The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on January 28, 1929 · 4
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 4

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1929
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THE SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER: MONDAY. JANUARY 28. 1929 CC Births, Marriages and Deaths A SERVICE To nll ran in preparing "In Memnrlnm'' or CnU nt Thank" roller The Uiamlner ha prrUHreil bonk nf very appropriate ifMpi imd rnrd. Thce notice are becoming; no re uopiilnr yrarlj. fall, write nr phone antler 3121 for a I IIKK l'Y f thl booklet or Jnr furlhev Infor-ainllnn. AM DcatljjBf TABrWTT. rifltlP T. 51 jeurs fJU'KI.RMAN, HLCTOK C. ALLISON. UOItrKT T. AKKI.HON. J AMI'S 1. ll(lN ETT, KA'I'lltO N 1.. J HltllM.-. . K tl K. lU'TTS. IIIKMAV J. I'. .". ,'.ir f AIU.l:;. I It AMv jrl OLLINS, J A M IS M. rONCANXON. MICHAEL J. COKIMI, RICHAKI) J. .1 KH DC. 1M;7, M. ttNEO. AMO.MO-II rear I'KlliE, ILORENCK t 1 11 F i KBRKA (nee Meranll. LNRICHETTA 0. JlNOCCHIO. (ilAMBATTISTA 8 reare rOKTKB. WILLIAM EDWARD 19 year TREE. BERT REM II. RAYMOND K. li rear ORE. ALVINZ.V E. HI year I.REKMIM.H (NEE ADLER). ROM HANSEN. TKTER S'i years HCMPHKIS. ALBERT 6J year UHNH0LT7.. ICTORINE 09 jeer ieWHNMON. MARY JOHNSON. WAN li. J KEECHLF.K. Jllhl I'll D ear EIMERMAN. MAX J KIRK. EIJZAIIKTII M. .LAME. GKNMItAK 3J.ICIER. I.OI IS yrar OlcOOVERN. EMILY 111 1A 3IA(.INMTY. II. JOHN 50 srjrs i MAII0OI), JOnN V. "I jrar 4 a nniv vt I tTV T ft ttari J tiirvvn inr MILLER. II ATT IE A. il flWUnr. (VI ILLffU. Br-.. i Lnia ii M0SII1EK (ill Miillln) MARY A. NORTON Im Collins!. ETHEL OI.SEN. JENS1NE MORIK l year OITKRMAN. (J.ARA 46 year I'KISK. niOI ARI) 11. J JKKK1XS. LOUSE 1'OMISEL. WILLIAM H.. JR. 3 ear QIINN; MARGARET KAW LINSON. MARGARET JEWEL 19 RUE. rolRTLANl) II. R01K.ERS. (.KKTKl DE I.D1. HOWE. BERTRAN'M S. 57 sears M'UABAT. FANNIE it eur .rCIIMIP. FRANK X. hl'IIMITK, HERMAN 56 sears hCHl'LTZ. MINNIE 31 jrnr TICIIENOR. MA1T1E IE 3 ear Wr.YMOl TH, I I.AR M. 18 year t WHALEY. KATIII.YN J WILLIAMS. ALICE J. 63 jeurs s.WTl.LISON. Ml.NA MKK.IIT. MA ALBERT 1 jean ABBOTT In Oakland. Jan. 27, 1929. Philip F. AMvitt. M. n.. beloved son Jf ine iaie lte. .nsni'iie rtuL'i.. -. and the late Susan 1. Ahboit, brother of - Gram lilt. atJ l a. I H. A' a jut lie ol ia.iaaehuetth. a.K'-d 54 yuars. Eiieiida are inviteu to attend t lie funeral ftervkes Tu'lay a1terrne.n. Jh". II'.i. at 3:110 n'clink. nt tlie niiiriuurv i Allien Hrown Co.. 347(1 i'icdmoiu ave., Oaliland. AlKER.MAN In this city. Jan. 25. 19'-".'. Heelor C. husband of the lat Margaret Aekerman and lather of .Mra. Irene Wat-m and Mrs. Gcraldine Hamilton: a native of Sweden. (Stockton pupera Dleosc eon'.) Funeral services Monday at lliO from the parlors of Ashley k McMullen. Geary and dth ave. I Two Men Killed as Freight Trains Crash CAUiAHV (Alia.), Jan. 27. (AP; Two men were killed and a third I'' vas seriously injured in a crash be tween two freight trains at Airdrie, on the Canadian Paciric railway, Calgary-Edmonton line, today. H. Goodman, conductor, and S. A. Beldon, trainman, both of Calgary, vere killed. I,nv In thta rlrv, Jan. M. Wolwrt T Alllniiii, helnved brol tier of .Mra. M.vrile A. Hliimnon. on of Ih late .1 . 1 1 ii nil Nancy Allison; a native of I allfnrniit. Fiun1 are Invited to attend th fti-raral service lomoirow tTnetdayl at 5 n m at the chapel of the Golden iaie InriertakinK i'o. (Fiechtcl Mi.ili;con). 13,'iU California at., near Folk. A.N PER SON Tn this city. Jan. IT. 19?9, Amanda Andorron. wife of the late Kindt Anderson, dearly helovsd molher of ictnna Anderson Jones and Kltzu-I'.'lh Anderson, l-eloved datiKhtfr of Feala snd the Ule AUKuat Wennnulat. I'lvtn rlster ol Klveia and Albin Wsrm- OHll'l. l-'rii nds re resperrlullr invited to at-tenl the funeral nenlees Wednes-lay. .Inn. 3(1. at 11 o'clock a. m.. at Ander-Kon'R, Valencia at. at 5th at. Inurnment. Cypres Latvn Crematorium. AHKISON' In this rlty, Jan. 27, 10 79, Jiitne p., husband of the late Thereea Arkison, loving lather of Mra. Lillian A. Codolnit and I'hailea K. Arkison; a native of Scotland. Frl"nds are Invited to attend the fu-neial Tuesnay, Jan. 29. 1929. at 2 o. m.. from the chapel of Julius Gixleau, Inc.. 41 Van Ness eve. Interment prl- ale. liONNETT lii ("..klHiid. Jan. 27. 19211. Katl.i Mi I.. Honnett. beli ved wife of Itohert Honnrit, dauKlitor of the late . Indira James Glvnn of Colorado and ntef of Mrs, Kthel Carpenter and Mls Tvtarle 'llvnn of San Francisco. Mrs. llJise Evnna of Iis Anaeles and Jamea M. lilynn of Reno. Hv, (Reno, Nv.. parei a please eony.) Friends are Invited to attend the fu-rrral aervicea Tuesday afternoon. Jan. 211. at 3 o'clock at Ihe Chimes Chapel of the California Crematory. 4499 Piedmont ave., Oakland. i I1R1IIC.ES In this cltr. Jan. 25. J929. Sarah K. Brldaes. beloved sister of John V. Martin, lovine; aunt of Wilbur J. Satiirea: a native of California. Funeral Monday. JanutrV 2. at 9:80 a. tn.. from the mnrtulrr of Jullua 6. Godeau. Inc., 41 Van Nesa ave. Interment. Holy Crons Cemetery. Ill TTS In this city. Jan. 24. 11129. Herman .1. F. Butts (formerly of San Mateo I'nuntvl. lovine son of the late John and Catherine Butts, beloved brother of Mra. Annie 8. Piehl of Burllnaame and the late Henry J. Butts and uncle of Adelaide 1'. Butts of Redwood City: a native of California, aaed tl ream 4 months 26 ilavs Friends are Invited to attend the funeral services tomorrow. Tuesday, at 2 :M p. m.. at the chapel of H. K. Suhr Company. 2H1II Mission St.. near 25th at. Interment. Jit. Olivet Cemetery. CABLE In this city. Jan. 24. 1929. Frank V. Cable, lovln son of Sam and the late Mnruarrt Cable, beloved brother of Mr. Edwin Qinua and Geonre Cable. Mrs. Genree Rule of Oleitdale. Mra. Frank Blakev of Burney. Mrs. Jess Kmrlert of i.azelle. a native of California, ared 27 years. Friends are Invited to attend the funeral services Monday. Jan. 2H. at 10 a. m.. t the chapel of H. F. Suhr Co.. 2fll Mission St., near 2.1th. Interment Wondl nvn Memorial Park. COLLINS In th cltv. Jan. 25. 1929. James M. Collins, devoted husband of Anna Collins and lovlns; brother of John Collins, a native of Dublin. Ireland. Friends are respectfully Invited to attend the funerla today (Monday). Jim. 2H. 1929. from the home parlors ot U ShauKhnesav 4 Roche. 741-749 Valencia St.. at 9 :i" a. m.: thence to St. Mary's Cathedrul. where a requiem high I niasa will Pe reieuraieil ior me rem 1 of his soul, eonimencinr at lo a. m. Interment. Holy Croba Cemetery. ! IINI ANNON In thia city. Jan. 2T. J92. ! Mlcliael J., devoted brother of llrs. Mail lloran. Mrs. Bricid McDermott and Mis. Hugh Gerathiy; a native of j County Calway. lrelund. j The funeral will lake place Tuesday. Jan. 29. from the p.irlois of Rvan. Mc-Tionnell ft lionohoe. ,4:11-437 Valencia Bt.. thnce to St. Charles' Church, where a re.iuiom mass will be celebrated for the repose of his soul, commencina at 9 a. pi. Interment. H dy 'ross Cemetery. (Hvan. McDonnell St Donohoe service. T Curlin and Paul V. Doyle, directors.) COiriSH t rent Jan. 24. 192!'. Richard .1 . dejrlv beloved husoand of Elizabeth Corlih and lovlns father of Florence K. and lUMiiond R. Cuiibh. a native of ll-iri'evsio n. Couptv Wexford. Ireland. Th" funeral took place Saturday. Jan. 21'. lt2'.i. at f:riu a. m.. from the ptrlors of McBre.'lrtv It M -Corrnkk. IM:i-fi45 Valencia sl.. between 17th and lth Hi.. thence to St. 1'atrirk s 1 nuren. vvnere pqul'm mass was offered tor Ibe reoose of his soul, commenrina- at V a. nu In terment tocik place ut Holy (.robs wenie-t I V. I'KEEDE In thia cltv. January 26. 1929, Inn M.. dearlv b'loved daushter of Acnes and the late Fercy J. Creede. lov. lint sister 0 F'rsnk J.. Mary and Fercy Crceoe. Mra. Ella 1'alne. Mra. Lucille Anderson and the Iaie Gerald ne Creede; a native of San Franelaco. Cel. A reouicm niass will be offered for the repose of her soul Tuesday. Jan. 29, at St. Monica s Church, commencin at 9 o'clock. Interment. Holy Cross Cemetery. Friendi mav call at White's Service Chaic. 22UU butter at. N. W. corner of Fierce. CI SKO in thla city. Jan. 27. 1929. Antonio Cuneo. dearly beloved liuslmnd of tlm late Rose Cuneo. loving; father of John P.. Frank L. and Eva Cuneo and devoted brother of Carlotta Lie Martini: a native of Italy, aaed 73 years 10 months IT dv. A menvoer of Galileo Grove No. .37. li. A. G. D. Friend re Invited lo attend the funeral on Wednesday, Jan. 3l. 1929, at 1 a. m.. from tbn chapel of Valente. Marlnl, Persia Co., 1.49 Gretn at. Interment. Italian Cemetery. rUtlE In thla city, Jan. 2. 1029, Klor-en- Cerf Felge. Idolised dauKhter of Rosa H. Felge and the late Robert Felue, dearly beloved sister of Ralph C. anj Jacob C. Felge. A member of Ideal Chanter No. ail. O. E. H. Frlenda and acquaintances are respectfully Invited tn attend the funeral services Monday at 1.30 o'clock p. m., from the mortuary of Halsted t Co., 1123 Gutter sl., nenr Polk, under the ausuKea of l.leal Chapter No. 251, O. K. S. Interment Hills of Eternity Cemeterv. OFFICERS AM) MEMBF.KS OF IDUAL CHAPTER No. 2..I, O. 15. S., are requested to attend the funeral of our late bister Florence C. Feign today. Mundav, at 1:30 p. m.. from llalated 4 Co.. 112.1 Fuller St. Bv order LILT LEVY. Worthy Matron. ALLETHIA J. HARPER. Secretary. IF'RRF.A (nee HeranlV In thla city. Jan. 24. 1H29. Enrlchetta O. Ferrea. dearly beloved wife of Angelo Ferrea. loving mother of E111III0 Ferrea and idollaed sister of Joseph Meranl and Mra. Mary Cen'elll. sisler-in-law of Mrg. Carrie Meranl: a native of Italy. Friends are Inriled to attend the funeral on Monday. Jan. 2. 192!'. a: 9:30 a. m., from 'he eh.vel of Valence. la-rlni. Penit 4 Co.. 1119 Oroen st. ; then M to SS. Peter and Paul's Church, where a reuulcm high mass will bo said for ihe repose of her aoul. commencinjt at 10 a. m. Interment, Italian Cemetery. KINOCCHH) In thla elty. Jan. 24. 1029, Giambattiata Finnochio, dearly beloved husband of Mary Flnocchlo, loving father of John and Peter Flnocchlo. Mrs. Llllie Parodl and the late Richard Flnocchlo, a native of Borglo. Italy, aaed 88 years 7 month. Frlenda are Invited to attend funeral on Monday. Jan. 28. 1929. at 10:15 a. m.. from the chapel of Valente. Marlnl, Perata A Co.. 649 Green at: thence to KS. Peter and Paul's Church, where a requiem high mass will be said for the repose of his aoul. commencing at 10:45 a. ni. Interment. Italian Cemetery. FOSTER In thla city. Jan. 24. 1929. William Edward Foster, dearly beloved hujlund of Matilda Foster, a native of Nova ,ccotla. uged 79 years. A member of Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, F. A A. M. 'Honolulu papers please copy.) Frlenda are Invited to attend the funeral services Monday. Jan. 28th. at 1:SH o'clock p. m.. from the mortuary of Halsted A Co.. 1123 butler at., near Polk, under the auspices of Oriental Lodes No. 144. F. A A. M. Interment private. FREE In this city. Jan. 25. 1929. Bert Free, beloved brother of William Held and Robert Henry Free and Mra. W. F. Wood, a native of California. Funeral Monday. Nov. 2. at 9 a, m.. from the chapel of Julius S. Godeau. 41 Van Neas ave.: thence to St. Joseph's Church. 10th and Howard sis., where a mass will be said. Interment. Holy Croia. FRENCH In this city. Jan. 25 1929. Kavmond K.. belove.1 husband of Pearl, loving brother of Hial A. French and Mrs. Margeret Glatzell. a native of Ohio, aged 42 years. Funeral Monday at 1:30 p. m.. from the chapel of Julius 8. Godeau. 41 Van Ness ave.. under the auspices of B. P. O. E , No. 6. of Sacramento. Cal. CORK In thla rlty. Jan. 20. Alvlnia E.. beloved husband of Evangeline B. Gore, loving stepfather of Mra. L. K. Wiedemann, brother of Mrs. J. N. Wilson and Mrs. V. H. Gieseke of Sacramento, Cal.; a native of California, aged 61 years and 9 months. A member of Industrial Lodge. I. O. O. F.. of Sacramento. Cal.. and Falkenbers No. 77. W. O. W. Friends are Invited to attend the fu neral service today (Monday) at 2 0. m. at the chapel of the Golden Gate Undertaking Co. (Preohlel 4 Mathieaon). 155D California st. Service under the auspices of Ihe Odd Fellow. GREENFIELD IN EE ABLER) - In this city. Jan. 20 1929. Rose Greenfield, idnllied mother of Jesse Greenfield and Mrs. Lotta Toepke. Funeral service will be Held today (Monday) at 2 (two o'clock p. m., from the mortuary of Halsted A Co. 1123 Sutter street, near Polk. Inter ment, private, HANSEN In thl elty. Jan. 24. 1929. Feter Hansen, beloved husband of the late Annie M. Hansen: a native ot 8wedeu. aged 62 ears. Funeral services will be held Mondav. Jan, 2fl. at 2:30 o'clock p. m.. from the mortuary of Halsted A Co.. 1123 Sutter atreet. near Folk. HI MI'IIRIS in Berkeley. Jan. 26. 1929. Alliert. dearl beloved husband of Mary Humphrta and loving father of Mr. Victor Arrtghl. a native ot England, aged 62 years. Frlenda are respectfully Invited to attend Ihe funeral Monday, at 11 a. tn.. from the parlors of Suhr A WleboMt, 1411.1 Valencia St.. between 3nlh and 20th sl. lnurnuent at ML Olivet, JAIINIIOLTl In Oakland. Jan. 26. Vie-tonne .lahnholu, beloved mother of George Raab and Jonn JatmholU. a native of France, aged 69 year. Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from her lale residence. 6HD4 Beaudry St.. Gmeryvllle, Wednesday. Jan. 30. at 9 a. 111.. the no to St. Cnlurnbua Church, where maaa will be offered up for the repose of her soul, commencing at 9:30 a. m. "J, B. Godeau. Inc." JOHNSON In this city. Jan. JT. 1920. Johan G. Johnson, dearly . beloved brother of Mra. Gu N'elaon and Capt. I'elsr Johnson; a nallva of Sweden. A member of iMIn Lodge" No. 3113. 1. O. O. F. and Alaska Fishermen's Union. Filemia ore teapecllully Invited to attend the funeral services tomorrow. Tuesday, at 3 o'clock p. m., at Anderson's. Valencia at. at 25 Lb L Interment. ML Olivet. JOHNSON Tn this city. Jan. 26. 1929. Mary Johnson: a native of Sweden. F'rienda are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral service tomorrow, Tuesday, at 1 o'clock p. m., at Ander-aon'. Valencia f. at 23th at. Interment. Cypres Lawn .Memorial Park. KEECHLER In Sonoma. California. Saturday. Jan. 26, 1929, Joseph, beloved huhand of Nanetia Keechlcr. father of Joseph Keechler Junior. Mra. Isna Groskopf and Mrs. Bertha Cornelius, brother of A. Keechler of Holllater, California, and Mra J. Sinner of Sonoma and the late Albert Keechler. a native ot Switzerland, aged 69 year T months. . F uneral services Monday, January 28, at Sonoma, California:, at 2 O'clock P. tu. K1NDERMAN In thla elty. Jan. 25. 1929. Max Klndsrman. Funeral service will be held today. Monday, at 2:30 o'clock p. m.. from the mortuary of Halsted A Co., 1123 Sutter st.. near Polk. Interment. Woodlawn Cemetery. KIRK In thla city, Jan. 2T. 1929. Eliza-beth M. Kirk, beloved mother of Mrg, M. O. Pleper. Mra. Delmar Maede. Mrs. W. F. Wedell and Mra. H. E. lnman; a native of Canada. Fur.eral Tuesday at 10 a. m., from the parlora of Ashley A McMullen. Geary and 6th ave. LAME In this city. Jan. 27. 1929. Genevieve, beloved wife of the late Louis Lame, lovine mother of Frederic J.. Pierre W., Eliza and Celine Lame; a native of France. Frlenda and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral Wednesday. Jan. 80. 1929. at 9 o'clock, from the mortuary of Feter Mugendle, 1340 Golden Gate ave., between F'lllmoro and Steiner. thence to the Church of Notre Dame dea Victolres. where a reoulem mass will be celebrated for the repoee of her aoul. commencing at 9:30 o'clock. Interment at Holy Croaa. LI CIER In Berkeley Jan. 27. Louis, beloved husband of Delia Lucier. father of Panav FJ. Humphrey, brother of Sam Lucier; a native of Canada, aged 13 years. A member of Vlsulia lodce No. 12. F. A A. M. : Vlaalla Chanter No. 44. R. A. M. : Vlsslia Commanderv No, 26. K. T. : lslnm Temple, A. A. Onme. and Martha Washington Chapter, O. E. o.. of Vlsalla. Friends are invited to attend the fu neral services of Mr. Lucier. Tueadav afternoon. Jan. 29. at 3 o'clock, from the "Little Chanel of the Flowers" (Hull A Durglnl. Adeline St. at Aslibv Station. Berkeley, lntouibment. Sunset Mausoleum. MeC.OYERV In this city. January Srt. 1929. Emily Lucia, wife of Chauncev Mr-Govern: a native of New York. F'rtenda are Invited to the services today (Monday) at 2 p. m.. at Martin A Browns. 1515 Scott at., between Geary and Post eta., under the auspices of Albert Pike Chapter No. 2x4. O. E. S. ALBERT I1K10 CHAPTER No. 1!H4. O. F.. S. : Officers nnd members are hereby notified to attend the funeral of our late Sister Kinlly Lucie McGovern. from Martin t Brown's. 1515 Scott t.. between Geary and Post sta., today (Mondav) at 2 n. m. By order, SARA TCRNKR. W. M. MAY FALCONER SMITH, Secty. j MAGINNITY tn this city. Jan. 27. 1929. j H. John, beloved hut-band of Ella Kolton 1 Maglnnlty. brother of lirnest Maitlnnlty i of Johannesburg, S. A.. Ida Maulnnitv I and Mrs. Rrendan Quirk of New 7,e I land and Mrs. Ethel Morrison of New York: native of New Zealand, ased 06 yea re. Friends are Invited to attend the funeral service at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon Jan. 80. at Gray's, Dlvisa-dero at. at Post. Interment private. MAHOOIV-In Healdahurg. Jan. 26, 1929. John W., beloved huahand of Louise Mahood. loving father of William. Dell, John, Harry, Foater and ltnherl Mahood, Mrs, Louis Kidd, Mrs. Bell Hocking, Mrs, A. Bernadnscl, Mrs. II. T. Jamea and the lata Ida and George Mahood, aied 71 years. Funeral aervicea Tuesday at 1 p. m., from Gantner Bros. A Felder, 1965 Mar-ket at. Interment, Cypres Lawn Cemo. tery. MARRIN In this city. Jan. 27. 129. Ellen T-. wife of the late Thomas Mar-rln, devoted molher of Thoroaa A. Mar-rln. Mr. M. F, Schwab. Mra. T. H. Tlowd. Mra. J. F. Nagle, Mr. L. J. Oendottl and Michael G. Marrln of Casper, Wyo., and the late Jamee J. and Lillian A. Marrln and sister of Owen Mi-Ardle of Santa Clara, Cal.: a native of Columbia. Tuolumne County, Cal., aged 71 year 1 mouth 24 days. (Santa Clara psoer please copy,) Friends ara invited to attend the funeral Wednesday at 8:30 a, m.. from the modern funeral parlors of Jaa. H. Hellly A Co., 29th and Dolores sts.. thence to Ft, Paul' Church, where a solemn requiem high mass will be celebrated for the repose of her soul at 9 a. m. Interment. Holy Crosa Cemetery. MEVEH In thla city. Jan. 26. 1U29. Abe Mever, beloved brother of Mrs. Bettle Bernnberg and Samuel Meyer: a native of Davenport. Iowa. A member of Court Roblnhood No. 1. F. of A. Friends are Invited to attend the funeral servli-es Monday at ten-thirty o'clock at the Chanel of llalsted-Dierka A Co.. corner Dlvlsadeto and McAllister elreets. Interment, private. MILLER In thia city, Jan. 27. 1929. Hattle A , molher of Royal A. Miller and slater of Oeorge E. Sickles; a native of Angels Camp. Cal. Friend may call at the parlora ot Ashley A McMullen, Geary and 6th ave. Interment. Wednesday, at Angela Camn. MOORE (WLLLSONr In this city. Jan. 24. 1929. Rev. Persia Moore, beloved wife of Louis Moore and loving mother of Morlev. Bert and Harold Wlllson and Mra. Dorothy Campbell, a native of Webster. New Tork. aged 47 year. (San Jose and Portland papers r ease copv.) Servlcee will be held at Roberta' Tern-pie. North 6th and Ht. John sts.. San Jose, Cal., Monday, Jan, 29, at 1:80 p. m. Interment, Oak Hill Cemetery, San Jose, Cal. Friends msy call at her lata residence. S49 Carl st., until 10:30 a. m.. Monday. (George L, Suhr service.) MUSHIER (nee Mnllln) in Culver City. Jan. 26, 1929, Mary A. Moshler (nee Mnllln), dearlv beloved wife of Edward Moshler, lovirg daughter of the lata George and Elizabeth Mullin. beloved sister of Daniel J. and John Mullin. and loving niece of Frank D. end Bernard J. Mullin nnd Mrs. Annie Selberlich, a native of Philadelphia. Fa. Funeral notice later. For Information, McHrearty A McCormlrk. Funeral Directors. 645 Valencia st. JIArket 01 80. NORTON (nee Collin) fn thla city, Jan. 26. 1029. Ethel Norton (nee Collins), Nearly beloved wife of Jerome Norton, loving daughter of Sarah and the late John Collin, loving alster of Katherlne. Frank and George ColMns and Mrs. Aithur Hill, loving niece ot Mra. T. I'ahey and Mr. T. Cassldy: a native of San Francisco. A member of Dolores Institute No. 7. T. L. I. ' Friends are Invited to attend the funeral tomorrow. Tuesday, at 9'30 a. ni.. I Irom Gantner Broa. A Felder. 1965 Market St.. thence to Sacred Heart Church, where a solemn requiem high masa will j he celebrated at 10 a. m. Interment, Holv Cross Cemetery, OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF DOLORES INSTITUTE No. 7. Y. L. I.. are hei-eov requested to atteno rne tu-neral of our late member, F3thel Norton (nee Collins). CECILIA Tll'RKE. Pres. TU'TH MOHAN. Secy. OI.SEN Tn this city. Jan. 2T. 1929. Jen-aine Morle. dearly belovej wife of the John C. Olsen. loving mother of Carl J. Olsen. Mrs. Ida Jensen. Mrs. Ella Rowletto and Mrs. Emma Dorothea Pulin; a native of Norway, aged S4 yea rs. Friend may call at the chapel of H. F. Suhr Co.. 2919 Mission st; near 25tli st. Notice of funeral later. OITERMAN In this city, Jan. 27, 1929, Clara Opperman, beloved wife of Wtl-tlam Opperman, a native of Germany, aged 4(1 years. Friends may call at the mortuary of Halsted A Co.. 1123 Putter at., near Polk. Notice nf funeral hereafter. I'EASE In El Paso. Tenas. January 23, 1929. Richard H. . son of the late Kl' h-ard H. and Isabellta 0. Tease, and brother of Mary Pease Watson: native of San F'ranctsco. Funeral and Interment, private. TERKINS In thla clly, Jan. 23. 1929. Louise Perkins of Washington. D. C, wife of the late Edwin Perkins, doarly beloved mother of Mra. Eric Lydera; a native of Illinois. , Funeral services will be held Tuesday. Jan. 29. at 11 o'clock a. m.. at Anderson's, Valencia street, at 2.1th at, interment In family plot at Batavla, Ohio. POMIKKL In this city. Jan. 27. 1929, William II., Jr., dearly beloved fon of William 11. and Haitel Poinlsel of Bur-llncume, a native ot San Francisco, ased 0 years 6 months. Funeral services will be held Tuesday, Jan. 29, l'J29, at 9 a. ni.. at the chapel of Frank a Wyckoff. 221 Park road. Burllngame, l INN In thla city, Jan. 2T. 1029. Mar-saret, beloved daughter of the late Jamea and Ellen Qulnn, loving alster of Thomas F.. Joseph M. and Lucy A. Qulnn, Mrs. ' Catherine Bartlett, Mrs. Frances Campbell and Mra. Dougherty, a native of San Francisco, A member of Calaveras Parlor, N. D. G. W. : Hie Rosarv So. dsllty of St. Dominic' Church, and the Confraternity ol St. Anne of Bt. Anne's Church. Friends are respectfully Invited to at-tend the funeral Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock, at St. Domlnlc'a Church, where a requiem maaa will be offered for the repoa of her aoul. Interment, Holy Croaa Cemetery. Frlenda may call at the parlora of Carew A English. 1618 Geary at. RAW LINSON In thl city. Jan. 2T. 1929. Margaret Jewel, beloved wife of Charles A. Rawllnson; native of Weslport. Ontario, aged 49 veaie. Friend ere Invited to attend the funeral Tuesday morning, Jan. 29. at St. Thomas' church, 40th ave. and Hulboa, where a requiem high mas will he celebrated for the repose of her aoul, commencing at 10 o'clock. Interment. Holy Cross Cemetery. Friend may call at Gray's, Dlvlaadero at, at Post. BICE In thla elty. Jan. 27. 1929. Court-land H,, beloved husband of Sarah B. Itlc. loving brother of Clinton D., Claude E. and C. Frank Rice and Mra. Cora Allenberg and the late Mra. H. C Dunn: a native of Wisconsin. Friend are Invited to attend the funeral Tuesday, Jan. 29. 1929, at 2 n. m., from the chapel of Julius 8. Godeau. Inc.. 41 Van Ness ave. KODC.ERS In Oakland. Jan. 27. 1020, Gertrude Lydla Rodger, beloved wife of George Rodger and loving mother of Margaret D. and Phyllis G. Rodgers; a native of California. Friends are invited to attend funeral services Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 29. at 2 o'clock, at the mortuary of Albert Brown Co., 3476 Piedmont ave.. Oakland. ROW'E In Berkeley, Jan. 27. 1929. Ber-trand S. Rowe, beloved husband of Bessie D. Rowe and loving father of Mr. Dorothy Rowe French; a native of Michigan, aged 57 years. Friend are Invited to attend the funeral services Tuesday, Jan. 29, 1920, at 1:30 o'clock p. m., at Truman's Residence Chapel, Telegraph ave. and 30th St.. Oakland. SCHABAT In this city. Jan. 27. 1020. Fannie, beloved wife of the late Emlle Schabat. Mrs. J. Roberts and Mrs. F. Schabat, Mr. J, Rozerta end Mrs. F. . Stuhr and loving grandmother of William Drews. Robert and Bettylou Stuhr and June Marie Roberta: a native of Belgium, aged 74 years. Remains at "Wleboldt's" Funeral Parlors. 835 Valencia st.. bettween 19th and 20th. Funeral notice later. Sill MID In this city. Jan. 23. 192!). Frank X., dearly beloved husband of Sophia Schmld and beloved brother of John E. Schmld, a native of Germany. Friends are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral Monday, at 9 a. m., from the parlors of Suhr A Wieboldt. 1405 Valencia St.. between 25th and 20th sis.: thence to the Church of tha Most Holv Redeemer, where a requiem high mass will be celebrated tor the repose of his eoul, commencing at 930 a. m. Interment, Holy Cross Cemetery. SIIIMITK In this city. Jan. 28. 1929, Herman, dearly beloved husband of Lilly Schmuck. brother of Mrs. Marie Mangelr. loving father of Herman and William Schmuck and Richard and Eugene Sohmiercr: a native of Germany, aged 56. A member of Pioneer Butchers' .Association and Butchera' Union, local No. 115, and Journeyman Butcher' P. A B. Association, Friend are Invited to attend the funeral services Wedneeday. Jan. 30. at 2:30 n. m.. at the chapel of H. F. Suhr Co.. 2919 Mission et., near 25th st. Interment private, BCHl'LTZ In tnt city. January 26. 1920. Minnie, beloved wife of Loula Schultz. loving mother of Harriet and Lorraine Schultz, and loving daughtor of T.eon and Leah Sabel. beloved Bister nf Mr. Julia Salmlrs. Betty. Bert and Samuel Sabel and Shirley Cooper: native of England, aged 24 years. Friend and acquaintances are re spectfully Inviled to attend the funeral aervicea Monday. Jan. 2S. 19211, at 2 p. m.. from the Hebrew Funeral Parlora, 1115 Buchanan at. Interment. Eternal Home Cemetery, TICHFNOK In Redding. January 25, 1929. Matti H. Tlchenor. beloved wife of Ihe late William Tlchenor. and mother of Mrt:. A. M. Ackernian of KeUdinii, Mrs. A. C. Ray of Ssn Francisco and Mrs. Rosa Fort ot Standard. Cal., at'ed t6 veura. Funeral and Interment prlvale. Friends may call until noon Monday ut the Truman Undertaking Co., Dtvisudero at., cor. O'Farrell. WEYMOUTH In Oakland. Jan. 26. 1929. Clara M. Weymouth, widow of the late Harry Weymouth and loving mother of Lowell 8. Weymouth and alster of John R.. Harry W. and Charles A. Rowlands and the late Mary Nethercott: a native of Oakland. Cal.. aged 48 years. (San Jose Mercury please copy.) Friend are Invited to attend the funeral at The Grant D. Miller Mortuary, 2372 East 14th et,, corner 24lh ave., Oakland. Wednesday, Jan. .30, 1929. at 9:30 o'clock a. m. Interment, Sacramento, Cal. VV HALEY In thl city. Jan. 25. 1929, Kathlyn. beloved wif of William F. Whaley, loving mother of Leslie Whaloy and Mr. Harry Ganey. devoted grandmother of Lucille Clair Ganey and deter of Mra Winnie Whaley, a native of San Francisco. Cal. A solemn requiem high masa will be offered for the repose of her aoul. Monday. Jan. 28th. at St. Phillip's Church, commencing at 9:30 a. ni. Interment, Holy Cross Cemetery. Friends mav call at White's Service Chepel. 2200 Sutter t., N. W, corner of Fierce WILLIAMS In Oakland. Jan. 26. Alice J.. beloved wife of the late Albert H. William and loving mother of Albert W. William and sister of Mr. Mary Whiting: a native of Nevada City, aged 63 year. Funeral servloe Tuesday. Jan. 29. at the chapel of the Oakland Crematory. Howe and Mather at. I private, Julius 8. Godeau. Inc. WIIXISON Tn Lo Angelee. Cel., Jan. 25. 1929. Mlna Wllllson. beloved wife of Clarence Wllllson, mother of Jack Wllllson. sister of Edward J. Phillips and Mrs. Florence Montgomery, a native ot Virginia City. Nevada. Friends are Invited to attend the funeral eervlce Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock, from Schofleld'a. 1744 Dlvlsa-dero st. Interment. Cypres Lawn Memorial Park. WRIGHT In Oakland, Jan. 29, 1929. Ira Albert Wright, husband of the late Emily Soule Wright, and loving father of Libbie P. Wright: a native of Vermont, aged Sl years. A member of Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. Friend are Invited to attend funeral services Monday afternoon. Jan. 28. at 2 o'clock, at the Chimes Chanel of the California Crematory. 4499 Piedmont ave.. Oakland. under the auspices of Brotherhood of Locomoilve Engineers. Friends may call at the mortuary of Albert Brown Co.. 8476 Piedmont ave., Oakland. - 3n jtttmoriam GILMOrn Jan. 20. 1927. Sarah Gllmour. my good, noble mother. ANDREW GILMOL'R. 3174 23d t. xCorttf of Cfyanhl I wish sincerely to thank friends for their kind enpresslona ot sympathy and FLOWER! .PELICflnO-ROSSU, y FLORAL CO., Inc. y I Vorty Years of Service I ANGELO J. ROSSI, President 1Z3 KEARNY STREET DOUGLAS 8060 (yiowr telegraphed 4nywhr for the beautiful floral offering In my recent bereavement in lobing niv deaf husband. 1KMA 51 AN LEV. SHEA The first anniversary requiem hUh mass will lw celebrated for the repose of the soul or Nora Shea. Tm-Mlav. Jan. 211. at (ii.'ltl a. m., at St. Amies' Church near Wnsonlc ave. Friend and relative are invited. .FLOWERS, eoeryone remcmbert I Phone Sutter 6200 I Orders telegraphed anywhere TVbe cf Thousand Garden' 224-226 Crant Avenue No Branches Established 1883 W. A. HALSTED, Pre. Win. C. Uaauneramlth, Vice-Pre. I The Old Firm HALSTED & CO. FUNERAL DIRECTORS 1123 Sutter St. Graystone 7100 Since 1867 J. B. ano J l HALSTED THEO. DIERKS. SR. and JR. HALSTED-DIERKS AND CO. Funeral Directors DIVISADERQ AT McALUSTER WEst Of14 - NO BRANCHES s aaB'SfEi1niB G JULIUS S. ODEAU, IMC 41 VAN NESS AVL. S F I'booe MArkct 0711 OAKLAND ."STOCKTON 'INDEPENDENT ml THE TRUST Complete Mortuary Service "The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart." PS ALMs ...n..uwnHMa.....H...MH. Woman Choked, Robbed. Uiinnig entrance oy prticimuii; 4 to bear a mess.iee from a 'friend.. , an intruder chukpd nnd heat Mrs. j, Bernieo rVer.oy into unronseious- refs early yesterday rimmine, iinn then tohhcd lior apartment, she reporter to I-olI' e. FLOWERS Express Love and Sympathy Art Floral Co. !s K. LI'S l Y, Mrr. We Cover the World with Floiccn fcji Telegraph 247 Powell St. Ktariir SMI 3Q thin g on earth ever Traveled so far so fast. The President Eight XEMl-AtJHUAL SMI of Beautiful Suedes, Kidskins, Patent Leather and Satins. Come now and Save on Shoes for every occasion! 961 Market St. Same models and prices at 1600 Fillmore St. 2650 Mission St. And now O 0 a Commander Eight and a new Commander Six at a lower price. ChesteMWeaver Co. VAN NESS at BUSH - SAN FRANCISCO Weaver- Wells Co, BROADWAY at TWENTY NINTH OAKLAND

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