The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1947
Page 15
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THURSDAY, NOTFMTOR 8, INT BM THE VILLV (AUK.)' OQtTRTEH KBW1 •if' PAOT Helpful Hints Courier JSTews Kitchen Cues For '—•^v.**^* *wrra ^ Housewives rood Page Recipes, Menus Care in Storing Helps Save Food Needs Abroad Add To Importance of Conservation Steps |fe> With most of the world in dfs- * pmte need of food, It becomes Utn .-problem, of every liomemaker to 'conserve food In every possible *ay. This means carelul attention to the bliyUig, storing and cooking of food, "as well u the utilization of all edible left overt. Menu Experts Use Coconut Pies To Provide Much-Needed Protein BV nAY.VOR MADDOX NKA 6Uff Writer OI,I) PA8HIDN1SD coconut pl» Is packed with nutrition—es8*. mflk, broad crumbs. Kemember that wlioii you put It on yriir menu. It lias high protein vali|* and can cvrn up th« prolcln r«n«lr«ment» in a inoal with lllll* or no meal. <'<x- 0 nnt Cuitanl PI* (Henon fl-K) Three OBKS. BllRhlly bealen, 1-2 t-iip aupar, ^ cupfi sclsiletl milk, 1 teanpoon vanilla, 1 packas* (i ounces) coeouul, 2 tablespoons bread crumbs, 1 S-liich baked pi* shell. To illglilly beaten eggs, add »w- r.iii 1 . rallied milk and vanilla. Stic well and add 1-2 package coconut to mixture. Sprinkle bread crumb* In bottom of p!« *licll and pour custurd Into shell. tt:ike In & mod- urntely slow ovo».(S;!5 ilcgrees F.) :iO ntiitutcs or iinill custard Is set. Toast remaining coconut by spreading In a thin layer o" Cnie food conservation point which cannot be over-emphasized .Improper itartg*' from the time the food is .brought home from the •market \jntll It Is" eaten. All too often Joods are wasted or lose food value and flavor through being stored improperly or being kept too long before vising. All rwrlshahlc foods should be refrigerated as soon as Possible • - , . ^ after marketing. Kresh (rults. wtth i uugreBUfrt baking .l.eet and th c exception of bananas, should be ," 1B '" ">o<I<"' ;ll<i oven (360 degree! kept in the refrigerator to con- >'•) >0 mlniKes. .ilrrlng freaueMlly, •erve their vitamin content B nd toj 11 ." 111 , Kro!ltBn rown - & !"- lllkle ° v * r retard spoilage. SWre fresh meat*! 1 '" 1 llelol ' B In the coldest part of the refrlger- Speaking of pies, here's one (o • tor with just a light covering of bring buck thoughts of sunimei . waxed paper. Large roasts may be conveniently stored on a porcelain enameled utility tray covered loosely with waxed paper. Celery, lettuce, : carrots and other salad vegetables should be washed and stored, ready to use. In a porc'c-laln enameled Bj vegetable crisper. This same careful attention should be given to the storage of leftover foods, To keep ttiem from drying out and to pr<r|>nt the transfer of odors, store them in covered porcelain enameled refrigerator dishes and plnn to use them in ..the next day's menu. By economizing in tile buying, cqoking. and. storing of foods, you'll be saving food for a hungry world, but you'll also b e aiding the family budget. into atihimn meHui. Cherry C'rrum (Kervrfl (I) Crtint: On* cup iKtcd flour, !•* teaspoon bsklnc powder, 1-4 teaspoon salt, 1-1 cup shoru-nlns, } to I lablvspoon* lc* wat«r. Sift together flour, biklnn p 0 w- der into flour mixture until It Is Uie sli* of small lima bun*. Add only eiioush wat«r to hold paslry together. Pat dniirh Into bull and hill. Iloll out paslry on a lightly lured board to aliout 1-S-lnch lilckness. I.ln» a utiie-lnch heat- rcslXanl glass pie plate with astry; trim and flute edges. Place another glass pis plale directly on lastry-llned pl» plate. Bake In Kit ovnn (426 desrcesK.) for about IK minute* or until crust Is nrown. Remov* top pie plate am cool shell. Filling: One tablespoon geUIln S-4 cup sugar, 1-8 teaspoon salt, 2 cups canned sour cherries, 1 cup cherry Jule*, 1-2 cup whipping cream. Aitd sugar mul 1-s i<-nmi>t>on •«! to cherries and 1 cup cherry Juici in a ilass saucepan. Heat untl mixture begins to boil. Remov cherry mlitnr« from heat and ill In x«l»tln. Cool uiilll mlxlur* be gina lo tlilckon. \viilp cream an ftild Into cherry mixture. I'on (illlng Into cooler! pie shell. Chll 'pie about I hours or until filling firm. ^McLaughlin Calls Many \ Witnesses \ • HOT SPRING* Ark., Nov. 6.— s (UP)—A.Hotal of 13a witnesses for the ^ dcfenso^ were, preparing today to appear in Garland Circuit Court next Thursday morning when Hot: - Sprmgjr ex-mayoi" Leo P. McLuugh-' I lin is-scIVeduled <to go oh trial' for' sllegcrt malfca.'iance in office. Subpoenas'for the witnesses, including practically every member of the Garland County bar, were given to Chief Deputy Sheriff George Callahan yesterday by C. Floyd - • Hiiff, attorney: for McLaughlln.iIn-i eluded among the witnesses v;cr? •>v .Circuit-Judge Olydc Hi i Brown and former Circuit Judge Earl Witt, Pir,st. .court, .action . will .consist of » motion by the Mclaughlin, . jeekjng . to transfer .his trial to Mount Ida : 6n a change of venu. Circuit Judge Maupin Cum- roings of Fayottoville will preside, having exchanged clrcuito with Brown. Bakery Special MALTED MILK CAKE Special Malted Milk Icing—Rich in Flavor ON SALE SATURDAY ONLY? . _Tel«phon« Your Ord«r — Dial 2073 HART'S BAKERY OODS Cudahy't ? k eady to Eat Half or WhoU PURITAN HAMS Ib 53c Grade "A" CHUCK ROAST Hunt«r't Thrifty Rind leu SLICED BACON HUNTER'S 1 LB. I'ACKAGE LINK SAUSAGE ,,63 DELRICH, MIXES IN PKG. OLEOMARGARINE ,,45 Particular To wn&h n teacup sufficiently rec from grease In satisfy » &cl- ntlil calls (or a trained chemist nd may require u long as an hour Tomorrow i Menu BREAKFAST: ortni* ]utce, wheat flakes, French tout, Jwn, eoffee. mUk. lAlNCMOON; Spanish ome- et. heited whol* wheat JPV*ncli bre»d, butter or Torlllled m»r- garine, fruit bowl, Us. milk. MEATLESS PARCV PINNBR: Mcloii cup, broiled uunon itcaks, l*mon butter, potato balls with chopped parsley, green beans with.-sliced almonds, mlx*d tr*en salart, hard rolls, butter or fortified margarine, lc« cr«»m blackberry ba«k«t, eoffee, milk. Apples Ideal for Baking, Cooks Agree The beautiful army of npplM on th« market during the full ami winter months can fit Into dally mcmis In rnnny wayi. They ninke wonderful cobbler', dumpllnss, fritters, Minds ind pies, And don't forjet the old-time favorite — biked «p- lilfj. Almost all type* of apples are excellent for baking, some of tli* best-known baking applet on the trinket now arc the Ruino Bemily, Jouallun, Mclntosli, Norlh- ern Spy and SpHwnbeid, BnVcd apple* ar» goi\ for any meal. They may be th« brfakfa.M, fruit, UIB hinclicon dfwert or may ;arnl«h th« mt»t platt«r for dinner. Hut, don't b*k* kpplet exactly tht same wny every time. ' Vnry the lluvot by 'lllllnj the centers with chopped dttei utd nuts, crushed lilnenpple, raisins or mincemeat before bfiklng, For n different garnish for th« turkey or chicken plulter, fill chilled b«k«d tpplei with homa- mad» or canned cranberry muc«, Her* U a recipe for plain baked applM. Vary It to suit the family, decreulni the unounl of lUgir U a i»-«t nlllnf U uied. toll tnd pour orer ttM apple*. Btk* ' n a moderate oven (UO d»tr»*« F.) or 4s nilnul« to 1 hour, or until he apple* u* Under when pter«e*4 with a fork. But* them frtquntly with, the -«yrup in the bottom of th« jaklng pan. Serve hot or cold. Mak»» I lir»e baklnc upplw S cup (ranulated or brown |ar 1 c«i> water Wash incl cor* the applet. Part them about one-fourth the way down from llin stem end. Arrnnije them, pared end up, hi a shallow IwcoUlu ennmcled linking pnn Bring the sugar and water to Of Steto Nam* Often Playing With Mate hit, Child'* Cloth** IgnHi; Funeral JtHtf Conefuctef MORRtWOW, Art., Kor. «. (OT) — Funeral wrvlc** w*r« held today for Betty But BnnU, thm- yeai-olrt d>uiht«r of PlM* Brents, who died In a hospital htr* y**t*r- day of burns <uff«r*d two hours earlier at the BrenU horn*. Tha child's clolhinr caught fin whila she wn< playing with, match**, officials said. 8h« was In flame* when discovered by a houwkewer. . -J. O. Kelly, «vertaa*Bt i tor Bprir«4ata icboalt, Mte heft* tin School AdmlnMratcn J^MtottM. roUowtaf hfc'tlccUoa tt '» efaCMr h*r* lut nfeht, X* Kieonoj M. B. ' Ruwll of flter City. Oth*r offiesn clwUO w*n: OUr- «nc« B»ll of PwWn, *«• rnHrtsnK and Aril* KradjOl of OUrhMrOe, rt-nuMd HaroVart ancf fmpfommtt D*0/*r* to Me* fob. I* LITTLE HOCK, Vat. • .(CW-. Th* ArkwUM R*UI) K*rdw«n *M rmpl*m*nt D**J*n' Aiiodlition wffl hold Its «Jth annu*i aonvtottai b*r* T»b, 11, IT and 18. Th* raeattnt wtf planned at a m*etln| of Ux boar* . m*etln| of of directors y«*t«rd»y, LB 75< COUNTRY STYLE SAUSAGE Lb 5r SKINLESS WEINERS l Extra Special—6 Can Limit ARMOUR'S MILK Tall Cans ea. lOc SUNSWEET DRIED PEACHES Lb 23 1 LB. PACKAGE DRIED APPLES ,29 1 FJ{. PACKAGE DRIED APRICOTS ,39 PURE CANE SUGAR 10I|1 «95< SUNFLOWER BRAND VIENNA SAUSAGE -.15 MONARCH 7 OZ. CAN JUMBO SHRIMP 10 OZ. CAN TOMATOES 5 LB. BAG ORANGES RED TRIUMPH POTATOES LARGE SIZE PINK GRAPEFRUIT .. 69' 10' 39' Ag9 CITY SUPER MARKET YORK APPLES 109 W..t Main —We Deliver Phone 2Mt Kitchen Tested Gold Medal FLOUR 25 Ibs. $2.39 FOR COLDS LEMONS CIUSl'Y GARDEN FRESH CARROTS WITH TOPS TURNIPS Bunch W Bunch DOMINO SUGAR ........ ... 10 Lb. NO. 2 CAN BLACKBERRIES 19 NO. 1 CAN FRUIT COCKTAIL 15 SAILOR MAN GUEEN & WHITE LIMA BEANS WHOLE KERNEL , 24 NIBLETSCORN ,18 JACKSON'S NO. 1 TALL CAN PORK & BEANS 9 MAvKLnCL No. 1 Tall Can&V CAMELIA 5 3-4 OZ. CAN TAMATA CHIIPC R< SAILOR MAN NO. 2 CAN HOMINY GRATED NO. Vi CAN TUNA FISH GETS GRIT & THRT LAVA SOAP , 25 38 i 10 LARGE SIZE DUZ OR OXYDOL 35 C FANCY PACK NO. 1 CAN M TOMATOES OLD FASHIONED BROWN OR SUuAR Confectioner's 1 Lb 1 1 V-8 NO. 2 CAN VEGETABLE JUICE 23 BORDEN'S DIME BRAND CONDENSED MILK « ,22 LOG CABIN OR MAPLE SYRUP MOTT'S ASSORTED 10 OZ TUMBLERS JELLIES 20 ADAM'S 18 OZ JAR APPLE BUTTER 19 CRn 27 c CAl'B COU CRANBERRIES PkK 39 e KRtiKN HEADS CABBAGE Lb4i r FULL-O-MILK COCONUTS Lb 10 e GARDEN KRESH RADISHES Bun* 5 C Y10I,LOW TENDER BABY SQUASH , CRISPY FKE8H , X SPINACH , Chuck Roast ib 47c Cottage Cheese ib 2 9c Ham Roast ib59c Fresh Franks M3c OMAR HOT ROLL MIX TID BITS PINEAPPLE 8 OZ PKG. COCONUT ,25 Can 25 c 35 C Hi Power No. 300 can Tamales Only 19c Admiration "lt'» Cup T«t8d" Coffee Lb. 49c The Drive Is On ... $26,780 Needed For Blyth«ville Needy Give Now! Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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