The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on November 14, 1896 · 14
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 14

San Francisco, California
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Saturday, November 14, 1896
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9mm 1 SATURDAY MORNTEfG, ROADS TO ONTRA COSTA Completion of the New Thorn Hill Grade From East Oakland Abandoning an Old Thoroughfare That Hai a History of Disaster and Death. MAGNIFICENT SYSTEM OF HIGHWAYS, Vht the Merchants Exchange and the Good Ftoadi' Association Hu Already Dona for Alameda County. Alameda County Bureau "The Examiner," 914 Broadway, Oakland. OAKLAND, November IS. The old Thorn hill trade baa at last been abolished. The new road that doe ay with the dangerous trade waa completed to-day and la "now ready for travel. By the end of the week all of the "trimming up" will have been finished. The completion of this road marks an era In rood-road building in Alameda coun ty. The Oakland Merchant' Exchange and the Oakland Good Road Association have accomplished what Alameda and Contra Coeta counties have been spasmodically atrlving after for a quarter of a cen tury. The old Thorn hill grade was the first road to he built out of Oakland, connecting the town with the valley of Contra Costa county. It was built by Hiram Thorn, a pioneer East Oaklander, who secured from the Legislature In the early fifties a franchise for building a toll road from Moraga valley into East Oakland. The road was constructed about 1856 at a heavy expense. It was maintained aa a toll road until about ten years ago. Hiram Thorn and all of his associates In the enterprise have long since died. The grades were so bad that people would go miles around rather than travel our the road, tolls or no tolls, and an it was turned over to Alameda county, Toe grade upon toe Alameda side was nearly 25 per cent for the greater part of the distance, and the Contra Costa side was but little better. Accidents Innumerable baro occurred on the grade, and the road holds the record of having had more people killed upon it by accidents due to Us steepness than all the other roads In Alameda and Contra Costa counties combined. There is a trail of death down each tide of the canyon through which the road rune. The death of John Crebbln, the Oakland restaurant man, and of Mrs. Wright of Berkeley are comparatively recent. Both were killed by being thrown out of their vehicles because of the steepness of the grade. Mr. and Mra. Brendemuhl of Fruit-vale were seriously Injured not long since, end a few weeks ago G. B. Daniels, one of the committee that put the new road through, came very near losing his life upon the very grade that he had been working so industriously to abolish. Mr. Coffin, who occupies the Kohler place at the foot of the Oakland side, says that accidents occur every Sunday and sometime two or three times during the week. Some years ago a stage was overturned on the grade and a party of six killed. : A few months ago the Merchants' Exchange appointed a committee, consisting of D. C. Brown, G. B. Daniels, J. F. W. Sohst, Wilbur Walker and J. S. Wixon, to co-operate with John A. Britton, President of the Good Roads Association, In securing a better road. A number of surveys were made, but difficulties were encountered in securing rights of way. At last Mr. Sohst secured a complete right of way from J. H. Medeau. The Merchants' Exchange promised that they would fence his property, but finally the Supervisors agreed to V V . -- :: ('till- f T- East oakuond NEW ROADS BETWEEN ALAMEDA AND CONTRA COSTA. The old Thorn Hill road Is shown In solid lines, the newly completed Thorn Hill road Is also shown in solid lines, with the cut off now in course of construction on the Contra Costa county side. The proposed roads are Indicated by dotted lines. do this. The exchange got the rights of way, presented them to the Supervisors, the road was ordered, and is now completed. Supervisor Hemme of Contra Costa county has under way a new cut-off that will Join this new road, doing away with the grade on the Contra Costa side. The new-road will have an average grade of 5 per cent, and in but one spot does It reach 8 per cent. This will be the center of a great system of Intercounty roads that the Supcrviors will construct. The old Kennedy road runs within half a mile of the new Thorn hill road. When this half-mile is built it will give a wonderful mountain boulevard with a magnificent view. This can only be done when Edson F. Adams will allow It, for he owns the land over which the old Kennedy road runs. He has refused to permit Its completion up to date. Grant Brothers, who own the Moraga rancho, have offered to donate $5,000 toward the construction of an extension of both the new Thorn hill road and the Kennedy road into Lafayette and -Walnut creek, tbe Toad tO be On a 5lIn. Onora thl. .r.nln for. .orlal r. per cent grade. This money will pay half ! of the expense, TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY Take Laxative Bromo Qnlulne Tablets. All druggists refund tbe money If it falls to cure. 26c. The Wives Gt't n Shr. OAKLAND, November 13. The deeds covering the compromise made by Fred and James Merritt, whereby they bad the Knowles trust valued at $500,000 forfeited, were placed on record this afternoon. All the interested parties Orst conveyed the entire property to Edward Haickett and Mack Webber, trustees. Th latter then conveyed the property In sections to the parties enUtled to It under the compromise agreement. Fred and James P. Merritt each get property valued at I70.0O0. Each ef their wives get the same amount, so thai In the division Fred and James really get 1140.-Oi'iO enlece, James married Miss Dusmberry and Fred married Miss Sedwick. H J ill Ft wi XV'-- , w a. i i ; - ,'.'i v, x THOMAS F. HENDERK1N, WHO HAS LOST HIS MEMORY. OAKLAND, November IS. Thomas F. Henderkln, the man with a lost memory, presented an Interesting study for the physlclane in the Superior Court thia afternoon when he was examined In regard to his sanity. For Just one year Hendierkln ha lived on the memory of a day. He recollects the event that occurred on the day that the mysterious attack came upon him, but outside of that day history Is a blank to him. Mr. Henderkln has been a prominent resident of Berkeley for a long time and until a couple of years ago he held a responsible position In the Mint. One day last November, a he entered his home, he wa suddenly stricken down. Hla entire body turned perfectly blue and his relatives thought he wa dead. The next day Henderkln appeared to be all right physically. Hla mind, however, was a blank to everything except the business of the day before. Hie case seems to be beyond the aid of medical skill. Henderkln wa a member of the Democratic County Central Committee when afflicted, but his resignation was never submitted. The great fight between R. M. Fitzgerald and W. W. Foots to capture the County Committee waa on. Mr. Foote's friends went out to Berkeley and got Henderkln'a proxy. Then Mr. Fltzgerald'a friends paid a visit to Henderkln and they, too, got his proxy. The contest continued on these lines until Henderkln had given nine proxies. In the evening the County Committee was called together, and the engagement between Foote and Fitzgerald was called up. Then the proxies commenced to be sprung and1 old friends wondered what kind of politics Thomas Henderkln wa trying to play. The question was finally settled when the Fitzgerald men. presented a proxy signed at 7:30 o'clock la the evening. Foote, however, had a couple of votes to spare, and won the day. Henderkln mortgaged his home for $450 before his llmess, without telling hla wife about It. and of course when he lost his memory the mortgage was forgotten. A short time ago a suit wa Instituted to foreclose. This was a great shock to the wife. Just aa the home was about to be seized by the Sheriff Mrs. Henderkln drove forty miles In the night, riding In a little broken-down cart, borrowed the necessary money and returned Just In time to pay the mortgage. For several months Henderkln has Insisted that midnight is noonday, and so svery night his wife has been compelled to cook a dinner. Henderkln will be sent to the asylum at Stockton. TIRED OF THE STRUGGLE. An Impecunious and Unknown Stranger Write a Letter Indicating a Suicidal Purpose Not Even a Stamp OAKLAND, November 13. An unknown man walked Into the branch Postcfllce In Bowman's drug store yesterday and asked for a sheet of paper and an envelope. He wrote a letter and then told N. H. Koser, a member of the firm, that he did not have money enough for a stamp and wanted to know If the letter would be sent collect. He was told that It would not go that way. He said that he did not have any money and wrote In the J- -X, corner, "Postmaster please forward," and dropped It In the box, and walked out. Ths letter was returned to Bowman & Co. for postage. They turned It over to Chief of Police Lloyd. The letter was addressed: "Christine D. Thomas, Carpenter street, between Tenth and Eleventh streets. Philadelphia, Pa." Tha letter follows: Oakland. November 8. 1808. Dear Sister: I beg of you to forgive me for all the pant. Mine l a Hfe of slavery; to-night I aeHi rcet Rod ooly knows where. Grieve not. for soon oil will he over. I am tired of tbls world. It is niLnln bere now, and I have do whre to sleep and no work for over three month. I buve Just hepped thia piece of paper t write to you. 1 hud better b ftead tbn alive. I have no lnoof-y to put a stape stamp on this letter, no I am poine; to drop it In the box and may be (hey will send it to you after opening it. Tell llnmilton and SelctiH tlmt I say guod-by. I shall Jump Into the hay to-night. From Your Drothor. P. s.I ahnll leave no one to mourn my loatt. Georpe and Aunty are the canoe of It all. Driven from home, liefore I beg 1 would rather be dead. Woodmen of (lie World fJnther. CENTER VILLE, November 13. The various camps or me wooamen of the world nit a , !,,,,.,, . , , union. Representatives were present from Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda, Hay wards, Llver-more and the other county towns. L. T. Hoofen of Haywards presided over the assembled Woodmen. The Opera House wa decorated with evergreen boughs and thick clusters of foliage. After a short programme of songs, recitations and addresses the body adjourned to the banquet hall, where fully 150 seats were set for the members of the order. E. E. South-wlck. J. N Norris and L.T. Hoofen were among the principal speakers. - fine stationery., . . . Tbe stationery department of Senhora, Vail ft Co. Is overflowing with good things at reasonable prices. Fine writing paper and envelopes for Uie million. Vlaltinp canla awl invitations printed and engraved. Printing plant with modern premie on the premise. Office stationery a speelalrv. Hpe-clal agiMits for "Waterman," "Cruivn." "Swan" and "Leader" fountain pens. Sanborn, Vail A Co.. Tit Market street. . If,. if h'ln.lfl i(I "tI " 'I1'' 1 1 1 L'u'iiii'V I'll i , 1 ' hit' nil' r ( College Town Items. BERKELEY, November 13. An entertainment was given at the West Berkeley Presbyterian Church this eveaiing at which ULsa Stella Ames, Miss Kcllle Zohle,' Muw Louise McKee and Loy Miller took a prominent part. A movement waa started to-day by the Berks-ley citizens to have the size of tbelr postefflce Increased. Postmaster Vincent complains of the lack of facilities. The Berkeley Christina Endeavor societies sre planning for a grand rally on next Sunday evening at the Methodist Church. Tbe Trinity Methodist Sunday-school la preparing for Its annual harvest festival, to be held at the church, an Tuesday evening, November 24th. The committees In charge consist of Mrs. Pratt, Mrs. Benttey, Mrs. Sleeper, Mrs. Bucbauon, Mrs. Bledsoe, Samuel Martin, J. D. Vervalln, A. Dononph, 8. Hartley, N. N. Freese, F. Faircnlld and Geirge Hull. The West Berkeley Athletic Club Is preparing a Tbanksclvlng entertainment at Sisterna Hall. Miss Nellie Foster, Hurry Brown, Hob Howard, Duke Wilkin and many others will contribute to the evoaliip'8 proprnnime. The soihoinore hop took place to Harmon Oyrn- nasuim this evening. Tbere was a large attend-anf-e of eollepe people. Sterling Can made an admirable floor mannper. The refreshment committee hvliided Gibbons, McDuIfle, Powers, Miss Kent aud Miss Parker. Char-ares AjpaJnst Veterinary Creely. OAKLAND, November 13. A little sensation was sprung at the Board of Health meeting to-night when charges were made against Veterinary Surgeon E. J. Creely of San Fran cisco. City Veterinary Surgeon Pierce explained that Creely has been trying to make a deal In Oakland to prevent cows from coming under the tuberculin test. His plan Is to put the test to the cows a few days before tho Inspectors come around. This destroys the efficacy of the official test. The Board of Health decided that they could not take any action In the matter. For a Diving Record. OAKLAND, November 13. F. B. Raymous completed arrangements to-night to make an attempt to beat the world's record for high diving next Sunday afternoon. He will dive, head foremost, from Taylor's coal bunkers on the Franklin-street wharf. The bunkers are ninety-eight feet high. The world's record for high diving Is 101 feet. Raymous will build a platform over the bunkers so as to make the necessary distance to win the championship. TO CHICAGO IN 8fc DAYS And TO XW TOliK IS 4H DATS Via 1 TIIE NORTHWESTERN LINK And UNION PACIFIC RAILWAY. SLEEPING CARS. UPHOLSTERED TOURIST CARS. DAILY WITHOUT CHANGE. ALL MEALS IN DINING CARS. Sleeping-car resratlona snd all Information at Overland Office, 2 New Montgomery street, I'slsce Hotel corner. C. E. Brsy, Genersl Agent. ONLY 3 CAGO. ONLY 4 YORK. DAYS TO CHI-DAYS TO NEW Pullman Double Drawing-Room Sleepers, Dining Cars snd Upholatered Pullman Tourist Sleepers San Francisco to Chicago daily with out cliange. Tickets and sleeping-csr reservations at 1 Montgomery street. D. W. HITCHCOCK, General Agent. THROUGH SLEEPING CARS TO CHICAGO The Atlantic and Pacific Railroad (Santa Fe Route) will contlnoe to run dally, through from Oakland to Chicago, ' Pullman palace drawing-room, aiao upholstered tourist sleeping cars, leaving every afternoon. Lowest through rates to all points In the UnltsJ States, Canada, Mexico or Europe. Excursion through to Boston leave every week. San Cranclsco ticket office, 044 Mar. fcet street, Chronicle Rutldlng. Telephone, Main 1531, Oakland. 1118 Broadway. BURLINGTON ROUTE EXCURSIONS. Every Thursday morning from San Francisco, through personally conducted tourist-car excursions will leave for Chicago snd Buston vis Salt Laks City and Deuver. No better service, no quicker time. Address or apply to agent, 82 Montgomery street, San Francisco, or 002 Broadway,, Oakland. .... ,,, , IS If President Martin Kellogg Tells About the Needs of the University. Hd Criticises the Gretk-Letter Frater- nity System Among Berke ley Students. TAKE THE PLACE OF DORMITORIES. California. Shou'd Follow the Methods of Other States and Endow Her University More Munificently. Alameda County Bureau "The Examiner," 914 Broadway, Oakland. OAKLAND, November 13. The report of President Martin Kellogg; to the Governor of California upon the condition of the university for the last two year has just been published. The President touches on many topics in the course of hl report. He has a great deal to say about the financial cou- ditlon of the university, end In speaking of the student body has considerable crit icism to make of the present fraternity system. Three methods are proposed by Pres ident Kellogg for the university's future. First, to retrace the steps which have pledged the Institution to tbe principle ot absolutely' free tuition; secondly, a reduction In the number of students; thirdly, the natural method, which would be to In crease the amount of State aid. "Other States," says President Kellogg, "are now assigning to the support ot their universities a larger fractional tax than ours. For example, Michigan gives a tax of one-sixth ot a mill on the dollar; ours la only one-tenth. Minnesota gives three- twentieths of a mill, or half again as much as ours. Indiana gave one-halt of a mill for thirteen years for endowment. Wis consin grant a permanent tax of one. eighth of a mill, with an addition of one- tenth for six years for buildings and an other tax yielding $10,000 a year. Missouri gave Us university In four years appropriations amounting to nearly $1,300,000." Tbe President then reviews the growth and efficiency of the different departments. In speaking of the lack of dormitories at Berkeley President Kellogg touches upon a verp pressing; question, but one which he feels has been partially solved by tbe fraternity system. He says In this con nection: "In the absence of dormitory buildings there is an Increasing tendency among the students to find homes In fraternity houses. several new fraternities have been intro duced within the past two years. These fraternity families depend for their healthful tone on the individual members. At best they form pleasant and profitable homes for high-minded and earnest students. With an Inferior constituency tney may exert an unfavorable influence, leading to a waste of time, or even a deterioration of character. It is highly important that a young man should have time to act deliberately in the choice of fraternity compan ions. Such deliberation is at present im paired by the haste with which pledges are obtained from new comers. Parents should advise their sons to defer their fraternity membership until they: have come to feel at home in the university and can be sure of the fellowship they enter. This close bond of dally comradeship is one wfiic!) Is to have a marked Influence on their student lives. The fraternities themselves should agree to postpone pledging for at least the first term of the freshman year. It requires a mutual understanding in order that no unfair advantage be taken. - Such a change from the present method would be beneficial, alike to the new students and to the fraternities. Natural affinity should take the place of hasty and incongruous affiliation. Snndny-Sehool Teacheri. BERKELEY, November 13. The seventh convention of the Alameda County Sunday- school Union was held at the first Presbyterian Church this afternoon and evening. A large number of delegates were present. The pro gramme Included devotional exercises led by the Rev. D. Ketchum, an address on "Teaching to Give," by the Rev. J. Clnrk Robbins; 'Chalk Talk." by S. F. Lannford: "How to Make the Sunday-school a Real School," by the Rev. F. D. Bovard; an address by the Rev. James Curry, D.D., on "Soul Winning in the Sunday-school." Between the after noon and evening sessions supper waa served by the young ladles ot the Christian Endeavor Society in the chapel. The new officers elected for the ensuing six monthB are President, the Rev. Robert whlttaker, Twenty-third avenue Haptlst Church: Vice-President. R. J. Stuart. Brooklyn Presbyterian Chuch; Statistical Sec retary, w. W. Have. Berkeley Presbyterian Church; Recording Secretary, Miss Daisy Alexander, Plymouth-avenue Congreeatlonal Church; Treasurer, Mrs. J. A. Phimmer; Chairman of Committees, the Rev. Barton W. Perry of San Leandro. It was decided to hold the next convention In the First Methodist Church, Alameda. Eighteen churches were represented at to-day's convention. Alameda llrevlties. . ALAMEDA, November 13. Orders have been Issued calling an election In Company O of the Fifth to till the vacancy caused by the resignation of Captain W. E. Chlpman. The candidates for the captaincy are First Lieutenant M. W. Simpson and Corporal C. E. Pickett. John G. Brick. President of the board of Free Library Trusteea, says that au effort will be made to have s bill pnssed hy the next Legislature making the office of Library Trustee elective. Frank Shnltls, a painter of this city, was married to Miss Lucy Ilnnna of Sau Frsnclsco In Oakland on Wednesday aftemonti. Yesterday the bride departed for Honolulu on n visit, to some friends. Rhultla says that his wife's father decs sot know she is man-led. Cnrlta Chapter. Order of Eastern Star, has elected the following- officers: Mrs. Theresa Mer-wln. Worthy Matron; .1. B. Bnrher, Worthy Patron; Mrs. Augusta T. Fletter. Associate Matron; Henry Serening. Treasurer: Mrs. A. M. Barber, Sccrelsrv; Miss Grace Williams, Cunductress; Miss Delia Nnbmann, Assorlnte Conductress. The Alameda Art Lesirue will hold a reception at Its studio In Central Block on the evening of November Wth. Itcnrflt for the Boys' Brigade. ALAMEDA. November 13. A dramatic recital for the benefit hf Company C, Boys' Brigade, will be given at Armory Hall next Tuesday evening. The affair will be under the direction of Dr. W. K. Scott, who will be assisted by Charles Parcells, violinist, and Mrs. F. H. McCormlck, soprano. The following programme has been arranged: The Hat- Bean Bnimtnel Character and Makeup; De Pen or de Swoard, Negro dialect; Merchant of Venice Scene I, Act III. Shakespere. Violin solo-Select.! Tharl It. 1'ar.vlls; No. 5 Collect St., French dialect and make-up; Vli-Binlus-Seene II.. Act IV.. James Sheridan Knowles; Julius Caeear-Seen II, Act I. Shnke. pesrc; Jamie Douglas. Sfoteli poem; "How Ruby Played"-Yankee dlulect nnil make-up; solo. .Mrs. F. H. McCormlck; (a) O'Orady's Goat Irlah dialect aud make-up;, to). Lecdlc Yswroh Strains Dutch dialect and make-up; Othello Scene III. Act III, Shakespeare. Died of His Injuries. TCRNER'S LANDINO, November 13,-Thos. J. McMurry died at his homo in this city on Monday night from Injuries received In a run-sway accident on November 4th. On that date Mr. McMurry was driving home from Stockton when the team became frlEhtened and Jumped off the levee. Mr. McMurry sprained his back and suffered Internal Injuries. He was a native of Texas, thlrty-sevon years old, and leaves a wife and adopted son. Pheasants for Sutro's Park, EUGENE (Or.), November 13.-J. J, Muths shipped by this morning's express sixteen Chinese pheasants to Charles Maker. San Francisco, for Mayor Sutro. The birds will pe placed In the park at Hutro Heights, E, HELP FOR TIIE FABIOLA. Ladies of the Hospital Association Will Mold a Donation Party "Will Ask . Jhankseiving Contributions. ' OAKLAND, November U.-The ladles of the Fablnla Hospital Association bald a meeting to-day and decided to huld their annual donation party on the 24th, 25th and 20th ot the preaont month at the rooms formerly occupied by tha Republican National League at 1060 Broadway. The ladles will ask the people or Oakland to give what thsy feel able from their Thansgtvlng bounty to the Hospital Association. The ladies wtll accept anything, no mat ter how trifling, whether It be merely a bundle of old linen that can be used for bandages, or a simple glass of Jelly, food of any kind, clothing, suppllea ot auy description or money. A great deal of charity work Is dona by this institution tnat tne puouo never nesrs in, According to a report prepared by Mrs. A. A, Hurion ih Sacrntarv for tha Associated Char ities of Oakland. 110 rases were treated last year fres of all cost. During the year the as sociation spent sri.iHHi in rnaruy coses, nuu ui which Include cases that were taken at a very nominal fee. Under tnese circumsianoss the ladles feel that in asking donations they mr nnt tmanasnl ne unon the nubile. The officers of the Fablola Hospital Associa tion are: Honorary President, Mrs. K. w. Kirkham; President. Mrs. John Yule; Vlca-Prealdents. Mrs. Reml Chabot, Mrs. Pedar Sather, Mrs. J. A. Folgen Recording Secre tary, Airs. A. A. imruin; r msiiviw ontiDw. Mrs. W. w. tsianaerora; Assistant r iuwkhi Secretary, Miss May Burnham; corresponaing Secretary, Mrs. A. J). Wilson; Treasurer, Mrs. l A CIi.k- Siinerlntnndent of Nurses. Miss Sarah Calg; Matron, Mrs. M. D. Dow; Auditors, Mrs. C. J. Deerlng, Mrs. Robert Mo- Chesney, Mrs, WtUlam Uruennagen; uireciors, MrB. John Yule, Mrs. Pedar Bather, Mra. Reml fhahot Mrs. J. A. Falter. Mrs. R. W. Oor- rill, Mrs. Q. A. Chase, Mrs. Wallace Everson, Mrs. W. W. Standeford, Mra. W. R. Davis, Miss A. E. Stevens, Mrs. A. A. Barton. The Advisory Board is composed of the fol lowing Oakland gentlemen: T. l,. earner, vj. A. Chase, rreaericK ueiger, r. n. iteiiuusiu C. D. Pierce, W. H. Davis, Thomas Crellln and fountain Awn Klmnmn. The Board of Lady Managers for the hospital la as follows: Mrs. V. . nemwiara, mra. j. J. Scotchler, Mrs. J. N. Knowles, Mrs. T. O. Harrison, Mrs. unanes j. ueenng. in, r. i, Kondsii Mrs Kmms Crockett. Miss May Burn- ham. Mrs. William Oruenhagen, Miss Grace Scotchler, Mrs. J. H. Wilson, Mrs. William Cllft, Miss Anita Whitney, Mrs. w unam nooin, Mlsa Janet Halght, Mrs. Charles D. Pierce, Mr. P., ii I T.nhaa Mrs. R. B. Jerome, Mrs. u. W. Stolp, Mrs. E. b. Sanborn, Mrs. W. Frank Pierce, Mrs. Artnur urown, ran. rum u, Minriu ip a T a inlander. Miss Mary Dun- hum Mra ilhort Ttrouin. Mrs. A. W. BUrrall, Mrs. Robert McChesney. Mrs. W. L. Snook. fin 1. In n .1 rWI Note OAKLAND, November 13. Minister Coepefsf the "Hawaiian Kepuimcaa - ana ioa iu. Private Secretary to President Dole at that republic, are en tbelr way to Oakland. The Army aud Navy Republican League has decided to keep headquarters sum miinl.ln.1 a1.u( inn nVt UnHnff. Walter F. Dlngley, son ot Captain Dlngtey ef East Oakland, died hi Seattle xnursojiy. n-i m' . h.,i,i., n.i lmnrovemeirt Association has called a meeting for Tuesday next, at which tbe legislative represeutauv tm w III be uivneu iu ttjtiru. - '-, t-- ,h-billty of securing State aid for Wllug up the Slxteonth-ntreei uihtu. ,nttiid E IS Dunn of Alanieda was to-day comiMttea to. the lse asylum. AiPB. K. A. fiusuiuu S" " East Fifteenth street, for to-morrow evening fur an aniaieur uivuiucui . - - ..n, r Olub The programme will lcl"'le "How Uraud. ma Dunwu, y tauiu nwisiv - Mtaft Jen Hush as violin a-eompaatt; a c- ...... a 4 A U.fln,isB " wltn 111 1 tost I'!LII11LM3 I UIC and J.icpph HnHtHH-ough a the rharaete Tbe t.1 . ni h frivin hr Miss Edith JJolleO- beck. Miss Alma llolletiueex ana liaiwonie. under the direction of Miss Susie Ho bs rt. . . , A Joe and Tom Connltr were yestenmy r-.. from full, where several misdemeanor charges ...... i. . .i..n. jMirittimi that thev re- turn to-day aud pay S5 costs. Ibey did not keep the condition, ana to-uay iranu n.uu. ...... Issued for their arresu. , ,. ., vt . . v.. Bm,ii,Am Pjietfl nnillce- 1 Ulimu iniuju.u. im ................ - - - - man who stole several things aud then tried to commit stiiciut", was hhi i uijhj hut execution ox seoteiKe was iwiuu v behavior. ,. , . , I . I., -IHn.M n Vnm rWilrlflJHf t rfVl Cft .Lilt? lUIIMWlllK Win-. ....... .... -- of Workmen have been elected for the ensuing vear: J. It. Holiart. Master Workman; H. S. Tut tie. Foreman; Dr. E. W. Bradley, Overseer; (ieorite ( haw. Recorder; O. Whipple. Financier; C. W. Wilklns, Itecelver; V. C. White. Guide; Vernal Sidney Northey. Inside Watchman; J. K. 1. ii ,.:...l.tA W.l.hmnn, Tr V W TtrH- . UtmillMlU. IllllWir , CT.Vi.M."." , ... ley. Medical Examinee; O. Whipple, E. Baugle, . i , t,"..i.i... , .n I, -.1 a,w.r. tThiip.n win lfin bt twwuwl mission at the Church of tho Advent on Monday next. An effort is being made to have the allopathic, eclectic and houwoputhtc medical societies of Alnmedn county unite In doing away with free clinics and lodire physicians. laK ICHt nnptor. o. o, uninwi rjruamu Star, held their election of officers last night, ii. -l. i u i. t ...... n n n.nui. wiin I lie nmiw i UK iri-uii, i ainni, j. i-nuin., Matron. Mrs. W. Frank Pierce: Alsoivt Matron. Mrs. II. D. Howe: Sw-rotary, Mrs. C. M. Walter; Treasurer, Mrs. Donnelly: Conductress, Mrs. Ada ttnvlifl. Analntunt Ctrum'irom Mra. J. T.. I ...... . Tl,. . .Ill h. I., . , 1 1.. ... fM, Tlmrsdny In Hfvemlier. The lima- conlcstivl opening of Commerce street III r:ii.i -rnHtnini linn iiiuin.v ik.u vuiupi miiiBVil The Street-openlne Commissioners originally sei r Commissioner originally set uiw 1'xim'iii.i's ni en,uini. 11 nas neeu neciaea to pay $10.UI)0 expeues and make no contest. WATER FOR SANTA ROSA. A New Company Incorporated and Ar. rangements Being Made to Give the City an Immense Supply. SANTA ROSA, November IS. Articles of In-corporation of the Fountain Water Company have been filed In the County Clerk's office and the probabilities are that Santa Rosa will before long have another water company established. The five Directors named in the articles are S. G. Murphy, J. H. Isham, W. O. Bonta, J. W. Pew and A. W. FoBter. The amount of capital stock Is $SOO,000 and the amount actually subscribed Is SfiO.OOO. The objects for which the company Is formed are to supply and furnish water for all purposes In and outside the city limits of Santa Rosa. The principal place of business will be San Francisco. The company expects to obtain Its supply of water from a large spring on the lands of Captain James McDonald on Sonoma avenue. This spring Is now flowing a stream of 2.760,000 gallons per day. It Is proposed to sink a Hhaft two feet In diameter 100 feet below tho bottom of the spring, and thus the flow of water will be greatly increased. ASSESSORS' CONVENT ION Its Projectors Confident the Proposed Gathering at Sacramento Will Result in Great Benefit to Taxpayers. BAKERSFIELD, November 13. The Assessors' Convention which will meet In Sacra- mentoon November 23d promises to be of great Importance to the people ot this State. Win-field Scott of this city, one of the chief pro moters of the convention. Is enthusiastic over the beneficial results he is confident will result therefrom. The object of this bringing to gether, of Assessors from all parts of the State Ir for the purpose of preparing a petition to the Legislature to amend the preeent revenue laws so as to mime tnem less conmc.ting ana more equable between tho different counties, to propose new sections and to ask the State. Board of Equalization to form some schedule for the. guidance of Assessors In fixing values off all lines of personal property, as well as to look Into the present assessed value ot all taxable property. It Is believed a more equable adjustment of taxes throughout the State will result from the deliberations of the convention. To IniproT?- County Roads. SACSALITO. November lS.-The Marin Development Association. an organization of property-owners to make needed public Improvements' In this section of Marin county, will bold Its initial meeting in the Town Hall here to-morrow nlojlit. . When 1 ssy I rurs 1 do nnt mean merely to stop thmn for s time and tnen hnv them return again. I menn a rsiicsl curs. I bnvs marie the dioeass of UTS, EPILEPSY or FALLING SICKNESS s life. Uitig stndy. I warrant my remedy to curs the worst oases. Itecanss others havs (ailed is no reason for not now receiving a eur. Send at once for s ireatins and s r re, bottle of my infallible remedy. Give Ex. prsas and PustnlUoa address. i'rof.W.H.PEEKE.F.D..4CeilarSt.,HewYorlt HE. OF THE EBELLS The New Building of This So ciety to Be Opened This Evening. SBSSSSBBSBSSBSSSBBS) ' A Society Event In Which Numbers of Prominent People Will Participate. MANY GUESTS TO BE WELCOMED, An Organization That Hat Always Been Foremost In the Work of Education of Women. Alameda County Bureau "The Examiner," 14 Broadway, Oakland. OAKLAND, November 18. Thirty ladles will aot a a Reception Committee to-mor row night to receive the guests at the open lng of the handsome new rooms ot the Eboll Society. The ladles have completed all arrange ments for the opening of their new building on tbs oorner of Thirteenth and Harrison streets, and the event will mark an epoe In the history of this prominent organlza tlon. It will be the society event of the sea son, for the Ebell Society Is supposed to ba the home of culture In this city. The invi tation list Is somewhat exclusive, but tha ladles expect to have about five hundred guests present. Many prominent people In the State have been Invited and have ac cepted. The programme to be carried out li a general one, but what is given will be select. The spacious rooms will be band somely decorated and their pretty furnish ings will he shown off to the best advantage. The Ebell Society was organized a few years ago for tbe purpose of promo-.lng oul ture and education among the ladles. Tbe officers who will be on band to-morrow to assist in receiving the guests are: Mrs. O. W. Bunnell, President; Mrs. H. O. Trow- bridge and Mrs. 3. H. Benjamin, Vice- Pres idents; Mrs. G. Ii. Burdlck, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. R. P. Oleason, Recording Secretary; Mrs. Mary E. Mathews, AislH. ant Recording Secretary; Mrs. L. O. Judd Financial Secre ary; Mrs. E. W. Owen, Treasurer; Miss Maria R. Babson, General Curator, Then there is the Home Committee that will take a very active part in tbe reception, This committee includes: Mrs. John Buss, Mrs. Prentiss Selby, Mrs. L 8. Burilhurd, Mrs. Thomss Cretan, Mrs. T. L, Horn, Mrs. W. II. Church, Mrs. W. Frank Pierce, Mrs. Jessie G. Mtlnsell. Mrs. George D. Gray, Mra. James B. Iluine, Mrs. J. I. Gray, Mrs. , A. Kiueinu. Mrs. w. uwen. airs. AG a u, Hewcs, Mrs. Frederick S. Stratton. Mrs. Henry wauswortu, Airs. j. u. acnneiaer. Of course the Building Committee will be there, iuciuoea id mis most succhsbius committee are; Mrs. U. O. Trowbrldire. Chairman: Mrs. W. A Chllds, Mn. L. S. Burchard, Mrs. F. S. Stratton, Mrs. K. U. Judd, Mrs. John Russ, Mrs. G. W Grayson and Mrs. E. A. Kluecel. The new Re ception Committee will be assisted by tbe old Standing Committee, including: Mrs. T. C. Coo- (rau, Mrs. G. L. Nusbauuier, Mrs. E. B. Jerome, Mrs. Seth Maun, Mrs. K. Nushaumer, Mrs. W. H Creed. Mrs. A. M. Rosborouith. Mrs. W. G. Pal- manteer, Mrs. H. C. Morris, Mrs. F. M. Welle. Mrs. j. siuuseu, Mrs. Ambrose Cornwall, Mrs, Wallace Everson, Mrs. G. L. Curtlss, Mrs. W. E Sharon. .Mrs. u. M. mow. Mrs. L. W. CurtJs. Miss Georgia Strone, Miss Eva Luklns. Miss Eleanor Drussel. Miss Grace Musser. Miss Mabel Gray, Mlsa Mona Crclln, Mlas Mabel Uelette and Alias urace uurrtiu ELOPERS CAPTURED- John McGinnis and Julia Vashon Arrested at Woodland, tVhere They Passed as Brother and Sister. WOODLAND, November 13. A young man and a girl arrived in this city Thursday evening and registered at the hotel as William and Maud Gardiner., Two officers, one from Val-lejo and the other from Bentcia, arrived on a freight train early this morning and placed the couple under arrest. The man Is John McGlnnls and be has been employed as a brickmason on Mare Island, The girl's name Is Juliet Vashon and she Is said to be only thirteen years of age. They claimed to be brother and sister. McGlnnls is cnargea with abduction. The officers returned with them to Valleio mis atternoon. Volunteers at Santa fTras. SANTA CRUZ, November 13. Major Wash ington Blackhurst, Commander of the Paclflo Battalion of the Volunteers of America, is visit ing the newly established post In this city, Major Blackhurst spoke to a larare audience last nignt on the past, present and future of tha volunteers, several converts went to the cent tent seat and a fair sura of money was col lected. To-night there was a Dacked house and the officer's speech on the prison operations ot the Volunteers on the Coast was listened to attentively. A Launch Sinks si Boat. SAUSALITO, November 13. A gasoline launch collided with a small boat belonging to the yacht Azallne in the bay this afternoon, The small boat was wrecked and soon sunk. The two sailors It contained were taken Into he launch and placed aboard the Azallne. The boat was afterwards recovered. Dropped Iead at Woodland. WOODLAND, November 13. Robert Cox, who has been subject to epileptic fits, dropped dead in me facinc House tms morning. CARTERS rilTTLE IVStK PILLS IfifE Positively cured by these Little Pilla. Thej a'.so relieve Distress from Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A per. feet remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Drowat. ness, Bad Taste in the Mouth, Coatee Tongut Pain in the Side, TORPID LIVER. They Regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable. Small Pill. Small Doso. fimnll Prlff. CURE YOURSELF! lias Big for lnflamma. 'la 1 u Sd.ri.X I tlons, Irritations or nicer - U atlom of roucooi mem. L'T branes. Painl.M. snd not THtE8CMESIOtOO.""""U " flisllllillATl.O.r-! 'r "Blsss, 0. S. a. 7 or sent In plain wrapper , rv expreea, prepaid. I of ii.m, iirt bottles, t2.7S. ircnlar sent on rauusss A I I KlflWFY (roubles tjaickty snl ssfso HUI. rIUIlL.I euroi. with Huouta HauUal wood eapsnlas. Cores IB sevsa data Avoid Id- Iii Hon a imitations: soaa bat His Uoonts irenalos, rpU directions. 1'rles 1 au. all drucsists. REPUBLICAN ALLIANCE T The Organization Is Making a Determined Effort to Secure the Honor of Escort to President-Meet McKinley. OAKLAND. November 13. The big mt!ns; of the Republican Alliance will be held tomorrow evening; at their headquarters to see what arrangements the club wtll make for folng East to attend the Inauguration ot McKinley. Conerres&man Schoonmakar nf N Jersey, who was banqueted by the Alliance oa oaiuruay mgui last, nas uaen a great interest In the matter. To-day Mr. Sohoon-makor telegraphed as follows to the Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements for the inauguration of McKinley: D i VI tun a wmann 1 i , -(. n ma. Oakland AUIuiumt flub, cuioeHi entirely of thm ptcktHl mcu of CulifanU. tnimborkig 150, reprtt-ventlng In tUe numt fuuiprsMittTiaive way tho ua-tluual .Tpirlt of the tStatH, have arranged to attend tha liMHifmrutioo and requeat the honor of Canton to Waahiutnon. A M iKsa sI.a..w.. i... 41. la tw tt. saut-si .uJli imuij iu iu it main in ius'bi t mi 1 1 able of all woo, Lwaiifte aph.Tf4 a tea 1 1 vat th 'tai wKii mm in flHHinmnriir ui iu cnio Bin4iinui i-willlj, Vv II It'll WISH I IIP niH(3 ly my ojilnion aatrajether tJi b?at unlforml orgaiv 1 Slit inn r,f A t.,,... itti.... .. . 1. a . awi.:ill. I'lTllinu sis. mrsiMll ITI I II W rJiinrr n1AUU . . ' i ... " t" " sw win nttTii nut-w 01 list r queat aa tho most grateful thin tha iTpaldent) aiia IU briUUut tulur to the Ropnhlloan party. Prealdnt Morrow ha fail 11 A A m fiaW fnn rria meeting to-morrow which ia part is as fol- OntivW..M...i . .. 11V 1 memners or tne itrpumican aVnla -ri-U" T8 J!ap,lon " u"td Jocular h. i .VrV,X V ana wouia not only ,1i Apl"f ""rtltcment, but would lend i? i 8.,:?t ' wl,,,,' 't every mem- hors .nrf uauT ana to the msno ?J?i' hicn w" snateHsd from the Poik-IZ "Lm Tar7 ' effor' Io"l ciruens'o? cZ rTrluv mm necessary for the trip can be raised. Your Board of Directors haa already taken the matter to band snd wlH un. CSni". """a will of ttoo. ""njuiucant reprvseuta- DESTROYED THE LICENSE. Woodland Girl Hat Her Father arrested ! to Prevent His Marriage to a Woman She Disliked. WOODLAND. Novam hAt" 19 Pr.a.1. n. Louis, aged fifty-two years, procured a license, to-day to marry Esther Dameron. His daughter Died a petition asking for letters of guardianship and procured an order flxtar a da tor a hearing. Bhe then induced her father to give up tbe marriage llcenjse, which she destroyed. St. Louis was then placed under arrest, ostensibly for disturbing the peace, but really to prevent him from getting married. He haa been drinking heavily of late. daughter ympathjr 11 aU oa th M of hls STiot a Mountain Lion. ALMA, November 18. Ernest Hoffman. lng on the Bear creek road, thrao mii L here, shot a female Hon In a cniir-h n.. hi. hom..a.few-day, aR0 that measured seven and Of her nOSA. Th nnlmal KaA i..a and when pursued by Hoffmann and a frlendl turned ini( .hnn,.4 ; .v. . . .wm ,'jnm Death of a Constable. AUBURN, November 13. John m r... constable and deputy Sheriff, residing at Colfax, died In the Sisters' Hospiui at Sacramento) this morning. Deceased had been long a resident of Placer county and waa a vigilant officer. SAVED 15 to 25 cts. EACH TEA. of POUND YOC BUY DIRECT AT OUR STORES. WE RU.V 100 STORES. THAT'S WHY WE Buy Cheaper and Sell Cheaper PEDDLERS' Profits AGENTS' ' MIDDLEMEN'S SOLICITORS' SAMPLES FREE NO CHARGE TOU TO BE THE JUDGE. TEST THIS STATEMENT By Callins; at any of Our Stores and) Getting- a Sample of Tea, any kind, at 15 to 25 cts per pound less than you pay others. Great American Importikg Tea Co. MONEY SAVING STORES! 1844 Market st. H6 Ninth at. MISSION BE. V1K ThUJ . 140 Sixth St 208 Fillmore sr. on rvenruy n, DM) Market St 1419 Polk at. 8006 Sixteenth st f fi21 Monteomerv ava mi nnn 833 Hayes st- 32SB Mission St. ' maraet at. (Headquarters), 8 F. 1058 Washington st 616 B. Twelfth st 131 San Pablo ave. 9.17 Broadway. Oakland 1325 Park st. Alameda. Handsome Presents Qlven Away.: NOTARY PUBLIC -1HARLES H. PHILLIPS iTTORNlT-iT.' -v-r buu mvv .j (-nunc, om aaarist strsss. apposite Palace Hotel. Residence, 1620 FU stl ' teleohone S70: resldDoa hl.nn.n. "lir. okui " - This Week's Bank Clearings. Clearances Inc. Deo. New York Boston Chlcmo I710.2OB.838 lB,0ns,rK5O 02.M7,785 63,707,203 24.752.111 18.928, nm 15,B08,7S8 lfl.lU4,88l 11,047,600 10,201,891 10,9H9,f,25 12,232,1HK) 3, 800,121 2.5r,7,8T 2,B71,BH8 2,134.74,1 2,7M.4fl8 l.lhlt.740 . 1,717, 2,'IO l,An7,H13 i;u7ii.nno) l,448.2r3 r.'f8,0S8 (118.212 7,17, M12 T.447,408 6,02.1,100 1,101.117,147 481, 047.81 PO 2o,00o,2i30 2 6.0 8 si. a 12.8 e.r BO, 18"i ii. a is. a io!i 17. li.t 18.0-11.4 16.1 ii. Philadelphia t. Louis Plttshiinh San Francisco .... Faltimore 11.9 Cincinnati Kansas City New Orlcnns Minneapolis Omaha Denver Ttlchmond Washington Memnhls 14.0 1.1 Fort Worth Atlanta Los A nuclei Portland (Or) Rait Lake 60.8 'i!e 8.4 7o!e 1.8 'a.i Helena Tacoma Seattle Spokane Houston Galveaton Totals. I'n'd States Outside New York. Totals Csutda .... 9. at a s 4 ih'.i Hrltlsh Grain Trade. UVEItPOOIi, November IS. 8 pot: Wheat-Firm, tnodernte demand; California club, 7 7dj No. 1 Northern, Ts 7d. Corn Quiet, moderate de-mnnd; American mixer, 8i 8d. Flour Standard bard spring bakers, 25s 3(1. Futures: Wheat Bed American steady, active demand; November, Ieceniher, Jannary and February. 7s 2d; March, 7a 21. fVorn Steady, fair demand; American mixed, November, 8s 3d; December, 83'4d; Jatmary, Fohruary and March. 8s 2A. Iry Goods Markets. NEW YORK, November 13. Reports frora lscal retailers and Jobbers snd from other sections of the country speak of the adverse Influence of mild weather on tha dlntrlhutlon of seasonable nwriJhandliie, bnt there tins again heen a fair amount of business passing- In the dry.jroodi market to-ilay. There has been no change In Hie snrfil tone, a roittident feeling still nrevalllnir aad sVioes throughout are stcaUlly mainUlned.

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