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rZOETABUeS-Ws aaote; EFRNstlJIG TUK TstCAirsVtV IIE(imXAlTIX)IJ3. aultr $xawiur. .3 mCHPItl A WAT. Aaether Bis aveasaeraUe rw-ww at Uatest an Victory haw Is Certain. TH BLUB AND ORAT OCT IB roBCA, The seventh grand mass-meeting of th Bine and Gray Legion was held at Union Hall last night.

As taToal, the hall was densely packed, and remained so until the close. It is seldom that so vast tbat AMJor Ainr. Farther rartlealars mt the aahlaaal Acet-atemU Ia yesterday's ExAarxxx a short notice was published of the tall of aa awning oa Broadway. Oakland, by which a number of person were injured. Falier particulars have been received as follows: Yesterday, shortly after on o'clock, as the BgiiosBBna was marching ap Seventh street, aa awning in front of toe Republican bead-quarters, oa Broadway street, oa which between twentr-flr and thirty people were stand-inr-, gave way, and they were precipitated to the sidewalk.

Quite a number of these standing under the awning were injured. None ot those who fell with the awning sustainsd any very serious injuries. M. Hansen, a Deputy Sheriff of this city reside at No. I.UKH afoutgomery street, waa dug out from underneath the ruins, when It waa found that bis left arm wa broken and tbat hi spin wa severely in- tured.

He was subsequently conveyed to th bona of lis relativea Mra. A ails, of Atamrd. had a leg broken. Mr. J.

H. Ham, who bveson Third street near Linden, in Oakland, and ber two little girls, were slightly injured. Geor.e W. Kellogg, of Los Angeles, bad bis knee severely cut, and Frank Jacobs, a boy about 14 year old, employed in the dry goods store of H. B.

Coffee, near the scene of the a -radon was taken borne, snfferirg; from internal injuries, and hi father wa also considerably bruised about the toga. Several other person were injured, but with the aasin-tance of their friend were able to walk to carriages, and were taken home before their Bamca eould be ascertained. Of the injuries soa-tained none are fatal, with tne x-eeptioa of M. Hansen, the Deputy Sheriff, who waa severely hurt about the spinal column. David and Barney Rich, Eugene Fulger and William E.

Wood were also standiug under the awning when it fell, and were considerably braised, although none of them sustained set ions injury. The exact number of those who were Injured eould not be ascertained, but it was thought that over a doasa were more or lea hart. Eugene Kcl-ger, young man in the employ of David Rich, the atE-rnm. The VeaweentU'aMd the IWerklafBaesi Areas Wwm a CeaapraBBlse, nhlrh Is Badersed. Last night at Hancock Hall, Bush street, a aaeetias; was held by the General Democratic County Copimittee, Captain A.

J. Frits in the Chair. A communication waa received from the Ninth District Delegation, stating that H. J. Lynch had resigned from the Delegation, owing to removal from the District, and that James E.

Haley had been elected to fill the vacancy. The communication was not received on the ground that District Committees hare no right to accept resignations on the General Committee. The resignation of H. J. Lynch as a member of the Committee was read and accepted.

rABCIXCT BBOISTRAnOa pmcBBA. The Chairman called for reports from the Chairmen of the several District Delega-ions in regard to the person recommended for appointment on the Precinct Registration Boards. The report were geoerallv found defective. A motion was adopted that the District Committee be ordered to meet this evening and complete their reports, which are to be submitted in writing to the Chairman of the General Committee. The General Committee then adjourn ed to the call of the Chairman, and waa immediately called to order as a Municipal Nominating Convention.

TBBJia OF TBI Mlimnff The following Report from the Committee appointed to confer with Workingmen's Convention in regard to a proposed compromise with the local Democracy in relation to nomination for municipal offices was read. San Francisco, September 10, 1880. To (As Offieerttmd Membertof the Democratic County Convention Gbntlembji: Vour Committee in conference with the W. P. C.

Convention beg leave to submit the following Report: After several meetings with the Conference Committee of the W. P. Convention, we came to the following agreement, which we submit to the Convention for approval. The W. P.

C. to have the following nominations: Mayor, Sheriff, Auditor, Tax Collector, Recorder, County Clerk, City and County Attorney, two Superior Judges, two Justices of the Peace, and Supervisors for the Firet. Second, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Wards; School Director from the Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eleventh and Twelfth Wards, and Chief of Police. The Democratic Convention to have the following: Assessor, Treasurer, Coroner, Public Administrator. Superintendent of Streets, Surveyor, District Attorney, Police Judge, two Superior Judges for long term, three Justices of the Peace, Supervisors from the Third, Fourth, F.tb, Sixth, Eleventh and Twelfth Wards; School Directors from the First, Second, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Wards.

Alpkbd J. Fbitz. Chairman Conference Committee. A motion to adopt the Report was declared carried by the Chairman, but a demand Jor roll-call was made, which resulted in 116 ayes and 20 noes on the adoption of the Report. The thanks of the Convention were voted to the Committee, which waa ordered discharged.

A Committee consisting of Messrs. Merrill, Cohen, Donovan, Byrnes and Faylor, were appointed to wait on the Workingmen's Convention and inform it of the action of the Democratic Convention. BULBS ABB KBOULATIOKS. A Committee of ten dpon rules and regulations for the government of the Convention was appointed, as follows: McHahon, Steele, Lansing, Harris, Bennett, Tully, Brady, Anderson, Fitzgerald, and McGreavy (Chairman): 8SCOND TIIOC8HT8 IT. Saw FBAHCiseo, September 10, 1880.

To A. J. Fritz, Chairman of the Democratic General County Committee Sir: At a meeting of the Democratic Legislative, Judicial and Municipal Nominating Convention of the Twelfth District, held this Friday evening, a motion was carried reconsidering action taken at previous meeting, whereby a motion was carried not to confer ith the Democratic County Committee. On motion the Secretary was instructed to address a eoninranication to the Democratic General Committee, notifying them of the action taken. Wa.

SixrsoN, Chairman. J. B. Gartlahd, Secretary. JUDICIAL NOMINATING CONVXNTION.

The Chairman of the County Committee was authorized to issue the call for the holding of the Judicial Nominating Convention in accordance with the plan agreed upon fifteen Delegates each from the Club and the District Delegations. To avoid misunderstanding it was resolved that the Judicial Convention be instructed to nominate three Judges, three Justices of the Peace and a Police Judge. The Convention thereupon adjourned to the call of the Chairman. The Vfaravlagmea's Caareatlaa. The Workmgmen' County Convention re-assembled last evening at Humboldt Hall with President Gallagher in the Chair.

Mayor alloc h. Auditor Dunn and Attorney Murphy being present were invited to take seats on the platform, and received a very cordial reception. 112 Delegates were found to be present. TIIS TBRMS OF TUB AOBBBlfBHT. The Conference Committee reported as follows: Sab Francisco, September 10, 1880.

Ma. Pbbsidbht: Your Committee on Conference have held a meeting with the Democratic General County Committee, and we have come to the conclusion and report that this Convention reserve the right to nominate the following officers, via: Mayor, Sheriff, Auditor, ax-Collector, Recorder, County Clerk, Attorney and Counsellor, two Superior Judge (long termX two Justices of the Peace, Supervisors for the First, Second, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Wards, School Directors for the Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth. Eleventh and Twelfth Wards, and Chief of Police. We further report that this Convention do give the right to the Democratic County General Committee to nominate the following officers, viz Assessor, Treasure, District Attorney. Coroner, Public Administrator, Superintendent of Streets, Surveyor, two Superior Judges (ions- term), one Superior Judge (short term), Police Judge, three Justices of the Peace, Supervisors for the Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eleventh and Twelfth Wards, and School Directors for the First, Second, Sev.

enth. Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Wards. Respectfully submitted. C. J.

Gallagher, President. Ed. J. Smith, Secretary of Joint Committee. The Report was adopted.

nis anti-cuinxsx demonstration. The Committee on the anti-Chinese parade reported Cabbage, 40 Garlic, do dry, tcb Cauliflower, do 50 M'ft Snnuh. ton. 10 00 Orka. drv.

ao green, Tomatoes, Snm Squash, bx. Chili Peppers, bx Egg Plant, Cucumber, box. varrota. ton. lb.

sia I1 a ia Struts- Beans. Fount'in Green Com, do. 109 Lima Beans, IS. 1 ti TRUITeWobbtnc rates are aa follows: Oranges.Cal 00(335 00 Tahiti. 35 00 Limes, OaL bx.

do Mexican. bx 1C 0018 00 Pinaapplea, dos. 6 00 7 50 Cranberries, bbl. 0 00(d22 50 Strawberiecchst 10 00ft Raspberriea. cbst 12 Xf Currants, 6 50cd 6 00 Black ber'iea.

chst 2 So 4 00 Figs, White, fk 50 do Black, 60.4 75 aiextcan, ja. do Sicily, 8 00(i9 00 uouai, Dox Butanaa bunch. Pears. do do Bartlett, bx Apples, new, bx. do Peaches.

Cherry Plums, bx Plums, bskt Cantaloupes, cte. Watermelons 100 Grab Apples, bskt 50(3 60 Quinces, 1 003 1 25 Grapes eJweetwater. nx noicv ya Rose of 60ia Muscat 75(9 1 00 Bl'k Hamburg. 60f4 65 Tokay. 1009 125 TtOMKSTrn DRIED FRUIT Raisins are quotable as follows; Common Layer- Whole.

$1 50: nslf. $1 752; quarters. 812 15; eighths, $1 25(343 50. London Layer Whole, 82; half. 25(2 50; quarters.

2 502 75; eighths. $2 box. Pears, sliced, tog 94o; peeled, 9 10a Peaches, 116 13c; peeled, 18S22lo. Apples, sliced, 7(Wl0a and quarters. 66ic.

Pitted Plums, 1517c; on-pitted do, 4ma. Prunes, 12K13o. Blackberries. I516c Ftss. pressed.

68o; do, unpressed. 45c Apricots, 18 22,0 Wtti. Maine Intellisence. 8mm 11. iftsw.

VH ASB TIDE TABLK. Computed by Tho Tsirwrirr, Chronometer nd Inatrn- soeos ssaaer xro is surest sti uus. SCPTKMBKK 12 High Water I Low Water I High Water I Low Water Small. I SmaU. I Lana.

Lara. 719. w. I II 48 A r. I 5 53F-.

M. THE SUN. ...539 .613 Arrived. Fricat. September 10.

Ship Frank Pendleton, Nichols. da fm Departure Bay anal to Dnnsmuir. Disci A Co. Br ship British Envoy. Sexton.

154 da fm Liverpool: mdas to Rodgera, meyer ui Br bark Bedfordshire, Warran, 48 fm Aeapuleo; bal-lut to Mc Near. Schr Champion. Schmaling. 20 hr fm Steen' Landing; oara ana wooa to jraaxviiaub. Saivkdat.

September 11. Schr Bill the Butcher, Evan. 30 hrs fm Bo wen's Landing; lumber to 8 Harmon. Schr Lulu, Smith, 32 hrs fm Fort Ross: bark to Higgina a i-OLins, lor iwnicia. Cleared.

Fbxdat. September 13. Stmr Victoria, Hayaard. Victoria, etc; Goodall, Perkins A Co. Ship Two Brothers, Hayden, Seattle; SCAT Co.

Bark RivaL Adam Libertad, via Guaymas; Simpson Bros A Co. Schr Nidaros, assart, Santa Catalina, Mexico: I Gutte. Schr Wild Gazelle, Henderson, fishing; McCollum, Sailed. Fbxdat. September 10.

Stmr Victoria, Haywatd. Victoria, tc. Stmr San Vicente. Goodall. Manta Cruz, etc Schr Stranger.

Atwood. Bihler's Point. Schr Fannie A Hyde. Jesrerson. Point Arena Schr Daisie Rowe.

Higins, Humboldt. Schr Olivia Schultze. Peterson, Timber Cove. Schr Christine Steffena. Johnson, Gualala.

BATURDAT. September 11. Ship Two Brothers, Hayden, Seattle. Schr Two Brothers. Balk.

Rule's Landing. Schr Winslow. Jurgenaen. Stillwater Cove Schr Wild Gazelle. Henderson, hahing.

Baaaeacie forta. ASTORIA Arrired Sent 10th Stmr Columbia. Bollea. hence Sept 8th Sailed Stmr State of California. Debney, Ran Francisco.

NAVARRO RIVER Sailed Sept 10th Sjhr John Mo-Cullough, for San Francisco. WILMINGTON Arrired Sept 10th Schr Parallel, from Coffey's Cove. Sailed -Schrs Jesse Nickerson and Orion. NORTHPORT Arrived Sept 9th Schr Ague Kicolay-aen. hence Sept 2d.

SALMON CREEK-Sailed Sept 11th Schr Mendocino, for San Francisco. Foreixra rartav HULL Sailed Sept 9th -Br ship Victoria Nyanza, Jones. San Francisco. VICTORIA-Sailed Sept 10th-Stmr Idaho, Alexander. San Francisco.

Passed Stmr Areata, Holt, hence Sept 4th. Arrived Sept 9th Bktne Amelia, from Honolulu. Telesraoble. Point Loaoa, Sentember II 2 r. m.

Weather foggy: wind light 8W. BOaUf. KENNEDY In this city, September 4th. to the wife of John Kennedy, a son. MICHAEL In this city, September 9th, to the wife of Joseph Michael, a son.

MAKKIKD. BRADFORD WADSWORTH In this city. September 8th. by Rev. K.

Noble, Charles A. Bradford to Fannie C. Wadswortb. DOW CHRISTY4 In this city. September 9th.

by the Rev. Dr. Wythe, Henry A. Dow to Harriet A. Christy.

ItlKD. KEYS In this city. September 10th. Mrs. Ella B.

Key. a native of Massachusetts, aged 40 years. MALE In this citr. September 10th. Felicia Marie.

daughter of G. and Melanie Male, aged 13 yean, month and 10 day. STRIEGEL In this city. September 10th. Bridget Striegel, a native of Ireland, aged 42 years.

ruiEKaun is uus city. September lutn, Launta sank Elliot, son of Nick and Johanna Peterson. STOCK MARKET. Baa Fraaelaea stock aad Exenati ge Board. ALB THIS MOBjrura.

195 ...1 601 55 430 Alta. 2 85 00 Alplta bi 1i Atlas 4 104 850 70c 1950 8085c 250 Arenta. 50 1 05 11 ......2 60 a 80C 253 14 i5e 30c 24 1 06 310 240 Julia 685 650 435 130 Mammoth. 70 Belcher 2 05 02 10 160 35 200 Bullion 1 351 SO 290 A Belcher 10 40 Mono. 25 McClinton 25 20 Mt Diablo.

760 BeUe 100 Boston Coo 8085c 60 Belvidore 1 100 150 100 30 Belle 600 Black Hawk 36c; 250 Booker 100 Bulwer 30 Bodie 5 80 Columbus. ......2 SON Noonday. 80 60 Champion 155 610 8 06(32 10 160 80 100 Chollar 60 oOOro I ou 652 60 475 Potoei ...2 620 200 go 90 Savage ..15 20c fn nmwn 1 OO 860 Con Dorado. 25c 2 60 2 10c J6e 8 350 Con 1m 36c 660 Caledonia 40c 180 40c HOC Pac 11 150 200 910 Silver Hill. 85 Standard 40c loO Dudley.

20c 100 Stir 200 8 366 Sierra Nev 10 Silver King 176 2 36 SOO Mt Diablo. 60c! 180 OA Curry. ,.4 70 4 75 20 Gate 10 Tiptop 130 Utah 60 Good 1 400 030 Prize 8 852 75 140 Hale Nor 4uo yasTBRDAT ArrtsLnoon'B suasion. 1660 Albion 180 Addenda. 65 Altaa 60 Belmont 100 Belvidere 160 Bulwer 400 140 Bodie 60 Hawk 200 Boston 80 100 Dudley 360 Mt Dia 90 Eu Con 66 150 160 In leptn 100 200 Mt 400 24 240 EOc -14! ilai 60c 690 2 40 .1 0O1 66 20e 80s 75 60c ICe al 50 250 166 Mammoth.

340 6036 300 Navajo. 106 Belle 20 35c 60 7uuoro. 100 Paradise Val 176 Bee 60c 16J .2 853 1 ilOO Star 100 360 Summit. 1200 King 65f. 200 8 100 Tioea 100 100 Wale 25cl THE DEATH MOLL.

Eighty Bealaa la the City darlac the Past Week Clasaiaeatlaa Etc. The weekly Report of Health Officer Mean shows that there were 80 deaths from all causes during the past even day against 83 in the previous week, classified aa follow: i BX. Males KATivrni 491 Pacific Coast 37 31 Other States 9 Foreign 20 2 12 Deaths In correspondinrr week last year, 102. MM or tub BKCBBBarra. Died under 1 From 1 to 2........

2 to 6 6 to 10.. 10 to 16 15 to 20.... .26 40 to 50...... 11 .4 60 to 60 7 .8 60 to 70. 8 .6 70 to 80.

1 0 "80 to 90. 1 0 90 to 100 0 2otosa 10 Over 100 0 1 SO to 40 8 PBATHS IX WARDS. 3 Eighth 6 8 Ninth 7 1 Tenth 8 9 ....12 1 (Twelfth 4 7 Public ..13 First. Fifth rSJXCrrAb CAUSBS OP DEATH. Apoplexy.

2 0 0 0 1 Kidney Disease 1 Leprosy 0 Liver Disease 0 Lung- 0 Measles .,0 Malignant 0 Old 1 Obstruction of 0 Paralysis 2 0 Pneumonia. 6 Pleurisy 0 Puerperal Hemorrhage. 0 Puerperal Fever 6 Puerperal Puerperal 0 1 0 0 6 1 1 0 1 0 0 ..14 7 0 r-. 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 ..0 ..0 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 6 1 8 Apoplexy Pulmonary. Angina Aneurism.

Asphyxia Abacea Brain Bright" Casualties Cholera Cholera Croup. Convulsions Convulsions Convulsion Puerperal. Cerebro Spinal Meningi Debility Peritonitis Preternatural 2 Premature 2 Phlebitis 0 1 1 Diphtheria. 1 Suicide 0 1 Scrofula 0 Spina Bifida. 1 Splenic Disease.

3 2 Syphilis 0 Tumors. 2 Tetanus 1 0 Variola 1 Whoopins; 0 Other Disease 1 Stillborn 0 Unknown Diabetes Enteritis Fever Typhoid. Fever Intermittent, Gastritis Gastro-Enteritis. Hemoptysia Haanatemesi. Heart Disease Herqia.

Hepatitil. OjUnknown Chine 353? 55 SOp 35 25 35 15 I OOid a so 2 00O 4 00 40tc 60 75 100 125( 150 36 125 40(9 75 75a 130 4(K 75 sof 100 SS(o) 50 8 00(10 00 City aad Coaaty Aaditor J. r. Dsa Beftasea ta Approve the im aad Water Cans paa lea Demands. Auditor J.

P. Dunn, with his usual vigilant care for the interest of the people, has been looking very closely into the correctness and validity of the heavy dewjanda upon the Treasury recently allowed by tho Board of Supervisors in favor of the Gas and Water Companies, and, la consequence, has returned to the Board the demands of the Gas Company for May, June and July, accompanied by the following reasons for taking that course THX CASH AQAIKST Til OAS CONTACT. I herewith return to you, without my approval, the following demands on the Treasury in favor of the San Francisco Gas Company: May, 1S80, 84; June, 1880, 21,872 62; July, 1880. 322,705 62. Total, 68.

These bills were presented to and passed by your Honorable Board for the quantity and quaUty ot gas furnished by said Company (or lighting the public streets of this city during the months spec. fled. I believe your Honorable Board passed these bills under a' misapprehension as to the amount of gas furnished. To make this matter clear, I am obliged to refer to the terms of alleged contract made by your predecessors with toe Gas Company. H-.

Jaa O. Rountree was appointed in 1879 to fix the rate to be charged by the Gas Company (or lighting the public streets. The rate agreed upon for each lamp was 14 cents per night, made up as follows: For gas at (2 30 per 1,000 cubic feet. 11 cents; cost of lighting, 8 4-10 cents; with interest on the investment in lampposts and appurtenances which belong to the Company, 6-10 cento. Total, 14 cents.

This 14 cents per lamp per night, Mr. Rountree stated to me was based upon the statement made by Mr. Crockett, the engineer rOR TH OAS COMP ANT, that each lamp consumed 6 cubic feet of gas per hour, and was lighted 2,640 hours per year, an average of eitrht hours per night. (I refer yon to Mr. Rountree's letter, now on file in the office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors These figures were accepted as correct.

and tne above rate estaousneu as stateu. mow, if these figures, as submitted by Mr. Crockett on behalf of the Gas Company, should on examination be found incorrect; that is, if the number of hours is incorrect, or the number of cubic feet which it is claimed each lamp consumes is incorrect, it necessarily foUows that any demands based upon them must be incorrect also. That no injustice should be done the Gas Company in this matter, I requested them to furnish tne with the schedule of time by which the lamps are lighted and extinguished. They promised to do so.

I waited over a week, and not receiving it, I wrote to the Secretary requesting a I afterward called personally at the office of the attorney for the Gas Company; but so far the Company has refused to grant my request- It might be pertinent to ask here whether any individual or any Company, when presenting a demand on the Treasury, cannot, when called upon, be compelled to prove the correctness of said demand. APTBB CASKFOlf CALCULATION, I find the number of hours the tamps should have been lighted during the year 1879 to be 2,310, or aa average of seven hours per night that is, one-eighth less than the number which the engineer of the Gas Company claims. I have computed these figures from the schedule of time accorving to which the Gas Company is supposed to light and extinguish. Does it not follow that their demands for 1879 were one-eighth In excess of what they ahould have been? During the month ot May of this year, I find the number of hour the lights should hare been lighted to have been 170 hours and 40 minutes. Admitting for the present that the number of cubic feet consumed by each lamp is 6, as the Gas Company claims, I find that 6,731.011 cubic feet of gas were consumed by 6,372 lamps, which, at ft SO per 1,000 cubic feet, the price for which tbey are to furnish gas to the city, amounts to 813,181 30; add for lighting at 2 4-10 cents per lamp per night, $3,609 40; total, 916.799 7a Deducting for lamps not lighted according to the Gas Company' own return (254 nights), 828 34, leaves the net amount due the Gas Company, $16,762 36.

Their demand is for $21,770 01, or an overcharge for the month of May of 85,007 65. Pursuing the same system of calculation for June and July, I find the OVKKCHAEGB VOX UN to be $5,353 83, and for July $5,103 34. making a total overcharge in the bill which 1 return to your Honorable Board of $15,469 41. I have not here touched upon the item of 16c which is charged for keeping each lamp in repair during the mouth, and which amounts to over $390 per mouth. As to the 61 cubic feet which the Company claims each lamp consumes in an hour, I have not been able to investigate.

Mr. Bloomfield, however, in his report to your predecessors, made in June, 1879, says that the average consumption of gas per hour for each lamp is four cubic feet. If this Is the ease, a large reduction should still further be made in the bills of the Gas Company, a the city is paying for a large amount of gas which it is not receiving. If I am correct in my conclusions. I find that the San Francisco Gas Company have, since May, 1879, included in their demands over $40,000 more than tbey were entitled to, even admitting their state-merit that they are furnishing 6 cubic feet per lamp per hour to be I furthermore find that in the 14c per lamp, which was the rate agreed upon by your predecessors, and in accordance with which the Gas Company STILL FRKAKNT TiIXIX DX1IANDS, is included an item of six-tenths of a cent interest per night on the investment in lamp-posts and appurtenances which belong to the Company.

In the contract under which it is claimed they are working, I find this provision: "The party of the second part (the Gas Company) to furnish and supply the lamps, lamp-poets and service pipes required under the contract at its own expense In the bill for July of this year this item alone amounts to over $900, and einoe May, 1879, to over I can see no reason why the Gas Company should be entitled to this money. From the foregoing, your Honorable Board will perceive that the city has been pcying the Gas Company much more than the stipulated price for the gas; that it has been paying them (or lighting the lamps; that it has bern paying them (or keeping their own lamps in repair; and that it has been paying them, in addition, interest on their investment over and above the profits which they derive from the manufacture of gaa In face of the facta which I have submitted it is no surprise to me that the Gas Company, should hesitate before furnisbingthe data necessary for ascertaining the correctness of their demands, or that they should be unwilling to commence an investigation which may result in their income being materially reduced. In conclusion 1 desire to say that if the Gas Company should deal candidly with the public, as man with man, this perpetually recurring agitation of the gas question and the cry against "grinding corporations," would cease, the Gas Company would leceive, as they are entitled to, a fair interest on their investment, and the public would receive, as tbey are entitled to, value for their money and that consideration which everybody merits who has to foot the bills. A BXTIBW OF SPRING VALLBT'S LfTTLB BILLS. The Auditor will also return to the Supervisors without his signature the demands of the Spring Valley Water Company for water furnished the city during the month et August, 1880, for public buildings, irrigation iu Golden Gate Park, extinguishing fires, and the flushing of sewers, aggregating $27,000.

Mr. Dunn takes this step after obtaining the opinion of several attorneys, among them being E. F. Preston, who seta forth among others the following point in his opinion: The demands, if authorized at all, are authorized by the order of the Supervisors known as the Bayly Ordinance. The organic law under which the Spring Valley Water Company was incorporated, and to which it is still indebted for its existence, requires that it furnish the city with water for all the above purposes except public buildings free.

Tested by the Charter of the Company, the Statutes, and the adjudications of the Supreme Court, the demands presented ara void. First As to all items except water furnished to public buildings, because it is the obligation of the Company to furnish such water free. Second As to all the demands, because no rates have been fixed, as provided by the Statute under which the Company was incorporated. Relative to the claim that the New Constitution frees the Water Company from any obligation to furnish the city with water free, Mr. Preston says the New Constitution does not prevent companies nor individuals to introduce water into cities free from all obligations, but on the contrary, the language is: Any individual or company nadea- the direction of the Superintendent of Streets, and under such general regulations as the municipality may prescribe for damages and indemnity (or damages, have- the privilege of using the streets laying down pipe, (or the purpose of supplying the inhabitants of such city with pure, fresh water, upon the condition that the municipal government shall have the right to regulate the charges thereto." It will be seen, 1st.

That the frame rs of the Constitution did not intend to make this language applicable to existing works, bat to something to be done in futurity. 2d. That the privilege to lay pipes, etc, is not absolute, but is subject to the right of the city to require compensation for damages, and indemnity against damages, and cannot be exercised in any other way. That the right to fix rates by the Board of Supervisors only applies to persons or companies who, under the Constitution, are subject to the regulations of the city. From this predicate it follow that no general regulations having been adopted by the city, no person nor company can lay down pipes, and as no privilege has thus been granted, no rates can have been fixed.

That as no privilege has been lawfully acquired by any person, then no immunity has accrued to the Spring Valley Water Company by which it has escaped the duty of supplying water to the city free. The Bayly ordinance is therefore void, and the demands presented thereunder cannot be audited by you. Mr. Preston concludes by saying that there are many more proposition in support of the above views, but he deems those cited conclusive. Auditor Dunn also received an elaborate opinion from James A.

Waymire to the same effect as the above, and seta forth among others the following points: The question of law presented is whether the Board ot Supervisors had power to authorize payment for water furnished for such municipal purposes. Mr. Waymire says; "It is well settled that a municipal corporation possesses only such powers as are expressly delegated to it by law, or such a ara necessary to the exercise of the power so enumerated. The Consolidation Act contains no express delegation of the power in question Other authorities ara cited, and concluded by the statement that "there is do express grant of this power." The opinion then quotes the opinion of Justice McKinstry of the Supreme Court, in 1877, which concludes as foUows: "It is the duty of the corporation to furnish water free (to the extent of Its means) for the extinguishment of fires, and to the Fire Department, and for all other purpose for which it may be demanded by the authorities of the city and county in discharge of their direct duties as governmental agenta being such as are distinguishable (rum family uses' as hereinbefore defined." To the argument that the Spring Valley Water Company ha by the New Constitution been relieved of its obligation to furnish water free of charge for any purpose, Mr. Waymire replies, with an extended legal argument, drawing the conclusion that Section 4 of the Act of 1853, requiring all Water Companies to furnish certain water to municipalities free ef charge, is not inconsistent with the present Constitution, and is, therefore, still in force; that it operates as a limitation upon the power of the Board of Supervisors, inhibiting them from authorising pay for such water; that Section 11 of the Bayly Ordinance (Order No.

authorizing pay for such water, is ultra virtu and void; that the demands under consideration, being based upon said Section, are not authorized by law, and should not be approved by you. encases ateearded. The following mortgages have been recorded since our last issue: Henry Hinkel to the German Bank, for 1 year, at 8 per cent, on the lot 137.6x127.8 feet, on the north-west corner of Jackson and Webster streets, for $12,000. Taylor to Henry Hinkel. for 6 years, at 0 per cent, on the lot 24x90 feet, on the west line of Webster street, 65 8 feet north of Jackson street, for $2,400.

Bernierie to A Boi'ano, for 1 year, at 1 per cent, on the undivided one-half of the lot 28x62.6 feet, on the south-west corner of Washington street and Wetmora place, for $2,600. Michael O'Rourke and wife to the Hibemia Bank, for years, at 8 per cent, on the lot 60x76 feet, on the south-east line of Clementina street, 75 feet north-east of Ninth street, for $1,000. Jane Martel to Corrarti. for 6 months, at 1 dot cent. on the lot 86x120 feet, on the north lino of Ellis street, low lee west oi ionea sweet, jor w.

Is It rasslhle That a remedy made of such common, simple plants as hops, buchu, mandrake, dandelion, etc, make so many and such marvelous and wonderful cures ts Hop Bitters do It must be, for when old and young, rich and poor, pastor and doctor, lawyer and editor, all testify to having been cured by them, we must believe and doubt no longer. 8 another column. Pot. Hombstbab. A.

W. Morgenstoia has filed a declaration on the lot 30x60 feet, on the west line of Third street, 40 feat north of Brannan street. GEO L. BRADLEY JOSEPH DUNCA3T etaL Dlstr ct Court. No.

lL9lfiv (Order ot Sale aad Decree ot Forac oeura. OHKRinr-s SALTS. Cader and by virtwe of aa ordg of sale and de-re ef loawckanre aasni I oat of ta Fifteenth District Court of the Stat of California, and for the dty and county of 8aa Prsnrawu, on the 90th day uf September, A. D. 187.

la the above entitled action, ibeieia George L. Bradley, tb above named plaintiff, obtained a fudg-ment and ie of foreclosure against Joseph Doneaa aad others naml in said Judgment and decree, defendants, on ta 6th day of September. A. D. lsTtt.

which said detie was on tb SMh day of September. A. D. 1S7A, recorded bx Judgment Book of said Conrt, at page 907. I ass cosa-sasnded to sail All those eertaia fata, pieces or psieshof land teata.

lying and beinc in the city aad county of San Francvro. State of California, and bounded aad diacrihed as toi- aows, to wit: Fractional Ma stvsntna ta twenty-foar iadaajve, fa block four hundred and ten. Lots eajrht to eleven indoair, aad thirty-nine hi block three hundred aad rigbty-oae. Fractional lots three te earht i ad naive, and fortr-three, fortv-fonr, forty-av aad lorty-aix ia block three hundred and eighty-two. Lota seven twenty indoaive, and twenty-nine to forty-two mdosiTa, and tract ions! lots six and lorty-three ia block three hundred aad seventy -three.

AH of Mock tares hundred and seventy-two, being forty-eight lota Lot on to thiitj-eeven tactaaive, and Uurtv-eigut ta forty-three indoaive, being fractional lota, ex oar seven to twenty-three indnsree and thhty-tmr thirty eevan Industve, which are entire lot in block three hundred and seventy. Fractional lots eae to Bv indoaive, in block three hundred and sixty -nine. Fractional lots six. seven, eight aad forty-three, aad lots nine. tea.

tleven. thirteen. Sftaan. sixteen. twssMT- tkra to twenty-six ercliT, thirty-three tm thirty Are incnarivn.

and thirty si mm ao farty-tww fail lasii. in block three hundred aad forty -two. Lots fonr, eight, nine, tan, forty-ens aad forty -six, and fractional hit elrren, twelve, thirty eight, thirty aim and forty ta block three hundred and arnentT-oae. Lots eleven, twdr and thirty-era, ia Mock three baa-dred and tortv-taree. Lot fonr, six, eight, nine, eleven to etarhteea tuda-aiv.

twenty-out, thirty -eix to thirty-nine indaaiva, and fractional lot tweaty-sevea te thirty Ave jni loan s. at block three hsmdred and ffortv-fotrr. Lota three to forty-eight 'asdneire, in block tare hundred ad forty-Ave. Lots nineteen to twenty -two indoaive, tarenty-foea-and tweaty-oix to thirty -three indaaiva, fractional low altera to eighteen iiwjosive. and tnirty-faar to thirty-seven indnmrre, ia block three hundred and thntr-nve.

Lot twenty-one ia block three hundred and thn-tr-three. Lots thirteen, fourteen, sixteen, twenty-dim, twentv. six, twenty -erven, thirty, thinr-oae, thirty-five, thirty nine, forty-three and lory-tour fax blink three hnadrod and thirty-two. Lou one to fonr indoaive, sevaa ta tea lad naive, thirty-six to forty-eight inclueire, and fractional lots eleven ta fourteen mcromive, and thirty -twe ta thirty-va indneive, km block three hundred and thirty saa Lota twenty -six and twenty vest, and fractional lota twenty-ewe to twenty-fov indoaiv, and twaty-agbt in block three hundred and tee. Lots one, two, forty stea aad forty-ehrbt, fa block three trod red and three.

Lot thirteen, fourteen, saventeea, eighteen, twenty-nma, thirty -Ave. thirty-nix sad tauty-earht, aa black three hundred and fonr. Fractional lots torty-one. to torty-inar indiaaiva, in block three hundred and six. Lots one, av to nine indoaive, thirty -foar and forty-urht, in block twe hnaMtred aad ninety-two.

Fractional lot twenty-ax to thirty mchasrre, aad twenty-fire, in block two hundred and sixty -twt. The same being according to the aaaa of aad Haley tract," recorded Jan. SI, Ab lots four, fir and six ia block one hundred and sixty-nine. Lota thirty -eeren and fhirty-eirfit in block twe hundred and eleven, according to said map. Also lota seven to twelve indaaiva, and thirty set en to forty-three indoaive.

In block two hundred and rinr ty-fonr, according, to said map. ditaments akJ appurtenances I hire, ante bulmagiiia; or fax anvwia appertaining, Public a. ocr is hereby given tbat oa THURSDAY, the 9ta day of September, A. IX 1Sb at li o'clock, noon, of that day, in front of the Old Oty Hail, in ta city and county of Saa Francisco, I mill, in obedience te said order of sale and decree of ftwedosmn, sril tb above described pwawi or as asock then of a amy be in i niaiy to raise nfhctewt to satisfy said jtadrnsent, with Intel est and costs, to tne highest and beat bidder for gotd eoia of tb United taatre, naa Francisco, August ISth, 1S. anls Sf sel 8 THOMAS DESMOXD, Sheriff.

Notice The above sal fa hereby ptaapuaed anta FRIDAY, the 10th day of September, A. IX 18M. at II o'clock, boob, of said day, ia front of tb Old City Hall, in the city and county of Saa Francisco. Saa Francisco, Stptember nth. istx sew THOMAS DESMOXD, SneruT.

Votk The above sal fa hereby pestpuatd until TUESDAY, the 14th day of September, A.D. 1680, at It o'clock, noon, of sail day, in front of tae Old City Kail, ia tb dty and county of Saa Francisco. Saa Francisco, September 10th. IS. seltl 13 THOMAS DESMOND, Chain.

THE HTBERMA SAYTNG IS Raperior Court, I Department No. 4 I Ko.8aa, Late 19th Dfaa. Court. I Order of Sale and Decree AND LOAN SOCIETY C. H.

GOTTSCUALK et ahv. SHERIFF'S SALE Under and by virtu of aa order of sale aad decree of foreckwrirs issued oat of the Superior Court, fa4e Nineteenth District Court, of tb State of CalUorna, in and for the dty and county of San Francisco, on the ZStb day ot March. A. D. ltou.

in the above entitled action, wbereia The Hibernia Savings and Loan Society, the above named plaintiff, obtained a Judgment and decree of foreclosure against Carl U. Outtacbalk. Babette Earea, Prances T. Law. Theodore Augustus risan, Cecelia Amelia Co tint, William Curie, Ada Wga Pis a.

Emilia Csmtina Eisen. Edward George Eisen, Francis Chaiiee Eisen, Alios Angusta Eisen and Jenny Otiliia risen, eMendanta, est the 9Sd day of March, A-IX Iseu, which aud decree was ea tne zth day uf March, A. D. 1S80, recur ded ta Judgment Book 1 of said Court, at nags 60, I am commanded a avnJt All that eertaia lot, piece or parrel of land, aitnate, lying aad being in the city and county of Saa Fraaciaoo. Mate oi uiuornia, ana nounuen ana awecnoea as sm- Commencmg at a point ea tb narhulj -i-b Frxnk Ua street, distant on hundred and thre.JTJei one and a half (103 11-12) inches aotuaerrv from snntherly line of Fulton street; thence wjntln-t aionc said line of Franklin street on hundred aad Uuv-e feet one sad a half (103 lr-12) inches: thence at right ancies westerly Sfty-ectea feet and six (S7.6) inches; thence at right angles northerly at veuteea (17) feet; thence at right angles westerly ten feet eix 10 Al?) inches; thence at right angle northerly twenty feet and three (90 S-12) inches; thence at right angle westerly four feet six (1 6-12) inches; thence at right aales northerly thirty-one feet six (tt.6) inches: thence at right angles easterly seranteea six -twelfths (IT S-12) feet; thence at rigut angles aortfa-eriy thirty-four feet four aad a half (3 .) incbes; thence at right angles sastsilj afty-ave (af) teat the The same being a part of the parcel of had known aa tb official sas of tb Western Addition a Block Bomber one hundred Slid thirty -eight (LSs).

Public notice is hereby given that on WEDNESDAY, the Mb day of Mar, AD lasu, at IS of tbat dar, in front of the OM Oty Hall, la the dty nndensmty of Sea Fraadaan, I will, in obedience to said order of sal and decree of foreclosure, sell tb above aeseribad nemrr. or an sanch thereof aa Bar be aeesanarr to raise sufficient to ntasfy said fadgwijnt, with in( and costs, etc, to the highest and nest eoia of tne United State. Saa Fraackaro, April 13th. 1880. apU 90 27 sot THOMAS DESMOND, Notice Th above sale is hereby postponed until SATURDAY, the 6th day of Jane, A.

D. 1880, st lzo'dodt. Boon, of said day, in front of Ua old City UaU, in the dty and eonnty of Saa Francisco. rSUUMM THOMAS DESMOND, SberiC. Notice Tb above sal is hereby riostponed antd MONDAY, the 6tA day of September.

A. D. lsSn, st IS o'clock, noon, of said day, ia front of the OM Oty Hall, ia the city and county of Ban Fraadsna, Saa Franoanm, Jon 4th, 1880. THOMAS DESMOXD, fOtertC. JedUiaSS JytsMSSao aad U9SZ7 erpl iy postponed until A.

11. 18X. at It MON DAY. tne STtb day of September. o'clock, noon, of said day, ia froai of the-Hd City lUIL in the dty and eeaaty of Saa Francama, Saa Francisco, September 0th, 1880.

se4 90 S3 THOMAS DKSMONTXSbcriff. DEPARTMENT Ko. A IS THE SUPERIOR COURT, CITY AND OOCSTY of San Franctsno, State of California. Carrie Adlade McDonald, plaintiff, vs. Warren Tracy McDonald, defer dan Action brought the Superior Court, dty and eownty of Saa FTancasoo, Stateof California, and th com phi mt Sled in said city and county of Sna Franc ism, fax tb office of the Clerk of said Superior Court.

Tb reopiaof ta state of uainorma nana iil ng Warren Tracv McDonald, defendant. You are hereby required to pir In aa actio brought against yon by the above Banned plaintiff la tb Sopenor Cnart, dty and eountyof Saa Francieoii. Stateof California, and to answer the amenied complaint filed therein within tea days (exduerr of the day of nmer) after the sun ka en you of thi ununon if served wtthia thai county; or. If sailed elsewtiere, within thirty days- lodgment by oetanit will be tax en against you, needing to the prayer of said eonxphunt. The said action "i brought to obtain a dou-ee ot this Court dissolving tb bond of matrimony bow existing between plaintiff and aefendant, upon the ground la tae anas na en wniiiaiin on Bis i which yom attention as directed for further partacalara; that the care and custody of minor children, is a of said marriage, be awarded to plaintiff; also tnat the nuniiswmii aunrea ana aescriDea tne Baaenaea complaint a community propel ty be iaiisd to the plain tiff absolutely; tog-ether with general relief.

And you are hereby notified that if yen fall to appear said plaintiff will apply to the Court for tb relief therein deosanded. Given under mv hand and sea) ot tb said Snperior Court, at th dty and eountr of Saa Frtncaaoo, State of CaLforrua, this 9th day of July, ia the year of eur Uaru one thnamnn stent nam-red and eiebty. (Seal.) 1L0.1AK a. MIAKT, tiers. By P.

Devany. Deouty Clerk. J. A. Hunt Attornev tor rnunua.

gomerv Block. o. ess Mo jyuia Certificate ef Partnership CERTIFY THAT WE CONSII1UIH. A PART-f Bership. ti snsai ling lirannis in this State.

Its wiadpal place of biisnns ta Saa raacasco, uaiilornm. ts name is Walter. Schilling A Co. The full I respective iilacsa of residunce of all it signed hereto. Dated San Francisco, August 6th, 1880.

FERDIN AK WALTER, Of Saa Francwco, CaL CLACS SCHILLING. Of Saa Francisco, CaL FREDERICK DANIEL 8TADTMULLER. Of San FrvACraco, CaL Duhr acknowledged before Lee IX. Craig. Notary Public Endcesed.

Fund August mix, 1S80, ia tb fjouaty Oerks Office. WILLIAM A. STCART, Ooanty tera-au305tM By John H. Harney, Deputy Clerm- Certificate ef Partnership. CERTIFY THAT WE OOJSaTlTUTEAART- woea.

Posts, Bark, Shingles and Timber, in ts State. It Psdpal ptee of hiiainm fat Saa Francisco, Csnloraav Its aarne i Beanie at iw -Tyr: residence of all fee member are atawdbtwta. Dated Saa Francaarn. Angus Bath, ltaaV MSAUBEaDIA (Seal) Wssklliig in Alaaaede, Sis mad Cal. ANDREW J.

MASON. (8eJ auSOMM By Joha H. Harnry, Iefmty Cierk, Published Every Evening. SATCatiAT II COMMERCIAL. Easter Markets.

Knr Yohi, tr. 8 U. 8 Bonds. 4i's IT. a Bonds, 5' 811m Bar.

ounce Htlrling Pscino Mail Western Unioo Panama Hides Dry Oil Sperm Winter Bleached Whale Winter Bleached Wool Snring. 2433c: l.urrr. 1625c: 231(3340 1 06ai 10 1 15(afl 23 6S65c polled, Fall din. louMe: do burry. LkttlSo.

Wheet-CnaetUed. lOOtaiOS Chicaqo, September 1L Wheai-Stronc. Me, September deUrery. Ferelga Market. Liverpool, September 11.

Wheat. spot Fair Average to Choice California, Inclndinr dub, 9e 8d, steady a (air demand. Low Dow, September 1L Wheat, cargo Floating Quiet but steady. On passage (or shipment Buyers hold off, hoping to obtain concession from sellers. Offooast-43.

Jost shtpped-42a Nearly doe 43s Mark Lane, spot Firm. French country markets Inactive. United States 4a. 114; fix. 13J6 FKE1HT, CH.1KTKBS, ETC Kirmnii Kventbo.

September 1L The State of California, from Portland. wUl be dua to- The ship P. Grace. 1928 tons, loads Wheat to Liver, pool direct; j3. The Idaho will be due from Victoria and Paget Boand ports on Monday.

The Humboldt win sail (or Eureka, Hookton and Areata to-morrow at 9 A. at. The British ship Pizarro. 1357 tons. wUl load Wheat to Cork.

V. at X3; chartered prior to arrivaL The Los Angeles will be due from Ran Buenaventura and way porm to mot low. The ship W. B. Grace.

1899 tons. wIU load Wheat to Liverpool direct; The Alex. Duncan will be dua from Little River and way rorta to-morrow. The British ship British Envoy, 1255 tons, was chartered prior to arrival to lead Wheat to Liverpool: 2 17s Od. Tt fJeo.

W. Elder will sail for Astoria and Portland on Monday at 10 A. at. The British bark Dunnerdale. 1036 tons, loads Wheat to Liverpool at 3 2s 6d.

The in Vicente will be due from Salinas River and way porta to-morrow. The British bark Bedfordshire. 1155 tons, will load Wheat to Cork. U. at chartered prior to arrival.

The Senator will be dua from Crescent City. Eureka. Hookton and Areata on Sunday. UKlSKstAl. ITEMS.

The usual semi-monthly Mercantile Collections will be made on Monday, 13th Inst. The new ship Geo. H. Stetson has been chartered to load at Philadelphia for this port The Northern Belle mine has declared a dividend of SOo per sbare. payable on the 15tb Inst, This makes the thirty-fifth dividend paid by the mine, amounting In the ajgre-gate to $1,625,000, and at no time during its existence have the stockholders been called upon to pay an assessment.

The coinage of the four United States Mints during August amounted to $6,849,300, described as follows: Double Eagles. $1,540,000 Eagles. 1,15 Halt 1,870,000 Htandsrd Dollars 2.253.000 Cents i 26,800 Total $6349.800 Cleared yesterday: Bark RivaL for Guaymaa. with 252 etla Corn. 203 bars Iron, 1309 pkgs Machinery.

2S2.1C9 feet Lumber. 64 bis Hay. 134 etla Oats. 100 flsks Quicksilver, etc; schr Nidaros. for Santa Catallna.

with 16 pkgs Bread. 300 otls Com, 25 bbls Flour, 25 pkgs Machinery, 1250 1 Rice. 187 etls Oats, 8196 feet Lumber. 170 bis Hay, etc. The following shows the business transacted at the United States Assay Office, New York, in August: Deposits of Gold.

$9.2 8.700; deposits of Silver. $420,040. Total deposits. $9,656,740. Gold bars stamped.

Silver Bars stamped. $336,112. Total. $1,181,774. Shipments of merchandise, overland, from- New York for this coast, during the week ending September 10th, included 70 eases Canned Goods, 1032 packages Tobacco.

950 package Starch, 270 boxes Lemons, 489 stick Logwood, 52 barrels Saltpetre, etc. The steamer which sailed yesterday from New York for Aapinwall had the following merchandise destined for this pert: 10 barrels Currants. 100 case Oysters, 200 kegs Horseshoe. 220 bundle Wire. 500 keg Spikes, 100 tons Pig Iron.

445 bar Railroad Iron; also, for China, 684 bale domestics. Annexed is a statement of the United State currency outstanding on August 31st: Old demand notes. $60.88 00 Legal-tender notes, all issues 346,681,016 00 One-rear notes of 163 .46,765 00 Two-year notes of 153 12.700 00 Two-year coupon notes of 1863 23.350 00 Compound-interest notes 243,310 00 Fractional currency, all issue 15,567.933 70 Total $362,625,954 70 Chicago. September 10th: September Wheat went np to 95 yesterday, and closed at 94. owing to the fact that there are now only 800.00) bushels in store, and that arrival are very light.

It waa reported that Armour was running a corner. He declared that Wheat was an excellent thing to hold at this time, and that it will go up from 10 to 20 cent higher. Other say Armour A Co. have, to their knowledge, disposed of 200.009 bushels within the last twenty-four hours; that their only object la to squeeze a few aborts, and that the deal is practically at an end. CESEBAL METKCatAXDISE.

AOBlCULTUBAli us rx.iauci wv ajnow snows at annexed: Centennial. 885; Side-hill, cast, light horse. $80 Sweepstakes. Nos 1 to 3, 85r90; Eureka. Nos and T.

$100 120; Side-hlH, one-horse, $11: do two-hone, $13(314 50; Subsoil Star Molinae. $22 50; do east iron, cue hone, $10; do do. two horses. $15. Hmtows.

30 to 100, $ie4U Col-t: rater. No 11 to 14. $57680. GIANT POWDER The Company' price are: For No. 1.

75c and for No. 2. 50c Tb, with customary discount to the trad MALT LIQUORS Trade is very quiet. Wa quote Joule' Stone Ala at $55(357 50 for hhda, and $28 forhlf hbds; Tennenta, $3 for qts and $3 SO for pts: Blood' Porter. $3 50 for qts and $3 T5 for pts Burke's Oulnness Porter.

$3 50 fur qts and $3 75 for pta; Tuborg's Copenhagen Export Beer. $4 25 for pta, and $4 for qta OILS OUts Flamoil, $5 2S5 75; Possel, $4 T5S 25. Duret and similar medium grades. $6 506 75; tins, $2 6043 00 gal, a to quality and package. China Nut g082r3- Lard Extra Winter, strained, 06; Creased Neata' Foot.

90c Phoenix Golden Machinery, 70c; West Virginia Lubricating. 50c; Extra Parraftne. 60c; Alaska Cod Liver. SOo Tanner's, strained. 4550e.

The factory price of Linseed Oil at the Fsdfia Works is 74 Jo in bt for raw, and Hie for boiled. In cases, 2ta Additional docoanut Oil. 50571o galL No. 1 Castor Oil $1 05; No. 2 Co.

$1 WINES We quote: Crag Chamnagna. $18(329; Piper Heldseick $2527. pta and ats: H. Piper Co' Carta Blanche Chamnagna, Bee and Tree Sec qta and pta, $30(9 $32: Cramp Suter Sherry. $1 806 25; Forrester Sherry $4 805 25; Hunt' Port, $25: Offley Cramp's Pork, $1 75 Shipping lota of domestic product, f.

o. b. are quotable a follows: Dry White Mission, 40(3 50c; Dry White foreign Grapes, 5060e; Dry Red foreign Grapes, 4575c; Fort-new. 6S4i90c: Fort. red.

75091 at; Angelica. 6585e galL QUICKSILVER The market is quiet at 3916400 t). FLOU Quiet and weak. The best local Extra are Jobbing at $5 00 $5 12t bbL WHEAT Sales to-day include 400 ska poor superfine, $1 tfi; 400 do do, $1 15; 600 do common, to a shipper, $127t; COO do do. $1 30; 700 do fair do, $1 35; 2500 do very good milling.

$1 40; 37.003 do good to choioe shipping. $1 33 374. The choicest milling can not be had for less than $1 421. and for round lots of choice shipping $1 371 9 etl is probably the top price to be had. BARLEY Sales include 1330 aks fair coast feed.

Tile 300 dodo, 73Jc 200 do choice do, 774o; 800 do choioe old bay brewing, 921c: 1000 do choice new do. 90s, on ear at San Jose; 400 do good bay Chevalier, $1 32J; 1300 do strictly choice do, $1 37 etl. the last three lot for ship ment overland, OATS Quiet at $1 251 45 eU for feed. POTATOES Receipts, 4853 ska. The market la fairly steady at 4045c; Sweets, $1CI 13 etL- ONIONS-Stosdy.

Reds. 6C65c- SUverskin. vtL CORN Sale of 100 and 150 aks good small yellow. $1 VetL RYE A speculative element hi the market causes holders to be mors arm, and prices are higher. Sale of 800 sks choioe.

$1 45. Some lot are firmly held at $1 50 ctL BUCKWHEAT Sale of 34 sks good. $2 121 etl -an advance over the last previously reported sale. HOPS Arrival are Increasing, but rate are not yet established. Meantime quotation ara mora or less nom Inal at 22127ta etl.

WOOL We quote San Joaquin and Pouthern at 1619o for burry. and 2X22c for free; strictly choioe Hnmbo'di and Mendocino, 3132c; free Northern. imtJr, poor do, 15:) 1 8c: Eastern Oregon. l20e for poor, and 22g24o for choioe; Oregon Valley. 25J0e, as to condition.

HAY Through the firmness of dealers the market hi well sustained at $912 59 ton for cargoes. STRAW Selling from (he wharf for 4xg45a bale. BEANS qnote: Red. 95 01 I Butter 10 01 15 Pea! .7. 1 25 Wl 35 Hoall 1 05 1 15 Pink 90 rl 00 Bayo 95 1 00 Castor 00 3 50 I Lima 8 60 te7 00 SEEDS We quote: Flax.

9 2 3 Alfalfa. t. 7kO Caoary 3is 41c Mustard, white Si's) 2s 9 elMustant HONEY Strained quotable at and Comb at' IKSlSc. BKESWAX-Quotabto at 20CS2io Bv. MIDDLINGS The Jobbing price from the city mills is $1C17 too.

silver. BRAN The Jobbing rate from the city mills $12 0) too. GROUND BARLEY Selling front the mills at $1900 CORN MEAL Table kinds. 1 13! 1 9 fx Feed Is selling from the mills at $25 5028 00 ton. OIL-CAKB MEAL The mill price I 130 00 ton.

lees aaual discount to the trade. We quote: taash Roll, o.Salt Lake Firkin, tx -e do quaUty, ....22 o25 Eastern Firkin 17 4 20 PlokWK-U, 271olcal Firkin, ...21 25c EGGS Fresh Ranch are asUing at 171 31e: Duck. Oragen. Eastern. 25f-c; Bait Lake.

2627 Wdos. CHEESE Quotable as follows: California. Ix 1214o I Eastern, 18 a20e PROVISION 3 Current Jobbing quotation ara a an- waxed: Eastern Ham. t.15 0H7 e.Oregon Bacon, tv- el2a Lard, tierces. IMS- Oregon Hams.

Lard, eases llfdllle California (lHeSmoed 4rl2td Eastern Bacon. 11 a13 ol POTJXTRT We quote: Hens, $5 69 00, Ducks. dot. $4 0CK9 6 00 3 04 00 Geese, 1 6ui 1 75 6 Ow Turkeys, hen. Ih.

17 18 do young. 6tXl 5 18 20 GAME quote: Hare Wdos. Jtl 752003mall Birds, 2S(B Rabbits. 1 0u.l aaj VUsoi 12 Doves, 75c 1 NUTS Quotable as follows: Cat Waluuia. rl5 c.Pine .....20 25 Cal PeanuU 9 elCal Alm'nds, 8 cl0 (r10 clCal do soft 16 18 September 11.

....1101 110 .102 1134 THIS EYEIXtrS DISPATCHES. Death of tfarshal O. Roberts. A Dreach of Promise 8uft. ETC erf.

ISPECIAL TO DAILY CXAMJNERJ Death ef Marshal a. Keberts. Sabatosa, N. September 11. Marshal O.

Roberta died at noon to-day. The C'easUlatroaal AstaesjaeeBBeat la Arkaautaa. lama Bock, September 1L It is believed the proposed amendment to the Constitution is defeated. Aa official count is neceeaary'to determine. Syaapalhy far Cladafeae.

Lou ooh, September 11. A letter from Gladstone is published expressing his hearty gratitude to all at hoen and abroad who Boanifested sympathy for him in bis recent illness. Breaeh of Praaatse Salt. Chicago, September I A Timet Special says: Rebecca Rothschild, a handsome young Jewess, of Indian-apolis, sues Thomas M. Dickinson, a wealthy lumber merchants.

-for 0300,000 damages for seduction aad breach of promise. A French Libel gaf. Pabjs, September 1L The libel action by Col Yung of the War Office, accused by WoeJtyne of the Gaa. Ioi of communicating document to the German Government has commenced. M.

Woeatyne has subposnaed General Farne, Minister of War, and General Deceiasy, ex-Minister of War, Marshal MacMabon and Madame The Radicals declare Ihe accusation originates in political spite. Against the) Saaaish CTeraunteat. Madbid, September 1L Measures are to be taken ia toe Basque Provinces to enforce the loyalty of th clergy and strengthen the hands ef the authorrtiea The recent election: filled the Basque Cooacila-Geoerml with Carlisle and Democrats. Hardly any Government candidates were ocoeesfuL Church Hotlcea. St.

JorsS PBBasTTBBiAa Chvbcti Post street, between Mason and Taylor. Rev. Dr. Scott, pastor, will preach at 11 a. a.

and 71 p. a. Evening subject, The InriaahU WnrM nl X-wil SY.i.4,. dially invited. Thied CoKeaBOATioKAb Chpbch South aide Fifteenth street, between Valencia and Mission.

Edward F. Walker, pastor. Preaching at 11 a a. and 7 AS r. a.

Greek Chcbch Services will be held in the Greek Church on Greenwich street, between Stockton and A.M. Bishop Nestor will preach in English. saeaad Cdltlea mt lestrrdav. TELEifiHAIFSullC A Keperter Maklag liens gar Bis Paper. CincASO, September 10.

The Timet says: A reporter of the Independent of Harriabuigb, secured remarkably accurate particulars of various burglaries, and published in advance of the discovery ot the crimes by the victims thereof. Such phenominal enterprise could not be permitted to pass unnoticed. A detective was placed oa the young man's track, and ia a tew days be was tinder arrest. He confessed to several burglaries, and was sent to the pennitentiary for a year. Sharp rraetie by Chlaese Bfaaeata.

Kbw Yobb, September 10 A Tribune Boston special says: The Chinese Government has abandoned all attempts to enforce the return to China ot Yang Kwai, the Chinese student' who graduated at the High School in Springfield and has since been admitted to Harvard, but who was ordered home to his father for having embraced the Christian religion. Kwai started from Hartford with a number ot companions, who have been ordered borne tor San Francisco by way of Springfield. A few evening since, while the agent in charge was securing through tickets, young Kwai and a Harvard sophomore named Taw, who had been ordered home for the same reason, disappeared. taking tbeir baggage checks with them. The Caatest Between tlea anel Dorses.

Chicago, September 10. The horses and men are traveling pretty evenly, but Byrne retains a lead, and is going free and easily and in good shape. "Betsy Baker" is in the best form of the horses. The race is now regarded as one of the most remarkable ever recorded, and at the present rate Byrne Is likely to exceed the best score on record. At noon the tally Mood Horses Bothman's entry 431, "Betsy Baker-' 4S4, Dun's entry 894, -Rose Of Texas': 41Sl Men Byrne 437, Colston 390, Krohne 409.

Schoch 363, Cole 241, stopped; Condly 134, stopped; Jack son 17 The Fleet at Kagasa. Rases. September 10. --It is snppeeed that the bined fleet will not quit these waters before the 4th of October at the St. PsTBBSBrka, September 10.

It is said that a brge body of horsemen have attacked the Russians at Kond- Kllissi and Bonhassin, capturing a quantity ot arms and store. The Moscow Gazette say. The report of Skobetoffs recall is unfounded. I declared in military circles that important events are pending In toe Trans-Caspian region. TEKBITBIAL riaXEEBS.

They Celebrate Adsalsalea Bay la ee1. OU raahlaaeel Style. At B'nai Brith Hall, last night, there was a grand display of fair ladies and gallant men. The occasion wa the celebration bytbe Society of Territorial Pioneers ot the thirtieth anniversary of the admission of Cali fornia into the American Union. The hall was crowded with members of the Society and their friend.

The following is the programme: Piano solo. Professor Hu -o Manafeldt; Introductory Remarks by the President, Hon. David Meeker; ballatm, from 11 Guurany, -There was a Prince in Olden Timer Mra Martin bbulta; Address, and reading '-Act of i mission," Hon. L. J.

Hardy, Recitation, Mra D. F. emiui; stale voartette, selected; Original Poem (com posed for the occasion), Chas. H. Dennuon, Esq.

Vocal Solo, Mrs. C. W. Toser; Oration. Hon.

Robert Ferral; Piano nolo. Prof. Manafeldt Vocal Soto, "The OM aaiucrat tuui to risen, ami isootn, uq. After the literary and musical exercise were had, the company participated in a dance, which was Joy ously continued for some boar. The following at a bat of managers: Committee ef Arrangements John C.

Bnrch. Wm T. Gamut, Colin M. Boyo, John W. Cherry, David Meeker.

icmmitiee on literary Kxeraars J. Hardy, Jr Joha Burch, Matt. Carr. Reception Committee Cant. Wm.

H. A. J. Bryant, Wm. O.

Badger, CoL L. Waller, Peter H. Burnett, Ely J. Hutchinson. Floor Manager Wm.

Pearson, George II. Love- grove, It. T. Van Norden, John Robinson, Washing' ton Meek. The Ambers raralval.

The participant in th Refreshment Booth, Mrs. J. Baum, manager, met at the rooms of the Young Women's Christian Association, 314 Sutter street, this afternoon, at 3 o'clock. Tne Handel and Haydn Society has resolved to appear in costume, and place themselves under the able management of Madame Buffandeau. All members who nave not received cards of invitation will be welcomed at tne rehearsals now in progress on Friday evenings, at 7 Market street.

Proteesor Toepke ba been engaged as Instructor, and a rehearsal will oe held tnis evening at No. 947 Market The Darticinanta in the book of Rienzi. Richelieu and Lady of Lyon, ot the Lord Lyttoa Booth, are requested to meet at Bradley A Rulofson's rooms this eve ning, at 1 Jit sharp. A rehearaal of the tableaux of the Egyptian Booth will be held at Mra Dr. Hutching, th manager, 239 Taylor street, on Monday evening.

The participant ia "Lohengrin," and the Scotch and Irish scene of the Musical Composer Booth, will meet this evening, at 7 o'clock sharp, at Mrs. Dr Deanc', 321 Ellis street. The Charles Read Booth win this evening rehearse the and tne JieartM at the loung women Christian Association room on Sutter street. There will be a reoearsal uf PeverU tf the ftal aad The Et cap of Prince Chariot, by the Waiter boots Booth, at 134 McAllister street, at 7:30 this eveniug. As eat Bell.

This morning, in the Supreme Court, toe application for the issue of a writ of prohibition directed to the State Board of Equalisation, mad by Wells, Fargo A Co. and a number ot others, was partially argued. object of the application is to prevent the State Board of Fniialisat.i"- from making any alteration in the as-seaamenU of the tax -payers of thai city and county. Tne ease wa presented for tb petitioners by Messrs. Wilson, arbor, Bergin and Greathouse, and opposed by A.

P. Catlin and tne Attorney-General. The arga- naa not oeca eoacjiaaca von toe ur JJastces ef ihe IT ate. In the case of McGrew vs. The Mayer aad Common Coancil ot Saa Jose, the Supreme Court yesterday de cided as follows: la oar opinion, a Justice oi the Peace is one ef tne officers referred to and styled judicial in Section 10 of Article XXII of the Constitution.

Bv the previsions of that section, such officer must be "elected at the time and to the manner that Mate officer are elected." Thi is conctosiv of the ease. The election of plaintiff April last was therefore invalid, and the augment ot the Court below is affirmed. Salts for BsuBaaces. Catherine McGrath has brought suit against Cath erine Pry or to 0,000 daoaages for slander. J.

F. La Malfa yesterday brought suit again the Cen tral Pacific Railroad Company to recover $6,000 damage for having been ejected, on the 8th of September, 1878, from one ot the defendant's cars near Bridgeport. Plaintiff claims that he had a ticket, which be exhibited to the conductor, who demanded further payment of fare, the refusal to pay meetinjf with the ejection. rtekpaekef ArmCe. This morning in tb Police Court the rase of George Sullivan and Phil.

Develeman, arrested on Montgomery street yesterday afternoon, on a charge of picking pock- eta, was eontinned until to-morrow for examination. A Fees Rids. In the Police Court this atoning the ees of John Pickett and Thomas Collen. charged with grand bu-ceny. in stealing a horse and boggy beio aging to Dr.

Reensliergsr, was eontinned for hearing until to-morrow. an audience remains for hoars showing such strict attention to the discussion of political issue. In viewing the multitude of faces turned to the platform where the distinguished soldier, General W. S. Rose-cram, presided, one could almost imagine that the festive Mr.

Hayes was doing the Mechanics Fair all ba himself. The Secretary read the following list of I Thornton. Greathouse, Lloyd Tevis, Wm Coleman, Flood, A A Cohn, Peter Donahue. Tod Robinson. Scott, Wm Craig, Thos Barry, Wm Edgar, Ed Miller, of Martinex; Chas Tobin, Contain Peter Johnson, Henry Schwartz, Leonids Hamilton, Woolf, Steinhart, Wm Ford, James Lawrence, Dorney, Albert Bach, Wm Baggett, Jul Platobek, Leopold Mayer, Jno Fogarty, O'Brien, Sanchez, Dr Schorb, and fifty more; Capt Chas Wheat.

The first speaker, Francis J. Sullivan, was introduced by General flosunans. prefaced by a (ew pleasant re-marka Mr. cullivan was most cordially received, and spoke with force and eloquence. Referring to Day," be alluded to the wants and changes caused hy tne thirty year which have elapsed since California became a member of the Union.

After vindicating the part taken by the Democracy during the last twenty ypars, Mr. Sullivan went on to say: "Ihe true issues before the people are: Which party is favorable to the Union Which is the Constitutional party? Wnich party has public virtue? Wbich party favor ec nomj? Which party favor harmony? Which party is in accord with the genius of oar Government? The Union party is that party which knows no North, no South, and which is not sectional but National, and which desire to promote the in- tne people. The Reconstruction Acta aareBSDBBBB is batb and executed with corruption. Their track baa left a burning brand upon the Southern heart. The maxim of the Roman was to conquer the proud and show pity to the humble.

With the Republicans, it was conquer and crush the bumble, and spare the proud, if the South is solid, it has been driven to such a coarse. It has been robbed and plundered, until in the very insanity of desdaii it seek the refuge from her foe with the party which regards the right, and sympathizes with misfortune the Democratic party. The pest and present history of the Utter party demonstrate that it at the Union and ant the sectional party. Which is the Constitutional party? Certainly that party which preserves intact the rights of tie Federal Government in all the rights delegated to it by the State, and preserve to the States the powers not prohibited to them or delegated to the Federal Government, Has Republicanism respected the rights of the States? Read the history ot Recombination; eon-suit the annuals of the' past five years, and what do we behold? States subjected to martial law, the army- protecting usurper and ballot-box stuff era; larceny of State votes by John Sherman, James A. Garfield and others; Returning Boards supported in tbeir majorities; the Electoral College polluted by false returns; State Legislatures ejected at the point of the bayonet; the solemn acts ot a State restraining Chinese ummigration nullified; (Hisses).

State jury law declared invalid.and finally above all, a President seated in the Chair of Washington through gross and open disregard of State right. The party wbich contended at the Hartford Convention for State Righto, the party that in Rhode Island excludes the naturalized citizen from voting on-less he possesses $134 worth of property, the party which proscribes on account of religion in Vermont. The party which found the most extreme doctrine of State Rights at the ktoctoral Commission, when some of the returns had been arranged by Garfield this party favors strong government and centralization of power. Who ever read in the works of eminent statesmen the word "Nation" as applied to-day to our Government? Is it not a (act that the patriot of the past have always used the word "Union?" Yet the standard-bearers of the Republican party speak of oar o-untry a Nation. Standing in the presence ot our illustrious dead, let us swear that the plans of WASHUSTOBV JBrTBBSOB ASB MADISO shall prevail, and that this Republic shall be really a union of State.

The speaker closad with a magnificent hernration, and retired amid much cheering. Colonel J. J. Tobin delighted the audience with a recitation, The Field of Gettysburg." Hon. Edward C.

Marshall then took the floor and kept the audience in a state of uproarous merriment throughout his address. He said that he was gratified at hearing a native Californian express so eloquently the Democratic sentiments to which be had just listened. It waa meet that a Cl if oruima should be" a Democrat, and especially a California Irishman, as was the young speaker who had just retired. If any one heard of a catire born Californian who was going to vote the Republican ticket the speaker wanted to find him so as to make a physiological study of hi cranium. (Laughter.) He was not going to discuss the Chinese question-Heaven forbid.

He did not want to let the people know, but he loved the Chinese with all his heart. If be di, he would Tote the Republican ticket, (Laughter.) They have published a platform and in it promi-ed to look into the Chinese question. They are looking into it, but it is not proposed to find anything in it. They don'fwant to. They sent a Commission out there and they looked into it, and they published a book which, if it is a heavy in its sense as it is in size, it would be as formidable as one of the ships of ear Navy.

THB DEMOCRATIC FARTT bare always been in favor of free trade and free every-thine, and have only this once asked for protection, protection for the very lives of its citizens and the well-being of the country, but it had been refused, and there w.s no way open for this protection until the Democracy were given the reins of government. The speaker reviewed the speeches of Thompson and Schurs delivered in this city. He had not heard these two wo- thiea He was getting too old and could not stand everything, hence he stayed at home, but he read portions of them, and did not find enough substance in them to warrant hi reading the balance. The great American Navy and the tarry old salt of the stormy Wabash were held up in their truly ridiculous positions for the Inspection and jeers of the audience. Hughey Robinson followed with some of his comic songs ahicb be delivered In his inimitable style, and dosed the seventh grand Democratic demonstration of the Blue and Gray Twelfth District.

Lest night a meeting of Delegates elected to the County Convention by the Twelfth District Club was held at Irish-American Hall, William Simpson Chairman. W. J. Desmond. Chairman of a Committee that was appointed to confer with a like Committee of the Workingmen, stated that his Committee had been ignored by the- Workingmen, and that the latter had appointed a Committee to confer with the Democratic County Committee.

No action wa taken except to receive the rejort. On motion the Secretary waa instructed to notify A. J. Frits, Chairman of the Democratic General County Committee, that the Convention had adopted a resolution recommending that the action taken at a previous meeting whereby a motion wa carried not to cooler with the Democratic County Committee, be rescinded. The meeting then adjourned.

Thirteenth DL-trict t'oaamltlee. The Thirteenth Senatorial District Democratic Committee met last evening, and appointed the following Delegates to the Judicial Nominating Convention Messrs. O'Brien, Fitzgerald, Raisch.Cronin, McMenomy, McOrevy, McVickers, Macauley, Cudv, Hogan, McKean, Black, P. 8. Fay, Sweeney and Rogera.

NEWS ITEMS FROM OAKLAND. Judge Greene, of the Superior Court, Department Ma 2, has gone into the country fo a few weeks. W. M. Francis, who was sick with smallpox, died at his residence on Sycamore street at 10 o'clook yesterday morning.

Martin Carter, Master Mechanic of the South Pacific Coast Railroad Company has resigned, and L. Ret has been appointed ts the vacancy. SA call ha been issued for a Greenback Congressional Convention to convene in Oakland to-day. Tne Conven tion will be held at German la Hall, at 12 o'clock M. One of the features of the parade on the? the 9th of September was the good appearance of the Native Sons oi tne uoioen west in tneir neat ana tasteful regaua.

The Golden Gate District Fair opens on Monday next and promises to be a success. The entries, both at the fair ground and pavilion, are more numerous than oa any previous occasion. The contest for the silver trumpet, donated by the Silsby Manufacturing Company was participated in by Felton Company No. 8 and Oakland No. 3.

The trumpet was won oy tne latter. The ball given by the Oakland Fire Department at German ia Hall, on the evening of the 9th, was the largest ever given in Oakland. There were 1.500 people in attendance. The affair was a complete success, financially, aad the proceeds will be donated toUie Firemen's Relief AJaocsatton. Detective Deal arrested three boys on Thursday who were acting in a suspicions manner at the Broadway de pot, upon searcnina uem tnree pursea.

evidently stolen from ladies, were found on their persona The purses are at the police ataaioa awaiting identification ana tne coys are aiso tnere awaiavm trial. E. C. Coulter, a private soldier froa Benicia barraeks. who came down to the Admission Day celebration was walking on tne tresue-wora uext to Sixteenth-street Station, yesterday afternoon, when the 1 -M train from Berkeley came along ana knocked him Into the water.

Hi nzbt shoulder-blade and to rib were broken, and he wa bruised anout tne spinal column, lie waa taken to the Receiving Hospital, wbere be now lie in a criti cal condition. Meal Estate Matters. Wingerterw Hinkel, lot 137iH27.8i feet, on the north-west corner of Jackson and Webster streets. Hinkel to Taylor, lot 24x90 feet, oa the west line of Webster street, 65. 8 feet north of Jackson street, (4,500.

Burke and wife to Stable, lot 28x110 feet, oa therwest line of Vatenda street, 00 feet north of Jack son street, 0,500. Melrose to Levison, lots 34, 35 end SO, ia Block 291. O'Neil A Haley Tract. S1.200. Golden Gate Mutual Land Association to Bach et al, lot 60x75 feet, on the north-east line of Norton court.

835 feet south-east of Brannan street. S3. 250. Saving and Loan Society to McDonough, lot SOxSuO feet, on the north line of Eighteenth avenue, 60 feet ALAMEDA OOCXTT. Brier to A Bateau, one-half acre, Washington Township, 9200.

Griffiths to Caroline Tldmarsh, north-east tine of East Tenth street, 123 feet south-east from Sixth avenue. soutn-east ZVXIOO feet, Clinton, Brooklyn Township, 600. Hathaway to A Bockman, Plots I and Hathaway Tract, No 2, Eden Township, $3,080. A Porter et al to Matoawaon, Blocks 8, la, 16, 22, 23, 26 and 27; lota 2, 3 and Block 35; lots 7 te 10, Block 13, Alameda," Mathewson to Grannis, same, $500. Memll to William HoUis, south Caledonia street, 823.67-100 feet east, portion of Grove street, east 76x143 feet, Oakland, $2,000.

Wm Hoiks to Curtis, same as Merrill to HoUis thi day, 92,000. Six mortgages, 98,260. Peraaaal. The numerous friends of W. Badd, the former popular stock-broker.

In this will be plesstd to learn that be is now a member of the firm of L. G. Quia-iaa A office with Scran ton and A Willard. T2 Broad-wayland IS New street. New York.

Oumlan A Co. have hin mnnactlon with Joha T. Lester, of Chi- cago, tor the purchase and sale of grain and provisions, and guarantee prompt execution and return of business entrusted to their care. Mr. Budd's lightning-like power of perception will, no doubt, profitably display itself in his tew field of employment.

Sale or the Malehlea Haach. Mr. J. W. Biroonton.

General Manager of th Asso ciated Press at New York, and one of the proprietors of the CaU and Bulletin, has purchased the valuable and beautiful ranch of J. H. Winter, located in Napa County, upon which is the well-known Huicoica vineyard. It is understood that, the consideration was 960,000. The purchaser contemplates adding to the natural beauties of the property in every manner that wwilth and Huiaii do ao.

making itoneof the most beautiful summer resorts in Napa County, for which it will be Th Dally Examiner will dollv- broker, as cierk, waa also tajnred, baring bis sprained. He was one of those on the awning. lyant. The Commander of the British ship Piiarrm which arrived last evening from Hongkong reports that oa August 31st, latitude north, longitude 149 07 west, they passed a large buoy. It bad.

apparently, been paiuted black. wa covered aith shells, aad appeared to hare been a koug time in be water. The Llejaer Bealers In the Police Court to-day tb following Saloonkeepers were fined $10 each for selling Kqoor en election day: Wm PVvcnke, J. P. CReillr, Frank Gracia, B.

Hueer, George Ryan, Caesar Sternberg. K. G. Rnode, Frank Usque. R.

Burton. Wilkina and Gasper Baker. stalieeh Case. Ia the Supreme Court, this morning, an application waa mad on behalf of Kalloch by his counssa.IL K. H'mhtoo.

for writ of mandamus, prohibition, certiorari and habeas corpus. The application was sub-muted. Hew Blaine Boes It la xalae. From the Portland T.ue Republican. Our friends in the country bare but little conception of the trading now going on to secure vote.

The leaders are getting fearfully desperate. They send a Committee to one of the lowest of the Irish ram-sellers and tell him if he will only pledge himself to bring twenty votes to the support the regular rum-Ile publican ticket they will promise that he shall not be seized for one year. Two notorious rum-seUers have been approached ia Portland within ten days by precisely such promises. We state this distinctly and dare any to deny the fact. The names of both parties are known.

The grog man replied, Xo, sir, you promised the same thing two years ago, but I have been seized three times since. Two year ago about 300 votes were bought ia and about Portland alone, and yet the notorious agent in this rascally flair claims to be a consistent temperance man and wants to speak now and then as an oracle. We call upon our friends to give ns timely notice of all such action. We shall expose such things by calling names hereafter. A Waleraaelea Mary.

(From the Cohunbo (Gn) Enquirer. Mr. Fred Wilhelm, oa opening a twenty-three pound water-melon on Sunday last, discovered within it another melon weighing, by actual weight, seven and three-quarters pounds. The rind of the interior melon was of an orange color, and the flesh was of a brighter red than that of the enclosing one. Any of his friends anxious to see this freak of nature can do so by calling at his room, where it will be on exhibition for a few days.

LlkeaWesaaa. "How does the Empress Eugenie inquired an inquisitive female of a bachelor friend just returned from Paris. "Like a woman," was the brusque reply. "Of course, eontinned the inquirer; "but I wish to know whether she wears costly dressees. "I understand you, madam, was the ungallant response; "she dresses like a woman wearing the most costly garments she can procure.

Thk Masker Op NxwaPAPn Repobtiso Is a ProvisciaL "An incident, which might have resulted fatally, happened yesterday to Madame la Marquise de lion beck, aged eighty years. rJitor-in-ciiiel making corrections: must put her down forty-five or she will stop her subscription. Ia Let Ox. A dentist never uses profane lan guage nor gets arrested for assault and battery. When he feels particular! ugly he just holds on till he has a customer, and when he once gets his forceps on tbat customer! molar, his nendisa wrath is let on at lull bead.

Falsk Teeth. Since the introduction of false teeth the ratio of good-looking young women has increased nxty per cent. His Retreat. "How dare yon say 'damn' be fore me: severely inquired a clergyman ot a loaler. How did 1 know you wanted to say "damn nrstT retorted the bad man.

Can Realize. Walk through some of the dirty scums of the great metropolis and you can realize the force of the words, "The man who enters here leaves soap behind. Meaner. The Terre Haute Saturday Krrn- inn Mail lets off this truism: "Bad coBee mean, but some men are meaner. Bad coffee will settle." Scexe Ix Aw Otsteb IIorsK.

"See here, these oysters are 8001104." "That all right; 1 put ia twice as many on tnat account. Qcert. Did yoo ever know a man ho talked much of himself wbo did not bare a poor subject for his conversation: ClONTCTUlSS TO IMPART SUCH BUSINESS education a has atade its graduate in deaaaad fur the past thirteen years in the Memantue Community or Commercial positiona Pupils are fitted tor the Counting-room by it novel tsteus ef ACTUAL BL'sIKfcs TRAINING. For Circulars call at Cnuega, or address K. sr.

uuui, President Business Collee. Saa Francisco. OSr-JaxS Waulstf IS THE SUPERIOR COURT. t-TTT AND COUNTY of San Francisco, State of California. Ahron Jacob, nliintif.

va Annie Jacobs, defendant. Action brourht in the Superior Court, citr and county ot Saa Francisco, State of California, and the complaint Bled in said city and county of Saa Francisco, in toe office of the Clerk of said Superior Court. The People ef the State of California send greeting to Annie Jacob, aetenaant. You are herebv required to appear in an action brourht against yon by the above named plaintiff in the Superior Court, city and county of San Franriscn, State of CaU- onuv ana to answer tne eoaimamt niea tnerein. vnsa ten day (exclusive of the day of service) after the service on you of this summous if served within this county; or, if served elsewhere, within thirty days or Judgment by default will taken against you, ae cording to tne prayer of sbm complaint.

The said action brought to obtain a decree ot this Court dissolving- tb bonds ot matrimony now exiatin: sa ptainun ana aefenaant, upon we rnwan and set oat in tb complaint on file herein, to which your attention is directed for fort her particulars, and that plaintiff be awarded the custody of tb minor child, Molly, nue of said marriage; asm for general 101 MS. And too are berebv notified tnat von rail to and answer the said eomiJaint. as above renutred. the said plaintiff will apply to the Couit for the relief therein demanded Uiven under my band and seal of tne nxM supeoor Court, at the city and comity of Saa rran9S0c, Stat of California, tat soarteentn aay or ury. in tna yaar of oar Liord one samnin eurnt nunareuana eurnty.

(Seal of Court) 1LXJAM A- bniKT, uera. Rv P. Ucrrenr. Depot Cterk. A.

MorBwnthaL Plaintiff's AttorncT. lyl9 lawSspM KUTGh CHATTII7, NOTARIES AND COasttlSSICXERS OF DEEDS FOR ALL THE STATES AND TERRITORIES. 44 California SA. Saw Fraaeftsea, California. Deeds, Contracts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, and other ocumeota tea-ally prepared.

Passooria. Patents and Trademarks procured. Companies incorporated. Depositions taken, Kegntia- me raper protest to, etc, etc. IE SCABCHER OF RECORDS, NOTARY PUBLIC, Commissioner of Deeds.

41 STCwaiKBt STREET. Horthwest corner of California, Saa Francisco. a -Ktmrw alwmva in the office. Teleohone con nectioa to all part of tue uty. Commissioner for New York, Ariaona, Heveda, Pena- svtvania, Utah.

Oreon. luaao, waaninsea, Ohio, atsiaa i Imams, New Hampshire, Ulinota, New Jer sey aad other States and Territories. ruJ. (Vnbvta Wills. Powers oa Atanrnav.

and other Document legally prepared. Acsasowtedgemestt taken and Oaths adaiinatered at any boor of tb day or aigna. L.U A. tKAlU, Je38 Sptf Reei deuce, 864 Bosh street PEBBLE SPECTACLES. MULLER'S OPTICAL DEPOT.

BU Men taw an cry sU aeaur Mask. Specialty far tm 1 ears. ItataMlsfcesI S. F.iess. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL.

The most com plies ted eases defective vsnoa thoroughly dtairnosed. free of ail kinds of w.W aA IT sal tars ilDiiLlJ ulSC cbmrx-a. ana lmass wumum mt BBssjcaa rsaraa. as follows: Your Committee on Anti -Chinese Parade beg leave to report that on account of the short space of time allowed, and after consultation with several organiza tions, they came to the conclusion that it was the better Eton to defer the demonstration until the return of ayes from Monterey, which will be the tatter part of next week. We have had several communications with various organizations, and every one is in sympathy with the movement.

The Report was received. On this subject the following communication was received and referred to the Committee on Invitations i and Parade: To the President and Member of the W. P. C. Convention GBirruuiBar: At-a meeting of the Eleventh Senatorial District Democratic Club, held last evening in Hibernia Hail, a resolution was passed instructing the Chair to appoint a Committee of Five to confer with a Committee from your body in regard to the contemplate! anti-Chinese demonstration.

The following gentlemen were appointed as the Committee, and are ready to confer with you at any time: Patrick Creighton, William O'Coqnell, Henry Quigley, T. Growney, and John Rafierty. J. J. Ryan, Secretary.

platform. A Committee' on Platform, consisting of one from each club represented in tke Convention, was appointed. ORDER OF BUSINESS. A Committee on order of business was appointed as follows: Barton, Parker, Michaud, Martin, Iberg, J. J.

Walsh, Growney, Lynch, Murphy, Dwyer, S. J. rarrel, McGrath, Aulbach and Renner. The Committee retired to consider its report. While the Convention was waiting, Mayor Kalloch was called upon to address the Convention, which he did briefly, saying among other matters that all his sympathies, political affinities and interests, were bound ap in the W.

P. and in voting for the Democratic candidates for President and Vice-President, he voted for them as a Workingman. Auditor Dunn, who waa heartily cheered, delivered a few remarks, and then yielded the floor to Attorney Murphy, who said that he had always instructed the Supervisors that they had the legal power, and it was their duty to relieve the people of the Chinese curse, but they were in the hand of the Workingmen's enemies and would not afford any relief. He then spoke in favor of day labor instead of contract labor. Mayor Kalloch said that the Courts had decided that the Election Commissioners had the power to appoint all tne agents and experts they wished to prevent frauds in election.

The Mayor further said that the Supervisors had seen fit to ignore him in the matter of receiving Mr. Hayes and by so doing bad conferred a favor on him (the Mayor). The committee on Order of Bnginsns then returned and reported as follows: To tke Chairman and Members of the Convention Gents: Your Committee on Order of Baseness beg leave to submit the following Report in re ar rd to nominations before this Conven tion: Mayor, Auditor, County Clerk, Tax- Collector, Recorder, City and County Attorney, Sheriff. Chief of roiice: Supervisors in the following order: First Ward, Second Ward, Seventh Ward, Eigbtn warn, ruirjin warn, Tentn ward; School Directors la following order: Third Ward. Fourth Ward.

Fifth Ward, Sixth Ward, Eleventh Ward, Twelfth Ward, twe Judges of the Superior Court and two Justices of the reace. The above Report was unanimously adopted by your committee, ours, eta, J. Lykch, Chairman. S. J.

Farrkll, Secretary. -The Report was adopted. It was ordered that when the Convention adjourn it adjourn to Monday night, at which time the Committee on Platform will report, and nominations will be pro ceeded wiin. Mr. Merrill, of the Democratic Nominating Conven tion, appeared, and reported that the Democratic Morn inating Convention had accepted almost unanimously the report of tne uonference committees in division of the offices, and th.t they had appointed a Committee on Platform and Order of Business, and adjourned to the order of the Chair.

It was ordered that the roll of the Convention remain as it is, and that no further alterations be allowed. On motion of Shaughnessy, it waa ordered that no man who employed Chinese be eligible to endorsement en the rusk tiJket. Adjourned. VreiUBd Passe axe. ra.

Omaha, September 10. The following through passengers passed here ou to-day's train, leaving at p. to arrive in San Francisco, September 14th: Mrs Luak, Mrs A Willy and son, Mrs Schmidt, Mrs Stephens and daughter, Lowell, Sister Mary Berchmans, Sister Mary Alphonse, St star-tins, Tucker, Honolulu; Coop, St Helens, Eng; Israel Lawton, Oakland; Weaver, Newport, Col Johnston, Mia Margaret A Johnston, Johnston, Master Hunt Johnston, Miss Bessie Johnston, Wm McLaughlin, wife and son. Sac; Sargent, Boston; Jules Berthel, Brooklyn. Also 45 through emigrants left on last night's emigrant train, to arrive in San Francisco, September 17th.

Carlin, September 10. The following overland passengers passed her to-day, to arrive in San Francisco to-morrow: Hon John Curry, Vis Curry, Decker, wife, daughter and maid, Miss HubeU, Buffalo; Otis, 8 Davis and wife, Santa Rosa; Mr Streeter, Miss Streeter, Hamlin, Mulfington, Pa; A Henry and wife, Phila; Hamlin, lnd; Rasen, Russia; towers, Wm Rainey. 8 Lubeck, Hunt, 8 BisseL Fales, Mrs Curtis, Mr Peters, Chicago; Mr Wise and wife, Pa; Oliver, Stockton; Peddler, Chicago; A Rosenhehner, Oakland; Mr Jones, Howell and wife, Sacramento; A Briggs, Amesbnrg, Mass; Smith, Kansas; Sykes and wife, Va; Mrs Mangrum and three children, Kansas; Vineblembel, Boone, Cone and wife, Idaho: Field and wife, St Louis; Geo Grant, Mrs Dr Pendery, Sacramento; Loundsdery, wife, one child and maid, Denali Loundsuery, NY. Also, 48 emigrant passengers, including 34 males, to arriv in San Francisco September 12th. Mojave, September 10.

The following list of Southern overland passengers passed Mojare September 8th, to arrive in San Francisco, September 11th: Selby, Lowenstein, 3 Jaa Bellner and wife. Riverside: Miss Hathaway, Los Angeles; Lind, 8 Scott, Charleston, Arizona; Mrs Hankfri. Globe City; Mrs Gilds, Frank Gilds, Ogden; Mrs Hoag, SF; Hancock Johnson, Los Angeles; Johns, Waltennan, McHear, Oakland, Richard Egan, Los Angeles. Goon Temper. Many a man gets credit for good temper who newer knew what it was to be provoked; while he who has retained his explo-siveneas by great effort nine times is reputed a fiery-tempered man because the dynamite got the better of him on th tenth.

red by oarrlars at IB eta. par weak..

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