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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California • Page 12

The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California • Page 12

San Francisco, California
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THE SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER: SUNDAY, JANUARY 26, J9I9 NEW CASES 0 M. Cagttattteg BUSINESS NOTICES. GfiAY HAIR DARKENED Family of Four Averages 98 Year. UOWDOINIIAM January 25. Living together in this town are Mrs.

Eleanor Sparks, tiged 100 years; her sister, Mrs. Mary A. Green, aged 98 years; their brother, William K. Den-ham, 85 years, and his wife, aged 85 years. Escaped Convict Is Captured by Boy Scout 16 Onlv n.

few months ago William STEPHENS TALKS ON UJUliTIES U. C. Professor Asserts America Must Help Decide, All Peace Problems. MARINES. OFFICERS.

Daatlio Wound)) 120 INFLUENZA A ARMY. Rrtid 30, MS 12.783 18,414 2.58S 381 BUSINESS NOTICES. Baa't'd Jan. 2J 33 60 10 MlMino I Kill In utton Died of wound Dl diMat Died tidnt Lint at 214 P. Godfrey was terrorising saloon Total 30.31 I2.7M U.474 2.593 381 84.351 137, 0W 12.77 Investlgation of Complaints Concerning Alleged Action of Court Officer Is Started, keeper and reutauranteurs ran Frannisfio bv holding them up at the LOW RECORD 103 22U ENLISTED MEN.

Doatht 2.031 Wounded 3.041 Miulna 444 In enemy haadi. 33 Total Total dMtht C4.44H Wtnuded MlMini 12.727 Total 214.013 point of a reviver and robbing them 8.7S3 332 214.343 of their money. In the hark vard Of a CALIFORNIA Nine Deaths Reported Up to 4 o'Ctock Yesterday, With 35 Persons Down With the Disease San Rafael home, this same Godfrey cowered before a sixteen-year-old boy scout armed with a shotgun and he stayed cowed until a guard from San Quentin prison arrived and took him back to the penal institution, from which he had es District 'Attorney C. M. Fickert.

Captain of Detectives Matheson, Detectives Nolan and Hiett and Assistant District Attorney Edward Cunha haves instituted a joint Investigation of charges of alleged Jury tampering. The investigation Is the. result of al KILLED IN ACTION. Privates. Peters, Thomas 961 S.

Imogen street, Pomona. Stedman, Oliver 901 Fourth street, Modesto. Steinman, Charles Visalia. Studebakerm, Lloyd Berkeley. That the United States must take its full part In the nettlement of world problems, waa chief Idea set forth yesterday by Henry Morse Stephens, professor of history at ie University of California, before the Commonwealth Club luncheon at the Palace.

In the maze of problems to be decided by the world at large concerning: the sovereignty of Kuropean nationalities and the establishment caped last Friday evening. WOUNDED IN ACTION. Corporal. Lindley, Percy 1380 Ellis San Francisco. Privates.

Askins, John Rondel Sixteenth and Mission, San Francisco. Crowell, William 440 Steiner street, San Francisco. Herzog, Samuel, 843 Santa Clara street, Alameda. Cafferata, Juan 1552 Grant ave Godfrey, wno was serving a wu-tence for robbery committed in San No Longer Neeessary to Hate Grar, Faded, Lifeless Hair. "La Creole" Darkens It Evenly.

You can have a full head of beautiful, evenly dark, soft and lustruua hair again, no matter if you are middle-aged and your hair is now gray, streaked with gray, faded and "worn out." All you have to do la to comb "La Creole" Hair Dressing Into all your hair once a day as per simple directions on the bottle, and in a few weeks the beautiful, dark color your hair used to have will come back without a particle of gray showing any more. It is no trouble whatever and perfectly safe. "La Creole" Hair Dressing will do what many others fail to accomplish, because it is made according to scientific principles, which guarantee that the original dark color of your hair will be restored if you will just usr it as directed. Try it at our risk. For sale by Owl Drug Stores and all good drug stores everywhere.

Mall orders promptly filled upon receipi of regular price, $1.00. "U-i Creole' Hair Dressing is guaranteed. ACTRESS TELLS SECRET A Well-Known Actress Tells How to Darken Gray Hair With a Sim-pie Home-Made Mixture. Joicey Williams, the well-known American actress, who was recently playing at the Imperial Theater in St. Louis, made the following statement about gray hair and how to darken It: "Anyone can prepare a simple mixture at home, at very little cost, that will darken gray, Btrcaked or faded hair, and make It soft and glossy.

Tp a half pint of water add 1 ounce of bay rum, a small box of Barbo Compound, and ounce of glycerine. These ingredients can be bought at any drug store at very little cost, or any druggist can put it up for you. Apply to the hair twice a week until the desired shade is obtained. This will make a person look 20 years younger. This is not a dye, it does not color the most delicate scalp, Is not sticky or preasy, and does not rub off." leged complaints made by jurors concerning the actions of Daniel Taten-ham, bailiff In Judge Franklin Grif Health Officer States That Few Days More Will Eradicate Epidemic From This City Francisco, had eluded the prison guards after his escape from San Quentin.

He came from under cover yasterday. and approached the home of J. R. Scott of San Rafael. fin's department of the Superior Court.

of national frontiers, Professor Steph DIED Or ACCIDENT. Private. Howard, Roy 165A Albion avenue, San Francisco. DIED, PREVIOUSLY REPORTED WOUNDED. Private.

Cody, Henry, 4024 Van Dyke avenue, San Diego. nue, San Francisco. Palmauist. John Kerman. Rose, Joseph 1325 Alviso street, Scott saw the convict coming, ami he promptly got his shotgun and went out to meet the fellow.

"Hands up, there!" Bhouted young Scott, as he leveled his shotgun at Vn nnnviot ITn WATlt thO COnVlCt'S Santa Clara. Rice, Clarence Prado. ens pointed out the duty of America in standing by tho responsibility it had assumed when it entered the war. lie pointed out the many difficulties confronting the peace conference in deciding the claims of European nationalities and pave as the solution a sympathetic understanding of the claims of disrupted peoples on the part of the United States and the other world powers. hands, and up they stayed while he SOLDIER CLAIMS FRENCH mm pleaded with the Doy noi 10 eawi '''lirhiin stnt wtv held the con- NlW Date Deaths January 10 612 37 'January 11 365 43 January 12 520 26 January 13 363 40 January 14 469 41 January 15- 510 50 January 16 538 46 January 17 519 39 January 18 504 26 January 19 490 16 January 20 366 41 January 21 --170 19 January 22- 162 11 January 23 118 11 January 24 83 20 January 25 3S 9 vict at bay, another boy ran and summoned a guara.

Alter uoairej- u.n tab-en hnrk in San Ouen- TO HELP DRIVE tin he said that he was sorry that Thc alleged complaints followed the disagreement of a jury in the case of Charles and Frank Ferrante, brothers, who were tried for the third time on a charge of padding the payroll of the San Francisco Scaling Company. Eleven Jurors are said to have voted for a verdict of guilty, while one held out for acquittal. B. Flatte. 153 Kearny street, is declared to have been the juror who caused the disagreement.

According to other members of the jury, Flatte was twice called from the jury-room by Bailiff Tatenham. Flatte is said to have admitted that Tatenham called him from the room, but denied that the bailiff had influenced his vote on the verdict. He is alleged to have made contradictory statements to other parties, however. When the case of the Ferrante brothers was called in Judge Griffin's court yesterday to be set for trial. Assistant District Attorney Cunha and Judge Griffin engaged in a wordy war over the case which ended when the court threatened Cunha with contempt proceedings.

PRAGERS the guard who snot at mm lasi rn-day night had failed to hit him. Scott gets $50 for the apprehension of the convict. Navy Serge Dressesa Sale Mask law became, enecuve. New cases of Spanish influenza Jn San Francisco reached the lowest mark yesterday since this city was LEMON JUICE WHITENS SKIN by the second wave of the Frank Bruckner, who had a prosperous business at 803 Van Ness avenue as proprietor of the Gill Piston Ring Company, Joined the army more than a year ago. then he has been at Camp Lewis.

Recently he returned on furlough to look over his affairs. Yesterday he obtained a warrant for the arrest of Forrest Hill, whom he had left in charge of the business, on a charge of embezzlement. He told Police Judge Oppenheim that he believes Hill has swindled him out epidemic. Ud to 4 ociock yesterday oniy so new cases were reported for the 24 During the week, February 17 to 22, a collection of paintings and wood carvings by French soldiers of the "Societe des Invalides, No. 2," will be shown In the ballroom of the Fairmont.

The exhibit will be arranged by J. N. Laurvik. director of the Falace of Fine Arts, and held under the auspices of the French ministry of the interior. Included in the collection are water colors by Louis Ponsin, oil paintings by Madeline, Marret and de Man-court, and pen sketches by Jean Droit.

Ceramics by Lachenal, Favre and Lechere will be featured, and wood carvings by M. Trudon. All these artists have been perma hour nerlod. The deatlis for the 1 1'75 4f Pi is just about what the materials and trimmings alone would cost and then when you see the clever styles that no ordinary dressmaker would duplicate for an ordinary charge why, then you see that this sale is Girls! Make beauty lotion at home for few cents Worker Gives of $3,700. According to his story.

Hill Is the son of the president of the Hill State quite "extraordinary" something no woman who wants a new frock for little moneycan miss! See these on Monday! Bank of Chicago. He lives at the Hotel Normandie, Gough and Sut Shirt Off His Back9 Just back from Vladivostok on the transport Thomas, Hadley F. Clar-rage, an Oakland Y. M. C.

A. worker, literally gave the shirt off his back to Fred Goodsell of Berkeley, who was a recent arrival at Vladivostok and who was undertaking Y. M. C. A.

work. met in the Siberian city when Clarrage was about to embark for' Squeeze the Juice of two lemons into a bottle containing three ounces of orchard white, shake well, and you have a quarter pint of the best bleaching and skin whltener lotion and complexion beautifler. at very, very small cost. Your grocer has the lemons, ana any drug store or toilet counter will supply three ounces of orchard white for a few cents. Massage this sweetly fragrant lotion into the face, neck, arms and hands each day and see how tan, redness, sal-lowness, sunburn and windburn disappear and how clear, soft and rosy-white the akin becomes.

Yes! It is harmless. Advertisement. nently disabled as a result of the war. They are classed as "Invalides, No. 2" by the French government, and receive no pension.

To assist a drive for funds in aid of these Invalids, Mayor Itolph recently proclaimed February 20 to 22 For Monday only 50 beau- $1 ter streets. Bruckner stated that when he was drafted into the army he placed Hill in charge of the business. He formerly had been a salesman for the concern. Bruckner will return to Camp Lewis Monday. The complaint specifically accuses Hill of embezzling $55.56, but Bruckner says the entire amount will be $3,700.

1 same time totaled nine, this being due, according to the health authorities, to cases of the past two weeks which are now proving1 fatal. Of the new cases reported yesterday 21 were recorded by telephone and fourteen by mail. "I would urge the citizens at this time," declared Dr. W. C.

Hasaler last night, "to coninue their precautions. It will necessitate a period of four days before we will have succeeded in eradicating the disease from our city and full co-operation is necessary." Conditions at the San Francisco hospital, as well aa other hospitals In the city, were back to normal yesterday and have been improving since people began wearing masks. At the Board of Health all relief measures practically ceased, due to no further calls for help. ANTI-MASK MEETING. At the Anti-Mask League mass meeting last night at Dreamland Itink resolutions were passed denouncing the mask ordinance as contrary to the desires of a majority of the people.

Nearly 2,000 persons attended the meeting and though the hall was nearly half occupied, a fair sum was ii i 1 i i v- home. Clarrage noticed the condl- tiful Coats are on sale at tion of Goodsell's clothlnsr and thiJ as Frencn soiaiers reuti ucijo. The drive will be conducted by William Sandos, commissioner tothp United States from the French ministry of the interior. exchange was quickly effected. Clar rage returned in Goodsell's old clothes.

I These beautiful coats in brown, black, burgundy and many other new colorings are so uttracUvc, so desirable with fnr and fclnsh collars that women who see them will marvel aud those who miss the sale are pretty sore to regret. Monday only, remember. Special priced Sheets, Pillowcases, Muslin, etc. RAW FURS WANTED Highest Prices Paid for Mink, Skunk and Raccoon Hudson Bay Fur Co. 222 Powell St.

KLE ACHED RATH TOWELS Close woven, absorbent; size 21x42. Special, Hot. "INDIAMIEAIV MUSLIN' the famous fabric for wear. Soft finish. Yard, IJOt.

annual winter SHEETS 72x90-inch width, with welted seam a good quality, each $1.25. SHEETING 81 inches -wride. soft finish a very special price, yard G5. PILLOW CASES, the 45x36-inch Bize, of heavy, firm muslin. Special at 390.

COTTON IJATTS for comforters; full size, 72x90; snowy white, fluffy. Now $1.39. i i 1 taken up by a crew ofr fifty Mrs. K. CV Harrington presided.

Among the speakers were Madame K. C. Grosjean, Mrs. Margaret Ma-honey, Alias Kosie Jones and C. F.

Welsh of the Waiters' union. Supervisor Eugene Schmita. who had been advertised as the, principal speaker, failed to appear. i HI iil Ii ft ESTAB. 1896 Coating's for Coats and the new JpQ.75 Cape Wraps Ovard Velours and heavy broadcloths, mostly 54-inch widths new colors, taupe, tan, peacock, brown, black and cream and a weight suitable for lined or unlinwl wraps.

Regular $4.50 and $3.00 coatings. Unrivaled shoe savings for everyone attractive values in all deparimehts. Seasonable merchandise at sale prices to effect quid clearance. Drink Water At 10:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.

M. Cheviot Shirtings, fast colors, at 35c These are 28 inches wide; plain, striped or checked durable fabrics for work shirts, blouses, house and school dresses. White, Nainsook, a Special at 25c Fine, white 40-inch nainsook for lingerie and baby clothes. Sateen Petticoats, in colors, at $1.65 Fitted tops black, royal, copen, green and rose. Extra sizes $1.95.

SilK-flounced Heatherbl'm Petticoats $2.95 Pretty changeable taffeta flounces on tops to match. Embroidery flounced White Petticoats, 98c Very well made, neatly trimmed cambric skirts. Batiste or Cotton Crepe KnicKers, at 90c Three new styles, in flesh color only, have arrived. Camisoles -Liberty Satin or Crepe, $1.50 A variety of new, lace trimmed models to choose. Little Girls' Chambray Dresses at $1.75 Pretty, plain, check, stripe and plaid fast-color chambrays.

SilHoline Comforters very special at $3.95 Figured center, plain border; clean, fluffy filler. Regular $4.95. A Sale of Blanhets Monday at $5.95 Plain gray or white, bordered, or plaid and blocked. Full size. Colored Shantung Pongee 9c These practical, very attractive silks are 34 and 36 inches wide in six colors.

At $2.65 and $3.65 Groups of odds and ends in ladies' high shoes all kinds. Sizes up to a few longer and narrow among them also. These groups fitted only to 1 7 o'clod(. At $4.65 and $5.65 A great variety of discontinued lines in ladies' shoes grouped together for lively selling styles that sold up to $10. Lines not complete, but your size will be among some style.

4 Some say "Oh, Yes! Water is a good thing to put under bridges and for washing autos." Be that as it may, water is good for you if you drink it systemat ically. So is a dentist good for you if you call on him 0 -iT rami intorva 1c in 1 1 nw him in kfpn VDlir teeth Bos Suits, A group of "odd" suits, all good materials, well mad! with full-lined knickers. Sale in Ladies9 Oxfords and Slippers and in Men's and Children's Shoes continues Boys' Long Corduroy Pants $3,45 A pair of these, with the old suit coat, will be a fine everyday outfit; the pants are brown, cuff finished. in good condition. I use procaine, the best anaesthetic for relieving pain in dental operations.

I guarantee all work done in my office. Don't shop around for your dentistry. Investigate and choose a reliable dentist, the first time. For twenty-three years the name Anderson has typified dependable dentistry. You can't buy better.

My prices are half what other reliable dentists charge. Pay a little at a time, as your work progresses. Munsing wear Cuban Heel Shoes Brown kid lace, cloth tops to match $7.50 Sale $5.65 Black kid lace, grey and-fawn cloth Sale $5.65 All brown kid lace $8.50 Sale $7.65 Steel grey kid, cloth 'top to match $7.50 Sale $6.15 Gun metal calf lace, grey buckskin Sale $7.65 Brown calf lace, grey buckskin top $10.00 Sale $8.65 Brown kid lace, champagne kid top 10.00 Sale Brown calf lace, brown buckskin 12.50 Sale $10.65 French Heel Shoes All brown kid lace $9.00 Sale $7.65 Steel grey kid lace, cloth tops to match Sale, $7.65 All bronze kid lace 0.00 Sale $8.65 Mouse kid lace, cloth covered 12 Sale $10.65 Patent colt lace, steel grey kid tops $14 Sale $10.65 Steel grey kid button lighter grey kid 5.00 Sale $9.65 Brown kid button, mouse kid tops $12 Sale $9.65 Patent leather button, grey kid tops $15 Sale $12.65 Boys' Flannelette Pajamas, $2.00 These one-piece pajama suits are so much preferred by many mothers. These are striped in various effects. "anJJiSING'' VESTS, PAJTS OR TIGHTS Of medium weight, fine ribbed cotton in all styles.

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Store Closes at 6 oClock Every Night, Including Saturday. Boys' Lace or Button Calfskin shoes sizes 9 Valnef to $3.00 jj)200 Boys' Dress Shoes patent colt lowers button style lfsizesfto Talnew to $4.00 DR. R.C.ANDERSON SYSTEM OF DEPENDABLE' DENTISTRY 964 MARKET STREET SAN FRANCISCO 484 12th St. cor. Washington, Oakland Offices: Sacramento, Stockton, San Jose, Modesto, Marysville.

Prager Department Store 836 to 842 Market SL Dear Stockton STORES 119 to 125 Grant Ave. near Geary at Jones. A 1 Stamps..

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