The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on September 2, 1917 · 13
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 13

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 2, 1917
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1 THE SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER- SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 2.' 1917 3f N 5 GAS GANGRENE FIG RIBED BY DR. HUTCHIN At FRONT DESC 1 Noted Medical Writer Tells of Victory Over Di sease Which Comes From Infection of Wounds With Germs That Live in Soil Dr. Woods Hutchinson for many years has been a contributor to The Examiner" on scientific topics. ! He is the most prominent writer in the United States on medical and surgical subjects. Below is the second of a series of remarkable articles on lessons taught to science fcy the rvar. Which waa probably because our modern surgi cal precautions are able to bar out the pus-forming germs and prevent them from forming: that "wicked partnership" with the ga. bacillus, which gave Its infection wings, so to speak. , As we had no anti-toxin, and unfortunately after-nearly three years of struggle and experiment have none yet, although one of the research workers at the Rockefeller Institute has recently reported some nncouraginff progress in that direction, we were driven to hunt for other weapons. The first hold which we got on the germs came from the fact that they are what are known as anerobic, that is to say, can live without air, and not only that, but are killed by or grow very slowly in the presence of air and oxygen. WOUNDS NOW LEFT OPEN. This being the case, it was quite evident that our ; modern aseptic method of closing and sewing up all wounds tightly and at the earliest possible moment was giving the bacillus the very thing he most wanted: alrlessness and warmth. Consequent ly it became the rule to leave all shell wounds of any considerable depth, or of pocketed, Irregular shape, or with mouths "much smaller than their deeper parts as wide open as possible for the first three to five days. This at once diminished the number of our cases of gas-gangrene. The next step was the discovery that as the bacillus could not eat or live upon living tissue, if we could manage to clean and cut away and scrape out of the wound the crushed and shattered fragments of flesh whose vitality was destroyed, we should deprive him of any food to live upon or material to grow upon. When this was thoroughly done, within four or five hours or even where delay was unavoidable within thirty-six hours of receiving the wound, our cases of gas-gangrene took another and much heavier drop. Juice of Lemons! How to Make Skin White and Beautiful i By WOODS HUTCHINSON, M. D. HE goodness, or badness of ayor inclined to spread. thing depends entirely upon its surroundings where it "finds itself," as the French say. We have heard much from time Immemorial of the healthfulness of close contact with Mother Earth, of getting back to and In close touch with her fertile and sustaining surface, her Boft brown lap. ' From its abundance comes all our sustenance, from labor in its brown furrows comes half our health, nay, we are officially (informed that out of its dust our 'own bodily frames were originally made. But that was a very, very ion;? time ago, and today to mix any more of the dust of the earth, into our bodies, whether into our Jungs or into our blood, is anything but a health-giving process. It Is all very well for us to get right down and delve into the soil, but when the soil begins to delve into us, that Is another matter. Dust of the earth in the lungs to-day spells tuberculosis; dust in the stomach means typhoid, dust in the blood, gas-gangrene and tetanus. Of course these troubles do not spring frow the actual substance of the earth in one sense, the sand or the clay out of which it is made. But in another sense they spring - from the very soil itself, that is from an element which is an essential part of the soil, which in fact makes the surface of the earth into soil and without which there could be no life whatever possible upon the face of the earth, but only a barren stretch of desert sand and sun-baked clays, ne bacteria of the soil. SOIL ALIVE WITH GERMS. The soil, in fact, is alive, not dead, and bacteria are the life of it. Broadly speaking, the fertility of the soil depends upon the number of bacteria in it, and all our laborious and elaborate methods of cultivation both age-old and modern, ploughing and harrowing, disking and dynamiting, draining and irrigating, are simply to enahle more billions of bacteria to nourish in a given soil by making it more porous and evenly moist. Consequently the richer and more Buperbly cultivated a soil is the more literally alive and swarming it is with bacteria, and indeed in market-garden soil for instance, the bodies of the bacteria, infinitesimally tiny as iney are, form in their masses, actually as much as 10 per cent of its bulk. Most of these bacteria of the soil, if they j happen to get into the blood or into the body, either die at once or produce only putrefactive changes in the, food in our Intestines, because they cannot "eat" or grow upon living tissues. NEW LINE OF DEFENSE. Against the gas bacillus we have wo such remedy, so a new line of de-, f ense has had to be worked out. This germ, under ordinary circumstances and conditions, attracts very little attention from surgeons or from human beings. He is a peaceful and blameless agriculturalist, living in and on the soil, attacking and breaking up the decaying animal and vegetable matters contained In it and preparing them for absorption by the roots of plants,, while at the same time getting his own living "on the side." This gas in the soil is perfectly harmless, . Indeed probably rather beneficial than otherwise, by increasing its porousness and assisting the growth of other bacteria. But' when the gas bacillus gets into the human body and begins to liberate It in the tissues, then some very distressing effects are produced, and It Is this fact which has given it Its name, now all too familiar. When a group of these gas-producing bacteria in the soil are blown on a piece of shell deep into the human body, they find themselves in clover. The fragments of the tissues which have been torn and crushed and mangled out of all vitality by the shell furnish dead animal matter for them to grow upon. They are deeply enough buried to be freed from the thing they hate most, the oxygen of the air, and the warmth of the body "forces" them like a hot-house. The result in a bad case is that after about forty-eight hours the edges of the wound begin to swell up and turn outward or backward, making it gape open. The discharge rom the wound almost stops and its cut surface takes on a curious half-jollified, half-mummlfled sort of look; then the whole wounded limb begins to swell up and distend in the most extraordinary fashion, turning first an ashy white and then a greenish color as It does so. Incidentally, it may be said that there is sometimes a curious confusion in the public mind between gas pangrene and poison gas, or gas attacks. Both are among the blessings of war, but other than that have not the slightest connection. I have even seen it stated that gas-gangrene la the result of the gas in gas attacks getting into wounds. VUe and abominable as gas clouds and gas shells are, and heavy the dlsgraco and wo hope ultimate punishment of the Germans, who Invented them and initiated their use, their gas. chlorine, has no injurious effect upon wounds even If it happens to be blown into them. ' On the contrary, though somewhat irritating, it would be distinctly antiseptic, in fact, by a singular, almost grotesque coincidence, this very same element and gas, chlorine, dissolved in water, is the active antiseptic principle of .the Dakin fluid used in the great Carrel treatment! This present gas-gangrene never became a tenth as bad as our war of secession rangrene, for it has Just ona redeeming feature and that is that it is , not actively contagious Clarence Kolb Weds Dancer PlansQuarded FromFriends :i. ' V'-V-'l-'l :: M' .! I .IP-.-.ll-l,-,if ,, , - v. .. nffM I At the cost of a small Jar of ordinary cold cream one can prepare a full quarter pint of the most wonderful lemon skin softener and complexion beautifler, by squeezing the juice of two fresh lemons into a bottle containing three ounces of orchard white. Care should be taken to strain the juice through a fine cloth so no lemon pulp gets in, then this lotion will keep fresh, for months. Every woman knows that lemon juice is used to bleac'.i and remove such blemishes as freckles, sallowness and tan. and Is the ideal skin softener, amoothener and beautifler. Just try it! Get three ounces of orchard white at any pharmacy and two lemons from the grocer andi make up a quarter pint of this sweetly fragrant lemon lotion and massage it daily into the face, neck, arms and hands. It should naturally help to whiten, soften, freshen and bring out" the roses and beauty of any skin. It Is truly marvelous to smoothen rough, red hands. Advertisement. Honeymoon to Be Spent at Portland. Persi s t e n 1 1 y rumor has linked together the names of Clarence Kolb, long, lank comedian, and May Cloy, the dainty dancer, Just as persistently they denied their engagement, until yesterday, when Kolb and Miss Mabel 8. Larsen of Portland (who is no other than May Cloy) tax-led from the City Hall to Grace Cathedral. There they were married by Dean Wilmer Gresh-am, with only six wit n e s s e s, James J. Jeflries, former heavyweight boxing champion, and Mrs. Jeffries; "Bill" Jacobs and fr .Tfirnl-ei anrl Mr. and Mrs. Ed- v ward ArmstPAntr of Duluth. Mrs. Armstrong is Kolb's sister. A w e d dl n g breakfast was served at the St. Francis Hotel and then the news was broken to the rest of the theatrical company at the Alcazar. May Cloy's age was given as 27 and Kolb's as 42. The couple left last night for a season with 1he company in Portland, so the hon-ymoon will include a . visit home for the bride. May Cloy was a star in the "High Cost of Loving." the petite blonde star who did the sinuous island & ; MRS. CLARENCE KOLB ; Known in tlieatricel circles as May, Cloy, dancer In musical comedy, who yesterday became wife of comedian. fit MpW)JljMlWMIg HE ' ' 1 h ' r ' ; 'J ?, -v . Sf;" ;, f : ,1 3 Pv V ! - .'s -y,y ! 0J ' OpT'. ? V ' If w , - ' - ' ' - II y y ' ' - v- , fit'- t r ' ' ; x if f 'i ; ' ., ' f i v' ' v - '". ' ' ' ' If !, ' s - -V ' tJ " ' 1 P ' Jhf , 11 "i ; A Ah I ' v v .y y ' 4 s ft W-A V fi ' - " r ' . danre iutt before Dili burst into the tfJK?4&oCr, frfSS scene. WOMAN SUES TO EJECT JOIN Mrs. Annie Sanguinetti filed an ejectment suit in the Superior Court yesterday against Mrs. Alice B. Fronk, former wife of Attorney George B. Keane, to get possession of property at Union and Mason streets. Mrs. Fronk was given permission by the late Mrs. Laura Roaoch, former owner of the property to live in it until it had been . sold. Keane as administrator of the property sold it two weeks ago to Mrs. SangulnettL Mrs. Fronk refuses to relinquish possession. Mrs. Fronk and Keane were married in Yolo county six years ago. Two months ago Judge Mogan annulled the marriage because Mrs. Fronk was a married woman when It was celebrated. She said she was advised by Keane that thir marriage would be legal despite tin fact she was already married. Keane denied this. Mrs. Fronk said hia purpose in marrying her was to get possession of th property. - am Sincere! Stop Calomel! I Guarantee Dodson's Liver Tone . ' i. Listen to me ! Calomel sickens and you may lose a day's work. If bilious, constipated or headachy read my guarantee!, Liven up your sluggish liver! Feel fine and cheerful; make your work a pleasure; be vigorous and full of ambition. But take no nasty, dangerous calomel, because it makes you sick and you may lose a day's work. Calomel is mercury or quicksilver which causes necrosis of the bones. Calomel crashes into sour bile like dynamite, breaking it up. That's when you feel that awful nausea and cramping. Listen to me! If you want to en-Joy the nicest, gentlest liver and bowel cleansing you ever experienced just take a spoonful of harmless Dodson's Liver Tone to-night. Your druggist or dealer sells you a 60-cent bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone under my personal money-back guarantee' that each spoonful will clean your sluggish liver better than a dose of nasty calomel and that It won't make you sick. Dodson's Liver Tone is real liver medicine. You'll know it next morning because you will wake up feeling fine, your liver will be working; headache and dizziness gone; stomach will bo sweet and bowels regular. Dodson's Liver Tone is entirely vegetable, therefore harmless, and cannot salivate. flive it to your children. Millions of people are using Dodson's Liver Tone Instead of dangerous calomel now. Your druggist will tell you that t'.te sale of calomel is almost stopped entirely here. Advertisement. BUSINESS NOTICES. BUSINESS NOTICES. Wife to Blame if Husband Drinks, Says Druggist Brown, of Cleveland, Who Tells Wife What To Do i Xa Trontmpnt fJWen Without the Consent or Knowledge of the Drinker Cleveland. O. No wire has a ngni tn hlame her husband because he drinks says Druggist Brown, or Cleveland It Is her fault if she lets him drink and bring unhappiness and poverty to her horns and she has no a drinking husband In a fw weeks for half what he would spend on liquor, so why waste sympathy on a wife ho refuses to do . t .. - m n v m rttrnf r 1 m ft to crown iu c i stop the drink habit is at Its begin- ntng unless you want unn "- 1 ..." ..n.lhllltta nt the hus- band you love. Begin with the first whiff of liquor on his breath, but do not despair ir n nas sonn ''" . na i h riimniH,nu through and through. Druggist Brown knows the curse of strong drink because he himself has been a victim. He was reicueO irom uunn ui a j i' . ' a hv n Invlnir sister who. after ten years' time, revea'ed the secret to mm. one """ i ... .a..x. him frt,,n him I TO 111 u I 1 1 1 n i r r. v. ...... - - . own depraved self, by giving hirn a secret remedy, the formula of an old German chemist. To discharge his . . . . . m r, A i rt h.ln nthr VIC- tlms out of th murk and mire h has made the rormuia puuiii- .w any puffering wife, mot.ier. sister or daughter, jusi u - nrepared Tenrum powders and dron a powder twice a day in tea, coffee, milk or any other drink. Boon liquor does not taste the same, the craving for it disappears and lo, one more drinker is saved and knows not when or why he lost the taste for drink. One woman who used this prescription on her husband says: "It is going on the fourth wjeek since Vie has touched a drop of anything in the form of liquor or used tobacco of any kind. He seems already like a different man. Tescum has gained a wonderful enthusiast in me. I regard It as a Godsend. Just think, I have never seen my husband sober for more than 48 'noura In years and now It Is going on one month since he had his last drink." Another one gratefully writes: "I have used tescum powders on my husband and find ,t one of the greatest cures In this world. He hasn't taken a drink for almost five weeks and says he never will. My home does not seem like the same place, and life seems worth living. I hope thousands gain what I have. This has been a good new yar for me witViout drink in my home' NOTE Twum, referred tfl tbor. ghnuld b used only when it it desiribie to dwtrojr U tst for alcoholic drinki of Mtry kind. Th wife who upprorm of drinking in moderation and belieTta hrt butband f should i it only when h eta, aa Biott do in tim. that the danger line it near. Ton taha no rih with tegenm, ai it it old in tiiit citr nrder a "eelbound money-refund guarantee by Wakelee Pharmaele and otheT first-ela dniggltta. They guarantee it to do the work or refund the money. This Frees Your Skin From Hair br Fuzz (Toilet Tips) The method here suggested for the removal of superfluous hair is quick and certain and unless the growth is extremely stubborn, a single application does the work. Make a stiff paste with some powdered delatone and water; apply this to the hairy surface and after about 2 minutes rub it off, wash the skin and the hairs are gone. To avoid disappointment, be sure your druggist sells you delatone. Advertisement. BLAME. f-JQ IC Women a well aa men are made miserable by kidney and I J bladder trouble. Thousands recommend Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great kidney medicine. At druggists' ; in large and medium size bottles. Yon may receive a sample size by Parcel Post, also pamphlet telling about it. Address Dr. Kilmer aV Co.. Bing-tiamton, N. Y., and enclose ten cenW; also meu-" the San Frandseo Sunday Kxaminer. r?trnii-w rViiinti'isiMiiifitfi iiiirS Tnin JIOSJIJ- Hl'iS'l 11 I 'I J.J C-.iO'" V'j Wonderfnl reenlts I Wrinkles and age lines nnisnoa. xas. una iew secret metnoa work a marvels. Yoa should learn about it rig ntnow. uarm now it make the skin as smooth, clear and beautiful as the famous complexions of the Japanese) women. You satiny and lover their akinaara.l NO matter buw lonv von mav hits suffered1 from these blemishes. no matter what yoa have triad, trttt thelnfnr fnation mm emll irladlv BAnd about t'n Prinrfws Tokio treatment. Get the Princess Tolclo Benrty Book. It tf free. It tells yon how to huve the perfect skin beauty that all women Ions for. Yours for the coupon. Send, A Few Days t And All Your . - Wrinkles Con KoMaseaire. Mo Plasters.' Mo Masks N Boilers. Ma ExerctMi. None fi titm. Bat m simple, war craaimwH rwiMa in UMieflB iniriJi tk pricr t tout room. Only a f&w minutes requlna. The sklis IWIM., irM, J i !ud and Hcnu.1 eucietr laasers ana arwaiaeaft acvessss ef acTwaer. Guaranteed Our lefal, binding; money tack TirBt ( wlta each traatm.tit. 1( Oie WnceM Tokla truuawt siwtild t.ll in your cam. takaa accerain to our plrnn. simple directions, your none? win Mwiinniiia.. ! XaUi niuadsd mwa i Edna Hunter Famous "Movie" Star, says of lbs Priseeaa Teki Treatment: "After a hard day IjnstapplyFrinoess Tokio and every trees of fatigue, atrain and roughness vanishes like magic. I gave it to a friend whose face was becoming wrinkled and she sara It wiped tha wriaklea est in no time. I wish rou ail the aoeeaas yea so richly deserve." PDPE1 Princess Tokii JST &l!SLa Beauty Bo( Tfa whole itory of tha Prn- eMt Tokio trutmrjt told. Tb WOnflwTt I. sMOOssUJUU lasm&limbsM. RowtME clsxions, one Aoplu" hmtm beB rUmd to youthxul kMutsr. How years htw ba n taken oft woman's look. All thtfi iubt. prirsvU lnforTUon It iwn in thif WkDwwrcAvjrfordlitrt ution.Get year copy bow. 4&ntt -isin.aasled ?qvIop.) LrMtrn th sert of ! otttkm. Leurn how tb AmfHcan woman cmtt rival tb com p I ax ion ehanna of tha Japan. Ko cost. lo obiivatfon wb&tavar opoa yMb 1 1 ti for ttw aaKiAjr. Coupon NOW 1 , -jam i uiat w ku, iv win prioar you trA. the PnncMB Tokio Beaut; - up. J..I gsjm asaas sjist that ia all. It will br na- vcai .t r. rri ; Dr..r a, reoti Vila niwa. ewi.ii. poeuir ev av . vn . 1 Book byreturn mail. Every ' Jf Dept. B3 Cliloagv Pi.,.i 1 1 ri j- I woman ought to have it. PI ease send me free anl We want you to have it. jflr without obligation on my LUQ't put on lenamg. part rnnceae loue rj.auur Pat the coopea ia t&e mail risfat sow. Priacess Tokio Ce. a. Federal LUeBidg. J Kama Dept. 62 . Jr Chicago, HI. M mmammmB Address. Buuk ia plaia sealed asvelena,. 1 Bad Stomachs J The Penalty Stomach sufferers should take warning. G.J'l Stones, Cancer and fleers of tfia Stomach ami Intratittes, Auto Intoxication, Yellow Jsundioi-. Appendicitis, and other dangerou.1 ailments, are some of the penalties. Most Stomach, loiter an l Intestinal Troubles are quickly oTeroome wiUi Mayr'8 Wonderful Remedy. This favorite pre- .ciiyuua jtna rtTiiuicu iiiiiiiviin vi prMipio. .et onn dose of Mayr'a Wonderful Hemedy prove to-day that it will help you. For sals by Owl Drug tc ana aniRKists everywnere. BUSINESS NOTICES. ' BUSINESS NOTICES. BUSINESS NOTICES. Mother, Why Don't You Take Nuxated . Iron And Be' Strong and Well and Have Nice Rosy Cheeks Instead of Being Nervous and Irritable All the Time and Looking So Haggard and Old? The Doctor Gave Some to Susie Smith s Mother ami Mie Was Worse Utt Than You Are and -'ov sne looks just i.-uic. NUXATED IRON WILL IN CREASE THE STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE OF WEAK, iiiKVUUS, LAKLWUKN,' HAGGARD '-LOOKING WUeUCiN riiK i i. TWO WEEKS' TIME IN MANY INSTANCES. THE CHILD S APPEAL ulanrs and alco'.iollc beverages, I am convinced that In this way they could ward off disease, preventing it becoming organic 1n thousands of cases, and thereby the lives of thousands might be saved who now die every year from pneumonia, errippe, kidney, liver, heart trouble and other dangerous maladlea. The real and true cause which started their dlsefese was nothing more nor legs than r wfftkened condition brought on by lack of iron in the blood. "On account of the peculiar nature of woman, and the great drain placed upon her system at certain periods, she requires iron much more than man to help make up for the loss. "Iron Is absolutely necessary to enable your blood to change food into living tissue. Without It, no matter how much or w'.iat you eat, your food merely passes through you without doing you any good. You don't get the strength out of it, and as a consequence you become weak, pale and sickly looking, just like a plant trying to grow in a soil deficient In iron. If von are not stronar or well vou OW8 It Thorrs ran hatin naoiiirii1 to yourself to make the following V test: See how Ion neauny Kosy utieeKea women I sv-iifc f ' w-'-v-f iSWiSwaseB--"-' "c ' Tel a T 'Waiiiuui irun. F. KING, M D. g you can work or hah An n ia' ri. 1 lr nfltkniit V. ArtAIVI Ing tired. Next take two five-grain YOU CHll tell the "WOmen Wltll taoiets or orainary nuxatea iron . . v J three times per day after meals for plenty OI ll"OIl III Hldr DlOOO iSmwf iJ- JPVZ3?TyTV& beautiful healthy rosy cheeked tra InArl T httVA KAtftn Afwt&nm ft nrv. f9af. fl S "There can be no healthy, beautiful, 5llB run-down people who were all- WOlUen IU11 OI Life, Vul CUIU rosy cheeked women without Iron," ing all the while double their strength a rif TTprdlnand King, a New York and endurance and entirely rid them- " J " , , ..j anthnv "Tn mv nelvea of all symptoms of dyspepsia. Physician and Medical Authoi. inmy.,,vep and other trnub,e(Si ln from ten Vitality WOMEN SHAVE UNKNOWINGLY The razor would Solve the superfluous Vialr problem if merely removing hair quickly were all that were required of a depilatory. Whether you use a razor or Questionable depilatories, the result is the same you only remove hair from the surface of. the skin, which causes It to ktow out again coarser and suffer. The only common-sense way to remove hair is to attack It under the akin. DeMlracle, the original eanl-tary liquid, operates on this principle. It alone contains certain Ingredients which give it the power to rob hair of Its vitality. It does this by absorption. DeMiracle works equally well for removing hair from face, neck, arms, under arms or limbs to prevent It from showing through stockings. Insist on the genuine DeMiracle. It Is the only depilatory that has money-back guarantee In each package. In 6c, $1.00 and $2.00 bottles at all toilet counters, or direct from ut in plain sealed wrapper on receipt of rrlce. FREE booklet mailed In plain sealed envelope on request. Write for It to-day and read it before you make another application of any depilatory. DeMiracle Chemical Co., Pept C, Frk Ave. and 129th St., New Tork. not that kind of Iron. Tou must take Iron In a form that can be easily absorbed and assimilated to do you any recent talks to pnysicians on me to fourteen days' time simply by tak- ya aorimis conseauences of inn iron ln the orooer form. And this f ...M.M in the blood of Amer- after they had in some cases been doc- good, otherwise it may prove worse iron deficiency in the Diooa or Amer tor,n f(jp month. w)thout obtaining than useless. I have used Nuxated lean women I nave strongly empna- anv benefit. But don't. take the old Iron widely In my own practice in aized the fact that doctors should pre- forms of reduced Iron. Iron aceate, or most severe aggravated conditions .-L. nli irnn niiYntp.d tincture of iron, simnlv to save a few with unfailing results. I have in mnn rtf niui c vs - - - --. -- - . .. .t cents. The iron demanded by Mother Nature for . .afsu i naiiu a is. !ron for their nervous, run-down. haggard-looking women pa tients. Pallor means anaemia, skin of the anaemic woman is pale, the flesh flabby. The muscles lack tone, the brain fags and the memory ii. and often they become weak, nervous, irritable, despondent and melancholy. When the iron goes from the blood of women the roses go from their cheeks. "In the most common foods of America the starches, sugars, table syrups, candles, polished rice, white bread, sodrf crackers, biscuits, macaroni, spaghetti, tapioca, sago, farina, degerminated corn-meal, no longer Is Iron to be found. Refining processes have removed the Iron of Mother Earth from these Impoverished foods, and silly methods of home cookery, by throwing down the waste pipe the water ln which our vegetables are cooked, are responsible for. another grave Iron loss. "Therefore, if you wish to preserve your youthful vim and vigor to s ripe old age, you must supply the Iron deficiency ln your food by using some form of organic iron, Just as you would use salt when your food has not enough salt. "As 1 have said a Yiundred times over, organio Iron is the greatest of all strength builders. If people would only take Nuxated Iron when they feel weak" or run down, instead of dosing them- I selves with habft-formlng drugs, ntlm- I , : - V, . the red col o r 1 n g matter ln the blood of her chl 1 d r e n Is. alas! Dr. Ferdinand King,New York Physician and Medical Author, tells physicians thai they should prescribe more organic iron Nuxated Iron for their patients Says anaemia iron deficiency is the greatest curse to the health, strength, vitality, and beauty of the modern American Woman. Sounds warning against use of metallic iron tckich may injure the teeth, corrode the stomach and do far more Harm than good; advises use of only nuxated iron. duced many other physicians to give it a trial, an or whom nave given me most surprising reports In regard to Its great power as a health and strength builder. "Many an athlete and prize fighter Vias won the day simply because he knew the secret of great Btrength and endurance and filled his blood with Iron before he went Into the affray; while many another has gone down ln inglorious defeat simply for the lack of Iron." Dr. Schuyler C. Jaquea, Vlsitln-g Surgeon of St. Elizabeth's Hos pital, New York City, said: "I have never sbefore given out any medical information or advice for publication, ar I ordinarily do not believe In It. But ro manv Amer ican women siiff-T frren Iron defloinry, with its att-nrlant ills phyical waknr, nsrr-rxis irritubfMtr, welanohnly. lndiai-stirm. flabby, sneflnir wtsrles. t. rt:., and in conwn'ienr of thir rskned, ma-lom condition they srs so lisb'a to contract serious snd Tn ftl di-a thst I 'em It my duty to adrise eiich to take Nnxsted Iron. I hsw taken it rnveelf ad (rtren It to my patients with m-w-t urprls!n and satisfactory remits. And tboes who wish quickly to increase their stnmirfn, power and endurance win find it a most remart-abie and wonderfully effsctita remedy," NOTE Nuxated Iron, which is prescribed and recommended abova by physicians in such a treat tartety of cases, is not a patent medicine or secret remedy, but one which is well known to dmsrtists and whose Iron constituents an widely prescribed by physicians both in Europe and America. Cnlike the older inorganic iron product, it is essilv assimilated, does not Injure the teeth, make them black, nor np- most pitent remedy in nearly all foTris of inrtUestlon as well as for nenous, run-down eorditions. The man-nfacturers tare such great confidence in nuxated iron "hit UrVy offer to forfett ItOO.OO to any charitable institution if they cannot take any man or woman under SO who lacka iron, and increase their strenrh 100 per rtt or OTr in four weeks' time prodded they haTetio Smis oraaDic trouble. They also offer to refund your money if It does not at least double jwii ' rtth an enduianes in ten days' time JU,. city by Owl Druf Co. "d aU p iWS- . ya&rmmo"y i . n c rn a l m m i, mft.'Zt & H i r: i . "-';;xS' f.:.M rrihf l " . im'Wtf fey pt tZ ' .y.KR , ? ?i II jPih-i "Zj ,A , I a.eMmiMi Wiaj gvwajartA-a. ja.lx j. ' - - . J r X j 1 1 1 1 II H II I i lili il lii MIH Hflffl A F White commands the bie- moments of this soirited nhoto , .O play serial with poise and power. Yet never does she sacrifice her delightful girlish Charm, her lovable nersnnalttv. Sh- thrills' and fascinate inspires interest and awakens admiration. Pearl White is the Summer serial queen, and "The Fatal Ring" is her newest and best production. Warner Oland, famous "villain" of Patria; Ruby Hoffman, Henry Gsell and .Earle Foxe lend splendid support to Miss White. "The Fatal Ring" has been novelized by Fred Jackson and the story is now appearing daily in the CALL. See It on the Screen at Best Motion-Picture Theatres Sow CASINO THEATRE Ellin at Maaon. VALENCIA Theatre 1 1 s Directed by Geo. B. SejU ti

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