The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1947
Page 12
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(ARK.y COURIER NEWS' , NOVEMBER «, 1947 Molajczyk's Aides Arrested Poll* Ami Prefer W ARiikV, HOT. / «. (UP) — Th n» •( lhc.perrai : «ha n«l PoUnd on Oct. M with' wltl-CominunUt leader •tonutew' >liliola)csj-t were In Jh« huida of tit Ru««um-u-»,tn»<J tecur- Mf polit» tod»j »rj| OIM *n'»c- •wcd. <rf cdriipfrinf : with Mlkoli- >e«yk •'«'•«*»» pirtjr timdt. ' It h»d fcren-beltevfd th»t ill hwl «««p«<l'with »«|to!»)(-*-li,-li-«dfr of th« |P*«»!imP»rtj who arrived in BHUld' Monday.' Boon «4t«r Mlko- l*>*rk r»«h«l '< BriUln. -h«: uld tb«t lUl, •§*>•« who h«d fkd.wlth hl» *r«»» ••iV-alWioujrh h« would itot ««T;Wh»r», they were for fe«r •T •«Ui»»nnt thtoi. .'. J 1 But\l«*t >l«hi, 'tht vovtrninenl t*ldHh»t\U» MM«e.,o('UikoIa]ciyk . bffte •pbinned lor ». long tlmt "wlUr.thi % ooop«r»tloii,'0f the «m- pk)Tfi ? o<. «J3' «nb**sjr.. In Warsaw." At'th* lanai time', £h« government mnnounced th»t three of th« fugitive writ captured,' Jmt" »» they Into pKciwloyakli. / The ttir««- were -Marl » Hulr«lc«, Uilcolajoyk'i privat* secretary — '."who lived with him .until the moment of hli escape," th« government '•«ld— Wluoentj Bryza, Pedant P»r- - ty treuurer, and Miecayslaw Dob' rowski, n "c!os« collaborator." . An Informed source laid It would .ibe disclosed in a Jew days that BteJfan Krobonski, the oilier man In >he escape party^also had been ',. captured. Tin thri* men had llielr .wive* with them, but there was no ^indication whether the \vomen vere '•h«ld. (Mikolajczyk heard the news of hli friends' capture in his wife's cottage In Kenton, Middlesex, Eng- •M»nd, here where he is resting from . r bis esca'p*. His new secretary said: ;Thi« U terrible niws. He was t'moit fond of them and was sure "they were sale." Bryza was held on a charge of •'appropriating Peasant Party funds with Mikolajczyk's consent. The gov- • r «rnirievit announcement snid "dkf- -ferent foreign currencies amouni- vlng to about $10.000 and other com-. promising material were found on : the detained Bryza." Confewton Claimed ' • He was quoted as saying tliat in - the middle of September he "m yapproprlattd with the consent ol VMikolaJcsyk" 4,000 paper dollars and $400 in gold currency, part of it -near his nativt town of Krakow. '•• "In addition, Bryza admitted that : ia understanding with Hutewicz 'and* taking advantage of his function u treasurer, he took from the r »afe of the executive committee of the PSIi (Peasant Party) the sum '< el $380," the government »aid. -,'•• "A» a result of investigation, it •:w»» ascertained that the escape of >Mikola}ciyk and company plan< fted together with officials of ons '••* th« embassies In Warsaw and •?»eali*ed by their active and direct •j:«Jd," the gorernment charged. J The government said the tnves- He Rolls Out on Barrels fHfRt |<; ' „' •>~}*>^i',.-< v This Eskimo coin" up with a novel form at gelling around fn thos« few months when the northern Alaska ground is toft. Here, his huskies pull his barrow which lias two 50-gallon oil drums lor wheels. When the ground is frozen, he'll go back to using a sled. He, Is one of the many unlives helping th« U. S. Navy explore (or oil In th« Arctic wasteland unrounding Point Barrow. Photo by > ' NEA-Acmt «(aft eorreipondent J»ck R. Holper. Parachutes Would Be of Little Use to Passengers of Airlines NBW ORUIANS, N0». «. (UP) — James M. Undlt, chairman of the Olvll Aeronautics Board, «gree<l; today with, the, alrllriw trial parachute* would be of little use to commercial p*Mengeri In l-lnie of Hnerxcncy. "In W out of 100 CAJWS," Uan- dii Mid, "a plant crash occura when everything In going along fine." Landis, here to.addres* the olo*- Ing seslon today of the 24th annual conference of th« American Municipal Association on aviation uniform en route cruising altitude!, temperature accountability, regulation of total pounds plane* may carry, devices to correct, altimeter error, which will cut down "terrain collisions." and changes in aircraft design. Milk Price Up Two Cents Per Quart in Nashvil/e NASHVILLE, Tcllll. Nov g. (UP) Rnd"'iti""proi)iems,""s'aid"'iast' n'lgh'i j — Nashville milk customers were Separate Peace Was Puce's Aim Italian Leader Feared Hitler's Reaction and Abandoned Propose! CHICAGO, Nov. 8. (UP)—Bcnito Mussolini w:inted tb make % separate peace with the allies two months before the Italian,armistice but he "lacked the courage" to inen- off by flame and smoke. But %; stepfather, Paul H. Newell, fell his way up the stairs through fire and smoke until he found, the girl where she had collapsed at the head of (he stairs, (Ion It to Hltltr, Alctd* D* , Italy'* prime minister, disclosed to- llB.V. De Oasperl wrote In "Ten Eventful Years," a four-volume history of the Var decad* published by Encyl- opaedla Brlttanlca. ' He sajd Mussolini failed to carry out his plan for a separate peace because of his fear of how Hitler would react. Musfoliui was compelled to drag an unmmng ana unpreparea ii»'7 Into World War II as Germany's partner, De Oasperl said, because Hitler Jumped the gun by three years the time-table Mussolini had drawn for an "inevitable" war. De Oasperl 'said Italy assumed the role of non-belligerent at the outbreak of the war because "Mu«- solini.wa.s hoping that Hitler would find himself in serious difficulties, and that- the intervention of Italy, diplomatio or military,- would re- «*rv» for H a preponderant rol« In the final decision." Mussolini decided to enter the war without consulting his military leaders, De Gasperi said. When the fall of France became Inevitable, Mussolini wrote Hitler that he ,was ready to declare war on Britain. He was convinced, De Gasperi said, that the Wehrmacht could conlain the BrltiKh fleet. EXPECTANT MOTHERS fM».»*7rtUU « *.««t»l M4 M«aYv*rN MT4. t4 MIM *l *4u»*tlMkl Ust with 7* Illui. IrtlfMi. ih*rh »»t jtrjphi. A iMiiiul iui«« f*r Wl »«p»*t. Charles Dickens named "Porter-! CITY DRUG CO. nous* steak" lor the Porter House} . V.t Williams, HriiKgliit at Sand us ky, Ohio., Dickens stopped I 101 E. Main St. Phone 2541 there when visiting America In 1847. that everything humanly possible was being done Uj prevent crashes. But he did not believe parachutes held the answer. "The chances of landing are usually better than they would be IT the passenger jum|>cd," he . said, "because j e told today to expect retail prices to rise "at least two cents per quart" from the present price of 18 cents by Dec. 1. Milk 'plant spokesmen said that would be the effect of a new fed- control order signed in Wash, , the great majority "of air-travelers i Ing ton Inst ntulH. The new regula- are not experienced in the use of j tlon. approved by , referendum of *"""' ' '"" parnchutes." Laucils said fire was the chief hazard' of air' travel "Insofar as psychological fear on the part of the flying public is 'concerned." Tlie former dean of Harvard Law School and one-time chief of the Office of Civilian Defense said safety in the air was an "eternal problem." and hoped the 56 recommendations made by the president's Air Safety Board would do much to reduce accidents, He said that, after the acident at LaGuarrtlR field in which 53 per local producers, guaranteed them an increase of 66 cents per hundred pounds on mitk containing four percent butterfat. Two from Carut/iersvi/fe Named Officers at Fall Rally of Church Youth CARUTHBRSVIIJj;. Ma, Nov. t — At the annual Fall Rally ot the Presbyterian Youth Fellowship of the potosi Presbytery, held at Kennett, two Caruthersville young people were elected officers- of tha Pioneers sroup. They are Homer Dale Bracey. president, and Mary Frances Kdgerton, vice-presid Seventeen young people of tbif Caruthersville Presbyterian Church attended the rally. The Rev, Wayne- Gray. Presbyterian pastor here, was one of the four per.*on,3 who t;iuj$'nt, classes. Mrs, Gray, secretary of tile Religious Education of the ptotosi Prcsbytcrial. arranged for and planned the meeting. Representatives of tn towns were present, numbering a total of lija young people. Jack Allen of Curu- thcrsville, is president of the dis- Irict group, and Joe Muir. also of Caruthersville, Ls secretary. Both | appeared on the prosruru, } Plans were made at this meeting ! to hold the Spring Rally ol the | Youth Fellowship and Pioneers groups at Maiden in April. sons were klH-fl "because the pilot j M«nP'Hs, Tenn. ... The tirnnosnl u Residence for Bishop In Memphis Suggested PADUCAH. Ky.. Nov. 6 (UPI — Tlie Rev. Lud Estes of Dyersburg. Tenn.. recommended today that the Methodist church establish an Episcopal (bishop's) residence In forgot to disengage his '' •' nc I'ropnsal was Introduced at control," It *«i necessary to re- \ "™ »»»"" 1 con orencc here attenri- deslgn gust-lock* "so that parti- e<1 , b V sot) ";'nls'«« an , rt '"- v delc - cul«r type of accident can't hap- 8 nt « from the areas of Tennessee \Step-Father Braves Fire To Save J5-Y ear-Old Girl NASHVILLE. Tenn.. Nov. 6. i UP' j — Frances Taylor. 15. was resting: well In a hospital today after her i step-father rushed into a flaming ! home to save her. ! Two other members of the family i had jumped fronv second-story bed- ; rooms when the stairway was cut Aflw Hi* rmJM> •o(«y f Ally TIMIt --foil-bodied EARLY TIMES BOURBON EARIY TIMES DISTILLERY COMPAKr • LOUISVILLE. KENTUCKY ST UDEB AKE 5 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Sales * STUDEBAKER * Servic. ATTENTION, S1UDK.BAKF.R OWNERS: Drive by for a free check on your cllmatizer Heater and Defroster. Be prepared for winter. A good selection of new and used trucks. Also, * jtumbif of lat« model used cars ... all guaranteed! ' Railroad and Ash Streets ll 1 Lex Chamblin Dial 2195 Bill Chamblin T> STUD EB AKERS BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN; OFFICE NORTH TENTH a n "!"Among the Air Safety Board's recommendations already adopted to reduce accidents, Landls said, were llgation was continuing and "other interesting details were being revealed." According to the official statement, the Parliament Rave the security police permission "to detain him (Bryzp.) under as a red-handed" criminal. He will'be put "on the order of the day" for the. next silling of Parliament. and Kentucky West of the Tennessee River. familiar Tcrsf* NASHVILLE, TelUU Nov. 6, (UP) —Elnora Cnrr. a Negro woman, ate the "best chicken I ever stuck a tooth in" at Eugene Brown's house Sunday, but it was only today that she discovered why they "tasted sort of familiar." > Police caught Brown corning from Eflnora's chicken yard with n bag of seven hens. Learn io Bowl! The Most Healthful Recreation YOU SAW IT IN LIFE . . . AND HERE IT IS! HOT POINT Deluxe Range .! The Everybody's Pointing To HOTPOINT A Few In Stock For 1m media f« Delivery With 11, great postwar advancements, this brilliant new Hotpolnt Automatic Range brings you everything you'v* wantfd in electric cooking! New lifetime Calrod- heating unltj start (aster, cook more efficiently and—with » tlvial- service thrift-cooking unlt^the surface capacity is Inc/ensed 55%, New sealed-heal oven gives more oven spaci plus ivenly distributed heat [ or better cooking resiilu. Improved broiler cooks steaks for 10 persons in 10 minutes. Holpotnt Ranges slay cleaner and »r« easier to clean. Accurate automatic timer permits you to cook fntlre nlcalu while you are sway. See Ihrse great new features In Hotpoint, world'* leaning electric range. •Heg. U. S. Pat. Ofl. AMERICA'S FINEST ELECTRIC RANGE BLAH HEATH Auto & Home Supply Store i •> s It 419 West Main Street Phone 828 Phone 3151 FARM (|| LOANS Home Office, Newark, N. 1. LON« TEKM PROMPT CLOMNO LOW RATI CALL. WRITE OR SF.» RAY WORTHINGTON 115 S. Third St., Blytheville, Ark. Set-tint This Section 2S Years Authorised Afor'jratf* Loan Solicitor lor THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OT AMERICA SATURDAY CHITWOOD'S ;: ALLEY "Now, I want you Blytheville boys to giva me a smooth job RB SEAY MOTORS did painting my carl" 4 Regulation 10-Pin Alleys All Newest Equipment In the 500 Block on East Main Phone 4929 Pride &Usrey General Contractors DIRT FOR SALE Phone 517 CAN WATER AID ARTHRITIS? Ttie air! thousands have received from Mountain Valley Mineral Water Is proof that this delicious water from Hot Springs, Arkansas, is a natural help in Arthritis. Do this — drink six to eight glasses a day for th« next few weeks, and judge for yourself the real value of Mountain Valley—the famous mineral water from America's most popular health resort. Fre« health booklet on request CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP At*.

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