The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 5, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1947
Page 14
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Czechoslovakia Faces a Crisis ThrM PartMS A0oiMt Communist Grab for Power CZECHOSLOVAKIA, ,„.. ». (UP)—The rebellion o' fere* partie* agalntt a Communist •ttempt to bestow political power •pon two leftist groups that have B*TCT faceA an election threatened «B overthrow Czechoslovakia's government today. !• addition, the Slovak Trades TTBton Council threatiied to call a f«nergl itrike today unless It was snnted representation on the Board ot Slinitters in tile seini-a«- *e»o»ous state of Slovakia. Th» Tradw Union Cimctl was oatof th» group' the Communists • to bring 'Into the Slovak Co*acll of Ministers. The other WM the Slovak Movement, which «onrl»fced during the war. Both groups wore considered OoinmunHt organitatlonB- A national government crisis, tte worst ilace the liberation, •wu preclpiated yesterday whon three parties — the National So- elallsti, People 1 ! and Slovak Democrats — walked out on a meeting ot the National Front, the coali- '(ARK.)T COURIER HBWV FLYING BOAT (Continued from page 1) Itet a commlttM charge Uiat the flying boat contract was awarded because ol influence in government circles available to Hughes and his oii«-ttme partner, Kaiser. "Did either the Army or Navy desire the plane," Ferguson asked. "Neither the Army or Navy wanted It from Uu becinnlnr.... I tried to inUreit them In it b«t I couldn't," Wilson replied. The the business executive recalled that he became convinced in 1043 that the huge elghl-cngln- ed aircraft couldn't bo completed for war duty. ' "I come to tills conclusion — that the plnne would not be available for war purposes In late 1043," Wilson salcl. He said he called for all Investigation ot the project by leading aircraft technicians and manufacturers to prevent the Hughes-Kaiser combine from ".tinning a story" that their contract had been violated by the government and 'that they were being "persecuted," The investigation board reported Bank Bandit Hot Sane, Hospital Head Reports LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Nov. 5. (UP) _ A Pine ISluff resident who eoncltuloni paralleling Wil«on'§ In 1944. Wilson aald the WPB' aircraft eommitte not only had favored can- celling the flying boat contract but had opposed granting Hughet a contract for photo-reconnais- ance planes. Tlic Army Air Force went ahead with the second project anyway, he testified. The eo*nmltl*« heard testimony last Summer that (he photo plane contract* were awarded on the recommendation ol Brif. Gen. Elliott Roostvrtt, then commander ol Air Heeonnalunce In Euro pr. "Was ll normal for them to go over your head?" Ferguson asked. "It wasn't abnormal," Wilson answered. He told the committee the WPB committee opposed both Hughes projects on grounds that neither could be completed In time to be of any use In the prosecution of the war. Telling of steps to cancel the flying boat, contract, Wilson said he felt Hughes "talents as an aircraft, designer" could be used better for "something the services want- tKl." He said he had told WPB Chairman Donald M. Nelson of thn decision and that they "apparently were in agreement." About two months later, he said, .the committee "awoke to find out, that the Job was proceeding." His information WAS that Nelson had gone to Jesse Jones- and that WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER H, I9*T ELECTIONS . (Continued rrom Page l> Leo P. Rayfield, Democrat, who has been named a federal Judge. Multcr polled 47,601 voles. Victor Rnblnowltz, American Labor, polled 20,883 and Jacob Lefkowitz, Republican, 13,498. New York voters also approved $400,000,000 soldiers' t»nus. New York City threw out proportional representation system of electing city councllmen; action hnllcd as "major setback" for subversive elements." Indiana — Democratic candidate Prank Hanley conceded the election of Republican Ralph Harvey In 10th congressional District. Harvey succeeds the late Rep. Raymond Springer, Republican. Returns from 389 out of 394 precincts gave Harvey 53,128, Hanley 43,059 Ohio-iWilliam M. McCulloch, . hold up a Little Hock bank was not I as a result Hughes was allowed tkm government. responsible for his actions ac- I to go ahead, Wilson said. Communist Premier Klement] cor ,n ng to officials ot the f'ute I He recalled thnt Hughes had pro- Cottwald had called the mooting) Hospital lor Nervous Diseases. in an attempt to solve a crisis In the Slovak Council i ( Ministers. The Slovak crisis was created Dr. George W. Jackson, superintendent of the Institution, made this announcement today after •week -when the Communists scr | CS of sa nlty tests conducted Joseph William Pool of Pine Blulf. Pool, a lormcr nrmy glider plane instructor nt\d overseas airline pilot, held «P the Commercial National Hank here last month and was captured shortly after, escaping with $5,850. He explained at thnt time that he needed the cash to keep his new-born diaper service going In Pin e Bluff, Jackson said that- Pool >vHl remain In the Stntc Hospital pevdhjg further orders ol a court. However, he snld that if Pool's family wished and the court approved, the youthful hold-up man could be transferred to a private Institution- thairman o « the ministers council tried to resign for the whole council. .'.• The Slovak Democratic Parly, "which won 62 per cent of lha votes IB the 1946 elections, protested. The leaders of the Democrats said ,the chairman could resign the entire council-because only 'ive ol the 12 members had voted to quit. > - Observers said Ihe crux of tha 'tUttation was this: the Communists -wanted to whittle down the •power of the majority Democrats ^contended that neither of Iho "grbupn the CommuntslB wanted to .use to water down the council •wa» a political party and that only "representatives of 'duly eloclert v :iolltic»l parties were entitled to fait on the council. "- A communique last night aalil th« Communists considered them- a»lTe« "Insulted" by the walkout Tot the three parties on the national front meeting. It said the ^•'conduct" of. the three parties \rould 'draw trie proper consofl.uen- ™ The Communists have been campaigning against the Democrats] :ln Slovakia. They accused tlio .party 'of harboring elements ot th« discredited wartime roglme of -Tather Josef Tiso, ot conniThig ••with exiled "traitors" aurt ot tail- ting to solve food prblcms brought "on by last Summer's drought. "-• Vice Premier Jan Urslny of "Slovakia was forced to resign last week after a clerk In his office ,il- IfiKedly was caught in an "anti*tat« conspiracy." leiitcd that the cancellation was "a mistake." Wilson said he had never been critical of the engln- ering work. He said he had hoped the project would be a success. but at that lime he had to stress the time element, Republican, elected to Congress from 4th District, succeeding Robert F. Jones, now on Federal Communications Commission. Democratic candidate Joseph Quatman conceds defeat. Returns from 398 out of 412 precincts gave McCulloch 41,361 votes arid Quatman 33,308. Proposed $300,000.000 bonus for Ohio veterans of World War , II assured of passage. Ixmg GOP Regime Continues Philadelphia — Bernard Samuel, incumbent Republican mayor, re- elcclcri over his Democratic opixm- eiit, Richard Dllworth. a former Marine. This continues nn unbroken line of GOP mayors In the city since laM.The final vole: Samuel i defeated Democratic Oongreuman Frank Havenner and Cheater R. MacPhce, city supervisor. Return* from all of 1,200 precinct*: Robinson. 110,937; Havenner, 101.4M' and MacPhee 60,606. Buffalo, N. Y.—The Republican city council overthrown by Democrats. Democratic State chairman Paul E. FJtzpatrlck hailed the results as a repudiation of the Republican administration ot Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, a 1944 GOP presidential possibility, Detroit, — Oity Councilman Eugene I. Van Antwerp apparently won the mayoralty race over incumbent Edward j. Jefferles Jr., who was seeking his fifth, term. Jeffries had the support of Detroit labor leaders, who last Urn* opposed hitpi bitterly. Return* from all but two of the city's i,2n precincts gave Van Antwerp 223 854 and Jeffries 204,966. New Jersey—Voters opproved by 5 to 1 margin'a new state constitution to replace one in effect 103 years, 413,984, Dilworth 321,419. San Francisco—Superior .judge Elmer R. Robinson, a Republican Mother and Daughter Killed in Auto Crash "*• FORREST CITY, Ark., Nov. 8. (UP) — A mother and her four- year-old (laughter were killed and a second daughter was seriously injured when the automobile An which they were riding collided with a trailer-truck near here lost night. The woman was tentatively Identified by state police as Mrs. Melvin Williams. TO SOOTHE f T f H •• •» ^* BA OR Quickly apply roothin^ mid comforting GRAYS OINTMENT with its wholesome antj-"ntic3 and nature aiding mccUcaV. . Nothing else : ; ';j it— nothing ro • :r.ifortinsr— or "rut for cxtcr::?. ';' called sMn -tiles. Ej'c. Get n pr.c!:aso todny. JT Una. Bt bad aa 11,000 wte margin over the closest of three opponents, Massachusetts—Democrats claim-1 «d gains in state's ae municipal! elections of basis of maintaining control of Industrial cities of Wor- oetter and Springfield, winning over Incumbent Republican mayor at Fitchburg and defeating pro- tege of Republican Gov. Robert F. Bradford in Everett, Connecticut — Repubjicaivs won victories in New Haven and Waterbury, the latter an upset in which- Raymond t Snydcr ousted Democratic Mayor John S. Mona- glian for OOP's first local victory In Wat«rbury ,In 26 years. Snydcr, endorsed by Socialists and Independent Democrats, polled 10444 votes to Monoghan's 18,390. Constitutional amendment was passed changing gubernatorial term from two to four years. Chicago—Unofficial returns indicated the Democratic and Republican machines had elected their coalition ticket of 21 candidates to the superior court bench. The ticket held a more than 3 to 1 edge over the slate of the progressive Party, making its first bid to qualify as a party In Cook County. Socialist Mayor Repeats Cleveland — Incumbent Democratic Mayor Thomas J. Burke defeated Rcpitbllcnn Eliot Ness In the mnyornllly race by the biggest majority in the city's history. Returns from 1.000 of the 1,016 poM- iMK places nave Burke 165,777 to R-1,-145 for Ness. Ness had the support of the stale Republican or- Br-.nlzatlon. . -, Bridgeport. Conn—Socialist May- elected successor to returning or Jasper MeLcvy repeated again. Mayor Roger Ltipman, Robinson winning his eighth successive two I Have On Hand At All Times Several tractors and equipment . . ., both'new and ased ones . . . JOHK DEERE, FARMALL and other makes. Also, 1 have for sale at all times 70 to 80 head of mules. Terms can be arranged. Will trade for most anything you .have. F. C. CROWE 1 Mile S. of Braggadocio ZELLNER'S DOING/ THOSE BARGAINS AT ZCLLNfl'S SUPPCR ARE IN THIS DIRECTION/ Eviction Notice Is Dead Give-Away Tong Yu-niung stares forlornly at some of the 11 emply coflins occupying the center aisle of his clothmg store in Shanghai. His hase up, Yu-mun £ 's landlord wanls him to pay more rent or eel out, and uses this drastic method to get his point across LEVEE TAXES NOW DUE! Will be M JMythevilie, through Saturday, Nov. 8th. Osceola, Nov. 10th to Noon Nov. Ulh. ICfcU payment with your statement, or see me. Mrs. Lyn P. Gooch, Collector 107 Main Street, Blytheville Take a load off your shou9d@rs . • . . the coat that gives you warmth without weight tailored by Hart Schaffner & Marx ' 1 here's something new in overcoat construction. Warmth \cithout tirfg/i/—in three season comfort. When the mercury Hills, Rambler will keep you snugly warm. When the mercury rises, you'll be grateful for Rambler's shoulder lightness. Many seasons from now you'll txi glad you picked a quality coat. And all the time you're wearing Rambler you'll be proud of its smart good looks. 50 Home of Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes f*^*TJr^<~~Z~~*' •t-wsO'-- <> " v MEAD'S 122 MAIN STRUT

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