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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California • Page 3

The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California • Page 3

San Francisco, California
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THE DFATIl-KOLL. rdttlaa Tntterda. THE WORKINGMEN. GAME We auote: Rue. 9 doc 00n Oi Alameda, bat subsequently withdrew- It, after the statement had been made that he had affiliated with the THE LITEST.

w-i TBE BFrLirtTB BEBASI. aresf IsatlxMt Yealersujr fata I be Maltrr af she Altered Illegal Issuance ef a Drnaacd aa the My Trenanry. The urectigation Into the charges against Jas. Lynch, Sargeant-at-Ax-ani cf tbe Eoard of Supervisors, preferred by Detective Henry N. Kore ia bis printed report upon the Dupont street treads, and other mtmicipal irream-laritiea, was commenced by the Finance Committee yev terday afteraaea.

Supervisor Smith as Chnirxoan of the Finance Committee announced the purpose of the invest inatiua. set-trnr forth the charge as follow! Ia April. 1878, the Dailv Stock Exthmnye, having printed tbe sapplimental tax list aecurdiztc to contract, was allowed the sum of 8384. After presentation, the bills ia some unaccountable wiaarwT became mislaid, and a duplicate bill was made out, allowed, paid and receipted fur. In Septembu.

1878. 8enreant-at-Arms Lynch press nit the original bill, cut down to $320, with tbe deawaad far that amount to tbe Exchange office. The following paragraph from the Morse report waa then read: After this fraudulent demand oa the treasury had beea allowed by the Board of fwpervieor, a certain individual holding offios under the city roTemmeot had the audacity to call upon one of the Exchange people and ask him to draw this fraudulent warrant, and that he. the said office-holder would keep $100 lor aias-eif, and toe Exchange folks oowid keep the balance, to wit, $220. IL N.

Mores was sworn sad testified that he aorident-ally came across this ssattar dorinw the course of his iw-yesrigstiooa. and that he received his mferaatioa. from Lawlorand Harrigaa. Mr. Verdana! had told aim that Auditor Maynard had frequently called tbe attention of the Supervisors to the matter, but they had done aotb-ing.

'nomas Lawlor, business manager of the ExcAanor, testified that Lynch had been ia tbe habit of oringing these demands to the office, and had brought this esse asasnaL Auditor Maynard and Snpeniaor Smith had tcid Mr. Verrtenal that the matter should be invesu-K" tben-canceied the deaaaad aad banded it to Mr Smith. He had never beard anvthing from Lmch about $100, ana did not tall Morse so. Witaemnrst heard of the aavtur from tbe beospeeper. Harrigu.

who told him that a fraudulent deaamnd had beea drawa for $320, and that a divisioa could be saade. John J. Hamraa, book-keeper of tbe tocs- Exchange, testified to the payment of the duplicate bill aad the pfwsentatioa of a second deaaaad 00 the original bill by Lynch. "Lynch did aot ask me for $100. Hs made some propositi in to divide, hat wh.ihrr k.

nud Rabbit. 1 OJ .1 2cl Enlish. tin Si BOwf Small Birds, doc. z5t 60 1 Common, 1 KKzl SS DOMESTIC DRIED FRUIT We quota: Apples In. Ger Prunes.

fl 4 8 Kisa, white, lb 6 8 a do. 3 4 Aoricots. 1h Pear Plum do. niUttd Raisins, I 00 1 75. do.

blf 1 37 do. 1 60 2 83 do. 1 75(9 00 Nectarines. Ib. D'd Graves 4 FRUITS Jobbtnc rates an aa follows Oraneea.CeiajM.

14 00 Cranberries, bbl. 1J 00(913 00 Apples.gren.bkt. 15 i 35 Tahiti sou Lem'na. Mal'ga bx 5 rears, green, osw 2St 35 15s 17 do Biotly.bx. 8 readies.

da OaL ai inn. straw berries-chst 7 OOialS 00 Limes, da! M. Gooseberries, lb. 4 10 8u 11 do Mexican M. Raspberries, Che: ries.

Currants, 9 chest 5 00 6 00 7S5 3 00 1WK3 12S rlneepplee, ADncote. box. bunca. Cherry Hums, bx NUTS Quota! le as follows: Cal Walnuts. BH 9 elOal 7 tt 8 Pal Peanuts 4 6 Cal do soft (518 HiceoiT Nuts 57 reosi.

an fine Si uU juna a- KECEITTS aF rKwDKCE. ot ra twxmtt-foux Boana ksdino to-dat ax 13 at. Saturday. June 7. FTaITTR 7200 orsks.

Starr A Co. WHEAT-3359 ctls, McNear; 330 Nevada Bank; 133 Kruse ft Euler. Total. 3-22, BARLEY 878 ctla. Nevada Bank: 1780 Dutaid: 413 Urate JSuler; zxia Itiockman Cerf: 949 Newman; 1152 Tenney; 181 Krnse A Euler: 1576 r-niiiiDS.

Total, UATS-148 ctla, Kruse A Euler: 300 Bent A Co; 535 miKUMlMU onn. 1UUL BEANS 245 sks. Eiurii-h; 35 i Dutard. Total. 595.

CORN -262 sks. Denting. Palmer A Co; 462 Kim, Nam A Co, Total, 724. POTATOES-927 ska, order. ONIONS- -260 -ks.

order. BKAN-313 sks, Everding A Co; 760 Starr A Co. Total, 1072. MIDDLINGS -303 sks. Starr A Co.

HAY lo tons, Sidel; GO Blair A Chase; 17 Waterman uo: in lmtton jr. 2u Miller A Hall; ao Dumpby; 67 Rider. Comers A Co; 150 McKenna A Greanv. TotaL 35A STRAW 20 tons, order. WOOL 31 bis, Nathan; 42 Moody Farish: 126 Miller a jo: oi raixner.

Bell a vo; a ennsty Jt wise; Jtt Pioneer Woollen Mills: 110 Newmark A Co: 78 Grangers' Assn: lu Koshland A Co: 16 Ballard A Hall; 19 Orcutt; 11 Simon A Breslauer. 15 Bloom A Cohen: 19 Wise A Goldfish; 159 Sawyer; 222 order. TotaL 9-4. HIDES -356 order. QUICKSILVER-70 Asks, Newhall A Co; 3 Kgerton.

Total, 73. ORANGES 344 bxa. oraer. LEMONS 95 bxa. order.

LIMES-9 bxs. order. WINE 18,950 sails, order. BRANDY 1320 rails, order. SALT 50 tons order.

Maime Intelligence. Saw Fran elsco. Jane 18J. 8t AKO TIDE TABLE. Computed by Tboh Tkkkbtst, Chronometer nd Instru ment MSAer no ia uarxes street.

I (w 6 15 0 16 7 8 6 8 6 tc 13 14 8 fv 9 12i IS 00 a io oo 009 6 00 oocf oo 80(3 75 4 00 8 00 OOlSlO 4 124 6 00(d 8 8 SOS SO jcnb 8. High Water I Low Water I High Water I Low Water Small. I Small. I Lime. I Large.

4 05 P. M. I 9 03 P. M. I 153A.IC I 850A.H.

THE SUN. 4 43 i Sets 715 A Decrease la the Nana her at Deaths frana All la msc a. During the past seven days there were 72 deaths (run all cause ia this city, classified a follows: skx. KATrvmn. 43Paciflc 23 Female 29 Other States 16 Foreign 24 Unknown Chinese 7 Deaths in corresponding week last year, 89 asks or ran sbckdksts.

Died under 1 year. 15 From 1 to 2. 7 2 to 6. 2 40 to 50.... 60 to 60.

60 to 70.. 70 to 80. 80 to 80. 90 to 100. a 8 7 2 0 1 4 8 7 10 5 tc 10 5 10 to 16..

0 16 to to 90... 80 to 7 Over 100 First Third Fifth Sixth Seventh 5 Eighth. 6 Ninth 1 7 OITwelfth. SjPubUc Institutions 13 21 niifcirAi. CADsas or dkato.

Alcoholism Ascites Angina Pectoris. Aneurism Asthma. Anemia Asphyxia. Abscess Brain BrighV Homicide Hydrocephalus Kidney Disease. Laryngitis.

0 0 0 0 0 0 Liver Lung Congestion. Measles Mania 0 Malignant Pustule. Old Casualties Cancer 2 Obstructim of 0 SI 2 OiPhthiais 6 1 4 0 1 Pleurisy 0 0 Puerperal 0 Cholera Morbus. Cholera Croup Convulsions Convulsions Child Birth Cerebro- Spinal Meningi II Puerperal Fever. 0 Puerperal 0 Puerperal 0 Peritonitis.

9 tis 2 Preternatural Birth 0 Piarrhaie. Debility 01 Premature Birth I 0 Phlebitis 0 2 Purpura. 0 Pyemia. 0 Scrofula. Spina Bifida.

Splenic Scarlatina. Syphilis Diabetes. Em 1 0 0 Encephalitis Fever. 0 Fever Intermittent Gastritis Gastro-Enteritis rumors. 0 0 0 0 0 Hemoptysis Heart Disease Hernia Variola 0 Whooping Cough 0 Unknown white and black 9 Unknown Chinese Hepatitis.

verlnael raaaeaurera. Omaha (Neb. June Through passengers on to-day's train, leaving 1205 r. to arrive ia San Fnncisco, June 10th: Mrs A Horton. Providence.

Miss Horton. Brooklyn: Mrs Dr Beverly Cole. Pa: Dr Scott and wife. Wm Cross, Mudge and wife, Cortland, Mrs Proctor. Cherry Creek.

Nev: White. Alameda. Cal; Gogginge, Sacramento; Ward, Lathrop, Chicago; Mrs senator jones and family. Gold Hill, Nev. There were eignty-two tnrougn immigrants ten on last night's emigrant train, to arrive in San Francisco, June 13tn.

Carlix, June 6. The following passengers Carlin yesterday, to arrive in Ban Francisco to-day: Max Meyer. New York: Knauss. Chicago. Ill: Fox.

Detroit; studley. New York; Miss Stewart, conn: Rev a uotwaid. 1 ora, l-a: nev uutier. Washington, Kev tx Mcivnignt, lvastnn, Ia; Rev Louis. Bauirber.

Pennsylvania: miss Ida Horn. orx. Pa: HacDougall and wife. Auburn. Mrs Chappell and two children, Jefferson City.

Mo; likin. -nJ -K; 1.1 V- 7n.l.. Mmrn IT HT-- Whitney, Whitney, Whitney, wife and daughter, New York; Mrs Royal, San Francisco; Mrs Curtis and daugnter, miss Lanson, lowa; Lowentnai, New York: 11 iownsend, wite and lauuly. Mrs caies. Maine: Oakey.

Pbiladelnnia, Pa; A Forrest, Stewart, Wellington; Philips, Philadelphia; A Stan- lev. Loudon. England: Newcomb. Salem, Ma Mrs Sendeman aud child. Glasgow; Mrs Woods.

Mis souri; Mrs Petit, ti rem, 1-ranee; mum Addison, Texas; McMahon, New York; Peel, Camp Halleck, Nev; Miss Ellen Yost, Kansas City, Mo; Wm Joyce, Ireland: Jobu A Mathews. Salem: Miss Georgia Moore. Chicago, III; Miss Mamie Arthur, Ottumwa, Ia. Seventy emigrant passengers, uxciuuing- ignjr-iuur waius, arrive in San Francisco, June 6th. Reno, June Passengers from Virginia City and Carson to San Francisco: Dr Berthier.

I Graham, BV Sprague. Ramon. Davis, Chines 11 Brewster, Mrs rouse, air. HowelL Hanmore. Fair.

Jr. Mrs McClare. McKlare, Mrs Winslow. Mrs Morgan, Mr 1 Morgan, BirdseU. LIST OF THE LEASHED.

The Names ef These Who Have Calmed the law's Aad Their Owa Asseat far the Fa- tare, to Haat la Ceaples. Dining the past week the County Clerk has issued marriage licences to the following parties: Richard Harris. ..50 Margaret ...43 Wm. H. Edward 35 Lawrence Harnett .28 Ellis G.

Arnold 18 Sarah Ann Dixon. .....22 Fena 21 Walters .....21 Harry Cookson 33 Barnard Patie 29 Mary Estelle F. Toris 18 Horatio B. 30 Mary E. 18 Willism Walsh 29 Thomas Giustl 25 Julia Walsh 26 Adelaide Giannoto 20 JohnW.

Mahood 23 Louise .....20 Geo. Halleck 29 Mary 8. Saracoricova il Hewey Evans 85 Jane Trem bath S3 Frank 26 Wm. H. Curnow 30 Anna Charlock 20 Mary A.

Dennis. 19 Agnes M. ...23 Thomas B. Shaw 34 John A J. Fie 31 Annie H.

Schmidt 19 Frederick Johanna Hopper -S8 Marguerite G. Germaine.22 Maggie E. 24 Fannie Spear 24 Pontine Martin P. Geragbty 23 Robert Graham 24 Ersstua M. Howe ..37 Giovanni Ratio 23 John Mollins ..27 Ann Flynn 22 Wm.

J. Moran 22 Kitty T. Have 17 Katharine 23 Carl A. ..23 John Mackie 61 Annie 40 B. Goldman Si Dora Hogarth.

27 Mary 32 Thomas Kelly 28 George 34 Alice J. HalL Robert u. Mary Moore 23 Mary E. ...28 p. Stevens a Francisco Munos ........60 Diederich Jargens.

32 Eugene Lizzie Hayeasen ...22 M. J. 32 Mary Davy ...27 Andrew HalL .30 Louise Grinage. ...18 Aaron Morris. 62 35 Sarah N.

Josephine Contolenc. 34 27 Eugene Ferret. Merfxaae Kc carded. The following; mortgages have been recorded since our last issue: Black and wife to Thompson, tor years, at 1 per on the lot 40x38 feet, on the north line of Napa street, 60 feet west of Honda street, for B800. il Spencer to A 1 nalcK.

for 1 year, at 4 per cent. per annum, on the lot on the south-west comer of San Jose avenue and Elizabeth street, west 46.6 feet, south 94.6 feet, east S3. 4 feet, north 96.6 feet, to place of be ginning-, for S300. Kroger to ueo towards, ior years, at per cent. on the lot 33.6x101.9 feet, on the north-west corner of Clipper and Dolores streets, for $1,500.

Barney Horn to Richard lSeill. for 1 year, at 10 per eent, on tne lot zuoxzoo leet-on tne north-west 00 of Solano and Florida streets; also, the lot 57x200 feet. on tbe west line of rotrero avenue. 114 feet south of Alameda street; and the lot 64.9 feet, on the wast line of Potrero avenue, 103.9 feet north of Alameda street, for S18.33D. Pierson and wire to the Ban Francisco Musical Fund Societr.

for 11 months, at 8 per cent, on the lot 30x60 feet, ou the north Une of Washington street, 67.6 feet east of Leavenwortn street, ior atou. Tesaperaare Heetlags. The Temperance Legion will give a public meeting in the Yr M. A. Hall, on to-morrow evening, at which addresses will be made by V.

S. Northey, W. H. Barnes and Whitney. The Kentucky Jubilee ngers, twelve in number, will favor with jubilee hymns and choruses; Mrs.

Johnson and Mr. Hamilton in ballads; recitations by Miss Eliza Wise, P. Jones, W. E. Be dell, and songs bv the Quartette.

Howard street M. cnurcn was erowoeu last even ing with an enthusiastic audience. Mr. Murphy made brief address and Introduced R. w.

Pearson, who an nounced the meeting for Sunday in the Grand Opera Aouse, on which occasion a grand entertainment will be riven. He waa followed by William wannamaser. vr. Rrigga and several others. Mr.

Murphy made an earn est appeal for recruits, to whicn over 150 responded. The meeting next week will be held at 727 Market street, noonday meetings commencing at az a. A Haven Daring Sterna. The Board of Pacific Coast Engineers held aa adjourned meeting yesterday for the purpose of hearing the experience of captains in relation to the best port along the Northern Coast at which to construct a break water and provide a port of safety for distressed coast ing craft. Several captains of long experience in the Coast trade gave their ideas, all agreeing that the port 01 reiuge should oe aoovs cape Mendocino in order to ds any service.

One of the captains. J. E. MaUeston. thought Crescent City waa the beet situated, from its many natural advantages, but another captain, John E.

Hagtbrop. said there were too many rock in creeeent city nai-Dor. The inquiry will be resumed on Monday. The Ham at the Wheel. George IL Strong, of this city, rod from Oakland to 8a a Jofce ou a bycicla, passing through Brooklyn, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Alvarado, Washington Corners and Milpitas.

Although the roads were fair, the beat of the weather was too intense for any great speed, but toe noer arrived at ban Jose a little alter odocc. making a distance of a little less than fifty miles, in five nouia ana tmny-nve minutes. Jadfe Fermi's Canrt. In the City Criminal Court yesterday. Soloman Mitchell, charged with nusdeineanor, M.

Keene, an assault with a deadly weapon, and J. B. el lard, petty larceny, were dismissed. The last-named waa found guilty of battery. John Fletcher, convicted of battery, waa sent to tne county Jail for sixty days.

Aa taBA5B Widow. Olivia Cooper, a widow, fifty-six years of age, and a native of New York, has been com mitted to the Insane Asylum. She has loss of aaemory. refuse food, and does not sleep. Her actions are con trolled by what she calls spirita, Bark "Couma" Sold.

Tbe bark Cottme, which ar rived at Portland, from Hongkong, a abort time ago, with a cargo of Chinese, has been sold to Captain Ainsworth and Captain Noyes, of tbe Alden Beam, fur ezu.uoo. Butuoa Rxfirxrt CLOSED. The Pacific Bullion Re finery, on Braanan street, corner of Eighth, has been closed. The refining of tbe Company is now all per- lormea at tne seioy smelting works. RoBBRD.

John Kelly, proprietor of the Palace Hotel Napa, was knocked down and robbed of 8550 by four rootpada, at tne corner of Dopont and Market streets, yesterday morning. Homestead. John Hoole has filedVa declaration on I lot 137.6x68.9 feet on tbe south-east corner of Beach and Larkin strwets. Was Dropped. As old tars-man committed suicide in New York the other day, for some na-known cause, and the Cincinnati Saturday yight intimates that the theory of remorse waa oroppwd when it was found thai ha had avevar rua a hack of he we H.

a. General Stouetruui was thereupon. Dominated unanimously. Before the nomination the following' pieage lor ue nominee was adopted: "I hereby pledge myself, if nominated sad elected to the office of Railroad Commissioner from the Third Dis trict, th I will not, in the case of railroad transportation companies, or other common carriers coming under the supervision of said Commissioners, put down the fares and Ireurbt chanres to destroy or prevent competi tion, and raise the same from such reduced price during my term oi omce." The Convention then adjourned. THE EEIT8KA I.STlTlTl3i.

CradsiAUwa; Exercises at BfetrepoUtASi Teasple East EYemtiBC. The annual commencement of the Zeitska Institution tookplaee last evening at Metropolitan Temple, on Fifth street. The building was crowded in every por tion with aa extremely fashionable audience, and the whole exercises were of very interesting nature. The programme was a follow: Gloria Mozart. School Overture "Jean de Paris." Bdildieu.

Misse Toplitx. Coleman. E. Rising- and Hall Salutatory "Fact and Fancies' Miss Ida Morrell Chorus "Tia a New Life" Class Recitation "Uncle Daniel Apparition." Miss Heynesnan vocal Duo "La Patrie des Hirondelles," by Massinl, Misses M. Heyncman and Coleman Recitation From Schiller's "Jungfrsu Orleans," Mia E.

Rising Piano Solo "Emani," Hiss B. Toplitx French Essay "La Florence Godley vocal ooio "Alleluia 0 Amour, t. taure. Mis H. Simon Chorus "Preciosa" Singing Class Recitation "Mark Twain and the Interviewer," Misses Toplitx and De Long nano 0010 laranicua, lieiier.

miss At. xucaey Recitation ne Pendule Cassce." Misses Davis and Hammer Quartette, for two harp, piano and violin. Misses Burlev and Hall. Mrs. HalL Ch.

Hahn. Jr. German Essay Miss Belle Toplitx Itecltatlon, Irom Henry 111, Sfaakspeare, Misses Coleman, Heyneman, Morrell, etc. Piano Solo "Fete Militaire." Sidney Smith. His E.

Bisina- German Recitation, from Faust Goethe, Misses E. Kohler and Ortiz Vocal Solo "Ernani" Miss Rodriguez vaieaictory -isy-gon Molly xieyneman Wflf.h UlVinll Misses Hickey, E. Rising. Hall, S- Rising im iai 011 en 11 irs to tne graauatea were remarKaoiy beautiK. -nd numeroua.

The school will raooen on wuiy zxsu Steal Estate Maltcra. Edward CF Kroger, lot 333 9x101.9, 00 the north-west corner of Clipper and Dolores streets, $2,600. Adelaide Tobin and busband to Black, lot 40x38. on the north line of Napa street, 60 feet west of Florida street, 8625. Cronen to Cathe Cronen, lot 40 in block Railroad Homesteati Association No 2, and lots 19 and 20 in block 40, City Laud Association, $5.

Wood lease to Fitzgerald lot 40x110 on the south-east comer of Vallejo and Go ugh streets, for 1 year, at $2 50 per month. Dix leases to GIrnn et al lot 31x88 on the north line of Filbert street. 106.6 feet east of Fillmore street. for years at $10 per month for first year and $15 per diohid ior oaiance 01 term. Sarle to Riecomi.

lot 25x100. on the north -eat line of Ninth street, 125 feet north-west of Hurison street, iiooker to Ambrose. lot 32x120 feet, on the south line of Fulton street. 78 feet east of Laoruna street. $5,800.

Bowen to A Hebard. lots 70 to 73. Ben Frank lin nomestead Association, and lots 1 and block 261, Outside Lands, $1,000. 1 vviess and wife lease to Tom Poy et al premises on the south line of Washington street, 28.6 feet west of rortsmoutu square, 10 years at $230 per month. Oradwohl and wife to Foorman.

lot 22.6xS2.fl ieet on tne Sdutn-e corner of Buchanan and Pine streets, ss. Lehman to Stutnpf. lot A. block 290. South San Francisco Homestead and Railroad Association.

S4.200. Levy to Lew. lot 25x137.6 feet, on the north line oi rarreu street, 175 feet west of Fillmore street. Totals 14 deeds, value 6 mortgages, $4,366, aiiu a releases, si.ow. tu Sfetaerlam.

It is proper to state here that the belief prevails among the most intimate friends of the late James D. Fay that the manner of his death was not such aa it has been reported. At a meeting of the Young- Men's Democratic Central Club, held last evening, the following resolution of re spect to the memory of the late James D. Fay were unanimously adopted: Wrbkkas, Death, the great reaper, has removed from our midst, in the noon-day of his usefulness, James D. Fay, one of the most energetic and valuable members of vne xoung Men- uemocratic central ciuo.

and Whereas, Mr. Fay has a man of singular honesty of frarpose, and 01 the highest sense of honor; a lawyer of earned attainments, eloquence and integrity; a life-long vemocrat, wnose political career was consistent and firm; a fnend whose devotion to the welfare of his friends never failed to respond to any call made upon him; a citizen whom partisan influences could never swerve from what he conscientiously deemed to be the paw 01 duty to bis State and his country; a husband and a "father, to whom the domestic relations were ever held to be the most sacred thing in life; therefore, be it Retolved, That the Young Men's Democratic Central Club, in reverential remembrance of the many virtues 01 its deceased member, does hereby express its sincere grief at his untimely departure, and heartily condole with his bereaved family in their great loss. Resolved, 'That these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of the Club, and that an authenticated copy thereof be sent to the family, of our lamented associate. FBtlEXDS OF BtEEFEESS CHILUKE-V. The Probate Ceart Awards the ml Sev eral Ml aers Ike Society for the Frevesv-tioa of Cruelty Children.

In the Probate Court yesterday, application was made by Nathaniel Hunter, Secretary of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, for the guardianship of Chas. Desmond, aged 9 years, on the ground that the minor is an abandoned child and has no relatives in this State or anywhere else. Mr. Hunter also applied for the guardianship of Lena Drof, aged twelve years, on the rround that both her father and mother are unfit to save charge of said minor, bv reason of their cruelty to her; and for the guardianship of Charlotte E. Kennedy, sixteen years of age, on the ground that the father treats the child cruelly and is an unfit person to have the custody of her.

and that the mother baa no ob jection to tRe guardianship being awarded to the So ciety. Judge Mynck awarded the custody of the chil dren to the Society. Mr. Hunter, as representative of tne society, has some forty-eight minors under his care by authority of the Probate Court, who are distributed mostly among the charitable institutions. AMUSEMENTS.

Baldwin' Miss Rose Coghlau appears as 'Lady Teazle," in The School for Scandal, the per formance this evening and to-morrow evening. The play ia admirably mounted and well produced. The audiences have been increasing nightly. Grakd Ofera Hoibr. Seats are selling rapidly for the first performance of B.

M. S. Pinafore, to be produced at this place on Monday evening by the Lyster Opera Troupe, aith Miss Amy Sherwin in the leading role. Tux Wrstesk Addition Literary. The fourteenth quarterly-entertainment of the Western Addition Liter ary and Social Club will take place at Western Addition music Hail on Monday.

Woodward's Gardens. A special performance will be given in the Pavilion to-morrow afternoon. LOCAL. BlREVITIEBt. The stevedore's steam yacht Elaine has been sold to the Gollen Gate Market.

Terms, private. The degree of Bachelor of Philosophy was conferred at the University of California on Tulio Espinoand Pedro Edpina. The French Philharmonic Society, escorted bv the Lafayette Guard, takes an excursion to Cremorne Gardens, Martinez, to-morrow. The first complimentary, literary and musical enter tainment of Colden Gate Lodge No. 8, A.

O. U. will take place at the Metropolitan Temple, on Friday evening next. The Werhlagmea's District Cenveatloa. The District Working-men's Convention waa not held this morning, according to the announcement at Work ing-men's Head-quarter's on Market street, but at Humboldt Hall, where the main Convention had held its sittings during the week.

Little is done: the matter of the nomination for Congressman from this District was reopened and the nomination offered to Judge Ferral, who however declined, and Clitus Barbour was again declared the nominee. After some extended discussion respecting the names suggested for Railroad Commissioner, it waa agreed to postpone the matter until Monday evening, at the hall of the Eleventh Ward Workinirmen. at 8 o'clock. SeBtemees. In the Municipal Court, this morning, demurrers to the indictment were interposed in the case of B.

J. Shay, indicted for libel Gilbert L. Domm, convicted of forgery, was sentenced to the State Prison for four year and six months as. H. Sory, convicted of forgery, was seue to the State Prison for four yean.

One year was the fate of Edward Munovin, convicted of assault to murder. Ceald Nat Apprawe It. Auditior Boyd has returned to the Board of Super visors biils amounting to $418 for-work oa Point Lobos Road. Mr. Boyd baring consulted Attorney Burnett, has decided that the bills sheuld be taken from the Park Fund, tbe road having- been turned over to the Park Commissioners.

The Free IJ entry. The new Free Public Library, established at Pacific Hall, in the California Theatre building, will be formally opened this evening. The Board of Trustees have issued a number of invitations to Drominent officials. citizens ana tne rTess. Yacht Excarslea.

The Eureka Yaelit Club will givs their second excur sion to-morrow, at Angel Island. Their boat will leave Union-street wharf at half-past nine a a. Various at tractions will be presented on the occasion, and the af fair win no oouot DC a highly ejoyable one. The Dailt PxKFORHAftcss given by Prof. James Lup- riotti with his splendidly trained menagerie of Sand' wich Island bred pointer dogs 4seven in number), at Woodward's Gardens, have proved a great success.

Grand entertainment on Saturday and Sunday. The universe-famous equilibrists, Oscar Robinson (the Hollander) and hi Reman consort, Hurnorita Ohra Guerra. The great Hawley as the flying man. completing his act with ni marvelous somersault through a balloon to a ingle rope. The California Fairy.

La Petite Marie, in fancy dance and violin solos. The renowned pantomi-mist and gymnast, Mons. A. Buislay. Leon Sam wells, the favorite down.

First time of Bnislay's laughable pantomime, "The Dentist and the Barber." Grand con certs. See programmes. Prices as nsuaL No extra charge. A Nsw Orsak. Rev.

Father Booney will lecture in St. Domlnieo Church, Benicia, on Sunday afternoon, in aid of the organ fund of the church. Subjett, The Angela" Scddkx Drath. Last evening, a about five o'clock. German named Moses Cohen, aged fortv-flva.

wag found dead in his room at 644 Sacramento street. The Daily Examiner will be deliv- at the TELESLVIPHIC rate er the Warmer Silver BUI It 4Saes ever CatU Sext aeaslaa. Waahisstox, June 6 The Senate Committee on Finance had a special meeting to-day to decide whether the Warner Silver Bill should be taken np for action the present saarioa. The motion pending on adjournment at the previous meeting was toe one saaniuai oy Voooees, that miUse proceed to the cotaideration of the Morrill to-day moved to amend the motion by adding "and for the purpose of having time for iu full cotxaider-ation further action thereon shall be postponed until the first Monday in Theanieodment was adopted by the following vote: Teas, Bayard, Kernaa, Ferry, and Allison; noes Beck, Toorhees and Jones of Nevada. SenaVW Morrill was paired with Senator Wallace.

The latter, if prasent, would have voted no. The motion thus sxnended was adopted by the same vote, and the whole subject laid aside accordingly. WAxumrerox. June A In the Batista to-day Coke asked Bayard, Chairman of the Finance Committee, what action bad been taken oa the Warner BilL Bayord said no member had been instructed to report on the BilL Coke said his senw of duty led him to offer a resolution discharging the Committee from further cons deration of the Bill and to declsrs ths BUI before the Senate for action-Edmunds objected, and the resolution went over. The AsuUrallaa a ad Earepeaa Btaak of lel- hearae.

Los box. June 6. The Australian and European Baak of Melbourne, which suspended, waa a Joint stock company. Its nominal capital waa 600,000. of which 150,000 paid upwere At a half yearly meeting- of the directors last month a dividend of eight pa A MlehUaa Fire.

Hotxr. Jons A fire, originating ia Pier A amtth's hardware store this morning, destroyed I buildings. Loss, insured for tfiO.OOa Banclajc la Sew York. Norwich" N. June Felix McCann was hanged at 11 -x o'clock to-day for Us murder of J.

Morris Hatch at Nigger Hallow, 6herbarne, December 3, 1878. The Biewatt AdRalalstratlen in Canada Saa- talaed. ToaosTO, June A At the general elections ia tbe Province of Ontario yesterday, Mowatt's Administra tion was sustained. Of SO constituencies heard from. 51 return Ministerialists, 27 Opposition and 2 Indepen enta.

All the member of the Government were re elected; also, Morris and Meredith, leaders of the Op position. The "Tlases- an Kearney. Jew Yoax, June 6. The rimes to-day analyses Kearney, who. It declares, is a remarkable character.

No such apostle of labor has arisen in the United State. The secret cf hi success would be invaluable to any man who would be a leader of the people. He has continued to gain aud keep complete asrmdsnry over the party of which he has just bean made perma nent rrendent. Tbe organisation of tbs party is vwry complete. Kearney is now aot only its paramount President, but It autocrat.

With hi followers, his word is law. His orders are implicitly obeyed. This Apostle of Freedom such Is tbe confidence reposed in him by his follower, is in his way an absolutist and a target. The men who are continually bowling about the oppression of capital have yielded their consciences and freedom of thought as implicitly Into KeameyV keeping, as if he were their Priest and King. He ia an ignorant and conceited foreigner, demagogue of the lowest order, appealing to the basest passion of mankind, and employing the meanest insinuations to arouse the prrju dices of his followers.

But the man seems wholly die interested. To be sure, be make hi living by bis political preaching yet Kearney win not take office. As a political phenomenon Kearney ia worthy of study. BJent. Ackley Wedding.

sw York, June A Lieut. Ackley. who was married ia Philadelphia yesterday, is the son of one of the earliest steamship commanders between San Francisco and The Jrrwaae rnrk Bcacea. Nsw York, June A Ths rime oa yesterday' Jerome Park race says: "Spendthrift's" running disposes of all the flimsy pretence that have been put forward in connection with tbe technically legitimate but morally disgraceful procedure of Saturday. Keene has been fortunate enough In his first year on the turf to win both the Wither and Belmont stakes, sad in "Spendthrift," he has a boras which can afford to incur a penalty of five pounds and yet start for the Louisville stakes with probably better chances of winning than any other horse opposed to him.

He certainly gave tbe field in the Belmont stakes yesterday more than that much of a beating-. William's tialden Jahllee. Berlix, June A. Owing to the absence of tbe Czar, the programme of the Emperor William's golden wedding offers little of a striking character, and may be further curtailed. The Duchess af Edinburgh has telegraphed excuses.

Tbe Grand Duke Alexis will come as ths formal representative of the Biinanoffa THE EACaeaaE MATCH. The Contest for the Chaennteaehln ar tne raeiae Canst ta he riayed Te There is considerable excitement among the residsnta ia this city over the approaching game of lacrosse, which will fee played at the Recreation Grounds to-morrow afternoon, between the Maple Leaf and San Francisco lacrosse Clubs. The ball will be started at half-past two eharp, and three games out of five will decide the winners. Those who nave seen the practice games are of the opinion that five innings will have to be played before the match is decided. The grand stand will, a usual, be reserved for ladies and their escorts.

The fair sex appear to have taken great interest in this new and fashionable snort, and. judging from the large attend ance at former games, ae anticipate a crowded grand stane. Tne teams are evenly matched and composed as follows: sax rs AXOSOO. H. a Jones (Field Cept'a.) Adam Gillilsnd.

J. Roy. Hugh Jones, F. W. Clement, J.

Kirk land, J. Nicolson. H. Hoag (Field Captain) J. Shannon, T.

Elliott, A Houston, E. Houston. J. anion, R. Kippen.

0. McDonald, D. A McDonald, 1. Pariseault, P. Mclotyre.

Wm. H. Hutchinson, F. Tavlor, D. O.

Alexander, Ed. Hoi too, J. A. Kennedy, J. N.

IL Irwin. Tbe Bfarphy Teaaperance Meellag. The Howard M. E. Church was again crowded to overflowing last evening, the occaaioa being another of tbe gospel temperance meetings, conducted by Francis Murphy.

The exercise sot mini to be as interesting to the audience aa those of any previous meet ing. The singing especially was very spirited- Mr. Murphy delivered a short address, closing by introducing hi son, Thomas K. Murphy, who he said had occasion, from little experience, to know something of the valne of tbe temperance cat The remarks of the young man were very appropriate. Kefernng- to what bad lust been said.

De spoke of hav ing visited his father in a sad and lonely place, when he was shut out from tne world, as tbe result of his terri ble appetite for strong drink, and while alluding to this nark page in bis lathers nistory, ne was evidently affected with deep emotion, showing plainly that be felt indeed the value of the cause in which be wae engaged. Tbe meeting did not really close till half-past ten o'clock, many lingering kmg after the benedictina was pro nounced for coaverkauou and singing, as well as securing signatures to tbe pledge, and only retired at last when compelled to do so by the turning off of the gas, which left them in tbe darkness. The meetings will continue during the rest of tbe week and probably next weeks also. On bunday evening there will be a meeting in the Grand Opera House, when Mr. Mgrpby will deliver a lecture of his on "Real Life," when tbe exercises will be interspersed with selections of music by some of the beat talent In the city.

Arrest af a Jslalac Secretary. Thomas E. Atkinson, Secretary. Treasurer and Direc tor of the De Free Mill and Mining Company, was ar rested yesterday afternoon and charged with felony. The eomv lainaat, John H.

Burke, aver that tbe defendant in his oftVaal capacity purchased from Joanna Hendv, for tne corporation, certain machinery for the urn of $1,350. He further alleges that the defendant induced Heady to make out a Mil of aceo to IX H. Jones, without the letters con sent, for 1.850. on which he paid aTOO. and further in duced Hendy to receipt thereon for 81,200, which latter amount Atkinson entered npna nts books as paid, ana executed and issued to Hendv a Dromitworv note for The Bell vs.

Sannn Case. John Bell ea the 26th of November, 1S7A, in the Justice Court, brought suit sgalnst Sheriff Xaaan to recover pnmssioa of certain pi rsoasl proper Oa the 18th of December following judgment was ten Jered against Bell, and he took aa appeal to tbe County Court, which last Court transferred the ease to the Municipal Court of Appeals for trial. This Court rendered judgment in favor of and issued aa execution against Nunan's property oa the judgment. Nunan has applied to the Fifteenth District Court for a writ of re view, on the around that the County Court only had tnriadictioa of auosal in tbe ease, and that the order of that Court in transferring- the eaas was without authority. The lyaapte Clah.

Tbe regular moatbly social of tbe Olympic Club, fnr membera only, will be held this evening; dancing from 8:39 to 12 o'clock; monthly drawing: of the Life Member ship enterprise. Monday evening, June 9th, at o'clock; tiie regular mommy nanaicap umiiav o-wni-i aitor- noon. June ltn. a soe witto unww Kventat lSO-vards handicap and 300-varus handicap: gymnastic snd sparring contest oa Friday eveninglane 27th, at the duo rooms. Ttte Teaser BTatalei Maria eager ba applied for special letters of admin- artration npon the estate of Thomas Yeager.

Tbe peti tion set forth that all the effects of tbe estate a locked ia the vaults of the Safe Deposit Company, and that ah cannot file a petition for the probate of tbe will until she baa obtained certain papers sad ascer tained tne fun value of the estate. She is the only banr under the will and sole executrix. Two For Acckttrs. J- W. Robertson aad V.

Gottschalk have been added to tbs oo useful list of ap-nlicants for practice la the Supreme Court. The re mainder of the class are permitted to appear again for examination in toss city on tne is 01 July. I baits wnxa th Act was Dos. The Coroner's Jury in the cass ef Hannah Dolbeer, who died from the aem at a nlssol-ahot ta the head- at her residence. No.

Lssnbare sueet, raaoerea a vwruic as suicsaw wmim WaA Flisn. The will of Mary OVriea kaa beea flk lor probate. The sstataconalstix aad yineteenth strwets, to left to her three ehtldraa. with a beewsst of $A0O to Tboesas O'lUUly. irsad gather Kwcnt aad 6arraa are ealaud sseatera The Work of the Convention Xominations Hade The Ticket Completed.

STONEMAN AND LARKIN FOR RAILROAD COMMISSIONERS. B1KBOKB, BEKK1'. WILLI ASM, ASD ATEBS, FOR COXVKES8. The Convention yesterday, after the midday recess. was called to order at one o'clock.

The report of the morning' proceeding appeared in yesterday's Exahi- mn. On re assembling, Mr. Clarke of Santa Clara moved that all candidate for Railroad Commissioner come before the Convention, so that their record may be scrutinized. The motion waa adopted, it being un derstood that they need not attend in person, but that their character should be discussed. The President read a dispatch from J.

J. Aver, sub scribing to the pledge a nominee for Congress. AH IROa CAOa WASTBA. The following resolution waa adopted: Resolved, That the new Constitution adonted bv the Workimrmen of California was imperfect in one impor tant respect, namely, in that it did not provide for the election of a State Blacksmith to build an iron cage in which to securely imprison for the remainder of their natural lives all the omoal thieves, bank-smashers, pmuucrcni uu currupuonists oi vamornia. Til M08Y IMPORTANT OFTICES IS Till BTATK.

The Convention then proceeded to consider the can didates tor Railroad commissioners for action subse quently by the District Conventions. ClarRe of Santa Clara nominated General Stoneman. of Los Angeles. A number of delegates spoke in eulo gistic terms of Mr. Stoneman.

Jewell of Yuba named W. Stone. Kniirhton of El Dorado named Hennr W. Larkin. of that county, and he was seconded by a number of dele gates.

xne convention wen tooic up the second Railroad District. Rtully, of San Mateo, said that the nomination should be given to San Francisco, and named Clitus Barbour. Nelson, of this city, thousrht he would not accept, and wanted him to be nominated for Congress from the First uiaincu O'Sullivan also wanted to send him to Congress. Reich, of San Francisco, named C. J.

Been teener. Dunn, of San Francisco, named J. Freud. McCue. of Marin, nominated Hugh C.

Boyle, of Marin. ABSOCIATI JC STICKS OF THK SUPREME COOT. The Convention then went into the nomination of the five remaining Associate Justices. Kearney said that San Francisco wanted one of them, and the country could have the rest. Murphy, of San Francisco, nominated John R.

Sharn- stein, and he was nominated by acclamation. Leary, of loa Angeles, nominated Juucre w. 1. mc- Neely, of San Diego. Boek.

of Nevada, nominated A. Tuttle. of Ala meda. Pond, of Napa, nominated E. D.

Sawyer, of this city. Wickes. of Nevada, nominated George A. Johnson. of Sonoma, and he was unanimously chosen as a nominee.

A Delegate nominated Judge A. L. Rhodes. Ryan, of Humboldt, wanted the Convention to remove the non-eligibility of its own Delegates, for the purpose of nominating a. M.

Buck, of Humboldt; out tne convention refused to do it. Donnolly, of San Francisco, named John HcHenry, of this city. It was decided after several motions to consider the candidates by Congressional Districts and canvas their characters, and then to elect by districts. The candidates were then eulogized by their supporters, and the election proceeded. Le Blank, of Sacramento, nominated Judge McKune.

2IO OFFICIAL ORSAH. Dunn, of San Francisco, asked leave to introduce a resolution declaring that the Convention do not recog nize any paper at present puoiisned as the omciai organ of tne w. f. c. Murphy, of San Francisco, offered a resolution for the appointment of a Committee of fifteen to consider the question- Clark, of Solano, said that there were good paper all over the State in their interest, and if one was endorsed.

they all should be. He moved to lay the whole matter on the table. Dunn asked i that action was had, would there be any omciai paper. Clark Certainly not. Dunn All right then.

The motion waa adopted unanimously. JUSTICES AOAUt. For the Second Congressional District the nominations were judge Jllclvune, c. A. luttle and Judge Budd.

The first ballot resulted as follows: Tuttle, 79; McKune, 26; uuad, zu. Mr. i utile was declared the nominee. For the Third Congressional District, George A. John son ws nominated, and for the Fourth District Judge W.

T. McNeely, both by unanimous vote. Judge budd was then declared the remaining nominee lor Associate justice. The Chair then appointed the following as a Central Committee, to revise the ticket if it should be found ne cessary hereafter to do so. one from each county; Myers.

Hoey. Knighton. Carr. Daily. Waldron.

OToole, Riley, Lentz, Allen, Wickes, A J. Soule, Sheehan, Mc- creius, J. spear, 1. w. Kernican, Jewell.

Broturhton. G. A. Chalmers, Wm. Gibbon, C.

II. Johnson, M. Carit- nn, McciosKey. a. uaiiagner, itzpatrick.

K. lUkin. Anson Clark. F. P.

Warde. The Executive Department of tne state was added to the Committee. On motion the country Delegates, by a rising vote, thanked the city Delegates for their courtesy, and the city Delegates reciprocated. Cheer were given for both aud lor tne ucxet. FIKAYCES.

The ex-Secretary of the party. H. M. Moore, arose and said that he desired to report as to the finance of the party, but bad left it in his office. The election of the party had been conducted on so economical a plan that if the Delegate knew the figures they would be aston- isned.

principle of the party had been that the can didates of the party should not be permitted to pay any of the expenses of the elections, and it had worked ex cellently. The expenses for last Year had not exceeded Brennan. San rancisco Treasurer of the Ward Presi dents, said that two elections in the city had cost but The Convention then adjourned until the evening-. eignt uiocK. TUB KIOUT SESSION.

The Convention re-assembled at eight o'clock. Presi dent Kearney in the chair. Ouinn, of Los Angeles, re st tea tne declination ou. D. Condon, of san fTancisco, as Vice-President of the W.

P. and nominated in his stead William Wright, nf San Francisco. The nomina tion of Wright was made unanimous. Wright appeared upon the floor and thanked the Convention for the nonor conferred upou mm. A.

A. Smith, of Nevada, the candidate for Secretary of State, waa introduced by the President, and, after taking the pledge, made a brief but stirring address, ac-ceptimr the nomination and endorsing the principle of the w. c. William Wellock. ex-Vice-President of the W.

P. C. was introduced by the President, and made a speech, in which he explained hi position and former connection with the party. Clitus Barbour was called lor, and amid great enthu siasm made his appearance. He explained his attitude connection with hi candidacy for a member of the Railroad Commission.

He could not. he said, in honor to himself, accept the nomination, a he had stated in the Constitutional Convention that under no circum stances would he be a candidate for the office, and amid great applause, was nominated for member of Congress from tne first District by acclamation. Mr. Barbour accepted the nomination in a brief speech. After giving a series of cheers for the candidates, the Convention was declared adjourned stne die.

LI8T OF TIIS ASPIRATES. The following is the ticket as completed by the Con vention: For Governor, William F. White. For Lieutenant-Governor, W. R.

Andrus For Secretary of State, A. A. Smith. For Treasurer, L. B.

Clarke. For Controller. Hush Jones. For Superintendent of Public Instruction, D. H.

Trout. For Attorney-General, W. Cross. For Survevor-General. H.

J. Stevenson. For Chief Justice Supreme Court, R. F. Morrison.

For Associate Judges S. B. McKee, G. A. Johnson' J.

R. Sharpstein, W. T. McNeely, a A. Tuttle, and J.

tl. uudd. For Clerk of the Supreme Court, O. T. Thornton.

For Congress First District, Clitus Barbour. Second District. 11. P. Willi Third District, P.

Berry- ourtn District. J. J. Avres- For Railroad Commissioner First District. Henry Larkin.

Second Third District, G. H. Stoneman. For State Board of Equalization: First District, Second District, W. B.

Keller. Third District, J. B. Kavanagh. Fourth District, O.

T. Chubb. The Ceagressiaaal Conventions. FIRST DISTRICT. After adjournment of the Convention, the delesratea irom this city, comprising the First Congressional Dis trict Convention, met in one part of the hall.

Kearney was chosen Chairman, and J. J. Flynn, Secretary. The Convention resolved itself into a Railroad Convention, to nominate a Railroad Commissioner, In connection with the delegates from Marin and San Mateo. A number of nominations were made, but no choice reached and the Convention adjourned until this morning to meet at Liberty Hall, 861 Market street.

THE SECOND DISTRICT. The Second Congresssional District Convention met yesterday afternoon to reconsider the nomination of P. J. Hopper for Congress, who was accused of intemper ate naoica. Keith, of EI Dorado, named H.

P. Williams, of FJ Dorado, for Congress, the nomination of p. J. Honoer naving oeen previously rescinden. Mr.

imams was. Mr. Keith said, net only the humblest man in Califor nia, but one of the most honest. Williams' nomination was seconded by Sheehan, of Sacramento. Cronin, of Alameda, named J.

Martin, of Alameda. Greenwall. of Amador, placed in nomination the name of B. K. Lowe, of Placer.

After some debate the namm of Mar. tin and Lowe were withdrawn, and William was nom- uiateu unanimously. For member of the Board of Eanalizatinn. William Keller, of Sacramento, was nominated hv unlumiinn. nuaiuiwiw wewnre -inom naving been rescinded.

xtc vvuTHiyun uw aujuuixiea. THIRD DIHTRICT. The Third Congressional Convention mot uuruuuE iu lua ixariurs 01 uumDOiat nail, vnrul or Nana. P. Berry, of Sutter, was nominatMl for Commm.

iMixMiiuxvinuy vaieciea as tne nominee, and John P. Kavanaugh, of Solano, as nominee for th State Rnanl 01 Equalization. The convention then adjourned sine die. First Kallread District. The Delegates from the counties wnnril In th lrst uisunct irom which a Railroad Commissioner shall be chosen met immediate! after the ad fonrnnumt nt tha Convention, Pond, of Napa, Chairman, and Williams, of San Joaquin, Secretary.

The following counties comprise the district: Alpine, Amador, Butte, Caleveras, Co- usa, ma i.ornj, jjoraao. Humboldt, Lake, Lassen. Mendocino, Modoc, NapaJXevada. Placer. Plumas.

Sac: ramento, Shasta, Sierra, Siskiyou, Solano. Sonoma. Sut- wi, jiiiiui xcumui, sotgwi XUOa. Knighton of FJ Dorado nominated for Railroad Com missioner uenry w. Larkin, of that countv.

i 1 Eulogistic speeches were delivered in refaimm to both V. nB UUUU III iinTniiuTinn candidates, and a charge was made against Larkin that he had employed Chinamen. It was disregarded, however, and the balloting: commenced. The first ballot re sulted as iouows: Larkin 19. Stone 14.

He was declared tne unanimous choice of the Convention. A resolution was adopted calling upon Larkin to join some Working- men' Club at once, and take the nledira hefnra ia. The Convention then adjourned sin die. Third Btallrwad District. The Third Railroad District Cnnvantinn nwt Imme diately after the adjournment of the State Convention, Anthony of Santa Cms Chairman, and Hamilton Of Los Angeles.

Secretarv. R'road Commissioner, Shearer of Monterey notn- iu.wi unmw v. si. Dwneuran. swes at AJasna propose, th ass J.

Webstar a SATl'BBAT EVRNIKV. 7 COMMERCIAL. Srv York. June 7. V.

8. Bonds of 1831. V. a Bond, a Bonda, Mlver. Bar, 9 ounca.

Sterling raoitio Mall Western Panama Wheat. Idee ICS! 102 1061 113 1881.4.90 .113, 191(01 105.4117 MjtmUH Win tar iueacnea wxb 98c Whale 40c Winter lii cached 4o.2tlo Worn Spring. wo: ourry. Banc; pulled. 203Zc; Fall, elear, lasioo.

wrrj, imeiia. L.IVXKPOOL, June 7. California Wheat ....8 4dfi9s Id California Club Wheat. 9. ld39 41 Losdow, Jane 7 TTnited States 1C5J; 4'a, 1081: 4's, 108 Uwsoi.

98 15-16 FBEIVHTS. CHAKTEKS. ETC fUTTTKDAY Evxniwo. June 7. The Orizaba sails for Han.

Diego and way ports on Monday at 9 a. M. The Ban Vicente will be due from Salinas River end way ports to-morrow. The Monterey sails for Point Arena, Coffey's Cove, Men docino sad Little River on Monday at 4 P. M.

The Constantine will be due bom San Buenaventura and way ports on Monday. The Victoria sails for Victoria end Nanalrao on Mon day at 4 p. m. The Humboldt will be due from Eureka, Hookton and Areata to-morrow The City of New York sails for Honolulu, Auckland and eydney on Monday at 13 M. The Gipsy will be due from Southern Coast torts to VKAEKAL ITEMS.

The British ship Ranee, for Cork, had 39.503 ctls Wheat, valued st (64.000. The Commercial Insurance Company will pay the usual one er eent monthly dividend on the 10th. The cash assets of the Bank of France on May 15th were The coin and bullion in the Bank of England on May 14th was According to the report of the Bureau of Statistics the excess of exports over imports during April was as against a balance of 18,927.886 In April. 1878. For the twelve months ended April 30th, 1879.

there was an excecs of exports cf 85,268.623. as compared with (19,331,536 in The monthly receipts of California Wines and Brandies, tot the five months ending May compare as fol lows with the deliveries of the same during the corres ponding time in 1878: WTNXS. -1878- Bar. Coast, Bay. galla 229.749 250.865 237.980 331.003 283.903 Coast, galla 160.166 106,733 167.454 217.899 352.927 January.

March. April May galls. 7.440 2.940 7.240 6.910 sails. 4.540 7.541 2.460 4.576 2.660 .1.005,179 39.733 BRANDIES. 1S78 1,338,500 21.797 1879 Coast, galls.

240 580 80 Bay, Coast, galls. galls. February. March. April May 6.554 6 13.122 12.241 M-ltT 2.747 10.103 37.070 3.647 54.146 A commercial telegram, dated New York, June 6th, is as follows: The freight market has assumed a very quiet aprearanoe, and all indications point to a very dull Sum mer In this branch of commerce.

Rates of freight are steady at last quotations, but there is not likely to be any advance. Railroad freights are very quiet, owing to the fact that the season for the shipment by this route is nearly done for certain classes of goods. Shipments the past week amount to 6928 packages, including 35 boxes Roast Coffee. CO cases Canned Goods, 100 kegs Salt Fish, 30 crates Her rings. 50 cases Wine, 711 packages Tobacco, 190 bsgs Coffee.

15 barrels Whisky. 100 cases Milk, 3C barrels Currant 10 barrels and 375 kegs Svrun, 30 barrels Starch, 10 bags Nuts, 30 boxes Raisins, and also 862 packages Groceries for Mare Island. Steamer freights remain very dull and very little la doing. There are yet two more departures to take place before the contract with the Pacific Railroads expires, no tice of which baa been given, but it is thought the arrange ment will continue. The general narkets are very quiet.

Flour is leas active, but turner. Wheat is active at an advance of tajo. The cause of the advance In Winter is chiefly that shippers hsve been selling short on the other aide, and are now scared into covering by large holders of stock which is under the control of a few. The breaking up of the warehouse and elevator root has also helped grain a little. Quicksilver is more active at lower prioes; quoted at 37i39c, with sales of 150 flanks.

Borax is steady. Wool is in good demand, but arrivals are very moderate, and the volume of business small. California grades are very firm. Sales of 255 lbs Spring at 3128c; 86.000 Bx Fall, private. CEXEKAE MEktrHAXDISK.

AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS-We quote Plows fe annexed: Centennial, 885; Side-hill, cast, light horse. $80 Sweepstakes, Nos 1 to 3, 885090; Eureka, Nos 6 and 7, 3100 6S120; Side-hill, one-horse, do two-horse, $1314 Star Molinae. 823 SO; do cast Iron, one horse, $10; do do. two horses. $15.

Hrrrows. Nos 30 to 100. $1640. Cultivators. Nos 11 to 14.

$57(38a GIANT POWDER The Company's prices are- For No. 75e. and for No. X. 50c Tt.

with customary discount to the trade MALT LIQUORS Trade is very quisi. We quote joule's Stone Ale at 85557 SO for hhds, and $28 for hlf bhds: Tennents, $3 for qts and $3 50 for pts; Blood's Porter, $3 60 for qU and $3 75 for pts; Burke's Guinness Porter. $3 SO for qts and $3 75 for pts; Tuborg's Copenhagen Export Beer, $4 25 for pts, and $1 for qts. OILS Olive Flagooll. $5 355 75; Poasel.

$4 755 35. Duret and similar medium grades, $6 506 75; in tins, $3 Bma 00 gal, as to quality and package. China Nut 8rxa82ic. Lard Extra Winter, strained. 05; sessed Neats' Foot.

80c; Phoenix Golden Machinery, 70e; West Virgiuia Lubricating, 50c; Extra Parrafine, 50c; Alaska Cod Liver, 90c; Tanner's, strained, 450 50c. The factory price of Linseed Oil at the Pacific Works is 74Jc in hbls for raw, and 77ic for boiled, in cases, 3ic Additional Coooanat OH. 6057r galL Na 1 Csstor Oil $1 OS; Na2 do. tl. WINES We quote: Krug Champagne, $1829; Piper Heldaeiok $2527.

pts and qts; IL Piper A Co's Carte Blanche Chamnagne, See and Tree Sec qts and pts, $30(3 $32: Cramp Suter Sherry, $1 806 35; Forrester Sherry $1 80S 35; Hunt's Port. $2(35: Offley Cramp' Port, $1 75 $6. Shipping lots of domestic product, f. 0. are quotable aa follows: D17 White Mission, 4050c; Dry White foreign vi rapes, 5060c; Dry Red foreign Grapes.

4575c; Port, new. 6590e; Port. red. 75c(rfl kS; Angelica, 6586e gall QUICKSILVER There is no Ufa in the market, and prices are more or less nominal at QUICKSILVER The market is very quiet and quotations more or less nominal at S5336c The exports by sea during May agrregtaed 4556 flasks, valued at $129,876, against 4071 flasks, valued at $133,135 for the corresponding month in 1878. Of the shipments made during the past month 3100 flasks were destined for China, or Mexico, CO for Japan, 40 for South America, and 14 for Central America.

Annexed is a comparative statement of the monthly receipts since January 1st: 187a Januaiy. 4.299 February. 2.686 March 3,762 April 5,375 May. 5.738 Totals 20.851 27.193 rKOUUt HAMLET. 8ales of Flour aai Grain are for Gold, unless otherwise specified.

FLOUR The best local Extra are Jobbing at $5 50 5 62, bbL WHEAT Sale of 532 sks good milling, $1 65. The market closes very dull, neither shippers or millers being willing purchasers at prices asked. For strictly choice milling, $1 70l 721 Is demanded, and for round lots of good shipping holders ask $1 65 ctl. BARLEY-Kales include 300 sks common coast feed, 67 to; 2000 do choice bright bay. fcr export, 80c; 400 do light bay brewing, 85c ctl.

OATS Poor to common are little wantei. while good to choice meet wtth ready sale. For all kind quote $1 $1 60 9 ctl, former for very poor coast and latter for choice surprise. POTATOES Under light receipts the market shows a further ad ranee New now sell for 6080o ctL ONIONS Under liberal receipts the market is weak at Syr72)c ctl. CORN DiUl at ctl for large yellow.

RYE Dull at S0(t90e etL BUCKWHEAT Nominally quotable at $1 351 35 ctl. HAY Receipt eontiuue free, specially by the 8. P. R. B.

For oar roes the quotation range from $5 50313 ton. STRAVr-Sells tot 4D0SOe bale. WOOL We quote: Northern very burry and seedy, 1719c: slightly burry snd seedy. 1922c; good to strictly choice, 3 28e. latter only for exceptional parcela San Joaquin burry and seedy.

llitl3o: ether kinds, l18c Southern Coast burry. free. 1317ic; long, heavy and dirty, 11(1210. Wool, of all grades, is quotable at half rates. BKANS We quote etL $135 0135 3 Si 1 00 15 Castor 00 W3 SO BintevJvotL.

Small Bayo. 3 30 03 37, 3 75 3 00 1 30 1 37 6 Si SO SEEDS We quote: Flax. Alfalfa. Bv .......10 13 Canary 3 Mustard, white 3 3.0 Timothy 45 'Muatard. 1 1 HONET-Stralned to quotable at 4, as.c, and Comb at 59i BEESWAX Quotable at 22 A 25ie Bv MIDDLINGS The Jobbing pries from the elty mills i 18 00 ton.

silver. BRAN The eUver Jobbing rate from the city mills is $14 00 9 too, GROUND BARIxET Selling from the mills at fl9 09 9119 50 ton. CORN MEAL Table kinds lfcgSie B. Feed I selling from the mills at 31 11 9 son. latter for silver OIL-CAKE MEAL The mill price is $33 00 ton, bss usual discount to the trade.

BUTTER Ws quose. Ranch Roll. B.16 18 elSalt Lake 1416 do 2d quality. Bj. .12,31 Eastern Firkin Pickled RoU.

9 California 1718 EGGS Fresh Ranch are selling a 31t333 Ihum. 16 IS Oregon. 310 r. Eastern, 3123 Salt Lake, doa CHEESE Quotable as follows: California. 9 7910 I Eastern.

Vfr 13 16 PROVIHIONS OcuTetit Jobbing quotations a as annexed Kaotem Oregon Bacon, BX (- Lard, tieroea. 8i( 9 California 84(9 9 Oregon Hatna. California Hacon i 9 (9131c Lard, easea 8 Smoked 8 Eastern Baeon. 10tU el POULTRY Ws onow Ran BdlH (6 000 1 1 5VJ 00 9 SKA 00 Tnnesm, Roosters 4 504 8 0.1 Tarkeys. dresssit 17 18 Daaaa.Wdoa.....

UUI VEGETABLES We qwote: Cabbage, a $SO 78 Orka, dry, B). 10 IS do, green. 9 lb (t Lima Beans. Grew Peaaa, 9 19 Vs 5- QarUe. 8 10c dodry Cucumbers, doa 35C 35e Sum Squash, bx.

I OOe Chili Peppers, fl 30(2 28 ft Squash, ton I860 Tomatoes, tt. JOe vauunower ou Aaparasua. b. SOISS 999 SK Bay. galls.

7,125 6.384 8.080 8,726 7.755 a THIS EVEKIKC'S DISPATCHES. Money and Stocks In New York. California Freight in the East. SPECIAL TO DAILY EXAMINEU A Severe Blew la wing's froiatcf. CmcAOO, June 7.

A Journal Washington special says: The Democrats here claim to have assurance that General Butler win go to Ohio and canvass the State in behalf of Ewing, but the General's friends do not credit the story. The Neeee 1st Issaarl. St. Charles (Mo. June 7.

John Blair was banirad here to-day, for the murder of Elijah Warren. ralireraia Frelsht la the East. New York, June 6. The freight market has assumed a very quiet appearance and all indications point to a very dull Summer in this branch of commerce. Private advices from San Francisco state that business is very quiet there with a prospect of 'Its continuance, while stocks of all kinds are very large and 'Tuite sumdent for current wants this Summer.

The prevailia; dullness is attributed to the approaching political campaign, and the uncertainty of its result. Hence merchant do not feel like entering Into extended business. The strike of Iron peddlers at Pittsburgh also tends to assist the prospective dullness as the great bulk, boa and pipe, shipped to California is nunulactuted there, and while the strike lasts order cannot be filled. Bate of freight are steady at last quotation, but there is not likely to be any advance. Meaey and Starke la New Tartu New York.

June 7. Silver bars, 113. 8ilver coin. discount. Money easy at 35.

Governments firm. Stocks closed firm. Western Union, Quick silver, Pacific Mail, 16J; Mariposa, Well, Fargo ft Co, 99; New York Central. Erie, 27x; Panama, 148; Union Pacific, 75J; Union Pacific bonds, 112; Cen tral Pacific, 112; Sutro Tunnel, A HlhUlst to he St. Petersbl ro, June 7- The Supreme Tribunal ha declared Alexander Solovieff guilty of belonging to a criminal association, the object of which is to overthrow the State.

After recapitulating the facts of bis attempts on the life of the Czar, the Court sentenced Solovieff to death by hanging, after deprivation of his civil rights. The Khedive'a Tyraaay. Alexandria, June 7. The British Consuls In Egypt have been ordered to report on the condition of the country and the alleged oppression of tbe people. The Teteraas Fretle.

New York, June 7. Ths veterans of the late war and their families, numbering about 6,000 persons, have a free excursion np the Hudson to-day. The "raasaseraala'' TleUaas. LoirDOX, June 7. The divers recovered bodies of three men from tbe cabins of ths Hamburg-American steam ship Pommarania, sunk by a collision on the night of November 25th, 1878, off Folkestone.

A cad can a eel Heaers. London, Juce 7. Oxford will confer ths degree of D. L. on Lord Dufferin.

Hon. William Henry Smith ao(J Ivan Tourguoneff, the Russian novelist. Ba Bteaie far the tBaMem Bleate. LoicDOir, June 7. Lord Loft us, Governor of New South Wales, left to-day for bis post via tbe United States.

A Bis Wheat fatrh. A letter from Dakota says: "Oliver Dalrymple, th celebrated grower of Bed River Valley, bag charge of, and controls the working forces on 55,565 acres of had in four farms, the largest of which is 000 The Koate to Aastralfa. Nsw York, June 7. Postmaster James learned yes terday of the arrival In London of the Australian mail. which left Sydney by the steamship City iff Arw York on April 24th.

The steamer arrived at San Francisco May 21st, and the mail left New York on the steamship Gallic on May 28th. Total time, forty-three days the fastest on record by way of New York. Another Wife Marderer. Bocbksttb, June 7. Peter Peters, a Prussian, yester day killed his wife and himaslf.

neTEs er tbatee, A haras lag Betreat reace and let Belxms The Mission af Sasi Mlgael Etc Paso Rosles, Juns 4th, 1879. Ed. Exakuer In my last I promised to let yon know everything of Interest that Las occurred in this charming little retreat daring my sojourn here, and I would have redeemed my pledge much sooner bad not the weather been so excessively warm, a to render it an exertion even to think. ot SOli has shone out bis brightest and warmest during ths last few days, bringing Joy and relief to ths invalids who have for the two week preceding been vainly sighing for bis beneficial rays, "and one can easily reconcile ones-self, to the heat, when they know that countless other are reaping the benefit arising from our misery. Everything has pursued the even tenor of it way; naught ha seemed to disturb the quiet serenity of the scene, save occasionally the scream of a wild bird aa it wings Ha rspidfflight to the river beneath.

Peace and quiet have seemed to sit enthroned on the neighboring hill, and smile happily down on their sister Plenty, blessing the valley below, and we have felt inclined to exclaim "If there's peace to be found ia this world, A heart that la humble might hops for it bare raao rosles has many thing to recommend it besides Its beautiful scenery and health-giving; Springs; it is very conveniently located, contain an express snd telegraph office; also, the FoaVoffice, drug-store and general grocery combined; the three latter establishments are owned by our genial and affable young friend P. H. Dunn, who, by hi gentlemanly conduct, has made himself a host of friends and been the means of attracting numbers to the Springs, and who, like your humble servant, can fully appreciate, but never repay, bis unselfish kindness and I can truthfully sssrrt that my sentiments are equally shared by every one aho has bad occasion to meet him in his Southern home. LAST SCKDAT. having received an invitation from Hon.

P. W. Murphy to attend divine service, we rode behind bis spirited team, in company with his father and sister, to tbe Mission of San Miguel, distant about seven miles from the Springs, and founded in 1771 by the Franciscan, and restored some years since by the untiring energy of Mrs. J. Morgan, a native of Kentucky, who a few year ago passed away to that undiscovered land from whose bourne no traveller returns." Her loss left quite a void in this little congregation, which however has been well filled by Mrs.

James and Mra Dan Blackburn, wive of ths proprietors of the Springs, and they have by their generosity been mainly instrumental in pre serving tbe decency of divine worship, beside being the chief support of the Reverend Pastor, Father Farley, devout and zealous priest, who deserves a hu-ger congregation than the one I saw assembled there last Sunday. Having a Spanish as well as an English congregation, delivered quite an eloquent sermon in both lan guages. 1 learned from nun mat ne was a cuss mil of our mucb-hunented Father Gibney, whom he rival in hi seal for tbe glory of God. THE OLD MmtUOS CHIRCII is an imposing edifice about one hundred feet long, by forty feet wide, and very high ceiling and lighted from above by large windows; the walls of the church are about eight feet in thickness and a more grateful retreat could not be found oa a warm day. It is In a wonderful state of preservation, its turret pointing a proudly to heaven, a they did over a century ago.

when they were first placed there by tbs humbl disci ples of Saint Francis. While raring upon the venerable pile I recalled invol untarily the rRARrn. traorbt which waa perpetrated within its walls over thirty year ago, when tbe Reed family, oa their way from the gold mines, were most foully murdered at 8aa Miguel Mission, where they remained over night the cause of the foul deed was to obtain money, which they were supposed to have in their rxiesession. But ven geance did not travel with a leaden heel in those days, but flew swift unforgiving after the fiends incarnate. They, however, managed to elude their pursuer unta they arrived at Santa Barbara; and hearing that their relentless foes close at band, left the town, and, being closely prssssd.

sooner than surrender, they rods boldly out in the ocean. One cf them was instantly drowned, and the other shot ae he was attempting to regain the land a fitting- death for the murderers of innocent women and children. tbe frowning walls of the old building could speak, what a tale of horror it could unfold; and though I am not superstitions, still I confess to a feeling dread, and I started at the slightest sound, fearing sa unearthly visitant. Nor is the feeling- confined to your humble servant alone; for a raomKxurr aaaaaa or ran rax prascisco bar. having once had eoeasioa to remain over night at San K'g', and occupying the same room ia which tbe terrible deed was done, confessed to a feeling of annoy ance and dread, which he could not shake off, and prevented him from enjoying this repose, tho.

at the time, was ia total ignorance of tlie facta of the esse. 80, coupled with its antiquity, San Miguel has a touch of romance, and as ws bade it and its genial Pastor adieu, breathed a prayer that it might long remain a living to of tbe faith of our lather. Ctaving your pardon for mooopelUinf omttheyour valniM speee, I bid yea awed-eif aw wLsVta divy I cannot say. He said aumetlxing about there being something ia it for kirn if the warrant waa cashed. He amid I could get it cashed at Sutro's or the Nevada Bank, and that he would call again ia about aa hour, l-yach admitted yesterday to as that the charges were all true except that relating to the $100." Mr.

Lawlor here explained that all mimng secretaries were accustomed to receive a certain mrmmissina ea tbe puMication of delinquent mining stock notiera, Harrigaa continued: "Lvnrh said that ia case of dis- eovery the Tivasurer would make good. tlMasacatacw rather than have it said be paid a warrant twice." Tax Collector Mitchell testified to cutting down the bill and marking -duplicate across tbe face. John Russell, Clerk of the Board, testified that the bill came before tbe Board for $330. but mysteriously disappeared a few oars afterwards. A duplicate bill was allowed and paid April 2th.

In September tbe orurinal bill was found among other advertising bills, and there being nothing to show that it had beea paid, it eras passed nth others and made payable from toe General Funo. Tbe duplicate was paid from the Special Fee Fund. James Lynch. trgeant-at-Ana of tbe Board of Supervisors, testified: All 1 know about tbe din I is Lhat I txmk it dim Sa tX. s-vwAxm.

taken down many before. I threw it duwa oaths counter, and said. "There is tbe demand you have been making ao much fuss about. I want two tickets for tbe theatre." Harricaa said. -What bill?" I replied, "That demand for He said it bad been paid.

I never made any proposition about dividing. About the admissions yesterday. I said I admitted everything in the pamphlet except any pr position about the $100 and any dividing. I meant that I had brought the bill dowa to tbe Exchange office I never aaid anything about retting the duplicate warrant cashed aad dividing. Mr.

Harrigan i mistaken about mv telling him to take It to Sutro A or 0OwmelL I snerelr asked him to be allowed to take tne bill bark to the Clerk's of. lice of the Board of Haperrisan. I never made any proposition of an unlawful nature whatever. To Mr. Hanhran I did sav if you wanted a warrant cashed you could take it to Sutro A or CCooorfl.

but that the Bank of Nevada was doing better; I got tbe demand in a batch from the Auditor's office; a ben I made adtniseioixs this morning, I did aot easea that I nrede anv pronosittoii for a division; I meant otj'v that I bad taken the bill down lo tbe i'rrw office; I never made any proposition to-day to Mr. Harrigaa aa 10 what be should testify. Mr. Morse here aaid that these was aa evident iwtetv-t'on of some of tne sriutewses to try aad slide oat of the matter. They had made certain statements to Mr.

Mitchell aad himself, and now changed these, and that a point was to be made ia relation to the exact amsunt of the "divy." Mr. Lawlor I understood that there had beea a prop-oaiuoa mads bv Lynch to Harrigaa to oa the cashing of the demand. Snperviaer Foley testified that all be knew about tb matter waa of the existence of sock a bilL Supervisor Smith made an explanation, that when be and Auditor Maynard pot the duplicate mind from the Exchange office, and ptMniiand that Ilia ebxrald be aa investigation, he was aot aware of any charge having been made that there was a criminal element ia tbe case. He believed that tbe whole anilaref duplicating the demands arose from cai all sain, aad that as ba and the Auditor bad taken ateasureeto proven any-thli like it in the future, they had aot thought fa' ther investigation was 1 1 nr. Tbe Committee then adjourned.

Te-days new salts. Ia the Twelfth District Court this atoning P. M. E. Boutoa brings suit against Theodore Fulton for damagea.

The plaintiff alleges that Fulton battered btottfur which, and the doctor's bills, be thinks, the stun demanded would be a reasonable eumpensatioa. Ia tbe same Court tbe Pacific Transfer Company sues the State Board of Harbor Commissi ooers to recover $1,000, altered to have beea illegally clmrgvd by tbe Commissioners against tbe plaintiff for tbe passengers' baggage conveyed by tbe plaintiff across tbe bay. The Hibemia Bank alas bring a suit of foreclosure, to recover $4,000. against Catherine Morton and otbeta. Fell anal BtedU About half-past eleven o'clock this forenoon a carpenter named Marcus Weed, living at West Berkeley, while at work oa the roof of Judge Laks's residence, oa tbe corner of Green and Lea sen worth streets, missed hie tooting, fell to tbe ground and died imanedistcly from the injuries he received The body was taken to tbe Morgue to await the inquest.

He leaves a wife. Deceased arse about 50 years of age. af ealin. A special meeting of the Board of Health this morning, for the purpose of electing aa Inspector lo fill the vacancy caused by the removal of Inspector Leary. A letter was read by Dr.Shorb from a candidate resuming hie cfadraa Oa motion James N.

Ticrnaa waa elected to the position. Some changes ta the Hospital rules were made in regard to the Almshouse wagon, al ter which tbs Board adjourned. BrJelclBg, Teanneraace FeUts. At tbe Y. A Hall test night, the social meeting of the Temperance Legion was largely attended.

W. G. Cue, presided. Stirring sd dresses ware saade by Chief Whitnev. Mr.

Gibson. Mr. Dunbar aad others. Song were favored by Miss Kitty Gamck. Mrs.

Somers, Mass birdie Colby. Mr. James Mclane aad Mrs. Conner ren dered recitations. Eeag; John Arrested.

"Long John" WCkins was arrested this morning oa a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, piefeiied by Louis Hanson. The two had a dispute about some purchase, when Wilkins picked np aa iron bag and attempted to bit Hanson with it. The Tete-beller raalahedU J. A. Hodnan, the Individual who oa tbe 6th ultimo offered to sell a number of votes to officer Bradford for a piece, was this soorning fined $500.

He went to jail for six months. Save raoa Daowxrsa. The schooner Mary Ja- eean yesterday sighted a fishing smack capsized oa tbe Four-Fathom Bank, with a man clinging ta the keel lie waa taken aboard the schooner in a very prostrated condition and was found to be a fisherman named John Nelson. Tbb HrasARS Elsctiox. At the election of the Saa Francisco Hussars, Company B.

First Cavalry, Capteia C. Keene, Second Lieutenant 8. Howard aa promoted to the First Lieutenancy, and Second fiertesnt E. Moruning waa elected Second Lien tenant both unani mously. Ssart Woasx.

The police are ea tbe lookout for two women who are visiting business men at tnetr omces ana assuag um war winy ferrv. A gentlemaa who was imposed upon ysaMrday allowed them and detected tbe swindle. Allbokd J. Pitcher, aaid to be a partner of George Gates, waa arrested this morning oa achargsefembexxlcmant. The arrest grows out of tbe Gstes Beatn freea Toothache.

N. T. Press, A Miss Stevens of Walton. Delaware county. died on May 1st of toothache.

Although thiaia a rare occurrence, this is an undisputed case of death resulting from an excruciating toothache. The victim, who waa young American woman employed in family in Walton, had suffered some days with ter rible toothache, which accompanied an ul cerated jaw. An attempt waa made to ex tract the troublesome members, but her teeth were broken off aad her face waa too sore to per mit their removal by the painful process of cutting- away the gums. The girl suffered entire nervous prostration front the extreme pain, and gradually sank under it until death ended her sunenngs. Aa army Burgeon, who attenuea ner, nronounced her svinntoms the same as those fol- the-amputation of a limb.

MlLDLT. The Rochester Expreu mildly al ludes to a Utica sensation in the ahape of the elopement of a piano-tuner named Feck a little, paie-f aced, goateed rooster witOa, Mrs, iDiedricksen, an antique pelican, wife oKa band-leader." Tax Object. The desire to return to the whip. ninc-nost ia ao stronc- in Kentucky that, in some oanntiea, candidates for the Legialatare are compel ad to pledge themselves to sastain the measure or lose their chance of ejection. The object ia to save expense.

FUGBTFCL BUT HARMLESS. Butch "CciTH', John, be lively now; break the bones in ir. Williams' chops aad put Jur. omim a nw the basket for him." John, briskly All sir; just aa soon as I've eawed off Mrs. Murphy a R8ONAL.

ROBINSON CALL AT WELLS. FARGO aTIOL. W. T. On.1, relative to Spring City.

jOl It Ft 11 lf aairBAXCiece.cAx, OTINTJES TO IMPART SUCH HCWINKSS EDC-catioa aa baa made itaiiadaMjinindfeaas thirtaaa year Ba th Mercantile fcr pepitaers fitted ww UieCr room by it novel iphmm of actum. TsUnoyo. For Ctrjulaes call at Oemea are- Arrived. Fmoay. June 6.

Stmr Victoria. Lvons. 92 hra 45 mi 11 fm GoodalL Perkins A Co Bktne Modoc, Christiansen, fm Seattle, via Port Blakely ds: coaL etc. SCAT Co Schr Edward Parke, Erlandsen. 27 hrs fm Humboldt; lumber to Dolbeer A Carson.

Schr Humboldt, KusteL 6 ds fm Point Sal; barley to Order. Schr Nor'wester. Jobsnsen. 21 hrs fm Albion River. Mil- road ties to Order, for Vallejo.

Schr Patriot, Eiikson 24 hrs fm West port; bark, etc. to Funcke A Co. Saturday. June 7. Shin Conaueror.

Gould. 131 ds fm New Williams. Blanch ird A Co. Bark Martha Rideout. Wickbunr.

18 da fm Port Ttl.val. 1 1 I 1 Ti Schr JoseDh. liurwerson 24 hrs fm Albion River; lumber to Macpherson A Wetherbee. Schr Emma A Louise. Knudsen.

20 bra fm Salmon rw.k- Iumher to White Schr Lizzie Derby. Arena. 14 hrs fm Navarro River: luuiua xx Aacuciior Cleared. Fbxday. June 6.

Br shin Ranee. Stevenson. Cork: Balfour. GnlhH. rn Bcnr uooa lemnlar.

Kronmr. Ouimut- a- ovuuu. Sailed. Friday. June 6.

Stmr San Vicente. Hannah. Santa Cruz, etc. Col bark Bohemia. Otte, San Jose de Guatemala.

Schr Serena Thayer, Wheeler. Port Blakely. Schr Galatea. Jesnerson. Menrinrinn Schr Wall.

Stockfleth, Crescent City. Schr Lizzie Madison. Charlsen. Cuffey's Cove. 8A1UKDAY.

June 7. Stmr Monterey. Von Helms. Monterey, etc. Schr Active, Pattison, Bodega.

Memoranda. 1 er victoria Left Nanaimo at 8 m. Juno .4 111, uq du, exenangea signals witn an American ship showing letters C. in ballast: had lieht variahu nH. tr.

Cape Mendocino: thence strong NW winds, with rough mom xiv. rwui, xc. ti.ii.m'H UM jmUxIUUU DonsesUe rerta. SAN DIEGO Arrived June 7th Stmr Senator. Plum.

mer. hence June 4th. PORT TOWNSEND Arrived June 6th Bark Buena una. uainoun, nence may ztn. WILMINGTON Arrived June 7th Stmr Santa Cruz.

Axeiaiiu. nence une POINT SAL Arrived June 6th Schr pnr rMn. ASTORIA Arri ml June 6th Ttr hln rk, Smith, from Victoria. PORT GAMBLE Arrived June 6th Bark Camden. aa raj a luui'iuiu.

Sailed Bark Roswell Sprague, Davia, San Francisco. NAVARRO KIVER Sailed June 6th Schr Lizzie jseroy. aan rancisco. SALMON CREEK Sailed June 6th Schr Emma A Louise, San Francisco. EUREKA Arrived June 4th Schr Bobolink.

Morse. uciivu uua uu, crVAix Mviipoct irum vv uzuijiKvoa. bailedSchr Jennie Thelin, Hmxt Fnncisco. Cutera Parts. BOSTON -Cleared June 6th-Bark Amy Turner, Newell, Arvtu nuuuium.

rerelza Parte. VICTORIA Arrived June 7th Bark Migncn. Soule. from Honolulu. TeleKraphlc.

Poikt LoBoa. June 71 p. Weather hazy; wind fresh NW. BOBX. AMUELSON In this city.

May 29th. to the wife of C. W. Samuelson. a son.

LIPSHER In this city, June 6th, to the wife of George uipvuci an tun, HAKKIED. STEVENS HENR In this city, June 5th. by Rev. B. F.

Bowles. Francis P. Stevens to Mrs. Mary E. Henry.

XT ATT I)IV 7 iaxiu umnauci XII una CI17, JUQQ D.D. uy xteV. sarney letcner. tilwuil iaU to Louisa Grinage. DIED.

SIMMONS In this city, June 5th, Joseph F. Simmons, KAKTENS In this eitv Jniw 6t.h brother of Charles Kartens, a native of Schleswig, aged 49 years and 13 days MoCALL In this city. Michael McCall, a native of Anna, county ltiii, Ireland, aged 32 yean. STOCK MARKET. ttaa Francisco Stock sad Exctutmce Beard.

uin nm HURirara. 170 415 40 1195 Andes. 045 Argenta. 1300 Day 45c i 100 Erie 60e .0 565 Exchequer 9J9i lu 1 06fl 10 io eureka con 17 335 Flowery 90395c 100 Albion. 25c ZU3 uouui a 35 Grand Prix "....4 6)0 Addenda SO Beat A 805 Benton 8e7j 459 KaiJ 1260 Bullion 390 200 Goodshaw 50c 190 Terra 11 120 Hal st Nor.

....17, 21 05 80 Hillside. 300 2 0 Hussey 10c 1200 Belle Isle. 1 4UU iscdie. 900 Booker 810 Bechtel lrl 70 1025 Bulwer 12412 845 Belvider? Hurl 85 350 Jupiter 760 380 Justice 1 10 8 20 265 Julie 115 Ken 4 604) 70 Black 40 1400 Lady Bryan 1 301, uu 6 Confidence. 16 300 Caledonia 95 200 Cal 4, 160 Challenge 96 200 Levial ha Oc 820 Lady Wash 0zf 865 Leopard.

6370c 230 Mexican 43 280 Ophir 36K53o, 700 Cosmopolitan. 40c 126 680 Con Vir. 6i(r7'll5 Savage. 164. 64 175 Sierra Nevada 64 lOOCPac 890 Con Imp.

1 9g2jl 70S Hill .1 SOigH xw 25 36d25 sucrown rolut. Union 91(2 800 Chollar 8f8J 600 University 757Cc 765 California. 76,.600 Vortex 96c8 iou vorado 40(02 J) 1375 Ward. 1 300 Ch mpion Woodville. 30 600 Dudley 8Ccl396 Jacket.

201620, TBETKKDAY AfTEILSOCH'S BEaSIOH. 1400 Argents, 1 lOCrfl 05 100 Indep-n. 3 100 Albion 200 650 A.lei da 6. Bulwer 640 Belmont 1050 Belle 260 Bodie 20 1346 770 1125 Hiker 850 Champion. tlSCPac 203 Cal 1000 Dav 645 Dudley 155 Eureka Con.

30x zo Jackson. 64 950 Jupiter 1 KXrl 20 750 Mammoth ...12112 10 70c ..1 15-tTH 200 Mannatttn 3 36 360 Modos 900 McClinton. 15 10 645 Mono 20 Martin White. 4140i; 64 SON Bell. ..1 90Slii750 Navajo.

1 8K1 7oj300 90c 340 60 izuo 75 Paradise 55 Ray A 150 240 Richer 510 Summit. 150 8 20c 1 6ol 60 14 ...4 955 60c ....1 20 10 45c 17il 6M Fourth of 80S5c 186 Grand rnxe 4 10t 90OS 1 8SOI SO 81 100 Goodshaw 100 SO Terra. ...12 1300 8 Standard. 1150 Gila 100 Hussey 100 Hussey 100 345 Hillside S25 Highbtidge. 7075c 100 Tuscarore.

10c ...333 10 10c 720 Tioga 60c 100 ...1 osmlwo Vortex Blabblaa. Affray at Sacraaseat. Sacramento, June Last night George Martin, a saloon-keener, while intoxicated, had scuffle in the hall of his lodging-house with his landlord. This drew the attention of Maxi milian Betzell, a lodger, who went out to interfere, but boob retired. Martin followed him, burst in his door and attacked him, when Bet- ciu, mm ne says in seii-aeieucc, sutuDeu jaxarun wiin a touT-incn blade nnnung-Kuie in the abdomen.

Martin is believed to be fatally injured. He says Betzell was right, and that he does not blame him. Betzell is a quiet, hard working man. Martin is a powerful man, and oaa tampered when in liquor. Omit Eqcallkd.

A philosophical exchange remarks that the active ferocity with which the menagerie animals are represented on the circus bills is only equalled by their torpid condition Mieir cages. The Dally Examiner will be tfellv- ere, toy earrlere at IS eta. ear weak. tree earnere at IS eta. par weak.


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