She has been at the Letter-man Hospital for the past four years, specializing In educational therapy a year ago, under : the supervision of the doctors. Homes Purchased. PETALUMA. March . Otto Rudolph Jr. has purchased a new borne now being constructed by J. E. Stephens on Fifth and I streets. Mr. and Mrs. Varnel have purchased a home in the same sec-rn of the city. i Historic Street Names Changed BOSTON, March 6. The street commissioners of the city of Boston, despite several protests, at a public hearing voted to change the names of Tremont Row and Court street, between Cornhill and Cambridge streets, to Cambridge street, as contained In the petition before that body, Representatives of several con- cerns on the fronts involved opposed the, change on the grounds the firms had long been established at well-known addresses. Others urged the changes to do away with the confusion of so many names for such short sections of streets. - Rhodes Scholars To Get More. Money Rhodes scholars from the United States and Canada during the pas 20 years, according to a statement of the; American secretary of the Rhodes Trust, have made almost Identical academic records at Oxford University. Among the 420 candidates for appointment considered at the last election of scholars to enter the university in October, 1926, Ohio led with 89 candidates, and Pennsylvania had SO. The stipend has been Increased recently, and the 82 men elected will have an annual Income of 400 each for the three years of their residence at Oxford. FILM INSPIRED BY 'EXAMINER How The San Francisco "Exam iner" had a hand in startmg Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc., on the road to success, was revealed last night, with the arrival here of special representatives of the Hollywood motion picture firm. In 1918 "The Examiner" published exclusively. Ambassador Gerard's dlaryr under the title, "My Four Years in Germany." , - The articles were read by Jack L. Warner, owner of an independent film exchange on Golden Gate avenue. He Immediately sensed the motion picture value of the story, and wired bis opinion to his brothers In New York. He then waited impatiently for their re-action, but the only answer he received was a hurry-up call to New York. . After lengthy conferences ' with Ambassador Gerard; and numerous trips to Washington, D. C, the negotiations were Anally closed. PICTURE A SENSATION. It was then that Warner moved his residence from San Francisco to supervise the production of a film entitled "M Four Years in Germany," depicting Gerard's experi ences there. Completed in the latter part of 1918, the picture became a sensation literally overnight. This started the tide of success for the Warner Brothers, and from that time the firm has prospered until today it is one of the leaders In tho industry. . And now Jack Warner is return ing to the city that gave him his first big chance. He is scheduled to arrive next Friday to attend the premiere of ' Lady Windemere s Fan" at the Imperial, and the open ing on Saturday at the St. Francis of John Barrymore in "The Sea Beast," two of the biggest productions in the history of his company. , How the organization has prospered since the success of "My Four Years in Germany," is Illustrated through the fact that two of the biggest pictures of the year will be released simultaneously in two of San Francisco's leading theaters, by Warner Brothers. NEW RECORD SET. " Aside from starting the ' Warner Brothers on the road to prosperity, "My Four Years in, Germany" also established other records. In that It was one of the first pictures to gross over the $1,000,000 mark, a 'Examiner' Inspired k. b. Ml 5 1 i. lilt" M Jack Warner of noted film firm, who owes his success to grasping values of articles printed in these columns.'' ' '. ; record which few pictures of today have accomplished. "Lady Windemere's Fan" and "The Sea Beast" art direct outgrowths of the casual reading by Jack Warner of the Hearst syndi cate feature "My Four .Years In Germany." Bor It was the reading of "The Examiner" atory . that brought success to Warner Brothers, making their present day spectacles a possibility. Jewish Relief , Dance Tonight To raise funds with which to purchase a tract of land for the purpose of building an addition to sanatorium for consumptive children, at the sanatorium of the Jewish Consumptive Relief Asso ciation, a ball will be held this eve ning at the Scottish Rite audito rium, Van Ness avenue and Sutter street. R Advertisement Mm) evoMtioiniize BELL MANUFACTURING CO. in two years has proved that the old custom of buying upholstered chesterfield sets from the middleman is wrong and expensive. Also proved that upholstering should only be bought direct from a real manufacturer. Further proved that in order for you to he sure that you can get a properly built hardwood frame out of thoroughly dry lumber and the steel work properly fitted and upholstering properly and carefully done, that you should buy from a bonafide factory, run by practical men of thorough manufacturing knowledge. A factory" that makes woodwork, steel work and upholstering. And a factory that allows no piece work, but operates exclusively on day's work. An ad that tells you something HOLDING AT THE INTERNAL RINO ; B WHAT TAKES THB BARM FROM ; tTTPTURB. TM thr Is not ona ruptured - nan In 500 wbo even knowa where the , Rternal Ring la located, or that they ; are aueh a thine unleaa they have had ; a actual demonstration and been ehown. 'houeande of men make the mlataka of oldlns where the tralglnc ehowa and leave ha Internal Rlns. where the real eeat of tie aancer i. to take ear of ItMlf. la hare any wonder why eo ma.ny men'a ruo- rea crow worm and woreeT The UNCI.B .'AM la the only Trusa which completely loaee the Internal Ring, and It la the aeleet Truaa In the world to wear. Hold our Rapture at the Internal Rlnc and y wiroTiB ii never ruptured. Kava tie UNCLE 8AM TRUSS demonstrated to 'ya free. No mail order; meet ua Face to "aca. C. H. HITTENBERGER CO. 1103 Market St Corner 7th Street, 460 Foat St., gBB Franciaco, Cal. . . Eiclulve Bales and Service for the Uncle Sam Trusa amfacturere. ef Trueaee, Fleet l Hosiery, Artificial Limbs. Braoea, eta. See thla Advt. Read for Booklet "The First Line of Defense" against numerous physical ailments is your TEETH ; GUARD THEM WELL NOTE THESE PRICES I tt lit. Gold rrowna ,. ,.,,.. f k. Hrldlte Work S-1 ; Plate Repaired, from (1 Silver rilling, from . ParcelaiM Fllllnica, front S3 PLATES 910 Tears ef aoceesaful aenHatrr ear snarantee for permanent. eaUaf aetory wark. Dr. H. F. Bernard "Dentistry Tkat Plraaea" 1159 MARKET ST. Ooea Evening Until P. M. PHONE MARKET 3163 A pretty outside cover often hides a flimsy frame; cheap stuffing; cheap cotton in cushions; second-hand fillings and many piece-work defects. Even though you pay a big price to the retail furniture store, they themselves seldom know what's under die cover. .s The only reason we are sure of our product is because we buy the best grade of white hair; the best grade of cushion ' cotton, and other materials. Then' do all the work in our own factory, where your inspection is solicited, ' ' ' Don't mistake the Bell Manufacturing Co. for a furniture store which buys its wood frames, etc, and has them upholstered on their premises; we are not a furniture store, hut a real factory and tell only what we manufacture. Our San Francisco factory alone employs approximately fifty people the year around. You can easily see that by this large output,' low operating expense and elimination of the middleman, why we can properly produce and sell quality and quantity economically. ,. , . , Hence our revolutionizing of the upholstering businetn in both quality and price, - Easy Terms Chesterfield Sets Without or With Beds 11 Mm 1 1 -BfJl all m 77 ; i " UneJUoll SCiOL VOTERS DISQUALIFIED EXAMINER BUREAU. SACRAMENTO, March 6. Only those voters who have registered alnce January 1 are eligible to participate in the election of school trustees in the various California districts on March 2, Will C. Wood, State superintendent of public Instructions, announced today upon advice from Attorney General U. S. Webb. Contrary to past Interpretation of the election laws, the Attorney General holds that registrations for a given year are not good for elections of school trustees In the following year and consequently those on the 1925 register cannot vote this month unless they have reregistered. This, however, does not 'affect bond or other special school elections held before April 1, according to Webb's advice to State school authorities. The old 1925 register holds good for such elections. Including the one In Marin county to determine whether a junior college district shall be formed there. Superintendent Wood eaid. The new legal ruling with reference to election of trustees is expected to cut down the total vote in all districts materially, since it is estimated that only a comuara- tlvely small number of voters have thus far registered for 1926. In case there are any districts in the State where no voters are qualified to appear at the noils, due to the new election law Interpretation, trustees will have to be appointed by the county superintendent of schopls, according to wood s announcement. Hot Contest On for Placer School Job AUBURN, March 6. With the announcement of Mrs. Portia P. Moes of Newcastle that she will be a candidate for county superin tendent of schools at the August primary, a hot contest is looming foi the office now held by Miss Irene Burns, who has held the office for twelve years, but recently announced she would not be a candidate for re-election. " . Mrs. Hannah Wortell, vice-principal of the Rosevllle grammar school, also Is In the race; and several other teachers also are reported to have their eves on the Job. Rotary Club for Davis Is Planned . DAVIS,' March . Organization of' a Rotary Club for Davis ' la planned for the near future, preliminary work to that end now being done by City Attorney Forest A, Plant and E. S. McBrlde. The Sac ramento club wilt probably be asked to act at the formal Institution f the -organization. RUGS Royal WUton Linen Fringe 9x12 $82.50 . Save 25 K' Chesterfield Sets , . Three Pieces ARTHUR HOLLANDER 973 Market St Fourth Floor $42,500 Beautiful Marine View v , Comer home, four master bedrooms, two-car garage; price includes curtains, drapes and some furnishings. Exclusive Presidio residential district. Phone Fillmore 321 1. Filling Hair en hm stopped. mm Tb dry, acftntv kind can be) made toft mna lozanani. imckj i ger cor rect by 4etvoytnc Um rolilcM ThXa. ItaMf-lMfc IMpMIpM, AtBmrMM and DronlitB. Asm LUCKY TIGER WA Trade in Your Old Furniture A BELL BED A REAL BED For Hotels For Apartments For Homes " BELL MANUFACTURING CO. (Bdl Chesterfield Bed Co.) , Manufacturer? of Chesterfield Sets and the Famous Bell Beds Factory Salesroom " factory and General Office Oakland F torv 2nd Floor 27 Salearoot 883 Market Street San Francisco t 518-520 11th Street . Also 739 South Broadway, Lot Angeles Here is an offer that can't be beat! ar v. 1 Places a 1 mam? 5 amous GAS STOVE to ymr mm&f With WILCOLATOR. Oven Heat Control ' lS.oo additional This Spark Hi-top Is whhe porcelain and black enamel. Lined throughout with Toncan metal, gua S anteed rust proof. Ha drawer for kitchen utenuli as t well as for warming dishes. Large incinerator dooc foe ' easy feeding. . . . , " Free Cooking Lecture and Demonstration i i ' - -'... You are cordially invited to attend a free Cooking Demon- ' stration at the Spark' Stove Shop next Saturday afternoon by Mrs. Ethel Lanning, Cooking Instructor at the Y. W. C. A. Mrs. Lanning will demonstrate Time and. Temperature cooking, and will be glad to answer questions and explain the many V exclusive features of Spark Lid- . top gas stoves. - i Re-Newed Stoves Rebuilt and guaranteed. Nearly all make. From $25 up. Here is your opportunity to own the IMPROVED gas stove you've heard so much about the genuine SPARK LID-TOP the stove that Is revolutionizing the the whole gas stove industry. .Prove for yourself that the SPARK LID-TOP uses 25 to 50 less gas, that it keep four vessels boiling with ONE burner. That it keeps pots and pans spotlessly clean. That its improved oven insures perfect baking all the time. does it I For only one dollar, during this Feature Sale, we'll deliver and set up a genuine SPARK LID-TOP stove in your home. The balance of the payments can be arranged to suit your convenience. Also we'll be glad to take your old ; stove and make you a liberal allowance, j This trow is net a Lid-top, but it is genuine Spark stov. with tha exclusive Spark oveo features, room? ibaking and broiling even, andlarga evoking surface. It ia highly finished in baked , black Japan and whits porcelain. I j) j With WILCOLATOR. Oven Heat Control flSi MI STOW SIMM? M.i MISSION AT NINETEENTH PHONE MISSION 418 Spark Stoves of every size and kind $21J5 to $258

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