The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on April 4, 1873 · 3
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 3

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 4, 1873
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FRIDAY...... APRIL 4 COM M E B C I A L. "Hs .j 8ah Fkaitomoo. Apn 4. ' LluTsndersbtiying, 85; selling, 86. - , ' riWlonAprilt Ocld opened at 117X: a lll.IL li7),i closed at H'H. ,-Li. t. Bonds of Ml . L'. 8. Bonds of 1W77! 'i: L. B. ronl of hrGt Eteriing Exchange. ..... ...... --. Quicksilver. hub - UmokMlver. . .- - ' TgJ " Oahfornia. sa1i Flour. ...S9i0ttl Fork Lard Hi&.l&isitod. au6g16 ,.Wo ..ISo oa-ggsr - m - Winter Bleached. 1 691 75 syhals. - ........ ....... .MtflBo Winter Bleached. ..7ni75e Wool Spring, firm, iO-aMe: barry, 2S52S; palled, 4US5o ; i all, clear. 2Jo ; do bury. 16 21o. lJVKaroou April 4. California Wh'.. He 4iaHl Sd California aubiVThea. lie ?as lohtjo, April 2. United Statee Bands..... Oonaols. FHK1UHTS, CHARTERS. ETC. ;s WnmAY Kvutoto, April 4. Tba Franoh bark St. Antoine, J97 toM, loads Lumbar from Bnrrard Inlet to Wast Coast ; char-tared Briar to arrival. The steamer Oriflamma will sail for Portland to-- morrow morning at 10 o'clock. The East port for Coos Bay will sail on Monday at 4 P. M. The Kalorama goea to Hnenemeand way porta tomorrow at 4 o'clock. The Orizaba will be doe from San Diego and war ports to-morrow. The steamer Pelican will sail for Eureka on Saturday at 10 A. M. The Senator is annonaoed to sail for Santa Bar. bars at So'e'ock to-morrow. The Paciflo f or San Diego and way porta will s to-merrow at o'clock. ' The Prinoe Alfred goes to Victoria an Sat or da at 4 P.M. GENERAL. MKRCHANDISK. The schooner Louisa Simpson cleared tor Mas-atlan yesterday with mdse Talned at 929,871, including 100 bxs Candles. M dox Brooms, 87 pkg Bread, 111 es Petroleum, 165 aks Sugar, 43 flasks Quick-ilrsr. The barks Time and Max cleared with Wheat cargoes yesterday, the former taking 33,814 ctla. Talned at S43.500 and the latter 18,838 ctla, Talned at $34,750. The Korth Star, for Petropeuleki. yesterday. cleared with mdse Talned at $7,858, embracing 300; 008 feet Lumber. During the past week the shipments of Treasure to New York by rail has been as follows: Gold Coin..... $220,000 Gold Bare 10.5UU BUver Bare 40,628 Total $280,128 The growing of Sugar in Australia promisas to become an important industry there, and it is pos sible that this may ere long become an important source of snpply to the world. Large shipments here recently been made to the Southern colonies. The industry is the all-absorbing theme at Victoria and other plaoes, and small mills are likely to spring into existence rapidly. The weather has been very propitious for the growing and gathering of the cane, and all crops promise abundant yields. The lack of mills for grinding the cane is the only drawback at the present time, the demand for such machinery baring unexpectedly exoeeded the snp-p'y, the rapid growth of the industry baring aston ished eren the most sanguine. The Costa Rica Coffee crop this year is estimated at 30,000,000 pounds. Sweden supplies the whole Continental Europe with Matches, and last year exported 13.361,644,800 to England. An Eastern paper has the following in relation to tbe snpply of Wheat in France: "The Wheat orep of France in 1872 is estimated at 88,090,000 metrical quintals, ejiual to 323,400.000 bushels of 60 ts. The population of France in the 86 departments now comprised in that country ia 36,000,000. It ia calculated that every individual consumes 700 grammes, equal to 1 lbs daily, of which 6-9 are Wheat and 4-9 are Rye, Barley, Maize, Buckwheat, Oata, Chestnuts, etc, or 37-38 of a pound daily for each person, and for 36,000,000 population for 365 days, 311.17872 bushels. The requirements for seeding 7,000,000 hectares, equal to 17,0110,000 acres, amount to 12,-900.000 qmnteaux, or 44.100.000 bushels. All the old stock haying been at the harvest time exhausted, there then being no surplus left of the 1871 crop, it seems necessary to make an allowance of about one month's consumption of the whole population, or 18,000,009 bushels, which, added to the preceding, amounts to 373,278.572 bushels, besides 10,000,000 bushels for starch, sisings, and requirements other than for foed, aeed. etc. making 283,378,571 bushels. Deducting from the whole snpply 18,000,000 bushels for normal stocks that common prudence requires to be kept on hand abiding the result of the following harvest, there are remaining about 22,121,438 bushels surplus for export, of which 18,000,000 bushels have already been exported to November 30th to England, Belgium, the Rhenish Provinces and Switzerland. This leaves a surplus D.-oember 1st, 1873, of 12,121,438 bushels, to which should be added the imports from September 1st to November 30th at Marseilles of 2,903,617 bushels, making the probable surplus of France for export, December 1st, 1872, 15 025,055 bushels to be divided between England, Belgium. Holland and Switzerland." aOOAL Sale of W0 tons Cannel and 3U0 do Australian, ex recent arrivals, on private terms. CAXDLES Sale of 1500 bxa Grant's, per Ontario, at agent'a rates. NAILS The trade prion remain as heretofore: $575forl0dto60d; 8d and Od, 25c keg above lOd; fid and Id, 58c do do lOd; 4d and 5d, 75o do do lod ; 3d, $150 do do, lOd: 3d and 3d, fine, $2 25 do do lOd : cut spikes, all sizes, 25o abort lOd. NATAL STORES Our quotations are aa fellows: Spirits Turpentine, 90o ; Pitch, $78; Tar; $78 V bo! ; Oakum, 9dHH ft bale of AO lbs; Authors. amXa; Chains, 77Mo; Rosin, $7(38. PAPER Following are current quotations ; California Straw, $1 35 ft ream: Eastern do, $1 40; Manila, 1215e V ft ; News, 12Ji15o 9 8). OILS We giro these quotations: Polar orude at 7075o; Coast Whale, 4&i5c; Sperm crude $1 401 50; do bleached, $1 7&S2; China Nut. 75T$ 80c: Naptha, 2t(&fic; Eastern Neatafoot. $1 4U 1 45 gallon. Linseed sells st $1 061 10 ; Lard, in bbls,95c$115; do, in tins, $1 101 15; Oocoenut, 6560c ; East India Castor, $2 25; California do, $1 41 &1 50; Duret's and Maury's fine Olive, $77 SO; Posse il do. $4 3031 50 for qts and pts; Plagnoili, $I7S5. PULU The demand is light and the trade is supplied at Stii'.c. PROVISIONS Following are the current quotations: Beef, Mess, $10&11 50 9 bbl; do Family Mess, hf bbls, $910; Pork, extra clear. $2021 V bbl ; do hf bbl. $11 50S12 50 ; do Mess, $18&)20 bbl ; do do, hf bbls, $llll 50; do Prime Mass, $17 50d $18 V bbl: Hams, sugar, 1415o ft ; Bacon, do mestic, H3Ue V a). BTAROH We give the following quotations: Duryea's Superior, 9:310c; Satin Gloss, 134e; Corn, 12313c; Maizena, 13o; Osceola and Pearl, 89c; Kingsford's, 910o; Qlenfleld's Patent, 16o; San Jose Wheaten. No 1, in bulk, 10c QUICKSILVER The demand exceeds the sup. ply. and the price haa been advanced to 95e V at. WINES Market quiet during the week. Our inotations are as follows: White, 4060e V gall and t3753 35cs: Red, 40c$l 35 gall and $3756 ' 9 oa; Riesling, $1 35 V gall and $5 f) cs; Angelica and Part, $11 75 V gall and $45 V es; Grape Brands, $1S03 50 gall; Wine Bitters, $5 SO V es Champagne, qts, $10; pts, $11; Private Ouvee. $13 U; Muscatel. $14315. PKODTJCB MARKET. FLOUBV An advance of 40o bbl tn the Hong kong market ia reported by the last steamer. The China will sail on the 16th imt-, being the first of the semi-monthly line this year. We quote looal Brands ss follows: Extra. SS SUSS 75 I Superfine S4 S04 73 WHEAT Offerings are more tree, but the prices asked is generally 1 85, which is above the rates shippers will par. The latter are only offering SI 82X for ehoioe shipping. Coast ia quiet at 81 67 81 75 V 106 da. Two more veasola cleared yester day with 43,68V cUs. BARLEY The top of the market for brewing continues at $140 ft lMka, with sales of 1696 sks- la two lota, at that figure. Bay feed and coast is plentiful, and the market is quoted at $1 174 1 X 109 fts. OATS Have heard of no transactions to-day. Market appears firm at S3 SQ&2 V V 100 s, the latter for choice Oregon.- OOEIf Sales of WO aks Los Angsts yellow, ia two lots, at 1 17H V 10 s. POTATOES The market is still overstocked, and ' Humboldt are weak at Wotl 05. Other descriptions of Bade aaU at 60385a V 100 He, and Sweets at75e. BAT Sales to-day within the range of Sltga STOCK MARKET. Tbe State Investment and Insurance Company have declared a dividend of I per sent, amounting to 92,000, payable ea the 10th, and the First National Gold Bank one of V.i par cent, for ths quarter ending on Monday. A dividend ef 1 per cent- amowntina to 816.000 will be paid by the National Oold Bank and Trust Company to-morrow. - Nan Fraacisct Stock and Exchange Board. 1K1 Belehar.. t'4 100 Oold HQ 1 Alpha .fiJi'W 125 Bale A M UWaU MO Buckeye I 250 Baltimore O Kft 234 Belcher. 70j:a.7'2 Imperial. .Vt tO Justice. 4)t 00 Keatuck 3 15 O Point Wis M Knicker 1 51) Con Va...... SflO Oonndanoe. .42)tt44 90 Ophir. 30321 SIS (hollar. .41042 ! v oavage.......v7awB HU S Nbt iOOSBiu. 25 Seg Belcher. I3S31 in WncdviUa 1 75 Caledonia UMWi 140 Empire M 0j3 20 Exchequer 74 3t Ealinae S4S uonld A U. u I laeas.... BALKS IIWlMtDAT. ATTXBIIOOH. 540 Am Flag WgBS Belmont.....: H lis Crown P....... ...S0 Oederbera; 6 MOS K..w....40aSo la; Coo Va. Sf&4 1JB Chief of U. i2 MO Enrek Con..l0ValV 39 Empire M 45 H Imnerial 3flX 200 Jackson.. 20e 720 M Valley . ......IUU lift Mahoaanv ..Sud1 f Mammoth. 40o l.w Minnesota z 'Mo Newark.. ...... .1S1' '210 O H Traaa.. H JWPioehe. SX&i 270 P Phoenix... ...IV 1V9UWUO mxj ....... H S30H Hunt 0 Hermes. Btttli; 270 Page A P 1M 385 Savaee....,..)Ja(i42 3S0 8 Peak. SOW s InKomar 40o ' 800 IvinhM 31b. I'M ludepeadant. jo MO Y Jaokat. ' . California Stack Exchange Beard. . sal ia tots Moxirraa. 100 Am Flag 2 Belcher. 7l'MEil 109 caledonis...UsaiJl l Chief of H.. ...... .. 10 Enrek Coo.. 11 HEmnin M... SM 2V rlala a W - Overman. 251&24 J Ray A Kl t4 25 eavage. da iue woodvuta..!. !i::5 SO G Hill Q 10 X Jacket...., 15S0H4Hnnt....lS31 t . aAIXS VESTKBDAT ATrXOOW. WBelcher ....701 W M Vaney.........inv 300 Runkava .......line I Justice. ........41,:aj4 " 1 Catalonia..... 14 20 Ohollar -,.j42V 90 Onhir .di2J 2 Overman :4,.n)'i 140 Rav A Mr....KjOMs 40 Savage slV4v ,0.) S Peak SOe 'M W A Creole, " 0 Empire M .5 iuttalaa 36 700 Bonn H ....H(VI 2WW lilpenai....l.6a' OV PRODUCE, -- - - - trjk tn mm-nn mm awnim at 11 at rmiDAT, Aprils. FLOUR 100 or ska. Starr Bror A Campbell. WHEAT 4.475 ctla. I Friedlander: 14.617 do, W A Holcomb A Oo ; 7.28S do, Baliard A Bell : 1.041 do, B Davie A Oo : 44 do. T Hell : S6 do, A Palliee. -, BARLEY MS cUs. Bray Broa; SM do, otdar. CORN 100 ctls, T Newell. , 1 MUSTARD SEED 70 ska, T Newell. . HIDES 238. order. WOOL-23 balea. Miller A Oo: 14 do. Christy A . Wise; 110 do, James Fiaher ; M do, order; Watt A McLennan. . . . . SALT tons, H Osterloh. . - ; t HAY 30 tons. Miller A Oo ; 26 do. Bray Broa : 100 do, Blair A Chase ; 10 do, McKeana A Greeny ; JO do, P Lee ; 10 do, order. . 8TRAW 40 tons, Blair-AUhaee; 8 do, O L Plane A Oo. .. AXGAFTXQXAT1DH. Floor. 400 or aks; wheat. SAAts tia. tvia 1 13ft do; oom, 100 do; mnstard seed, 70 sks : hides, 348 ; wool. 110 balea; salt. Si tons; hay. 106 do; ataw.16 do. BXOXim OF WEKAT AT VASXaHS WHABr. I Friadlandar. A son ). w ci T 'H, a rv, l ana . Dr. Ryea, W0: W A Boloomb, 800. Total, 7,800 'ctla! MARINE ETTELLIGENCE. S Prauaetae. ....April 4, lSt SCN AND TIDE TABLE. Oomaatad by Thomas Tmsiurr, ChronoaTietST and Watchmaker, SOS Battery sareet. apbil A u. WAims. (LAMOX,) IB. WATXB, I (SMALL.) L. WATKB. (SMALL.) (LA&as 6A-M. I 047F.M. 8P.M. THB SON. ... 4iSete... .. Arrived. April S Stmr Eastport, Paton, 48 hn fm Coos Bay: 469 tons coal, 157 bxs apples. 3000 stares and pass to Howard A PooL Fr bark St Antoine, Oorfinat, 147 da fm Marseilles; mdse to Pascal. Dabedat A Oo. Bark Chris Mitchell. Williams. 14 ds fm Port Madison : 28U M feet lumber to O A Meigs. April 4 Sehr Staghonnd, Pilts. JO as fm Tahiti; pass and mdse to A Orawtord A Co. Oesvred. April S Oer bark Max, Gunsel, Falmouth ; M 8 payer. Br bark Times, Arneld. Cork ; Makin A Hub back. Bktne Harrisoo, Hatch, Port Townsend; O O Morrison A Oo. Brig North Star, Morebowse, Petropaalaki: Hntcninson, Kohl, afaksmtoif A Co. Schr J H Bosooe, Eastman, fishing; Vesaey A Brown. Sohr Lonjae Simpson, Hagan, Matatlan ; Master. April 3 Schr J H Roecoe, Esstmsn. fishing. -" April 4 Fr bark St Lncien, Aubriot, Melbourne. Germ bark Henrietta Bess, upper, Melbourne Br bark Aeapulco, Milligan, Qneenstown. Bktne Harrison, Hatch, Port Townsend. Bktne Fremont, McLellan, . Schr Geo Louis, Segethorst, Schr Osceola, Walters, Timber Cove. Schr Santa Rosa, Nelson, . Schr loo, Anderson, NsTarro River. Bohr Getama, Butler, Oooa Bay. Sohr Susie Aoyea, , Stewart's Point. Menaoraviidaw Per St Antoine Left Marseilles Nov 7th ; crossed the equator in Atlantic Dec 10th, Ion 32 W; cleared b trails of La Maire Jan 15th ; was 20 days off Oape Horn, in stroug westerly gales; had fine weather in the South Pacific; crossed equator Feb 27th, Ion 112 W; thence to port light variable winds and calms. ' Per Eastport Schr Kittie Stevens sailed April 1st; saw a schr 8 miles W of Coos Baytowinstiii. Spoken. Jan 20th, lat 56 2 S. Ion 64 40 W, Br aaip Rokaby H&'l, henoe Dee 2d, for Liverpool. Jsn 25th, lat 34 S.lon 31 W, Ger bark Josef a, Koob, henoe Oct 36th, for Qneenstown. Parts. NEW YORK Sailed April 3d Ship Northern Light. Nelson. Ban Franeiseo. Yemigm Porta. LIVERPOOL Arrived April 3d Ship Regent, Chase, hence Nov 4th. Cleared March 13th Br ship Oompsdre, Metcalf. San Francisco. GLOUCESTER Arrived March 14th-Bark Ida F. Taylor, from Qneenstown. ARDROHSAN Sailed March 14th Ger ship Auaiiio, Ihub, ror Dan I rancisco. HAMBURG Sailed Marsh 12th Dutch bark Aoore, spanaerman, lor oan rranoaoo. Telegraphic Pom Loaoa, April 4-13 st. Weather hazy ; wind light W. Ositalda Bound la. Stmr Monterey, 10 miles W. HARRIED. In this city. April 3d, .Frank F. Osborn to Mary A. Davis. In this city, April 3d, Allyn 8. Folger to Emma c. rtooa. DIED. In this city, April 3d, John Fuselier, aged 43 yean. In this city, April 3d, Mrs. Catharine Curly, aged 33 Tears and 4 months. in this city, April 3d, Charles W. Prindle, aged 23 years and 6 months. in mis city, April za, Anna Jackson, aged 32 m tbx ottt ud Gotnrrr hospital. April 4th, Michael Carroll, a native of Ireland, aged 35 years. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. ASSDSEMEXTSTO-mBHT. California Thxath. Corurfsmis. Mbtbofoutast Tseaxbx. Chapman Bisters, JUDGE (tUINT"S FEE. Whavt Use Defeaes Endeavor te Prove. The defenoe in the suit of Quint vs. Fair opened their case yesterday afternoon in the Fourth District Court. Judge Tyler, la stating what they hoped to prove, said that they would endeavor to show that Judge Quint's doubling up his fee after Mrs. Falr'-gacquittal was an afterthought; that he frequently stated that $2,509 was all he was to get; that he had told Judge Curtis so and the latter had repeated it a number of times. They could show that Mrs. Fair had said on several occasions that she did not want Mr. Quint in the case, and had only been dissuaded from discharging hint on his assuring Judge Curtis that no further fee would be demanded for his services. She claimed that $3,600 was all he expected then to get, and that sum he had had. As to his bill of expenses, they could prove that Mrs. Fair told Mr. Quint that if he could show her his vouchers for such expenditures she would pay them. If they succeeded In establishing these facts he would ask tbe jury to find a verdict for the defendant. Judge Curtis, who was counsel for Mrs. Fair in her last trial, was then placed upon the stand, and tes-tinel in substance in accordance with the state ment of Judge Tyler. The Court adjourned until this morning at 10 o'clock. To-Day 'a ProceedlsLars. at the opening of Court this morning, Mrs, Lsne, tbs mother of the defendant, was placed upon the stand for the defenoe. She testi fied that she had employed Judge Quint for the first trial, and bad stipulated with him that his fee waa to be $3,600 and no more. She considered that his services were ended at the conclusion of the first trial. Mrs. Fair wsa then called to testify. She stated that she had die- tlnctly told Judge Quint that he was not em ployed in the second trial, not only while she was in the jail prior to the trial, but even .while the jury was being empanelled in the Court room. She considered that he was no longer employed after the first trial, and told Judge Curtis so time and again. The Court then took a recess until 3 o'clock this afternoon. ' A Frightful ap. Cbas. W. Prindle, a young mason waa employed yesterday tramping mortar in one the new chimneys now ineourse of erection at the New Mint on Mission street. He was at least fifty-five feet above the roof. The building and the railing about the scaffolding was very slight. By mischance he stepped out upon projecting plank lost his balance and ending recovery impossible, made a desperate jump to the roof of the building, striking with terrible force, which rendered him insensible. On being taken by bis fellow workmen to the residence of hi father, D. 8. Prindle, 863 Mission street, physicians were Immediately summoned to examine hie condition and it was found that ha had sustained a fracture xt hit right arm at the elbow, and Internal injuries the extent of which could not then be ascertained. Upon recovering consciou snesa, he complained of numbness in the extremities, proving that his spine was injured, and in spite of every effort to save his life, he died ia a few hours. Pvo'eeaer Fowler's Lactam. Professor Fowler, the eminent lecturer and phrenologist, comes among us again with his popularity tenfold increased. During his absence from this city he has made a wide and extended tocr, and delivered lectures before the largest and most intelligent audiences. Ee will, while he remaina in this city, lecture on subjects which must be of mock interest to all. Last evenina: and Testerdav after. noon he lectured to , ladies on ' Female Health and Beauty," and to gentlemen on the subject, "Man and "Woman." Both lectures were well attended, Ee will lecture Sunday af ternoon at three o'clock on "Immortality and its relations to this life." Ws shall expect to see splendid house. Tun Suirsani TanAsun. The treasurer-seekers who went to raise the money from the sunken galloon, Lacadia, off the coast of Ecuador, have returned. They report that after many months of laborious efforts and the sink ing of considerable more capital by the com. pany the enterprise is a dead failure, beyond the finding or about a peck of badly eorroded Mexi can dollars, having an uncertain value. Cap-tain Parker.commander of tbe expedition's now st Callao, and has been instructed to sell the steamer Jfary Taylor fitted out by the company. Eabbob CoiorxsiOKSBS. At a meeting of ths Board of Harbor Commissioners held yesterday, the Secretary was directed te advertise for proposals for widening Market street wharf, SO feet, from the bulkhead to the end. This will make the wharf 80 feet wide and will give ample ac commodation. Also, to advertise for proposals for widening Front street wharf, north ef Greenwich, 36 feet; thenoe westerly 300 feet along the south side of the present stroctnre. . A Phtsiciaw's Saavicss. Ia the Fifteenth District Court, yesterday, the ease of Suataee l-rener es. the C. T. B. B an action to recover" S5.000 for professional services as a physician and. snrReon, rendered oa the occasion of the railroad catastrophe ia Alameda coanty, was eonotwdeal and given to the jury, who found a verdict for the plaiatar for 13,000. -A.:; Wnavt tlxo Btreot Cavra Havs Dsai Du Soma vary lntereetlng facta bar been oolleeted relative to the various lines of street can, which gridiron our city. The prioe of tickets upon the different Unas, the length of the trip, and the grosa earnings for the year last past are sa follows: Omnibus Six tickets for 35 cents, 654 milea in length; $187,600 gross earnings for 1873. .North Beach and Mission Five tickets; 654 miles; 209,564 receipts. Central Four tickets; Smiles; $160,561 receipts. Satteretreet Four tickets; 8 milea; 1100,375 receipts. Woodward 'a Six tickets; S miles; $129,871 receipts. Market-street Five tickets; 5 miles; $113,461 receipts. Bay View Four tickets; 3H miles; $35,480. The Beat EttaU Circular believes that the increased Tame to property along the line of these routes caused by the Increase of the travel cannot be , over estimated. If . it possible to blot out i the . street ear lines of the city, suburban property would Immediately be shorn of half Its value. It la certainly within bounds to eay that, in such event, a reduction of fully $30,060,000 would occur in the value of that class of property. Our horso-car lines are," therefore, right arms of the real estate Interest, and the value of their sen. vices in that capacity should be remembered with gratitude. The charges on all of the lines are reasonable, except.perhaps, In the case of the Central and Butter-street lines; they charge elf cents. for each fare, while it Is generally- believe that 6 cents would. In their case, as In that of some J equally long lines, allow them a fair remunera tion. The length of each line Is given by streets; nearly all the lines have double tracks; if the tracks warn estimated singly, the total length of all the lines would be nearly 80 miles, Instead of the total length of double track given above 40 H milea. SLAMHiaie THB DOOR. What Mr. Hartlng-ratte foe for Doing- It. , , Foulds and M rtinnratte are both enamored of the asm lady, and the lady'a husband is sway In aim. Fool da and MartingTatte by an uncomfortable coincidence both called together list evening at the residence of the lady In question, which is at No. 618 Vallejo street. They talked pleasantly at first each wishing the other would go, and finally understanding that each was, trying to sit longer than the other they began to scowl. About one o'clock Foulds gave in, seeing that it was going to be an all night job, put on his overcoat, bade the lady (Mrs. Emma Michaels) a kind good night, and walked off in a huff. Martingratte, in excessive joy at thus being rid of bis rival, slammed the the door violently behind him. This probably roused Foulds ire at the treatment he had just received, and he knocked at the door, which was opened by Martingratte, who says the woman was left in his charge by her husband, when be went away. Words ensued between the two men, which led to blows, then to a clinch, and in the scuffle Foulds fearing that his opponent would get the best of him, subbed Martingratte in the breast with a dirk knife, the blade break-ing off. A serious wound was inflicted, and the injured man waa conveyed to bis room. Foulds delivered himself up yesterday morning, and a charge of assault to murder was entered against him. He wag soon after released, ,on giving bonds for his appearance. Tito Wreck of the " Favnavma,'' The suit of James Randall against the North Paciflo Transportation Company is on trial in the U. 8. District Court. It is brought to recover services for salvage in getting the Company's steamer Panama off the rocks at Pichilingue, near La Paz, Lower California, when she was stranded by a "temporal,'' or instantaneous hurricane, on the 16th of October, 1838. She remained on the rocks until the 19th of July, 1869. Holdiho Isqtjxht. Dr. StlUman the Coroner began to examine into the cause of deaths yes-tercay in the oases of James Beynolda, who died from the effects of a knife wound under the chin, and in that of John P. Wilson, who wss found on Geary street with a bullet wound in his head, and that of John W. Moore, who was found drowned in the Bay, off Vallejo street wharf. The jury heard the testimony of several witnesses in each case, but adjourned without returning any verdicts. Embolic Apopixxt. James Mercksay went to the office of Dr. Ellingwood yesterday to obtain medical treatment. Be had hardly stated his symptoms when he fell to the floor and expired in a few moments. His body was taken to the Dead House, when an autopsy was made, and it wag discovered that embollo apoplexy was the cause of his death. The deceased was a married man, a native of one of the British provinces, and aged fifty-two years. Thb China Tbadi. The Pacific Mail Steamship Company will again place a semi-monthly line on the route to Hongkong and Yokohama, Which was withdrawn last November. The steamer China, which arrived yesterday from these ports, is announced to return on the 16th inst., and the Colorado will follow on May 1st. Thk rTxw Hospital. The contractor, C. P. McCarthy, who had the job for improving and altering the water-eloeeta of the City and County Hospital, complains that the speeiflcations are not properly drawn, and says he is willing to submit the matter to the City and County Attor. torney, for arbitration. Vxsskl Sold. The schooner 8. H. Maria, 101 tons burthen, has been sold to the United States Government lor the sum of $11,000. . She will be used in the United States Coast Survey service, and is now undergoing extensive repairs for her new business. Sailor Dbowttsd. Benjamin Kallstron a Bailor, on Wednesday n'gnt, was knocked over board from the schooner Caroline Mills, by the foresail, while she was in Benicia Straits, and was drowned, in spite of the efforts of those on board to save him. Owdxb Waotzd. An owner is wanted for 3 chickens taken from a Chinaman, Ah Tie, by Officer Brown this morning st 6:30. LOCAL BREVITIES. Coniness Hall Theatre will be ready for use about the nrst of June. The sidewheal steamer Montana will sail for Panama on Monday next. The stern-wheeler Alvito, repaired and newly painted, now plies between this city ana Alviso, A new Republican evening paper will be com menced In this city next week. The steamer CAino arrived ia this port yester day from Hongkong, bring with her 1,38 Chin ese passengers. Jose F. Godoy. son of the Mexican Consul, was admitted to citizenship in the United States Cir cuit Court yesterday. There are now awaiting examination in the Polios Court seven different cases of assault to murder. The records of the Health Office show that during the month of March 333 deaths occurred in this city. A lady returnins from a visit to San Jose, yes terday, had her pockets plckea or asont sou. while riding on tne Market street ears. Professor Plummer's farewell entertainment will be given to-night, at Mechanics' Institute xiaii. The Committee appointed' to draft the Const! tntion and By-laws for the Teachers Mutual Aid Association has nearly finished it labors. ; . Owing to high freights, the price of wood has increased, and now hard wood .sells at $14 per cora on tne wharves. Yesterday, in the Twelfth District Court, tbe ease 01 a. a. Thompson, assignee, etc., against H. H. Toland, administrator, et aL, a motion for 1 augment was argued and submitted. Jose Gomes, arrested in Solano oountv upon a charge of grand larceny, waa placed in the Sta tion tiouse yeateroay, en route for Santa Clara, wnere ne is to oe mea tor una onenoe. Henry McCausland, convicted of manslaughter for the killing of Mullendore, will be sentenced to-morrow morning, in the Twelfth District Court. The Metropolitan Theatre will close forever aa a place ef public amusement on the 20th in stant, ana on ute aisi tne work or tearing it down will be commenced. Magulre'a Opera Jtionsa wui atmer a auuuac late. , . Rev. Dr. Schwab, who is a candidate for tbe ministry of the Taylor street Synagogue, will preach there his second trial sermon ia German to-morrow at half-past 10 A. at. The public are mrueanHwu. Hon. H. F. Page, Member of Congress from the Second Congressional District, has appointed Howard S. Holmes, son of F. . Holmes of Oak land, a cadet midshipman to the U. 8. Saval Academy at annapous. It ia now stated that the parties contemplating the erection of a new theatre on Third street will begin work in tbe coarse of a couple of weeks, and expect to have It ready for opening on the ass 01 oepieuiuw. ...r "Shorty" Hayes, who was accused of enriching himself to the extent of $130 by means known to Barbery Coast pirates, has keen discharged from custody, because the person who lost the money coma not remain oer anything about it. David.M. Short, Poundmaster, reports that daring the month 114 dogs were impounded by him, of which number 17 were redeemed, 38 released on otner oonariione, eoia ana set destroyed The cash reoeipta were $1(30 60. Tbe Merchants Mutual Marine Insurance Company has elected the following gentlemen as Directors: u. a. isyiur, a. a. ncotcnier. Isaac Jf. vavis, aoes nowes, dames Irvine, a. m Hlwinaon. G. Adomhe Ixrw. A. 1,. Tnhhi vun- 8. Latham. A. D. Moore, Calvin Paige, J. S. Doe ana u. u. jncivuur. Yesterday, la the Fifteenth District Court, Joseph Km eric brought suit against the Home Mutual Insurance Company, to recover $5,000, on a policy of insurance issued on Stevens' Packing and Slaughter House, which Was destroyed on the 3d of April, 1873. Eraerie held a mortgage on tne property, ana Stevens insured the premises ior ms oenent. , ...- -s ' . 1 v ' Hobsefush roB tbs Tabuc. In Frank fort, as well ss in other Gorman cities, the consumption of horseflesh is increasin?. Since the establishment of two hone-butchers in that city, no lees than 621 horses have there been slaughtered and .sold.. As all other meats steadily rise in price, and horse flesh still costs six kreutzers, the prospects of a vet larger consumption are excellent. especially since the prej udice once entertain ed against it u disappearing. . , Drv CajcB. A Troy husband made complaint to the police the other day because his wife eats dry cake Irr bed. J He was advised to get a suit of underclothes made of sheet iron ana wear them nights, . CAR TICKETS. THE PEBJXiS OP THE DEEP. Bmrmrlmg Detavlls A Rs Accownt of at Boy Sarrlwi Etc M C .Hsjrrowlng-BetsiU... f ' NkwTobz, April 3. narrowing details of tbe awful scene attending the) loss of the ateamsbip Atlantic continue to be received. All the women who were asleep at the time she atruck were drowned in their bertha. The heavy seas which constantly poured over the vessel and filled her, -prevented them from reaching the deck. Some women who showed remarkable presence of mind and Appreciation of the situation, only reached the deck to be washed into the sea and drowned. Soon after, six men on shore wrote on s blackboard, "Cheer up! Boats are coming'to your assistance." The announcement was responded to by hearty cheers from the ship. After half an hour of awful suspense, the men were seen on the island carrying s boat over the rocks, and soon it was launched, and took off three boatloads from the outlying rock. While rescuing these men, Captain Williams and the'passen-erers called loudly to the crew of the boat to come to tbe ship and take them off first as they were in tbe most imminent danger; the Captain saying: "I will give $500 for every boat-load rescued." The boat afterward made for tbe vessel and took: off two 'boatloads. Half an hour later another boat came and rescued many of those clinging , to the rigging. Third Officer Brady , who had succeeded in reaching the shore over a line carried from ths vessel by himself, organized a crew, and materially aided in the work of rescue. ,-A Bnfflaa Crew. Halifax, April 3. The Atlantic' crew is reported to have been one of the hardest ever gathered together in any -teasel. They were picked up about the Liverpool wharves and docks, and it was with the greatest difficulty that they were kept under control during the voyage. The storekeeper states that one of them made an attempt to snatch his watch chain one night, but was foiled. On another occasion during a storm, on the 25th of March, he states that some of the crew attempted to break into the spirit room, and it was for a while feared that force would have to be used to prevent them from doing so. ' When the boats came from shore to rescue the survivors, the sailors repeatedly pushed the passengers aside, or knocked them down, and Jumped into the boats themselves. 1 - . . Account by a Boy Survivor. The only youth saved from the wreck makes the following statement: - My name ia John Hinley. -1 am about 12 years of age. I got on board the Atlantic at Liverpool, with my father, mother and a young brother. We all belong to Ashton, Lancashire. I was asleep in my berth when a great noise awakened me. Although 1 did not hear any voices, there seemed to be a great rush, and I tumbled out of bed into the crowd. I saw six men crowding into a top berth in the upper steerage, and I followed thera. One of the men broke through a window and got out, and I did the same, one kind-hearted - individual pushing me through, before I had made the egress myself. Once outside, I held on by the ropes until 1 and my companions were rescued by a life-boat. What became of my parents ana Dro trier i aia not Know, bat 1 wag certain they were drowned. The family were on their way te New York at the kind invitation ottwo married daughters who had settled there. The Atlantic's Cargo. " ' By the steamer City of Montreal, which arrived in port last night, the White Star company received a ireignt list or the cargo of the Atlantic and a copy of a portion of the ship's manifest, but nothing in relation to tbe passengers on board, a roll list, how ever, will probably arrive in two or three days. According to papers received it ap pears mat tne Auamw carnea i,S3o tons or freight, being what is known as an assorted cargo. It is thought that a large portion of the cargo will be saved, tnougn in a damaged condition. Later accounts say the cargo is beginning to come ashore. Its total value ia half a million dollars. One hundred coffins are to be sent down at onoe, the company paying an tne expense. Every Woman Lest. Captain Williams, in conversation, said: To think that, while hundreds of men were saved, every woman should have per ished, ia terrible. If 1 had been able to save but one woman I could bear the disaster; but to lose ail is tern Die. One of the crew, in giving his version of tne aisaster, says alter she struck, every returning wave washed off one, two or three and sometimes six persons; then a dozen were swept on at once. The weakest, of course, went first. ' The Panic en Board. Patrick Lehy says he waa in the forward steprage when the crash occurred and had been there about four seconds. When it came he went on deck. The ship commenced rocking from side to side. He saw several men jump overboard and sink. Some did not attempt to swim, but became crazed and ventured on the first chance of getting out of the vessel. There were six,which a number of men seized and several cast on-All but one succumbed to the fury of the sea and the occupants were drowned. When the water commenced to How into the steerage, the Dassenzers there made a rash for the hur ricane deck. The Captain shouted for any men who had life-preservers or buoys to rush into the sea or mount tbe rigging, those were their only chances oi lite. . Jjoi and a comrade named Hogan mounted the rigging, where they had a good view 01 tne awful scene. He saw masses of something drift past on top of a wave, and then it was lost to view in the trough of the sea. A shriek arose as it passed, chilling the blood 01 tbe hearers. "My uod." said one woman. and the sea drifted them out of sight. Lehy was seven hours in tne rigging. An Incomprehensible Deviation. The Liverpool agents of the White Star Line this morning telegraphed to Mr. Sparks, the New York agent, as follows: "The Atlantic's deviation to Halifax is in comprehensible. The quantity of coal on board was Vbl tons, against an average consumption during eighteen voyages of 744 tons. Without an explicit statement by the engineers the supposition is that the vessel, in consequence of head winds and rough weather, was obliged to burn largely in excess of the usual quantity, and had to run to nontax tor a irebii supply. Intense Incitement Over the News. LoNDoir, April 3. The announcement of the wreck of the steamer Atlantic and the appalling loss of life caused thereby created a profound sensation in this city and Liverpool. The offices of the agents in both cities have been thronged all day with the friends of passengers, all anxious to hear of the sur vivors. Eight hundred and seventy-six steerage passengers were on the ill-fated vessel. The passengers and crew of the Atlantic, as she sailed from Liverpool, were classified as follows: English 193 men, 74 women, 28 male children, 21 female children; Scotch 7 men, 4 women; Irish 403 men, 13 women, 3 children; other nationalities 150 males,32 women, 13 male children, 13 female chil dren. A large number of emigrants em barked at Queenstown. The total number on the steamer when she sailed from that port was 9o3. The steamship Atlantic was insured by the London companies for $130,000. . The Latest frost Halifax. Halifax. April 3 Oaotain Williams has returned to the scene of the wreck to look after the property. Hopes are entertained that we greater portion 01 tne cargo wm be saved... The vessel is still , in the same position, with her bow and masts out of water. Statements are made that the crew in dulged in plunder of the dead bodies. An instance is related of a wretch who mutilated the hand of a lady to obtain possession of a diamond ring which was on her finger. The bodies of Mrs. iisher, of Vermont, and Miss Merritt, of Chicago, washed ashore yesterday, and lay side by side among eighty others. The bodies will be forwarded to their respective homes. ' One woman passenger was confined only six hours before the disaster occurred. Two men who were reported saved, but that their names were unknown, have ar rived here. They are James Bateman, of London, and Jdward Mills, of .Belfast. Bateman was the only one who succeeded in getting luswiie up in tne rigging, wnere sue died from exposure. -It is not true that the Collector of Customs bra has been ordered to hold an investiga tion. None of the officers or men are detained in cub tody to give evidence. A statement was made in the evening papers to that effect, but it is authoritatively denied by Collector mcAwnaia. Nxw York. April 3. A Herald special states that John Brinley, Misses Levison and Miss Bandon. passengers by the Atlantic from Liverpool, disembarked at Qneenstown, and so are not lost. - AseavUa em Um Kail. St. Lotto. April 3. While 's passenger train on the St. lxraia ana Bournes tern Kail-road was standing at French Tillage, seven miles from East SL Louis, at 4:40 this after noon, a construction train ran into the rear coach, killing Mrs. John B. Lnsk and John H. Watts, terribly scalding a young daughter of Mr. Watts, and more or less injuring five or six other passengerso , - . . - - Bptlaitd (Vt), April 3. The mail train over the Harlem Railroad that left Kutland at 9d03 a. x. to-day, met with a Berious accident at Hunt's Crossing, half a mile north of Bennington Station, caused by the spring ing of. the track. Tbe locomotive, milk car, and a passenger coach were hurled from the track down an embankment twelve feet high. The coach was turned over and remained bottom up. The smoking -and mail ears were badly smashed. Ten persons were more or less injured. .. .. . ' , j ... Catbnra Concern. , f Havana. April 1. via Kbt "West. April 3 The butchers and slaughterers-have had a I difficulty, in consequence of which the slaughterers o em ana exorDinn prices ior their meat. The commonest beef is $8 per arroba, and the poorer ciass are miaDie to purchase it. It was feared that an attack would be made on the butchers' stalls by the populace, unless measures were taken by the Government to compel the clique of Span iards who have monopoiizea tne catue market to reduce their prices. : It is reported that Braweii will remain m Havana if released, and f ue the Government for illMral arrest and detention. It is also said that Bid well haa been .identified as a forger oi long standing iu the United States. A Spanish lawyer is making strenuous efforts to obtain his release oeiore ine arrival 01 tne I English detectives. TliEBMP HC BY ATLANTIO AND PAOHTO LINE. THREATENED WITHDRAWAL"' OF ALL FOREIGN .: CAPITAL FROM NEW YORK. ' SSiraenlons XJseape . Wrecked Train. of a CE JAM IN THE HUDSON RIVER. Jersey Expels Another Contu- . maelous Reporter. Etc. . te. . .. Etc. Bjr Twlegrstpla te the FlBaacIal Ke ports. Naw Tox, April 3. The Wall-street market is less excited; money at etoeed at . Gold strong, at lTiiWi. closing at 17 j. Exchange eaker, at ungsun . Tbe advanoe in gold is due to the unfavorable news from London and the Treasury sals, and the report that foreign capital temporarily em ployed in this market is to be submitted to the same taxation as permanent domestic capital; the theory being that rather than submit to this taxation, the foreign capital, kept mostly in gold, will be withdrawal The Cable reports state that the Bank of Eng. land lost 640,000 in specie during the week, while the Bank of France gained SXJ0W franca. The minimum rates of the Bank of England are unchanged. The export of specie today was taOO.000 In silver coin. Stocks closed heavy. California 7s, 111.; Quicksilver, 41; do. preferred, 40; Central Paciflo, 107 X; Union, 85; Land Grants and Inoomws T. - A Pasuwer Trail Falls Taroegh a Bridge. Ithjoa (N. T.), April 8. A passenger train go ing north on the Buffalo, New Tork and Phila delphia Bailroad went through a bridge near this place, wrecking several cars. Ko person was hurt, althought the escape of all was remarkably narrow. Ths lee Jaai in the Hadsoa-Ete. Albaht, April 3. Ths loe tn tbe End sen river, from the new bridge for about five hundred rods, Is broken up, and is badly jammed below the city. The river here is rising at the rate of a foot an hour. Sheds belonging to the People's line of steamers have been carried away, and unless the ice gives way below the city, serious danger is anticipated. The Mohawk river is also rapidly rising. ScHcwcoxaST, April 8. The Mohawk has risen three feet since morning and is still rapidly rising. AtBaHT, April 36 r. at. The river is still rising, but not so rapidly as at noon. Tnox, April 3. The loe has gone from the dam to Adams street, but is blocked at the latter place and cannot move below until the gorge at Albany gives way. A Kewspaper Correepoadeat Ceasmred. Tnxnxoa- (N. J.) , April S. A correspondent of the New Tork Sim having caused tbe publication of an article reflecting upon the actios of Senator Taylor, and refusing an explanation, was deprived of the privileges of the floor and ordered from the Senate Chamber. The bill to annex Hoboken to Jersey City has passed the Senate. Death ef the Superior of a Convent. BaLTXMOBS, April 3. Mother Antonia lynch late Principal of the convent in this city, died yesterday evening. She was sister of. Bishop Lynch of Charleston, 8. C. ' . Ships leaving Kew Tork. SxwToBx, April 3. The steamer Northern Light sailed to-day, crossing the bar at Sandy Hookat 13:30 P.M. The ship Come! cleared to-day for San Francisco. Severe Fire la Mew Tork last Sight. Saw Yowl, April 3. There was a Are to-alght, at 441 Eighth avenue. The water damaged the dry good stock of M. Baumgarden to the extent of $6,000. Louis Turkis, in the same building, had his stock damaged to the extent of $6,000. The building suffered damages to the amount of $3,800. Partly insured. Condition of James Brooks. ; Washikgtok, April S. James Brooks is in a very feeble condition. He was carried to Norfolk, Virginia, to-day, in the hope that a change of air would help in restoring his health. LATEST NEWS. BY ATLANTIO AND PACIFIC LINE. This Evening's Dispatches. DESTRUCnVE FIRES IN PENH- SYLVAN I. 1 More About tbe "Atlantic" Disaster. nc.. EXC .....ETC. SPECIAL TO DAILY EXAMINER. Destructive Fire la Pessajlvanla. Naw Tork, April 4. A large Are occurred to day at Oil City, Pennsylvania, destroying Still-well k Beebe's block, besides three other of the moat prominent buildings in the city. ' The loss WUI probably reach $100,000; insurance light. The " AtUalic" Disaster Recovering the Bodies Hospitable Hotel-see pen. Xnw Yonx. April 4. A dispatch from Halifax this morning says that the work of recovering bodies is progressing slowly.' The divers win ge to work UMlay,aad it is believed many bodies will be recovered by this means during the day. The body of Second Officer, John Metcalf, and those of J. H. Pierce, M. B. Betland and C. Hewitt, of this city, were found yesterday. All bodies not called for by relatives or friends, will be burled there. The hotel-keepers of Kew Tork have agreed to tender the hospitality of their respective hotels, free, to such of the survivors as may pass through here.' Another Fire In Pennsylvania Incendiarism. Haw Tons, April A. The principal business portion of Parker's landing. Penn., was strayed by fire last night, including .the telegraph offices, post-office, Parker House, Central Hotel, Rational Exchange Bank, and several other important blocks. The Are is supposed to be the work of an Incendiary, and the toss will reach a quarter of a million dollars. A Karderar Entirely Caaerved. Haw Tons, April 4. It is understood that Nixon, now under sentenced to be hung oa May 18th, is suffering from physical prostration, and it is doubtful If he win recover sufficiently to reach the gallows on hia feet. Bis sentence yesterday entirely unnerved him. He was found crying in his cell, in which he was thrown la a state of unoonsctonsness. . - ' Tletba ef a Druaen Hassans. Naw Toss, April a. Mrs. Thomas died this morning in childbirth at the Bellevae Hospital where she had seen sent a day or two since account of cruel treatment aba received from a drunken husband. ; Sbootlag Affray in CUeageJ CrnoAOO, April a. A serious shooting affray occurred at half-past one o'clock this morning In the saloon of Benhard Dooley, at the corner of Bine Island avenue and Twelfth street, two young men, whose names, owing to the lateness oc the hour, the reporters could not learn, got into an altercation about girt. Both had been drinking, and were ready for anything. Hot words were exchanged, and finally blows. They were separated but tamed to the combat, like two tigers. Final ly one of them drew a revolver, and the other seeing his movement, draw at the same time. They fired; both fell; one was pierced in the forehead and the other In the breast.. It is not believed that either will live They were both taken to their homes and at. tended to by a pbysiciaa. t: ! New Pawt-OOlcea., Nrw York. April 8. The territory award- ea to tne umieu Dates ny tne- Ban Juan boundary arbitration was brought under the purview of our postal laws to-day, by the Mtablishmentof three vost-ofBoes. on Lories. Oreos,' and Pnemes Islands, bow a part of Whitcomo county, - rrasmngtou Territory, with H. . H . Joseuh Gibson, and H. P. O. Brvant as their respective Postmasters. A United States post-office will also shortly be eetablisnea on oan Juan island, j . HXTxnxi- America can. illy afford to slight France, when so many of net fsmilifis are sneiierea py r Tenca rooB. European Events. A Warm . Debate In the British House of Commons.' - COCTTHTUUD ' - DZSTTXZLB- AUC13S ZZI 8FAZ17. Csvrlist Officers Deny that They flu. Prisoners. ELECTION FOR PRESIDENT OF THE FRENCH ASSEMBLY. Bavaadae's Preeeewtleai Co Gw Oa. Bte.. ...... .Etc.... DATES TO APRIL 3. lattwlltaremM. l. Loitdon, April 3. In the House of Commons to-night, Munster, Member for Hallow, rising to a question of privilege, had read by the Clerk an extract from the Ball Mall Oatette reflecting on the conduct of Irish members in regard to tbe Dublin University bill. Mmwter particu larly complained or the woras "Tne mil cut the ground from under their Fen tan agitations and their traffic in noisy disloyalty.' After a Ions speech, he moved that the article libellously reflected on the conduct of certain members, and was a Dreacn or the privileges 01 the House. - Disraeli said the article referred to certain Ultra montane members. There was no specific al- loston. He thought that before the Houee inter. fered with the liberty of the Press, it had bettrr ascertain who the Ultramontane members were. Cheers and laughter. Mitchell Henrv. member for Galwav. thnnsht the epithet Ultramon tane" was clearly need aa a term of reproach. He appealed to the House to oe aa carezui ox tne honor ana character of its Irish members as of others. - A warm debate ensued. Flnallv Oladatona re. marked that he appeared to be the hero of the nrst paragraph of the article. He thought the attack was not a breach of privilege, although u was nniusnnaoie and Without foundation. He appealed to the member for Mallow tn withdraw ms motion. Decease if it was defeated the member would be placed in an unenviable position. He sympathized with the gentleman, bnt the consciousness that he had done his duty should seuinuiia aeiracaon. , The motion was withdrawn. Madbid, April 3. Sefior Casfelar threatana to resign unless the Ministry adopt a mors decisive and energetic noliev. His collaairaaa hrir.Ata tn lnienere in we conmct between the people and the Mnnidpalty of the capital. The popular leaner ueciare mat ue corporation la responsible for fature events. The Cure of Santa Crux haa arrived at Vera. with troops in close pursuit. His uncle- and sis ter nave nea into jrranoe. The Carlists are reported to have siot sixty prisoners at Aierga. - seven thousand Minld rifles, the nrst install' meet of 15,000 promised, have been forwarded to Barcelona, for distribution amomr the neODle. The Armament Committee ia preparing a levy en atassc for the defense of the Provinces. A disturbance occurred yesterday in the artillery barracks at Valencia. Several men were killed or wounded. Order has been restored, Ko Particulars. Baiohkx, April S General Korvillas has arrived at Sstella, twenty-nve miles southwest of jrampiona, ana has made it the headquarters of his operations against the Carlists. The Commune has been declared in the province of Salamanca. Some rioting followed, but it was suppressed bv the gendarmes. ijascbxoma, April 3. The excitement in this city over the recent outrages by insurgents continues. The citizens evinoe a more peaceful disposition. It is asserted that tbe surrender of tbe town of Bergs to the Carlists was effected through treachery. Tbe name of Gen. Morales Is mentioned in connection with the surrender as navmg been tn collusion with the Carlists. The Government troops are still in active pursuit of Cursenta, who narrowly escaped capture in this city a few days since. But few of his followers are with him. It is thought his escape is im- posHiDie. Teasels entering this port are risorouslv searched by the Government authorities, to prevent arms and ammunition being conveyed to the inanrgent troops. 00 lar, the navy has proven loyal to the Government, Madbid, April 3. The officers in the Carlist army give a general denial to the rumor cur rently reported of the massacre bv Carlist troops of volunteers In the Republican forces captured by them. They assert that their treat ment 01 all prisoners falling into their hands has been in accordance with the rules of civilized warfare. Paris, April 3. The supporters of M. Martel have determined to place him in the field as Gov. eminent candidate to succeed Grevy as President of the Assembly. Le Soir and manv other papers to-dav denlore the fact of Grevy's resignation as President of ue irencn AssemDiy. Tn lme a Andurret Pas-quier, or Victor Lefranc, will probably be elected aa his auooessor. The former has the support of the Center. The Government after considering the report made by the Commissioners in the case of Marshal Baaaine, has decided to prosecute the investigation to the end. The friends of Baeaine are confident of his ultimate acquittal of the charges against him. Lisbon, April 3d. In Parliament to-day Deputy Tallada made an alarming speech. He declared the crown was beset with danger from the revolutionary element in neighboring Spain. The President of the Ministry answered the Deputy, showing that his fears were groundless, and calling on the House to trust in the loyalty of the country. Lonpob, April 3d. The arrest in Edinburgh of George Bid well, the alleged Bank of England forger, was effected just aa he was about taking his departure for America. Bid well made strenuous efforts to escape, and was only secured after a sharp chase over a number of -garden walls. On being brought to the station house, he was searched and a nu-nber of important letters, addressed to George Bidwell, found upon him. He will be brought to London to day. PACIFIC COAST DISPATCHES. BtTelegraph.J Broke His Keek Deviltry.' Sackamkhto, April 3. Yesterday afternoon, as James Dubois, owner of the well-known and valuable atallion "Robert K. Lee," was driving him in a skeleton wsgon into town, from the Riverside road, tbe horse became restive, and when near the corner of Thirteenth and J streets ran away. In turning the corner the wagon broke, and Mr. Dubois was thrown out, The now thoroughly frightened animal continued on along Thirteenth street, the front wheels and shafts remaining attached to him. He reached H street just aa the street car No. t was passing, and before the driver could get across the street, he struck the rear end of the side of the car with a shock that threw the car from the track and whirled it around until It stood at right angles witntnetracc bo great was tbe foroe that the car door and several of its window frames were shattered and the p latf onn erushed. The horse fell and died instantly, its neck being broken by. the blow. Mr. Dubois, who was stunned when thrown from the wsgon, was placed in a buggy and taken to a neighboring stable, where it was asoertiined that he received no Berious injuries. The animal which was killed was a valuable one, being aired by old "St. Clair" from a thoroughbred mare. He was a beautiful dapple-brown. and stood flf teen hands high. His weight waa 1,000 pounds. Ha was well known to our turf nun, many of whom were yesterday heard lamenting his untimely taking off. Subsequently aa examination of the animal was made by Peter F. Man gen, veterinary surgeon, who found that death was caused by a oonoa anion- of the brain. The frontal bane, between the orbit and the eye. was crashed; one leg was also broken in places by the toree with which it struck the car. Bonn person placed a rail and a lot of track. men s tools across tbe track of the Western ra-dflc Railroad at the east end ef the tunnel, near Altaoaont, this evening, lust before the four o'clock train from San Francisco arrived, but the engineer discovered the obstruction ia time to avoid an aomrlent. A Hall Stem A Balloon Hint. Baktas, April S. This afternoon this vicinity was visited by a severe hail storm, accompanied by thunder ana lightning. A house in this place was struck by lightning and set on fire. The flames were extinguished before much damage was done. Mrs. Matthews was working by a tewing machine and had a narrow escape from the splinters and boards which were knocked off tbe house. During the day we nave naa several light thunder showers, which saves the grain crop, already partially injurea ny norm win as. The prospect for an immense yield is certain now. Professor Lay had not, up so this morning. found hia balloon. He says be went up about four miles, the highest altitude he has ever ascended, and suffered severely from cold. It was dark when he descended, and, being cold, he left the balloon and wandered around all night in snarrti of aeeistanee. He finally .stumbled into a sheep camp early in the morning, seemed assistance, and went back to find the place where he left his balloon. . : Meyaer of a Convict, , Raw aiuxL. Anril S. The cnatomarv ouiet and orderly demeanor of the prison era at the OAmfea Prison was disturbed yesterday by an af- frmy between two oonvicta. whe were sugared in sua nihlMT unannnBt. a immi umucu mm Om annroachrd the bench occupied by Uesaria jaanie, and enaeavoRa w wws a glue-pot wiui-out obtaining permission from the owner. Jamie waa not disposed to allow any intrusion imn. hia nremisea. and pushed Ah Gem away. This ted to an assault by the Chinaman, who eeised a section ef timber and struck Jamie over the head. Jamie grabbed a Hammer and retaliated by inflicting a fatal wound npon the Ce lestial's scalp. 1 Jamie immrunwiij ww, mxjk a Mnk of water, and resumed his duties. The rsiinaman. meanwhile, was removed to the hos pital in an unoonscions condition, and lingered until 1 r, 1C, when he expired. Jamie is a native ox fliencw, ana was went to the State Prison from Ban Francisco March 98, lan. foe a mriod of tea years, navmg Been con victed of burglary, committed in a pawnbroker's shop, on Kearny screes, wnw sua imonwa here he has been peaceably disposed and industrious, and has enjoyed the confidence of the officers. J -'- ... ' "i" 1? Ah Gem was admittea into tne man nonary 3i 1873. He was convicted of grand larceny in Sacramento CUy.aad sentenced to two years' 1CoronerHawkinB held an inquest over tbe body to-day and the jury returned a verdict that death was caused from a concussion of the brain, produced by a hammer, while In the hands of Oesarta Jamie. The prisoner will await the action of the Marin county Grand Jury. t v i -e-. f-,4.?. gfcaawr Departure.1 . j Los AneaxBS. Adril t. The steamer Oruaba sails from Ban Pedro this evening Car San Fran. , The fireat Sslttte. .';..-, Pronra. Anril S. The entire day was taken up in ,the examination of mining experts, for the purpose or proving a wnuum wn irvsa ue Ughtaer ahaft to the old Panaca shaft. . .. N. Weecoatt produced a map of the Raymond A El v mine, and explained tbe woakfaura pointed out tbe .original location of the Panaca ledge an being sixteen lest nonueassw wo out jranaca Shaft. i. B. James, the next witness, said he bad ex- nined the mining ground in dispute, and thought there was a continuous vein. T. D. McMasters. the next witness, said he had examined and taken a number of samples for assays of the ground in dispute. He was of opin ion h waa one ana tne same sedge. At the close of the direct examination of Me. Masters the Court adjourned far four days. The body of a dead Indian was found about a mile from town, yesterday, covered with sage brush. The causa of his death is not known. There are no marks of violence. . . 1 . , ' Hatters ia Xomoadom.'' " , J . Sau LaKX. Anril S. The iurr in the ease of Hanlrina and the Emma Hill Consolidation against naii, were instructed by the Court to bring in a verdict for the defence, no evidence being offered, and the plaintiffs declining to appear further. Public interest centres upon the decision and instructions of the Court. - ... . . Several important cases were adjourned today, the jury being challenged ia each instance.. . Besfractive Fire, j ' jAOXSOXVTXiX fOresnn). Am-fl The moat destructive fire that haa ever oeenrred In this place broke out this evening, at half-past five J o cioca-, m tne united mates Hotel, and spread with fearful rapidity toward the eastern portion of the town. In leas than fifteen minutes it was eompletly beyond control, and very, fbrtu nately, there was little wind blowing, and that in an opposite airection to the business centre of the place. There was no fire engine, and the main reliance was m tearing down buildings, which was done as raoidlv as possible. The ex press and bulking house of C. 0. Beekman, on . tne west side of the United States Hotel, was badly soorched, but the most strenuous efforts were made to save it, which were effectual, thua saving the whole centre of the town from destruction. The fire wse under control it Trix, The looses are. as near as oonld be ascertained. as follows: Iiouis Home, proprietor- of the United States Hotel. $10,000: Mrs. Brentano. mil linery, $700; Dr. Aikan, books and instruments, Suo; anas hj&nt, accounts and household furniture, $800: Hull ft Kichels. Democratic Timet office, $1,600; Knoll & Wilson, livery stable boil-ling, hay and grain, $400; David Oroaemil-ler A Brother, blacksmith shop, (1,100; Jacob Meyer, wagon shop and tools, $1,000; Pat Donegal!, blacksmith shop, $1,600; Jamos T. Gley, dwe'.ling occupied by Mr. Tvault, $1,0(0; Mrs. Gaunney, dwelling, $800; P. t. Bvan, store and Stock, $30,t 00; James Ussey, building, $1,000. Anerw was not aaouaror insurance, ana the whole lose is total. Bat little property was saved from any ef the buildings. Very fortunately, the wind changed when the first buildings were nearly borned down, and saved the eastern part of the town and the city buildings. J,. TelegravpU'c Tittles. New York. April 3. Much fcetini? haa been excited in Jersey City over the fact was last evening, wnue me (journal of American Merchants was in session, two pistol shots were fired through the window of the council-room. Stokes expresses himself confident that trm efforts being made to save him from thai .gallows will be successful. The examination as to the sanity of George Francis Train commenced to-dav, before Chief Justice Nealv and a Sherifif's'inrv. bnt it was adjourned until Tuesdav, to await the arrival of one of Train's relatives, an important witness,' from Omaha. xTrn.APKi.PHiA, April 3. The man arrested here on suspicion that he waa Rncmn tha alleged murderer of Goodrich, has been re leased, the Brooklyn detective pronouncing win uut uiat pereuu. Captain Henry May. the largest owner of sailing vessels in una city, sued to-day, aged years. A Vallejo Episode. A lass went into a srrocerv store to bnv a onantirv nf mnluaoi The attendant youth lured her to the rear of the store and took advantage of tbe time required for the flow of the liquid to look into her eyes. They prattled, while the cup ot the youth's joy was full, and so was the f -quart measure. Then the proprietor entered, ana me vouin wiinarew nis eves from the lass to the 'lasses of which some three gallons meandered placidly over the floor. This story nas no moral. 1873. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS ..or THK. ... CITY ASTD COUNTY OaT s S-AJNT FRANCISCO Mayor and Kx-olBcio President.. WM. ALTOBD MEMBERS. First Ward STEWART MENZTES Second Ward H. F. SWAIN Third Ward JAS. J. KEXXEY Fourth Ward TIMOTHY McCABTHT Fifth Ward .BOBT. GOODWIW Sixth Ward H. Ia. KING Seventh Ward A. B. FORBES Eighth Ward CHARLES B. 8TOKT Ninth Ward A.J. 8HBADEB Tenth Ward .JAMES BABBETT Eleventh Ward EDW. COMMEJ8 Twelfth Ward B. P. TAYLOR Clerk JOHK A. RUSSELL kTANDDiO COMMITTEES. Judiciary ..... .. Story, King, Oonuains Finance and Auditing.. .Forbes, Taylor, Shrader Fire and Water Barrett, Story, Zing Streets, Wharves, etc.Menzies, Taylor, McCarthy Public Buildings .King, Taylor, Menxies Health and Police... McCarthy, Ehrader, Barrett Lioense and Orders Swain, Goodwin, Kenney Hospital Shrader, Taylor, Oommins Printing and Salaries.... : Taylor, Barrett, Swain Industrial School. ...... Forbes, Story, Coinmins Fire Alarm ........Commlns, Story, Henries Street Lights Kenney, McCarthy, Forbes Outside Lands... .Taylor, Swain, King, Kenney, - McCarthy. 1873-J73. BOARD OF EDUCATION. Preaidenl..". ..J0S. CLESEXT DIEHBBIUi First Ward ..W. A. PLUKKETT 628 California at. Dwl. 335 Union st. Second Ward... .....JOS. CLEMENT T10 Washington st. Dwl. 626 Green st. Third Ward KOBEBT LEWELLTK 14 Clay at. Fourth Ward N. HOLLAND S. W. corner Clay and Montgomery eta. Dwl. 1414 Taylor at. Fifth Wsrd. .JOHN P. SHINE 23 Kearny St. Dwl. 639 California et. Sixth Ward JAMES H.DEERIN3 419 Clay St. DwL eU California at. Seventh Ward... JOHN F. 3f EaOHEB Hall of Becurda. DwL 26 Minna St. Eighth Ward Jl. L. WAN GENHEIM 127 and 12 Sansome tt. DwL 328 Eddy at. . Ninth Ward W. T. GABBATT 188 Fremont St. Dwl. 406 Sixth St. Tenth Ward., 4 8. MOSGROVE 222 Third st. Del. 18 Hawthorne st, Eleventh Ward M. J. DOM O VAN 211 Sixth st, Dwl. 44 Stevenson St. Twelfth Ward.. ,H. BOtiEKBANS .688 Market at- , . Dwl. Height st. bet. Lagans A Buchanan sts. t apt. of Com. Schools. J.H.WIDBEB, 22 City Hall Deputy Supt JOHN BWKTT, 19 City Hall Secretary GEO. BEANSTON. 22 City Hell Clerk ....HiCHAhD OXT, 22 City Hall Standing Committees. Bales and Beanlations Directors Holland, Meagher, Bosekrans. Classification Directors Meagher, '. Plunkett, Holland, President, Superintendents i - - High Schools Directors Deerlng, Shine, Holland. : School Houses and Sites Directors Donovan, Wangenbeim, Lewellyn. Judiciary and Salaries Directors Plunkett, Moagrova, Donovan. - - Finance Directors Shine, Deering, Garratt. Cosmopolitan Schools-Directors Waogenheim, Plunkett, Garratt. Furniture and Supplies Directors Bosekrans, Shine, Moegrove. . Printing Directors Moegrove, Donovan. Lewellyn. ... Evening Schools Directors Garratt, Meagher, Wangenheim. - . Janitors Directors Lewellyn, Deering, Bosekrans, Superintendent. ; ' WAKE VT THE STSTkS.1 ' When the physical energies droop and the mind becomes lethargic, it may be taken for granted that the digestion is impaired and the liver derelict in its duty. Upon the condition of the stomach and aver depend the condition of the blood, and upon the quality of that fluid depends the vigor of the body and tbe capacity far brain labor. It is, therefore, of the utmost importance to men engaged ia active pursuits, who are subject to attacks of bodily weakness and mental stupor or Indifference, to know from What source they can obtain immediate and per-manent relief. The tonic and anti-bilious stima-lating elements combined in Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, peculiarly adapt that genial preparation to cases of this kind. The rapidity with which it rouses the dormant powers of ths muscular and nervous system, is marvellous. Acting first upon the digestive org an a, and through them upon tbe fluids of the body, the nerves and the brain. It renovates, refreshes and regulates, not only the corporal powers, but tbe mind itself. As debility and, Its usual concomitant, mental torpor or depreasion, are often caused, and where they already exist, are always aggravated by tne damp and variable weather prevalent in the Spring months, persons of feeble stamina and weak nerves should go- through a course of this agreeable stimulant at this season, and indeed would derive great advantage from taking it at least oace a day throughout the year. A OrjawnoH of Tin. The recent cough or cold, that without proper treatmen t may become chronic and last for months, can be radically cured by a few doses of that invaluable pectoral elixir, Hale's Honey of Horehound and Tar. . Critten ton's. 7 6th Ave. Sold by all Druggists. " Pike's Toothache Drops cure In one minute. -. : Supply yourselves with Duma's Catarrh Snuff. Follow the crowd and yen will find it, ' It will cure any kind of a eeld, save s cold heart. ; Crane A Brigham, San Francisco, Cal., Wholesale Agents for the Paciflo Coast. Sold by all Druggists. ' . '?-:! 4.f -.:- -. i IM THE PKOI1ATK OOUKT Or 'Asia L.AXT and oonnty of Han Francisco, State of Oali. fornia. .-... In - the matter, of the estate of MCKBAY MITCHELL, deceased. !., , Notice is hereby given :' by the - undersigned. Administrator, with the Will annexed, of the t estate . of Murray Mitchell, dee'd, to the creditora of and . all -persona having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit the same, with the necessary vouehars, within foar months from the first publication of this notice, to the undersigned, at his place- ef business, on the southeast corner of Bush street and Ome-Uryavauoe,im the city and ooonty of Baa Fran eieoo. 't- - ;.t -? (". ? - Dated Saa Francisco, March 2lsm.l873. J : i.-:-- o JACOB 11KOKEB. Admlnstrator. with the Will annexed, of the Estate of Murray Mitchell, deceased. mh211aw5tF mSCELLANEOIia oca;:i?:i til., $750,00000. OF CALIFORNIA. T FIRE and MARINE PaiNCIPAt, OFFICII, RO. 433 CALIFORNIA STREET, SAN FKANCMCGV.. I . , Chartered Capital, f I .OOO.OOO. JOHS H. HEDCVGTON...1.1 '.President GKO. H. HOWARD .Tie Pnaid.rat COAKLIES R. STORY Secretary H. H. BIQELOW Geaernl Ktavmager V. B. HDDS'.,. ...Marino Secretary .". fellaw3tf SHEMTO-8" BALE. Under and by virtue of an execution issued out of the District Court of the Fifteenth Judicial District of the State of California, in and for the city and county of Ban Francisco, duly attested oa the 13th da of March, A. D.' 1873, in a certain action wherein Mathew Howland. as DlaintUT.reeimwd judgment against Solomon Feneton, defendant. en tne van aay ox aiarcn, A. p. 1873, 1 have levied upon . All the right, title and interest, which the above named defendant, Solomon Peneton. had on the 2oth day of February. A. D. 187J. the dav whereon the hereinafter described property was attached under and by virtue of a writ of at tachment issued In the same cause, or which he may have subsequently acquired, in and to all that certain lot, piece, or parcel of land, with the improvements thereon, situate, lying 'and being in the city and county of 8-n Francisco, State of California, bounded and described as follows, to wit: . Commencing at a point ia the northerly line of Union etreet distant one hundred and thirty-seven and one-half (137 X) feet westerlvfrom the northwesterly corner of Union and Kearny s nets, ana running thenoe westerly along said nonneriyiine or onion street twenty ('JO) feet; thenoe at risbt angles northerly fifty-seven and one-half (67 J feet; thenoe at right ancles east erly twenty (20) feet; thence at right angles aouineriy nrry-seven ana one-half (87),) feet to Union street, the point of commencement, being a portion of Fifty Vara Lot Mo. 415, as known on tbe official map of the city and county cf San FrADCiaco. Public notice is hereby given that on SaTUB-DAY, the Sth day of April, A. D. 1873, at 13 o'clock, noon, of that day. In front of the City Hall, in tbe city and county of San Francisco. I will sell all the right, title and Interest which ths aaid defendant, Solomon Peneton, had on the said 28th day of February. A. D. 1873, tbe day whereon the aaid above described property was attached, as aforesaid, or which be may have subsequently acquired, in and to the above described property, with the improvements there on, to tne nignest Diader tor cash. San Francisco, March U:h, 1873, nihil 21 28 apt JAMES ADAMS, Sheriff. HOTTCK TO CREDITORS. ESTATE deceased. OF wTLLIAM NUGEXT, Kotioe is hereby given by tbe undersigned. Administrator, with tbe nuncupative Will annexed, of the estate of William N agent, deceased, to the creditors of and all persona having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice, to the said Administrator, at his office, 430 California street, between Montgomery and Leidesdorff streets, in the city and county of Ban Francisco. Dated San Francisco, March 14th, 1873. JACOB BENJAMIN, Administrator, with ths nuncupative Will an nexed:. Joseph Haphtaly. Aaty. mhl6 lewMS NOTICI TO CREDITORS, "E! STATE OF J. A. FLETCHEB, DE- nuj coaoso. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, Administrator ef the estate of J. A. Fletcher, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice, to the said Administrator, at bis office, 430 California street, between Montgomery and Leidesdorff streets, to tbe city and county of Ban CTanciseor Dated San Franeiseo, March 14th, 1873. JACOB BENJAMIN, Administrator. Joseph NaphtaJy, Atfy. mhlS lawStS IN THB PBOBATE COURT OF THE CITY and oonnty of San Francisco, Stake of California. In the matter of the estate of ALEXiNDEB G ABBIOCH. deceased. E. D. Sawyer, Administrator, with the Will annexed, of the estate of Alexander Garrioch, deceased, having this day rendered and presented for settlement and filed in this Court his final account, and filed therewith a report of his administration and a petition for distribution of the estate of the said deceased forthwith upon the settlement of said account; the said petition setting forth thst all the debts and expenses of administration have been fully paid and that said estate is ready for distribution, and that a portion of said estate remains to be distributed to the heirs and legatees of said deceased, in accordance with the law and the provisions of said will, and praying among other things for an order of distribution of tbe residue of said estate among the persons entitled: It is ordered that WEDNESDAT, tbe 30th day of April, 1873, being a day of a term of this Court, to wit: of tbe April term, A. D. 1873, at 11 o'clock a. v., be and the same is hereby appointed for the settlement of the said account, and that the Clerk give notice thereof by cau-ing not ces to be posted in at least three public plaoes in this city and county: 1 It is further ordered, that all persons interested in the estate of the said Alexander Garrioch .dee'd, be and appear before the said Probate Oourt. at the Court-room of said Court, ia the City Hall, ia tbe said city and county, on the said 30th day of April, 1873, at 11 o'clock tn the forenoon of that day, then and there to show cause why an order of distribution should not be made of said estate, as prayed for, according to law: It Is further ordered, that a copy of this order be published at least once a week for the period of four weeks, prior to the said 30th day of April,. 1873, in the Datlt Eimtra, a paper printed and published in the aaid city and county. Dated March S2d, 18TS. M. H. MTBICE, Probate Judge. ' Sawyer Ball, Att'ys. mb.22 Iaw4w9 STATE OF CALIFORNIA IN JUSTICES'" Court of the City and County of San Franeiseo, northeast corner of Montgomery and Jackson streets. ' " WM. LUNDT, Plaintiff, a resident of raid city and county, vs. W. O. GBAT, C. W. HAM. and B. F. SHAW, heretofore doing business together under and by the firm name and style of GRAY fc CO.. non-residents of said city and county. Defendants. , . Action brought In the Justices Court of the city and county of San Francisco, and complaint filed in the office of the Clerk of said Court. The People of the State of California to W. O. Gray. C W. Ham, and B. F. Shaw, greeting: You are hereby required to appear in an action brought against you by the above named plaintiff, in the Justices' Court of the city and county of San Francisco, and to answer the complaint filed therein within three days (exclusive of the day of service) after the service oa you of this summons. The said action Is brought to recover the sum of $294 in U. 8. gold coin, for balance due on a certain promissory note made and endorsed by you and each of you in favor of this plaintiff, together with interest thereon, in like coin, aa mora fully set forth ia complaint on file at this office. And you are hereby notified that if you fail to appear and answer the said complaint, as above required, the said plaintiff will take Judgment against you for said amount, and Interest due, together with coata and damages. This action has been assigned, and yon axe required to appear for trial before J.M. VraDXWAL, Esq., one of the Justices of said Court. To ths Sheriff of the city and county of Bah Francisco, greeting: Make legal service and due return hereon. . Given under my hand, this 7th day of December, 1872. . - By order of JAMES C. PENS IK. feZA! ' Tuisiiliiig Justice of tbe Peace of lbs City and County of San Franctsoe. Gao. L. Wxdxxdto, Clerk of said Court. ' ' Per O. W. CmLDe, Dep. Clerk of said Court. . " Taos. F. Hulbert, Attorney for Plain UE. J' i - . - feH lawXmF : , .. STATS OF GAJJFOBNXA IN JUSTICES Court of the city and oonnty of San Fran-deoo, northeast comer of Montgomery and Jackson streets. I JOHN A. CARDDTELL, Plaintiff, a resident of said city and county, vs. AMANDA J. OUM-MTNGS, Defendant, a non-resident of said city and county. - . i Action brought in tbe Justices Court of the city and oonnty of Baa Francisco, and complaint filed In the office of tbe Clark of said Court. , The People of tbe State of California to lirmAJ ftimmlTip gracing. Xou are hereby acquired to appear in an actica brought against yon by tbe above named plain-tin', in the Justices' Court of the city and county of Baa Francisco, and to answer tbe complaint filed therein within three days (exclusive of the day of service) after the service on you of this The said action ia brought to recover $203 76 and interest, in U. 8. gold coin, for work and labor performed, and money advanoed. ' And you are hereby notified that if you fail to appear and answer the said complaint, as above required, the said plaistiff will take Judgment against you tor said amount, and interest due, together with costs and damages. - This action has been assigned, and yen are required to appear for trial before S. P. BATCH-ELOK, one oi th. JusUoea of aaid Court. , . To the Sheriff ot tbe city and county of Saa Fraaciaoo, greeting: Make legal service and due return hereon. - . t - Given under my hand this 24th day of March. A. D. 1873.- ' i ' t . I. By order of JAMES 0. FEN NIX. ssar. Presiding Justice of tbe Peso ef the City and rr j t Oonnty of San Francisco. ; ,, . ! ,, ., ' , Oao. L. WaamnvD, Clerk of said Court. ' By O, W. (sum, DepClerk of said Court. H. Dorsey Gough, PlaiflaKs Attorney, No. 30 Montgomery Block. 8. F. uh26 UwWtmy26 lnSCa&LANEOUS. IK THK DISTRICT OOTJBT OF THB FOURTH Judicial District of the State of California, in and for the city and oeuny of Ban Franeiseo. GRANVILLE M. DEXTER, Plaintiff, vs. ELIZABETH J. GIVEN, alias ELIZABETH J DIXTEK, Defendant. Action brought ia the District Court of the Fourth Judicial District ef the State of California, in and for the city and county of Baa Francisco, and the complaint filed in the said city and county of Ban t'rancisoo, in the office of the Clerk of said District Oourt, The People of the State of California send greeting to KHsabeth J. Oivea, alias Elisabeth J. Dexter, defendant: TTou are hereby reqvrred to appfaw in an action brought against you by the above named plaintiff, in the l'istrict Court of the Fourth Judicial District of the State of California, in and for the Qty and county of Ban Francisco, and to answer the complaint filed therein, within tan days (exclusive of the day of service) after the service on j on of this summons if served within this county; or, if served out of this county, but in this district, within twenty daya; otherwise, within forty days or judgment by default will be taken against you, according to the prayer of said complaint. . , The said action is brought to obtain a decree that the marriage of plaintiff with the defendant be adjudged null and void and of no binding force and effect, on the around that aaid nu. riage was contracted npon the false and fraud n-lent representations of defendant, aa particularly set forth in the complaint on file herein, to which reference is hereby madift and for imnerai relief. And you are hereby notified that If. you fail to appear and answer the said complaint, as above required, the said plaintiff will apply to the uooct ior ue reiiex aemanaea therein. Given under mv hand and the seal of tha Die. trict Oourt of the Fourth Judicial District of the state of California, in and for the citv and county of Ban Francisco, this 15th day of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy -three. laaAi-j WILLIAM HARNEY, Cka-k. By Jab. K. Ashook, Deputy Clerk. Sawyer A Bau, Plaintiffs Attorneys. fe21 lawFtapxl N THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE Nineteenth Judicial District of the State ot California, ia and for the dry and oonnty of Baa Francisco. Action brou&ht in the District fVnrrt ttf tha Nineteenth Judicial District of the State of California, ia and for tbe city and county of Saa x nnciM, sua we complaint n ea in tne eela city and county of San Francisco, in tbe office of the Clerk of said District Oourt. John B, T. M. Shenpard. plaintiff, vs. Andm Bimmelman. John Aguew, John Brlckell, Elisabeth Butler, William Corcoran, Jamee Dunne. alary iranne. James P. Dameron. George K. Giuyaa, Daniel Gorham, J. P. Hblden. John uogan, August Hemme, A. W. TTanna, Thomas Haney, Anne Haney, Thomas Keliey, James L. King, M. A. Lewis, J. B. Lewis, A. J. Moon, J. M. Moore, Robert Mills, Thomas O. May, John McNamara, Patrick Noon, Margaret Noon, Solon Pattee, James A Pritehard, L. L. Robinson, Peter BoueseL Mary Ann Bouaoel, John Tucker. John O- Tucker, John W. Williams, George K. rorrer, j. jxe, K- soe. K. Doe, . Koe, 8. Mokes. J. Brown, W. Green. T. Black, P. White, and all persons unknown, wh have or claim any in terest in or lien npon tne prenmses hereinafter described, or any part thereof, defendants. xne Afople of the State of California send greeting to Andrew Himmelman, John Agnew, John Brlckell, E isabeth Butler, William Corcoran, Jainee Dunne. Mary Dunne, James P. Dam- eron, George a. Giuyaa, Danb-1 Gorham, J. P. noioen, John Uogan, August Hemme, A. W. Harm a, Thomas Haney. Anne Haney, Thomas Keliey, James L. King, M. A. Lewis, J. B. Lewis. A. J. Moon. J. M. Moore, bobert Milla, Thomaa 0. May. John McNamara, Patriok Noon. Marga ret Noon, Solon Pattee, James A. Pritehard. L.L. Robinson, Peter BousseL Mary Ann Boussel. John Tucker, John C Tucker, John W. Williams, ueurge a. porter, J. Doe, K. ttoe, H. Doe, J. Roe, 8. Nokes. J. Brown, W. Green, T. Black, P. white, and all persons unknown, who have or claim any interest in or lien upon the premises, or any part thereof, hereinafter described, defendants. You are hereby rea aired to aopesr hi an action brought against you by the above named plaintiff in the District Courtof the N ioeteeuth Judicial District of the State of California, in and for the city and county of San Francisco, and to answer the complaint filed therein, within tea days (exclusive of the day of service) after the service on you of this summons -if served within this county; or, if served out of this county, but in this district, within twenty days; otherwise. withm forty days or judgment by default will be taken airalnst you. according to the prayer of said complaint. Tbe said action is brought to obtain a decree ot aaid Court for tbe partition of that certain tract or parcel of land situated in the city and county ot Han Francisco, Btate of California, particularly described as commencing at the southeasterly corner of Hermann and Valencia streets; running thence southerly along the easterly line of Valencia street 660 feet to the north erly line of Bidiey street; thence easterly along tne nortneriy un. or tudley etreet aw feet and 7 inches; thence st right angles northerly 108 feet and 11 inches; thence at ngtt angles westerly 4 feet and 7 inches; thence northerly 9" 30' east 227 feet and 6 inches: thence southerly 73 12' east 249 feet and 6 inches to the westerly line of West Mission sireet (so called); thence northerly along tbe westerly line of said West Mission street 311 feet and tit inches to the southerly line of Hermann street; and thenoe westerly along the a-ntberly line of Hermann street 620 feet to Valencia street at the point of commencement aid premises being a portion ot Block numbered 21 of the Mission Addition, according to the official map of said city and county; that the share of each sad every of the parties to said action, and also of all persons unknown, may be aecertained and determined by said Court, and that partition of said premises be made, and the share or interest therein to which this plaintiff and said defendants are entitled, be allotted and set apart In severalty to the persons entitled respectively, quality and quantify relative' sonsiaered, according to the right and interest f each, and that the liens or Incumbrances, of whatever nature held by the defendants, or any of tbem, upon the estates or interests of any of the parties hereto in said premises may be confined to the portions so allotted to such parties in severalty respectively; that the portion to be allotted to this plaintiff include his improvements thereon; that the costs, disbursements and expenees incident to such partition may be decreed to be paid by the several parties thereto, in proportion to the quantity of interest or estate of each thereof, and be made and decreed a Hen on the share or portion allotted to them respectively, and for such other or further order and relief tn the premises as the nature of the case may require and to the Court may seem meet. And you are hereby notified that if you fail to appear and answer the said complaint, as above required, tbe said plaintiff will apply to tbe Court for the relief demanded in hia complaint. Given under my hand and the seal of the District Court of the Nineteenth Judicial District of the State of California, in and for the city and county of San Francisco, this 14th day of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand sight hundred and seventy-two. sbal. WILLIAM HARNEY, Clerk. By L. J. Las, Deputy Clerk. E. J. k J. H. Moore, Atfvs for Plaintiff. JaSl law?mF SHERIFF'S SALE. Coder and by virtue of a decree of foreclosure snd sale issued out of tbe District Courtof Ihe Fourth Judicial District of the State of California, in and for the city and county of San Francuoo, duly made and entered on the 19th day of February, A. D. 1873, iu a certain action wherein The Hibernia Savings and Loan Society is plaintiff against Angus) us J. Bowie st als., defendants, duly attested on the 19ih day of February, A. D. 1873, I am commanded to sell All those certain pieces or parcels of land, situate in the city and county of San Francisco, State of California, bounded and described aa follows, viz: First ommencicg st a point on the northerly line of Clay etreet, distant one hundred and ninety-one feet three inches (191 3-12) westerly from the northwesterly corner of Montgomery and Clay streets; thence westerly along said line of Clay street thiny-two feet ten and one-half inches (32 10 X-12) ; thence at tight angles northerly one hundred and eight feet nine inches (108 2-12) to the southerly line of Merchant etreet; thence at right angles easterly along aaid line of Merchant street thirty-two feet ten and one-half inches (32 10H-12); thence at right angles southerly one hundred and eight fet nine inches 108 9-12) to the point of commencement, the same being part of the parcel of land known on the official map of tbe city of San Francisco aa fifty vara tut, number nineteen and one-half (No. 1834). Second Commencing at a point on the northerly line of Clay etrett, distant two hundred and twenty-four feet one and one-half inches (224 114-12) westerly from the northwesterly corner of Montgomery and Clay streets; thence westerly along aaid line of Clay street twenty feet ten snd one-half inches (20 10)4-12) ; thence at right angles northerly one hundred and tbirty-eeves feet and eix inches (137 6-12) to the northerly line of Merchant street; thence easterly along aaid line of Merchant street twenty feet ten and one-half inches (2010)4-12); thence at right angles southerly one hundred and thirty-seven feet and six inches (137 6 12) to the point of commencement the same being part of the said Fifty-vara lot number aintben and one-naif (No. 19)4.) Third The Fifty-vara lot number three hundred and three (No. 303) , as known on the official map cf tbe City of San Francisco, and being situate on the northwesterly corner of Stockton and Butter streets. Fourth Commencing at the southeasterly corner of Clay and Pike streets; thence southerly along the easterly line of Pike street sixty-eight feet and nine inches (68 s-12); thence at right angles easterly thirty-six feet snd nine Inches (36 8-12) ; thence at right angles northerly sixty. S'ght feet and nine inches (6S 0-12) to the southerly line of Clay-street; thence at right angles westerly along said line of Clay street thirty-six feet and nine inches (36 S-12) to the point of oommenoement, being part or the parcel of land known on the official map of the City of Saa Francisco as One Hundred vara lot, number fifty-six (So. 66) of ths Fifty-vara lot eurvey. Filth Commencing at a point on the northeasterly Une of Eleventh street, distant one hundred (100) feet southeasterly from the southeasterly line of Howard etreet; thence southeasterly along aaid line of Eleventh street, one hundred and seventy-five (176) feet; thenoe at right angles northeasterly two hundred and five (206) feet; tbence at right angles northwesterly one hundred and seventy-five (176) feet; thenoe at right angles southwesterly two hundred and five feet, to the point of wmnwnceHient being part of the parcel of land known on the official map of the City ot Saa Franeiseo ss Mission Block Number T (No. 7). Public notice is hereby given, thaion FRIDAY, tbe 28th day of March, A. D. 1STS, st 12 o'clock, noon, of that day. in front ef tbe City Hall, in the city snd county of San Franoieoo, I will sell all tbe tots and parcels of land, firstly, secondly, fourthly snd fifthly, above described, to the highest bidder for gold eoia of the United States.- The tot thirdly, above described, will not be sold, having been Instructed by the plaintiff's attorney to refrain from selling the urns, San Franehioo, March Ttb, 1873. - mh7 14 21 37 JAMES ADAMS. Sherifi. Notice. The above sale Is hereby postponed nntil TUESDAY, tbe 15th day of April. A. D. 1873, at 12 o'clock, noon, of that day, in front of the City Hall, In the city and ccunty of Saa Francisco. . .. , ' : San Francisco, March' 23th. 1873. , mb28 ap4 11 14 JAMES ADAMS, Sheriff. NOTICE TO CTEXrrORS. ESTATE OF HOWAED' CHITTENDEN, deceased. . ' Kotioe is hereby given by the undersigned. Adminlstrat-tr.'Ktth the Will annexed, of the estate of Howard Crittenden, deceased, to the creditora of and all persons having iirn. against the said deceased, to exhibit them, with the necessary wucbers, within ten months after the first publication of this notice, to the, RAid Administrator, at his place of businssK,at the office of Chersman, Head it Thornburab. Ko. 412 Montgomery street, ia the city and county uf Fan Francisco. , Dated Saa Franeiseo, March 21t. 1873. Administrator," with the Will annexed, of ths Estate of Ho war 1 Critteaiim, deo'd. wlliiantsAThoniton.Att'ya, mh21 lawfcF

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