The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on January 30, 1898 · 31
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 31

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 30, 1898
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THE EXAMINEE. MAJN Jf4tAJClBCOi SU."NT)At MOItHINO. JANUARY 30; 1898. 3 1 ROODS TO LET-Continued. CALIFORNIA. 1329 One furnished room for one or two ladiei, or nun and wife; Rat auu uain;iu. ELLIS, .120 Sunoy single room, $s; one Urge room, fl.l. ' P.LI,IS,ti03 Frout furnished or unfurnished rounis; corner; geutleniau; also pouaeiieepwg. ELLIS, 418 (TheOrandCarnol) First-class sunny ruonia, suits ana single; oau; noniur. KLI.1S, 638 Parlor and parlor bedroom; newly furuUhed; neat place ; reasons nie rates. ELLIS, 810 Two nioelir furuUhed rooms to let; bath and Baa; rent low. EDDY, 439 Two rooms ; furniabed or uuf urolshed; bath; neatly furnisnca single room. EDDY. 303, corner Jones Sunny newly furnished rooms ; very reajoimpie. ELI.IH. 801, cor. Polk New and handsomely fur nished rooms; very reasouauie. ELLIS, 522 Nicely furnished room, suitable for two; running water; fi. EDDY, 207 Front sunny rooms, 2 to (3 per week; single lodgings, 50 cents. - ELLIS, 820 Neatly furnished double room, gas, haih; no other roomers; references. EIXIS, 322 Handsomely furnished rooms, single or in suits; Dam; tourists. ELEGANTLY furnished suit or single room for gentleman; home comforts; central; bath; tele-phone; reasonable. Address box 0610, Kxnir. ELLIS, 927, near Van Neaa Hundsome parlors. ELLIS, 12 Sunny front and hack suits and single; also transient. M. GRANT. ELLIS. 616 Sunny parlor floor 3 connecting furnished rooinsjgas range; Apollo lights; bath. ELLIS, C40 Sunny corner bouse; nicely furnished single room, gas and bath, $0. EDDY, 118 Front suit; clean sunny rooms, (6 up; housekeeping suit, cheap. EDDY, 420 Newly furnished rooms to rent; gentlemen preferred. EUROPEAN. 17 Stockton-Elegant rooms; suits or single; day, week or month; baths; hot and cold water; transient; elevator. FULTON, 2205 Henutiful sunny furnished room overlooking Golden Gato Park, 19; board opt'l. FOI.SOM, 523-Laree bay-window parlor; splcn-s.dldly furnished; suitable for 2 gentlemen; or with use of kitchen; rent $10. FOURTH, 222Mt Furnished bay-window and single rooms; modern conveniences; light housekeeping; moderate. FREMONT, 322 (Rlncon Hill) Single front room; also double, furnished: gus. bath; prlT. family, FELL, 114 Large sunny front room, with use of butb; rent $S; gentleman preferred. FOLSOM, 1335, bet. Ninth and Tenth Neatly furnished sunny front room; cheap. GEARY, 410 (The Highland) Nicely furnished sunny rooms, $2 per week upward; transient. GIRARD House, 142 Seventh St. Sunny suits, single rooms; Klondike transient solicited. M. PRAHL. GEARY place, 4, near Taylor Small furnished room for single man; low rent. GEARY, 217 Sunny furnished and unfurnlsbsd rooms; rent reasonable. GOLDEN GATE, 2ft A sunny unfurnished, carpeted room; mantel, grate; suitable for two; $7. GEARY, 28 A suit of sunny rooms or single If desired; private fnmlly; central or very reason able; gentlemen preferred. GOLDEN OATHTave., 1200 One or two large sunny furnished front rooms; private family. GOLDEN GATE ave.. 317 Single room; sunny; 15 per month. GOLDEN GATE ave., 009 Large furnished front hay-window room; grate, running water,, hath, closet; reasonable; private family; smaller room. GEARY, 80SB Nicely furnished room, with hot and cold water, for gentleman, or man and wife. GEARY, 616 Nicely furulsbed sunny rooms; also housekeeping room. GEARY, 702 Large sunny front room; also small room. GUERRERO, 140 Beautifully furnished, large, sunny room; light housekeeping. GEAUY, 034 Sunny furnished rooms, with bath, for gentleman. GOLDEN GATE ave., 414A Large sunny suit or single room; running water; board optional. GEARY, 628, formerly 610 (the St. John) New house; beautiful sunny rooms; newly furnished throughout; latest Improvements; botbath, elec- t trie light, gas and telephone; breakfast If desired; references exchanged. GRAND (SOUTHERN, SE. corner Seventh and Mission Pleasant sunny rooms, en suite and Ingle; elevator; moderate rates; families. (GROVE, 347 Front furnished room; no other roomers. - - - ... . . . GEARY, 788 Sunny, single, front room, 6 per month; bath; reference. HOWARD, 740 Sunny single rooms, $1 a week "P. HYDE, 1412 Newly furnished suites, with or without housekeeping; single rooms. HARRISON, 76HA. near Third Pleassnt furnished nunny front room, bath; no other roomers; $8 month. AIAYEH. 104 Two nicely furnished sunny rooms, 'suitable for gentlemen; private family; $7. HOWARD, 821 (The Globe) Sixty rooms; suite, single; reading-rooms: from 25c per night up. HAJIRISON. 784V-Sunny furnished rooms; Uil'i; all conveniences; $1 week. HANCOCK House, 781 Mission street Select family rooming-house; $1 60 to $8 per week. IN private family of 3 adults, n large comfortably furnished sunny room: modern conveniences; Clay and Hyde sts.; $6 per month. Box 6030, Examiner office. JONES. 324. cor. Ellis Sunny furnished rooms; modern; either suite or single. JONES, 418 Sunny front alcove room, $10; also single rooms. JEWISH gentleman csn bsve srnny furnished room, hath; board If desired; no other roomers; very cheap. Address box HMO, Examiner office. JONES, BlflA A pleasant front room, sunny. In a newly furnished Sat; reasonable. JESSIE. 435, rear of Mint Private family; 2 neat single rooms; rents $5 and $6. , KEARNY, 229Tleanest and nicest furnished suit and single rooms In city: reasoDoble rste. LEAVENWORTH. 711, near Sutter Comfortably furnished sunny parlors, gentleman and wife. Call 1:30 to 4:30 p. in.: references exchanged. LAHKIN, 501, corner Turk Double parlors, both front and sunuy; nicely furnished; gentlemen preferred; $17. LEAVENWORTH, 306 Nicely furnished double, single sunny rooms; running water; gas: cheap. LEAVENWORTH, 407 Double parlors, both sunny; also single room; rent $5; running water. LARKIN. 7rt4 Nicely furnished front bay-window rooms; all modern conveniences. LAHKIN, 501 Xi-e sunny front room with large closet, to: gentleman only. LEXINGTON ave., 281 Sunny front room, with grate, $6; single room. $4; private family. LARKIN, 822 Newly furnished sunny room for gentleman, ST. LEAVENWORTH, 11B Sunny front parlor or back If desired; use of bath; reasonable. LEAVENWORTH, 809 Handsome newly fur-nlshed room. UNDELL House, Sixth and Howard Single rooms, 10c and 16c night; 60c and 76c a week. MASON, 215'4 Nice, front sunny rooms, batb, gas; single or suit; reut reasonable. MINNA. 667. comer Eighth Newly furnished bay-window room, $1 per week; transient. HARK ET. 1208, corner Golden Gate avenue. The Carrollton. Contains over 100 elegantly furnished sunny tiay-wlndow rooms, en suite or single; Una Tiew; central location: all Market-street cars pass tbe door; a quiet place for families; tourists' trade solicited; prices to suit the times. McALLISTER. BIS Sunny front room for two, board If desired; reasonable. MISSION, 1815 Front room, with or without board; private. McALLISTER, 108 Sunny furnished front rooms; others; one block from Mining Fair. MSON, 417 Nicely furnished sunny suite and single nuiuf, et r" MISSION, 915V Nice bay-window suite, with u or piauo, rt-ui e.-' irr uiuuiu. McALLISTER, 14 Rents reduced: large rooms, . . i tU !,. mnttam 1At,n NEW ARLINGTON, 1015 Market Nicely fur- i MAini! 12 nee VMk tin transient- NEW MANCHESTER, 64 6th, cor. Mission Newly furnished; snnny; suits; single; reasonable. O'FARRELL, 2321, bet. Powell and Mason Large sunny front room with grate, handsomely furnished; pleasant borne. O'FARRELL, 724 Large, nicely furnished room, grate and gas, suitshle for two gentlemen, f 10. OAK. 22 Newly renovated, fumlslu-d, large. Slinny alcove wmim-i-hhh rmuw, mi w Kiiuwii light housekeeping; gas. bath; all cninen retires. O FARRKIjI. " uiceij luniiBiiru pun ui rwiua, aim a single m-. POST, 622 Changed bands: thoroughly renovated; nits or Single: flrst-clnss In every respect; reasonable. MRS. M. gCHfLTZ. POST, 636 Nice large sunny front room; grate and bath; $12; single room. $5. JfOST, 416S A large sonny, well-furnished front roam, with fratsj private family; central; $9, ROOMS TO LET Continued. POWELL. 617. between Bush and Pine Com fortably furnished room; two south windows overlooking city; sun all day; rent S9. POWELL. Mima A sunny furnished front room; bath, gus; private family; reasonable. POST. 24HI IdUy can get.a nicely furulsbed rouui In a 1 1 ci rate home very reasonable; use of kitchen or board if desired. POST, 15A-Newly furnished front, bay-window room; private family. POST. 605-Elegantly furnished room, en ulte and single. POST, 6.11 Nicely furnished, pleasant room; single lady or gentleman ; all conveniences; $6. POST, 8.10 Private family; pleasant furnished room; all modern conveniences. POWELL, 203 (The Montello), corner O'Farrell- Hunny furnished rooms; reasonaoie; transient HOSEDALE House, 821 Ellis st.-200 single and family rooms, 20c to 50c a night; $1 to $3 a week. SECOND. 52 (Central House) Quiet, respectable; single and double roonis, week, $1 to $2 50. STEINEH, 21222 unusually pleasant, large, newly furnished rooms; hot and cold water each; bath; front one $10; other $8. SUTTER, 622-624 Nicely f iralahed suuuy rooms; single or eu suite. SUTTER. 1021 Elegant sunny parlor suite; hot and cold watef; for physician, family, etc.; board or not. SUTTER, 833 Furnished, also three unfurnished connecting sunny rooms; stationary stands; two large closets. SIXTH. 136 Large size, nicely furnished bay- W WIUUV. irnjiu, s". l, iiiuutug wnivi , ,iu- fcltr i 1 Bull, I in I imuuauic. SUTTER, 1200H A sunny front room, furnished; jriTnir muni;. SUTTER, 718-719; Hyde. 609 Furnished, unfurnished; very choice; reasonable; investigate. SAN CARLOS ave., 101, nr. 18th Newly fnriilsh-d aunny front room for gentleman; reasonable. STOCKTON. 417. near Sutter Large furnished front bay-window room, $10; single, $4 50: sun. THE Stanford, 320H Sutter Rooms, furnished elegantly, noc; II BO a day: so, fan a raontn. TURK. 200 Three snnny parlors, newly carpeted; single on eit suite. TAYLOK, 6'i2. comer Sutter Handsome newly furnished sunny parlor suit; also other rooms. TURK, 241 Large pleasant furnished front room $8 ner month. TAYLOR. 524 Sunny bay-window rooms; flre- iai-ir, 1 11 11 11 1 1 !R npiri , urn i u i . 1 1 1 n i , , . .... .... ... THIRTEENTH. 320. bet. Mission and Valencia Mceiy rurnisneu room; no otuer roomers; rent so; suitable ror two. TWENTIETH. 3388, cor. Howard 2 sunny upper . . 1 . . . , I. . V .. 1 1 ') luoum, curlier uouffe, fiu, unii iiwiu, fo. THIRTEENTH. 405 Sunny furnished room, $4 a month: family board if wanted. TURK, 116 Sunny bay-window rooms; alsoslnglt; reasonable. TAYLOR. 320 Elegantly furnished sunny suite; all modern Improvements; also one single room. TURK, 409 (Chelsea House) Rooms, single and en suite; gas stoves; hot water; reasonable. TWENTY-SECOND, 2915 One front furnished room, $.; one front unfurnished room, fa ou. TURK. 120 Furnished coxy room, suitable fur a gentleman, $S month. THE Lexingtnn. 212 Eddy street Per night, 80c to $1; per week, $2 to $0; famines. VALENCIA, 543. near Fifteenth Nicely fur nished sunny front room; rent cheap. VAN NESS ave., 410 Sunny parlor; housekeeping privileges; single room; running water; is. VAN NESS ave., 1408 Sunny woll-furntsbed rooms, en suite and single; nouses; g privileges. VAN NESS sve., 1106 Elegant front aunny al cove; private bath. VAN NESS ave., 1111 Furnished pleasant front room. VAN NESS sve., 408 Room suitable running water, gas, bath; new, - VALENCIA, 844 Large sunny parlors; furnished or unfurnished; suitable for physician, dentist o: dressmaker; also other rooms; light housekeeping. VAN NKSS nv.e,, 417 Elegantly furnished front rooms; very reasonable; suitable for two. VAN NESS ave., 228Small sunny front room, fur utstied; private family. WEBSTER, 2223, corner Washington Furnished room, $5 per month; gas and bath. WINCHESTER House, 44 Third St., near Market- Most convenient and respectable; alio rooms, zoe to $1 50 a night; $1 60 to $6 a week; electrle lights in every room; reaning-room; free 'Due. Alameda Room to Let. A 4 neatly furn. front rooms, Alameda; use batfi; I mock from sta ; . not win, r:xnm.. Aiameaa. ROOMS FOR HOUSEKEEPING. BUENA VISTA avenue, 15, corner Baker nnd Haight Two aunny, rurwsnea Housekeeping rooms. BELVEDERE, 17, south of Chutes 3 sunny bay. window rooms; porcelain nam, not ana com water; exclusive kitchen if desired; rent rea'Ie. BUSH, 911, near Taylor Two unfurnished bed rooms for ugnt housekeeping. BROADWAY, 731, near Powell Nicely furnished BRYANT, 1101, comer Ninth S front sunny roonis, complete for housekeeping; reasonable. BRYANT, 511, near Third Nicely furnished sunny suit, $7 per mouth up CLAYTON, 508, near Park Sunny parlor fl"or. complete for housekeeping; other roonis; ynru CLEMENTINA. 865A, nr. Fifth Three neatly furnished rooms for housekeeping, cneap. ELLIS, 712. near Larktn Nicely furnished sunny spartments; everyiuiug coiupinv iw uuuvknr log: also other rooms. ELLIS, 610 Three rooms furnished for house' keeping. ELLIS, 1029 Four nicely furnished rooms; parlor, piano, two sleeping rooms; Dam ana aiicneo. EIGHTH, 126 Front suit, complete for house keeping; rent reasonawe. ELLIS, 322 Modern bousekeep'g apartments, new. lv furnished; suits zorg rooms ; single, aouiue. EI 14 3i; TIiimi fiirniRheri' honnekneDlnK rooms. el; single luiuii-uru v.,u,s . .,o t. EDDY. 628 Two elegantly furnished housekeeping rooms; parlor floor; sunny. Call after o'cl k. EDDY, 421 One large front room, artly fur nished; use or Kltcnen ami yam. EDDY. 3172 or 3 furnished rooms, gas range; parlor floor: other rooms. FELL, 4S0 Lower floor 3 housekeeping rooms; nufurnisbed: aiimts; cneap; FILLMORE. 213. near Haight Unfurnished front alcove suit; carpet, grate, running water; must ee to appreciate; no sign; $8. FOURTH. 4.15 Furnished or unfurnished housekeeping rooms: also large sunny front rooms. FELL place, 4, off Powell 2 furnished rooms; cheap; can be let for light honsekeeping. FOLSOM. 1126 Two large sunny front rooms, furnished for honsekeeping; $2 25 week. FRANKLIN, 21 Furnished funny bay-window . rooms for housekeeping, reseonable. FIRST, 369 Fnrnlshed rooms for housekeeping. FULTON, 21 Two front rooms furnished complete for housekeeping; gas stove GOLDEN GATE are., 921C-Two or three elegant sunny rooms opposite Jefferson square; $22 60, . $27 50; references. GEARY, 579 Nice housekeeping rooms; bath. GOLDEN GATE ave., 1059 One unfurnished sunny room: running water; closet. GROVE, 1.154 $16; three connecting roonis fur nished ror Housekeeping; ooume ui, and bath; private bouse; three blocks from City Hall. GOLDEN GATE, 730 Large, pleasant rooms, sunny sna convenient; reasormuie. GOLDEN GATE ave., 430 Snnny floor, three rooms; batb, yard; all convenlenres: reasonable. GOLDEN GATE are., 1050 Two well furnished rooms for light housekeeping, with gas cook-stove and free use of telephone, or as single rooms. GOLDEN GATE ave., 801 Two snnny rooms furnished complete; housekeeping; gaa range; $20. GOLDEN GATE ave.. 1817 A nicely furnished lower floor: every convenience; garden, etc. GOLDEN GATE avenue, 620 Sunny parlor floor, three rooms. $25; also other rooms. GROVE, 2141 A large furnished room for housekeeping: single Toom: reasonable; gas and bath. GROVE. 4021 Large bay-window aunny front room, with connecting room; bath; unfurnished. GOLDEN GATE avenue, 404 Sunny floor complete for bouse keeping; also other rooms. HAWTHORNE, 4. off Howard Two housekeeping rooms. $7; also front room, $4. HYDE. Iiks'H. cor. Pine Two front snnny connecting unfurnished rooms; light bousek g; $10. HOWARD. 2W Psrlor floor, 3 nice rooms, completely furnished for housekeeping; closet, pin-trv. bath, etc.; cheap to desirable tenant; no cu'lNren. HAYES. 723 Front and back parlor, furnished or unfurnished; suitable for housekeeping; reasonable. t, , i.iMT litlli tu. na inl mm Ifa, I frt"eminclngjuM7,ea gas; bathj ROOMS FOR HOUSEKEEPING--Con. HOWARD, 2024 Two nicely furnished rooms, bath, etc.; rent $11. HYDK, 133 Three completely furnished rooms ror housekeeping; rent, tJa a month. HYDE. 232. near City Hall Completely furnished kitcbeu and bedroom for housekeeping. HYDE. 614. near Geary Two rooms, complete for housekeeping; gas range; references; nochlld'n. HOWARD, 933 Front room and large Kitchen, furnished for housekeeping; nrst floor. IVY ave., 315H. off Hayes and Franklin Three sunny furnished rooma; $15; sink; adults. JACKSON, 1414 Sunny front room, dining-room, small kitchen, furnished for housekeeping , $10. JACKSON. 920. near Mason Furnished, sunny, front, large housekeeping room; $8 or $9. - LARKIN, 1309 Furnished front bedroom, kitchen, folding-bed, closets, bath; no children; $15, LEAVENWORTH, 1112, near California Nicely furnished rooma, complete for housekeeping: gas, bath, running water, etc.; also floor of i rooms; reasonable. LARKIN, 416H Unfurnished double parlors; light housekeeping; $10; other room; private; left bell. LARKIN, 1019, cor. Sutter Front suits, $13, $14, $17; cor. parlors; privilege of the kitchen; cheap. LARKIN, 827 Sunny front room, large closet; light housekeeping. LEAVENWORTH. 225 Large unfurnlabed sunny bay-window alcove; adults; $12. MISSION. 1051, opposite new Postoffice Newly furnished housekeeping room. MISSION. 913',4 Three sunny unfurnished rooms, $12. MISSION, 1917 Two aunny rooms; furnished for housekeeping; 2 closets, bath, range, porch; $12. McALLISTER, 707V4 One or two furnished rooms for housekeeping, $8 and $12. MISSION, 1241 Bunny large furnished front and back parlors and kitchen connecting; stove. MINNA, 245 Two unfurnished rooma for housekeeping. NINTH, 21 Sunny suite rooms light housekeeping; cooking stove; running wster; also others. NOK. 151 Sunny alcov room, suitable for one or two iiersous, $5 per month. O'FARRELL, 627 Floor of three or five rooms; all modern improvements; references. O'FARRELL, 810 Three nice sunny rooms, all complete for housekeeping. OCTAVIA. 102, comer Haight Two pleassnt furnished front rooms; housekeeping; refined people. O'FARRELL, 530 Furnished upper floor of foor sunny rooms; bath; private family. O'FARRELL, 92a, near Van Kese Furnished basement, kitchen and snnny yard; cheap. O'FARRELL. 519 Nice suony basement, furnished for housekeeping. PROSPECT place. 123, off California, between Stockton and Powell Furnished and light housekeeping rooms; private fsmlly. POST, 617M- Two pleassnt unfurnished bouse t. . .. aiA j ,.t. Bcvi'iiig , vx.uir , f iv, uiHi mum. POST, 922 Three , connecting nicely furnished roonis; also a very fine front room. POLK. 1011 Two nicely furnished rooms for housekeeping. PEARL, 8. bet. Market and Ridley Two sunny unfurnished rooms, housekeeping; rent $7. PEARL, 21, liet. Valencia and Guerrero Two sunny furulshed or unfurnished roonis for housekpg. POWELL. 1001 Sniiny furnished housekeeping rooma: also suits and single; marine view. PAGK, 9 Floor of 4 rooms and bath, famished; every convenience for housekeeping. POLK. 915 Two or three sunny front furnished housekeeping rooms; gas range. POLK, 1334 Sunny bay-window suit, with use of dining-room; kitchen; terms reasonable. SUTTER. 1728A Furnished rooms for light housekeeping; board optional. SOUTH PARK 184 Two sunny rooms nnfur- nished reut $9; one will do for gentleman. SOUTH PARK, 90 Two or three furnished housekeeping rooma $12; 4 unfurn'd, $8; also single. SEVENTH, 128t4 Sunny housekeeping rooms, newly furnlshe,d; $12 up, SECOND, 422 Sunny housekeeping rooms; other rooms from $4 upwards: bath. SIXTH, 1242 or 3 rooms furnished for housekeeping ; sunny bay-window suits; single rooms. SIXTH, 314 Two sunny rooms, furnished tor housekeeping; rent reasonable. SIXTH street, 429 Nice large sunny front rooms; suit able for light housekeeping; rent reasonable. THIRD. .1(12 Sunny milts of rooms, nicely fur nished Housekeeping; tig 20, 1 70 weeg. TURK, 116 ljirge sunny bay-wlnilow suits, com plete; gas range; nrst noor; fessoniioie. THREE sunny housekeeping rooms, connected grate: between O'Farrell and Market and Polk Taylor: price reasonsbie. Box 6o8, Ktcaminer, TURK. 338 Sunny front alcove and two other rooms, like small flat; no other roomers; gas; bath: yard; no sign; reasonable. TURK, 119-2 rooms, furnished for h's k'p'g. $12; also others and unfurnished; very reasonable, TWENTY-FIRST. 3278. near Valencia Sunny furnished housekeeping rooms; bath, laundry. TWENTIETH, 8398, cor. Howard Sunny front room and kitchen; yard and bath; $10. TWENTY-THIRD. 8728. near DoloresSunny bay-window rooms for housekeeping. THIRTEENTH, 213. near Howard Three furnished rooms; range; yard: grate; hot water. TWENTY-FIRST, 3209. near Valencia Furnished front suit and kitchen, both complete; $14. THIRD. 328 Two furnished rooms for housekeeping; $7 per month; single, $6. VAN NESS ave., 7062 and 8 Joining snnny rooms; gas store; nam; ngnt housekeeping. VAN NESS sve., 402 Two unfurnished and one furnished flat of 8 and 4 roonis each; newly renovated. Apply at 400 Van Ness avenue. VAN NESS avenue, 6162, S or 4 handsomely furnished, sunny rooms, housekeeping. VAN NESS. 811 Snnny suit of rooms, parlor floor, housekeeping. VAN NESS ave.. 1004 Two sunny rooms, furnished for housekeeping; bsth. VAN NESS ave. 1406 Nice sunny, furnished or unfurnished, light honsekeeping rooms. VALENCIA. 550 Two unfurnished rooms, housekeeping; reasonable. VAN NESS eve., 410 I-arge snnny parlor; fold-lng-led. kitchen; reasonable; other rooms. VALENCIA, 14192 snnny bay-window bouse-kceplnt; rooms, nicely furnished; opposite Southern Psclflc depot: $11. ROOMS AND BOARD. A refined family can accommodate a few persons hiving reference with first-class board and service; elegant and commodious home; pleasant rooms; use of parlor, piano, telephone. Box 6140, Examiner olhce. A sunny suit, suitable for couple or four gentlemen; bay view: steam: hot and cold water; excellent table. Box 6549, Examiner office. ABBOT8FORD, The Broadway and Polk streets Quiet, homelike; terms moderate; board optional; all can direct. BUSH. 1812 Nice aunny rooms, with or without board. BUSH, 1094. corner Leavenworth Huooy front rooma, double and single; 2 meals; $40 and $22. BUSH, 1044 Large sunny suite, suitable 2 or 8 gentlemen; superior Doara; reference. BOARD for gentleman or couple In refined private tamny; suuny room: central. Box 0493, Kxam BUSH. 1224 Sunny parlor rait, with board if desired; also single rooms. u a 1.1 1- uksia. 1818 sunny rooms witn noara; Spanish family; Spanish conversation; reas'n'bl ELLIS, 618 Three honsekeeping rooms In base ment; sio; witn ooaru, sat. EDDY, 616 Wanted, lady or gentleman to room and board; private family; reasonable. EDDY. 626 (Irvlngdale) Sunny front bay-window suits; nest oosrn; s-io up: single, up. EDDY. 626 (Irvlngdale) Snnny front hay-window suits; beet board; $45 np; single, $20 up. ELLIS. 828 Sunny front room, with good board for two, 19 a week, or ra a month; single room, 14. EI-SM1RE Hotel, 418 Sutter Most convenient, best conducted family hotel; sunny suits ami single rooms; good table; very reasonable. FILLMORE, 618, near Hayes Rooms with board, suitable ror two, in private ramuy; fzo month. FILLMORE, 905 Nicely famished sunny room, with board for two; home cooking; bath; reas. FAMILY-Hotel Wgntworth, 617 Bosb Excellent tsble; furnished and unfurnished rooms. GEARY. 6.18 Nicely furnished rooms; board, $30 and (25 for Z: single sio or week; goon tsble. GEART. 924 Room and hoard for two; reason able; bath; telephone ctntterami. HOTEL Falrmonnt. IT14 Market Reopened under Dew ITlBUBprtnuil . " ' 7 . . . u. u.vuct. , first-class In every respect; tsble unsurpassed; suits, with board for two. $50 a month. HEATH House. 312 Eddy Reopened under new management; superior rooms; excellent taeie; at moderate prices. . HOTEL Oriel. 1904 Market Newly and elegantly furnished throughout; suits, witn nrat-ciass board for . $40 per month np: single room. $20. HYDE. P25 Sunny suits; first-class board; quiet; Homelike. HnX, T. w. nitui nr.itit. HYDE. 408 Doable and single rooms, with heard; gooa Bra cues tutaiusn uogiiaga. ROOMS AND DOARD Continued. HARRISON, 525 (Ulnoon Hilli Sunny furnished rooms; large grounds; l-oard; moderate. HYDE. 2119 ("The Salisbury) First-class rooms for couples; single gentlemen; table unsurpassed. HOTEL KKNOVA. 725 Pine Nice aunny rooms, single, en suite; excellent table; terms modems. HANDSOMELY furnished rooms for gentleinea; elegant table; private fan.: refs. Box 4251, Exr. JONES, 610 Sunny nicely furnished rooms; board optional. LARGE suuuy front room and alcove or suit: best locality; refined family; good table. Box 6665, Examiner ofllce. POWELL. 502, cor. Sutter Corner and suit sunny rooms, with piano; single room; board. POST, 712 Furnished roum with board; suitable fur two; $18 each. POWELL, 824 Pleassnt sunny rooms, good board. $20 to $30. POWELL. 809 Fnrnlshed rooms, with board, at tbe Waldorf. MRS. J. A. CALHOUN. BUTTER, 932, cor. Hyde Large corner room; sun all day; private bath and every convenience; immense closet room; elegant private residence; reasonable; references. SUNNY parlors; single rooms: first -daas house for gentlemen; private family. Box 6153. Examiner. SUTTER, 930 Elegantly furulshed rooma with good board for two; $48 and $50 per month. TWENTIETH, 8990 Furnished rooms In cottage; no children; references. Call mornings. THE MINERVA, 8.K. cor. Leavenworth A O'Fsr-roll Ijirge sunny r'ms; excellent hosrd; res'a'le VAN NESS, 850 Elegantly furnished front rooms; use of parlor and piano; table first class. VAN NI3SS ave., 419 Large sunny front alcove room, with board VAN NESS ave., 419 Large sunny front room, with alcove, with board. VALENCIA, 204 B Plain family would like one or two gentlemen to board; home comforts. WANTED An old lady or gentleman or both to room and board ; all the comforts of sunny home; private family twv, middle-aged; references ex-changed. Box 100, Examiner ofllce, Oakland. OAKLAND HOTELS. OALINDO Hotel, Oakland Try our Sunday turkey dinner, with young bear from Tehama co.; 1 to I p.m.; 25c. CHILDREN BOARDED. CHILD to board; beat of care; terms reasonable; references If required. 1084 McAllister street. GOOD home tor child; mother's care; $10 pel month. 2223 Webster St., cor. Washington. GERMAN Isdy wishes two or three children to board: mother's care: moderate. 1884 Turk st. KIND care, home comforts for children over three years. 423 Kills street, RESPECTABLE German lady wishes an Infant to raise: reasonable. 424 Height street. ROOMS AND BOARD WANTED. A gentleman wants room and board In family; state price, etc. Box 6469, Examiner ofllce. BROTHER and sister, students, want board, rooms, plsno; neighborhood J. J. O'Brien's; stats terms. Box 6718, Examiner ofllce. FURNISHED list, parlor floor, 8 or 4 housekeeping rooms; central. Address box 6583, Examiner office. GENT and wife want board and rooma, or one large room; house and table must be first-class; state number In family; terms not to exceed ITU per month; north of Sutter, west of Powell. Address box 5402, Examiner ofllce. LADY would like board and room In private family; central location. Add. MRS. W., 696 Steiner. MIDDLE-AGED gentleman desires permanent room; do other roomers. Box 6496, Examiner. ROOMS and board for two; 16 months; exchange for land valued $1,000; central. Box 6044, Examiner ofllce. SMALL room In private family by a young man 20 years. Box 6667. Examiner ofllce. TWO rooms, furnished for housekeeping; not ovur $7. Address box 6491, Examiner ofllce. WANTED Sunny suit or one large room, furnished, with board, for man and wife; north of Ellis and east of Hyde; $50. Box 6670, Examiner office. WANTED Two furnished roonis for light housekeeping, with gas and bath; rent not to exceed $15; south from Sutter and east from Van Ness. " Box 6381, Examiner office, WANTED Nice rooms and bnsrd In private fnmlly, central location, by two young ladles; best of references given and required; stato terms. Address box 6566, Examiner ofllce. VA NTED Sunny roord nnd board; will give $28 t II ev mtnita; youug iuhu; reierenroi l-iox DU1S( Examiner office. WANTED Two nice unfurnished rooms by young married couple; between Harrison and Third preferred; rent moderate; San Francisco. Ad' dress box 6436. Kxamlner office, Oakland. WANTED 3 connecting unfurnished rooms north of Market and McAllister; state price. Address box 67BS, Kxamlner office. WANTED Two furnished rooms for light bouse keeping; state terms. Box 6619, Examiner. TOTJNG couple desire housekeeping suit, two or tnree rurnisnea rooms; rent gig to iu; district bounded by Powell. Hush, Hye and Oolden Uate. Box 6t23, lcxamlner office. YOUNQ gentleman wishes room; no other room era; central location. Box OtkiO, Kxamlner. Alameda Rooms and Board Wanted. GENTLEMAN desires hoard for the summer lu Alameda, beginning March 1st, for himself, w ife. Infant and maid; three rooms snd bath; good table; state terms, which must be reasonsbie. A. E. H., box 6562. Examiner office. HOHSEN AND WAGONS. A Forty horses for sale cheap; also wagons, bug- Ses, carts snd harness; Urand Arcade Horse arket, 327 Sixth street; auction ssles every Wednesday. SULLIVAN A DOYLE, auctioneers. ALL kinds wagons, buggies, carts, harness, etc., cheap. EAGAN A SONS, 2117 Mission st. ALL kinds uew and second-hand wagons, buggies, surreys, carta and harness bought and sold; 23 good horses. 118 nufl 118 Golden Gate avenue. FOR sale A new business buggy; used only two months, at 1.101 Turk street. FINE heavy top buggy, cost $2.'K), will sell cheap. LEO HKAI.Y. 27T8 Twenty-Urst street. GOOD horse, harness snd wagon; cbesp If taken Immediately; leaving city, itoiwtii. r.xaminer. J I ST arrived Two carloads broke horses, 1,200 to 1,600 pounds. 145 Vsleucla street. One Brst-rlass open hack for sale. 415 Sixth street. SECOND-HAND baker, grocery, delivery wagons; open and top hiigglea and carts; barneaa; the best place In Wty to get good rigs cheap. BULL'S-HEAD REPOSITORY. 15th and Valencia sts. WANTED Gentlemen's and Boys' saddle and bridles; little used; mnst be cheap Address box 6504, Examiner office. WANTED To buy horse snd wagon suitable fur laundry business. Box oo3, tiamlner office. 100 sets second hand bsrness, wagons, buggies, esrts. 1140 Folsom street. 02 need of horses, suitable for any business. Old Turk-street car stsbles, cor. Turk and Webster. 500 worn-out borses wanted now. HAD,, 721 Howsrd street. Address CON- 250 Klondike pack horses, mules, burros. 721 Howsrd street; suction every Tuesday. STORAGE. AT low rates Furniture, carpets, piano, household goods; clean, light compartments; sd-vancea made. J. NOON AN. 1017 to 102.1 Mission street, above Sixth; telephone South 14. AT reduced rates Furniture, pianos, household goods, etc.; fl re-proof building. GOLDEN WEST Storage Warehouse, 840 Mission; tel. Mint 1821. ADVANCES made, storage low. Insurance free. O. M. Jl'DSON ft CO., 1128 Howard street AT reduced rates Furniture, ptsnoa, household goods, etc, I. M. riEKCK, T33 Market street. PACIFIC Storage Warehouse.801 Stockton Furniture, pianos; packlns. shipping; advances made. TYPEWRITERS, ALL typewriters sold and rented; few partly used for sale cheap; send for samples snd prices. ALEXANDER A CO.. 110 Montgomery street. HAMMOND, good as new, $2B; send for sample work. SCOTT ft BANNAN. SSS Montgomery st OLIVER Visible Typewriter snd sll others for sale or rent. Vsugbsn ft Co.. Mills Building. LEO At. NOTICES). DEPARTMENT No. 10 PROBATE. IN THE Superior Court in snd for tbe City sod County of 8a u Francisco, State of California. la the matter of the eststs of CATHERINE WRIGHT, deceased. Notice Is hereby gives tbst THCRSDAY, tbs Sd dsy of February, A. D. 189S, at 10 o'clock a. m. of said dav, and tbe courtroom of Department No. 10 of said court, at the New City Hall, la the City snd County of Ssn Francisco, State of Call-forals. have bees appointed aa tbe time snd place for proving be will of said Catherine Wright, deceased, snd for bearing the spplicatlon of Birdie Ma has for the Issuance to bar of iotters testamentary thereon. Dated January 21st, A. D. 189S. ISesLl C P. CCRRT. Clerk. By r. NORTHROP, Deputy Clerk. James Gartlam Attorn ar lac Petitionee (DaklimD ani) SEIZH VINEYARD. The True Place, Near Liver-more, Taken Charge of by Government Agents, MUCH ILLICIT BRANDY FOUND, The Lady Will Appear Before the Federal Authorities and Make an Explanation. Alameda County Bureau of "The Examiner," 914 Broadway, Oakland. OAKLAND, January 29. United States revenue offlclRls have taken charge of Mrs. George True'a vineyard, near Livermorc, nd the lady haa been ordered to appear before the United States revenue officials at San Francisco and explain charges that will be made against her. This ia the first of a series of raids that will be made in Llvermor valley to detect. If possible, Illicit brandy-makers whose operations, the revenue officers say, have for years been on an extensive scale. Great secrecy has been observed In tha arrangements that have been made for an Investigation of the valley vineyards under suspicion. Thousands of dollars, it 1b estimated, have been lost to the Government by tbe unlawful manufacture of brandy which, it is claimed by the Government officers, has been sold extensively and used liberally in the vineyards for fortifying wines. The seizure of Mrs. Time's place baa created a great stir in the vicinity, owing to her prominence as a vineyardist and her long residence In the valley. The revenue officers have sealed the cellars In which they found illegally manufactured brandy. One day tbis week Deputy Internal Revenue Inspectors Russell and Fletcher went to Llvermore, disguised as farmers. They drove out to the True vineyard, two and one-half miles southeast of the town, and Introduced themselves to Mrs. True as fruit-dealers. They had dinner and during the meal wine was suggested. By subterfuge tbe officers made their way to the vineyard cellars. Much against Mrs. True's protest they entered, and before she knew it the evidence of illegal operations was In possession of the Government agents. Further search brought to light a brandy still, por-tloos of which were found hiHden in the barns and outhouses on the place. Then a thorough search of the grounds was made. The offlcrrs made no arrests, having de cided to make further investigation of the case before taking that action. Mrs. True has decided to go before tho Internal revenue officials and make a complete statement. The officers are convinced that thousands of gallons of brandy have escaped the government tax, because tho distillers have failed to register, as required by the revenue laws. Mrs. True is the widow of the late George True, who left her property valued at from $80,000 to $0,t)00. She has conducted tho vineyard since his death. M'KIN LEY'S SPEECH IS DENOUNCED. Alameda Bimetallic Club Adopts Resolu tion! Condemning the Sentiments Expressed by the President. ALAMEDA, January 29. The Executive Committee of the Bimetallic Club mat last night in the club quarters in tbe Randolph building, and adopted a series of resolutions condemning the sentiments voiced by President McKlnIey In his speech at the Manufacturers' banquet In New York laat Monday night. Tbt resolutions Are as follows: Whereas, The Supreme Court of the Tutted .states, the Supreme Courts of several of tbe States, and the first economic authorities of the age all agree that money is s creation of law and does not depend In sny sense upou the Intrinsic value of the substance upon which It Is stamped for Its money value; and whereas, President Mc-Kinley, III his address at the manufacturers' ban quet given at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New )ork last night, sdvocatod the doctrine that the gold staudanl la the proper one for our country: tlrst, because the National Republican platform of IMiu aaiu so; next, neranse tne national bonds bought partly with greenbacks, greatly denrt. elated through the hankers' machinations, should be paid In high-priced money; and lastly, by lm- illcation, iHHause intrinsic value constituted largely the value of gold money; now therefore be It Resolved. That the gold stsndard means novertv for the masses of the people of every nation that ever has or ever win adopt It, because of tbe scarcity of gold, and hence we unqualifiedly re pudiate that standard. Keeoiveu. mat me only way to maae every United Statea dollar as good as every other dollar la to attach the full and unqualified legal tender function for all debt aud dues, to every dollar is sued by this nation. Resolved. That we still untuncblngly and un swervingly demand the free snd unlimited coinage of both silver snd gold at the ratio of 16 to 1, without waiting for the consent of sny other na tion on earth. A BRIDE FROM THE CHOIR. The Rev. Edwards Davis Married to Alta M. Kingore of His Former Church. OAKLAND. January . Miss Alta M. Kin- gore, daugnter or Miner 11. mngore, a can Francisco attorney, and the Rev. Edwards Davis were married at 8 o'clock this evening at the residence of the bride's parents, 1027 Bightn street, the Rev. E. R. Dllle of the First Methodist Church officiating. Only the imme diate relatives of the bride and groom were present. The groom has for three years filled the pulpit of the Central Christian Church in this city. He resigned this pastorate on Sunday last. The bride was tor many montns a soioist in the choir of the Central Christian Church. To-morrow the young couple will start for a short journey In the Southland. They will return after a few weeks and will probably make their home In this city. LEGAL NOTICES Contlnned. JANUARY 29, 189M. THE CNDERSIGNED hereby gives notice tbst be Is conducting business under the name snd style of the Hrhloss Crockery Co. st 310 Bsttery street, snd that be Is ths sole proprietor of said business. BEN SCHLOSS. THR public is hereby notified that Horn Doon haa no Interest In nor connection with the nnder-slgned firm. Persons dealing with him will do so st their own risk. TSUE WO CHONG ft CO.. 70S Dupont street. ATTORNEYS AT LAW. ADVICE free; divorce laws s specialty; private; bo fee without success; collections, etc. O. W. HOWE, stty-st-lsw, 850 Market, cor. 8 toe k toe. ADVICE free All private law matters; moderate fees; open ev'gs. ATT'Y McCABE. 108 Lsrkln. ADVICE free; no charge unless successful. W. W. DAVIDSON. 8preckels Building. 927 Market st. B.. W. KING, attorney-st law. Chronicle Bldg., room 91; advice free; moderate fees; all eases. BOND REDEMPTION. PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT tbe county of Cochise, Territory of Arlsons, will redeem the following of lis REDEMPTION BONDS of 1887 when tbe same are presented s Its Treasurer, at bis office la tbe dry of Tombstone, ssld eonnty, to wit: Bonds numbered 14 to 3tt Inclusive of ssld Issue. Interest stops oa said above numbered bonds January 31st. 1S9S. and tbe redemption thereof will be mads Is cask pna their surrender for cancellation. Vatsd Tombstone. Artcnne, Pee. S4th. 18ST. A. yfOBOnuvfU lamefla SELL IHE CITY HULL SHE. Bids for Its Purchase to Be Called for by the Council. NEW BUILDING PROJECTED. The Municipal Structure Proposed for a Location Which Is Yet to Be Selected. Alameda County Bureau of "Ths Examiner," 914 Broadway, Oakland. OAKLAND, January 29. Tho project to sell the City Hall Park, to purchase another site and to erect a large municipal building has been formally presented by a special committee of the City Council composed of Councllmen Rowe, Henneberry, Brosnahan and Pringle. They have decided to call for bids for a piece of property not more than half a mile from the present site and at least 200 by 300 feet in size. Tho project contemplates tbe sale of the City Hall property at public auction. Mayor Thomas, at the outset of last evening's discussion of the scheme, suggested that a City Hall could be erected on city property, west of Washington street, if that thoroughfare were extended to Fifteenth treet This project was advanced sev eral years ago during the term of Mayor Glascock. It was considered feasible, as it would give the new building a frontage of more than 200 feet, and a depth of 120 feet, and there would be room for a public library building and separate city Jail by contracting these dimensions somewhat. Should this plan be followed the City Hall plaza would be left intact, end would remain as a breathing spot in the heart of the business district. Councilman Henneberry opposed that plan, saying the people would not be satisfied with a public building so constructed. He was in favor of a new site and a new building. On his motion the recommendations were made by which this plan of action will be taken. Mayor Thomas was willing to do anything the committee suggested that would insure the city a new municipal building. Commissioner Clement of the Board of Public Works favored the sale of the plaza site and the purchase of a new one. The Mayor suggested that the people be given an opportunity to express an opinion as to whether they favor the sale of the entire plant property or to cut through Washington street ana dispose of all that portion of the park to the east of the extended street line. No one suggested that there might be objection raised to the sale of any of this land at this time. In the general discussion that city officials hava had the figures quoted as to possibilities of tbe sale and the subsequent purchase of a new site, it has been stated that at least $700,000 could readily be realized and that $300,000 should be used In buying a new site, the surplus to go Into the new building. NATIVE DAUGHTERS WILL PLANT TREES. Members of the Organization at Pinole and Niles Enlist for Village Improvement. BERKELEY, January 29. The Native Daughters of the Golden West are enlisting In the cause of village Improvement. The experts of the College of Agriculture of the University of California are Interested In the movement to Induce every parlor of Native Daughters In the Stato to make the hesutlfy-ing of the village, or town In which lta mem bers live one of its principal alius. There will be a public meeting at Pinole on the evening of February 6th, under the auspices of the Native Daughters, at which Charles Howard Sbinn, inspector of the agricultural experiment stations of the State University, will lecture on village improvement. The ladles of Pinole have pledged themselves to make their own gardens as attractive as possible, and to plant and care for trees and shrubbery around the churches and school-houses of the town and In the publio square. The Native Daughters and Native Sons are also at work along the same lines at Niles. A village Improvement olub has been organized and plans are being perfected for planting trees, opening new roads and carina for church and school yards. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. i aiarrh ... nfieumatlsm Neuralgia . . Sciatica ... Fistula. ... ABtbma .... Orarel ..... $20 20 20 20 30 Peafness Hemorrhoids or Paralysia Skin Diseases Diabetes 25! Ulcers (chronic) 20 1 M'.adder Diseases Consumption first stsge). .10 Bronchitis 30 Kpilepsy or 1'itS Tape worm Droosy SO' Plsesses of Liver Dyspepsia 15l Goitre or Thick Those who are unable to pay the shore prices will receive services free of charge. MK.N who are NerTous, Despondent, Diseased and Weak from early lndiscretk'O and excess In life readily restored liy the Neutralising System. DltiKASKS OK WOMEN treated by au entirely new and painless method. Send stamp for reply. Consultation and advice Free. a iuui r- .aw " " - " sw ? DR. A. SOPER'S SANITARIUM, 524 Hours 10 to 12 a. m.. 2 to n and 7 to 8 p. Chlcagro Grain and Provisions. CHICAGO. January 20. W heat snowed some strength at the openlug, principally because Llvar pool had responded fairly well to yesterday's advance here. Holders of lines already heavy were good bidders at tbe start, which was at 07 974c for May, aa advance of Va$c. A good deal was for sale at those prices, but the selling did not depress the price lowvr than 97c. ami shortly after a general buying movement set In which carried the price np to OSc. That advance, however, raised a short selling breese of such strength that in half an hour lie advance had melted away, the decline not stopnina until May wae down to B0,c. The heavy dumping of long lines late yesterday made many traders afraid to risk their money In Wheat at prices snove vie, and this fact had a good deal to do with augmenting tbe liquidation which carried prices down. Most of the routine news was bullish. Bradstreeta made the week's clearances of Wheat and Flour from both coasts B. 110.024 nnshers. compered with 8.926.000 bushels the previous week and 2.515.("0 bushels the corresponding week of last year. The total reeetrits at Western primary markets were 324.000 bnhels. against 2".Oio bushels the year before. The day a clearances rroni Atiannc oorra were heavv. amounting In Wheat and Flour to 595 000 bushels. This latter Item injected tem porary strength Into the market, but It soon ten hack sgaln under renewed offerings. Shortly he- fore the close the maraet was given raiin. loiter brokers being credited with good buyki at the bottom figures and May advanced to 11 X where It closed. , , afMdv Mar closed t.c lower. Oats were firm at the start, hut became weak Inter on realising. May closed tc lower. Provisions wwe very dull end prices kept within except krnnlly narrow range. The close was unchanged frrw yesterday. The leading options ranged as follows: Articles Opening. Highest. Lowest. Closing. Wheat No. . I Jsnaarr b n . vs uia mutly lm& 1Y ESCAPE Evidence Taken in the Case of W. A. Knowles, Charged With Forgery. WAS IT A PUBLIC OFFENSEt A Question Raised in tho Trial of the Real Estate Dealer Regarding the Power of the Regents. - Alameda County Bureau of "The Examiner, 914 Broadway, Oakland. OAKLAND, January 29. W. A. Knowles, once prominent in real estate circles, but now charged with forgery In connection with a real estate transaction In which property belonging to the State University was Involved, may escape punishment on technicality. The trial of the accused man was commenced in Judge Ellsworth's department of the Superior Court to-day, anj one witness, J. West Martin of the Board of Regents of the University of California, was partially examined. During the examination of Regent Martin it developed that the Committee on Land and Buildings bad been empowered to grant a release of the property mortgaged on pay ment of amounts in not less than $1,000. In the indictments brought against the accused tt was found that the releases bad been given in consideration of $945. Judge Ellsworth stated that on this matter be would like to bear testimony, and If this could be established the case would) end, as it could not be proven that the charge constituted A public offense. An effort was made by District Attorney Snook to Introduce in evidence the release, in which it Is alleged the defendant com mltted forgery. This was opposed by Attorney A. L. Frlck for the defendant and hie objection was sustained. Tbe document wan finally admitted for Identification, and the case was continued until Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock. Following are the Jurors selected to try the case: E. M. Cannon, M. Duddy, Morris Fitzgerald, John Williams, William Brown, George T. Leon, Jackson A. Sweet, W. 3. Smtth, George P. Lowrey, Peter A. Ras-mussen, Andrew J. Slmonson and H. F Greenougb. THE WILD RIDE OF A YOUNG WOMAN. Annie Rockberg, While Insane, Appropri ' atea a Horse and Phaeton, and Drive Them Into Lake Merritt. OAKLAND, January 29. Edward H. Benjamin, a prominent mining capitalist, reported to the police at S o'clock Friday afternoon that a horse and phaeton belonging to htm bad been stolen from in front of bis residence at Eleventh and Oak streets by a young woman. She had been seen to unhitch tbe horse and drive away so rapidly that she had disappeared before pursuit could be made. Five hours later the vehicle and norts were found mired in the mud on the banks of Lake Merritt at the oot of Twenty-second street. The screams of a woman bad aroused the neighborhood, and police calls summoned Sergeant Peterson and Patrolman Oocker-ton. They worked for an hour to extricate, the horse, whose struggles had torn the harness completely off and wrecked the buggy. Tbe woman, who bad escaped Injury and had made her way to shore, was taken in custody. At police headquarters she said her name was Annie Rockberg. She is young and not unattractive, but ber incoherent speech and manner indicate that she is mentally unbalanced. She will be held at tile Receiving Hospital pending examination aa to her sanity. - Entertaining; Healdsbnrsr Brethren, OAKLAND, January 29. Harbor Lodge, No. 253, I. O. O. F., have aa guests over Sunday seventy-five members of Healdebnrg Lodge, No. 64. The degrees of Odd Fellowship were oonferred upon candidates by Healdaburg Lodge, No. C4, degree team. After degree work the guests to the number of 200 sat down this evening to an enjoyable banquet. The visitors will view Oakland and surrounding country and will return Monday. DR. SOPER GUARANTEES That the cost of treatment to cure every case he accepts will not exceed the price quoted below, including all medicines. If incurable you will be told so. , Piles , S30 20 0 20 20 40 20 0 Salt Rheum .. .. Fright's Disease. Kidney Dlsesses. Cancer , Nervous Debility Vsrleocele Stricture Rupture Diseases of Men SS5 40 20 iioo to eoo 20 20 ! 30 40 . 30 SIO to so 20 Prostatic Diseases, 20 Neck SO Tumors 50 to 40 m ; Sundays, 10 to 12 a. m. axi . , k-iiuua,i s, IV IV J TAYLOR ST., Corner Post, Ss Francisco Cat. Mav ...... July Corn No. January ... May July tkats No. May July 9TH 98 MS a-, 87 67 M t&i 27 2T STH TH i!9S 2S 29 t 80s 904 Sofc SOH 244 24H 24 2414 iW4 23fe 22 32 bbl- January .... .... May 9 97, 10 02H 97 Lard, per 100 lbs- n 10 00 January May 4 00 July 97t, 4 82H 4 90 4 97 4 SO 4 9H 4 90 4 STH Short Ribs, per 100 lbs-January .... May 90 4 93 H 4 90 Cash quotattoas were as follows: Flosr stesdv: Winter patents. S4 70M Mi; straights. S4 30M 4 00; spriug specials,. S3 36: spring pa tests, 4 Sv,i4 MO: straights. 4 2)t4 40: bakers. M SO; No. 2 Spring Wheat. 9-i V : No. S Spring Wheat, DIUMV: No. 3 red. WttaSl 01. No. 2 Ora, 27 :c. So. 2 Oats. 2Mi24o; No. S white, f . sw ku. 24HC. Xnv. 1 Rye. 47jc; Na. 2 Barter, t. s. -2i.H7c: No. 1 Flaxseed, f 1 2&al SO; prims Tiim'thv Seed. $2 M. Mess Pork, per bM . Pi 9 90; Lsrd. per 100 It., 4 K2ya4 ; SB-irs, Itlba suh-s t loose. 4 7r-j4 i': dry ssltes shoulder thnxil. 4 TViS o; sbrt clear sides boiedt. $5 ooatik So: W Maty. distUlers' Sntss4 goods, per gal-, ft 1. Sugars, rat, kf. ti kWt granulated. $3 Artiiles- Rerelr's. !. ... 2,ojw ... '. ... 1 ,,n Mlpesewte 4.wn K.rau 72 ' ss.i, Flour. bWs Wheat, bushels.,, Corn, bushels..... Oats. Nnheis ... lire, bushels , Barlsjv brisU;.j

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