The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 5, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1947
Page 12
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MM TWELT1 BkTTHEVILLE (ARK.)' OOUMEK OTBWi D-Doy for U.S. -Army Mules' Arrival in Greece One That Made Life Miserable for Benefactors WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 194T ATHENS. Get. ». (UP) — •r»«k. officer* and men »lalloned •t »n »Va>y remount camp here will kjnf r*m>mb«r • rteent Wcd- »Md*r. •' ' That wit D-D«y for t.J D. 8. JLmy mulec-j •-.••• The 'niuici had lh« iliuillon ' pretty well In hand shortly alter landing on Grecian soil. Part or America*! 1350,000,000 Gr*€k aid PL-nun m, t h« * e fctiln': today "art packing artillery equipment and other supplies over GrMk. mountain*, helping the, Orrck arms ; put down the guerrilla rebellion. But (litre w«re m >• ments ll^appearcd doubtful »-hose aide the mules, w on. .; Frwh from their ship, the rnulen were in fine fettle and ready for action—any action, they reared, hucked. kicked and In xeneral made Ufa miserable for <he Greek »olilicr» -who were trying lo stablf them. The,soldiers had had plenty o( «p«riene« with imsll mule* and donkey* but non* with thece America: jreu ilsnts. Some of tie mule-- were purchased In the American MldWesl; others were obtained (rom U. S. 1 Araj- stocks. All were given spe- ! clal training In the mountains of . ColoTado and Oklahoma. ! At New Orleans, 4" A ot the 500 r , muleB already had been loaded I ahoard ship when the hurricane i of Sept. ID struck. When that • passed, the loading was finished. At sea, the ship ran Into the fringe : of a second hurricae, ; The mules pro better Bailors • than the 54 G!B who were serv- < Ing as their nurse maids. But do• spile difficulties! the GIs brought • their charges into Plreans with • out loss of a single animal. i Now the TJ, S. Army promt. • whl h IB part of the American , Mbalon here, Is lining up more i mules. A second shipment will ^ come from the U.. S. and other ! cargoes fr-— Palestine and Bur- The situation l> indtr control— ot the mule., that U. A toupta tf Greek MMtera (17 la l<*4 a p»lr w U. S. Mule*—« Tie. nnm. Bill to Tax US. Corporations Abroad Studied WASHINGTON, Nov. 5. (UP) — Chairman On en BrewsUjr of the Senate War Investigating Committee said yesterday lie is study- in | legislation to tax the profits of U. 8. corporations operating under foreign character*, The Maine Republican said »uch profits now are tax-fr«e u far is th< U. S. la concerned. He asked committee tax advisers to explore the Idea as his group met to hear former Navy officers tell their aide of the controversial 19tt oil deal with tiie Arabian- American Oil Co. The committee is looking into claims that the Navy was overcharged.- Various Naval Officer* have been quoalecl u saying they were advised that Aramco had to pass King Ion Baud ot Saudi Arabia 42 cenU a barrel in royalties (or the oil. Company officials have testified the actual royally at the time was 21 cents • barrel. Aramco Vice President Fred A. Davles told tile committee he was "sure" no onu In his concern ever claimed the royalties wer« 42 cents. He said tin $1.06 a barrel, which the Navy paid, was the regular U. S. gulf coast price at the time. Shoveler ducks fly from Alaska to the Hawaiian Islands every fall, covering e. distance of 2000 milts. Read Courier News Want Ada. the spider can open and close. Malaria - carrying mosquitoes and rattlesnakes added to the hazards of the expedition. Dr. Willis J. Gertsch, a member of the party, was bitten by a scorpion and was Incapaciatcd for several days with a paralyzed arm. l>r. J. R, Snyder, chief veterinarian with the American AW Mission, tells Greek soldiers that a firm grip on a mule's ear sometlmM saves a lot of trouble. Mule seems to find a firm grip on Dr. Snjder's leg the best defense against ear-pulling tactlci, • Natural History Museum i CoHecis 700,000 Bugs i • NEW YORK (UP)—About 100.000 | : assorted spiders, moths and beetles were obtained for the Museum ot Natural History, by a collecting staff it sent on a three-month expedition Into Mexico. Dr. Mont A Carier, leader of the expedition, said the collection con- tained several hundred Insects previously unknown to entomologists. The party also captured several trap-door spiders that live In a hole ingeniously fitted with a door reaching out k> demanded. THE STURYi On ifer opening *«y et relleif* Camellia .%u*iln, davkhiftr «f tkc De«», I* BmaKKd to l)>4 J«cl C*Br»y ««a«Mfc the TeivrxlBji BlMdeitlA- Joel. wJi«r« €•*•• Iia4 *darc4 wfc» iltc w«« Mill Im hfRb WhMl. had bt-rfi .**• p**r l» ffniMlt col I r K r tnmr yr«r« •••. K«w' tie i» hnck «• • vclrran. C*M, «*•• had hud I no Bianr flIriati»M» diarlKK the WMF . T*«r» M»A had b««* taken »*- vf»«aly »y at l*»«t out Koy whrn ak« «iA»U H«an Marlvwr. wa««« ii *• her •• hla 4eai to » T» Blair, 4*B|Ekirr •! a C« eamr H««T rn- Joel BH# ltk ktm. vaya he III Into weal lay iit, ta » !• the e «ver- *wilk J*«) «*d mM« out 10 HCC wli* (lie mm* IB. Whcit Cam W rmk* fc«r l»>leji<l. vu Vf ORN1NG sunlight lay In brigul puddles over the wide stone rtcps leading up to the main doors ci the library. Cam waded through the pale (olden wash almost as though i had an actual density. The trio of books she was returning nestet *mder one arm, cory against thi •oft peach angora of her hand knit sweater. Normally, the color in he smooth cheeks exactly matchec that blush-tinted wool. But sh was paler today. She had no 1 slept well To be quite truthiul, she ha not been able lo close her eyes a all until long past midnight; no until she had heard Maurine an • Joel climbing the steps to the ve randa. The good novel she ha -gone to bed with had turned ou foe no reason she could a4ialyz : .to be so dull that she hadn't bee • able to keep her mind or. it. ; At last she had heard the• Coming up the walk, they hadn ^ »unded in any great hurry to en eir evening on Ihe town. Maune's flutey laugh had come tin- ing up through the wistaria vine hich clambered under Cam's indow. Cam had lain there lis- ning to'it and trying to assure erseK, fiercely, that she was de- htod Joel had found somebody ho'd laugh with him. Bvrt then, ist as the fine thought was all ere firmly, formeci and '.our- quare in front ot her, her head ad ' visted wretchedly on the pil- w. Ignominious tears! She was still eartily ashamed ol them this orning, She must be unbal- nccd. She must be a veritable nonster of petty jealousies. No, Dean Austin's only daugh- r was not pleased with her- ell this morning. She hadn't been leased with hersell since that ay, last spring, when the news of lary Marlowe's insurance bequest lad broken like an -atomic bomb vcr Cartersville. But today she ell positively giirn. "Oops! 1 hope I didn't bump ou hard?" The sudden impact of the head- on collision had left her breath- ess. "1 was thinking—" "About me, 1 hopt? And In terms of praise?" TT wasn't with hersell she stood face lo face, any longer, It wasn't icrself she had josUed so hard that she had lo gulp lo gel her lungs back in working order. Joel had been striding out of the dim lunnel beyond Ihe doorway, and she had been so deep in her own thoughts that even the pleated shadow of him down the sunny steps had not warned her until too late. As :ie bent k? collect the book she had dropped when they collided, the thick mass of his lawny hair brushed very close to her free hand. Cam had to check herself, startled and shocked at her own Impulse, from touch it "Were you?" he straightening agam. "W-was 1 what?" Cam couldn't remember what they had said last "Thinking abou. me?" He held Lhe book she had dropped in nrown, spread, fingers; held it lightly and forgotten for the moment somewhere in the narrow slice of space between them. "Only you weren't, of course. That's what Dr. Frick calls 'wishful thinking' in the new psychology Ljurse 1 started this morning. He had said il so warmly that for a flash of time she Celt Ihe intimacy of the words seep through her like a nourishing summer rain seeking her deepest roots. But that grin which refused to take anything seriously already illumined his face. Fine laugh lines crinkled around his blue eyes, and she knew he was only making easy talk. * * * cover her senseless stab of disappointment, Cam changed the subject swiftly. "Did you anci my freshman cousin have fun last night?" "Tops!" "What did yuu do?" "We toured the town and checked on every high spot I've been remembering. She's an attractive kid, thai Maurine. The Senator must miss tier around the house, now she's left Washington for the dear old ivy-covered walls of Carter." Joel grinned, ^icn looked at his watch, "Well, Cammie," he chuckled, "there's someone I want to see so I guess 111 be getting along. I hope we'll be bumping into each other again Just Around the Corner Let ns remove the water from your Ures and fill them with calcium chloride anti-freeze solution. We will be glad to make an appointment lo care for all your tractors at your farm — thus saving you time. REMEMBER WE SERVICE ALL Russell Phillips •fflU*4>> n-s "Don't worry, mother—1 knew you'd b« late so Junior and I are eating jupptr! I made »ome fudge, pie and oaks!" FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSBR i an Act .' WALLACE / WHWfe |JlfAM<N& OF AIL THIS OLD SOUTH BUSINESS? TELL ME, U'L MAOJOLIA, BLOSSOM i HOW DO YOU LIKE BEINS WAY VJt ee ; \wwy D:O I TO IJAVE . ACTORS 1H- WELL, BROTHUHi IF THERE WEKENT SUCH A PASSEU YANKEES AROUND/ YOU WONT LET ME CO SO YOU GONJG TO ALLOW THIS KIDS VVILt LAUSH ' our OF ir.' —- BETHANV ANO PRISCILLA'S POP Where There's Life By AL VERMEER V'l GEeWT CfsESAR, WHY, f03. THW KIMD , I COULD 8O>l_n A , DCpEEJS FIGURED Tv\& IriVOUR. A\iTD JKTic BED woouj cost Bar TlSW\G COSTS, PHi9> FA.CTO1?/, 308BER AUD RETAIL. ' P00RTS.V&OLO BOOST TUB SGLUMG PRICE TO SOMETHlrlG ELSE ,' Maldo, this is Hiss Primrase...Prisdtla's tinfoyarten / guess you've noticed that Prise ill a isn't just an ordinary /itt/e girL: Man Winter Is Anna Is Cornered By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE ttXJ SAY CHIMES T OlO AND HAHD- LEFr HISOFFKE / IOOKPN6, SHE SIMMY AFTER-l W«S... LIKf SHE'O NOON WITH A / C(JT HER OWN OMAN? WHAT ( MlWHTfR's THROAT ID SHE IOOK V FOR A DIME LIKE? HERE, ANrtA-CAK T YOU, SEE flVI TRYING TO mP tS'ii YOU? BUT \ou e*ni DOWN NOW. CHILD! NEEDN'T WRIEK 50, AUNT tUCR£TIA.I'M GOING .DOWNSTAIRSTO TELEPHONE.' MAKES TK ACTORS YOU NEED RESTAKOSLKP, CHILD .'TAKE ONE Of THESE PIUS. IT Will HELP YOU. TRACTOR CO. rrt NO USE, AUHT UJCRETIA. [ CAN'T SLEEP NOW.' t'« GOING DOWNSTAIRS. . Hiway 61 Phone 2171 WASH TUBES No, That Was Tommy Bv LESSLIE TURNER /MT COUUOWr BE £ WHW> SITUKTIOH! ICMfTKIU. Service Station State Line (Around the Curve) N. F. Richards New .Operator Featuring: Gulf Courtesy That Good Gulf Gas Tires, Batteries Accessories Discount Rale (o Truckers Open 6:00 a. m., 10 p. m. Weekends tD WN™ WHILE, ORO LUNCH N.REHDVA'EW TIME TO REPMR. THE DIWER » WELUVMTEK JEFFERSOH'S ILL TAKE TOMMY Y SW, (WSTEfW VOU'RE THIS BIGSTEP PROS, TO SET HV DlftWOMO, OM THE TRMW....AH! ViHILE THE KID'S BUSS ELSE- i ILL HOP OFF AT THIS STC.TIOM! NOT FWK TO GET Off TH'TRMM WHERE W KOf. CHO VOU COME FROM? I3UST VOU GO DOWN THE On With the Dance Bv FRED BARMAN AIL R!G £>> SETTER swung off down the street. Cam slowly turned her bacV on the brilliance and passed between the long bronze jaws ot the entrance on her thoughtful way. He PICKARD'S GROCERY hadn't oven come close to asking her for any definite date. seemed so completely pleased with his substitute companion 'of last night that there wasn't any reason even to suppose that he might be Not Too Happj asking her at »ny time in the fu- Phon« 2043 1044 CWckssawba VELL.ITSEEMSTO ME ONE PAME / SHH. r . ON MV 1 HANDS AT <*, TIME IS A9OUT EJS=>.^. Well, (hat was exactly what AR6NT YOU GLAD Tip wanted, wasn't il? TMC TO FIND >65J (To Be Continued} OH, SO ITS XX) WHO'S MAKIW IT .TOUGH OM ME/ 1 PUT A WAP GbM THERE TO K\ARk: TH PCE 6ox AT MGHT--AM BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN 1, SOLVftSV SOMc'E.WtVO, HPMt ^ A sometime

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