The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1947
Page 9
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THURSDAY. NOVEMBER «, 1947 Vets As Leaders Urgedby General Leadership Needed To Hike Production, Chief of Staff Says UTTI.!! ROCK, Ark.. Nov. «.— (Upj—Veteran leadership in increa- •'"» »srlcultur»l «n<J indu»lrl:t| production and settlns up the United States as 3. rallying point for the fjlfi peoples of the world was urged wr« yesterday by Gen. Dwight D. Euenhower. ' America's World Wai- Tu'o com- msitder and present chief of stafT, speaking to an audience composed primarily of veteran* of the recent conflict, said "with you 1 need not «r«ue the fact that the disappear- »nce of freedom In »ny part of the world affects our own freedom." "Always, he added, "mast we understand that no one nation, however powerful, can exist a> a single island of democracy in a world other-wise completely dominated by despotism. Our own self-interest, o-jr own aafaty reo.uiie inat \ve 'take the lead in fostering and iiip- portlng freedom." The general, accompanied by Mis. Eisenhower and his aides, arrived in tattle Rock from Fort Worth, Tex., earlier yesterday. He did not hold a press conference and his aide, Maj. Hobert L. Schultz, told reporters it was useless to ask the oft-repeated question as to whether the general would be a candidate lor President in 1948, Cltea Production Records 4^The general pointed to new red>ids In peace-time production In his talk but said "we are far short of th* production needed by our- iclves and our world neighbors: and, although the guns are stilled, we are far from assurance that, war shall not again disrupt our peaceful living." ?i«nhower listed three hungers which h* sa!d beset the world to- BLYTHEVILIR (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Health Agency Reports on Missco Survey Reports of the Strjtn Health Department's veneral disease, survey made li: Mississippi Comity last month loilay revralod that "Pliroximately 12 per i?ent of the Demon* examined were Infecled with a reneral disease. Mrs. Annabcll Fill, coiinly. heahh nurse for North Mississippi I County said today that of the 6.012 Wassevman tests made during the survey. SOS were positive, and a total of 20 cases of t,oa- oiThe ; i were treated during the survey. Tlio greater part of tlieso numbers were Neeroes, she said. Stic also stated ttiut a freu bus leaves the County Dull Cnch Tuesday and Thursday morning to tnke infected persons to the stale treatment center In Hot SiM'Ings. Tho irenlments arn Klven wlihout cost lo Ihe patient, slie said. The Tuberculosis Association's inolilte x-rny will make Its third scheduled stop In Blythevllle N'oi 24, Mrs. Fill said, for the hcnefu of Ihe personnel of all Mississippi County Schools who lu'.ve no! y<'t iiecn x-rayed. Other persons who have not linen x-rayed In Ihe pasi year may also attend ihis ellni. she suid. but school pcrFoiinel wlii he given prtorlly. Lucky Terrylea day. | They were: hunger for goods; hunger for stability and hunger for security. And he added that ths United Stales can relieve these hungers by "providing material help to prevent chaos for peoples bound to us by the tics of-fellowship In battle." The general called for complete unity in America and uryert the veterans to tnke the lead in building a better world. He also asked for maintenance of our occupation forces and continued buUriinn of n defense establishment, "buttressed by universal training." "Military readiness may be a Marshall Hopes For Agreement In London Meet WASHINGTON, Nov. g. (UP) — Becrel«ry of suste George o. M«- »h»ll said today that .he will do his al the forthcomlnf Counell of poreien Mlnuiter* m London to rcnclv agreement with the Soviet PAGE 500 French. Guardsmen Bott/* 2,000 a German peace settle- Union on ment Nfirshill said »t a n*va conference - the flrtt he hu held in two mnotlit — lhat he will leave here aboard Piesldeiit Trumtn'i private plane, "Independence," on Nov. so. He was asked by a reporter: "Ar« you optimistic, pejaimlit' , or In- between about the council maeUngT" Marshall lau.ulnsly replied that it was quite A question but added he did not know what Ihe Runjlan attitude was (joint to W or what proposals the Russians will make. Reverting in military Unto, the former army chief ot itatf aal(S he never allowed hlmttlf to |tt p«i- ilmLsilc when enii«*d in operations. lie added that It would be fatal to do so. PARIS," Nov. «. (UP)— S«Y«r»l p«rion» wer* Injured nightly tod»y in » clnsh between about 2,000 •triking pirU wiilutlon workers •Jirt MO French moblta iu»rdim«n. Tlv* rluh Occurred vheti th« ttrHc*r&, alter » m*etlii» it which they voted to continue th« itrlke lor waie Increuei, tried to much on the city htll to sl*»e > demonstration. MoblU iuatd*m*n held In n»»rv« Wtrr wu ilone In th« »}flc« en th« second floor of the Muehlo Bulldint vhen the three entered. Police, who believed loc«l men did the Job, picked up Kvertl iua- pecU but Wwr eould net IdenlUy them. tightccii-monlh-old Terry lea McC<itlou B h took a nosedive from the second-lloor slair Innding in her Los Angeles home but c-ime put ol it with only a few small chin cms. Above, at Emergency Hospital, her mother. Kathcrinc McCullough, gives Tci-ryle* a kiss of comfort. i Canadian Ship Limping Into Port Attttr Storm NEW YORK, Nov. «. (UP)—ThO Cn»»dl»n ove, carrier Ixmisburg, with Its st«rbo«rd storeroom deck torn nw«y and Its hold p«rtt«4ly flooded, wns holding IU own «C»|MB(. sale winds and iwumlhif seu Eut of Argenlln. Nfld., today, the Const Guard rc|)orted, Tht Const Ouaid cutter Dexter, MiuulinB by the dlmblert 7,lCO-ten freighter, said I he «hlp'« muter now w»s "very hopeful" of ridlnft out the stonn nnd proceeding to St. Johnson, Nfld,, for rtpMri. forceful stop sign lo sjiy who mny this country," he addcrt and con- plot war." he snlrt. ; eluded "our foreign policy tortny "Should this nation permit the Is a realistic attempt to prevent war I cause of freedom elsewhere to be- in the future." i come the virllm of hostile political ' force, we Mould eventually have to . fight for assurance of its survival In , Hew} Courier News W«nt Ada. Robbers Obtain $400 After Binding Employ* AUGUSTA, Gn., Nov. 6. UJP> — Three liumiLskea men Bound »nd gnRgtcl Robert Wurr und robbed the till of the Richmond Finance Comuiny of about 1406 today. M AYBE you're a beauty lover with an eye for standout style and the long, sleek, flowing line. anything on the road today thtt's more the picture of perfect grace — more certainly the forerunner of the coming things in cars? Or maybe you are strong for action — like the exciting feel of a really able performer, thrilling in its abundance of power, instant and sure in its responses. Ever sample the wallop in this big Firebdl straight-eight - or Buick's swift answer to your wheel hand and your treadle foot? It could be you like comfort. Broad seats, plenty of room, a soft and gentle ride that asks no favors from the road. Come see what happens when you get a stout and rugged chassis, easy coil springs on all four wheels, room for three on front scat and back, and low- pressure tires that are like pillows on each wheel. Or possibly, as a family man, you give more than a thought to the safety of those who ride with you. 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