The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on May 4, 1883 · 4
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 4

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 4, 1883
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THE DAILY EXAMINEE, SAN EBANOISOO: FBIDAY MOBITCTG, MAY 4, 1883..- INSECTICIDES. Mode of OTer- Bogg SasgciM a coming tne Aphis. To the Editor of the Examiner Sr : I observed in the Sacramento Record-Union ot the 29th instant a conversation or dialogue purporting to have occurred between a reporter of the above-mentioned japer and Matthew Cook, the entomologist of Sacramento City. The subject discussed was insects destructive to grain fields. Mr. Cook mentions a bug or insect by a scientific name, as can easily be done by any one who will look into the books of professors of entomology. In answer to the reporter's queries Mr. Cook eays there is no remedy for the destructions of this bug but to burn otf the stubble and destroy the insects and their egrgs in t his way. Sow, this seems to me like locking the stable-door after the horse has been stolen. Most any clodhopper of a farmer could have supposed this, and that, too, without a very great strain of his mental organism. But could not the learned entomologist have suggested some means whereby the pest could have been removed before it destroyed the grain field? Is there not some insecticide in the solution that could be thrown in n spray over the grain fields by a method Bimilar to the one by which the grain was Bowed ? Could not a vehicle with wheels irfa smart, with a vjlatfonn and tank, all lightly constructed, be devised, the tmli containing a solution of insecticides. With pump and .and spray-nozzle attached ? Now, with a boy to drive and another to work the pump and hose, let the field be passed over. Mr. Hatch of Solano uses a similar method to this for destroying the insects in his orchard. For the experiment I would recommend the colution of buhach and alcohol in the pro-jjortions used by G. M. Miles of Stockton as an insecticide for the destruction of insects injurious to vegetation. This insecticide is cheap and efficacious. It has Iwn trte-A on manv kinds of insects, and is recommended by Professor Hilgard of the University of California, and by Professor Riley of the United States Ento-jiioiogical Department of Washington City. Respectfully, V. M. Boggs, President of the State Board of Horticulture. Napa City, May 1st. I Civil Service Commission Kales. ' At a special meeting of the Cabinet on "Wednesday to consider the civil service regulations now awaiting the President's action, all the members were present except the Attorney-General. The session lasted two and a half hours, and the regulations as presented by the Civil Service Commission, was agreed to without substantial change, although it was deemed advisable to change the mode of expression of certain rules. There was pne question which the Cabinet found it difficult to decide. The custom, which is jiow observed, in making appointments in several of the Executive Departments and which in the Treasury has the force of law to distribute them among the States and Territories upon the cases of population, it is questioned whether a strict adherence to this rule would not in many cases hamper the Administration of the civil service, and a majority of the members of the Cabinet incline to the view that an appointment under the vil service rules should be made strictly upon merit as determined noon a comoetitive examination regard less of the residence of the successful candidate. A decision, however, has not Vet been reached bv the Cabinet upon this noint. Eaton, the Civil Service CONDENSED TELEGRAMS. A Danish Arctic expedition has started for Greenland, for the purpose of explor ing that country. The Massachusetts lower House voted $90,000 to the Tewksbury Almshouse, which is the same appropriation as in the vetoed Chanty bill. , The weekly statement of the Bank of England shows a decrease of bullion of 175,000. The proportion of bank reserve to liability is 34 1-b per cent. The woolen mills of W. T. Grimshaw & Co., North Erie, Pa., have been burned. Loss, $50,000; insurance, $27,000. A portion of tie insurance expired at noon yesterday, and the fire occurred at 1 o'clock in the morning. At Battle Creek, Mich., the Coroner's jury censure the conductor and brakeman of the Grand Trunk train, on which a number of people were killed a few days ago by being run into by a freight train, on the ground that they failed to exercise proper caution. It is stated that Senators Logan and Cullom of Illinois have joined in a note to President Arthur, urging him to appoint J. D. Harvey Collector of Internal Revenue of the Chicago district, to the Kisition of Commissioner of Internal evenue, in place of Green B. Raum, resigned, and that note is now in the President's hands. Senator Harrison of Indiana, speaking of the nomination of Judge Wood to succeed Judge Gresham on the United States District Bench in Indiana, said: xne that can be raised to his appointment from any quarter is that it will vacate his position on the Supreme Bench, and will put in jeopardy in 1884 what we won in 1880." John Kinney, known as the " King of t.n Rustlers" of New Mexico, and eight members of his band, sentenced to long terms of imprisonment at Fort Leavenworth, have arrived at the fort. Kinney's era rtrr hna rwn for vears a terror to the citizens throughout New Mexico and Texas, and had carried on systematic depredations, chiefly m cattle stealing. The Justices' Courts. W. E. Lamb, Clerk of the Justices' Court, has submitted to the Supervisors a statement of expenditures for April, as fnllnws- Justices' salaries. Sl,02o; clerk, S200 : deputies, 5200; attendant, 870; stationery, $77 50. Total, 81,572 50. STOCK MARKET. A sbinment of $4,200 was made from the Christv on the 30th of April. The California delinquent assessment ale will take place to-day. The Navajo Alining Company yesterday joniiroi dividend of 25 cents per share. The Idaho mine at Grass Valley is expected to pay the usual dividend of $2 0 per share next week. REGULAR MORNING. SESSION IX A. 350 Albion... s 5, 100 Andes SCO Argenta 55 Alpha 1348 Alt 100 Belcher. . . , 190 Best.&Bl. 250 Benton 150 Bodie 50 Bullion..., 75 Caledonia 300 Challenge. 2170 Chollar... 50 O -"oint. 200 Confidence. 50 C Virginia. S00 Elko Con... 250 Exchequer.. 300 Ci .Prize 50c ..50c 1 10 1 40c 1 20 .3 70(a3J 15c , 1 2 J 70c 10c ,.4045c ..2 40(a.S 1 65 .1 85: ..50c ..10c ..30c .1 05 M Biggs. Biggs 8tato J M johnson.Provldej&oe VT Ely, Santa Cm W Cumorim. 8 Rmith W H Bell. do H Coggl-, Callahan sB U Owens, Ft Jones Mri H fcaton. r.imix 8 B Diotey ft dau, Napa Mr A P Cripps. do D L Aveny, Mojave D A Turner. do W C Eckels, do O Clamsemines, 8 Rafael U7UB WUall UO C Power, Haywards C L Collin, Knight's Fry jj iseitty i wf, Ohio n Kenstewts, voucuru. L Con -iff, Gold Hill P Kelly, Arizona W H Ducomman, Nev B G Cabaniss, Eureka ri ri cuniin wf , do F Willows. Oakland Ii E Green, Alameda E L Wilson, do J McBrown, Petaluma T. v. riraen. Alameda W George. Grass Valley W Ulzerolt & wf.Soledad R H Elsey, B C T B Doan, Marion, Ind B l Moore ft wf, UUroy Ii to Harrison, " uououu Mrs B T Morse, Auburn Geo Taylor, , do E Vore. Colfax F Howard, do J Neidey, Aurora John Asel, do A M. Troyel, willows V K r-assniore, om v-n J Watkins, Woodland WHLoibrd,Snieandro L F Vogh. Scanlan D Lavery, Mojave EAPuesoelLBakeraneld W Abel, do J T Ferris, do A Hart, Santa Kosa JWMoore&wf.ColSpring Mr Scott ft wf. Arizona w H J otinaton. ftTownsu w n rtowe, npimu W Old. Grass Valley H I Carson, Glenoo T Johnson, city K A Snyder, do O F Weed ft wf, Wash I a unampion, miciugan RS Mitchell, do Miss L McMillan, New H Caruenter. Suisun Tacpma . J M Cooper, Canada Mrs L D Freer ft dau, H Kuppei, Oregon yroviue R McAUy, Walla Walla Miss C B Norton. Suisun H Mille. British Col J R Wall, Howland Flat J Williams ft wf, Sacto H Roper, Arizona L D Voice, Crass VaUtf J ocaniau , ai x T J Ludwig, Santa Rosa W II Powers ft wf. do W Dodil. do H Newton ft wf, Liake co H Willits. WiUits A JNewton, ao J T Ashley, Auburn T Fuva ft wl, uvermore i Simons, ao " 5f . H ilolden ft wf, Sacto H P Brentrem, Mormon GH Fowler, do . Camp AMERICAN EXCHANGE. Emma Forehand, Glt J Harden ft fm, Nebrska J M Corle. ao m oones, hb'ku M Pritchard. Chicago T A Day, W aanintxon Miss Court wngtit, ao j "7 i? " E Van Heusen. Sacrmto J Horen, Palo Alto S Goss. TaylorsviUe F K Farrand. Honolulu t ll-ul As. MT, ATeffl&IULDWAUW II Snrineer. Seattle JJ " mtvic, - J Caldwell, do , J M ,MoCtellW1' A2wa . W G Richardson, Beanie jv ujKiniaii -j-Mrs Brum ft fm, Olympia Jas Johnson, do MWBurkhart.Nw York F Showers, Colusa J R Penneman, Chicago J F Haden, Soquel, Cal G Webster, 8 Cruz John Engler, bacto APBeuson,WatsonTlUe John Langtry, do A P McDonald, Bodie P Brunswick, Grass V W C Mitehell. Iowa S M Taugge, Nevada i .1 i xt ufia H V. Hume. Benicia HTSMrickn. Chicago C F Grace ft mother.Iowa MNedrickson, do Miss M Grace, ao R M Woodward twf, B C Master J Grace. do c nr .x . V Knniste. wf &. 4 ch. WIS Thos Wetmore. do I Sjorstrom,wf2ch,Minn EFBurdickftsn,Alameda E C Hartley, Smartsnlle Oscar Youngster.Folsom E H Haley. Alameda. F W DavikV do ReySTKahler ftwf,Ks BaUlon and Exchange Quotations. The eurrent onoUbls rate at ths San Branolsoo market are as follows: Gold Bars, 26 nne, par- .. , .., Refined Silrer. per cent aisoouni, imisioio. Exchange on Atlantic ottiee. draft 1015o. Telegraphic transfers on Atlantic cities, aftazsa Bterlina Exchange. 60-day bills on London, pence, per$1.4tfKa49 9-16d. - .,".. nignt oraiu on uonuou, iwiw i"? " Mexican Dollars, nominal. 8687o. Commercial Exchange, 4ii4aid. Paris Bankers' Bills. Long, Francs, per 9U 5.10 ;15: . m.. l Kin 1'ans jaanaers xsinm, "aui . -...v, - U'hnf Frrlahts. A statement of tonnage, in port and to arrive. General Merchandise. . N AI1S-We quote for standard sizes of Kails, lOd to UiA. as kei 4 00 Extra sizes as follows: being the schedule 'adopted by aU Nail manufao-trtrer. in the United Btas: d , Wmit-60c; 4d and 8d. 75c: 3d. 1 60; 10d to 20d Bral head, 1 00; 8d do do, SI d aud 5d do do, $1 75; lOd to 20d Brad box, 75c; 8d do do, ai00;d do do, 112a; 4daud5d dodo, $ 1 50: Spikes, all sizes, box, 25c aU per keg (over POSTS Quotable at 12o nieoe i tor cargo loti PAINTS Wi ouote nricea as follows: .White Lead, pure, 7JW81o $ ft: , Koneer. Oal 7K lanuc. ojc; omana, oo: ljiuia"", ""v. .T xiZ.T drv. 2 hrn.) Ochre. 7k'8c: Venetian Red, 3USCELL1M0LS. JLMTSEXEXTS. PICMCS. Jl: I alentine's. follows: 1883. 64.163 T.. m505 218.607 288.27S 1883. 19.167 62.5:a 811,457 293.157 4,882 9.T0O ACurrv. 2 40 1 840 Hale ft N . . .32(93 85 400 100 Justice 25c 250 M White 30c 85 Mexican. 2 8P 50 N Belle Si 180 Ophir 2 152 10 100 ..blO. 2 15 450 Overman 25c 400Potosi....l 35gl 30 100 ..s 30 1 30 1000 Savage 2 05Cr2 340 S Nev 3 653 60 250 Scorpion 45c 175 Utah 1 851 90 965 Union C 4i 1540 Y Jacket 5i5s AFTERNOON SESSION 2:30 P. M. REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS. SALES AND TRANSFERS. George W. Ellis toE. A. Poole, lot TOOx 240 feet, on south corner of Irwin and Seventh streets; l,7o0. J B. Haggin to Robert Wilson, lot on nnrfhwpat. ;orner of Second and Point west fil.o feet, north 100, wsr. iiO north 25. east 111.5, soutli 125 to beginning; $1,925. TT r,, r ivrwon fhir nveniitorl to W. U. Otan- ley" lot on west line of Castro street, 48.4 feet north of Seventeenth, west to a point north to norm line oi aau ""fViT Hibernia Bank to Reese Uewellyn. lot 20x45.10 feet, on northeast line of Mam oi afot snnt.hfiast of Howard; Sl.UUO. W E. Davis to George Edwards, lot 110x131 feet, on northwest corner of Twenty-second and Eureka streets, lot 60x125, northwest corner of Twenty-first and Douglas, lot 64x125, northeast corner t .r ,r,d llniitrinR and lot 50xl2d. on west line of Diamond, 64 north of Jersey; .o ATnllor tn Daniel B. Hinckley, lot 45.10x137.6 feet, on southwest line of Main street, 137.6 southeast of Mission; $20 000 t' w'mnrir nnrl wif e to Edward Fergu son, lot 43, in block 292, O'Neilfc Haley T Jhn JRyan to Margaret J. Ryan, lots 57 and 60, Chessman's Map Jo. 1, Precita Valley Lands; girx. yesterday morning, was as Engaged Wheat, tons Disengaged, tons To arrive, tons. Totil tons Increaee for 1883 Gent-rat Items. The steamer Constantine is In the Merchants' Dry Dock. The net tonnage of the schooner uasmng wave is 141.46 tons. The ship Daniel Barnes has gone to Port Costa to load Wheat The steamer Mexico sails for Mexican ports to morrow at 12 M. The Norwegian bark Dr. Mezgar has dropped into the stream. The steamer Oregon, from Portland and Astoria, will be due to-morrow. The steamer Contio will sail f or Yokohama and Hongkong to-morrow at 2 p. M, The steamer Yaauina, from Little iClver ana way ports, will be due to-morrow. The I. F. Chapman has gone to Mare isiana to discharge some 700 tons Government freight. The steamer Humboldt, for Eureka, Hookton and Areata, sails to-morrow at 9 A. M. The British bark M. S. Cox arrived safely at Callao on March 13tb, In a long passage of its days. tv, n tnnnftm movement at New York for this port in April was the smallest in the annals of the trade. The steamer Ancon. for Port Harford. Santa Barbara. San Pedro and San Diego, sails to-morrow at 9 a.m. Th mndemned bark Chin Se has been taken across the bay to be broke up and burned for the metal that is in her. Th Wrurhtnn Tower, from Llveroool March 9th. went into Babia April 21st with damage to standing rigging. Her cargo is all right. With the execution of the British bark Arden- connel, now 180 days out. all the November grain tleei pas amvea sazeiy a uesuuaiiuu. Th Harriet H. MeGilverv. which arrived at Liverpool on the 16th March with a cargo of California Wheat, is reported sol for $40,000. This vessel was trailt at eearspon, me., in lot, sua registers 1329 tons. Clearances. TSnHah harb- Henron. merchandise to Burrard Inlet, valued at $1533, including 55 bbls Flour and 2371 pkgs Provisions. Charters. The following were the bids and offers yesterday: Asked. Bio. Liverpool direct 3s6d 24c. VamiahM-Brieht.; VP I f 3t425;Nobie k Hoar'i 5, 4 256 50; Vine TTT-rt7-QTT TH?D rtaVklA &t 35(3351 lb. svRi;vwa.iir,terrifi nroduct of the Ameri- - i s-ii- "r.. TnAamM saji follows: Golden, In bbls. 55c; hf bbls. 57c; 5-gauon kegs, 62Jc, gal tins, 721 Golden drip, in 1-gaUon tins, 72ic net . iiitl bbls. lllo: Extra Fine Cube, in bbls, lljc; (A) Crushed, in hhi. Ul. Win. 'mahed. in bbls. 115c; rowaereu. Vital Questions!! Ask the most eminent physician Of any school, what is the best thing in the world for quieting and allaying all irri tation of the nerves and curing all forms of nervous complaints, giving natural, childlike, refreshing sleep always! And they will tell you unhesitatingly - "Some form of hops!" CHAPTER I. Ask any or all of the most eminent phy- j sicians : ' "What is the best and only remedy that can be relied on to cure all diseases of the kidneys and. urinary organs; such as Bright'a disease, diabetes, retention or ina bility to retain urine, and all the diseases MAVERLrS J. H. Hatirlt Fbide. W. Bb&t, CALIFORNIA THE GREAT THEATER. ..Proprietor ......... -- managfiff MlglCAL EYESTt ThelHcCanll Opera tomlqoe Company, John A. MijCacll, Proprietor and Manager. BTJOCF.S3 ! BUCO- SS I SUCCESS ! SUCCESS ! SUCCESS ! SUCCESS I SUCCESS I in bbls, 11 jc; Extra FanC? l'JJS. Vf and ailments pecuUar to Women' Dry Granulated, in bbls, lllc; Confectioners i (A) m7 in bbls, 11c; Extra Golden C. ' bbls, 1. I Dorado C, in bbls, lOJc; Mjanposa O, m bb 9Jc. NonpareU C.inbbls,Sc; Golden C. in bbls For half bbls, io additional I .or aU kind 100-m boxes, Jcdo; aU other boxes, ie do. Terms, cash on delivery. Reeeintii of Bay and Klver Produce n f kb. 9i nnniu ISDINO AT 3 P. M., MAT 3. xT fkTTD enft bvb TTammer. Leist ft Co; 400 Moore, Ferguson Co: 400 J Ziegenbein t Co, 886 Sperry A Co. Total, 10.265. WHEAT-2736 ctls. Goldfish, Cohen fc Co; 620 isli, Blum ft tiirvin. imm, BARLEY 1210 ctls. Larzelere 4 W ithsm. . OATS 261 ctls. C F Bassett Co; 131 H Dutard. Total, 392. BRAN 30 sks, Sperry tCo. MIDDLINGS 220 sks. Doming, Palmer io. POTATOES-2161 sks. order HAY-38tons. Scott A McCord; 40 McKenna Greanv: 30 M Waterman v-o; oo v, Co; 8 W Berringer; 23 W w nase-u. STRAW-25 tons, M Waterman Co; 27 Bray Bros: 10 Scott ft McCord; 5 G Morrow ft Co. WOotMs'bKHulme ft Hart; 46 Moody ft Farish. Qmc9ILVR-2051risl JBRindol; 20 H M Newhall; 43 E W Leonard. Total. 2o. HIDES 204. order. SALT 60 tons, order. WINE 4945 galls, order. And they will tell you explicitly and em phatically, "Buchu." Ask the same physicians "What is the most reliable and surest cure for all liver diseases or dyspepsia, constipation, indigestion, biliousness, malarial fever, ague, &c," and they will tell you : "Mandrake! or Dandelion?" Hence, when these remedies are combined with others equally valuable And compounded into Hop Bitters, such a wonderful and mysterious curative power is developed, which Is so varied in its op- A HIT I fTHK MERRY WAR H A WIT I THIS MERRY W AR ! A HIT! THK MERRY WAR 1 A HIT ! THE MERRY WAR I A HIT! THB MERRY WAR! A HIT! THE MEKRY WAR I A HIT I LTHE MERRY WAR I Every Evening (Exrrpt Sunday) and (Saturday Matinee. g3T POSITIVELY NO FREE LIST ! TMi Notwithstanding the enormous expense of this engagement, the prices remain as usual, and in consequence of the great demand for reserved seats the management must respectfully decline to retain the same for parties unless paid for in advance. Box Office open from 9 A. M to 10 P. M. THE BALDWIN THEATER. . This (Friday) Evening... ....May 4th Last Time of Taylor's Great Play, TICKET - OP - LEAVE MAN I , To-morrow, Saturday. Matinee at 2 p. X.. Evening at 8 p. X., OUR BOARDING- HOUSE ! Sunday Afternoon, at S. SUHda? Nisbt at 8. COLOSSAL JOINT FAREWELL BENEFIT. Leonard Graver and Leonard Grover, Jr. Grandest Picnic of the Season I TWELFTH AXNIVEKSABT , ....or THB.... GROCERS' PROTECTIVE UNION PICNIC! At Belmont Park, Sunday, May 6, 1883 3T Various Games, for which valuable Prize will be given. Tickets, $1; children from S to 12 years, half prioe. Train leaves Fourth and Townaend atmeta ut 9 A. M. sharp. Trains do not stop at Twenty-sixth wtoh jmin, inn win uu return. myi 3t Railroad and Ferry Time-Tables. The following table gives the denartur nf Mn, from this city on the Central and Southern Pactao ru&uroaus. It will be seen that the overland train nn u Central Pacific route, carrying the mail, leaves here at 3:30 P. M., and arrives Here at 11.10 a. m The overland train by the Southern Pacific route! carrying only way mail, leaves here at 9 JO A. M . and arrives here at 2:40 P. M. km erations that no disease , or Ul health can SIJ possibly exist Or resist Its power, and yet I Mi8g Agnes Herndon. Emerson's Minstrels, en- I . i?' xi TJl.. I ,,v i, n.-i,.tin t.hM'l-ivnli .,,. On. I be had from t " For Auld Lang Syne.' Andrew's Society ELITE NTH OKAND ANSTAI. Xilxonrisioii. and Picnic, To Fairfax, Saturday, Hay S, 1883. The Select Family Picnic oi the Season. Two Silver Medals and an extra liberal list, of other valuable rizes will be awarded successful competitors in a programme of excitir.c Scottish Gaines and other sports. The Second Artillery Regiment Band, N. j. C, and accomplished Clan Iiuerpi n ful costume, will furnish choice musical selections on 'tne occasion, and the ever popular Ethiopian Ball Dodger will receive the attention of his many friends. Boats will leave dan Quentin Ferry Landing at 7:05.8:30. 9:20 a. m. and 1:45 p. M. uetuminj, wiu leave tne fasts, at 2:00, 3:45, 5:00 MARINE INTELIilQENCK Sl'X ASf TIDE TAB1.E. Computed by Thos. Tennent, Chronometer and H Water L Water H Water L Water Large. Small. Small. Large. 2 10 22PM 336AM f 954AM 3 33PM Large. SmaU. 5 10 59 p M 437AM 1105AM 418PM 6 II 31 P M 630AM 013PM 502PM 7 AM 619am 113PM 546pm 8!! 009am 708am 211pm 634pm 9.. 0 52 A M 7 57AM 309PM 769PM 10.. 141AM 844AM 405PM 831PM Bid. Ax'd TJSBds.2s 103 .. U S Bonds. 3Vs. 103 .. U 8 Bonds. 4 s..H9 .. lli ds.l02i s..ii4 TJ S Bds, 4 sreg. SFRR Bonus. S V W Bonds Central K K City Eailroad., Geary -Bt R K. . NBiMBE.. Omnibus R R.. TrfsidioRR... S-atter-stRd... 84 California Ins. .116 96 93 654 Home Mutual.. State Invsmt I.112J .. Sun Ins 97 101 I'nion Insur'nc.113 Western Insrnc. .. 110 Commissioner, said this morning that one nf t.hB nlaiisp.s of the new civil service law hrovidea that aDDointments shall be distributed amone the States and Terri tories in proportion to the population so far as uracticaDle. dul as mis ciauso rnmes with several others under the com mon head of Drooositions. which are to be carried only so far as a good administration of the law will permit, he did not think it would prove a source of much difficulty. He said, further, that it should be borne in mind that the law had nothing to sav with regard to the proportion in which the several States and lernto. ries are represented in the appointments alreadv made, and that the present repre sentation of States and lemtones were not to be taken into consideration in determining future appointments, as the law refers solely to appointments hereafter to T mule: also that the oro visions of the law in Question relates to appointments and I commercial in'. not to examinations. Of course, the ex-1 Fireman s F nd.124 amination would be made, he said, with the view to supply appointment power with proper material. The President will approve the regulations so soon as they shall have been altered to meet bis views. 31a ay Are Called, but Few Are Cbosen. Eleven hundred demands have been registered at the City Treasury against the General Fund, which is now exhausted. As funds accrue the warrants will be cashed in the rder of their registration. First upon the list are those of the Fire Department, followed by the License Collector, Supervisors, Coroner, Street Department and Mayor. The warrants of the Judges, employees of the Police Courts and Commission, City and Oountv Attorney and Assessor are next in order. Sheriff, Tax Collector, County Clerk and the Almshouse follow, after which come the 400 policemen, the Health Department and miscellaneous demands. Treasurer Reis states that the accrued debts against the city at the end of June will amount to about 8350,000, but on ,rune 30th, in round numbers, from the Street and Gaslisrht Funds and other sources, $130,000 can be transferred to the General Fund and used to meet these demands, leaving about 220,000 still to be raised. 100 Andes 50c 100 Albion. 45c 1760 Alta 40S35c 65 Best A B... .3 70(33: 50 Belcher... b 5... 1 15 700 C Virginia 50c 1320 Chollar 2 S2 45 650 C Point. .1 60(al 55 620 Confidence... 1 902 350 Exchequer.. .3(Kg35c 130 Challenge 40c 200 Eureka T 60c 350 G Prize lai 05 llOGould&C 2 35 law H ft Nor. .3 553 60 Miscellaneous Securities Morning Sales 5 S V Afternoon Sales-$5,000 S PR R Bonds, 102. THK STOCK AND BOND EXCHANGE 2 P. M. 100 Independence... 75c 150 Mexican a Bo 85 N Belle Sf.lSSJ 500 Navajo 2 45(a24 550 Ophir 2 20(t2 15 3fi5 Overman 2lAl25c 680 Potosi li 20 Scorpion 45c I 2 Savage 22 05 755 Sierra N.. 3 6013 65 65 Tip Top 1 100 Utah. 1 90(31 85 325 Union C. . . .4 20134 645 Y Jacket 5id5j in 54 102 56 6U 86 130 138i Bid. ATid Bankof Califor.165 170 First Nat Ud B. .. 128 Pacific Bank ... 115 125 42 . 29 57 . 96 .110 Capital Gas. Central Gas... Oakland Gas.. SF Gaslight.. SV Water.... Atlantis Pow.. Giant Powder. SafetyNitroPr. Ha Vulcan Powder. Cal Eleo Light. Cal Elec W.... Cal Wire Wks.. GldiStockTeL Hakalau Plant. Hawaiian Com. .Tudson M 1st MattiillathMfo. 20 Safe Deposit... 45 29 ?9 56 30 57i l 73 112 12 42 95 81 95 31 47 Morning Sales 25 8 V Water. 96; 50 Oakland Gaslight, 30 s 10; 10 Oakland Artesian, 1. Afternoon Sales 10 Hawaiian Commercial, 29JslO. CXOSISO QUOTATIONS 4:10 P. M. Argenta...... Alta Belcher Best A Belch. Challenge Bid. 1 10 35 1 10 3 70 40 Crown Point. 1 50 Confidence Chollar. Exchequer.. . . G Prize GouldACurry. 1 60 2 40 30 1 00 2 30 Hale A Nor.. 3 55 Independnce. 70 A'kd ..I 40j 1 15! 3 75 50 1 55 2 00 2 45 35 1 05 i 60 751 Justice..,. Kentuck... Mexican... Navaio.... N Belie... Overman.. Ophir Potosi SierraNev'da. 3 65 Savaee 2 00 Union Con... 4 20 Yellow Jack.. 5 25 Bid. A'kd 25 .. ... 25 ... 2 80 8 50 ... 20 ... 2 15 1 2 85 2 45 25 2 20 1 25 3 70 2 05 4 25 5 37 rwlr f n to TI. JC 458 . Havre or Antwerp... mou Wood- Liverpool direct 39s .. Cork L o. to U. K 41s 3d Havre or Antwerp... zsoo Produce Exchanee Sales. The following sales were made yesterday at the Produce Juchange: ELEVEN O'CLOCK SESSION. Wheat 100 tons, buyer season, $1 82; 100 tons, ullr lStA.1 si 7M Market firm but inactive Karlev 11MI tons, buver 18BJ. si isas: OUU IKins, seller 1883, 81 14; 600 tons, $1 13J. Market higher but not inactive. THREE O CLOCK SESSION. Wheat -100 tons, buver season. 31 82: 200 tons. llfr lfrtt. 1 70: 1GB tons. SI 721. Barley 1100 tons, seller isbj, si uj; sw tons, 31 133; 300 tons, octooer. i iti; iuu tons, ?i io. San Francisco Grain Excbange bales. The following sales were made at the San Fran cisco Grain Exchanee yesterday: Wheat 200 tons No. z wmte, June, 91 uj; zuu tons, Jnly, $1 70; 200 tons No. 1 white, September and October, actual aeiivery, l li; iuu ions, seiicr 1S63, $1 69; 300 tons, $1 69. Produce Quotations. ut ottr Rest Citv Extras. 85 6CK6 05: Super fine su fm.(4 SO- Interior Extras. 5 255 50: In- J. B. Haggih to F. Nusbaum, lot 25x120 terior Superfine, 33 754 25 V ML .Market steady. feet on west line of First avenue, xou norm 1 v rxrai txira cnoice muiiug u u oj lecti . - . - " . I , . n fw ....I Win?.. trraAett mnire from SI 84 of Point Lobos avenue; ?oo. - r", and few iots are in George K. Munro leases 10 rwr sy v--y -hiDX . vurcbaaiUe at about lot 22x75 feet, on east line 01 oiockhjii 1 8180(i82i. On Change yesterday it was worth street, 82.6 soutn 0101 arreii, iur oj , , about $1 s0&1 8L from May 1. 1883, at $150 per month, with I BARLEY Jobbing rates for No. 1 feed yester-nrivileee of 2 years additional at 200 per I day ranged from 31 27il 30. On 'Change it was Levi' Strauss to J. H. Burns et aLf build- quotable at 1 32Jffll 35. Chevalier Barley is worth No. 1, 1 851 90; No. 2, $1 751 85 9 ctL Market nrm, . ... BYE Offered at i axgz uu i cu .ior gooa ua 31 751 85 for Eastern BRAN 315 00(315 50 ton. BUCKWHEAT The asking price is S3 503 75 Kctl. BUTTER Choice Point Reyes, 24J25c; other fancy, 2324c; good to choice, 19322c; inferior lots from country stores, 15o17c; new firkin, 19 22c; New Pickle Roll, 2324c: Eastern, 1720a Market weak. OLEOMARGARINE Quotable at 1819c V B for keg and 2vi2lo for roll. EGGS-Fresh Ranch. 25 0 cloz for choice invoice lots; inferior. 2&a23& Market strengthening. HONEY Comb, 1216c; Extracted, dark, 5 Ec light to amber white, 812c ( lb. POTATOES Quotations are as follows: Early Rose, 60(70c; Reds, 60ft75c; Petaluma, 81 001 12J; Humboldt. $1 001 15 ; New, l(ff2ic lb. ONIONS California are held at 36(37. New crop sell for 34c lb- VEGETABLES Quotations are as annexed; Cabbages, 6075c 100 lbs; Garlic, 2i3ic W tt: Carrots. 3550c sack; Parsnips, 75c ctl; Marrowfat Squash, t35C40 ton; Turnips, 76&$1 00 J sack: Beets, 60i75c sack: Dry Peppers. 1012ic ?j lb; Celery,50c doz; Cauliflower.75c(g$l 25 doz; Tnmilnn ' H:Vo-2 51 ) hor : Green Peas. 2(35c lb: Cucumbers, 50c(Sil 25 J doz; String Beans, 121(? 15o $ lb; Asparagus, 60cl 00 $ box; Snrouts, 3c $ lb; Artichokes, 1015c $i doz; Green Peppers, 8(S10o Br. Rhubarb. 75cl 00 ?8 box. GAME We quote: Babbits, 31 S5l 75; Hare, 31 75(32 00 ?l doz. DRIED PEAS Niles. $2 503 00; Blackeye, 32 50r3 00-Green, 84 505 00. CHEESE California, ll14c; do In drums, 1516c; Eastern, 1617c; Western. 812o lb. HAY We quote: Stock, $12 0014 00; Alfalfa, $10 00(814 00; Wheat, 314 0017 00; Wild Oats. $14 UWjSK UU. fil KAW ijuotaDie ac ouiuauo & uaie. POULTRY W e quote wnolesaie prices: May 4. n-u L" aTTV TUaem 5 01 1 Sets.' 6 53 MOON'S PHASES. New Mn, May 6, 1:48 AM Full Mn, May 21, 7:01 Pit First Qr, May 14, 2:44 AMI Last Qr, May 2, 6:13 AM San Francisco ....Way 3. 1883 HOTEL ARRIVALS. Trmperance Workers. The Women's Christian Temperance Union will hold its annual meeting on May 30tli. Miss Willard will be present. There are about 3,000 local Unions in this country, with a membership of 50,000. Though the society's principal object is to abolish, or, at least, decrease alcoholism, it does not resort to extreme radical measures to attain it. Its purposes are to enlighten public sentiment upon intemperance, to instruct people on the laws of health with special reference to this matter, and to train the youn to good habits. Its methods are scientific instruction, Sunday-school and other educational work, the circulation of temperance lit erature, visits among the working classes, and the securing of legislative aid. Waifs from the Schools. Some time since, in one of the lower grades of the public schools, the children were asked to mention five elastic substances. They immediately began work with the zeal and cheerfulness characteristic of children in tackling difficulties. Presently one bright-eyed, rosy-cheeked little miss, with a beaming face, held up for inspection her slate, on which she had written, " Worms, curls, soft-soap, mo-lassses and dough are five elastic substances." Small boy in the reading class. Teacher Do you know the meaning of the word taye in your paragraph ? Did you ever hear of a very wise man being called a sage? Pupil No. I have heard of sage cheese, but I never heard of a sage man Defore. BALDWIN HOTEL. J McDonald, Pittsburgh H Chitwood. Oakland Mrs J Cooper, do 8 C Creilley, Fresno R Gird A wf , S Bemdino A Wood Fox, do C W Ouilty, San Jose A W Fisher, San Rafael F W Pf eister, do W Levey, Madison T Mpvw An H blodin. do W H Vermilyea, Jrsy Cy W Ames, New Jersey A Page, San Rafael E M Pert & fam, Sacto R J Woods, do J Newmark, do v iWiI do O M Nelson. do G A Fletcher, Eureka H Worthinton, England Dr E H Muller, Chicago Wm Manson, do Dr D W Williams, Ohio G Belk Smith, do Mrs D W Williams, do PALACE HOTEL. T D Tims, Ottawa E Malcolm, Watsonville H M Yerriugton A wf, W 8 Sliewao, N Zealand Carson G H Quiuce A wf, Chicgo T C Carson, Pittsburgh W G Milkr, New York R L Briggs, Philadelphia Dr H Bane A wf.NPRR ri ii aiorse, B B ianot.a o n. iveuj, ucju E Dowsett, Sndwich lids A S Polsom ft wf WPCopeland,WasbgtonGeoMcDade, New York W U Douglas wi.rargo j t,airuop, v'umjo; of Pine and Battery streets; ?17,9oo, SALES IN ALAMEDA COUNTY. -c.tatn r.t a nn rVinnprs to Charles Elsey, int svr7S feet, on northeast corner of Hmndwa vand Seventh streets : 318,250. S. Salz et aL to R. Threlfall, 254 acres on Arroyo Aliso and county roaa, v asuinR- tnntnwnellin- SI 9 000. u c t inr-nln tn J. Zieirenhein. lot on anil t'bnst. corner of Eighth and Peralta streets, eaBt 33.3 feet, south 100, west 60.8, north 104.2J to beginning ; !fa,U. . J. tf. rrancis ana uc . jm&mv, lot on north line of Eighth street, 164.84 feet west of Peralta, north 138.3i, west 28, r,iith iiiifi Mt. 29.2 to beginning: 83,000. J. Ziegenbein to P. A. Svenson, lot 52x75 feet, on east line of Maiden lane, 161.4 south of Taylor street ; $J,oOO. n t. PomnlHa TVI. Henderson, un- rtiTTiiori nif int. 100x95 feet, on south line of Burnett street, 73 69-100 east of Mabel ; 22 500. "' Wpconhein toM. T.McGrath etaL lot 26x75 feet, on east line of Maiden lane, 161.4 south of Taylor street; i,uu. MORTGAGES. TTrlwnrriR to German Bank. 1 coal- 7 nr cent, lota 13 and 14. block 3; lot 20, block 18; lots 4 and 19, block 19, Noe Garden Homestead Association ; $1,300. W. J. Harrington to German Bank, 2 years, 7 per cent, lot 25x80 feet, on northwest line of Folsom street, 175 northeast of Second ; f 1.000. tt Frank Grundel to Humboldt Bank, 1 vear, 6 per cent, lot 20x68.6 feet, on south iine of Clay street, 137.6 east of Hyde; and lot on north line of Pacific street. 100 feet west of Larkin, norm, west iuo.o. south 27.8i, east 79.3, south 100, east 27 to beginning; S2.6G0. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Eastern Markets. New York, May 3. STOCKS AND BONDS. TJ, 8. ffs 103J Central Pacific. TJ. S. 3i s. ex o s iiw 1 up, conns...., Uirft j (juiou irauiuu.. .1131 ..83 ..414 U. 8. 4s of 1 07 V. S. 4i s of 1891. Western Union.. Pacific Mail...... Sutro IhinneL Oregon Nav Co 14SJ Do, First 107 Panama Railroad. . . .167 standard. 7 Quicksilver H Oregon ImTrovement.8jt Do Imp Bonds t3J Wells Fargo 1- Am F.xrireEB 1 Canada Southern 66i TJ. S. Express. o Hannibal and St. Jo..41 Kansas ft Teivvs 30 Louisville & Nash. .'..53. N. J. Cential 70. Do. Bonds. North Pacific... Do. Preferred. Texas Pacific. . . St. Louis and 8. F... .31 N. Y. Central ll Denver and R. G. .... 60S ,t. Paul lltfj Northwestern 134 ...771 ...114 ...971 ..114 ....51 ...881 .lorcnwesLeru i-n Lake Shore 1104 F.rie. 3Bi transcontinental Michigan Central.... 93t ' ft M 3 'ieadinff ..5 Rock Island 125 :liicago, B ft Q R R.1253 Del. Lack ft Western.27i rVahash Pacific 29J Hens. doz.. $7 60 9 00 Broilers.. ... 4 CKkr 8 00 Roost rs,old 7 OOoa 8 00 do young 10 00i'tl2 50 Ducks 9 0010 00 do young. 11 owceia 50 Squabs 2 50. a 3 00 Pigeons, old. .3 003 25 Turkeys Hens, tb... 25(9 26 Jobblers... 34f 25 Dressed. . . . Geese, pair... 1 75g2 25 Uoeiings i ooiftj 43 HOPS Choice are held at 90c(31 ) lb. BEESWAX The quotable range is 3032o $ 0. BEAN a Ouotable as follows: Red, i ctl. . Pea... Pink.. Bavo ,4 Ma4 75 3 50(a3 7& 4 50X4 75 4 75(ae5 00 Lima, ctl.. $3 50(S3 75 Butter. . 3 25(ai3 75 SmaU White 3 45I&3 65 Large White 3 25(a3 50 SEEDS We quote jobbing lots aB follows: Alfalfa, i lb ... 12i(gl31c Mustard, white. 2 2jo do brown 3( 3jc Hemp W5o T Clapp ft wf , Pitts,Mass R C lirown. Arizona Mrs E J Hamilton, Et Hamuli Clark do Wayne Miss M V Hamilton, Ind Mort French, Salt Lake VV o Daniels ft wf, Mass D A Bender, Nevada Wm Knigut no S Smith do Win Badle do J 8 Carothers, Nevada C E King ft wife C Calm, Germany H Silsby, NY J Pender ft wf, London Sam Dist an, Philadelphia Mr Charmort, do W J Lloyd. do Capt F Parker, do L S Northrup ft wf, N Y E E Harris, Santa Cruz Miss Jorthrup, ao Miss K 8 Wadsworth,NY JDS Taylor, Maxwell M D Rideout, Marysville C Hern, city P G Galpin. city A Calderon, Mt View Gen Vallejo, Sonoma H Mayhew, Niles C Colombet, .San Jose . v murpny, aauceuui Mrs Jas Cooper, Scotland GRAND HOTEL. O Hnbbell, Tomalea J B Brown & wf , Santa T Delaney. do Barbara W 1$ Bartlett, Alameda W L Eckton, Folsom H Russell, do F McLtan, Stockton MLis A Russell, do E C Ttompson, San Dago w I, Triune. Sacta F Seabody. bun Joss T Alexanuer, Healdsbrg F W BeaLs, do MissC Alexander, do Miss H Langworthy, Ban A M Andros, Denver Jose Miss I.LHuydou.HollstrE J Wilson, Vallejo Miss L Havdon, do W T Aden. Santa Clara Master H Haydon, do Mrs J Lewis ft dau, San P (i Tjithrnn. do Rafael W D Caipjnter ft wf, D T Davis, Sutter Creek Pittstield, Mass Miss E Day, Boston G W Birney, Paso Robls A M Stevenioo, Vaoavl OCCIDENTAL HOTEL. T Lehman, Honolulu H C Hyde, San Rafael W H Colclough, Sao Dan Patten, Napa Mrs C Elgen, St Helena N H Peterson, Red Bluff Miss D Utille, ao i u myncn, cobhiu Miss M Kmaey, do Chas A Daws, Oakland J H Steves, do Ewd F Adams, do A D Black, Saucelito Wm Bi r.ier. San Rafael H G Campbell, Oakland T H Anist, Seniny Park U A iiaue, aauta xtosa u a ohuuct, rxeieoa G W Oakes, do J Mallory, Oakland Thos Fratr, Stockton J D Munsie, Dixon J V Ciion, St Louis H W Miller, Santa Clara G Howe ft wf Honolulu C W Clark ft wf, Sac J E Yard, USA C H Gerrett, Ft McDer A Cartwright, Jr.Benicia E Page ft wf, Ruthland A N Russell, USA BROOKLYN HOTEL. G P Pattenon ft wf, San Mrs W B Brown ft dr, .Iniinim Suisun MissRPattersOD.SanJoaq.I Foley, Sacto S Johnson, Oakland F Adams, Berkeley E O Allen, Sacto J Anderson, Oakland ii r ox, ao H Berg, do D Waulis, city s v alsn, Stockton Pacific Patents. The following patents were last week issued to California inventors : San Fran cisco Harry E. Fairman, post driver; John Jett, combined stock and case for arms; John J. Johnston, machine for soldering tin cans; Harry Reddan, com- Ssition for lubricating axles; Alexander udolph, as8ignerof two-thirds to J. A. Becksey and T. J. Welsh, window sash; IT. J. Wenzell. watchman's time detector; II Ilcivnr,! Tih Ancreles. shot DOUch and I W Laican. Oakland .'.rlo. fl 'u oour;rlr, rlftvicet T. J. Mrs Atwater ft sn, N Y Lnubli uana mim""b w ' Miller. Oakland. Dostal stale; P. W, Keardon, San Jose, dry ore separator. During April. During the month of April the Secretary of the Society for the Prevention of Crueltv to Children received 50 com plaints and investigated 42. The num-. ber of children involved was 104; 4 offenders were prosecuted, 2 convicted; number of children relieved, 32; placed in institutions, 21; returned to parents, L Edward W. Newhall and Timothy Hopkins have been elected members of the society. No More Special Street Inspectors. Superintendent of Streets Lowney has made known that he will hereafter not appoint any inspectors for street work done by private contractors. This abolishes an old custom in the Street Department one that has effected great evil and been improperly manipulated in the interests of jobbers and contractors. The Superintendent will in the future attend to such matters ia person ' New York, May 3. .governments, i per cent lower for 3 s and 4's; unchanged for 4i's and extended 5 s. The Stock market was stronger and higher to-day up to the last hour, when there was a reaction of li per cent in New York Central to 1234, 1 per cent on Lake Shore, i on Lackawanna and 1 on Denver, but hi the last quarter there was a recovery of i to J. These changes, left the market 1 to 1 per cent hit her than at the close. New York, Mav 3. Money, 3Jw5c; closing, offered. 3c Prime Mercantile Paper, 6((64c. Sterling Exchange banners' bills, dull and heavy, 4.82J; Sterling Excbange, demand, 4.851. Petroleum iull, it2ij. Silver, prr ounci-, 1000 fine. 109. Wool Dull. Spring, 2230c; burry, 1620c; pulled, IswUOc; Fall clip, ltHg20c; same, burry. 12(alrjc. Hides dry), dull, 20i21Ja Flour Steady. ,. Sugar Wuiet; Cuban, higher. Cube, 919lc; crushed. ic; granulated, 8ic; Cuban refinery grades, 7aSc. - Coffee Lower. Brazil. 9'g92c. Coal Oil Steady but quiet. Crude, 7(0 ; refined, 8c. Quicksilver Quiet, 36?r36c. Borax- Steady. Cal. refined, 1414ic. Hiijh Wuies Unchanged. Leather Steady. Cal. Hole, 211c. Linseed Oil Steady, 5t57c; Calcutta, 5960c Coal Lump, $4 25; Egg, 85 40; New York Bituminous. s4 2:; Baltimore Bituminous, 85 75. Castor Oil Firm, 15iec lb, 8 lbs to gallon. Pig Iron Market lower. American No. 1, 822 gS23; X 2, S2C(21. Nails Quiet. 3 503 65. Tallow Steady, SitsiSic Tea Weak. Lard Oil Steady, 95940. Lead ?4 254 55. Hops Weak, 8i830a Chicago Markets. Chicaoo, May 3. Flour Dull, unchanged, reguiar. Wheat Unsettled, excited, higher; 1 13J May, SI 15i(gl 15J June, SI 17if 1 17i July. $1 Vil August and September, il 12i year: No. 'i Spring, $1 14$; No. J lied winter, si iui jnrn Qtdet, firmer; 554(855Jc cash aud May, 57j($t'57e June, i'ii'&z ijfc July. Oato OuieC firm; 42c cash and May. otc dune, rtye j?iimer, cjc xaney Hull nnminaL Pork Moderately active, higher: S19 55 cash, 19 So May, 19 62J(rtl9 65 June. 919 to $19 82i July, 19 87(.aia 90 August; 819 9519 97i oeplemoer. laru xieimwiu kui m i iiriees un'C advanced; $11 b7i(all 70 cash and May, JJ11B2J June. Bulk Meats Fair demand; Shoulders, $8; Short Ribs, yutu; x-ors, uieax, iuw. vtnisky, steady, unchanged. Flax, V lb 2( 2c Canary 5i( 6 c Timothy. 10 (ceil c Rape 2 (a? 2ic Clover. 14 (15ic FRUITS We quote: Green Apples. 50WWS2 00 box: Cranberries, $1517 V bbl; Sicily Lemons, $5 007 00 $ box; Los Angeles Lemons, 75rwSl 50 box; Mexican Limes, Si6 O07 00 V box; California Oranges. 81 253 00 ! box; Pine Apples, 6 01X48 00 "ft doz; Strawberries, 59 00 $ chest; Cherries, 520c lb; Gooseberries, 7(8c lb. FEED We quote: Ground Barlev, $28 00(82900 $ ton. Cornmeal, local mills. 833 0CKf 14 00 $ ton. Cracked Corn, 835 0G- ton. Oil-cake Meal, $35 00 ton from the mills, less usual discount to the trade. Shorts, $15 5017 00 $ ton. Middlings, $18 0023 00 $ ton. JN V 1 a vc e quote: For latest Shipping Intelligence t't fint page. Arrived. Stmr Dakota, Morse, 68 hrs fm Victoria, etc; pass and mdse to GoodalL Perkins ft Co. Stmr Humboldt, Baton, 22 hrs fm Eureka; pass and mdse to Searles ft Stone. Stmr San Vicente, Smith, 12 hrs fm Santa Cmz; produce to GoodalL Perkins ft Co. Bark Caibarien, Hubbard, 17 ds fm Honolulu; pass and mdse to Josjes ft Co. Br bark Nereus, Worledge, 91 ds fm Newcastle, NSW; 1500 tons coal to Meyer, Wilson ft Co. Schr Jennie Stella, Krebs, 6 ds fm Coos Bay; 356 M ft lumber to E B Dean ft Co. Schr Fanny Gilmor, Farley, 14 hrs fm Santa Cruz; 840 barrels lime to Davis ft Cowell. Schr Ocean Spray, Wilson, ds fm Crescent City; lumber to order for Oakland. Schr City of Napa, Knudsen, 35 hrs fm Wbites-boro; 100 M ft lumber to L E White. Cleared. Br ship Vice Reine, Mosher, Cork; Meyer, Wilson ft Co. Shin Jabez Howes, Baker, Nanaimo; John Ro-senfefd. . Ship St Mark, Nichols, Liverpool; Chas F Reed. Sailed. Stmr Bonita. Leland. Noyo. Stmr Columbia, Bolles, Astoria. Br bark George, Grant, Burrard Inlet. Schr Euphemia, Botcher, Fort Ross. Schr J H Conedon. Rav. Bodega. Schr Gen Ord, Tansenfreund. Point Arena. Schr Norway, Whalman, - . Miscellaneous. Stmr Empire has been picked up In the Straits with a broken shaft and towed in to Victoria. Bktn C L Taylor ft as Deen towea to victoria, where she will be refitted. Domestic Forts. LITTLE RIVER Arrived, May 3d, schr Canute, from San Pedro; schr Mendocino, hence 27th ult. PORT TOWNSEND Arrived, May 3d, ship Detroit, hence 14th ult; bark Germania, hence 11th ult. . , , EUREKA Arrived, May 3d. schr Lottie Carson, from San Pedro; stmr City of Chester, Wallace, hence 2d Inst. . NOYO RIVER Arrived, May 3d, stmr Ya-quina, hence 30th ult. Sailed, stmr Alex Duncan and Yaquina, for San Francisco. CASPER CREEK Sailed, May 3d, schr Gen Banning, for San Francisco. ALBION RIVER Arrived, May 3d, schr Caroline Medau, hence 29th ult; schr Champion, hence 30th Ult. WHITESBORO Arrived, May 3d, schr Barbara, hence 1st inst. SAN DIEGO Sailed. May 3d, stmr Orizaba, Johnson, for San Francisco. CUFFEY'S COVE Sailed. May 3d, schr Alice Kimball, for San Francisco. , KO WEN'S LANDING Sailed. May 3d, sehr Bessie Everding. for San Francisco. ASTORIA Arrived, May 3d, Br bark Ryevale, from Liverpool. Sailed, 11:30 a K, stmr Oregon, Poleman. for San Francisco. (Yesterday's report in regaid to the sailing of the bktn North Bend was incorrect.) Forelan Ports. PANAMA Sailed, May 2d, stmr Colin, Searle, for San Francisco. . ASPINW ALL Arrived, April 23th, stmr City of Para, from New York. VICTORIA Arrived, May 1st, stmr Geo W Elder, hence 29th ult. . J LONDON Arrived. , Br stmr Anchoria, from New York; Strasbourg, from Baltimore. QUEENSTOWN Arrived, May ad, Br ship Comwallis. hence Jan 5th. Telecraphlc Point Lobos, May 310 p. x. Weather hazy; wind light SW; velocity 10 miles per hour. ' McCORMICK In Alameda, May 2, to the wife of Frank H. McCormick, a son. O'CONNELL At Donahue"s Landing, April 18, to the wife of W. J. O'Connell, a daughter. IENQUEST In this city, April 30, to the wife of Alfred C. Ienquest, a daughter. JACOBSOHN In this city. May 2, to the wife of Heyman Jacobsohn, a son. BAKER In Oakland, May 2, to the wife of C. F. Baker, a son. HALL In Franklin, April 25, to the wife of J. W. Hall, a son ISAACS In Oakland, May 1, to the wife of J. Isaacs, a son. PARKINSON In Yolo county. May 1, to the wife of Crist. Parkinson, a daughter. PENNY Near Sacramento, April 20, to the wife of M. Penny, a daughter. RAMSDEN In East Oakland, April 29. to the wife of C. Hamilton Ramsden, a son. it Is Harmless for the most frail woman, weakest Invalid or smallest child to use. CHAPTER II. "Patients "Almost dead or- nearly dying" For years, and given up by physicians of Bright's and other kidney diseases, liver complaints, severe coughs called consump-inn Vi i7i. heen cured. Women gone nearly crazy ! Vmm atronyof neuralgia, nervousness. wakefulness and various diseases peculiar to women. , " People drawn out of shape from excruciating pangs of Rheumatism, Inflammatory and chronic, or suffering from scrofula! Erysipelas I Salt Kheum, blood poisoning, dyspepsiar indigestion, and in fact almost all diseases frail Nature is heir to Have been cured by Hop Bitters, proof of which can be found in every neighborhood of the known world. SuTnF OB. SPIflNEY a G0.9 No. 11 Kearny Street, rrtREATS ALL CHRONIC AND SPECIAL 1 diseases. Young men who Hiay be suf lerin from the elf octo f youthful follies or IndisorstlonJ will do well to avail themselves of this, the great- . i dwr luil at the feet of suffering human ity Dr. Spinny will guarantee to forfeit 8500 foi every case ci weakness or private disease of any kind or character which he undertakes and fails so cure. There are many a the age of 30 to 69 ,o are troubled with too frequent evacuation of tt bladder, often accompanied by a slight smart, tog or burning sensation and a weakening of the system in a manner the patient cannot account tor On examining the urinary deposits a ropy sediment will often be found, and sometimes small part las of albumen will appear, r the color will bs a thin, mill- hoe, again changing to a dark and torpid appearance. There are many men who die of this dufloulty, ignorant of the cause, whiob is the second stage of seminal weakness. Dr. S. will guarantee a perfect cure in all such cases, and - i. -Ti.u- r.r.nn nf thm Eenito-urinarv organs. Oflice hours 10 to 4 and 6 to 8. Sundays from U tolls. M. Consultation free. Thorough exarate. ition ud advice, 5. Call or address DR. SPIJf. NRY CO.. No. U Kearny street. Ban Fran- tire (at the Matinee only), the Tivoli Comic Opera Company (this Magnificent Opera Company a linear at their own popular theater at nihtL the Adelphi Theater Stars, the Keene Dramatic Club, the Grover Comedy Company. THIS CATCHES YOU I BUSH-STREET THEATER. M. B. Lr.AVITT Lessee and Manager Al. Hayman Associate Manager EVERY EVENING AT 3, Wednesday and. Saturday Slatlnee, BRILLIANT SUCCESS AND LAST NIGHTS ....or.... BOLAAD BEED! KOLAD BEED! In Fred. Marsden's Latest Success, n TFT TTS TFT- TT ! Monday Evcnlns May 7th The Famous Irish Comedian, VT . J. SCANI.AX, In Hartley Campbell's Creation, FRIEND AND FOE. Children, from S to 12 years. 50c. To the members or at S. Irvine It Co s. 206 Kearny; D. W. Laird's, 206 Post; John Reid. 90; J Market; Elde iBros., 315 Hayes; D. C. Braid's, 515 Hayes; Wm. A. Freer's. 107 Post: Jas, Buchan's, 223 Sixteenth; James M earns', 1500 Powell; Alex. Mack ay, 71o Market St., and at the 1 erry on morning of Picnic. ap29 SuMWFSu 5t FIFTEENTH ANNUAL PICNIC or THB Knights of PytMas BELMONT PARK. Tuesday May 8, 1883 RaTLITOADS. Oakland Ferry. 1 Fourth k ITownsend. t5T Box Office open from 9 1 . to 10 P. M. EMERSON'S STANDARD THEATER. Wsl Emerson. Sole Proprietor and Manager Every Evening and Saturday Matinee. EMERSON'S MINSTRELS. EMEBSOX AXD KEED ON THE"eDS. CHEEK t WELL, Great Hit Immense Success of CHEEK.: I'LL cheek: TELL YOU! "Don't Ik: Over $500 worth of valuable prizes will be dis tributed. Target practice for cash prizes. A prize will be given to every child under 5 years of age. Every lady will be entitled to a chance in the draw ing of the IMFROVED WHITE SEWING MACHINE, kindly donated by Samuel Hill, General Agent, 634 Market street. Music by Second Regiment Band. N. C. C. Tickets for Hie Bonnd Trip 75 cents Children, 25 cents. Trains leave corner Fourth and Townsend streets at 8:30, 9 and 10 A. M. The regular 8.30 train will stop at Twenty-sixth and Valencia sts. rveturntng trams leave lieln tont at 4u,5:lUand 5:46 P. M. ap25 27 29my2 468 THE TWENTY-THIRD ANNUAL PICNIC AND EXCURSION ....OF THE.... Irish-American Benevolent Society WILL BK HELD AT BADGER'S PARK, OAKLAND Sunday, May 6, 1883. The Society have procured a number of prizes to be drawn at the gate and competed for in the various games. The Band (Blythe's) will leave on the 9:30 A. M. boat. The previous reputation of this Society is a guarantee that a pleasant time is assured to au, both old and young. Tickets. 50 Cent. Children Free. 2 6t Antioch and Martinez.. Autos. Castroville, Gil- rnv Mnnterev. ruwv. Santa Cruz. Soquel. Watsonville. Benicia Calistoga and Napa...... EasVn C. P. & V. P. Exp Jungrt Fresno and Madera... Gait and Stockton, ., Hollister and Tres Pinos lone Knight's Lds. ex. Sund. T' Sund. only Llvermore & Pleasonton Los Angeles and South. Marysville and Chico... Merced and Yosemite... Niles and Haywards. . . . Redding and Red Bluff. Redwood, San Mateo and Menlo Park Sacramento, Colfax and Alta Sacamento River Steam ers Sacramento via Benicia Santa Clara, San Jose and principal way sta tions Salinas, Soledad and way stations 8. P. Express " Emigrant Suisun...., 9-30 A. M. 4:00 P. M. -40 P. K. f Si u 80 A. M. 30 P. M. 30 P. M. ( 8:00 A.M. (,4:00 p. M 3.JU P. M 5 JO p. m 9:30 A. M. 4K P. M 7:30 a. K. 4:00 p. M. 7:30 A. M 4:30 p. M 8:00 A. M. f 7:30 A. M. I 5:00 p. M. :30 A. M 8:W A. K. 4:00 p. M. f 7:30 A. M 3 10:00 a. M J 3:00 p. m . 10:40 A. X JMI P. If. 30 p. M. 10:40 A. M. Vallejo Virginia City, Carson .. . Woodland , Willows and Williams. of th Rallad. Angry Motlier." BV MASTER CHAKLES COETLIXG. OUR STAR COMPANY IN A GRAND , CHANGE OF PROGRAMME. Original Popular Prices, Balcony ...?.!!.... ".50c MattoeeV.V"M and"25o I Pacific CoSSt SteaHlSllip OCEAN STEAMERS. Co, B&At&t Pa Important to the Kick. symptoms mcucate disease, a continuance, days of suffering perchance Death 1 Symptoms are, impure blood, costive-ness. irreeular amietite. heftrliirihe. sour belching, soreness in back, breast and side, heart pains, giddiness, bad color to stool and urine, hot ana coia sensations, yeuow kkiu, "SWAYNE'S PILLS" cure by gently removing all corrupt matter, regulating and nourishing the system. 25 cents (in stamps), box of 30 pills; 5 boxes, $1, at Drug(?ists or by mail. Address DR. SWAYNE.fc SON, Philadelphia Pa. mhl5eod4p Department rr o. I . FTHB SUPERIOR COURT, CITY AND county of San Francisco, State of CaMorma. TV,. MARITIME BANK OF THE DOMIN ION OF CANADA, plaintiff, n. PATRICK GEORGE CARVILL and GEORGE McKKAN, defendants. . . . Action brought fa the Superior Court, city and county of San Francisco, State of California, in and for the city and county of San Francisco, and the complaint filed in said city and county of San Francisco, in the office of the Clerk of said Bu- The 'people of the State of California send greeting to Patrick George Carvill and George Mckean, defendants. . You are hereby required to appear in to action vu ariT.t. vnii bv the above-named nlaintiff. in the Superior Court, city and county of San Francisco, State of California, and to answer the complaint filed therein within ten days (exclusive of the day of service) after the service on you of this summons. If served within this county ; or if served elsewhere, within thirty days, or Judgment by default will be taken against you, according to the prayer of said complaint. The said action is brought to recover the sum of nine thousand seven hundred and thirty-three 34-100 ($9,733 34-100) dollars due from the defendants to the plaintiff upon two certain drafts, both dated December 22, 1882, drawn by the defendants, at St. John, In the province of New Brunswick, lri the Dominion of Canada, upon Francis Carvill and Son at Newry, Ireland, in Great Britain, requesting them in each one of said drafts to pay to the order of defendants, sixty days after sight, the sum of one thousand pounds sterling (1,000), money of Great Britain, amounting to 2,000, which 2,000 is of the value of nine Sousana seven hundred and thirty three 34-100 f9 733 34-100) dollars money of the United States, 1 i vi..k A. tv, defendants then and there indorsed and delivered the same to the plaintiff, in consideration of receivingthe sum of 1,000 upon each of said drafts from plaintiff, and that thereafter the said drafts and each of them were duly presented to the said Francis Carvill and Son at Newry, Ireland, for acceptance, and acceptance .i 1 ..o. tv, n .nrl tbem refused and the said drafts and each of them were duly protested for non-acceptance and due notice thereof given to defendants. No portion of said drafts have ever been paid but are now wholly due and unpaid. And upon the further grounds that the defendants are indebted to the plaintiff in the sum of A40UU current money of Great Britain for so much money had and received by the defendants, December 22, 1882, to and for the use of the plainUff, which 2,000 is of the value of 9,733 34-100 money of the United States, no portion whereof has been paid, and for costs of suit, as more fully appears by the complaint on tile herein, to which reference for particulars and for copies of said drafts is hereby ""Ind you are hereby notified that if you fail to appearand answer the said oomplaint, as above required, the said plaintiff will take judgment CRANO OPERA HOUSE. Sunday Evening. May 6th FAREWELL BENEFIT OF ALMA STUART STANLEY When a very Full and Attractive BUI will be given, including : 00 p. M. 8:00 A. M. 7:30 A M. 13:30 P.M. 4:00 p. M. (8:00 A. M. 14:30 P. M. -: 9:30 A. H. 4:30 P. M. 8:00 A. x. f 8 :00 A. m J M A. M. 1 30 P. M. (. 4 p. M. 4:30 P. M f 8:00 A. X. 14:80 p. If 8:00 A. M 8.30 a. m. S.30 A. M. 10:40 a. m. 3.; p. m. 4:25 p. M, 515 P. m. 6:30 P. x. Ul:45 P.M. 8:30 a. M. 10:40 a. M. '3:30 P. M. 4:25 P. M. 10:40A. St. Sundays excepted, t Sundavs onlv. t Theatev train. Train leaving San Francisco at 8:00 a tw abmiM meet Pacific Express from "Ogden" at Port Costa; wiu him .CH..U1K u :f.ovi a. m. soouia meet toe racinc express from fcl Paso'' at Antioch. LOCAL FEBEY TRAIXS. VIA OAKLAND PIER. From SAX FKAXCISCO Daily. TESSIE BUTLER. .Little Rebel Balcony Scene In Romeo and Juliet. ALMA STUART STANLEY HELEN MASON. as.. .Borneo ..Juliet Garden Scene In Marie Stuart. TWRa GEO. OSBORNE.. ..As Elizabeth C1TEAMERS WILL SAIL FROM BROADWAY k3 Wharf. San Francisco, for all Coast Ports, as follows : PORTS. STEAMERS DATS Or SAILING. Wrangel, Alaska,'! Sitka, Alaska -(See note below.) Harrisburg, Alas, j Victoria 1 Port Townsend... I Seattle I Dakota, 2 P. X "I April 28 Tacoma fjnaytii Olympia 1 Geo.W.Elder,2 p. M,, J 18, 25 Steila coom J Victoria,- I Nanaimo, B. C... V Victoria New Westminster J Saturday, May 5th, 4 P, M. Portland and. Astoria, Or. Point Arena... Cuffey's Cove... Little River.... Mendocino Eureka Areata Hookton :::: See lolnt Advertisement O. E. & N. Co. & P. C. S. S. Co. Mls Alma Stuart Stanley IN MALE IMPERSOKATIONS! The Comedietta of "A Happy Pair." GRAND OLIO 1 The following Eminent Artists have kindly volunteered: j-Constantine, S P. X., Mondays City of Chester .....9 A. it, Wednesdays 1 TO EAST OAKLAND fi.O0, 6.30, l.m 7.30. .UU. S.OU, 3.JU, 1U.W, 1U.3D, 11 00 11 30 12 (XL 12.30, 1.00, 1.30, 2.00, 2.30, 3.00, 3 30, 4 00 4.30 5 (S 5.30, 6 00, 6.30. 7.00, 8.00. 9.00, 10.00, 11 00 12 00 TO FRL'IT VALE 6.00, 6.30, 7.00, 7 30 8 00 8.30,330. 4.00, '130, 5.00,,5.30, 6 C0 fi3ol 9.00. TO FRUJT VALE (Via AlMEDAr-,9.30, 6.30. 111.00, 12 00. TO ALAMEDA 6.00, e.SO, 7.00, 7.30, 00, 8.30, 9 00, 9.30, 10.00, J10.30, 11.00. J11.30. 12.00, J12.30, 1.00, tL30, 2.00. 3.00, 3.30, 4.00, 4.30. 5.(0, 5.30. 6.00, 6.30, 7.00, 8 00, 9.00. 10.00. 11.00, M2.00. TO BERKELEY 6.00, 6.30, 7.00, 7.30, 8.00, 8.:10, 9.00, J9.30, 10.00, 110.30, 11.00, 111,30, 12.00, 1.00, 2.00, 3.00, 4.00, 4.30, 5.00, 5.30, 6.00, 6.30, 7.00, 800, 9.00, 10 00, 11.00, 12.00. TO WEST BERKELEY 6.00, 6.30. 7.00, 7.30, Jg.rO. '830, 9.00. 10.00, 11.00, 11-00, 2.00, 3.00, 4.00, 4.30. 5 00, 5.30, 6.00, 6.30, 7.00. To SAX rRASriSCO Daily. From FRUIT VALE-6.20. 6.50, 7.20. 7.50, 8.20, SL50, 9.Z0, 10.a, 4.a), '4.50, "5.20, "0.50, 6.20, 6.50, 7.25, 9.50. From FRUIT VALE (Via Alameda) 5.15, 5.45, K45. J9.15, 3.15. From EAST OAKLAND 5.27, 5.57, 6.27, 6.57, 7.27,, 8.57, 9.27, V ol. 1M.ZI. 10.3y. 11.2, 11.57. 12.27, 12 57, 1.27, 1.57, 2.27, 2.57, 3.27, 3.57, 4.27, 4.57. 5.27, 5.57, 6.27. 6.57, 7.57, 8.57, 9.57. in S7 From BROADWAY, OAKLAND-1 6 06. 6.3o, i.Ub, i .oo, e.oo, o.oo, iv.w, iv.m, 11.06, 11.36, 12.06, 12.36, 1.06, 1.36, 2.06, 2.36, 3.0d, 3.36, 4.06, 4.36, 5.06, 5.36, 6.06, 6.36, 7.06, 8.06, 9.06, in M. 11 06. From Alameda-5 22, 5.52, "6 22, 6.52, 7 .22, 7 52. 8 22. 8.52, 5 10 23, lu.oz, iil.z. 11.52, 112.22, 12.52. U-22, 1.52, 2.52, 3.22. 3.52. 4.22, a no K H W R 90 R V2 7 R S2 9 52. 10 5i From BEbKELE Y 5. IK 5.45, "6.15. 6 45, .lS, 7.45, 8.15, 8.45, 19.13, 9.40, Jiu.lD, iu., ;ii.ia, 11.45, 12.45, 1.45. 2.45, 3.45, 4.15, 4.45, 5.15, 6.45, 6.15, 6.45, 7.45, 8.45, 9.45, 10 45. From WEST BERKELEY "5:45, 'o.lo, B43, 715, 7:45, 8:45, J:15, :40, iu:, ;i2:o, i:a, 2: 3:45, 4: 45, 5:15, 5:45, "6:15, 6:45, 7:15. Los Angeles. 8 A M., Wednesdays Santa Cruz., Monterey... San Simeon Cayucos Gaviota S. Buenaventura. ) Los Angeles San Luis Obispo.. ( 8 A. M., Wednesdays Port Harford. V Orizaba, 9 A. M., Santa Barbara. .. 10, 20, 3U eacn montn J Ancon, 9 a.m., 5, 15, 25" CRFFE KOI'TC From 8AN FRANCISCO-TOB, 915. U:15, 115. From OAKLAND 6:15, 8:15, 10:15, 1215, S15, 4:15. Henry Aveling, R. C. White, Fred. Corbitt, Clarence Wilkins, George Stevens, Charles Oliver, Jos. L. Leonard, Owen Dale. Mrs. Geo. Osborne, Miss Helen Mason Miss Tessie Butler, Miss Jean Barnes, Miss May TitteL Miss Schultz, Little Minnie Tittel. Allen Sisters, Imogen Eberle, Christina Martin. San Pedro Los Angeles... San Diego..... Orizaba..... . .9 a. M., 10, 20, 30 each month Ancon ..9 a. m., 5, 15, 25 each month SPECIAL B AlBWIN GUSTAVK FROHMAN. Monday..., THE A T E K. .Lessee ALASKA KOTTE. NOTE The steamer IDAHO, carrying United States mails, sails from Portland, Oregon, on or about May 1st, 1883, for Port Townsend, W. T., Nanaimo, B. C Fort Wrangel, Sitka and Harrisburg. Alaska, connecting at Port Townsend with steamer Geo. W. Elder, leaving San Francisco April 23th, for freight and passengers. For freight boats see Alta, Guide or Commercial GOODALL, PERKINS t CO., General Agents, jelti i o. sv fliaritcv BiircCT, o. - May h RETURN OF MODJSSKA! After an atsenee of six yean this peerless artiste. supported by M. H. BARRYMORE, and the same company playing with her in the Eastern States, will inaugurate a brief season on the above date, appearing first in her great character of ADRIEWE LECOETREIB: Fred Stinson and Jat Rial Managers Pn, nftinA nnw nnen from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. Seats may be secured six days in advance. Orders h telenhone. telegram or letter may be addressed to S. MEYERS, Treasurer. TIVOLI OPERA HOUSE. Eddy Street, near Market Cal Walnuts, tt. 9irll c do'Chile 9 10 c Cal Peanuts 10 (ffll c Cal Chestnuts.. 25 fti30 c Filberts 14 (tf 15 c Brazil, lb 12 (913 e CalAlmonds,hd 8 ("10 c do do soft.l4i(Sil5ic Pecans. 12 (13 c Hickory 8 10 0 MARRIED. PROVISIONS We quote as follows: is! 151 ill C Harriuian, Astoria W t ook, ii Y J B Forman, city W Scudder, Pet J Maiming, Santa Rosa L A Mcintosh, Nelson W McKay, Seattle A E Warren, do Mr k Mrs Bond, Victoria A Jesslyn, Center City J Newcastle. Noyo J S McCue.Corte Madera J T Goldsmith, Oregon O J Hustwick. Seattle B F Pinkerton, Cal F S Conlin. Austin B B Aliell. St Joseoh.Mo T LeU. Suisun W H Daunk, Selina R Karle, Tulare R B Flagg, Camptonville O Hubbell, Tomalea C W White, Santa Rosa Mrs tdsall. Men.tocino Mrs Ei.-kinson, do . G B Lardner, Milwaukee W A M Breck, MUwauk LICK HOUSE. J K Smyth, Oakland H P Tuttle, Salinas J J Kuun, Shasta W H Avery. City of Bio P D Wigginton, Oakland de Janeu-o O S Meyer, Alameda Mrs S A Keyser ft dau, T A Roaeberrv wf , Adin Los Angeles Mrs New berth, Petaima E M Furstemen. Victoria W A James, do Mrs D Meade, do T C Van Epps, wf ft ch, R NuttulL do Olympia Mrs Shakespeare, do C G Voyes, Santa Clara W Pollard. do J H Hu.-pin ft wf , Yolo A Simpson, do M fettlugUl, micu . ' Mrs J H Benner, S Jose W F Henning. no F W iieales, do O Schetter 8. wf, Sonoma H Laniworthy. do Miss A Alliston, N Yor Mrs SL Carter, Stockton Sbmith, dp. Miss E Carter, do J W Haskin, Oakland L V Nauscawen, Vipalia F B McClung, Bay Point Mrs A K Ltting, 3 Hlena T H Weston, Mauie J Ulrich, do T Lehman. Honolulu E A Post wf, Clverdale J Finlayson, Healusburg Z& A bynne, Monterey P O Burns, city RUS3 HOUSE. H Rice, Scisun J Radwick ft f. WilleU T B McClure, Hopland C ilcHemy, moaesw argcs, firm. I Dry Hides, usual selections, 1616ic:ealls, one- to United Kingdom, 2.525,000 I third lees? and Mexican Hides lc less; Dry m, Kip. lSBlote: Batted Kp. 25 to lbs, 10l Beerbohm's Telegram. London, May .3. Wheat: Floating cargoes, firm; cargoes on passage and for shipment, hrm but not active; Mark Lane, steady; good cargoes, milling. 43s 6d ; Red Winter, 45s 6d; California, otf coast, 45s 6d; just shipped, 46s ; nearly due, 45s 6d: fair average Spring, 42s bd. Weather in England, cold. Wheat and Flour in Paris, quiet Corn: Mixed American, 33s 6d; Mark Lane, steady : on passage and for shipment, firm but not active; Hosting cargoes, nrm. Wheat on passage r, r-a , T.WeTnnol Corn, firmlv held. Wheat, firmlv held. Fair to choice shipping, Club, 9s 2d(9s 5d; fair to choice California shipping, 8s lld(S9s ; Red American Spring, shipping Club, 9s SdiaiOs 2d; Western mixed Corn, 6s 6Jd. ... Flour: London ana uverpoat amencam Ax-change state, 12s 3d. English country markets, quiet. French country markets, quiet. No. 2 Red Winter Wheat, for prompt shipment and for shipment during present and future months, 44s 3d. Eastern Grain Markets. The following are yesterday's prices of Wheat in Eastern cities, as per telegrams received at the San Francisco Grain r.xnnanne; , , No. 2 Wheat. C"'??,0- Spot. V bushel. $1 3i May delivery .- J 13, June do J . July do J 'i Aug. do 1 lbj ali. 1111 1 12 7-18 Marketa-Chicago, steady: New York, strong. Eastern Hams, JB $ 16J 16 do California 15 (ft 161 Eastern Breakfast Bacon, lb 16 fi lni California Smoked Bacon, heavy, lb 15k'iC 16 do MeiUum. lb 15 (ti 15J do Light, tb 161(( 17 Clear Sides, lb 15( 15 Pork, Extra Prime. bbl 18 50 S19 50 do Prime Mess, i bbl 20 50 ("22 00 do Mess, bbl 24 00 25 00 do Clear, f9 bbl 26 00 (r26 50 do Extra Clear. 38 bbl 26 50 (tf27 00 Pigs Feet, V bbl 16 00 Sl8 00 Beef. Mess. bbl..... 15 50 dohfbhL 8 00 8 25 do Extra Mess. $ bbL 16 50 (( do Family, tibl 18 00 18 50 do California Smoked, )D 13i 14 do Tongues, 1 hf bbl 14 00 fi14 50 Smoked Tongues. doz 10 00 (&10 Lard, Eastern, lb . 15 ( 151 do California, f ID, m lu-m tins. . . a us do do, lb, in 5-lb tins. 13' do do, I lb, in kegs 14S( do Royal, lb, in 10-tt tins. 151-( do do, & lb, in 5-lb tins lojit do do, lb, in 3-lb pails 154( do Banner, lb, in lu-lb tins. 15 i& do do. lb, in 5-lb tins 15i rln rlr. M Ih. ill 3-1b riailll 153( COTTON Cal. Upland, choice. 14c; CaL, Sec ond Picking, 12Vai3a . BROOMUORN We quote: California, $S0120 ton: Eastern, 10rl2c i tt DRIED FRUITS Raisins, -London layers, 2oc ad vanes over California, with usual discount on large purchases. Stocks are ngni ana traae auu. Apples, in sks, qrs do in bxs, qrs ... v do in bis, sliced ... do machine dried, bxs do in sks, sliced Peaches, in sks do in bxs do peeled Pears, qr dosliced do sliced, machine dried Raisins, Cal, extra layers, bxs.. do do, hf bxs... do do, qr bxs Plums, unnitted do pitted Cal French Prunes Cal German Prunes Grapes ...... Blackberries Apricots. Cal Figs, white. ..... ...... Cal Figs, black Smyrna Figs Citron ........ .......- HIDES AfilJ BAlS.-rn(W ro b juuoirk ACHESON WOODCOCK In this city. May 1. by the Rev. W. L. Githens, Cephas Acheson of Eureka, Humboldt county, Cal., and Helen E., daughter of the late Alexander Woodcock of Tower Hill, Charlotte county, New Brunswick. EMMAL WEES-In this city, at the residence "of the bride's parents. May 3, by the Rev. Dr. Jewell, J. B. Emmal, Jr., of Seattle, W. T, and Ida E. Wehn of San Francisco. SICKELS-BALDWIN-In Benicia, April 23, at v the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev 8 H. Willey, J. E. Sickels of Ban Francisoo and Miss Nellie A Baldwin of Benicia. JOHNSON BLANEY In this city. April 23, John Johnson and Nellie Blaney. ' McINTOSH BIGBEE In this city, April 27, Laughlin Mcintosh and Maggie Big oee. DOUGHERTY ROBINETTE In Sacramento, April 18, Frederick A. Dougherty and Lou Rob-inette. MILLARD HAWKINS In Napa, May L Frank Millard and Mattie Hawkins. 6i(a 7 JfcS 8 6 8 7(i 71 10(3 12 12i(S 13 15 IS 6 (A 1 7 8 9 10 S00(o2 50 S 75 8 75 MS 00 3 4 11 ? 12 10 (d 12 8 ( 9 ft 7 12& 14 12 14 7 V 8 6(S 8 20 21 18 S 20 13 14 N. Y. $1241 1 2ii 1 24j m 1 261 O HowelL Haniord 1 J 0 fitseVsseadurO A HtcAm A wf. Ohio J U Ooaway wt, Kapa Foreign Markets. London, May 3. U. S. Bonds. 4's, 123: 4Vs, 11CJ; ex fe's, 105. Consols, 102 1-16 for Monej ana 1U2 6-ib for Account. or uuuw, i fine, 501. Bank of England rate, three per cent. Liverpool, May 8. Cotton, middling upland. llc; Salted Calf , . 1415o m; baited veal. 20j0e 1 tti; Beaver Skins, S2 505 for prime large, JSl o(K(r2 tor meaium, w w . .... -uu sizes, with inferior selling at marked reduction: 1 Wildcat Skins, 15(40o apiece for prime, and 5t$ 20c for poor; Coon Skins, 5(oeiOc for smau aua i 20(g25c for large: Coyote Skins, lXaftxior smU and owfiaa lot large; jiia niiie, a.-v v hkins, 20(2jc for shearlinss. 50Ca60c for 8hort,70(4 I 90c for medium, and 1 10(1 60 apiece for long Wool and W ool Skins; Oregon Murrain okjiis, Skins 3540o for Summer, aAffisic ior uieuium iog hair. Northern long hair, lac Rough and Sole Leather. lS32c tb; Harness Leather. 2Ed34c. WOOL In spring cups noiiiint uuui u jc, d... .nil wa ck, not look for any special activity as long as such extreme prices are asked. lALLUW-uo --Ti m,i""vi iwv- age for rendered, and llK12&c for refined, both In I shipping order. The Meat Market. Slaughterers' prices to the local retail dealers are B KEF First quality, 8i9e; second do, 7i8c: I third do. 67ctt.. , VEAL BmAll, V(iiu rjfa, ivw, vuww vgu fo: -i iimiM n . iiiMi. sa i. T A VD OtintArtld at fifl S lb. PORK-We quote Uv Uofi at 88is tat bard , and 7 (Hi to tor son. Tin order to secure absolute correctness in announcement of funerals, friends of the deceased should bring their notices to the business othoe of the Examiner, Phelan Building, Market street, corner of Dupont and O FarreUT NOLAN In Oakland, May 2, Mrs. Mary Nolan, a native of County Monaghan, Ireland, aged 49 vears and 8 months. SNiTFrieuds of the family are invited to attend the funeral to-day (Frioay). at 2 o'clock -p. M., from her late residence. No. 493 Twenty- fifth street, OaKiana. GRIFFIN In this city, May 2, Iiizzie, beloved daughter of Maurice and Bridget Gnffln, a na-tiveof Sin Francisco, aged 4 years and 5 months. sr Friends and. acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral today (ri-Sr'f ila v,lock P. M.. from the residence of her parents, comer of Kansas and Humboldt streets. AGARD-In! this city. May William Boultou, beloved husband of MaripuultonAgaria native of Manchester, England, aged c7 years, 2 narespectfinly invited to attend thefimeral to-morrow (Saturday), at 11 o clock rM.ftim Green-street Congregational Church, . . Rev. John Kimbal orpoiating. STRED3 In this city, May 1, Frank Arthur, soa of wmiaand Frances Btreib, aged 8 years. 5 nnnlh, .nrl M d&VL WHITTLESEY In this city. May S, Mrs, Emma WT WWttlesey, a native of Pittsburg, Pa., aged AO -An-at stii) A mOTllllfl. KENNEDY At Los Gatos, May .JgengminIX i.-... . n.i.i of Kentucky, aged 50 years. YORKE In Guadalajara (Mexico) April 26 Irma Thornton? daughter of Edward and Jen me York and granddaughter of John and Luc, T Heard OI saorameuio. - rHTrT sged 2 years, 2 months and 5 days. San Fran- mcM noium nlPAJlA CODT.l PFISER-Inthiscity, May Pauline Peiser, a DaUve of Poland, aged 76 years. HARRIS In Red Bluff, April 30, Mrs. Annie HartrTnaUverf Iowa, aged 22 years, 10 months and 11 days. . . , HILBERT In Sacramento, April jw, r.v daughter of Martin A and Margaret Hilbert, a naUreTf .Sacramento, aged 18 years, 9 months aud 25 days. , - LEE In Sacramento, May 1. Howard Lee, a na tive of Sacramento, ageu "- " and 29 days. ; . TALBOT In Sonoma county, April 29, Louisa, wife of Joseph Talbot, a ""rvej? California, aged 23 years. 6 months and 21 days. est thereon from December 22, 1882, Given under my band and seal of the said Snpe--t 1 . .v... itw nripniiritvof San Francisco, StotTof California: this 23d day of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ehty-three.wiixiAM SESXON 1 By C. D. Ruggles, Deputy Clerk. WILLIAM RKADE, 816 Sansonie strrrt, ALtorney forrialntlff. ni6iotr Department No. . IN THE SUPERIOR COURT, IN AND FOR the city and county of San Francisco, State of California. ' LILLIE T. SPARKS, plaintiff, vs. WILLIAM H. SPARKS, defendant. Action brousht in the Superior Court, in and for the city and county of San Francisco, State of California, and the complaint filed in the office of '11....V ..til gmu.riiir riniirfc The People of the State of California send greeting to i Ilium H. Sparks, defendant You are hereby required to appear in an action brought against you by the above-named plaintiff, in the Superior Court of the city and county of San Francisco, State of California, and to answer the complaint filed therein within ten days-(exclusive of the day of service) after the service on you of this summons if served within this county; or, if served elsewhere, within thirty days, or judgment by default will be taken against you accord ing to the prayer oi saia comiaiu. The said action is brought to obtain a decree of this Court dissolving the bonds of matrimony now existing between plaintiff and defendant upon the ground of defendant's failure to provide plaintiff with the common necessaries of life, as alleged in the complaint nled nerein, wvimareioreuain bAnd you ate hereby notified that if you fail to appear and answer the said complaint, as above required, the said plaintiff will apply to the Court fortheielief therein demanded. Given under my hand and the seal of the said Superior Court, the city and county of San Francisoo, State of California, this 1st day of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight nun- aIIWILIAM T, SESNON, Clerk. ByJ.D. Ruggles, Deputy Clerk. WM. MATTHEWS. Attorney for FlaiutitT. apiut Department No. 9 Probate. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT IN AND FOR the City and County of San Francisco, State of C1nf0theL matter of the esttte of ELIZA BRIODY, aiao known as ELIZA BRIORDx, d NoSctis hereby given that MONDAY, the 7th day of May, A D. 1883. at 10 o'clock A. M of New City HalL in the city and county of ban Francisco, State of California, have been appointed as the time and place for proving the will of saia Eliza Briod. also knowtf as Eliza Btiordy. ae-ceased, and the codicil thereto, and for hearing the application of Timothy O HaUoran and Bernard McLoughlin. for the issuance to them oi letters testamentary thereon. SKAi or court. WILLIAM T. SESNON, Ctert i By ri Z. Brodowski, Deputy Clerk. JOHN M. BCKXETT. Attorney Tar Pe- Uttonera. ' Department No. 9- Probate. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT IN AND FOB the city and county of San Francisco. State oi Fritz La Fontainb. GUSTAVB HXNRICHS.. ..Stage Manager .uonauotor THIS EVENIXG And every evening during the week, Nicolai's Comic Phantastio Opera in 3 acta, MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR OB, EALSTAFF. From Shakespeare's Comedy of the same name-first English production with the following-Artists in the cast : Miss Louise Leiehton, Miss Hattie Mooro, Pacific Mail Steamsliip Oo. FTTHE COMPANY'S STEAMERS WILL SAIL 1 as follows : FOR HONGKONG AND YOKOHAMA. City of Bio de Janeiro May l'th At 2 o'clock P. M. FTmnrion tickets to Yokohama and return at reduced rates. For NEW YORK, via Panama. Steamship San Bias May 151b At 10 o'clock A. M., taking freight and passengers for MAZATLAN, SAN BLAS.MAZANILLO and ACAPULCO, and via ACAPULCO for lower jnexican ana eiiLrai .-v m'-i il...,. 8 AN JOSE DE GUATEMALA and LA LIBER-TAD to land Passengers and Mails. Tickets to and from Europe by any line for sale at the lowest rates. Also tor Havana anu au SoNOLULU. AUCKLAND and SYDNEY. AUSTRALIA. MT n AT 2 O CLOCK P.M., Or immediately on arrival of the London man. $10 additional is charged for Upper Cabin pas- ae - - , . 1-. rmar I or rreigni, or pnoeaso vvj v - First and Brannan streeia. w , . WILLIAMS. DIMOND ft CO., Gen. Agents. Miss Kate Marchi, Mr. Harry Gates, Mr. F. La Fontaine, Mr. R. D. Valerga, Mr. Harry Nie man. Mr. M. Cornell. Mr. T. Wiimott Eckert, Mr. E. N. Knight, Mr. Maurice Hageman, Mr. Frank Valerga, Mr. Wm. Kretschman, Crand Orebestra and Chorus. General admission, 25 cents. Reserved seats, 25 cents extra. Telephone. 3009. WOODWARD'S CABOEMS. Saturday and Snnday...i...May 5 and Continued Success of the Favorite Lyric Queen, MISS ALICE MASHELDl Appearing in Operatic and Serio-Comio Gems. , MR. WALTER PHCEXIX, The World's Greatest Soiig-and-Dance Artist. JOHN THE ' GREAT TTDORS-AM1E In their New Society Sketch, " New York Life," and Medley Specialties." The Elfin Queen Kittie, M ile Bertha, Miss Susie Jones, Seigrist and Duray, the Frank Brothers, Millenoline, and Woodward's Crand ComDlnaUon. The Comic Trick Pantomime, THE STATUE BLANCHE! After which Grand Instrumental Concerts. . n a..x, UbbKHIi and 21?t Annual cSrsnTraSTot the GERMAN BEKEVUiJiJi But;ir.n. CRAND PRIZE B A L L-&1 Bit Lfrl ForPortland and Astoria, Oregon f imj rMtvnntt ti ATT. WAY AND NAVI I gation Company and Pacific Coast Steamship i , win jKn.tih fmm Snear-street wharf. for the above ports, one of their new Al Iron Steamships, viz : Unren of the Pacific. colnmDia, ouue of California and Oreeon. SAILING DAYS: May 3, 6, 9, 12, 15. 18, 2L 24, 27, 30 And every following three aays, at iu o ciocs a. connecting at Portland, Or., with steamers and Railroads and their connecting Stage Lines for all noints in Oregon, Washington and Idaho Territo ries. British Columbia and Alaska. Ticket Office 214 Montgomery street, iTuinin PF.RKTNS Mz CO.. Agents, myl o. 10 Market street, San Francisco. Assessors Office. K0TICE TO TAXPAYERS. Daily, except Sundays. Sundays only. South Pacific Coast E. E t PASSENGER TBADT3 LEAVE STATION, toot ot Market street, souxa Ji, s O OA A M daily, Alvarado, ifewark. Center. O.0) vnlSLAlvisa, Santa Clsra. 8 A If JOSE, Ti Wrights. Glsawood. Ferton, Big Trees, SANTA CRUZ and aM way stations. . T- - Iux y excepieoj expr , n Z. r)U Edem. Alvarado. Newark, Centerrille, iirfU in,..,. Clara. HAN J uo Jk. A Gatos and all statieas to SANTA CRUZ. 1 t,)i r. m., daily, for Sao Jose, Los Gatos a I .)J intermediate sutiona . Stages connect at Los Gatos forCoaess Springs, Through Fare. 2 60. Round trip, 4 2a. ON UilJAt8 epeeiai rassenger u San Jose at 25 r. arrives la 8. F. at 8 .30 5 Excursions to bajjiia tnii. mm' w SAN JOSE oa Saturdays and Sundays, to retur until Monday, inclusive. 3 EiCTiruons to But Trees and Santa Crua EVERY SUNDAY. 8.30 A. M. TO OAKLAND AS1 ALAMEDA. 66 307 30 8.30 9 30 10.30 11.30 A K. fl! .3 .130-130-3.30-130-5.30 -6.30-7.3O-10.0O- 11 30 P M ir.' inn rtrrnlli and Webster, alt. land-S5.5f.57-7.57.52-9.52-10.52-'JlL52 A. M. 12.01 l.M S 02 .a a. iv. M. riundays omy, l at r. m. Fmm II. L--st.. Aameda-S5 45-6.45-7.45- 8 35-9 35-10.35-J11.35 A. M. 12.35-1.35-S.3fr-s!35 4.35 5.35 6.3510.05 T. K. eo J - my .MtnmtvR Mill nmiuNH wui.. TiptifT TeleETanh and Transfer oflice, 221 Montgomery street, S. F. Parlor Cars A IL FRACKER, R. M. GARRATT. Gen l Supt. G. F. k P. Agt- S. F. andNortiPacifio Eailroad BOATS AND TRAINS LEAVE SAN FRAN-cisco as follows: . . ry f r A. m. daily (Sundays excepted), l JSsa Z.UO EafU from Market whart to Petaluma: Santa Rosa. Heaidsburg, Cloverdale, Ouer-nevnle and way stations. 6t connect tG-r servilleforSkaggs' Sp,1 Highland Springs, lfelseyvUle, Soda Bay, Lake-rt, Navarro Ridge, Mendocino City. Ukiah and Geysers. ri i C r. X daily (except Sundays!, viaDon-L 45 ahue'from Washington-street wharf, and 4 Pl r M. daily (except Sundays), via San Oil Rafael, from Market-street wharf, for Petaluma. Cloverdale and way stations. Sanday Excursions. 8 Oft A M (Sundays only), via Itonhne. from Z I Washington-street wharf, for Clover- Hunrlsvs to Petaluma, Jl 50; Santa Kosa, llealaSurg, $Tckdle, $4 50; Gueme.Ule SA RurningT wili arrive in San Francisco at 6.45 r. m.- . PETER J- McGLvkjj, Gea Pass, k TktAgt. ARTHUR HUGHES, Gen. Manager. Sonoma Valley Eailroad. TiOATS AND TRAINS LEAVE SAN FRAN- X) cisco as follows: r it i - r x daily (Sundays excepted), front 2 40 Washmfton-street wharf, for the town of sTnoma, Glen Eiien and way points. . , " " Sanday Excnrslons. O OA A. M (Sundays only) from Washington-X H I Jtrt wharf, for the town of Sonoma, &.A',L fnT-.v rtt Bound Trip Ticket. to Sonoma, I: to GlenEllen, ilfiOL LL PERSONS, FIRMS COMPANIES. COR-i ooratioas and associations are reouiredto d- n .i a .u.r.i-'. i iftioB. ew (Jity uaii, im- UIC1 1 .uc . . . SEVENTEENTH IK ASttllEK A I E -M AWEKAfc ...or itii her or them, ofin their possession, or held to te' for others, at 12 o'clock meridian on the F1KB-MONDAY OF MARCH. 13, in accordance with the NewConstitutioo. Refusal or neglect tomak. IT iwoin iuwment of all the property owned or MdhrSTwOl subject the P" fI aeglecting to make such sworn ??"le1?0i tuU penalty of the taw-one hundred dollars tin and guilty of a roiwemeanoiv hereto- All persons owning real estate tns fore bn -ssessed in the wrong ame on Real Estate Assesamei-w jvoia, rzz reSrestate.within to ta f-r. SS JS REVELS SOCIAL CLUB ! Sj5a!25S5 TO BK GIVEN Al UNIOW BALL, Saturday Ewenlnts-. ...May 5, 1889 Proper blanks may be obtained at the Assessor's The FaU Tax of two dollars is now due and payable at -bus office or to a Deputy Assessor. The attention of taxpayers of the city and count fe respectfully called to the fact that owing to the depleted condition of the Treasury, I am eompeiled . t. .v.- ,,.1 nf trt wirift. with oae-fif th of Doors open at 8 o'clock sharp. Grand March 1 e nurnber of Deputies, whose serviees wUl s s-3"- I n -- .w bunav-r to come forward N V ' . .l. A.t ..j si. !., r,t Prizes will be offered for competition, ffltTC dry goods house of CTDwyer A-Unhom. 36 and 38 Third street. Husle by Becond Kedment Band. of THOMAS r!lifamia. In the matter ot the estate A GRAHAM, deceased. , . ,mvmV. Notice is hereby given that MONDAY - the 7th day of May. A. D b " o dock A. M. of said day, and the Courtroom of .JW. K S a35t-7baa CUUlltijr Ul --. A' aasi-.vl - - w.wJn(r been appointed as the time and place J2Tf the wul of said Thomas A Graham, L.d"?Jn for hearing the application o orneU ,S lor the issuance to him of letters tesam-ui-j thereon. Dated April 24, A D. 1883. v v t seal. WILLIAM T. SESNON. Clerk. 1 By E. Brodowski. Deputy Clerk. CHAKLES F. ILAXLO-V. Attorney tor Felitloiier. pii of poison OAK. A - SURE PREVENTIVE AGAINST THE J daleterious innuenoe of Poison Oak is DICKEY'S OREME DE LIS tOU THE COMPLIiXION. I'm Saia by all Drutltti. SuWTts tf mBrriTTORS. ESTATE .V 1HUMAS Vltl AD, OTOc- J!.rl Notice is hereby given by the . undersigned. Julia Dryan. Administratrix of T "d Tliomas Dryan, deceased, to the creditors of ana all persons having eiaims ag-inst the J"1 exhibit tnem. with toe neceesary vouch ers, witnin four montns alter J"J ',.rriT ton of this notice, to the said mm stratrix. f!? ?' -?h"t1nIr0ne same being the place for me i- busineaTof the said estate in the city and county of San Francisoo. T1I.IA. I11VX 1. . I ij-M.wMr r T-ita ox xnomas uijma, i At-nnurr ana Gonnswior D28nIVn- AprUii,1833. spSrSt? Adnalsalan. 50 cents. ap29td j , tin r ...thentie .TJr?.S,E.MSd k Shields. wwlot3.ti3 h been nroduced in this great play. Two nttw oea-. Eeon account of their precocity in singing and rendition of V-SFfJ Eva. KU-st proaucnon oil iu T,rr , iv.i,iri nam: a hve Donkey. The grand Apotheosis and last scene in this great moral drama. Positively the most magnihcent display J scenic art and mechanical ettects ever witnessed. The Golden Gates Alar. The Ascent of Eva to the Realms of Bli-sborne by Angels Flighty The Pearly Gates and Staarway to the Home ueyona tne dk - -.. - ---- Singers in Plantation Melodies, Hymns, etc Special engagement of Dan. Lewis. Topsy In her Songs and Dances, and the best selected cast ever given here. Matinee every Saturday at 2. Admission. 25c. Children, 15a ; ART ASSOCIATION. THE KTSETEEXTH EXHIBITION Is now open to the Publie. and comprises examples by Thos. Hill, E. H. Blashfiels of New York. 8. M. Brookes, F. W. Kost of New xorx, a. ---" Thos. Havender of New York, and many others. 2T OPEN .DAY AND EVENING. "SI Admission. 5 eenta. and eo-operete with tha o-los, and file then; state- itaasso-naspossioie. . j"- "y"-City sad Ooaatr Administrator's Sale of Dentist's iHstraments, Furniture, etc. mvBTfiii rcirT.T. CITY AND COUNTY O of San Francisco, State of California, Depart ment No s rrooate. T t rn In the matter of the Estate ot MARK L. LIB- .Notice is nereny given vj u ucnJ""," ;r cial Aiiminlstrator oi tne esuue w. ai - -i a - u aw. nrrlar stf CLLl i UOUTt. 116 bDabt 1X1 purrSll-tiiJ w ' w-- i - - , I wUl seU to the highest bidder, at private sale, for cash in United States ' (sub jtct J5?1?: .lion V. th i 0TT,1 Oil BA1 Liwai, ' . ' ot May, 1853, at 3 o'clock P. M., the furniture, in- mental, of the (W'""". Xlcitiot rot i-earny -luut-r, r" -TZAknt. corner oi iveariij rideut. San Francisco, lormeriy occupiom. .---f deB. srein he cameaon ue p'5--: Zj id ether with the good will "jl business, and the leasenoia ARTHUR HUGHES, Gen. Manager. PETER J- McGLYNN, Gen. Pass, k Tkt Agt. TN THK SUPERIOR COURT OF THE CTTY I and Tounty of San Francisoo, State ot Cah- 'ISthe matter of the application of riNAi, POPPER COMPANY, a ooi-poration, to dissolve. Notice is hereby given that Pinal Copper Com-nany, a cerooration formed under the laws of tne Stats of California, has presented to the Superior Court et said city and county an application and petition, praying to do auoweu vo """.r fw.t MONDAY, the twenty-first day of May, ISsS, has been appointed as the time, and the courtroom of Department No. 10 pf said Superior Court as the place as wmcn sain ppA-- heard. . . t nnll- Any persons naving oajoctiun. .yj , , cation must tile Uesame before the said 21st day of vendermyhand-nd "f Court, at the city and county of an Francisco, Bute of California, this 16th day of April, A . 183- . , ISealol onrKUwourt.. R-.3N0K, clerk. VV 1 U 'A- -a. - . l WILLI A Atleraeys, Ey J. J. Ryan. Deputy County Clerk TN THE SUPERIOR COURT gJ 1 and eounty of San Francisco, State oi v--w FREDERICK W. 81XJ-T, the matter of dent in the said place pi nusir. Irimection The said office will oe oijcu "-". ," from 10 A. M. to 5 P. M. until ta left at AU bids must be in writing, '"f1 30. the office of the Public A(lnihnstor. Ro No. 318 Pine street, Ban rranti. .-. nhii0i. riTHE LEADING AND Patent Solicitor (establ d 12), BL S-I-TH, , Law, m Sanaa ni fit. C.W. j-ltoedtt him personally, at any time alter tuo u- ticn of this notice and before the n?CYt 5th The bids will be opened Pjv nfdecedent. May. 1883. at 3 P. M.. at the offl oee-" N W. corner Kearny and Geary streew. Dted2dMay,lib3. pHrTP A ROACH, ar-cial Administrator of th. Estate of Mark L. - ... , . i T .iliriav. daCO-SO-. .auw a. WRIGHT, 1 B social AiDl istrater. Attarner .for ma. MAN, an insolvent "r1-- filed in this Corn, mm ifei-uv,, -- -- - iu, j. an mioiveut ueotor, by wMch itappe h berebJ declare, the said Fwenck W 4 to be insolvent The aerUTw ,,, of SanFincasisbM-uy re d ptrsijn-l, of seurion of aU tM t debtOT, exoev roeh the said Frsdenc -bSnP from execution, as .may be BJ w Toucners, books of ea oun n3o1 .ndtokeeP the same safely until the "dSnfofMS-stenee of his estate. Allper-appomtment of an debts to the saidiu- rSdoitJ belonging tohim, 7n rirson. firm or corporation, or associa-2r The said debtor is hereby forbid. ?Dtn?f or deliver any property unUltl.S fShtr order of this Court, except as hereis "frfurther ordered that all the creditors of saiC a utjnr be and appear before the honorable F. Ma. ttoueh. Judge of the Superior Court of the city ind eounty of San Francisoo, in open Court, lw urtmeut No. 10, at the Courtroom of said Court. iT the new City Hall, in the city and county ot Ban Francisco, on the 15th day of May. 18b3 a 10 o'clock-. M. of that day. to prove their dents id choose one or more assignees of. the estate af said debtor. .,, It is further ordered that the order be published in the Daily Examine-, a newspaper of eirculation. published in the city and San Francisco, as often as the said PPfPu lished before the said day set tor the meeting us the creditors. ... .ntime. jw.vjat SBSSOK. Ctark- Attest: By aW WAL J. TTBiiA. Attorney C gj I

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