The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on April 3, 1874 · 3
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 3

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1874
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. ? .- sju . ..- ,mw mmxut. FRIDAY. ......APRIL S GO MM E R C I A L . .AH FXAxamoo Anril I - Legal Tenders bnjins. 88)4 : "siting, 8. NBW YoA, April J Gold opened at lit I etUA. aL,ltI;iosedat 119 V. S. rjocdi of lfftt....... U. S. Bond of ISht....... Sterling Exohanse...... 3 PaoifioMail ... .118 120X ..........154)4 a-S8. Quicksilver -. .,..-.,.... Jolton...... ......... 7 Fheat .f.1 7(Wi:$l 90 floor -- na. so -...16 HideeuU-"" " o3jai?Sc,5lto4 -J 10m. a.!..,. Bleached... s.1 fcvl 80 W' 'terBlaVflhVLi "Sfc Woor-Spri MablsirVaillsl 5o:lU.cl6r.U&Jlo;dobttnV.VSo. . LrVBBPOOI, April 1 California Wheat. .... ij.ih. w lalilonua.Olub Wheat... Us4&lJs8d j Losdoh. April 1 f1T.ii 0t4te Bond Fives). 1015, Consols VREIGHTat, CHAHTKRS, ETC. , FBmaT EVBjrnia, April J. Th Oriflamm will sail to-morrow at M o'clock - f" Portland. The Mohongo will be dts from Panama and Oeu- ral American porta to-morrow. ; - ; The Prince Alfred for Victoria will Bad on Monday at 10 a. nr. v The Santa Craa will ba duo from How l-"fl'"g and war porta to-morrow. Ton bark Clara R. Batil and schooners Alfred Adams. Energy. Joseph Woollej. Page and Wild Gazelle are fitting oat for the Ood ashing trade. The Kalorama will be due from the Southern ooast to-morrow. VThe next steamer for Panama, will be the Arizona, to sail on the 11th mat. The steamer Paciflo will sail for San Diego and way ports to-morrow at i 9. M. C The Tartar will be the next ataamer from Ana-tralia, and will be dne on the 11th ins. eaNBHAL :MEHCHANOISR. ' The following prominent real estate transaetaona are noted : Lot on the northerly line ef California street. SO feet 5 inches west of Kearny, having a frontage of 89 feet on California by a depth of 1S1 feet, for about 95,0UO. The lot on the northeast comer of California and Dans streets 45 feet 10 inches on California by 68 feet inches on Davis with the three-story brick building thereon, is reported sold to a A. Low for $65.000. . The coinage of the Minta at Philadelphia, San Francisco and Carson daring the month of March, exclusive of minor coins, is reported to be (4.218 400 Gold Coin. a02,0(jo Trade Dollars, and l27,lSother Silver Coin. An Eastern paper says: Of the 5,041,000 Shad which were successfully hatehed and tarned loose Ust year, by far the greater part were placed in the Hudson. During the period of five weeks intervening between Hay 20th and June 10th, 1871, at which date the fishing eeased, owing to the high temperature of the water, the total number of mature Shad caught Was 1643, from which 5,744,000 pawn were extracted. In the year 1870 upwards of .S'O.OOd young Shad were turned loose in the Hudson, which, together with the 3.000,000 fry pat in since, mast eventually increase the annual supply, inasmuch as heretofore the entire yield of the Hudson has beenl?ut 1,000.000. Three years sgo the Shad fisheries of the Hudson were so ran down that very few of them were paying, and many fishermen had discontinued their labors. The yield for the last two years have, however, improved, and with the anaistanoe of a proper law, establishing a weekly closing, there is no doubt but that the fisheries can be restored to their original condition. From the Railway Monitor we learn that 4190 miles of railway were built in this country during we year 1Si3. Toe total number of miles in Pennsylvania is MM. which Is greater 'than that of any ether State exeept Illinois, which has 6479 miles. There were 4119 miles built is Pennsylvania last year. The fee for registering a letter mailed to any Postoffice in the United States or Territories, is now fixed at eight cents, in addition to the regular letter postage. Both fee and postage must be prepaid by postage stamps of the denomination of eight cents, as that sum can be obtained by combining stamps of the most convenient denominations at hand. BROOMS Market quiet and unchanged. We Quote aa follows: Common No S at $3 SO; do No 4; do No 1, $4 SO; Extra No 3. QSgfi SO; do No 2, C6 50: do No 1, 7. GUNPOWDER California Blasting is quotable at 93 25 ; Dnpont's Blasting, iron kegs, $3 25 : Hazard do do, $1 25; Hazard, K R P, in Canisters, lb. Sue; do Electra. $1; do American Sport, ISc; do Dupont, FFF 6.50c; do Eagle Duck. 70c; do Dim Grain, L BAGS AND BAGGING Sale of 125.000 Standard suriap Wheat Bags at lJtc: 100.000 dodo. UKo usual credit ; 200,000 yards 40 and 45-inch Hessians, iW!iv;o yard. NAILS The trade prices remain as heretofore 95 for lUd to 60d : 8d and 9d. 25o ke ahov. lftri (dand7d,50edodolOd; 4d and Sd, 75o do do lOd ; Id, $1 SO do do, lOd: 2d and Sd, fine, $2 25 do do lOd ; em. apises, au sizes, 2e above lOd. NAVAL STORES Our quo tat ions are aa fI. lows: Pitch, fS SO; Tar. (7 50(0,8 $ bul; Oakum, SSO asv r aie oi ou its; Anchors, 883o; Chains, 7(g IHc; Rosin. (6 S07. P APER Following are current quotations; Call lornia Straw, fl 10 ream: Eastern do, 91 253 ei ; maniia. imWio V S : Newa. l'iVaHSo n ft. W PULU The demand is light and the trade is sup- puea at oso. a, SPICKS Quotations are: Pimento, 1516o; Pepper. 21 Hi3i2c; Cloves, 55c60; Cassia, 2S2So; Nutmeg, l 0591 07 4 V ; Citron.JOc ; SaRo,6.7c; Tapioca, 6X 7Mo ; English Mustard, 93 ; French do, VXmX; California do, in K-B glass, 1!41!. Local manufacturers' rates for ground, at the f actory,are for Cassia, f 1 X ; Mustard, 91)4 ; Pepper, 91 ; Cloves 91H : Ginger, 91 ; Allspice, 1. STARCH We give the following quotations: Duryea'a Superior. 910c : Satin Glosa, 120 ; Corn, USiSo; Maizena, 13o; Oseeola and Pearl. 89o; Kingsfora s, 910c; Glenfielda Patent. 16o; San Jose Wheaten. No 1, in bulk. 10c VRODTJCB MARKET. FLO UK 1 he local demand is good with a light export inquiry. We quote local brand, aa follows: Extra. V 12. I Snperflne C4 905 CD WHEAT There is no quotations through to-day from Liverpool. Holders here are firm, and as shippers do not corns up to their views trade ia almost at a standstill at present in consequence. Exporters are net offering above VI 87 4 for ehoioe and 91 90 for fancy lots. Milling is held st $1 7)&f2, with $1 9L!a,l 95 bid by millers. BARLKY Market unchanged. Bales of 800 sks bright bay feed. 91 67X ; 1290 de choice coast do, 91 65; ttm do good bey brewing, 91 75. Dark ooast is down to 91 56 and choice bay brewing ia np to 91S0YtcU. OATS The maaket continues quiet. Sales in clude 500 sks fair feed, 91 60; LSI do choiee do, 91 Si; 400 do choice Oregon. 9167HSJ170 The market is quotable at 91 S01 70 100 lbs. ONIONS Sales of 170 sks Oregon, for Denver, private. EYE Sales of 100 sks choice at 91 7 V ctl. CORN Sales were made to-day within the range of 91 671 72X 100 Bis. POTATOES We quote Humboldt at919u92. and Petalnma at 91 751 95 ft 100 Its. the Utter for very choice lots. HAY The extremes of the market are 91618 50 ton. STOCK MAHKJET. The Pioneer Land and Loan Association will pay a monthly dividend of 1 par cent on Monday next. The First National Gold Bank of San Francisco has declared a monthly dividend of 1 per cent, payable on the 10th inst, Saa Francisco Stock and Exehanre Beard. SALS .THIS MOBjraia. ttO Alnha. 14914! 701 Imperial..... 680 Julia. 10 Justice , 330 Rentuok..... 700 aLnickev Ku Lady Bryan.. n0 Leo 2ti0.Lady Wash.., 2t K iforkC... XCa.,'s .4:ai4 is 60 A Flat , C Sit) Andes 13s 4u B A tteLcber..36;a3gt V40 Beletaer 65&86t 1U0 Buckeye t 1W Bal Con "i 10U Bullion 8). 170O Foint HtKH 50c 1 ...35.4 460 Chollar 67,w tta Con Va 83H4t64 6) Caledonia 37'6jft .. U4S ...57ift60 4600 Onhir 0 Overman ... rai havaa-e. AW Suooor........ I0UB Nev 9U 8 Hill 381 California 4iVM3 130 l onndence...'ia)Mv .24325K 270 Dayton 6J4 U7S, 1U k mDi-s M.......6(cU14 U .1041(12 ..75anOo ...I.V-JIU i" Beloh... SHU Tyler. Si) Union Con... 10SU Wocdviue.. 1T0.Y Jacket.... 290 Eaonsqosr. ZOjMU 12bv uoum m u.nww 37U Globe Con.... 20tfUaiAM m ..77)S( SALOS TSS-nrxDAI AITOSOOW. 580 Am Flag 4a 30 H A Hunt.. 11 IV Bowery.. .boc,W M Valley.... ll)ttli It Beimont. fcS iuv nanogany.... 3l rlslaner 8434feib 1.0 Chief of H. 6Uc 200 Caroline 2c SUCederoerg 3 201 Chariot M 5 440 Caledonia.... .3631 310 Con Va ...... fc4atf 2 California 3M CPoint...-....' 2MI :hollar 68&69 10 City Gas 7o 17'i l-orek Con I4i 530 El Dorado4S...7&74 1 Eureka 86(1 Empire (Id.....8)4 100 Exchequer 41?r4 6GBanot. 14 SJv Gould AO 31&31H a N Bel 4ilo 1WOH i-reas.....82u8 "J Overman.. . 57 Vd! 2100Ophir IllvPioone.... ...swis .24'tt2 3860 Pan A P... U'-iO Portland.., 500 Quintero.... 12-1 Kay A lily.. ilO R Patch. 30 Red Jacket. 000 S Chariot..., Ml S Beloher-. 25c x7ro.2B a ....SV&2S .lOAo.10. 1060 W A Creole... 4JH44 160 Wsr Eacle. M Y Jacket 78&78 California Stock and Exchange Beard. SSXiBS THIS MOBKIWa. 0 Am Flag. 4'2"0 Imoenal... ...6X7 4 23 1 b A Beign. 2u Belcher.... 10 Caledonia. i6ta Ml Julia.... ...635 34 10 Kentuca..... 160 Mint H0N York a... ..3d35e j'i inniiar HOC Washoe...;; lOon Vs 200 1 Dorado. .66 IS .VI 4 .230)23 540 Ophir 101) Page A f.... ...... .2 ...7 i savage.. sAtss xxsTXAcaT arrxAHOoa. 180 A Flag.. 5 1 199 lmDerial 30 Independent. & Kentuca 16 Andes .... (0 Belcher ltU Caroline 2 ChoUar SO C Point.... 60 Dayton 100 Eldorado S.. SO Hale A -N .1)4 ..24 .494 87 5o .7U&7II w n x era u . 10U Onhir OS), !""7 80 Pioche... 160 Trier... 5 J"---.....333) an W A Creole.. .4&4J v RECKIPTS OF PROOTJCK. Fbisat, April S. FLODB. 410 or sks, order. . WHEAT 1115 ctis, I Friediander. B AK LEY 66 etia. order. OATS 16 ecls. order. COHN 12 ctla, order. BKANS 672 aks, order. MUSTARD SEED 158 sks. order. ' I'UTATOr. S 16u sks. ordsr. OS ION S 86 sks, order. HIDICS-777. order. WOOL 22 bales. Christy A Wise; 25 do. Miller Co ; 64 do, order. TTOPS 1 hla. order- XI A V" Rri bona. McKmBft A r.Min- 4S do. Rider. Somen A Co: 15 do, H Ostartoh: 12 do. Kaiser Bros; 33 do, CL Place; 4 do, J a McCune. BaoArrro'noa. VIOnr,SlS T IVD. W M W, J ..-- . WW.W.WUV, oats, 16 do; eorn, 12 do: beans. 6.1 sks; mustard seed. 16 do: potatoes, loO do; hides, 777; wool. 111 ... . i . nn . i i ee A bales; hops. 1 do; hay. 212 tons. Failed to Detebmine. The bee-keepers have failed to determine how much honey a single bee produces in a year. J. ma na- poitaatiaubjeet should sot b overlooked. MARINE INTELLIGENCE. Saua grsscUcs. .AprU 8. 1ST. ' 8TJN AND TIDE TABLE. JoaaButed by Twos. Txwwsjit. Mathenutioal Instrument Maker. No. 423 Washington street! near Sansome. H- 'waxcB. I u wins. I a. watks. I l. wiTxa. iiAnon ) I (mos,) I taataij.) I (nxux.) 157-f a. tbir.u. t 113a.m. I 7t6a MB THKSUN.v mass,... J 45 Bets....... ........ ..til Arrived. Apn! t Schr ttoflta Sacramento, Johnson, 48 nrs fm Davenport'a landing; 40 cords wood, to J Garratt. April I Stmr Donald, Leland, 8 hrs fm To-males: produce to Goodall. Nelson a Perkins. Fr bark August, Bernard, 45 da tm Swatow; 16,40ft bags sugar to Fred I ken. ' Col bark Egpscnlsdor, Morse, 33 dt fm San Bias: 464 oeuar logs to Gaxrola A Andrade. Gerschr Uelene, Bruhn,20ds fm Uilo; sugarand molasses to Weloa A Co. Schr J H Roscoe, Rcsb. S ds fin Albion Siverl 7000 posts to L White. benr unaaantea, tsenson, v nrs rm Santa uruz; 40 M feet lumber, 2800 posts to Biggins A Collins. ailed. April t Stmr Cordelia, R&doliffe. Coquille Biver. . Stmr Twin riistars. Peterson, . Br sbiD Marietta, UnRhes, Burrard Inlet, Brig Sheet Anchor, Emerson, Coos Bay. Brig Willimantio, Allen. Humboldt. Schr Sen Harney, Redfleld, Honolulu, 8chr Pet. Paul, Gerstle's Cove. Schr Mary Zephyr, Mills, Gerstle's Cove. i ' Schr Ida Florence, Betje, Albion River. Schr Stina Nioolaison. Larsen. Gerstle's Cove. Schr Free Trade, De Young. Albion River. Schr Selma, Thompson. Cuffey's Cove. Schr .1 P Haven, Nelson, Gerstle's Cove. Scar Sea Foam. Griffiths. Mendocino. Schr Big River, Nelson, Mendocino. Memoranda. Per Augusts Left Swatow Feb I7th; experienced fair weatber during the passage with the exception of from March 17th to 23d ; then strong gale from N to N W-, with very heavy sea. whict did more or leas damage to bulwarks Per Helen Left Hilo March 14th: first part of paasags light winds from N and cairns: afterwards shifted round .to E, aS and W. with rain and squalls : latter part SSE winds and fine weatber. Per Especulador Had fine weather throughout the passage ; last 4 daya light SSS winds. Deuiestie Perse SANTA BARBARA Arrived April 3d Stmr Constantino, Harloe. hence April 1st. Sailed a pril 2d Stmr senator, Korta, Ban Fran- eiaoo ; 3d, stmr aalorama, Elliot, do. SAN PEDRO Arrived Anril 3d Stmr OHuh, Johnston, hence April 1st. ruK riAl Arrived Asm 3d Kktne Wah. foot. Wheelwright, hence March 26th. Went to sea Anril 1st Bark Antioeh. Hi T. Cork r 2d. Fr bark Cordouan, Bertrand, do: Haw bark Matue MacLeay. rXonolalu. UTSALADY Sailed AprU Ist-Bark Onward. Fulton, San Francisee. PORT GAMBLE Arrived April 1st Bark Cam-dsn, Robinson, hence March 20th. Voreijrn. Porta. t VICTORIA March 31st Stmr Grappler has towed intqport the wreck of the schr Elida, SYDNEY Put in (no date) Bark Samuel Mer-ntt, Ray, from Newcastle (N S W) for San Francisco. CaLLAO Arrived Feb 27th Br ship Lady Clarendon, Hoi ten, from Port Blakely. f Telegraphic Pourc Lobob, April 112 M. Weather hazy: wind light W. BORN. In tbis city, April 2d, to the wife of Felix Uri, a daughter. In this city, March 30th, to the wife of Festna juuiionongQ, a son. DIED. Ih this city. April 2d, James C, eldest son of Anthony and Elisabeth Ladlain, seed 34 years and 2 months. In this city, April Id, Amanda M., wife of Charles L. Cramer, aged 46 years. In tnis city, April 2d, Frederick Ehrichs, aged 42 years ana lu months. In this city, AprU 2d, Mrs. Margaret Raid, aged M vears. In this city, April 1st, Thomas Bird, aged 42 years. . Tiff TMM aiTT?AKD COUUTT HOSPITAL. April 3d, Charles Guender, a native of Germany, aged 61 years. April 3d, Henry Marlines, a native of Mexico, aea a years. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. CAPTAIN LEES CASE. He is Acquitted of nil Blame by tbe Police Commissioners. The case of Captain I. W. Lees, charged by B. F. Napthaly with having acted in a manner unbecoming an officer, on the first of last February, In the Sun office, in this city, came up for examination yesterday before tbe Police Commis sioners. The prosecuting witness testified that Captain Lees and Charles De Young went together to the rear of the Suit office, and then came to he front, when Michael De Young beckoned to him to come to him; that the three then went quietly np-stairs, where Michael De Young broke open the door, and Captain Lees made no attempt to prevent the act; that the Captain then, without the authority of law, or without a warrant, arrested the printers, and left them in the custody of Sergeant Ward, for two hours, while he went out with Charles De Young to hunt np Judge Louderback to obtain a proper warrant. Mr. Charles De Young said that he requested Captain Lees to accompany him to the Sun office, as he thought It best that an officer should be on the ground to prevent any disturbance which might occur. W. A. Bushnell, a printer, said that he and other men employed on the Sun, were placed un der arrest by Captain Lees and kept in a room for two hours and a half, and that be was not permitted to leave. He said that no damage was done in the office by the Captain, and that beyond the arrest there was nothing out of the way In tbe conduct of the Captain. Captain Lees read an extract from Bishop's Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure in defence of his act, In which the following appeared: "An officer may confine prisoners until the heat of passion is oyer. An officer may detain a prison. er In a house until the next day if the time is un seasonable. Constables have authority without warrant to arrest those whom tbey see 'engaged in an affray, and detain them until they obtain sureties. If a person ia present when another is committing a crime, it is incumbent upon him to do something to prevent the crime, aand fail ing in this, to bring the criminal to justice. Captain Lees said that he knew that these men were la the act of re-setting a criminal libel. and acted accordingly. The Captain said that this was bis case, and be asked that the charges be dissmiseed. The Board, after a few minutes' deliberation, on motion of the Chief of Police, unanimously dismissed the complaint against the Captain. BEST OS RECORD. "Lady Mae" Tret Five Miles in 13 Minutes. An exciting race took place at Oakland Trot- in g Park yesterday, the contest being for a purse of $500, free for all; five miles out. The horses starting were Sam. Bobbins' b. m. "Lady Mac;' Alex. Lewis s. g. "Jerome," and O. Hickox's i. m. "Oman all." The pools sold as follows: Jerome," 960; "Omahall," $30; "Lady Mao" $i. The track was in excellent condition, and the at tendance good. Messrs. A. F. Daniels, James Ainsworth and John Hackett were the jadges. and John McGrail and Henry White took the time. "Lady Mac" had the Inside, "Omahall' second, and "Jerome" outside. The trotting was very pretty, but the horse which had sold lowest In the pools "Lady Mac" got away with the race and purse, making the best five- mile time on record. The best time previous to this was made by "Morris sey," at Detroit, August 26, 1868, in 13:11. The next was by Fillmore," In 13 J., "Little Mac," to wagon. on Long Island, made it in 13:43)4, and "Ameri cas," to wagon In 13:45. BBCaPITUAATIOX. Oasxasd Park, April 3, 1874. Purse t00; five miles out; S3U0 tor she nrst, siou tor tne sec ond. S50 for the third. Sam. Bobbins' b. m. "Lady Mae" 1 Alex. Lewis' s. K. "Jerome" a O. Hickcx's s. ra. "Omahall" S Time: 2:35,-236-3:84i-a:S6 837 13. NOTORIOUS WIFB BEAIERS. The Dolorous Tale er at Poor Woman. John Fltzpatrick was again before the Police Judge this morning, with the same old charge booked againt him. via.: wife-beating. This Is the seventh time that he has been before this tri. bunal, but by a singular streak of luck the charge against him was dismissed. The poor woman, who is forced to stand the abuse, took the stand and gave her testimony in a quiet and timid manner. She is In a delicate condition, and the man who could raise his hand againBt her now must be a veritable brute. She said that on Tuesday night he came home drunk, as ususl, and began abusing her. He struck her several times, and finally she ran out of the house, fearful that he would kill her. He fre quently abases her children and sends them oat in the cold. He had often said that he was wil ling to go to Jail for her death. The poor woman said that she did not wish to prosecute him, but she desired that he be made to promise that he would cease abasing her. The charge against him was dismissed. John Leery, another wife beater, was not let off so easy to-day. He waa ordered to pay a fine of (60. ' ' ' ' ' Thomas Bran's bQtrcsr. In the inquest on the body of Thomas Bird, found dead in a grocery store, on Wednesday, at the corner of Clementina and Ecker streets, tne jury returned a verdict of suieide while laboring under a fit of temporary Insanity. TzxFEBAKca Bono. A piece cf music entitled "The Lips that Touch the Liquor Shall Hover Touch Mine." is Just published by H. Gray. The words are br Bam Booth and the mufio by Geo. T. Evans. Is is sold for 40 cents, and dedi cated to the Women's Temperance Crusade. Jos. FxjutAij.The case of Joe. M. Fernald, the broker, who shot his father-la-law, McPeake, waa lauca mil morning, in the Police Court and continued again. McPeake is still at Bt. Mary's jxospiiAi. auBenng irom his wound, and will not o ame to appear lor some weeks to come. Chas. T. Dozxxb. Chss. T. Dcrl.r ban ten appointed Assistant Chief Operator of the West-em Union Telegraph Office in this city. Be will also retain hi position as stock operator ia the AN ARTIST'S DEATH. Tit Jnrjr Find It aa Ordinavry- Cavae v;.f icide. The Inquest Into the canse of the death of William Freidreichaon, was resumed last night before Coroner Bioe. . Mrs. Ellen Horton, the lady who refused to answer the Coroner, what lof she thought an impertinent question the previous evening, was recalled. She admitted finally that she had a business correspondence with the deceased, but no other. o - THOMAS K. HaBmk aid that he had formerly lived at No. lofl Mason street, at the time that deceased was Hying there. He had known him since the first week of January; I know he attempted to poison biriaif while living la that house; he seemed to have been in considerable trouble In regard to business transactions, and disappointed at his not succeeding ss an aftlst. 1 knew Mr. Freidreichaon Intimately; his temperament was warm and excitable; he was very open and frank, and had no duplicity in his character! I was hot sur prised when I heard that he had shot himself. for the reason that he had threatened to take his own life before, and had made one attempt. A "BUIXrrrjr" MAS . named Frost was called to testify. Be said that he was told that Freidreichaon had shot himself on the morning of the 39th nit. Mr. Harris had told him. Both remarked that we were not surprised at his having shot himself;, my reason was that on the 13th inst. he had taken two-thirds of that bottle 'showing a large bottle of sulphate of morphia. He spoke of his art and the injustice done him; bat that was an evasive answer; he seemed to have something on his mind; he was very despondent, Is shown the letter. That is the one I saw in Mr. Horton 's possession on the 31st nit; all the information given me about the letter was volunteered by Mr. Horton; when I met him he said, " Here is a lettter fox Mr. Freid reichson; I want you to read itf I told him that I did not want to read it; that it belonged to the Coroner, and that it should not ba handed about; he insisted on my reading it; and then opened it and held it before my eyes; I ag un declined; I saw it was a lady's writing; I told him again that I did not wish to read it; he opened it; how- ever, and pointed to the second page. "There, he said, pointing to a particular paragraph, "read that;" I did look and saw by reading a few lines that it was evidently a very private matter, and I did not read further; I have seen it partially published since; I don't think he showed me the letter to publish, as he knew I would not; I know Mr. Pearson; after the letters were burned I had conversation with him; I told him that if the contents of that trunk were destroyed he would get himself in trouble; I did not know at that time they were destroyed. TH2 VXRDICT. This closed the testimony and the jury retired. At ten o'clock the jury returned the following. verdict: 'We, the jury, find that the deceased, Wilhelm Freidreichaon, came to his death on the 38th of March, 1871, at the Cliff House road, in the city and county of Ban Francisco, from the enacts of a pistol shot wound, in the left side of the chest, penetrating the heart and stomach with suicidal intent. The jury also censure the acts of Mr. Pearson and Mrs. Horton for opening the small trunk of the deceased and destroying the contents." ENDED AT L AST. Tne Fa moms Blatelc Will Brokeat la the Probate Court. We have refrained from giving the testimony taken in the Black will case, which has dragged its slow length along in the Probate Court, since the 16th of March, because there was so much of uninteresting matter, which would have crowded out of oar columns much that must of necessity have been pub lished. To understand the real state of the case. only a few words of explanation is necessary. James Black, of Marin county, . died leaving an estate valued at - $3,000,000, In his will he bequeathed to his second wife and her children the balk of his estate, disinheriting (Mrs. Bnrdell) his daughter by his first wife' The daughter contested the will, and a legal struggle ensued, in which some of the best legal talent in the State were employed on both sides. The case vi as tried three times in Marin county, the Jury on each trial failing to agree. It was then transferred to the Probate Court of this city, and has been engrossing the attention of the Court since the 16th of March. ibx veboict. The jury received the charge yesterday at 8 p. M., and at a quarter before nine last night' they came into Court, having agreed on a verdict which is in favor of the contestant, Mrs. Bar-dell. Following are the issues determined upon by the jury: 1 . Is the paper now offered for probate the last will and testament of James Black, deceas ed? Answer No. 2. Was the said James Black, at the time of executing the instrument now offered for pro- Date, oi sound and disposing mind, and compe tent to maxe a will ? Answer Mo. 3. Did the said James Black, at the time of signing the instrument offered for probate, sign or execute the same under restraint ? Answer Ho. 4. Did the said James Black, at the time of signing the Instrument offered for probate, sign or execute the same under undue influence? AnSwer No. 5. Did the said James Black, at the time of signing the instrument offered for probate, sign or execute the same under fraudulent misrepre- BeuiatiuiiB i Answer no. 6. Was the said James Black induced to sign or execute the said instrument by means of no-due influence on the part of Maria L. Black? Answer no. 7. Was said James Black induced to sign or execute said instrument, and to disinherit the contestant by means of fraudulent misrepresen tauons against tne contestant. Mary A. Burden and her husband, or either of them, by said Maria L. Black, or any other, and what person or persons r Answer Mo. 8. Was the said James Black, at the date of said instrument and for a long time prior thereto. naoituauy intemperate? Answer Yes. . Was the mind of said James Black, at the date of said instrument, so impaired by habitual intemperance that he had not sufficient mental capacity to make a will ? Answer Yes. 10. Did said James Black, at the time of sum. ing said instrument, know or understand the true meaning and construction of said will ? aiuver jso. Judge Campbell, counsel for proponents of the will, had the Jury polled, each juror answering that it was his verdict. The fees in the Case for this trial amount to $570. TBB SECOND ASCENSION. Tho Preparations for th Balloon Trip To Morrow Afternoon. Extensive preparations are being made for th balloon ascension to take place at Woodward's Gardens, to-morrow afternoon, by Captain Bar. bier, In his Immense silk mail balloon "Le Secours." A large stationary metre has been erected on the ground, which, with the aid of a new force pump, will furnish ten thousand feet of gas each hour. The balloon has been thor oughly, overhauled by Captain Barbier, and new coat of varnish laid on. Its dimen sions are in length, from neck to valve. 80 feet, and in circumference it slightly exceeds 170 feet. Though not so tall as Professor Allen's balloon, its diameter is much greater In shape it is almost a ball. M. Barbier will, in this trip, take with him several carrier pigeons which will be let loose at different points of the voyage, and their flight to the Gardens will be well worth witnessing. Should the sufficient amount of gas he supplied ten or twelve persons will be carried on the voyage, and those who wish to make a pleasant trip across the Bay should apply at once to the agent, M. Genese, at the Gardens. Extra cars will be run on the the Mission street line for the large crowd anti- cipated. Palace Amphitheatre. Manager Wilson, not satisfied with the im. mense attraction ef the Dockrill- Kenebel-Oarlo- Bridges-Wllson Circus Combination, has ranged with Omar Kingsley to appear in his great equestrian act, and last 'evening h. rode without exception the best, most dashing, and graceful bare-back act it has ever been our good fortune to have seen, and we have had the grat ification of witnessing Robinson, Melville, and Sebastian, all of whom are first-class, hat Kingsley last evening far surpassed their most brilliant efforts. The Carlos, Kenebels, and the children, Harry and Leo, all gave great satisfac tion. Th same bill will be repeated this even ing, also every evening this week, and at the Saturday matinee. hchooner Bottom I" p. The schooner Fannie Bare, which arrived yes terday from Eureka, brings news of having seen a schooner eight m lea W.S.W. of Bodega Heads, lying on her beam-ends, bowsprit and fore-mast gone, but hanging by tbe rigging. Her top side was painted white, with a red streak. The bot tom had a new coat of copper paint. Her name being under water could not be made out. It was probably the J. Mora Mou, recently reported bot tom up off Stewart's Point. Poi.ioxMtw BxiNaTATKD. Edward Giles, for merly a most efficient officer on the force, wss reinstated yetnerdsy by the Polio Commission ers. Hs was broken of his commission soma time ago, for a most trivial cfTence. In view of the fact that tbe offence was committed while off duty, and that in five years' previous service no complaint had ever been brought against him. the Commissioners decided to reinstate A Labob Diakoxo. It is reported that a dia mond weighing Slli carats and without flaw or imperfection, has been forwarded to the Pioneer Land and Loan Bank of this city for the purpose of sale. It is expected to arrive oa next Tuesday, and ia the largest diamond ever sent to Cali fornia, and perhaps the second largest in the United States. It is valued at over $25,000. Tan "Couxi." LrBar.i.m. The Paciflo Mail Steamship Company has filed a libel against to steamer Colima, on account of the services of the steamer Arizona in towing her into port, asking that the United States District Court award such salvage aa may be proper under th circum stances. Enro-HBABTED. A very geaeroua and kind-hearted lady ha done an act which merits the gratitude of the public Hearing that there no proper provision for the wounded men brought into the City Prison, she sent down a new cot a few days ago for the purpose. PUEADINO HIS OWN CASS, The Local Acumen. Exhibited by Owe ; of the Recaptured Escapes.! ' John Murray, one of the sees pes fron the County Jail 'wag' captured last night, and this morning examined in the Police Court on t charge felony for having broken out of prison. Murray I is a young man about 33 years of age, luick and intelligent. He was inclined to be Just a little surly la his answers, and the patieace of Court was tried to a considerable extent. He waa asked if be had counsel. No," he replied, "I can defend mjself; I guess I know more about my case than anybody else. don't IT" . i As was subsequently shown he did. That he had some legal acumen was made evident. Keeper Sheppard was placed on the stand and testified that the defendant had been confined in jail on a commitment regularly issued. On Sat. nrday night he and four others were confined in the cell No. 8T, and on Bund&y morning they were not there. They had escaped by a hole sat in the top of the cell. " At the conclusion of this testimony Hurray addressed the Court: "As I understand the law." said he, "the statement of this man does not go to show any felony on my part. He does not charge that I cut the hole or did any thing else than make my escape by it. This, your honor, is only a misdemeanor, and to that I shall only plead guilty." - "SACBAMXKTO BILL O XHS STAID. The defendant desired to call "Sacramento Bill,", or William Clark, another of the recaptured escapes. He was brought in from an ante room, attired in a red shirt, black dress coat and pants. His hair was allowed to grow long, waa. curled ever his left eye, which was bright and piercing. ' ' "' ' Q. "Bill," said Murray, "yon hare made a statement relative to the escape. Bow how was it done? and who cut the holer A. Well, I have said it was 'cut with a ease knife, but I decline to say who cut it. I am not here on trial and yon are.' Q. Well, did I take any active part in cutting our the hole. A. "Well, 1 dont know that yon took any ac tive part in cutting the hole," replied Bill changing his quid from one side to the other, "but I do know that yon rere as active as any in getting out of it." By the Prosecuting Attorney Did an of yo.u go out of that hole together T A. Oh, no, you know it was not large enough for that, we went out one at time. I don't know who wrote the poetry, it was good though, wasn't it Bill was remanded into the custody of the Sheriff, and notwithstanding that Murray was willing to plead guilty to malicious mischief, he was held to answer to the charge of felony, with bail fixed at $3,000. , POLICEMAN NO. 133. An Officer Who Should be Taught His Duties, Also to be a Gentleman. Though our new and efficient policemen have trod their beats for a number of weeks already, it is painfully evident that there are a few of them who have yet much to learn. They should learn first and foremost to he gentlemen, and then to distinguish gentlemen from criminals. We Were told this morning of an outrage committed by one of these petty officers last evening, which merits the censure of the Police Commissioners, if not their more serious notice. A gentleman, connected with the Exak-ma Office, who was passing along Lombard street, above Mason, last night, at 10 o'clock, was somewhat startled at hearing a gruff hail from the other side of the ttreet. He paid no attention to It, thinking it was some drunken loafer. When It was repeated, the gentleman turned and saw th one who had given utterance to. it advancing towards him; " Here, stop there," exclaimed the approaching party, " I want to know where you live." Be sure the ruffianly voice in which this waa said. and the bullying manner did little to ire the gentleman addressed, and he told this other, in no very soft words that the whole matter was none of his basin ess. At the same time he saw a star, So. 122, upon the bully's breast, and was more surprised than ever that one, who was delegated to protect th peace and quiet of the neighborhood, should assume the line and air of a highwayman. "I am looking out for all suspicious characters," growled this model officer, "and if you don't tell me your name and residence, I shall take yon In." The gentleman saw that he had a fool to deal with, and not a sensible guardian of the peace, and so to save further trouble gave his address. He, however, got the number of this efficient officer, and has given it to us for publication. It is Ho. 122. Another officer came;np about the time the gentleman Lwas moving off, and when appealed to for an explanation of the other's con duct, he seemed heartily ashamed of it and could make no defence. Ho. 122 positively denied to his brother officer that he had stopped the gentltT man. Let the Chief look into this matter, and teach No. 122 to be as much of a gentleman aa his limited brain will permit. AN OCEAN-SIDE AFFKAV. Terribl and Bloody Cutting- Scrap at at Public Hons. Charles Johnson, a German, was brought to the city prison last night drunk, and covered with blood. He was cast into one of the cells, and this morning, at halt after nine o'clock, a charge of assault to murder was entered against his name. To-day at noon an Examinee reporter Interviewed the prisoner and learned the particulars of the offence of which he Is charged. Johnson says that he has been employed at the Ooean-Side House for the last three months ss hostler. On Wednesday evening he was paid $30 by the proprietor, Frank Green, and he then went off on a spree. Going over to the Lake House he had several rounds of drink. and then decided to go home. He was almost drunk but he bought . two soda bottles full of whisky" and set out on the road. Arrived at the Ocean-side House be went into the kitchen, and began treating all round. Frank Green came In and ordered him away from the place.' He refused to go, and Green advanced upon him. He struck him once in the face, when Johnson drew from his pocket a pruning-knife with a blade about six Inches long, hooked at the end: He struck Green in the shoulder with it, making an ugly wound, and the two then grappled. While they were down Johnson managed to hook the sharp point of the blade into the calf of Green's leg, and with a strong pull, cut the muscles, tendons and all away from the bone, leaving the flesh hanging only by the skin- At this point the cooks and waiters rushed in and tried to secure Johnson. He was furious with rage and drink, and swore that he would kill every man In the house. All were afraid to approach him, and he was about to pat an end to Green, now rendered helpless, when he was knocked senseless by a club in the hands of the colored porter. Green was put to bed and a doctor sent for At first he pronounced the wound on the leg fatal, but subsequently managed to staunch the flow of the blood, and his recovery Is now probable although amputation may be necessary. Johnson expresses much regret at the result of his drunken rage. Placer Conntlans' Picnic At a meeting of the former residents of Placer county held on Wednesday evening, it wss resolved to hold a commemorative picnic at Bad gers Park on the 15th of May. Committees were appointed as follow: Executive James Dodd, Captain James Walworth, C. H. Dewey, William Hollis, B. . Moore, Philip Stoner, E. M. Hall, J. H. Baker, H. T. Smith, 0. H. Gwynn. P. P. Hoin, W, G. Graham, H. C Ladd, L. Cunningham, S. T. Lest. W. E. Miller, B. 8. Egbert, H. A, Schofleld, J. B. Currier, W. M. Crutch er, J. P. Dameron, S. Hyneman, S. Lubeck, J. M. Miner, J. H. Currier, Thomas M. Hosier. W. F. Hor-cross, M. P. H. Love, W. T. Hensen, J. S. Jones, A. Sharp, James B. Rogers, John Hanson, Ohas. B. Higginst Joseph Maguire, William Patterson, William H. Smith, Edward Vanderlip, Judge Glltner, L. L. Bullock, 3. H. Gates, J. T, Bab-cox, M. Thompson, B. Wheeler, Dr. W. 8. Branson, Justice E. W. Hillyer, and W. H. Wallace. On Arrangements Wm. H. Martin, T.B. Hotch-kiss, and F. J. Hoin. . Habsob Bxcktpts. The total amount of re ceipts of the Board of State Harbor Commissioners, for the month of March, as shown by the Secretary's report, a copy of which we have received to-day, is $24,187 72 and the disburse ments, $12,231 43. Tn Boons Comucctob. William Cowan, th bogus conductor, is getting into the mire deeper and deeper, and the charge of obtaining money under false pretences was booked against him this morning. This makes seven in all thus far. Overload sneers. Cabux, April 3. The following named per sons passed her to-day by the west-bound train, and will arrive in Saa Francisco April Sd: Mrs Cotter. Sac: Miss Clara Bacheldor. S F: Mrs Hall and child, Sac; Mrs G S Johnson and three children. Salt Lake; Haslop, Salt Lake; Miss MaKgie Callaghan, H J; Mrs Buckley, H J; Miss Lizxie Buckley. H J; Miss Julia Buckley, H J; B Conn, Australia; t D McCann, H T; S Heilbrun, 8 F; H C Groepes and wife, San Francisco ; Mrs J Silverton, Salt Lake; John Lowe and family. Salt Lake; G B Topliff and wife. Hew York; J B Pierce, Massachusetts; Mrs T D Judah, Massachusetts; C E Johnson, San Franciscp; G B McAneny. San Francisco; A Walker, Ban Francisco; S A Hull, J W Hawk, Pennsylvania; F G Stringham, Michigan; O E Jackiin, Michigan; L E Cox, Hew York; W B Hall, San Francisco; -C GibsonHew York; W Sohl, Ogden; C B Pouley, California; C Stafford, Nebraska; M A Hull, Pennsylvania. Crop tat Smtter. The Banner savs: The grain crop of this county is in splendid cendiuon. Daring the week a numDeroi larmers nave called our attention to the excellent condition of their crops. The light rain-fall of Wednesday and moist state of the atmosphere for the past few days Has done a vast amount oi good to late sown grain. With a few light showers during April our late sown grain will make a Handsome snowing, wnicn, togewer witn tbe earlier sown, wilt give us such a harrest at never before blessed this oouaty. TUMI BI ATLANTIC - AND PACIH0 LINE. IMPROVEMENTS FOR MARE ISLAND. i Over 810,000,000 to be Expended on the IXavyVard. Labor Strike on the Pennsylva-nla Central. ' IBB "CITI OF PKaT5' 05 HER WAl TO NEW lOEK. Favorable Report om in Habbard Postal Telegraph. Bill. ETC. .ETC. , ETC. By Telegraph. the, Kxatnlaer. ' Improvements for Mare Island. WAamUQTO. April 2. In September last A. H. Conger, F. A. Btratton and Calvin Brown, of the Havy, were appointed as a Board of Engineers to oarefully examine the navy yard at Mare Island and to present to the Bureau of Tarda and Docks a bill embracing an economical and eo herent plan for its further development, having in' view all the need of a first-class navy yard and the harmonious relation of its various departments. The Board has submitted Its report with fall specifications for a most complete Havy yard. Mare Island, they say, is the only establishment on the whole Paciflo coast, and must in future supply all the Wants of the Northern and Southern Paciflo squadrons. Appropriations have been made for all the buildings and ether improvements which are needed for the accommodation of the various branches of work to be executed, and the large quantities of material and stores which must necessarily accumulate at this point, and for a suitable number of buildings, ships, and dry-docks for building, launching and repairing. They are all shown on the plans. A large basin, with a railroad for ships according to what the Board call the American system, is adopted. The Board proposes to devote the whole eastern shore line from the principal avenue as far as the magazine, to the use of construction and steam engines and the portion of water from the same north to and including the present steam engine works for th use of the Bureaus of Equipment, Provisions, Navigation and Ordnance. Arrange ments will he made for collecting and storing forty-eight million gallons of water. The following is a schedule of the works to be first built and the estimated cost of the same: Grading 100,000 cubic yards per annum, $1,500,-000; quarry wall, 600 lineal feet per annum, $500,-000; extension of the floating dock basin, build, ing, etc., iron floating deck, $1,750,000; for wood and metal work, shops for yards, and docks, $500,OCO; carpenter and paint-shops, 1300.C00; machine-shops, store-houses, offioes, $700,000; store house and office for yards and docks, $250,- 000; temporary erecting of shop for steam engineering, $300,000; sail loft, $300,000; general store for ordnance, $250,000; smithery, $20,000; machine shops, $500,000; boiler shop, $250,000; store-house, $300,000; foundry, $250,000; construction basin complete, $1,600,000. Estimated total, $10,600,000. Bailroad Strikers Increasing. T&istob (N. J.), April 2. The strike on the Pennsylvania Railroad, between Trenton and Phillipeburg, grows more complicated every hour. The company sent np gangs to-day from Jersey City and other points to take the place of the strikers and bring down a large number of coal trains already at Phillipsburg. All the men except one Henry Williams joined the strikers. It is reported that William Gee, a conductor, attempted to bring up another train this evening, and was driven from it and chased by some of the strikers for over a mile. Several skirmish a have occurred. The "City of Pekin" Afloat. Chxstxb (Pa.), April 3. The steamship City of Pekin, Captain Maury, of the Paciflo Mail Steamship Company, left for Haw York at 1 o'clock this afternoon In tow of a tug. Hubbard's Postal Telegraph BUL Washington, April 2. The Hubbard Postal Telegraph bill was reported favorably to the Ben-ate this afternoon, from a majority of the Committee on Post Offices. It names G. S. Hubbard and his associates ss a Postal Telegraph Com. pany, making the condition that the line shall be used by the Postmaster-General for the transmission of correspondence by telegraph, at rates in accordance with the provisions prescribed In tbe bill heretofore published. AH Qaiet at Susquehanna. i PHXLaD&xPBXa, April 2. Col. Benson arrived from Susquehanna depot at half-past eight this morning. After breakfasting st the railroad depot the regiment made a handsome street parade on the way to the armory. The military left all quiet at Susquehanna. Ten-Hour Meeting In Providence. Peovtcihci, B. I., April 2. A grand mass-meeting in favor of the ten-hour system took place in this city to-night. Addresses were made by several prominent speakers. A Bsptlst H Ulster Deposed. CmcAoo, AprU 2. The session of the Baptist Council closed about midnight. Bev. Mr. McCarthy made a closing argument in his own defense, in which he likened himself onto a pillar of polished marble bespattered with filth which would melt away. He considered himself anti tied to a full indorsement and ministerial fellowship. After four hours of search and delib eration, the Baptist Council decided at midnight to withdraw the hand of ministerial fellowship from Bev. Florence McCarthy on account of conduct unbecoming a Christian minister. Ko Panic in London. Hiw Yobx, April 3. The British Bank dis patch, received in Wall street yesterday, concerning the existence of a panic ia London, and which caused such renewed uneasiness on the street, proves to have been a mistake. It should have read there has been ao panio la London, and no anxiety there. Senator Jones' Speech. Hsw Yobx, April 3. The Evening Pott, noting the debate ia th Senate on finances, says the particular point was the speech of Senator Jones of Nevada, who surprised everybody by th soundness and eloquence of his argument. He has hitherto been a silent member, and people generally counted him aa a nonentity. Senator Morton found him a dangerous antagonist, and quailed before the facts of the JTevada Senator. Mr. Morton attempted the old subterfuge of accusing California and Nevada of disloyal! ty, because they looked with suspicion on the Government's unfulfilled promises to pay. He wanted to know whether th Union would have been saved without legal tender notes, and Jones answered promptly that without them It would have been saved at a cost of less than a thousand millions. LOCAL BREVITIES. Tbe first stone of the new Appraiser's buildinc on Washington street, was laid yesterday. The testimony in the Bruner divorce case waa closed yesterday, and at two o'clock argument Dy counsel waa commenceo. The Women's Temperance Alliance held a prayer meeting at the Bev. Dr. Dunn's Church, on Miyrim street, last night. Coroner Bice has decided that Emtlv Hoel- scher's baby died from natural causes, and will not bold aa inquest. Yesterday morning Judge Morrison opened and adlourned the Fifteenth District Court. Judge Dwinelle being ill. Thomas Banks, of England, and Adolnh Lind- hqlm, of Sweden, were mad American citixens in the District uouth yeswaay. r James Armstrong yesterday commenced suit for SI ,000 against Wm. McEibbin, Sheriff, for unlawfully taking possession of his store. L. Hamilton and J. M. Moss were on Wednesday appointed Trustees for the State Deaf and Dumb and Blind Asylum. Alfred A. Harney recovered judgment ia the nineteenth District Court, yesterday, against Thomas Juguire ior o,imo oa a promissory note. He defence was made. The Committees appointed by the various Tribes of the L O. of Bed Men, of this city, bsve resolved to celebrate St. Tammany's Day (12th of May) by a picnic. .. The 81iml Bervic operator resorts that rln. ring the month of March 3:36 inches of rain fell In this city. There were twelve rainy days and aix cloudy days. , . - The officers of th Hebrew Ladies Sewing Society announce that the prooseds of tbe enter, tainment at Plait's Hall, on March 14th. amount- , ed to S3.M0. . - - Twenty-three new suits were entered in the Nineteenth District Court yesterday against real estate in Saa Francisco ia connection with the Second-street cut, In the Nineteenth District Court to-day the law and motion calendar will be called. The Court does not sit oa Monday, but Jury cases will open on Thursday. Tbe divert case of Buckley vs. Buckley was by Judge Morrison yesterday referred to the Court Commissioner to take testimony. The default OI aeicnaani waa aiao entered. Yesterday, the Central Paciflo Bailroad Oom- pany filed a complaint in the Third District fkrart. aaainst Alvah K. Clark and one Kellv. to obtain possession of ItiO acres of land in Contra Costa county, and 2.&o0 damages. . ,4 . The Presidio Base-ball Club has elected the following officers: President and Captain, Bar. geant Murphy, of Company K; Secretary, Corporal Leford. of Company M; Treasurer, Tho. Kelly, of Company K. BY 1TLAOTI0 AHD PIOTIO LINE. ; This Eveiiiiig's Dispatches. ANOTHER MISSIrtQ STEAMER - MRS. BRIGHAM YOUNG III , NEW YORK. PARTICULARS CONCERNING THE ASH ANTE E WAR. ; THE MASSACHUSETTS U.S. SEIAT0RSH1P. She I7ew 7ork Stock Market Grant's Financial Views. marine disaster-Loss opufr. GOOD FBIDAT OBSEBTED IS A HOLIDAY. SPECIAL TO DAILY EXAMINER another Hissing Steamer Hr. Brighaai loans ia Kew fork. Haw toBX, April 3. The Norwegian steamer Anna, which left for Rotterdam on th 16th of February, is believed to be lost. No tidings hav ing been heard of her since that day. She carried 610,000 bushels of grain, 600,000 pounds of pro visions, and a small general cargo the total being worth $100,000. The vessel waa valued at $36,000. It is believed she foundered la a hnrrt- cane last February. Ann Eliaa Young, the nineteenth wife of the Prophet Brigham Young, ia at the Astor House here. Her suit for divorce and alimony against Young is still pending. Ebe has been offered $15,000 to compromise th suit but she refused - Particulars Concerning the lshsatee War. ' Haw Yosa, April 8. A letter from Cap Ooast says among the treasure found in the King's residence at Coomassie were thousands of strange, antique, carious articles, many of which would fetch very high prices if sold at auction. In one room was the King's breakfast and dinner service of silver covered over with carpet; also, a large tea kettle and handsome epergne, both ail. ver; also plates, knives, forks, and various curious silverware. Ia a trunk la his bedchamber were found seven busks of gold, gold nuggets, necklace, and many other valuables. The Kings of Iwabin and Adonsi, two powerful tribes, have declared to live at peace with Great Britain. The King of Mara-han, who fought outside of Aahantee, at Amogal, has since died from his wounds. The Aahantee Kingdom, which wag depend, eat on six tributary Kings, has also col-lipsed. Several serious faults are charged against Wolseley in -conducting the campaign. It is claimed that he was too rigorous ia his demands on the King of Aahantee. He did not even visit Bantamah, the most important city of all, nor the King's country residence, although not over a mile from Coomassie. He is also censured on other grounds. Tbe Ashante power is crushed nevertheless. The Massachusetts TJ. S. Senatorship. Bostos, April 3. Following is th result of to-day's ballot: Dawes, 91; Hoar, 75; Curtiss,70; Adams, 16; Banks, 6; Pierce, 38; Washburne, 1; Whittier, 1; Phillips, 1; Absent, 18. - Destructive Fire ia a Tenaont Tillage. BuxnaKB, Vt., April . On Monday night a fire broke out at South Londonderry, Windsor eountv. Th dwelling-houses , of David Babbitt, Bliss Goddard, and C. Farnham, were destroyed, with out-buildings, there being no Are department, and the fire spreading rapidly. The villagers fought manfully to save their village. During the fire, Mr. Goddard waa seen coming from his cellar with an iron kettle. which he banded to a neighbor, who thought him excited. The neighbor, not knowing its contents, set . it down near the fire. After the danger was over the old gentle man inquired for his kettle, and it was found that it had been in the flames and that its contents, $8,000 worth of Government bonds had been destroyed. The fire originated in a barrel in which hams were being smoked. Mrs. Babbitt loses twenty thou- sand dollars. The total loss is heavy. The Kew York Stosk Market Grant's Financial Ylews. Haw Yobx, April 3. Stocks yesterday were flu, taatlag. Towards the close there waa aa upward movement on tbe news of the passage of Merrimoa's bill In the Senate. A Washington special says the President, yesterday, remarked that any finance bill passed and sent to him for his approval will be most closely scrutinised; particularly as to the amount of currency, aa he is more firmly ppposed, than ever, to expansion. He favors specie payments, and said any thing else than a move in that direction would be unwise. He thinks free Banking with an assurance of redemption would best meet the emergency. Marine Disaster Lass of Life. Kew Yobx, April 3. Tidings reached this city, yesterday, of the disaster to the Bussiaa bark Jupiter which sailed from Hew York January 4th for Gibraltar, arriving there March 4th. Soon after leaving Hew York she encountered heavy storms. February Tth, during a terribl gal a sea swept the vessel washing the captain and six men overboard together with everything movable. Two seamen war washed back and saved, but tbe others were never seen again. More Female Physicians. Nxw Yobx, April 3. Five ladles graduated at the Women's Medical College yesterday. Good Friday Observed as a Holiday. Haw Yobk, April S. To-day has been observed aa a holiday ia Wall street, but bosiness, otherwise, goes on as usual. Beligious services are being held in nearly all the churches. PACIFIC COAST DISPATCHES. By Telegraph J Local Option. Bacbaxbitto, April a. Active measures are be ing inaugurated by th advocate of temperance to obtain a vote of the people under the Local Option Law recently passed. - A petition will probably soon be ia circulation for this pur-poe. A Hoax. Ausint, Hev.. April 3. .Then is no truth in the account of the tragedy at Smoky Talley, pub- laoea in yesterday's Xeoexue. Hatters ia Hormondoat. Salt Laxx, April J .The ceremony f depos iting the records and plate by the Skitch Organization of the Church of the Latter Day Bainta, in the wall of the new Mormon Temple, at Bt, George, was performed dav before vesterday. by Brigham Young and others of the priesthood, with much seiat. It is reported that rich sold slaoer diggings,- i within eight miles of this city .were ouscoverea Dy some ualifornians, paying at a depth oi eight feet, eleven cents to the pan. There are continued snow-slides In the mining canons. Mail carrier Jacobs of this city was bur ied by one, but almost miraculously dog himself out, " Suicide ia Portland. Pobxlaitd, Oregon, April a. William Dumb, a young German, committed suicide by cutting his throat from ear to ear with a rsxJr this noon. A young lady of East Portland, who did not reciprocate his affection, appears to have been the The Wreck mil t ap Flattery. - Virroma fB. O.I. March 31. The tugs Orcm- pler and Itabel have succeeded ia bringing the wrecA Irom vspe rianery uivo Mtiuimwu, um-bor. It has been ascertained that It is the schooner Elida, from Coos Bsy. Ship earpen. ten will proceed at' once to repair th dam age caused ny ine soon m w own-, mwu-which aa attempt will be made to right her. It is probable that the remains of som ef th nnlortunat passengers may yet be oa board. Th California Hail Contract Corn teat. Washington, April 2. The contract for carrying tbe mails from Clorerdale to Areata, heretofore awarded to B. W. Easlett, and contested by W. A. Force, who bid the same amount, was to-day given to Force, en the ground that his present sub-contractor has the road stocked. Lnttrsll filed the papers for each party, but took no action in favor of either. Both are residents of TJkiah . The Tactrart- Goddard contest is still held under consideration. - Goddard turns out to be a resident of Vermont, but gave Yreka as his poet office address, because he intended to remove there. ' Kiacoarajrinjr. 1 Amador Ledger, March 88. .The weather for the past week has been remarkably fine. The days warm and pleasant, and the nighhvwithout frost, all of which has caused vegetation to spring up rapidly, and tbe young grain to assume a vigor that gives assurance of early maturity. Gardens are being prepared and planted, grounds put in nrw ahmhberv set out and everybody busy in making ready for Spring-time. Early fruit trees are in bloom, and wild flowers oa sunny hillsides are springing np, the song of Dirds sound Bpnng-iiao awuug "jd um, uu nthin; eive assurance that the reign ot the storm king is over for the present, Dnrlne the month of February 18,584 341 pounds of freight wen forwarded East from Saa ; FrAneiaoo. San Jose, Btocktoaajdafaryavliw . European Events. TUX ESCAPE OF BOCHEFOBT A5D PIETY DISCREDITED BT THB F BENCH.' .Kte.. Bt. DATES TO APRIL . Eerrepemai laitellijrenoe. Pabs. Anril 2. Th. French Government aot having received any official announcement of th reported escape of Henri Rochefort. pascnai Grouiset and others from the Penal Oolony, eon. alder, that the report is false and th affair is probably a mud on tne uovernment. Kxw Yobs, April Th London TAtgrapk of the 16th ultimo savs the composition of the new oommittee of tbe Fresco national AssemDiy w report on the bill prolonging to the end of th year the powers of present Municipal Councils, M tantamount to a uovernment aeieas. jugn of the fifteen members belona to th Left, who regard the bill as an encroachment on the rights of electors. Qtjkihstowji. April 3. The bark Lvm Oofe, which arrived to-day from Hew York, lost several men overboard on her passage. Th ship Mobtrt Dickson, from Bavannan ior Liverpool, has put Into Lisbon, leaking. Arrived, snip aania nota, tram rorujira, ur gon. ..... jTALMorrH, April s. amvea, amp ai from Yictoria, Y. I. Portland Mia. The annexed is' from the PioA " 'Record of the 29th nit.: The prospects of this mino arA, If an v thinor. irnnrovin? . Th anticipa tions caused by the discovery of- a ledge of high grade ere, heretofore repbrted,ara beins; realized. The winze being soak from the 180-foot level cononnee to show abundance of very rich of e. A leTel has been started 300 feet from the surface to eat the ledge, which it is exrjectad to reach are very long. Some considerable amount of ore has already been taken out, and Jtr. Blair, the Superintendent, expects to commence Beading ore to the muis on tne lat proximo. As Obxakekttal Gcest. The Try latest thins in the adverti&ina line is a lady who. through the newspapers, seeks for employment as an " ornamental guest." She will assist at dinner or evening parties by her grace, her wit and beauty, contribute to the entertainment of guests, and she will do everything in the highest Btyle of art only she demands that .'a handsome compensation be made therelor. Became Imbued. An editor in a small town in Illinois, who attended an apple oar ing, became imbned with the whirl of so ciety, and this is how it asectea mm: " we : ... . : j . i . r .T. are ui uio luiuas va uio bcwwu ,u hu uvd, dancing, mirth and festivity. The resined hair el the horse travels merruy over ne intestines of the agile cat, evoking mosio to which the impatient feet trip gayly upon the noor." DR. ABORN, OCULIST, AURIST, CATARRH. THROAT AND LURQ FlayBioiazi. THK MOST DIFFICULT CASES SOLICITED. Offioes and Laboratory, SIS Geary St., 8. F. Office Hours 10 a m. to 8 r.n- 6 to T r jr. Ho charge fes consultation. apaS DSpkWSp tf MAUBJCS DOBX. H. A. OOBB, I hameipc nnRE a nn niHUIilWh HHilSi WVa Seal Estate, Stock and General AacUeaeers, Offloe and Balearoom 817 Moatgomety street Ia all sales made by direction ot the Court. for Administrators, Executors, Commissioners, Receivers, Mortgagees, Trustees, Assignees, etc. prescribed legal forma wlU Deosreiuuy complied with. OownrnoB or Balb Ob an piopesty sold by as at auction will be as heretofore: Ten per cent, of the amount of purchase Invariably required at the time of sale. Title must prove valid, or the Durchaser will be released and his deposit refunded. One week allowed for the exsmlniiou of title and completion cf purchase. Deeds and revenue stamps at tne expense oi pnrcnaer. an sales made for 0. S. gold coin. MA TJ RICK DOK will give his especial attention to Private Sales and purchase of Beal Estate, also, t3 the ui vestment of aapital on Mortgages, RE3IOVAL. W. H. FABWBIX. JDO. O. KAXSCOK. FARWELL & CO., 1SF0BTEES A"D DEALERS 15 8HIP CHANDLERY, HATE B EMOTED TO Noa. 105 autd 10T California Street, mhll lm SAN FRAH CISCO. DIVIDEND NOTICE. YANG-TZE INSURANCE ASSOCIA TION CF SHANGHAI. A Cash Dividend of Twesty-two (99) per sent upon the aet premie contributed during the fiscal year ending September 30th, 1873, has been declared, payable immediately. UACONDBAY & CO., mh3S lot Agenta. A. JACQUES. BOOT -MAKER FROM PARIS, 445 JACKSON ST., BELOW MONTQOMBY, BmS tf Sam Francisco. insTTRArarcn notice. HAYING DISSOLVED MY CONNECTION with the Borne Mutual Insurance Com pany, I shall be pleased to attend to the insurance of my friends at Messrs. Farnswortn A Clark s. No. sts u caniornia street, witn wnora I have become associated. BinST Iw ! t BIGELOW. MARINE INSURANCE. CAPTAIN M. B. COX, FOB MANY years associated with th Paciflo Mall Steamship Company, haa been appointed Marine Director of the Bom Mutual Insurance Company. mhSO eod lm BASONIC SAVINGS BANK, AND LOAN 6 POST STREET, MASONIO TEMPLE, S. F. Guarantee Capital, laO,000. Moneys r. eeived on Term and Ordinary Deposit. Dividends paid semi-annually. Loans mad oa approved security, amis Bank solicits the patronage of all persona. Lsonidas E- Pratt, President; Wm. U. Culver, Vice-President; H. T. Graves. Secretary U Sutf SOLOMON TE8MOBE. DE1LEB. in OYSTERS, CLAMS endy all kinds of Shell r'ian. b tails ao. 67. 58 and 69 California Market. Entrance on Pine street, Baa Francisco. Publio or Private Parties. Families and Restaurants supplied st short notice. Fresh Baltimore and Transplanted Oysters and Salad Preening tbe finest in the Market. Oysters cooked and served to order. LADIES' and GENTLEMEN'S Oyster Boom open from 8 A Jf . until midnight. mhUtf NOTICE OF THB APPLICATION OF a married woman to become a sole trader. Notioe is hereby given that I. GOLDA BERNARD, wife of Isaac Bernaad, residing in the city and county of San Francisco, State of California, am desirous of availing myself of the benefits of Sections 1811 to l21, inclusive, of the Code of Civil Procedure of the State of California, and will apply a and during the March term of said Court, to wit, on th 24th day of April, A-D. 1874, at lOo'clock A.M. of that day, or as aooa thereafter as counsel can be heard, for an order and decree of said Court authorizing and permitting me to carry en business in my own name and on my own account as a sole trader, in accordance with the provisions of said Sections of the said Code of Civil Procedure. The business I intend to carry on is that of a lodging nous and th general manufacturing and selling of merchandise, and doing and performing each and every and all acts to be don or performed in order to carry on said business sad every part thereof, ia th said city and county of San Francisco. . Dated starch aota, 1874. - GOLDA BEBNABD. Parker k Roche, Attorneys for Petitioner. mha01aw5tF rf TBB PROBATE OOTJBT OF TEX CITY and county of Baa Francisco, State of California. In the matter of the estate of P AMELIA B. WHITING, deceased. Order to show cause why order of sale of real estate should not be made. It appearing to this Court, by the duly verified petition this day presented by Christian Kirk, the Executor of the last will of said deceased, praying for an order of sale of real estate at private sale, that it is necessary to sell the whole or some portion of the real astate of said deceased, to pay the debts outstanding against said deceased and the debts, expenses and charges of the administration of said estate; and said petition having been duly verified: It is ordered that all persons interested in the estate of said deceased, appear before the said Probate Court on THURSDAY, the 30th day of April, A. D. 1874, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon of said day, at the Court-room of said Probate Court, at the City Hall, ia the city and county of Ban Francisco, to show causa why an order should not be granted to the said Exsoutor to sell ao much of th real estate of th said deceased, as is necessary, and at private Bale: And Jhet a copy of this order be published once Aweek for four successive weeks in the Dailt. Exabobbb, a newspaper printed and published ia said city and county. , Dated March 30th, A. D. 1874. M. H. M TRICK, Probate Judge. . Cowls ft Drown, Attorneys fox lUeoutox. t . Huuuiawawa ., n .i. :, ? rM-T? 11865. 1874T ! i ion, 3" - f -A.. Daily Examiner ..AST). xammer CHIEF ORGAN ..OF TH.... DEU0CRATIC PARTY U ....OF.. CALIFORNIA -AND THE PACIFIC COAST THE IXAJiyir -.13 TTTTI ..... OFFICIAL PAPER ....OF THX. City zxnd Coixntj -OF. AND OOhTATSS THX LATEST TELEGRAPHIC NEWS THE WEEKLY EXAMINER CONTAINS Sixty-four soluma of carefully selected reading matter, and is enriched with the soundest essays an the Bolltioal and general questions of th day, by the ablest DEMOCRATIC WRITERS Oa the Ooast, treated hi a manner to reader th EXAHIXZB valuable for present reading and for future reference. It is prepared irrprsasly for the Tarmac, Miner, and Interior Merchant, and will be found lnTalu- abl for Its carefully new piled. labotat anl reliable MARKET REPORTS. . it has th largest cdroulation ef any weakly paper published west of th Booky Mountalna. As a Family Newspaper It has no superior la th Stat, sad ao Demoeratio horn should be with out it. It may be read with profit nd pleasure around the domestie hearth, especial ear being taken that it shall contain nothing that can ofihad morality- Rates of Subscription. Dally, a yesvr... ....SIO 00 Dally, atx aath C OO Daily, thre awaOu S 00 WeeAlr, par avatmauaa..... B Otf Weekly, tr adz BaoHtfaa, 9 60 TEREXS TO CLTJBS: Flv eepieav a a auader taw, at wear, per copy 9 00 Tea copies, staid aadsr twenty, oiae yeavr, per copy... 8 60 Twenty copies, atstsl aver, est yew, ea copy..... Ou FARMERS, ORGANIZE, AXD BTJBSCBIBB For a aubetantial Demaormtio Paper 1 Get ap Club ta every Township I Be th Low Club Bates and get your neighbors to Join yon in Clab. ' ' ay Orders for Clubs must be aoeompanied by the money. Pspers to Clubs will invariably be sent to one address, and names of dab snbscri bers will not be written on the papers. Bubscrip ttona payable in advanoa. ; ' ww s. asoss a co., ; 65 WaalOasrt Sam Frajacts, as ' WeeklyE A. -sas. j lUSCELLANEOUa' RE8OUTTI0H OBD EKING STREET WOBK, So. 48T (BewBeriea.1 Bssoxvan, That the following street work be done in accordance with plans and specifications to be furnished by the Superintendent of Publio Streets and Highway, nd under his supervis via: f . That the reawooa sewer, and manhole and over, ia the crossing of Harrison and Twelfth snoots be leconatrnotea. That the crossing of Fowall and VaDee streets be paved (except that portion nqrdrsd by law to be kept in order dv tne raiiroaa oom parry having tracks thereon); that stone crosswalks b fumuhad and laid thereon; that th angular corners thereof, including cesspools, culverts. curb and sidewalks, be reconstructed, and that the maniinu., cover and coping thereon be raaon-stractcd. That th orostiDK of Filbert sad Mason streets be planked; that sidewalks be on-straeted on tbe angular corners thereof, where not already eonstruoted, and that the sl l-wala and manhole, coping and ocTer thereon be re-eonstracted. That the crossmg of Union and Tavlor sUesta be planked; that sidewalks ba eonstruoted oa the angular corners thereof, where not already construeted, and that the tUewalks thereoa b reconstructed. That Tyler street, from Tar lor to Jones street. be replanted; that pldswalks be constructed ' thereon, where not already constructed, and that the sidewalks thereon be reoonsttucted. That Market street, from Beale to Main street, be replanked, and that the sidewalks thereon be reconstructed. That Lewis street, from Taylor to Jones street, be replanked; that sidewalks be constructed thereon, where not already constructed, and that the sidewalks thereon be reconstructed. That Pierce street, from O'farrell to ZLii street, be regraded and maoanamised, and that the curbs thereon be reconstru cted. That the redwood sewer, and manholes and rvers in Fifth street, from Xicg to Berry street, be reconstructed. That atone curbs be furnished and laid on Main street, from Folsom to Harrisoa street; that sidewalks De constructea tnereon, wnere not already constructed, and that the sidewalk thereon be reconstructed. That sidewalks be eonstruoted on roweu street, from Pine ta California street, where cot already constructed, and that th sidewalks thereoa be reconstructed. That the crossing of Fulton and Btriner streets be graded. That the crossing of Fulton and Pieroe streets be graded. That Twenty-third street, rrom naiancia to Guerrero street, be graded. That Lombard street, lrom Powell to Aisson street, be p lasted, and that tht sidewalks 1 here on ns reoonstruotea. That the croasina of Buchanan and GaK streets be regraded and remacadamtaed. That Nutter street, mm the easterly line oi Pieroe street to Devisadero street, be remacad- amiasd, where already xoacadamised, and ri.inwi where not already raacadsmlaed. That sidewalks be constructed on the souther ly aid of XUia street, from Franklin to eougn. street. That Bash street, from the easterly line of Pierce street to Devisadero street, be remacad-amiaed, where already macadamised, and ntecedarniaed where not already macadamised. That a brick sewer, with manholes and covers. constructed in Folaom street, from 1 H.n to Sixth street, That sidewalks be constructed oa Mission street, from Twentieth to Twenty first street. And the Clsrk is hereby ordered ana aireoiea to cense notioe to be conspicuously pasted In the offloe of the Superintendent of Public 8treet and AUghwaya, and also cause to do puouaneu for five days a notice inviting sealed proposals (do tbe wort. - la Board ot Supervisors, Baa Fraaoiaeo, March SO, 1874. Adopted by the following vote: A tbs Supervisors Menatea, Pease, Xbbets, Buns, Deering, Huberts, , Scott, Hswstoa, Maoionald. Abssst Supervisors Kenaey, Lyef h. split mo. a. fiusaxLu me,k R ESOLUTIOH Ho. 4988 (Hew Series 1 Ka. and he is hereby authorised to grant to Messrs. angle A Woodwortb. a license to keep an Intelligence offloe, npon payment ot the amount prescribed by law. Ia Board of SupervlBors, Baa Francisco, March SO, 1874, after having been published five successive days, according to law, taken np and passed by the following vote: Aina Supervisors Menatea, Pease, Ebbets, Bims, Deering, HoDerts, , Bcott, xtswstoa, Maodonald. Absxkt Supervisors Keaney, Lynch. JSO. A. BUS&ELL, Clerk. Approved, Saa Francisco, March SI, 1874. JAMES OTIS. Mayor. and ex-omoio President Board of Supervisors. spi st RESOLUTION No. 498 i (New Series.) Kb-SOLVED, That the Superintendent of Pub lio Street, Highways and Squares, be and ia hereby directed to grant the following exten sions of time on street extracts, vis: To Edward Deacy or ass'gns. tea (10) days for n planking, etc., Ecker street, from Mission to Stevenson etreet. To Edward Donnelly or assigns, fifty (GO) days for macadamising and curbing Tweiity-fontth street, from Valencia to Guerrero street. To A. Bushmore or assigns, sixty (60) dya for replanking Bitch street, frtm Brsnnaa to i own-send street. Xo George Torre ns or assiirns, ten (10) days for macadamixtng Leavenworth street, from Broadway to Valiejo street. To P. Dortrbue or assigns, fifteen (IS) days for macadamising and curbing th crossing of Potrero avenue and Hints Clara street. To M.Oonn'8 twenty (10) days for paving. e'e. Fourth street, from Brannan to Townsend street. To James dwell or bis assigns, ten no) days to construct brick sewer, etc., la the crossing of Howard and Tenth streets. To O. B. Williams thirty (80) dsys for pavtvg. etc.. Mission street, from stain to Spear street. and Mission street, rrom aiain to Beam eireei. and the crossing of Miarlon and Beale streets; also Fourth street, from Barrison to Bryant Street. To property.owaers or their assigns, sixty dsys (60i to grade Santa Clara street, from Potrero avenue to barrison street. In Board of Supervisors, Baa Franclsoo, March SO, 187A Adopted by the following vote: Ana Supervisors Menaies, Pease, Abbots, Deering, Bims, Roberts, , Scott, Hewstoc, Maodonald. A b ikt Supervisors Eennev, Lynch, ep3 fit JNO. A. RUbELL, CI era. RESOLUTION No. 4984 (New Series ) R-sonvKD, That th Mayor be and is hereby authorised and empowered to sign, oa behalf of the city and county, th private contract to grade, macadamise and curb tbe crossing of Oak and Ashbury streets, as entered into with George Torrens. by the property-owner, and as recommended by the Park Commissioners, at the following rates: For grading, 16 cents per cubic yard. For macadamising, S cents per square foot. For curbs, 11 cents per lineal foot. In Board of Supervisors, Saa Francisco, sTarch 30, 1874. Adopted by tbe following vote: Axbs Supervisors Menaies, Pease, Xbbets, Sims, Deering, Roberts, Scott. , Eewston, Maodonald. -Abskbt Supetvlurs Kenney, Lynch, api at JNO. A. BUoMELL. Clerk. RESOLUTION No. 4963 (New Series. Rr. solved. That th action or the Hospital Committee of this Board, ia accepting th proposal of Thomas Melnerney, offering to purchase of ths Almshouse all supplies of milk and vegetable required by him on his contract lo furnl.h supplies to th said institution, be and ia hereby confirmed. In Board of Supervisors Baa Franclsoo, March SO, 1874. Adopted by ths following vote: im Supervisor Menaies, Pease, Ebbets, Buns. Deering, Roberts, , Bcott, Hewstoa, Maodonald. Absdtx flupervisors Kenney, Lynch. ap2 St i&O. A. BUBaELL, Clerk. IK THB DISTRICT COURT OF THE Fourth Judicial District of the State of California, in and for the city and county of Baa Franeisco. JOHN SMITH, Plaintiff, vs. DANIEL CUB-BAN et sis.. Defendants. Action brought in the District Court of th Fourth Judicial District of the State of California, in and for the city and county of San Franeisco, and the complaint filed in said city and county of San Francisco, ia theornceof the Clerk of said District Oourt, The People of the State of California send greeting to Daniel Curran, Wells, Fargo A Co.. aad John Dona van, defendants. Ton are hereby required to appear hi an action brought against you by the above named plaintiff la the District Court of the Fourth Judicial District of the State of California, in and for th city and county of San Francisco, and to answer the complaint filed therein, within ten days (exclusive of the day of service,) after the service on yoa of this summons if served within this oounty; or, if served out of this county, but ia this district, within twenty days; otherwise, within forty days or Judgment by default will be taken against yoa, according to the prayer ef said complaint. The said action is brought to obtain a judgment that certain partnership heretofore and now existing between plaintiff and defendant, Daniel Curran, under the firm name of John Smith A Co., ia the business of post traders, be dissolved, sod that an account be taken thereof, and that the defendant. Wells, l arge A Co., be restrained and adjoined from paying ov-r to said Curran. or sending or delivering to defendant. Dona van, the sum of $4,(00 now in their possession and described in tbe complaint as cash assets of raid, firm; that a Receiver be appointed to take charge of said sum and hold tbe same subject to the further order of this Oourt; that upon final bearing said Receiver may be decreed to pay said sum of S4.000 to plaintiff to be applied ia liquidating the liabilities of said firm of John Smith A Co., and for general relief. And yon are hereby notified, that if yoa fafl to appear and answer the said complaint, as above required, the said plaintiff will apply to the Court for the relief demanded therein-Given under my hand and seal of the District Court of the Fourth Judicial District of th State of California, In and for the city and county of San Francisco, this 21st day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-three. sxal. WILLIAM HARNET, Clerk. By Jaa. E. a shook. Deputy Clerk. Wright k Wright, Att'ys. fedlawihnF PUBLIC POUND NOTICE. nTTTJi V w imleM uvvioaslv redeemed, on I HI. DAT, the 10th day of April, 1S74, at 13 o'clock, noon, at the Public Pound, Pin street, between SteiaerandPkiroa streets: 1 Whit Cow: red spots; ears marked; branded oa right hip. 1 White Cow; red ears; roaa side. 1 White Cow; buck spots; brand oa left hip; ears cropped. I Bed Cow; white spots oa head; branded D 0 on left bip. 1 Bed Cow; while spot on rump; slit in lsft ear 1 White Heifer. - ... apin .. DAYIS aLaHOBT.lNuadluepez, I. j J. . - . 5.'.'. ' -1 ,. 1. K -r

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