The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1947
Page 14
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FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE <ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, NOVEMBER «, 1MT Cooking Methods Aid to Economy "Braising" of Meat ' , ••comet Important For Kitchen Artists ( TU' Vtlnvs—as President Truman •ad hie Pood Conservation Com- 'mlrt« h»ve indicated — to Uke thoOfht for careful cooking ol the m«»t W« serve. Ro*sUne, Jryliig, beoUtaf, there's a conserving way to. 40 < web .of these, but perhaps the m<xt important method lo know to' make the most oE the thiitty rat* ol me»U In the market now it "braiilng." Bruising, though It may be nil unfamiliar cooklsig term, is actually '»•' (imlllar cooking' procedure fqir liy the time-lionored way to eook pot roast, Braising' hnsn'tbcen tppUtid to nearly «s many meals u It could b« tor tenderness. Julcy- Bese *nd richness or flavor. With braising, the meat takes on Die rich browness ordinarily associated with roasting and yet k.".s- tinder cut* c»n be coked this way. HERTS HOW TO BRAISE ; ,To braise meat, choose a heavy ikUletror deep saucepan with a tight-fitting lid. Brown the meat, 'either whole or in plece-s, depending upon the cut, lu a HUle lard or meat ^drippings. Brown It Ihor- joughly, until'it develops a rich dark )»rown color. Then season It, and •tfd juit the tiniest bit of liquid, 'only/enough to barely cover the bottom of the pan and to keep the meat from scorching. Put on the lid tightly, and leave the meat to Ktowly yield Us richest flavor, lt.s lenderest substance, utider this let- »urely, thorough cooking. 'Hits Is th« way to make the mast of the meat on the market now. LIQUID USED VARIKS Added liquid for braising can be anything from plain v/ater lo Eoma- to Juice, sour cream, water saved from cooking vegetables, or soup atoclc. Each adds a different flavor accent to the finished dish. Vegetables, too, can be cooked with meat that's braised, but. see the fine, store of recipes that folknv— each in accordance with our renewed efforts to make (he most ot the thriftier cuts of meat. , B*ef and VeceUhls Tie 1% pounds chuck 2 Icasps. salt beef U teasp. pepper 1 tbsps. flour 1 cup peas 1 tbsps. larrt and 1 cup sliced • meat drippings carrots I medium onions, 2!i cups hot sliced mashed potn- '1 cups water toes Cut beef in I-Inch cubes; dredge with flour. Melt lard in heavy skillet; add mcnt and. brou-n evenly. Add onions and cook until tender- Add water, .salt and pcpixjj" cover and cook until tender. Add vegetables and cook 15 minutes longer. Put meat and vegetables In ?. quart .casserole. Measure stock, if not 3 cups add water to make this amount. Make a paste of 3 tabtc- • apotms flour and 4 tablespoons ot water, add to stock and cook stirring constantly until thickened. Pour over meat in ca.ssorolr. cover Trtth majthed potatoes. Brush with milk. Bake In a hot oven <450 degrees T.1 about 20 minutes. YIELD: 6 aervings. Savory BralsKl'I«imb 3 Ibi. lamb . 3 tbsps. lard 01 Jelly Roll Mdkes Luxry Dessert Fnr ThinkajIvJnj: dcs^erl—an ice-cream filled jelly roll bukeU liV CAViN'O.; iU.\IJjK).\ NKA Staff" A'rllcr' | Jjn>kiir-; for a brand-new iicluxe dessert to finish off your Thanksgiving dinner? A hompmado blackberry jelly rail basket filled with ice cream, served with hot or cold blackberry sauce, Is a wonderful nnswer. Make the Jelly roll cake n day or two in advance—then Thanksgiving morning put the basket together. In Baking the cake roll, you put aside some of the blackberry Jam filling and use it for sauce. Other flavor jams can be used in place ol the blackberry, It dc.slrcd. Ice Cream Blackberry Basket (Serves 6) One q'lart vnniliu ice cream (bulk), 1 old-fashioned jelly roll (with blackberry Jam), blackberry sauce. Set relri^cralor control to freezing. Store Ice cream in freezing compartment until ready to use. Line reli^Reralor tvny with double layer of v.iixcd paper. Cut chilled jelly roll into 10 slices. Arrange 4 slices horizontally on the bottom of tray to make a compiict oasc lor the "basket" The slices may partially or completely fill the tray, depending on trny size. (The dessert can be made in a tray of any length. To allow for height, you can use a deep tray, or remove one of the freezing cojnparlment shelves.) Mako the sides of the basket by placing 2 slices of Jelly roll on each side, and one slice at each end. all resting on ci\ke base. Secure with toothpicks, if necessary. Pill cake basket with big scoopfuls i of ice cream. Return to refrigerator ' compartment and freeze until ice til onion is yellow on all sides. Re- ; I turn pepper mid onion to skillet 'i with remaining incrcdient.s Cook ; until tender. Serve with rice. ' YIELD: 6 servings. ' n\-.:*i is ;iiJi). Wiicn rracly to serve, ininsfer ice cream basket to dessert plate, Ff UjothpickA have been used, remove them. Pass blackberry satire, hot nr cold. Illackhcrry Sniirc (Makes itlihuL 1 !i cujis) One cup btacKbcrry jam, 1-4 cup hot water, 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Combine all ingredients and blend welt. If a hot sauce Is desired, heat nil ingredients in small saucepan until well blended. Watermelon Christ cubic Lincoln, ill., was the first of all the cities in the United States to bear that name. Abraham Lincoln helped Lo plan It, and christened it himself by breaking a watermelon over the wheel of a wagon. Head Courier News Want Ads. MONARCH /Efc^ SWEET COM . . breast, shank orshoulder cup diced green pepper cup chopped onion . meat drippings ^= cups canned tomatoes 1 bay leaf 1 teasp. salt 1 clove garlic Have meat cut in 1 inch cubes. Brown meat, onion and green pepper In lard in heavy skillet. Add remaining ingredients. Cover tightly »nd cook 40 minutes, or until tender. Remove clove or garlic. YIELD: 6 servings; - Creole Be*f with Rlcr 1 tup raw rtc« Ibs. beef 1 cup sliced onions round or chuck H cup thin strips U t«asp. dry ',' mustard 113 cup flour 3 teajps. salt H teasp. pepper I tbsps. lard or ineat drippings green pepper 3 cups canned tomatoes ^. tcasp. paprika t tbsp. lemon Juice teasp. sugar ' Cook rice In Hi quarts boiling •alted water until tcndc:( Have bert cut In 1J4 inch cubes. Combine mustard, flour, i teaspoon or the •Ut and pepper; roll beet In 'Hour Jnlrturt. Melt lard in skillet; add onion and green pepper; cook un "ffwry-ffp'Dinners LAST CHANCE TO WIN! 5 HUDSON SEDANS Super-Six 4-cloor two-tone blue sedans with Hudson Weather-Master and foot-control radio. 1160 AU-STAR PRIZES WORTH $39,275.00 FINA1 WEEK! 232 MORE Final Week's Contest Closes Midnight Nov. 12 frti 1000 Gafais Texaco fire- Chief Gas with «»eh ear 5 FUR COATS ;.;: N Specially selected pelts, custom-made. Fed. excise (ax paid. ..$1400 value complete. 25 LAUNDROMATS WESTINGHOUSE ROASTER OVENS w'tSTINCHOUSf 1000 IRONS WESTINGHOUSE KROGER BREAD 2 ',:;,;. 27 Made with twisted dough far finer texture KROGER ROLLS JJO J4 Dinner style, Delicious SODA CRACKERS L) 23 Kroner Salted RITZ CRACKERS Lb 29 Crisp, fits nil occasions Coke of the Week Marble Creme Layer 500 When You Serve &iccf/ie from MAYROSE TEST KITCHEN Frankfurt and Baked Roan Casserole (« SERVINGS) 1 pound M.iyrosc Frankfurts 2 Number-one [al! cans of baked beans Stt aside liv frankfurtl. Cut the remaining rranlcfuris into thin ptnnvwite slices. Mix slices niih hcans. Place nii\tirrc in i greased casscro'.c. Top with . Pour .ftjc< over both. Kike in * moderns F.). for 25 minutes. MARGARINE Eatmore, |Top Quality CORN BEEF HASH Armour's Star Brand PEANUT BUTTER Rnchanlrcss Oe.-iniy and Smooth 35' SPAGHETTI DINNER 10 p£29 Kroger's Quick-fix 4 Lb. 2H Ctn. HUMKO The Dainty Conking Fat CHERRIES N 'ii27 e Kroger Red Sour Pitted BAKBNG POWDER Z ^ n 28 [.'lahbcr Girl GREEN BEANS No Vt23 Slniuliird Brand. Cut STOKELYCORN Cream Style White FLOUR K £ Avonrlaic BORAX 10Pk ° gz 12 Twenty ^!ule Team Hurry! Enter often as you can. 232 winners this week. Mai! each entry with one dated end from a Hot-Dated Coffee bag, or facsimile, to Krogrr Coxiest, Box 1200, Chicago 9O, Illinoi,. SEND DATED END FROM EITHER BAG Heor tor on4 coot winntn onnourKtd <m "IMa't Fiot lev(". Mondey Hire Friday WMC 1:30 p.m. SPOTLIGHT COFFEE L ,39 Hot-Dated, Fresher. Save 3 Lb. Bag 1.12 COCOA Hershcy's For Baking nr Beverages FLOUR Get this Christinas Value! BEAUTIFUL PERSONALIZED \ CHRISTMAS CARDS O. ORC WITH AHT PURCHASE Of L Lv POTATOES AT KROGER HURW! Get order blanks with details at Krtger 8 lb. Mesh Bag 49* Sweet Juicy ORANGES POTATOES 10 U.S. No. I Washed Reds SWEET YAMS 3- 250 Washed, Waxed Porto Rieon , ORDER VOUR THANKSGIVIHG WRKW NOW! Be sure of the size you want in the finest of young, tender juicy birds. See your Kroger meat maa! Driving ^OOQOOO Safe Miles,,,, Covering H.000.000 milos or U.S. lii;;h\vnys anil byways witVioul R sinptf riiarpcable accident is ,-\ truly J;:TPL n-:cornplislimcnt in inp 5,-ifrly. And that \n cx- acUy \\li.-\V 11" Kroner tnirk rtriv- era rrc^nlly rccoivod a safety Award for clomp. Their record covered I-I years of non-accident in£ nr\»l they're on the road making nir>i-r- safe Kroger-Cut Saves You More Chuck Roast - Ib. Kroger-Cut Heavy Veal Sorloin Steak Ib. 67c Kroger-cut Heavy Veal PORK SAUSAGE , 52 SLICED BACON Armour or Swift's Swift Premium PORK CHOPS Confer Out KQ^ Swiff Premium N» "*» T1R AITVKPHWR KRAUNSCHWEIGER Ib LUX Flakes Swan ^wan * •>«> . Soap 2 * W Octagon Soap Palmolive Eat Well for Less With These Kroger Low-Cost Foods Serve Luncheon and Dinntr to 4 for 59e a perton Luncheon Plate With Welsh Rarebit Melt cheese in double broiler, add milk, egg yolk, seasonings, stir ta beaten tgg white. Serve on crackers VELVEETA .... ..... y, Ib. 22c EGG ...... „, ..... , (! ..... on* 6 Vac MILK ....... , ....... M . 1-3 cup 3c CRACKERS ............. 3c Baked Potatoes, 4 mad. fix* lOc With M»rc»rln« Cauliflower ......... head 26c With Marcarln* SALAD ..................... 23e Apple, eel«ry, grape, lettuce and dressing. COFFEE .......... ,.,..''. . 6e Total eoit for 4 ........ 99'/ie Today's Ix>wesl Priced Foods, Fruits and vegetables are plentiful mid low priced at Kroger. GRAPEFRUIT 10 'Sweet, Juicy, Seedless ROME APPLES B ui 3* 9 All Purpose GRAPES 2u,25' EMPEROR—U. S. No. 1 Red SPINACH Deliciout Dinner Fish In Tomato Sauce Put fish fillets in greased baking dish. Add condensed tomato soup, bit of onion, seasonings, and bake. Fresh Cod Fillets ..11-3 Ib. 47c Tomato Soup . ..... ... .1 can lOe Campbell's Green Beans . . . .No. 2 can 12c With h»rr-n drip phi c» Scalloped Potatoes ....... 15c 4 poUto«, 1^ cap milk, rairfirine. Cole Slaw ....... ,. r ...,. . . . .8c 4« Rolls and Margarine ..... . .12e • Kroner Dinner Rails. Hot Gingerbread ..;,..,...,_.,- .26c Mti .. .... .............. 6e Coffee Sugar and Gremn. Total Cost for 4 $1,36 Cut Food Coitc With Krogtr Fre»-Shor« S«a Foods Abundant supply, economical, iw waste COD FILLETS „„ * 35 Sweet Flavor WHITING ,1* Dressed—Value Priced SALMON STEAKS R 55' Flavorful—Thrifty OCEAN PERCH » Tender, Ta«tr GILLETTE Blue Blades Pkg.of Ever Honc4

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