The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on March 3, 1901 · 26
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 26

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 3, 1901
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f '3 THE EXAMTXEH. SAM FBANCISCOl SUNDAY MOBNXNd MAItCII 3. 1901. uit BAY GIVES UP BODY OF BENNIE BRIDGES NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. T IS 1rlt.11 -2l) SHI t 37 jrt nvo -1H ill, 2 PLAN OF" I. MAGNIN S CO'S NEW STORE, BALDWIN BLOCK, 918-920-922 Market Street, GETS HOME PREBLPSBOWS Fair Descendant of Admiral Christens Torpedo Boat of His Name as She Slides From Ways Into Glassy Water of the Bay. Launched With 'Her Boilers and Engines in Place, and Almost Ready for a Crew to Get Up Steam For a Spin Out to Sea. O000(00 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-OOOO 0000000000 ooooooooooo The Transport Pennsylvania Brings Into Port From the Philippines a Happy Lot of Bold Soldier Boys lie -15 u. -20 of the Thirty-Sixth, Twenty-Four Deported Men, Who Arrived on the Meade, Sent Over DASHES OVER 10 10 REGIMENT WII to A'catraz to Await Clothes and Money From Government. ALONG THE WATER FRONT, March 2. am US :i r 8 I n t 18 I V e vlar 'OO0 L -orn f oot 10111 E -28 H r 10 r w t ib r 1 h'tre L Prt J- iult xa leg: 00U 1M( old sac Villi. L.28-I Ira na .EG Dious ill l.AT K.llh -eas 11 1 t 1 i'.OlH em ia: .IlLt H 3.5 mi XT ix- 4 r Or 'Sr 4 r Or 4 f VlOf b )R f3V.N tfE! IN r '.x it eni em ma PI4 i ii i ew ,i$5 oca Ai J Dlroc esi 2,1 h.r roi Krvea 10-17 f9 ki $2 $1 P( !! M roo em 87. Ol nil 11 (oof SCI SB 11. or i on A 4 110 ira a Ori lit; Al ear ixa O OB loa n J. Plool !oS M ffia ali 0-ZZ .-iii hi CI KI".L' UK ail 're I ml "ill ifi if klR? SI 'kit The government transport Pennsylvania arrived in port this afternoon with the Thirty-sixth Infantry aboard, and anchored in the stream off Folsom street. The regi merit, which is a volunteer organization. was in command of Colonel W. R. drove. The men were all glad to get home. They had been fighting for a long time in North ern Luzon and were engaged in some sixty battles. The trip from Manila was without particular incident, except that It was a rather slow one. There are 504 soldiers of the Thirty-sixth aboard, 103 discharged men, fifteen military prisoners, six stowaways, twenty-two first- class and nine steerage passengers. The Pennsylvania like the Indiana carries a Filipino crew. Of the 103 discharged men twenty-eight were from the Sumner, whose places were filled by Filipinos. Two of the Sumner's men who were refused a discharge are among the Pennsylvania's stowaways. Among tile passengers were Mrs. W. R. Grove, Mrs. E. A. Booth and child, Mrs. Huckius, T. M. Ripley, W. C. Ives of the Seaman's Mission at Shanghai, and F. W. Force. Following are the officers of the Thirty-sixth infantry, which will be mustered out immediately: Colonel W. R. Grove. Lieutenant-Colonel W. L. Lutan. Major B. F. Straub, Surgeon; First Lieu-U'liaut IS. X. Jobuson, Captain h. K. Booth, Captain li. F. Craig, First Lieutenant A. 11. Davidson. First Lieutenant . H. McGowan, First Lieutenant Alex Goc-hr, First Lieutenant C. Bach, First Lieutenant C. Z. McGee. Second Lieutenant J. M. 1'ettr, Second Lieutenant J. A. Brown, Second Lieutenant Arthur Norton, Second Lieutenant J. V. bergstrom. Soldiers Welcome Returning CaTalry When the transport Meade docked this morn-icg the Joyful soldiers comprising the Eleventh Calvary were transferred in the river boats Resolute and Sunol to the Presidio, where they were met by the entire port garrison, commanded by Colonel Rawles. The men were given a warm greeting and escorted to their camp on the hill south of the car lice. It is expected that the regiment will b,e mustered out on March 11th. The twenty-four deported men who were brought over on the Meade were sent to A7-catraz, where they will be held for a few days. Then they will each be given a suit of clothes and $0, to give them a new start In life. Pugilist Who Will Work. Billy Woods, the well-known heavy-weight pugilist of Denver, is something different from the average fighter. He will work, and when the Meade docked this morning those who follow the Sstic game and happened aboard recognized in a big brawny fireman the erstwhile pugilist. Woods likes the sea and is going back to the Philippines and from there to Australia. Said to Be the Maxim. It is now believed by shipping men that the capsized schooner which various vessels have sighted up the coast during the last few weeks is none other than the Maxim, which left here for Eureka on January 23d. The Maxim, which was commanded by Captain Olsen, has never been heard from since the day she left this port. She is owned by the Caspar Lumber Company. MUCH TOO PLAYFUL FOR HIS COMFORT. Fred Raabe Demands Five Thousand Dollars as Damages in Payment for Joe King's Joking. "They can tie cans to a dog's tail and start him off breaking world's records, but when a man puts cow itch down my back while I'm atleep I can't see the joke," said Fred Raabe, the Democratic politician, as he announced to friends yesterday his intention of bringing suit agianst former Supervisor Joe King for Jo.OOO carnages. Raabe alleges that King, in an attempt to be funny put the disagreeable irritant on his neck and back. He says his feelings and sensibilities were greatly hurt and he has been since Wednesday morning showing his friends on the water front, where he labors for the Harbor Commissioners, the effects of Joe King's joking. It seems that Monday night Raabe fell asleep in a chair at King's Hotel. It was1 a ripe opportunity for a little fun at his expense. Orator O'Brien quoted a little Shakes peare and Docley philosophy apropos of sleep and wine and sport, and the petty stuff went down the Iroquois brave's neck. When he awoke he gave a few shrugs, jumped from the chair thoroughly awakened, and without a word bolted for the water front. 'I'll make Mm pay for his fun," says the suffering Raabe, "and he won't think it much of a joke to be sued for Jo.000. Coremakers' Union. Core Makers' Union, No. 65, Is to make ap plication for membership In the Labor Council. Thia union was organized about six weeks ago. Leather Workers' TJnlon. Ths members of the Leather Workers' VlIod, deny a recent report which credited thorn with an Intention to demand shorter hours ol labor. Their employers have only recently acceded to the demand; regarding wages. The leather workers, at the request of th local Cigar Makers Lclon, have voted to use no other manufactured tobacco than that nine by union labor. Does Awau With the Use of All Face Powders Mme. Ilaline Face Cream BEAUTIFIES AT ONCE, AT THE SAME TIME BEING PERFECTLY INVISIBLE. It Contains No Lead, Zinc, Lime or Arsenic, Oil or Grease, and Is Guaranteed Perfectly Harmless, Sen! 2 -Cent Stamp and We Will Mall You FREE SAMPLE OF CREAM. If your druggist docs not keep It, we will send it to your address upon receipt of price. We pay . postage. Free Demonstration vjuk LflBUKAiUKl.' v unwpi I CTDCBT If ' ' F" Ml I E ma. : z v k , i m $ M" . - . s Iff $ WWW r C-A-a J? f Hv X BENJAMIN BRIDGES, DROWNED IN ISLAIS CREEK 4XX0000 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-OOOO THE body of Bennie Bridges, the ten-year-old boy who was drowned last week in Islais creek, was recovered from the bay yesterday. While playing with several companions on Ken tucky street the lad fell into the creeh.. The tide was running out at the time and he was swept into the bay. The drownea k,w w. a arm of Benlamln Bridges, a boiler- maker, who residea at 28 Zoe street. SAYS HIS HORSES WERE POISONED. Contractor C. A. Warren Charges mat Some One Gave the Animals Deadly Drugs. tv th ht horses in Contractor C. A. Warren's stables at 212 Ninth street died suddenly night before last, and because of suspicious circumstances preceding the occurrence Warren makes the charge that the ani-m.i ror nniaoned. When seen at his resi dence on Van Ngss avenue last evening Con tractor Warren Baid: "Yes, I believe my horses were poisoned. My reason for thinking so is not based aito-oothor nn th veterinary' report either, but partly on the fact that my own life has been threatened within the week by some parties who wrote me an anonymous letter to that effect. The letter came from parties who are dissatisfied with the way I employ my help. 'My opinion is that, Detng airaia 10 try a hand on me, the miBcreants are trying to bother me bj killing the horses. The animals that died were sick for only a tew nours. every Bjmptom pointed to poisoning. Dr. Masselo, who takes care of my animals, will perform an autopsy to make sure. I have already offered J500 to any one who can bring a proof that poison was administered, and if any one does do that you may be sure I will make it warm for somebody." HACKMEN COMPLAIN OF POOR ROADS. Their Union Will Urge Supervisors to Im prove Mission and San Bruno Thoroughfares. Th Hnrkmen's Union has resolved to ap- real to the Supervisors to put Mission road beyond old St. Mary'B College and San Bruno road, In passable condition. Complaint was made by the hackmen that these streets were in a most deplorable condition, unfit for travel and dangerous to life and property. James Bowlen and William McLaughlin were appointed a committee to invite the Mayor and Supervisors to make an investigation of these thoroughfares. Fifty dollars was donated to the striking sard teamsters. The union will give a parade to-night to advertise its ball that is to be held next Saturday evening at Odd Fellows' Hall. It was resolved to make a more vigorous agitation against the practice of burial by train or eltctrlc cars and union men will be urged not to patronize any undertaker who : conducts funerals in this manner. Women Cloakmakero. At the meeting of the Labor Council the Cloakmakers announced that success Is attending their efforts to organize the women In that trade. Three shops where women are empiyya nave oeen unionized. The Brotherhood of Teamster, with a membership of 2,000, wss admitted to membership. It Is entitled to ten delegates. Its representatives will be John L. McLaughlin. F Mar- kev. T. ninnrhfleM T UrCnt.. tl- c Tr KHpeteln, M. Tan'dry. Wlliiam' Joiley! L. j MME. IDALINE'S FACE and LIP ROUGE DEFIES Cream - 50 cts Rouge - 25 cts JJ Palpatory W'HM' WEINSTOCK-LUBIN'S, and LABORATORY.' Lady always in attendance. Lauy always in attendance. CAM Cnnncrr. - I 0000000000 OOOOOOOOOOO McCarthy, William McAllister and M. Casey. The firm of Schussler Bros, picture frame dealers, was declared unfair and a boycott ordered levied. The Brocmmakers announced that Taylor Bros of Fruitvale have adopted the union label. Sailors and Trnmster. The Sailors' T'nlon has voted J10O for the aid of the striking sand teamsters. The sail-ors'also agreed not to handle any freight hauled by non-ur.ion drivers. Rug On our 2d floor to-morro.w we will have a special sale, of Smyrna and Oriental Jute Wilton Rugs, at one-quarter under the regular prices, all are in perfect condition, most are Antique with colorings and patterns rare and beautiful. To-morrow's Prices: Earliest comers have the widest choice, our advice be prompt. Juie Wilton Rugs in Oriental designs, size 27x54, with heavy binding on both ends, that sold for $1.50 will be sold to-morrow at 1 . 1 each. Jute Wilton Rugs in Oriental patterns, size 27x56, thoroughly well made with fringe on both ends, that sold for $1.50, will be sold to-morrow at $ 1 . 1 5 each. There are about 200 reversible Smyrna Wool Rugs in pretty colors, size 30x60, with both ends fringed, that sold for $2.25, these we are going to offer to-morow at $ 5 each. ' We have a large collection of the finest Imperial Bigelow, Axminster, and Tapestry Brussels Rugs, in a great variety of sizes, each a master piece of color harmony, which we are offering at moderate cost. You will find many more items of interest other than those announced here, if you shop at our store next week. I 129 Kearny Street Medi Mail Orders If your druggist has n't what you want, or overcharges you, send to us for Medicines, Prescriptions, 1 oilet Articles, etc. We keep everything in at cut prices. Kill the Gophers. Use Strychnine, ox. bottle, 75c Svvamp Root 40c Mennen's Talcum Powder 15c Scott's Emulsion 75c Swift's Specific 75c Ayers' Hair Vigor 75c Paine's Celery Compound 75c Pierce's Remedies 75c Hood's Sarsaparilla 75c Castoria 25c Kirk's Irish Moss 25c Piso Cough Cure- 20c Renner'sMalt 20c Hay's Hair Health 40c 1 Anita Cream 40c Malvina Cream 35c Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets 40c The Owl Dependable Drugs Cut-Rate Druggists 1 1 28 Market St. San Francisco Broadway & 10th St. Oakland The torpedo boat destroyer Preble slipped from the ways on which she was built at the Union Iron Works and slid Into the bay scarcely making a ripple on the glassy sur face of the water. Promptly at 9:20, on thetop of high water, yesterday morning, the little warship was started on her way to the water. Just as she commenced to slide on the ways Miss Ethel Leila Preble of Berkeley, a descend ant of Admiral Preble, In honor of wbose memory the craft is named, broke a bottle of wine over her bows nad formally ohrls- tened her. The Preble, a launched, Is almost ready for her trial trip. Her boilers and engines are In place and about all that Is required to get her under way Is to get up steam. Three vessels of the type of the Preble were built at the Union Iron Works. The Perry was launched several weeks ago and recently she was given a trial spin around the bay. The Preble is hartjly wet with the water and the third, the Paul Jones, Is still on the ways, but she will be ready for launching this month. The three boats are counterparts. Each has four smokestacks and they are required to be able to speed at a rate of 29 nautical miles an hour. Thev are 245 feet long on the water line and"23 feet beam. Their engines will give an Indicated horse-power of 8,000, and the displacement of eaoh vessel fs 420 tons. They will carry two 18-!nch torpedo tubes and their decks will bristle with rapid-fire guns. Laundry Workers' Inlon. The employees of steam laundries report a prosperous condition of affairs. The union was organized two months ago and has grown rapidly until its membership now numbers more than SOO. One hundred new members Joined the union at the last meeting. There are more than 1,500 steam laundry employees in this city and President J. F. Fcgarty says that al! must6O0ner or later become members of the union. The first practical result of the formation of this union will be demands for shorter hours and increased pay. Sale Dependable Drugs. cine only the purest qualities Ayres' Cherry Pectoral 40c Pinkham's Compound 75c Cuticura Soap 15c Carter's Pills 15c Peruna 85c Belladonna Plaster j for 25c Syrup of Figs 35c Pears' Soap 15c Apenta Water 20c King's Consumption Cure 40c Carter's Lithia Tablets 25c Sozodont 20c Hoff's Malt 25c Pinkham's Compound 75c Meliin's Food 55c Llsterine 75c Free delivery to railroad points within iw uiiKi vii aiuit4ciui 5 aim up. Drug Co. 9 We vi safe II V y JZZi CZ3 OJ l WO.X a "H U , J V ' 1 "r" N ZTKZZ3 I JUJ' . v near o N THE 11TH OF THIS MONTH I. MAGNIN & CO;, will open their new store In the Baldwin Block. Those who have een the Interior of the store as It Is being finished, pronounce it one of the most elegant stores they have ever seen. The store Is not only elegant, but is commodious, and admits of many large departments, as the above dia gram shows. In their large quarters I. Magnin & Co. will be able to fully accommodate their Increasing business, making trad ing easy and profitable to their many cus tomers. The growth of I. Magnin & Co. has been steady and continual.' In twenty-five years thp firm has grown from a small bazaar on Fifth street to this new stdre on Market. This marked progress is due to close attention and care in supplying their customers with good goods of their own make at rea sonable prices. The new store is being finished through out with plate glass, oak and oxidized cop per, and in addition to being .one of tho OTY'ftKtl Dry Goods WZmT BlackDress Goods NEW We will place ON SALE TO-MORROW for the first time another shipment of CHOICE NOVELTIES in GRENADINES, ETAMINES, CREPE-DE-PARIS, . PANNE CREPES, EMBROIDERED ROBES Also 75 pieces SILK AND MOHAIR NOVELTIES from S1.50 to $3.00 yard. Country Orders Carefully and Promptly Filled. . CITY OF PARIS DRY GOODS COMPANY, S. E. Corner Geary aid Stockton Sts S. F. UNION SQUARE. yMH ') I1 I I I I I i I 1 I I M I I I I I t V ' t t 1 1 -t The stronjresvt and broadest guarantee ever made la behalf of any corset is the one made for E & G Corsets. Every R & Q Corset Is sold with the understanding that It must give satisfaction to the wearer or the dealer will supply a new one free of cost. Every dealer Is authorized to replace any B & G Corset which is unsatisfactory for any reason, and we will make the cost good to him. No other corset makes this guara n tee. No other corset is able to make it, because no other corset will stand such strong assertions. The B & G Corset is sold by eleven thousand dealers. . Any dealer will get them for you if you ask him. If he will not, you can send direct to the RAO CORSET CO., New York. 44 4 14 4 4-1 4 4-1 4J 4 44 4 4-: 4H 4 41 4 4 4 X Hi ' ' ' liH: flii6st in the country, it will be the largest In the United States devoted exclusively to the line of goods which I. Magnin & Co. carry. The store will have an attractive entrance 011 Market street and a vjery large one on Ellis street. The counters will be made entirely of glass, with mirrors in the back to enhance the display of the goods. Over the stock shelves will be cases with electric light and mirrors, where goods will be exhibited on models. The columns about the store are encased in mirrors, and some are supplied with upholstered seats. To the right of the store is the ladies' reception-room and parlor, where they can rest or meet their friends. This room is sumptuously fitted with rugs, mirrors, velours and decorated effects. Off the parlor in a private room will be the public telephone for any one's use, while on the other side are lavatories and toilet rooms. In fact, every detail has been considered to make the store a place of comfort and convenience for the purchasers. Spare Company. IMPORTATION "NOVELTIES! I ! I I I l i t 4 f 7 V r ' t 4 444-44- 44t t .4.4 4- 4. 4444 444 4 4444 44 44 4 444444 44 '4-1-4- 44 4- 4. 4 4. 4-44 4 444 4- f 44 V 4 r 444 4 444 4 .444 f 4 4 444 t 4&aJk 44 r& JT44- 4444 4 4 77 KnSA 444444 J fe, JTJ 44 4.4 4.4 44 4 K 4 4 44- 444-VVfrli Y 4444-4- 44 4JKta . 44. 4 2?7 44 4S Ol? tt V While there will be myriads of eiectrla lights to heighten the display, the store will be flooded with natural light from the two Immense entrances and the high ceiling with its skylights. All the show-cases and stock shelves are fitted with air-tight glass coverings, so that, although the goods are protected, tbey are ou constant display. Various separate show stands are situated about the store, where the most delicate goods can be exhibited. There will be six large, light and airy fitting rooms supplied with mirrors, while in the rear is a workroom for making immediate alterations on garments and getting out special orders. The store has a depth of 118 feet and almost 10,000 square feet of floor space. In addition to the large basement of llk dimensions, where can be stored an lm mense stock. No painB or expense have been spared in making the store attractive convenient and comfortable, as it is the fondest hopes of the proprietors to fully accommodate their many appreciative customers. Everybody is, of course, welcome to the opening on March 11th. YOU CANT AFFORD TO WOUUY THROUGH LIFH with Imperfect and deformed features or dU-flKtirlug blemishes on the fai-e or body, which are repulsive alike to friends nud strangers, as well as a constant source or selt-torture and humilia ilia- JL tion. If anything Is wrong with your eyes, nose, ears, mouth, lips. chin, throat, uud votir skin, u BriDKiea. ennmed, withered and llabhy, or ciouoea with pimples, eruptions, blackheads, enlarged pores, moth, tan, freckles, moles, warts. blotches, superfluous hair, nr any other blemish In, on. or under the skin, and if nffllctn,! with dandruff, falling hair, lrritnted, Itching, or eruptlTe scalp, cull or write Dermatologist Woodbury, and If the name of thiR paper Is given ho will advise you without charge how to proceed in order to obtain clear-cut. shapely features, a clean, healthy scalp and lustrous hair, a smooth, clear, natural skin nnd brilliant complexion, without wrinkles, pimple, spot or blemish. Consultation in person or by letter is free and strictly confidential. Call or write. JOHN H. WOODBURY, 163 State St., Cor. Monroe. Chicago. Tlf-RS. GERvAISE GRAHAM, DERM ATO LOU gist, Chicago. 111. (formerly of San Francisco), announces that MRS. IS ADO RE BAR RETT-WILSOX, 1023 Market t,reet, carries full line of Mrs. Graham a preparations, and also nractlcea Mrs. Graham's method of Face Treat ment, nsing her celebrated Hydro-Vara, which ls fi now being used in the leading beautifying parlors I all over the unitea otaies. THIS WEEK Mrs. Barrett will gire free samples of Mrs. Graham's Skin Food, Cucumber and Elder Flower Cream and face powder to all callers. Mrs. Graham's preparations are also for sale bf. leading druggists everywhere. 5Million Packages OP SEEDS Our own growing (new varieties). PACKAGE Seeds and LJ BULBS J MAILED 1C FREE I3C One package each of Aster, Balsam, Pansy. Sweet Peas.-Pinks, Salvia, Cos-m'. Phlox. Candy, tuft, Zennia. Larks--r, Nasturtium. Sunflower. Poppy. Dewey Victory. Forget-Me-Sot, Verbena. Petunia, Heliotrope. Prtulca. Cypress Vine, Sweet Mignonette, Martg.ild. .Morning (ilory. Coxcomb, Willi the following hnll KKKKi One Dewey l.ily las alwve). 2 Brsronta, S Freeslns, 1 Tuhprnse, I Gladiolus, O Uiiill. 2 Sampnnn Llllea. All of the plKive snt, postpaid, for 15 ctfci In coin or eluht Z-rrnt stamps. ThUnthj, hlggeet offer of the season. Money refnndeif ff not aatentesestH. OHDF.H KtHLV.

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