The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1947
Page 13
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THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 6, 1947 Legislator Warns Of Centralization Local Governments Threatened by Stat« Aha federal Powers RT JKSS IIASSEU, (liil(<Hl t-7(S5 Staff Correspondent) NEW ORJjEANS. NOV. «. (UP) — Federal and slate governments ere "eating away the very substance O f IOCM government,.'" Sen. Eoivard Martin, R., pa., charged BLTTHEVriLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS •' Marl in warned (lint the power [o tax may eventually destroy lower levels of government and cause absolute centralization. Addressing delegates of the American Municipal Assn., here on the closing day o; the 2',;ii annual conference, the Senate Finance Committee member criticize^ (ho peacetime budget of the U. s. for being In excess of what "a (ice people can afford," Reviewing, the processes of , ne- rican democracy from Thomas Jefferson's day. Mnrtln noted that until 1933. few (unctions performed! by the federal government directly j Effected local governments. But! since the depression, national go-i vermnent subsidies h»ve "had a! distinct hearing on the. development of local evon-nmeiU functions which are closest to the people," the Senator said. Duplication Cited "Federal grants-in-airt are Iv- comlng an Increasing difficult problem for Congress to solve " he declared. Martin cited overlapping and duplication In national, state and municipal regimes which has "severely challenged" the tradltlon- j»l division of power between the Qthree levels of government- He observed that the ' federal government has displayed more aggressiveness ,In expanding Its powers than local governments while cities struggle along with lower revenues. "Centralization js-in the air in the United States, regardless of the constant reminder of the disastrous results of excessive centralization In Germany, Italy and Russia." Martin cautioned. "Cen- traHrattan In those countries crushed individual freedoms. Destruction of liberty followed. Vv e must not passively accept the apparent course, of events," \ ' The Pennsylvania!!, listing what he considered, the proper functions of each level of- government, suggested that represents lives from each division met frequently to decide appropriate shares of responsibility. He offeretj'as other possible solutions to the gpverrnent'al threat "cutting to the bone" of peacetime, federal expenditures: participation by "all the people" In the government; streamlining of state and local governments.;. 'Dud Improved methods' of making federal loans to other levels of government. Alabama Town is First To Get Hospital Under Federal Building Plan >, v WASHINGTON, Nov. 6. (UP) — Laiigdalo, Ala., yesterday became the first community to benefit under the hospital construction pro- iSram of the hospital survey and ^construction act. The application of the Chattahoo- che Valley Hospital to be located »t Langdale was signed- by Surgeon General Thomas Parrali of the U. S. Public Health Service at ceremonies Inaugurating the new program. Total cost of the 82-bed S ask for AIRY PRODUCTS YOUR DOOK •••AT YOUK STORS DAIRY PRODUCTS THE MEASURE OF QUALITY We Feature: Homogenized MILK GREEN'S DAIRY Distributors Phone Z.1B1 Down to the Sea on Tires la flat light 1 montlii of 1947 2,087,802 car, were told he*e, 174,378 Chart above shows percentages of Amerlcan-mede commercial and passenjer vehicles exported overseas, according )o tabulations by Automotive News. Recent embargoes on Import of motor vehicle 1 ; by European countries have resulted In a market shift from Europe to I*atin Americ.T. .' In Hot Spot Tighe E. Woods, above, was appointed acting Housing Exp'e-' diter by President Truman following the resignation of Frank R. Creedon, who quit the post to take charge of a construction program for the development of atomic energy. Woods was formerly deputy expediter. Taft Saddles Price Blame On President TUI.SA. Okla., Nov. 6. (UP) — President Truman's failure to limit exports to South America and other foreign areas has forced U. f> prices upward. Sen. Robert A Taft R-, Ohio, said today. The senator, who was her e In search of support for the Republican presidential nomination next year, said in a :news conference that the present federal administration "is sriuarcly to blame" lor the present price problem. "Certainly before we consider rationing tor our own people, we might ration exports to South America, for instance." said Tall. He salt! Mr. Truman'has had the authority to limit exports but had not used It. general hospital and health' center is estimated at $1.663,287 of which the federal share will be IW2.633.- r~')\\ '- i Little Interest Shown by Government In Making Rain for Wheat in Kansas Co., whlcli pioneered the r.iln- nnklnK experiment. The U. S, Won- tner Iimenu IMS cooperated In the experiment*. None of the experiment* so Isu ins Involved » n attempt to make »ln over farm properly. l>iesuma- »!>• I ha government has avoided such because of the jxvislbllltv of damage suits by properly owneri. The experts sny Hie,, have proved lie.v can nmke ruin by .seeding certain types of clouds with dry re. mit they reluse to predict to wlint degree they onn create rainfall or to what extent they could control It. in any case, the proper ypcs of e.loud.s must be. present x?fore an exi>eilmenl can even bf WASHINGTON, Nov. «. (UP) — There was little Indication tod»y that any government agency WM much Interested In dropping dry Ice from airplanes to make rain lor lh«_Kansas 19« wheat crop. Tz£~^mam ti\>fn Cni A.HTBBM wate Chamber or conunerco to Presl- [lent Triunan and other government officials suggesting that federal agencies conduct extensive rain-making experiment* over western Kansas wheat landn brought no Immediate comment from anyone concerned. But those connected the federal rnln-mnkliiK experiment* (Minted out. that the experimenters *tlll arc analyzing \nelr hurrlcine-bUiV- Ing attempts and the flight, over the New England forest fire Area. It \vns indicated' they would not be likely to undertake new projects until they have established what has been accomplished so far. The government 1 ! rain-miking experiments hnve been carried on by the Army signal Corpa and the Office of Naval Research under a Joint contract with General Electric Motor Court Regulations Tightened MONTGOMERY. Ala., Nov. «. (UP)—Montgomery's city Commission has adapted an ordinance which will allow more slilct, regulation of tourist camps and motor courts here. By the ordinance, tourist camp.s and motor courts are subject to Inspection by the County Health Department and registration rcRuhi- tions are lightened. The rcRlstrant now must list Ilic names of all people In his Rrrtu|>, The clerk must write on tho register trie license and make of car of the renter, the date and }iour of arrival, room assigned, and the hour of departure. By the new law, Ihr rctlstcr will be subject to Inspection tty law enforcement officials. The ordinance declares It unlawful "to let any room or quarters to any persons for Illicit purposes." In addition, Die ruling says that rooms may ton rented only ouce between the hours of 9 p.m ..and fi a.m., and that rooms could be rented for not less than a 12-hour ner- lod. , "OMat40,50,6Q?" — Man, You're Crazy Forzf t jronr t:^ Triousan'i* are peppy U "(K Try p*rn:ns uj»" with Ositei. CODI&JM tonic lr>r -*»k. niDflnrn tr*]| D jr lue folrir 10 twflj'i l*ck ot Iron "Tim Rmtiy mra ftnn wnrnrn call "nM." Try w ' , At all drug 1 store* everywhere — In Blvthevillp, at Klrbj T>raf. 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