The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 5, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1947
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1947 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER . NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Q»Ity ?Al* p*r lint lor cou«*cutlvtln •erilon: Minimum cinrg • *o- 1 time per line I5c 2 lime* p«r line p«r d»y Uo 3 Ume« p«r iln« p*r day >c « i m« p«r line p»r d»y 7c 12 times t>tr line p«r day ...... 5c Month i>*r Jlne »0c Count live Average words lo tht line Ad ordered for three or six times and •topped before expiration will be clmrg- wi 'or the number of times ihe ad *p- pea red and adju*tmeut of blM made. Ml Classified Advertising covy submit t«d by per.vons residing outside of Ui h * cliy must b# accompanied by c»*h jPfUte* ni»y b* Mtll? computed from tbc 1 *bor» tabl*. Adv*rtl»Injr ord«r for Jrregular Inter- lions uOccs the one tlm« rate. No will be take., for moic ihun one Incorrect Insertion o/ »nv classified ad. All ade are trairlcted to their proper classification, atyl* *nrt tTP*- The Courier reKtrTea the right 10 edit or reject any ad. Cool and Wood 'Tlenty of Illinois coal" At HESTER'S Coa! Yard PHONE 3186 FOR Quick Delivery Courteous Service S. Highway 61 ui you* oo*.l belor* t&* wmttr ru«B '•t ui (111 /uur bin Phone «M «oi «• BlTthevll). Arkuinu »l«-cl I Coal Notice We with to tnank our manv many frJends and neighbor* for t>icir kindness thovn during the, Ulucfj. and deAth of otir M'.Kband and Daddy, MBrshall Oentrr. Wordn oan not ex- piess our appreciation i-um^h, -s- peclRlly for the Jloral oflerin?,?, and to Brother JVrnlqan apd tna roual- clp.ns lor thf\r cxcellcm lie!p. We'll nerer forget our friends who chowad auch klndne.K and generosity. Mrs. Ma»ha11 Gentry Daughter Renal Son. Oary Wayne U,3-pk-« for tlie cold days and nights ahead by ordering Great Heart Coal for stove or grate E. C. ROBINSON LBR. CO. Phone 541 We want to take thU opportunity to thank our many frlenda and loved oner for ktndnes and prayers during the Illne* and ot our darl- !ncj little jrlrl, Qlenda. Jean. No wOida can exoreu what they mennt to u*. and «i»clfcUy the floral oil eting. Th e v .«oofce wo rd s of th o vieht »nd nympathy. May the Lord b!e» each ^,^1 vou. We -will never lorRet. m' The Gnlne^ nfmUy and Mr. and *Mr». j E. Oam. HIS-pk-6 Apartment for Kent Apt. tor rent at 1125 W. Business Service Directory Foods TOR THE FINEST FORSYTH'S GROCERY J»hon« 3131-621 LM:« FREE DELIVERY 10:23-1^-11125 PHONE 3003 LUTTRELL'S GROCERY AND MARKET for ETAPLZ AND FANCY GROOKRIES QUALITT MEATS PROMPT DELIVER? We appreciate your business \ We'll Give You More PROFIT For Your Used Cor BRING IT TO US FOR AN ESTIMATE • NO WAITING ' • OUR CASH READY We pay finance company- Give your equity on the spot! SELL YOUR CAR NOW TO- Typewriter TYPEWRITERS sumh, Corpu tad DON EDWARDS '"-r^ Tjpewill«i farmers 'Column For Sale 1 S'KW U TRACTORS with a row or 4 row equipment. 3 NKW K rARMAlAi Tractor* with caw* equipment. .3 NKW a JOHN vacate Tractori with earn* equipment. I a JOHN UKIHK TRAOTOH with •o.tilpmeut. new. i NIW TORD TRACTOR* with eqvilpment. VVK HAVE NSW BUSTKRH for jtll thea* tractora M HAHniS it. MAN LIT Kenuiitl. Mo. — phone Located, bit ou Highway M Krrer* for Ml* Boutti fll O Trarfor "A" John D«*r«, planter* cultlratort, bretklnit plow*. rtlHfci, al ihls equipment Is prartlcaUy new. B-ee Bert ROM or phone 3416 for «»!• M International Combine on rub ber with motor. (W Allli * Orutine Combine. Farmhll H tractor on rub lirr. i-'flrtiifill M Tractor on rubl>e wltti 4 row otlUlrntor. IM7 Interni tlonul 3 i T truck. Southern 2 row llnme cultivator. 10 Hia FarmivU Cot ton picker momitidon Farlnall truclor. 4 four wheel tr«lleni, Idll Toil Ford truck, n«w eUKl^e, * bot toni inlernMtlonal ul»n plo*'. A. 5 Rhodes. C»ruth«rBvmv. Mo., phone 770, For Salt, Cars, Trucks 1044 mode] OllTrr-10 tractor wltti nUlTittor, pl«nter. 3-row nildcllt-htint- r nnrf ffntr* net xt«?l wheelx U a ilfinkennliln. Dfll. Ark 23 309 NORTH SIXTH 10:8 Abattoirs Hog Killing Time IK lust Hround the corner. The Leo Swltt Butchers Abattoir Is better equipped than ever to give protnpt serrlce to custom slaughtering. This business is now owned nnd operated by Joe Gude, phone 3452. WANT A TURKEY FOR THANKSGIVING? We have them, battery fed, I never been on the ground. | Dressed or alive— Clll 7127 or 2289 for Bill Foster. lli4-ck-7 Auto Supplies and Services Wanted: Wrecked or Burned Automobiles \Yade -Auto Salvage If. Highway ftt ~ "£..£bone -3785 nu-ck-tr We- guarantee RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSON TREADS Let your next tires be GENERALS COST MOEE-^WOETH MORE Modinger Tire Co. K « MAIN PHONE » IOIW-ck-U{« Expert Radiator Repair for Less We have the br*t In r&dlttot •qulpment. Let our trained men bol vut anil repair four radiator for rou Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor Co DOUGLAS LAW3ON. ligr Phoni 217 ^ >lt CK U ' Building Material BUILDING SPEEDS UP I With tools where they're needed qtil i-wh«el drive traction and low weigh mike U tops wltb builders. Sec It to POOLE" MOTOR COMPAI ELLIS POOLE Owner & Operator •. Highway 61 at Steele, Mo. Phone Steele 49 Florists Wear Flowers—It's Smart" Allen's Flowers 412 chlckitsawba Avenue Phone 3188 BERNICE ALIJEN GRADUATE DESIGNER Fuels 1 Sell That Stuff" Kerosene and Fuel Oil ~ Call 2089 G. O POETZ Your Source of Dependable Service Office RR at Cherry onipany For Sate, Misc. Hat »«i.r heaur, Phone aleclrlo Sola, box dood 4* iltr Dru< Co. 101 circulator Coca *w. Price I1W, Malti. plionc C0*l )>eat«r, Rood condition. 208 W. Armv Hho«* *3, Armv U«ed *rtoe- oncki. Hulforrl'i Shoe Shop. 104 A r*« patlfrn* of dry eri>r«M r>o«t iitubfr A-l itiptrrVl, K. 0. I'honitNtoii. pllOhc H«7. fO. Bon !« HlS-ok-H H«fp Wanterf, F«mo/e l.adr to keep hotiM. Apply Pi»t»ilU f io« Btore. Petition Wanted Houfl«krep|nR: job coiirlvr Hawa. Private Rooms Rtetiu ht«l«<l l»th Mm only. 1'lionn Wanted to Buy FOR SERVICE ACCESSORIES PAID roil OANH WE BUY ANY. AMOUNT h'flOW A POUND TO A CAHI.OAD al • nt 41fi.'i BEAUTIFULLY RKCONDITIONED PIANOS FROM 595 UP PIANOS Moreland's Music Store 315 S. Second-Phone 4222 100 MILES FREE .DELIVERY GUARANTEED FROM 1-5 YEARS V . <?-'{ •..--,. Real Estate You'll find what you want -- vf you are interested in Buying City Property or Farm Lands 1940 utie ton International, nrw nke body Phone 3074 10ft7 uk tf S-'l ton Chevrolet 5«ck-\ip in first class condition. Rii- (lio, henter anci stock racks. Johnny Marr, Phone 2596. ll[«-ck-7 li)4B Jeep .station wagon owned 10 months. Excellent condition. $200 off original cost. Phone 4313. itis-uk-l ,)oe Healer's Grocery SOUTH «1 HIOHWAV BEt.OW OIL Mll.l. PKONK mn 10 10-11 Alrllnr radLo phonoumiitt c 1941 Model, phone 3219. I^te model piano. Cnll WANTKD 20,000 3-pk-10 I'OUNUS PECANS Chevrolet 1R47. 2 type durnu truak 5 yd. bed. 8-35 tiro. iu«cl»l br.kc.v unlj >lileUI, Kim K imra etc. H. U. T)mni|)50ti Rnnt Mftkn m.. phone ^07. P.O. Ho« 549.- . ll|3-Hk-» For Safe, Farms ISO ACRK FARM > fl-room htiuse. 3 bnrna, concrete «llo nnrt watering IroiiRh. with wlnilmni. nil fenced, nit In cultlTdtloti on blacktop roftd $A5 acre J B. Honey. 8lfcc«- ton, KMstollrl. I0i» n* 111» •XCJjUSIVK LISTINGS ON ATPROXIMATILT 20 FARMS Household Goods JUST ARRIVED Carload Se'rvel Electroiux KEROSENE KEPRIGERATORS POOLE MOTOR COMPANY Sills Poole, Owner u Operator 8 Highway 91 «t Stmle. Uo Pbone Steel* 49 lO-ck-tl Pianos NEW AND USED Music Instruments'] BAND AND STRING Radiors & Repairs WESTINGHOUSE RADIOS iOLUMBIA AND VICTOR RECORDS BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main. Telephone 811 Lisl your property with me if you.,are interested in R . nglng , n „,. from « «r M •« C 11* i .'' large tnou. If you are Interested In pdjitlg! , - ' " -v-'. buylUB or «Ula s ..or la uiikhn a loan "A M r\r T-» D/^V iinj/\ lj « aure and call us and we will he glad AIN UL.U 13UY WHO to «how or dlJKUM the»'farmj with WILL WORK HARD FOR ""• YOU" CECIL EARLS Venetian bllndA now la «tock - mMl« K. 11. Blinds. Do] Paint Store IDS II tUln St pBOO* 4M9 SM-Ct-lI Instruction TAPIR HANGING AND DTECORATINO Free Extlmatee BILL DAVIS Phone. Ufa io;» pk ui» GOVT. USED Insulation Board Special Sale 3c Square Foot VETERANS It Is our purpose to train men to become good mechaulca or to nrtpfcre them for & rjuslneu or their own. We houcstly believe that our facilities are the be«t In the Sovuti lor trfcln- infj men In the following prorft&slon*: BODY AND rENDEIt WORKERS AUTOMOTIVE PAINTER AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICITY SPECIALIZED AUTO MECHANICS Phone 38-7148. or write for free Information nhout clsaset lUrtlnir soon DRAUGHON'B COLLEGI OP MECHANICS INC 7H4 Madljcn Avenue MemphlJi. Tenn. Phones: Office-4111 Home 2596 Services Curtains laundered 214 S Frnoklln. •nd stretched lyt. mllfr— rhon# 3131 ! JOHNNY MARR Noble Gill Agency Real Estate Broker 112 South Second tU FOR SALE — FARM 1«0 KCrcR Of good tntxed land ftntl Kinnbo. IVa mile* from ttore »ntl gin, all la cultlratloD. Two §ets or building*, cltctrlcltr *pp^ltd for; A real money maXer. Would carry K HOCK! 20-yearn 4 p*r cent loan. Price SI 10 per «cre. I Al&o have many other faim» for sale. W. O, Alexander. Krnl EHtnlff, 407 N. Murlon, Mftltif-ii, Mo. Plione. l«i-J 10I30-MV-1I|7 Dou'v Sell till yo,i Ctel Our Rlil Blylhcvillc Curl) Market 130 Eft nt. Mitlti at Phone 973 Wonted to Rent UiUurnlAlied Hpiirtinenl 01 IKMI reff retires. Onll City 3W1. »»k for Bill Meilock. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. I WrcoVtra Phono 578 24 Fir. Scrvlrt Selhtrlini Tlrm BRING n BACK TO CHEVROLET FOR HHVICl-PARTS-ACCESSORIES nrrr-B or nxnr< ein**', 1 ! Chnrlefi K City. Mo. FnrnLMieil or meat, or hou«e, unf ur rimne Rliwtrlc twice M n »n. Worth , . 119 \V. Ketiturkv. uprlRliL piano. Cnll 27flfl. ninclilnr C.n\\ LET US DECARBONIZE YOUR OIL HRATKR Nrw nIfnlinc method rl|m1n»tc!i all curbon . . . crealrs new «f(l- i clrrcy. Phonr 2301 lor prompt 1 aervke. ^....>..__-. —---------- f'n/ir.i. -* 15 ""<•,)).' Jotniny Marr Phone 25J)R. HH-ck-7 PHONOGSAPH In Good Condition PlaT* tlirough radio connection Price $15 Pbon* 3473 between 9 Vm Hud 6 p.m: WE ARE NOW TAKING APPOINTMENTS FOR PICTURES OF THE CHILDREN'S CHRISTMAS TREK — DF.CEMBES 25. PHONE EAnkY, WE CAN DO ONLY A LIMITED NUMBER. Thompson's Studio 418 West Main Phone <ni Notice Invest your CASH IN COMFORT Buy a clean uaen car from Pool? Motor Company with easy monthly Installment* Poole Motor Company I SOUTH HIGHWAY 61 STE-CLE. MISSOURI PHONE STEEL! 49 lOilo-ck-ti Loans Oo your own concrete won and wr t Went a concrete mixer by das or Vrfrar cnrm Mf Vox BU Blrttieilll* *•* "IH-C1E W INSULATION consult u , on ti, 5 best '*l!i* to list Dd the cheapest way to anplr It. *. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO llll-cit-11 Business Opportunities MRTMERCHAfslt One of the best OPPORTUNITIES for increasing BUSINESS is llio regular use of Classified Advertising. Readers in a b\iy\ng mood turn lo the Business Service Directory for the names of reputable firms. Money to Loan Do von need K lonn to repair or re. model? No down payment. BO raor- a«e. no red Une ran APPROVED RATE in ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Phone 10.14 Lynch Rtilldlnc Blrtherllle. Ark MONEY TO LOAN W * lo*n monry on • *r m t tn6 city property W* also buy notte CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hotel Building S 24 ck II Until further notice the Mirror Room, Hotel Noble, will be closed for public dancing. 10-25-ck-tf Why spend money- Swap with us Kib«rl Huffmnn*« Swap shop. 40rt K. "" - "' vo;« <* M Main. Phone 859. Limited Stock Electric Skilsaws Now available a I Planters Hardware Co. * For Fine Workmanship" Glass Cut to Fit ANY PATTERN: PLATE GLASS MtRROIlS STORE FRONTS PICTURES WINDOW OI.A38 DF:SK TOPS Safety and- Crystal Auto Glass Arkansas Paint Glass and Wall Paper Co. PHONK mi <k inia RADIO REPAIR BT EXPERT Repairman. Call BrooVn Mviilc Store, 107 E. Main St.. Ttltnhone 811. Pianos liouxht tincl sold. IllJ-ck-tt Swap Column 14930 Photography ODD SIZE FRAMES MADE TO ORDER FOR DIPLOMAS. PICTURES. KTC. O'Steen's Studio | KNEEIIOI.K DESK ROI.LAWAY BF.DS STUDIO COUCH ' KITCHEN CAHINET «« 9S I Swap us something ant save money at ELBERT HUFFMAN'S Swap Shop Musical Merchandise WOULD YOU I.IKE A 1-21OTO OP fOUB. HOME WITH SNOW ON THE GROUND? MAKE TOUR APPOINTMENT NOW BEFORE THE FIRST SNOW. MAKES BEAUTIFUL POSTCARDS. PERSONAL STATIONARY. Thompson's Studio 418 West M»ln Phone 4131 __ _ ^ _ ' Ui5-cfc-t! SIX POSTAL CARDS AND ONE 8X10 PORTRAIT $3«5. O'Steen's Studio FOR SALE 243 Her** 3',i mllM Went KflWAH**, New Madrid County, Mr). B«tt land ood Improvement*, gravel rouJ, »l«c- rlclty Price I20Q. 200 acret; nOjolultiK nbore. His hi v O ravel road. eletttlrltT "TLc« »200 fMrie TnilhrK - 1047 Prnlrl'- Holioon- AlniD't. nnw. flirt.nrp, Hlf.lO A1"i S NRt'onn 1 irntlf r, nrrfnct r.ondl- n, A r-nl Tinni^ «I«7.V K, M B M,(«* »^«»- "o"' Tr"l1rr P^tr.i. « K^v Lor* I.O3T - MBEHAI. HKWAtlD FOR Man's thin Elgin watch at Ohccola, Gntr Co tat Show ground. Carries nen- tl men la I vnlur. Contnct Mrs. Bobbie Pell. 215 K. Fjnnkhn. Blyl.icvkllc. Or phonn 504, HU-iifc-6 AFKLICK & Phone 313] HOUCHINS or 2933 10124-ck-H ,14 Found-2 smutv plgR, nt>ont 50 Ibx. Ov-'ner contftcl Ktrbf-rt K«rr<,icr. Ixi- f. lO'Si-ntr-in rno^rrt-T)'"f»i'^ hi n ton, act \r\ nllvei ;. CAM 2029 flftr-r 4. FOR SALE For Sale — Craltchend ConntT furrn K> A. 3 miles went of town of Cftih on Ciish to Rwlfton road. 100 »cr«« open Idnd. 2 nets nouseji. Termi. MARCUS BERGER II .V» OIlTt St.. St. Lnllll I. Mo. } acre* 12,500 on gravel roiid: white »nU colored school but, m*ll route. T.a mtle.i from town. Located In St(xl- rl R r<J, Con nty, MUson rl, LI It If! Klver dmitiage District- Elonc! paid oft. Abstract deed; no Indebtedness, CIA.) or • AiiXubltt note*. 2018 W. Cherry St- ilytheTllle, Il!l-pk-l1|8 For Sale, City Property Kemodetrd ' xlx-room noiufl. front n-1 bark porrh, full lot. 11)2 SonUi T.nXfl Strnl. B]y t hr7iJle. Arkansas. For colorfd owner. C«U nt nbor* number. NRW 5 ROOM HOUSE With bath, hot and cold walcr. 100 ft. front located in Wilson's New Addition. A bargain at $4500. See or cal W. C. Gates 50fl Walnut Street Blylheville, Ark. Phone 2843 PRESCRIPTIONS Krcsh Stock Guaranteed Prices Kirby Drug StoreS Reid Courier News .Want Ads. Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Large Dividend Snvlnga Low Net. Cost Protection Tor Service W. L. TAMKE 4M C. (Urll St., T. O. ftal 431 Phone <127 nlythcvlllc. Ark. Gin Supplies Don't lenve Blythoville Oln Supplies. We are cornptti- tlvu with any Mid-South firm on these supply prices. Buj heve lor better merchandise and lower prices.' •* U. S. Belting ,'^ + Detroit Belt Hooks + Crane Valves and Fittings ^- Pyrcne Fire Extinguishers •• See 1'lanltrs Hardware Now I OHII" (loir, nnrl corkrr. ll'rlil rolo-- rlm llnrilff.^s. Ownnr Cf^ll '"I?. MIS-"' Hefo Wonferf, W"'p Need man to drive truck Necessary to lie nway from home part of time. Must he experienced truck driver, absolutely sober. Ktill time employment, weekly salary. Tow Little Realty Co. SALESMEN jinlei). Exceptional opixnrlnnlLy ge nation ft! orRBnl7.ii I Ion can nuc 5 ambition* men to tir> Lrnlnrd In SP«i*\ sales work Excellent saUry phis commission to stnrt. Must h« free to ItATel. Iniccvl^.wr. will be conducted hj Mr. W. C. Clinton, Clor( Hotel from 6 p.m. till 8 p.m. lltf-pX-7 The of n hravy bomber contain 3400 steel balls or various Bach slat ft experimental fann recnivcrf MO.OOO nnrinalty for Its experiment*. Read Courier News Want Ads. Main Phone 859 II'4-cV-ll Trees and Shrubs Main. Blytlieville Telephone 811. Mil- f Approrimslfjly 1000 patents are Chinese Elm Shade Trees \V. S. Langdon Phone 1300 11 <-pk-7 Kinland and thp Bslkan slate: import most o[ their petroleum and iU nrorlucls from the. United - normally. 114-tk-l i One grocery More, on 35X175 lot. < 6X20 ft new bulldlnx. nice fltocX or ' roceries and equipment. Write or ' call Mr*. M. L. Mondnr. l«MchTllle. Ark . ! llox 121 or nlione 122. i I02»-i)k-ll 1J ' Dogs, Cats, and Pets FOR SALK — 3 male hlnrh chow and collie mlie* i^pples. Rear 119 K. Roue. lM-nlt-8 For Sale, Miscellaneous r>no Thrrm nrreiK. .iu s nil heater, tiloes Oi n vwwco ' COURIF.R NEWS OFF1C1C sic Instnunents rtntl s\ippllrs of a Kind*. Guaranteed radio repair. < 11 5-ck-ll ' Read Courier Newt Want Ads. Largest wlialc ever harpooned •*" ; "hfd ^^4,000 poiinriK, According to records. lOill).« One rash re^lslrr nnd o — ""lilne. T. J. Bnrne.^. 10S lln. * NEW -A- opd Used Electric MOTORS Sui(*d lo any use. Come in 1 /3t) to J'/» horse power sixes. Supply Is Not Unlimited Medlin & Lane ELECTRIC COMPANY 129 S. First Phone 2180 A Reasonable Estimate Thai's what yon get when you drive in to our repair workshop for an estimate as to what has to be done and how much it will cost. Your dollar will buy good workmanship here, too! See Langston-\Vrotcn the next time your car needs repairs. LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Dial 555 For Service Walnut at Broadway

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