The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1947
Page 5
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1MT Democrats Just Bungling Along f\ft\ BLYTHKVIU.K (ARK.)' COURIER NF-WS 1 — — — -— •— — »- - • & m m " 5l *^im ^fm i In Economic Ignorance, GOP Presidential Aspirant Asserts m * , n . , War Dead Buried Services Conducted For Melvin E, Crottf Of Caruthersville MEW YORK, Nov. «,• XU.P.)-CiCv. Thomas E. Dewey In a major foreign policy speech last rilghl meed financial aid lor Europe anfl Asia M (h» alternative of being surrounded by * billion people In . Soviet controlled armed camp reaching from France to China. I Tile biting speech was Interpreted as Dewey'« actlv* cntraiic* Into' CARUTOIEKSVILLE. Mo.. Nov. Ihe 1MB Republican presidential campaign '• ~ Puncral services for the first Addressing 1.000 business exccu- + — - ' Prmlscot county World War II liven at a dinner in liie Waldorf- Astoria marking (he 30th anniversary of Forbeji Magazine, a business pajrer. Dewey blamed present liiirti yvrices on the Democratic leaders' "economic Ignorance," and accused the administration of bungling • liing Jn a. cold war analnsl ''able • no puriwseful men who know what they KR,U and propose (o g«t it." He called for quick congressional approval of the. JVfuj-shnll plan— allhougli he did not call It by name —*us a cheaper method of protecting America's itandard of living thnn huge appropriations for military preparedness against aggression. "Our only eholce," l>ew«>y said, "i» whether we art effectively or Muplrlly as we have In the pait; where we act in time nr (o<> [ate. hero to he returned from Europe, were conducted here yesterday nf , eii!" aid program, the Congress ! WCff c oll diictod here yesterday nf- mlpht well adopt a statement of ! i c , ri , 10 ,°" / or Trcl »" c1 "" <th Oracle policy which would make our pur- f, ,,i Crolls ' f"" 1 " >. «" r »-- IJOSCS clear S<1 <-lear In fort ^n_ meistllie. poses clear, so clear In fact that. ..,.body could misunderstand them, not even the men In Ihe Kremlin. The Congress should declare it to be n basic policy o( the American nation lo assist freedom loving people,? elsewhere .in the world who ar» ready lo work with us to find a way back to Kcninving Stains From Irish Linen Services were held at, the Kirst Baptist Church, with the Rev. D. K. Poster, pastor, officiating. Pre- cceding the rites, memorial services for all World War ll dead were held with an eulogy given by Ihe Rev. Floyd V. Brower, pastor of the Methodist Church, who was an | Pa) i ehcs to succeed," said Oeu'ev. "We ran- r.,,1 be positive that ihe further j \^~.f~\~ fs * money spent will not be waited." ' si.Mn.ii. But a quick liM)k at the alternative, "gives a Rluslly piilurc," w«Ve on (he rostrum during services at the crave. Color bear- Klas a mere I40JXX..OOO P«p,e. we found ourselves in the midst ! men . „,„ e PI a conquered world, from Fi-aim- hvo e x-offi«r.s. ' 'Blackmailers Charge' Is Hurled By Soviet Radio as Big Four Prepare for Meeting in London PAGB V. - Prw. Si»rf CorretpuiHlent 1-ONDON, NOV. «. <u.l>.>-l>-pulle* of th. Big Four foreign mm- Islcii wer« to me«t today In prerwrktlon for Ihe fateful »nd jwsstbly final conference on Germuy which open. I,, Umdon on Nov. aii. Just before the ilepuIlM convened, Radio Moscow broadcast an crtllorlM from P.avda, ihe Oowninnlsl Pui'lyM' offli-lal newspaper cull- IIIK American and nrlilnh diplomats "blackmailers." , ' It said Hussla would fight Amorl-* ' can nnd British plans for "dl«- "' membennent" of Germany mid in- i If ' h « RuaMan line was what dlcnlod that the Fiiusltn demand Pr * v 'i» '"Id down, observers bcllcv- for millions of dollars In re-para- fl ' ll) at Ihe Conference of Forclun lions from current production would M| uUter» would end as the one be pressed both before Ihe deputies I '" Moscow did — In failure. ]!ow- and before [he fnrelon tnir*i«i«i-i i ever, for m week ihrrp h n . i,.,«,. »»d (3) eomp«i»sllon for Unll«l' Mon and i ,„»,»».»», Nations nationals who owned pro- »»» (in.v crurii of rt*Vpotnl'b» pcrly deslroycd or taken am tor *ny of the,power*'on,the rejHii'nllont In the Reich. i»i.^iiuns . Tlic ' American deputy, Robert' •••—' Muvpuyrsald the llrst sessions would ~"" ' be devoted lo "formal organlza- r -£ t yn c *£wuit i r r.rL <M "M *'•* ^I'JK HEADACHE! PILES TROUBLE? For Quick Relief ue pressed ooin ueiore Ihe deputies '" MOSCOW run — In fail, and before Ihe foreign ministers I '"«'• (or » week (here themselves. '» cautious opItml.Mn In '.'Nn. Kcnllemen WftckmRllers. you \ lo " "»'l a little less i-»Mtloiis tip- .. . arc unable to [nllnilrtate anybody men . „,„, (be and flnallr. whrtherWainV^ j {« " ^ > ^' tatl ^:'J mn F 7 1lnCe "™ ex-officc«/ I^n R H,mt ^ determination I,, sucrecrt and In- t °, C . u " 11 ' ; '° s ' olld fl!lrt 111ore llm " I-'nck Hopke. All four served over! ? - bi.npH people In an armed camp ' scns ,„ W orld war n i under the conlrol of an » SS rpssivp H a ]i bearers were Ralph imti-hl- splre those we aid to the same dptermlnatTon." i .. "Once a Communist dictatorship f'^°" hl P n " 1. set up. there is no peaceful «- ^ 'J'J 0 ' frtrtf " lio ^»M WOU1O CO-St US ^ "Sainsl us. ' such . cape," he said. Dewey offered the following proeram: 1. "As lo the aid. which is piven should 11. naliona riefcnsn ; mthcrsvllle: son, .James M. Reeves, Charles' lio- berlion and John nay. Jr.. r>( Ca- Dctt-cy Randolph of . crsve: cvvey Randolph of alone, a great deal more than any Hayii. and Ben Johnson of Colton- program of aid to Europe, and it wood Point, members or Pemlscot would cost us tliat annually lor I County Post No. 88. lionornrv pall • VC! "' S l ° come ' In t "' nls nf hv " 1R bearers were Don Lossing," Jr. to prevent starvation- this should •?"" '° come ' In t "' nls nf ' 1VI11 R ; bearers were Don Losslnc," Jr.. not take tile form of loans'repay- I st1 """ 1 " 15 ' wc sllolll<l sl "^ '".» |CTC| i Tommy Rayre. Carl Say re DM- able ill dollar.s as we know of no I ",°, L S<M> " , by nny llvl " B llerso " m lo " BlaBburn. MHvln niurton and means of importing sufficient goons i "')? cotu ', r5 '' .W/'" 1 ? ° f ° 1 "' Elbor(/ BUin »"- «» "' *>'c Collon- s of importing sufficient goods i "' ? cotu " rj > ,|" ''™ of ° 1 "' " b Europe to renav ourselves I crllM "." nrt . l dl " lclllt to '« c no;v from Europe to repay ourselves! ,'., ,j ----- without, dcmorallling both the EJti- i wc could avoid a degree of econom- ropean and American economies." ! c colUro1 whlch wollid cllt tilc vcry 2."The goveriVmcnts which-re- 1 - llcalt mlt ° f oul ' system." ceive our aid, however, .'should! not be allowed to sell the food nnd tlren used to develop the productive resources of the nations so as more speedily to make them self ' supporting." 3. "On the second, or reconstruction aspect of our aid, we can legitimately regard the money advanced as a straight loan. But it should be made lor business pur- pases and not left; as during the lostHwo and a half'years, in the hands of social planners who do not know a loom from a corn husker. It is time we got business men into a. business Job." 4. "VTf shall want to make really certain,! for once, that the aid \ve providf'is not wasted. To provide firm and continuing management 1 should^ !ike\to see. the entire pro- r?ram closel.v supervised by a .special authority created for that specific purpose. This authority should be under the direction of a genuinely bi-partisan board." 5. "Having provided for a businesslike administration oC our lor- Ashdown Man Accused Murder wood point community aVd boyhood friends of SRI. ' Crotts. All served in War II. UUCP In Ihe Army and three In the Navy. Was Killfi! In Germany The ftriui; squad was provided by Company B of Ihe 140th Infantrv. Missouri N.iUiinnl Guord. Cani- school : bugle]'. Sat. Crotts, ;i member of the 33rd. Armored Regiment, 3rd Armored . . j thrr.ivillr. Leo Dovroli, liish •I— i senior and band member, TEXARKAN'A, Nov. 6. IITP, Charges of murder were to be filed today affaiust Hubert Thompson, 27- year-old Ashdown mail, following ,.^,. .1* t..,,,*,,,., .>,u mnunfu the death of .J. H. Giles. GO-ycar-old Division, was killed al Aachen. Cotton Belt railroad cm ploy A? Giles ' Germany. Nov. n. 19-14. His body died in a Texarknna hospital Tues- : was interred in Henri Chapcli Eu- day night after he was found im- ! pen Cemetery, Belgium. It was rc- consciou.s ou a downtown street tinned to this country r.board the Monday. Sheriff W. E. Davis ol Miller U. S. Army transport Josenh V. Connelly nnrt arrived here Nov. County sairt he was told that Giles f™m Hie Memphis General Depot, and Thompson quarreled In a cafe ' Sgi.s. crotl.s entered service Dec. and that Thompson attacked - the | 3. 1941. and went overseas Sept. elderly man after he left Ihe build- in 1943. The hotly was accompanied i here from Memphis by Sgl. Kenneth R. Parrel!. A l-.rgc number of Caruthpr.sviile business firms and offices s'loscd for the memorial services. Surviving SKt. Crolt-s are his Joseph f, ,. •• rs - '«>>* ^- eanocr-• Ciotts. ol Cottonwood p, lin, o2->ear-oid wife of County , sisters. Mrs. Kalhleen Slroud Judge Sanderhn, who died in n \ jonesboro. Ark.^ Mrs. Geneva Turn- Lutle Rock hospital last night, bow. Route I. Cnnithcrsvlllc- Mrs Judge's Wife Dies MONTICELLO. Ark.. Nov. 6. (UP) „..., ..... . —Funeral services arc being plan- | pa7f nts."Mr. "an'd M'I"S Joseph f ned today tor Mrs. Roy L. Sander- ! c.oUs. ol Coltonwood point • three lin -- . . o aricrsvc- Mrs Death followed a long illness. , Mcvalccn Smith, Reading, pa'.- and IVHEN your prized Iriih linem '" are stained with lei, coffee or fruit juice, stretch the llained portion ol tbr piece laully over a bowl. | From a 1 jijjlil, pour boiling wjtcr on Ihe si vn and watch i! disappear I An easy remedy and"pcrfectly inft because hijt water can't possibl) harm any tyre o( Irish linen. Police Seek Fugitives From County. Road Gangs I NASUVH.LE. Tcnn. Nov. fi. <UD — F'olire toriiiy st'U'hnd no trace of Ihree prisoners who have escaped In two separate breaks from f "Uty road sangs this v.'eek. I The latest break came yesterday ' nfternoon when Alfred T. Hayes of Franklin ami Dorvcll Williams. "w:-lkod away" from the prison crew. Tile third prisoner songht Is llrni'y Jones, a Negro who escaped with lour white men Tuesday. All except Jours were recaptured the samp day. and one nf I hem. Mack Sloan, was wounded by a stiile patrolman who rirert when the prisoner refuse^ to halt.. Oil Production High } For Field Near Stephens CAM DEN. Ark., Nov. R. 1 (UP) — The booming oil fields near Slephens. Ark., produced more than I'.SOO.COO barrels of oil during the lirsl .six months ol this year, according lo the Stale Gas and Oil Commission. Exact production was listed nt 1.534.010 barrels with tho Wesson Field leading with 669.678 barrels. The Smnrt Field WB.S sec- two Imir-slstcrs. .Mrs. Lola Stephenson. Corinth. Miss., and Mrs. Bess Bracrn, Lulls. Tcnn. ninny. If they do not, Diltlsh American officials Imve lndlcat-1 ed that plans are already drmvn up for a separate Western German state. Tills Is wlial Ihp Russians refer In as "dismemberment." cien. George c. Mnrslmtl, s.-»-p- Inry of slate, said voslerduv thai ... ........ ,,,.,., ..... mill. .Itlt; LJIIIIhJll> ! \._ , i/ . .- i '">.' lllln (or ihelr second semi-annual meet- i , ,,,, nu ' wci > himself to gel IhR ol the year. The mccllns was " MKl <»™c abovit »nythhiR when announced bv Paul T. Moi'ann ad- On , s , n 8 (1 il .In an o)«ratlou. Using a soldier's term, he said (hut was no way to win n buttle, The United Stales ami nrltnln are opposed to turning production from German [nclorlcs over lo Ihe Russia IK us reparations. The dcmitlos meet in LnncnMer House, where the flrsl meellnti of the forclnj, ministers was iiplcl in Sept. in4S. Their Immedlalc asendn n* outlined nt the conference ot Foreign Ministers In Moscow last spring. Included: Ad Men to Meet LI'ITLE ROCK, Ark., Nov. 6.— 'UP,— Publishers, advertising maii- asi-i's and salesmen of Arkansas will meet here Sundav ...-. >', lul- jull. I III; Illvlrllllj; lA'HA announced by Paul T. Morgan, ad- j "??.* . . venking manager of the Camdcn SO "" P1 ' S News and chairman of Ihe ad group | t'Oiuiiilllee ol Ihe Arkansas Press Association, Rdmuhil llalley wns the first as- Ironnnicr to estnbllsh (he fact o[ • comet's periodic iirretn. ! oud win, M1.W3 which other fields proillicling were: Old. Stephens Shallow Field. 99.38D barrels: Cilm "•--•k, 661.1H; and Pace. City FleUI . (1 1 The political structure of Ger- of trie Clcrman pence treaty. Prpri-Catn Cmxjian^, Long Ittanil Cilu, N. Y. Franchitnl flolllrr: (Nami a] lornl \mlrter lo I* intrrtcit hrrc^ Franchise^ Ilotller: ['epni-ColH !{<tlllin|f Co. of Itlvdtcvillc FITZPATRICK'S Yo« CM »»*» yom-HHf j lot of lim«. iroubk jnd worry if you'll do at hundred* of oth«f witc (ewt'lry thoppcrt do by mafch^ tW« «or* your ChriMma. Gift H«adquarteri. Takt advanlage of our layaway plan, and r«m«mb«r. " V " TT t>lin8 *°* ^ "" ^ P .* W f<X ° n 00f convenitnt credil " rm »- '«'» f"' - - • efficient . .. Mftart to (hop b*r«. LIBERAL CREDIT TERMS AT ABSOLUTELY NO EXTRA COST FitzpatricJ^ Jewelry Stores 122 W. Main Blytheyillt Stores in Memphis — Osceola — Paragould — Sikeston IT TAKES ONLY 3 MINUTESTO OPEN A CHARGE ACCOUNT 1 • iiui Cir..idir,i h DITfONAL FALL Asphalt 'Armor Coat SUI. • nrli.rnl.' ",!;;.. R;,"!,f, 90 rd. roll 3 in 1 Shingles 'i. KII ,,<,„.. r JnJrrvsillw A,. . So. ireie«. ^ Asphalt'Dreadnaughf ss, 1$. IE 55 ». "I rum*,! .,,. t«%IQ "l't. Hull ru«r. "f I ' ' . 101) • <<. fl. Un. / •K'rivHIfr A p. fc urovr.l. E-Cono-Me Roof Saver arrrldi qukhly. l>rn>ndi kl. roof CDfltEnc. Roll o!4 root. ( » « w [ I k rr..iBK. we«lh- .trvtrmt sur. («•». Vie o« llr r«a(. 5 Gc }*S6 Brick Effect Siding 105 \b. f per sq. red P ers( l- Point Edge Roofing Gives Nice Shingle Effect 105 Ib. $3 19 PerSq: Coleman Oil Heater 51,000 BTU Circulates 19,800 Cubic Ft. of Warm Air Flow Per Hour COAL HEATERS Brick Lined Fire Pot 4

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