The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 5, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1947
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, '(ARK.T COURIER Mayors Display Neighborliness Officials of Three Nations Represented at New Orleans Meeting KEW. ^RLEANS, NOV. s. aw— An atmosphere of "good-neiglibor- lincss" predominated today at the American municipal association conference licre as . distinguished sovcrnmeut officials of the United USlates, Mexico and Canada prepared to deliver addresses tonight, at Hie annum banquet. •Ally. Gen. Tom C. Clark will speak to some 700 city officials at the dinner, following greetings Irom Fernando Casas Alcman, governor of Hie Federal District o( Mexico, «hd Garnet Coulter, mayor of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and honorary president of the Canadian Federation of Mayors and Municipalities;. The morning sessions included discussions of the federal'aid airport program and problciiis- 61 airport financing and operation. City intervention in utility rales cases coming before sl^te commissions evoked lively interest in a forum conducted by mayors of cities of more than 100,000 population. City clerks and finance officers met during the morning to outline budget-making procedures and determine revenue forecasts. City attorneys assembled to give theii views on current legal problems, confronting their municipalities. Before tonight's banquet, delegates were given a free afternoon in which to visit sights of interest ill and around New Orleans. Before the close of yesterday's Weakness in Civil Rights Machinery sessions, a charge of "state dictatorship" was hurled by Mayor F. Kenneth Dempsey of South. Bend. Ind Dempsey blamed state legislator; for "federal meddling" in uity governments and called for the returi of home rule to cities. The Indiana mayor blasted "state dictatorship 1 by staling, "today In most, case- we find growing in stature a sRiti absolutism, a state dictatorship tha each fortunate occasion strikes down the principle of local self-govern ment. It Is little wonder that ir times of economic stress, the federa government has broken throug state lines and legal. Barriers t come to the rescue of the cities." Far ben Official Has Trouble Getting In Jail NUREMBERG, Nov. ». (UP) — Dr. Krltz Ter Meer, one ol the s:i I. G, Farben officials now on Irlnl for alleged war crimes, hud a haul time gelling back Into the Nuernberg Jail last night. Ter Meet 1 w»« granted permission to spend theweekend In Frankfurt. He was paroled to hu defense attorney, who was examining some document In the Pnr- ben headquarters (here, When he returned to NuornborK last night, the Jalt guard wouldn't let him la because he didn't have a pass. Ter Meer and hts attorney (rled to find Joslnlr Diiboln, Camden N. J., the chief American prose j cutor, but they Called. Jan Chnrmatz, member of the prosecution staff from New York happened to pass In front ot the Palace of Justice while Ter Meer and his attorney were pandering whnt to do. Chnrmntz made a couple of phone calls and succeeded In getting Ter Meer back Into Jail. Charrnal?. obtained a receipt which saW: "L>e- Hvcry or one body Ter TOcer (o Nuernberg jail at Palace or Justice." Marriage Llcentet The following couple oblalncd a mniTl*g« license yesterday In tht office of Miss Elizabeth Blythe, county clctk; Maury Roberts of Caruthersvllle, Mo., and Miss Lodema atawart, o( SI.. Louis, Mo. •t»l primarily of medical iupplle«. The 8UU Department uld »hip- inent <j( wheat und lice from the United BUlcs U expected to begin tin end of this niotith, Tlie U. 8. Commodity Credit Corp., will handle the Siamese rice through 1U agent In Bangkok. $27 Million Is Set Aside for 'Urgent' Needs of Chinese WASHINGTON, Nov. 6. (UP) — The Slate Department announced yesterday that »27,100,000 has been set aside to buy anil ship "urgently needed" posl-UNRRA supplies for China. It snld the program for China provides for shipment of 50.000 long Ions of whc.U iiiul 43,000 tons ol rleo allocated. from Hie United States, Another 30,000 long tons of rlco will bo shipped to ChtHfi Iron; Slum. Tho real of the program will con- {AGK Only Ijiu .'jni abcv?. j'rtpared by the President's Committee on Civil R ignis, points xip weak spots in operations o{ the Department ol Justice's Civil Rights section. In its recent report to the President, the. committee made recommendations for strengthening the set-up to protect minorities. Winant's Reason For Suicide May Lie in His Book BOSTON, Nov. 6. (UP)—DU lllUBloinnent mny tiav* b««n JL I'OiUrllmllng cnute lo former Airr ImBsHilor Jolin 0. Wlnanl'i dw t'lslon lo take lilt life, lt s ws» r«- venlcit yesterday. In lili now book "Loiter from (li'oavonor SiiMar.V' whlcli cmno of( I lie pi-ens .veHloiday o»ly » fnw hours allor hl» ili-iilli, Wiimnl wrotn: , "OllO Ot lllU llOOper MN18QUS fol wnnlliiK lo wrlto. .. IK Ihe' Krow Ins vltnUUiBloiniKuit ot tort»y. \\'lilgh not only dlnii and obioureri built here. Furthermore, Rep. T. Hale Boggs, D., La., said the Houston homes were being built at about' half the cost of new homes In New Orleans. R. B. Roessle, chairman of an important New Orleans Home De- veloprr^nt Committee, said a short- age a£ materials had hurt building here, Roessle said, however, that New Orleans couldn't match a reported W,MO Houston price for a two-bedroom house. In New Orleans such a house vvns selling for tlO.OOO, he added. Highway Revenues Run Ahead of 7946 Figures LITTLE ROCK, Ark., NOV. S. fUP) — Highway revenues for the current bond ycnr arc runnliiB some $1.000,000 ahead of collections during the same period last year, th e State Highway Department reported today. Tire bond year started April 1. The department, said that $11,863,781 has been collected In snso- line taxes and motor vehicle fees to date this year, compared with »10,101,749 during the same period ] of 194S. Of this year's amount I $10,704,507 went Into the highway j fund after collection costs and county aid were deducted. 2611 — 2611 — 2611 — 2611 IF YOU WANT THE BEST IN A FIRST LINE TIRE . . . GET THE NEW ii HOOD 400" Washing Lubrication Road Service Esso Products • Also Goodyear and Firestone Tires to Os to 201 West Ash Street tb« present, but fa tryini t» cloud lh« past, "It had seemed to ra« tliat many paople do Dot understand tfe* urgency of til days." Th« hook Is to be placed on isU Nor, U. WAKNINQ OKDEB In the Chancery Comrt Ch b« District, MlaalMlft Aftansas. James Mancell ....... : . , . .PUnUlf, vs. No. 10,301 Marilyn Uancell ........ Detend»nt. The defendant Marilyn Uiac*ll U hereby warned to app«ar within thirty days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of th« plaintiff James Mancell, Dated this t day of November, 1«7, HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Betty Peterson, deputy. C. F. Coojxr, Atty, for Pltf. Ed B, Cook, Atty ad lltem. M pfciihit, Jiuuilt* Axrin , W. HO. . ._ DotMldB. Ante .:.'..,\. The dtfcndaat DtMld U hereby nriMd to thirty day* In tb« enqt the caption htwof and i complaint of the plsinttft Arvln,. D*ted thU I d»y of RARVKT By Dorothy OOBltr, C. T. Cooper, Atty. lot Ktf, Zd B. cook, Atty id liMsn. WARNING OKDEK Ihe Chancery Court, Chlckaww- IJour Holi6aij Guide The Professor, It Seems, Might Start an Argumen With a Lot of Aging Men FRESNO. Cal ? Nov. 5. (UP) — A Fresno State College associate professor of phychology claimed today that 11 you are 2C, o'iii age Is on Its way. That, at 26, Dr. M. Bruce Fisher says people start losing their strength. From then on he said they just get weaker. Fisher based his statements on a study he made In collaboration with Dr James E. Blrren of the United States' Public Health Service. They measured the hand strength of 552 Indusrial workers, all of them men getting a lot of exercise. , They fount! tnat the hand might still be quicker ,than the eye, but • the older its owner, the weaker it was becoming. The research, completed when Fisher was a senior psychologist al the Naval Medical Research Institute In Bethesda, Md.. during the war showed strength increases up to the middle 20's. ' At 40 a man has been an olc man for 15 years, the professor said. - • . All the tests were made on men but the psychologist pbinted out old age comes to women, too •v- beginning in that same year, 'the 26th. He said other measurement? of ability, including mental agility, also are on the down grade. Houston Far Outstrips New Orleans in Housing NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 5. 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