The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 5, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1947
Page 7
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JW fl)H BBTUY, KOrgMSCT 8, 194T Food Distribution Needs Improving Nation's Food Supply More Nutritivt Now, However, Exptrt Soys A liovernuicnt nutrition experl said J'estordny that U. fi. food distribution under wartime rationing vu better than it is now under high pvii-es. 'Mn.rgsret Q. Rtid, head of tlm Family Economics, made iWs atalt- menl. al the Agriculture Depart- mrni's ajth mnual Outlook Coil- s' Another nutrition expert, Esther " P. Phip.-ird, reported that tlie nutritive value of (he nation's food supply it much higher now than it was before Ihe war. Proper distribution, she said, would provide every American with the minimum diet recommended by the National Ref.earch Council. But Miss Phipard said high prices prevent many persons with low incomes Irom getting proper diets. Lack of dielry knowledge, fine added, also makes for improper diets. She urged state agriculture rep- iv.sentatlves and extension service experts' at Ihe conference to use the food conservation drive to improve nutrition education. Reporting on the world nutrition outlook, Hazel K. Stiebeling, cliftf of DIP Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics, said UNRRA reports last year showed that foort shortages in Europe stunted the growth of children and increased the tuberculosis vale. She said Europe's food supply would be even smaller this year than last, and added thai the United ^States must do everything possible £ to boost exports to a maximum. Jk) O. CJ. Stine. assistant chief of If the Bureau of Agricultural Economics, told the conference that the expected drop In larin prices had been put off in market estimates lo 1949 or 1950. One Way to Beat High Gas Tax BLITHEriLLE (ARK.)' COURIER State Officials Ask Clarification Of Fiscal Policy LITTLE HOCK, Ark., Nc|'. i, "Jfi — .State Tiviumvsr J. Vance Cliiyton and Blule AuctKur Oscar Humphrey today nsked Mtoviwv (inu-rnl liuy E. Williams wlmt powers they iinve lo pay out money on cpilaln lump sum appropriations in view of x recent supreme court The iMiui'sl wi\s innde utter Hit 1 high court helrt recently that the Hoard of Fiscal Control had no authority to npprovo non-specific appropriations made by the Clrti'f appropriations menllmied were Ihe SU.OOU.OOO wi-Ume [uu<( n Sl.5Utl.ono highway maintenance ( appropriation. $B35,l>32 appropriated for claims, $31,ltiO appropriated for the lipventie Oop.irtmcnl for extra' 1> help ha til* auditorial and accounting divisions, »n,ooo for the Ciamo and P'lsh Commission and »10JXXI for ArkwisRs A. M. tmd N. colleg* al IMne Bluff for ituduit labor and unelnsifleil torvic**. The lelt»r said In part: "In view of lh« rec«nl ruling of MID .Supreme Court denying the Ikmul of Hvm! ConU'ol \wwtr to transfer money from Ihe rm»- gonuy fund lo Ilia legislative Council, In which they stressed Ihe fact Unit no money could be paid oul except by MX'dllc appropriation a.s to number and aiiKiunl, and further oiled Severn! cases to this effect, we would like to know It tlva mutllor Is within his Ivijul j lnlil.s to issue warrant,* and thu! treasurer within his legal rights to pay mil money on lump sum appropriations or npproprlnllons not spi'dllc us to purpose, number and i amount." The letter then listed th« uppro- irlatlous in qurstlon. OBP In ih« Ckinttrj Court, b» lUslrlrt, Mltwl COM!?, rahjuiy. Kttward Risk ............ Plaintiff, v». No. 10.27S Opal Klslt .............. Dt(«ud»ht, The defendant Opal RUk U htreby w«rned to *tt}>«»r within thirty d»y» In tlic court named In Ihf caption hereof and aiuver the complaint, of tin plaintiff Edward Rink. Dated (his 15 day of October, liMT. HARVEY MOEBfS, Olerk By Betty Peterson, deputy, Attorney lor Plaintllf: Doyn« Dodrt One way lo heal the hlgli Oklahoma gas lax of 7 cfais |>er tjnlloii is proposed 50-50 gasoline and kerosene. This was suggested by Mr. A. C. Hiusscjl. right, whose specially designed carburetor will handle mixture as well as regular gus, gat station operator. Joe JDewet;;, third largest pelvolcum pnxincfr puts In regular «as while Russell stands hy by usin K a mixture ol of Srmwnoc, Oklahoma. • hi' says. Oklnlminn city with k{']-oseno. Oklaliomtx,' in Ihe U. 8. has hij;]>esl state gas tax. iNKA 'JVlcpholo.) AP Newsman Told to Leave By Hungarians Rocking Choirs Too Plentiful, Mayor Declares NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 5. (UP) — Mayor U. S. Sanders of Ninety-Six, S. C.. (Pop. 1.7001. was ready today — lo mnu'h his imuiinpu! heailartuv Gninn. I with any mayor al I lie 2-!th aniuiAl conference of the American Municipal Association. "We have to tight just us hard to keep Ninety-six out of !he red In proportion to populntioii. Now Zenlands receives three teicgrBms to every one in England. London's worst day for fatal street accidents is Saturday. A FCV; CROPS Cr V:CKS (DOUBLE-DUTY NOSE DROPS) Believes SNIFFLY, STUFFY DISTRESS OF NeadCoUs It's wonderful how a ^^ little Vicks Va-tro-nolfSi 1 in each nostrilactsfast' J to soothe irritation.' open cold-clogged nose • ^^ and reduce stulTiness. And If used in' time. Vicks Va-lro-nol helps ^recent many colds from developing Try it! Follow directions in the package BUDAPEST, Nov. 5. (UP>—A Hungarian government spokesman said yesterday that. Jack _ Associated correspondent, was being expelled from Hungary bo- cautc of his alleged connection with activity against the state. Guinn was preparing to leave Budapest with his wife and two children. Undersecretary of Slate ly.'m Bolduzznr said at a press conference: v .,<, jn/m-i „* "!'he expulsion ol Mr. Guiiin had I BOO COO" nbout nothing to do with his activities I tional laxrs. as a foreign correspondent, ov \vith j news reports he filed about Hungary. I A communique of (he Ministcry of Interior referred clearly to the re.i- | sons for exaulsioif." | The ministcry reported the arrest of eight persons after tlie discovery of "an organization for espionage" and concluded that Guinn was being expelled "in connection with the- discovery zation." Atlanta's Street Vendors Must Shave or Quit Work, Health Department Rules. ATIiAN'TA. Citt,. Mnv. 5. tUPl — neiiinniiiR next, .liiinmry Atlanta's ice i'1-eain suret salesman must slmvr daily and wear clean uniform:;, the City Health Dcp.vr.MIU di'crec-d unlay. City authorities suirl (lie -ir>0 pusluaii. peddlers would have In clean up or ctnil. John Paul .Jones was an admiral in tlie face of rising costs ns niiy- | in ihc" Russian 'iin'w nfter the Rev- boily, Sanders saitl. | olutlonary War. * Purthcriiioiv, the Ninety-Six cliisi i excclltiv,- snid. "our 1,700 citizens c:in holler ns loud a.s New Orleans' having to pay nddl- | Nalclie?,. Miss,, is the oldest city | mi the Mississippi river. SPECIAL DINNER Italian Spaghetti with Meat Balls $1.00 Hickory Smoked Country Ham With French Fries, Salad and Rolls $1.25 SYCAMORE HOUSE Arkansas-Missouri State Line Mnyor \V. C- PiUpatrick of Parm- vllle. Vs.. iPii]). 3.'!75i. said I hat's Ihe \vav it was in hi.s town, too. Tlie trouble willi mayorina in (he small inly, Piiipatrick s«id, \\-ss that people came to you with I lie smalle.M sort of 'probipm— like Ihe \vomau who KOI him oul or bf! nt 3 a.m. to do poinelhim; abnut :i co« - ;vhicii wns disturbing people of the organi- j with ;is clanpinir bell. Snnder.s said modei'ni^ation had 'The. Hungarian yo^'eriuiient," Boidu'/./ar added, "has no objection • *>"•-»: n.i>^ juu taut to any oilier Assotlaled Press cor- ' to pick cotton," he said, •respondent coming to Hungary, nrid j triuueiit is putting out i bmime a nec('ssil> - . "These days yon can't certainly will not put any obstacles i In the way of his journalistic activi- i ties. I "The government does not prevent any other correspondent from doing his journalistic work. On the contrary, it helps him. if possible." The Socialist Democratic newspaper Vilagossag said that Guinn was in touch with Pcrenc Nngy, former Hungarian premier who was rocking mail." ch"-ir.s for get labor "The HOV- too many the working Head Courier News Want Ads. deposed while he was in Switzerland last Spring nnr! later went to the United Stales. Gninn "constan:- ly corresponded with him" after the chunpc in "overnmeiit, the ne\vs- paper said. The YOU SAW IT IN . . . AND HERE IT IS! HOTPOIMT De Luxe Range Everybody's Pointing To HOTPOIMT A Few In Stock For I m media fa Delivery With II great postwar advancempnt.<;. this brilliant now Hotpoint Automatic Range brings you everything you've wantfd in electric cooking! New lifetime Calrod/ heating units start faster, cook more elficicntly and—with a dual- service thrift-cooking unit—the surface capacity is Increased "K"r. New sealed-hrat oven gives more oven space plus evenly distributed heat for better cookrnc results. Improved broiler cooks steaks for 10 persons in 10 minutes. Hotpnint Ranges stay cleaner and are easier lo clean. Accurate automatic timer permits you lo cook entire mc-als-while you »re nwsy. See these (ireat new features In Hotpoint; world's leading electric ratwe. •Reg. TJ. S. Pat. Off. AMERICA'S FINEST ELECTRIC RANGE BLAN HEATH Auto & Home Supply Store 419 West Main Street Phone 828 MORE THAN A HUNDRED VALUABLE PRiZES STILL TO BE AWARDED !!! Don't miss the .opportunity to win in this exciting contest— there ore more than a hundred wonderful pmet—and the Grand Prizes-stilf to be awordedl Send in as many entries as you wish—but do it now! Ramember—every winning contestant wins a prize too for the grocer he or she names as "My Favorite Grocer." Here's your chance to win the $1,000.00 Grand Prize for yourself and the $500.00 Grand Prize for your "Favorite Grocer"—or one of th« many other valuable prizes including a radio-phonograph combination, electric refrigerators, roasters, mixers, percolators, irons and toasters. Enter now-you may win in lh» w«ekly contest and still be eligible for the Grand Prizes! FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE RULES 1. Simply complete this slot«ment in fifty words or lets: "(Your favorite grocery jlore't name) i* my favorite grocer b«caui« Write on on* side of paper (or gel an entry blank from your grocer) end mail to Admiration Contest, Box 285, Houston, Texas. Be sure t« include your namt and addreit and the nam* and arfdrest of your grocer. You may send as many entries aj you wish but each entry mutt bff accompanied fay one of thtse: The Mommy picture (or label) from on Admiration Coffe* package or (ar-or »n* itrip that unwinds from an Admira- tfon vacuum can, • 4. Anyone is eligible lo enter except employees ef the Duncan Coffee Company, tfiefr advertliinff agency and their families, I. All entries become the properly ftf the Duncan Coffee Company — none can be returned —and iht deciiion of tne judges will be final. 4. The contest begins September 29th and erxJ* midnight, November 16lh, Weekly contest winners will be selected from entries received before midnight Saturday of each week. All entries postmarked Inter than midnight November T6 wifl not be considered. 7. All winners will b* notified. A list of the winners will be sent to otl contestants requesting on* and sending a self-addressed stamped envelop*. TUNE IN "THE COFFEE SHOP" - MONDAY THRU FRIDAY - 35 STATIONS IN THE SOUTHWEST S T U D E BAKER 5 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. 5 £) Salts * STUDEIAKER * f.ryk« D ATTKNTION, 8TUOKBAKKH OWNKm»l IP Drive by for a free oheck on your ellmatuwr M«M*r -rtt nefrostcr. fle prepared for wlntor. • A good xelectlon of now and uaort Iriicki. Al*o, a niuntar °1 l«l* model iued cars , . . nil (juaranleedl 1C ^ Kullnnd and Ash SirteU " TIP I, ex ChHmblin J)i»l S T U D E B A K E RS RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All T>|>f.i Kxrrpt C>B«r| DRS. NtESiNIES Clinic 514 M.ln. Hlylhevllle, Ark., Phunc BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 FARM (H LOANS ^^5^ Mom* Offic*, Newark, N. 1. LONG TERM PKOMrT CLO«INO LOW HATH CAM,. OR 9P.B RAY WORTHINGTOVl IIS 8. Third Si., BljlhtTlllt, Ark. • ServliK Tlih H;.Hnn z.1 Trara Author Itcrt Morlttuu* Loan Solicitor for TI1F. rRUUKN'lUL IN.SUKANCE COM PA NT Of AMKRICA "Now, 1 wiinL you Bl.vllieville boys to giv» me ft smooth job as SKAV MO'J'OHS did imintiiiK my •«•!" Pride & Usrey General Contractor* DiRT FOR SALE Phone 517 • BOiSTtOS AMO Or MAVriAMO Cue AND &"'G"' AND I ft 01 r CO'KH CAN WATER AJD ARTHRITIS? The aid thovisands have received (rom MounUIn Valley Mineral Water,Is proof th»t thl* <M!ck>us water from Hot Spring*, Arkansas, 1* a n»tur»l help in Artliiitis. Do this — drink six to eight glasses i d»y for th« next few weeks, and Judge for yourself the r«I v»U« of Mountain Valley—the famous mineral w»t«r from America's most popular health resort, Frt-e health bnoklei Ml rt««K< CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOT

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