The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1952
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JULY 1, 1952 Murry Lashes McMath as Did Three Others But Tackett Says 'Pot Is Calling The Kettle Black' Hy The Associated Press Atly. Gen. Ike Murry [ollowed the pattern set by three other Democratic candidates for governor of Arkansas and lashed out at Gov. McMath In his official opening talk. But in Morrilton Rep. Boyd Tackett. another candidate, said Murry's criticisms of McMath were "like tile pot calling the kettle black." Tackett said Murry had "Jailed and refused" to prosecute following revelations of the Highway Audit Commision and "is just as derelict of his duty as the governor lie crit-" At his opening talk in North Little Rock last night, Murry called the governor's contest "the case of Ike Murry versus Sidney McMath." He said that he ruled it was illegal (or state officers or employes to sell to the state and his opinions "MADE IT HAZARDOUS FOR THE ADMINISTRATION TO CONTINUE ITS PURCHASING RACKETS." He said "they then came up with the infamous - . . Act 242 ot 1951." The attorney genera! said he had whipped "the McMath crowd" in court 011 the purchasing act interpretation, when he recovered nearly $10.000 originally intended as a citizens' contribution for road improvement, but which wound up in the 1950 McMath campaign fund. The crowd was estimated by North Little Rock police at 4,000 persons. Fordyce. Ark., Women for Murry Club members mingled in the crowd wearing white dresses and carrying white umbrellas emblazoned with Murry campaign .slogans. Earlier yesterday. Chancellor Francis Cherry'told West Memphis supporters he would "beat the tar- out of Sid McMath" in the runolf primary. Jack Holt, a Little Hock attorney. «aid he would attack the governor's "white washing" at Mt. Home today. He said he would "tell the truth about (McMath) statement. . . . that all road jobs had gone to the lowest bidder." McMath Is expected to return today from Houston, Tex., to attend President Truman's dedication of Bull Shoals and Norloric dams Wednesday. BI.YTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS : NEVER-NEVER LANC—No one lives in this vine-covered apartment house, and no train has ever rumbled across this mjlti-dccked railroad bridge, yet both "structures" are located in the heart of Pans, Many thousandi of tourists won't recognize the spot, just because they had a different point of view. Revolve this page one-quarter turn to the left, and you'll see part of the Eiffel Tower mirrored in the garden pool at its base. Arkansas News Briefs — Traffic Takes Biggest Death Toll As Total Reaches to 524 Il\ The Associated Press LITTLE ROCK—The total known fatalities lor the first half of 1952 have reached 51M, with Iraflic Inking the largest toll to date. Arkansas State Police reported that 193 lives were taken on Arkansas highways and streets during the 26-week period that ended Sunday midnight. For the corresponding period in 1551, 174 traffic deaths were reported. ' The March 21 tornadoes rated the .second spot, taking no lives. Fire claimed 75 lives. Forty-two persons drowned; 40 died homicide and suicide; three were kilted in hunting accidents, and miscellaneous causes accounted (or 6i deaths. Babies' Delivery Delays Doctor at Meeting LITTLE ROCK—Dr. L H. McDaniel of Tyvonia, an alternate delegate to the Democratic national convention, was late last night for a dinner for Sen. Robert S. Kerr-'jtil he had a good excuse. Dr. McDaniel delivered two babies yesterday afternoon—and as a result, had to delay his start to IJttle Rock several hours. Russell Says He'll Capture Democratic Nod WASHINGTON lift—Sen. Richard RlisseM predicts that Democrats will ballot for a residential candidate more than a half-dozen times and that he will top the first one and wind up the winner. Russel! told a news conference yesterday he expects to go to the July 21 Chicago convention with Rt least 300 of the 616 delegates votes required for nomination. Russell repeated that he has no interest in running for vice president. He attacked as "gutter politics" a statement by Gael Sullivan, campaign manager for Tennessee Sen. Estcs Kefauver, a top contender for the Democratic presidential nomination. In a June 21 speech Sullivan said some party leaders were trying to put together a ticket with Illinois Gov. Adlai Stevenson for President nnd Russell for vice president. In a reply to Russell's heated denial, Sullivan yesterday praised the j Georgian as having "repudiated j those of his backers who have been ! trying to work out a deal." | Sen. M'Carthy To Address GOP Herbert Hoover, Gov. Fine to Follow • MacArthur's Speech CHICAGO M>>—Ammg the Republican loaders whc will address the GOP Nationa Convention opening here Mondaj is one of the party's most controvirsial, Sen. Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin. Others who will fillow the keynote speaker. Gen. Douglas MacArthur, include foimer President Herbert Hoover aid Gov. John Fine, whose 70-vots Pennsylvania delegation would wegh heavily in a tiaht race for presilential nomination, The top contende-s for that prize Oliio Sen. Robert Taft and Gen. Dwjght Eisenhower, have expressed views on MeCarlh;. The Wisconsin lawmaker, a bittir critic of the State Department, has vehemently pressed his drive :gainst any Com- munisti nfluence in government. Tatt, in a. Jan. 21 speech at Beloit, Wis,, said ie felt McCarthy was fully justified in demanding An investigation of die State Department. Taft said then he thought some of the department's policies were "pro-Communist." Eisenhower, in a new; conference June 5 at Abilene. Kan. was asked whether he favored McCarthy's reelection. He declined to'.'indulge in any kind of personalities." but added: "No one could be nore determined than I am that jny kind of communistic, subversive influence be uprooted from responsible places in our government, mate no mistake about that. On the other hand r believe that can be doie .. without besmirching the reputation of any innocent man . . ." lo L. M. ChappeM to sell and dis- ™""" v-noiis or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail <n the prtfrn- i.-cs described as: 321 East Main Biytheville. Ark. This permit, issued .n the 1st day of July 1053 and cxpucs on the 30th day of June. 1952. L, M. Chappcll. Permittee Sen. Kerr Tells Arkansans 'There Will Be No Draft' LITTLE ROCK. Ark. (A>; — Sen. Robert S. Kerr ruled out the possibility of a "draff 'at the Democratic national convention later this month. Said Kerr: "The Democrats aren't going to draft anybody. Whoever the nominee is. it'll be someone who's after the job." The Oklahoma, senator, himself Tennessee Governor Waltzes His Answer To Introduction HOUSTON. Tex. w,_Each of 48 governors took a bow when introduced at the state dinner of the National Governors Conference last night. A beaming Oov. Gordon Browning of Tennessee went 'em one better. He sang the "Tennessee Waltz." Soviets Admit Talent Of America's Whitman MOSCOW (;!>-tt wns a Russian who really discovered Walt Whitman, so says Mikhail Melesov, critic for News, the Soviet English-language magazine. "Whitman," he said, "was still a humble clerk in Washington, a writer whose literary efforts had not yet attracted wide attention when his 'Leaves o[ Grass' fell into the-hands ol Ivan Turgencv. Turgenev was. of course, one of Russia's great men of letters. "The Russian writer." said Mele- sov. "was so impressed with the poetry of the 'astonishing American poet' that he undertook the translation of several of the poems into Russian." a candidate for the. nomination, said he is convinced President Truman would attempt to make his influence felt in the selection of tb nominee. "I think he should." Kerr said, "and I would be surprised if he didn't." Asked if he thought the president would plunk his political hat lor him, Kerr quipped: "Well, I'm will- Ing. I may encourage him along that line. I may even go so far as to suggest it to him." But he added quickly his remarks were not a prediction, "just an expression of hope." Kerr was at Little Rock to seek the support ot the Arkansas delegation to the convention. He said he hoped the delegation w-ould support him if and when the group abandons its favorite son backing of Sen. J. William Fulbright of Arkansas, to whom its 22 votes are now pledged. 'Stinkers' Smell Up Gas for Home Safety NEW YORK, lip, — You can call them "stinkers" and they won't mind. They're the men whose joh it Is to add a special aroma to odorless nat- jural fuel. This is done for safety in home and industry, according to the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association. One pint of the oclorant, a sulphur derivative, will smell up a million cubic feet of natural gas. The g?s absorbs the odor as' it passes over a vat of the liquid or the odorant is Injected directly into the gas transmission line. The tuataras of New Zealand are the last living remnant of a group of fossil reptiles which had three eyes. In the living species the third eye on top of the head is represented only by a group of scales. Rome's Colosseum opened in 80 A.D. 'Snowman' Does Exist? SINGAPORE (let — A Calcutta birr naturopathetic physician ivov in Singapore believes in Hie exist enceof the "Abominable Snowman 1 —a monster said to inhabit thi Himalayas. E. P. McCarthy-Heyzcr vh did research work in Calcutta before coming here, claims io nav seen, in company of other wit nesses, the "tremendous" footprinl of the Snowman. Agri to Act- On Milk Market WASHINGTON !«V-The application ol rt. Smith milk prod'.icer; to establish a milk marketing are: has been siated for early action b; the Agriculture Department. The marketing agreement branc} of the Agriculture Department' Dairy Division already has reroi:: mended that a referendum be pro vided lor the establishment of tl: area, but the Faycttcville area wr not, included. NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR rERMIT Notice is hereby given U\a; the C partment of Alcoholic Bcvera: Control has issued a permit Ho. 21 HOT? WINDOW FANS $39.95, $49.95, $59.9. Try one 24 hours in vour own home without onli».ition ni.,1 (.-,31. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. KILL JOHNSON GRASS with Sodium Chlorate, SS"e pore: Fine treated for rlrj application SI^.50 per 100 Ibs. A. H. WEBB CULVERT TILE CO. FliwaT HI. State f.ine— Phont 8114 PAGE NINE Arkansas Revenue Agent Dies in Accident HOLLY GROVE— An Arkansas revenue agent, Raymond Owin ol Lexa, Ark., was killed near here yesterday m a truck-car collision on Highway 17. Owin was 28. Extra Phone Facilities Ready for Truman LITTLE ROCK-Thc Installation ot extra telephone and Me graph facilities comprised ttie Litlle Rock end ot the preparations for liie visit ot President, Truman. While cities in Northern Arkansas are decorating the streets and preparing programs, telephone and telefiraph companies in Little Hock have been expanding their services (or the visit of President Truman The Following Biytheville Cleaners Will Be Friday & Saturday JULY 4TH & 5TH Boone Cleaners C. & W. Cleaners City Cleaners Peerless Cleaners wrmc THAT QiWMOXf IS GLENMORE KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON - " • • —^_ CLENMORE DISTILLERIES COMPANY • LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY 3os Firm Asks 3koy to Install Line, Station WASHINGTON MWThe Arkan- as-Loiiisiana Gas company asked >crmission to construct six ndtli- lonal miles of natural gas pipe line and to install a 7,500 horsepower ompivssor station in Hot Spring County. The request was made to he Power Commission yesterday. The pipeline would make and additional 38 million cubic feet of nat- iral gas available daily to Die Lake Catherine Steam Electric generat- ng station. The proposed compressor station voulcl make greater volumes of gas available to consumers ill Central Arkansas. Line Forms to Rear As Patrolman Hands Out Tickets to All .ALBANY, N.Y. W)-Palrolman Richard Walcott, the one-man rcadblock. thought for a minute he was headed the wrong way himself. Walcott stopped a car going the wrong way on a one-way street. Before he Mulshed writing ft ticket, 1C more cars were lined un behind it. WalcoU pointed to a nearby warning sign and handed out 10 more summonses. Read Courier NCV.S cias:,i,icd Ads. There is no place In England ' more than 18 miles from a railway line, says the National Geographic 1 Society. r ?zt&<???ze'i RCA has ilone il again! This timr with a wonderful room »ir conditioner that gives you control ol in'irie rlimatr, , . : nt the twist of a dial. Cools, fil'crs, i-lcans th« air Kcmovc.i dusl, (inllenE, liiii. Reduces bi.mUiil). A si/.t for every room .. . fee il today I Compare'. Enjoy frSei* RCA feoturet: « "HURT-OF-COID" COMPRISSOR provide* top cooling rapacity. o "AIRFLOW" GRIILC gives 5011 grnllr, nn-Hrafl air circulation to all paits of ihc room. • umous IK* Hctoor SERVKI •v«ures perfect installation, c.ire- fref, per forma net. F.OW*COA| contract available. A 51ZI FOR EVERY ROOM! Priced oi low 01 $229.50 Liberal termi — rakt up to 78 we«lu lo pay. COME IN FOR FREE DEMONSTRATION Johnson Office Equipment Co. 106 So 5th Phone 4420 PRICES CUT RUGGED RIVERSIDES FOR SAFER HOLIDAY DRIVING I U.V3 6.00.18 j Z.O3 6-70-15 Plus Federal Ta\ and jour old tire EVERY OUNCE FI^ST QUALITY FULL NON-SKID DEPTH—FULL TREAD WIDTH—FULL SIZE RIV Size 6.40-15 6.70-15 7.10-15 7.60-15 8.00-15 6.70-16 KKSIDE A[R Cl Tire Price 12.45 12.55 15.25 16.95 18.75 13.25 'SIIIONS * Tube Price** 2.25 2.55 2.65 2.80 3.35 2.60 RIVKRS1DES FOK OLDER CARS 6.50-15 6.00-16 6.50-16 15.35 10.95 15.85 2.55 2.30 2.60 m Kcd. Tav and jour old (Ire. "Pills F«i. Tai. ONLY 10% DOWN ON TERMS SALE ENDS JULY 5th

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