The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on May 31, 1924 · 10
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 10

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 31, 1924
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THE SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER: SATURDAY. MAY 31, 1924 S. F. REALTY MAN EN ROUTE TO WASHINGTON PARLEY OTP CARRY OHITSf $350,000 INDUSTRIAL PLANT FROM WEST Delegations From North and South to Meet at Ogden; Local Secretary to Be Speaker The San Francisco Real Estate Board has en route to Washington D. C. a party of realtors to represent the local board at the annual convention of the National Association of Real Estate Bsards to be In session from June I to (. The local realtors left Wednesday on the Overland Lim ited, making up a special car with a party from the Oakland Real Es tate Board. At Ogden the bay realtors were to be met by delegations from Southern California and points from the Northwest At this point a special train was made up for the realtors making what was known as the "Western Realtors' Special." At both Chicago and Pittsburgh half -day stopovers have been provided to enable the boards of thosa two cities to entertain the deleerates. The San Francisco Board will suDDly one speaker on the nation al convention program, Leslie E. Burks, secretary of the local board, who is to speak before the secre tarial division on the subject of "Real Estate Board Organiza tion." The San Francisco delegation is composed of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Holt, St. Oorge Hoi den, E. 8. Merriman, L. D. Harrison, J. M. Gregory, V. P. Brun and Leslie E. Burks. The Oakland delegation In addition to Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Reed, Willard W. White,-president of the Oakland Board, and Fred R. Caldwell, also Includes the Board's Glee Club, consisting of twelve voices. Bip Demand for Mills Gardens Lots The opening sale of M411s Gardens, the residence subdivision adjoining Mills College, by the Fred T. Wood Company of Oakland, was one of the most successful held in the bay region for a long time, the firm announces. Sales totaling $13500 were made and this is a sure Indication that there is a big demand for property east of the lake, which is generally recognlzea as the fastest-growing district around the bay. The sales in Mills Gardens establish a record for 1924 and the Wood Company believes that the remaining lots will sell in a short time. . What makes the sale of Mills Gardens home sites even more Impressive is the fact that construction work Is already under way on homes costing 160,000, and plans have been prepared and are being prepared for additional homes to cost $100,000. There has never been a. subdivision placed on the market In Oakland which has met with uch immediate building activities. It Is predicted that within six months, this tract consKsting of more than 200 lots will be completely Improved with homes and gardens. Mills Gardens is recognized as the finest property in East Oakland now on sale. It is located between Seminary and Fifty-fifth avenues, Mills College campus and the Nelson estate. It is perfectly level, sheltered from wind and fog and in the sun belt. For years the property was owned by Mills College, until purchased by the Fred T. Wood Company. The cost of the lots Includes all improvements, streets, sidewalks, gutters and curbs. These improvements are of , the same high type as in the tracts in the lake district and Piedmont old by the Wood Company. Home sites In Mills Gardens can still be purchased from $900 to $1,250, on easy terms. "We were not surprised at the heavy sales made in Mills Gardens," Fred T. Wood said yesterday. "This subdivision is without question the finest in the entire East Oakland district and Is in the heart of the fastest-growing district in the bay region. At the prices we are asking and on our terms these home sites were sure to sell readily. There is still an opportunity for the men and women who want a real investment or a real home site, but I would suggest that they come out -no later than Sunday. Judging from the demand for Mills Gardens the balance of the home sites will j be sold right away." i Apartment Planned On Franklin Street Plans have been completed by architect Richard R. Irvine for a three story frame apartment building for C. Glugnl. It will be built on the west side of Franklin street south of Francisco street and will cost about $35,000. ' The same architect is preparing plans for a three story and basement frame apartment building to be erected, on the north side of Filbert street between Van Ness avenue and Franklin street for Benjamin Lltbman. It will contain 12 apartments and will cost about $45,000. Nick Altrock Will Tour With All-Starts Uncle Nick Altrock. prince of baseball comedians, is to get a chance to show his class as a fun-maker overseas. He will accompany the New York Giants and Chicago White Sox to Europe immediately after major league campaigns end. As Altrock'e best comedy is mimicry, he should be a big hit abroad, the mlmio art is well developed there. ... Vmh"j-'" w.u. .. . . t iiuiauii ana oeveuui ttreets, now oeing erected for a laundry company, will be one of the finest buildings of its kind in the world. NEW IDEAS IN HOMEBUILDING Instant success for a new idea In a low-priced suburban home the "bunjalo w-apartment" i s claimed by Leonard & Holt who have jast completed six of these novelty . houses at the firm's High School Acres tract at Redwood City. Three of the six houses were sold before completion and orders for the immediate construction of another larger unit have been given. , The outstanding feature of the "bungalow-apartment" Is the utilization of every inch of in tori or floor space along the efficiency lines of a modern city apartment combined with quantity production, which enables the houses, completely finished in every detail, with large lots and garage to be sold at a minimum price. Each house has a large living room, with big brick fireplace, wall bed, dressing room behind the wall bed, breakfast nook, dining room. laundry porch with tubs, bath room and fully equipped kitchen. A cleverly designed colonial ex terior, with large front porch the ful width of the house, gives an effect of surprisingly large size. Water, . gas, electricity, plastered walls, double floors and purchaser's choice of wall paper, "kiddle- tight" fence around the yard all the usual conveniences of the city and suburban home are included. According to Charles H. Holt the "bungalow -apartment" ' is his own idea. He said: I wanted to make an experiment to prove that it is possible for the family paying only $35 a month rent to own their own home for the same monthly outlay. I talked this idea over with Archie Newsome, the architect who has designed most of our fine houses at Ingleside Terraces, and he caught the spirit of it at once. We built these houses at Redwood City to see if it could be doneand we have produced something of which we are proud. I have no hesitation in saying that it is the most value for the least money Leonard & Holt have ever put on the market for these houes are not cheap In anything but price. We first set out to build a good house, an attractive house and a convenient house and then we set the price. I must confess that the low price we have 'been able to set is even less than we at first thought possible. Build Bungalows. Two one story and basement frame bungalows will be construc ted y Herbert W. Finck on the east side of Thirty-ninth avenue, between Balboa and Cabnllo streets. Each will cost about $3,000. Investments Show SanFranciscans 'Sold' on Own City ' The increasing volume of building together with the growing number of real estate sales and transactions are regarded by the San Francisco Forward Movement as proof that San Francisco is being "sold" to San Franciscans. The tendency on the part of San Franciscans, according to the Forward Movement is to Invest an increasingly larger amount from month to month In local development projects as against "foreign" undertakings. "San Francisco is a definite bidder for the funds of San Francisco investors," says the Forward Movement. "Western cities have received much of the impetus of their growth and development from outside sources and in this respect this city has been no exception. "The many features in the municipality's own program, such as the Van Ness ave. extension, the Islals Creek project, Rlncon Hill, street and boulevard construction will all afford many additional opportunities for local lnvesters. "This opportunity has been thoughtfully worked out with a keen vision and understanding of the city's needs and growth during the next decade or more. Those local investors who visualize this development and take advantage of the opportunity offered will be the ones who will profit." Fillmore Corner Sold for $150,000 Lloyd H. Patterson, the Montgomery street broker, has just closed the following sale: For the San Francisco Laundry Association he has just sold to Rich ard J. O'Brien et al. the lot 85 by 139, Improved with a 'two-story frame building occupied as stores and offices, situated on the north west corner of Turk and Fillmore streets. While the property has been valued as high as $150,000, It Is be lleved that the actual sale price was slightly under this figure. This property has been in possession of the laundry company for upwards of 40 years, and during that time has more than quadrupled In value. It is understood that it is the intention of trie new owners to re model and modernize the present Improvements at the expiration of the present lease to meet the greatly Increasing demands for modern store space and offices on the lower end of Fillmore street. 1 S SQUARE BLOCK Apartment to Cost $11,000. E. A. Janssen will build a two story and basement frame apart ment building at the northwest corner of California and Locust streets. It will contain four apart ments and will cost about $11,000. I xrwwo j a K J Co-operation Saves Thousands of Dollars for Home Makers at Forest Hill The very Italian block house pictured herewith the finest material, finish, and fixtures throughout was amazingly attractive in price. You get the benefit of quantity buying of all essentials. Co-operative planning insures harmony of neighboring houses and gardens, so that each home ennances the value of all adjacent residences. Come out tomorrow, Sunday, and study the co-operative plan of building in the groves of marine-view Forest HilL fORESTjJlUj LANG REALTY CO. First National Bank Bolloinjr Tract Office on the Property One of th largest industrial plants constructed in San Fran Cisco in recent years is now being completed for the Ideal Laundry Company by W. H. Woodfleld Jr. and Samuel Weinsteln at the northeast corner of Seventh and Harrison streets. The building covers a square block and represents a total Investment of $350,000. The lot has a frontage of 276 feet on Harrison street 100 feet on Seventh street and 100 feet on Sherman street making a total frontage of 475 feet and the entire lot is covered by a two-story concrete building which when completed will be the finest equipped laundry In the world. Wilson Co. Sales Total $200,000 The firm of R. A. Wilson reports considerable demand for medium-priced properties. As an Indication of this demand he reports for the past week a number of sales totaling in excess of $200,000. A few of these transactions were those made for the account of H. P. Maas and F, M. Sauer to J. M. Riddle and William J. Feldcamp, a new three-story building containing twelve apartments, on the southwest corner of Greenwich and Franklin streets, at a price reported at approximately $55,000, Also for the account of Frank Brodie to Mary Donohue, the northwest corner of Twenty-third avenue and Fulton street, a two-story building containing four exceptionally desirable or rather de luxe apartments for the sum of close to $30,000. This is unquestionably the largest price obtained for a four-family dwelling in the Richmond district. Also for the account of Clifford T. Sanford to E. Ginley, four unimproved lots on Forty -third avenue close to Chain of Lakes Park at a price of $7,600. Also for the account of Bessie Miller this firm sold to A. H. Sommer a two-story building containing a store and two flats at 2751 Lombard street at a price reported at approximately $5,000. In addition to these sales this firm has negotiated an exchange for the account of H. C. Nahman with Olga Kuentz wherein Mrs. Kuentz acquired four apartments and two flats at the southeast corner of Tenth avenue and Balboa street. Mrs. Kuentz gave as part payment two flats known as 1645-1547 Balboa street. Sales of residence property In the Richmond district - amounting to $63,000 signalized the opening last Wednesday of the new branch of the Lang Realty Company at Geary ' and Seventeenth avenue. This office has been established to serve exclusively the business of the Richmond district. . The first purchaser was G. C. Nord, who, as soon as the doors were open, gave .Manager C. M. Small his , check- for a two-story house on the west slda of Twenty- eighth avenue, between California and Clement Nord was followed by J. H. Kruse, who bought a lot on the east line of Twenty-sixth avenue north of Cabrlllo. James Arnott & Son completed one of the important deals of the week by buying a group of twenty lots in Thirty-ninth and Fortieth avenues, between Balboa and Cabrlllo streets. This firm of builders will proceed immediately with their plan for constructing twelve model bungalows so placed and landscape-gardened on the property that they will compose a miniature residence park of unique charm. Two flats of six rooms each, on the west side of Twenty-first avenue, between Cabrlllo and Fulton streets, were bought by T. J. Rlordan. Fred Mlrsky bought four lots of an attractive setting at the southeast corner of Forty-slrth n'-nue and Geary street. G. Onorato chose a lot on the west slue ol Twelfth avenue north of Fulton street fill LOCATE AT LURE Homeseekers continued to find Lakeshore Highlands one of the most attractive buys In the East Bay, according to the Walter H. Leimert Company, ; owners of the residential park. " , "Lakeshore Highlands possesses a variety of appeals to the home-seeker," said Harry E. Leimert who with J. A. Scofield are sales managers for the property. "Rigid building restrictions protect the prospective home owner and at the same time they preserve the harmonious upbuilding of the tract," he added. 't - The fact that Lakeshore Highland property reflects rising values in the East Bay also commends Itself to the careful homesite buyer. He is also impressed with the beauty of view, the splendid transportation, both local and San Francisco, and the proximity to the shopping districts of Oakland. Buyers of home sites la Lake- shore Highlands during the past week include: E. Garner, T. Oar- vey, N. Banks, W. J. Harrington, i. J. rrazer, is. K. Croley, M. M. tsaiiey, J. E. Lane, H. B. Baker. J. F. Fitzgerald, O. Burmeister, C. H. Morrison, T. J, FVazer, George . jams ana Frank i wood. New Apartments For Castro Street John O'Leary has had plans nre- parea for a two-story and base ment frame apartment building to De erected on tne east siae of Castro Twentieth streets. It will contain four apartments and will cost about $10,000., Sunset Improvements. .Thomas O. Doherty has had plans prepared for a two-story and basement frame flat building to be constructed on the east side of Twenty-seventh avenue, between Irving and Judah streets. It will contain two flats and will cost about $8,000. Flats Cost $10,700. A contract was awarded by C. A -Parmales for the erection of a two-story- and basement . frame flat building to be erected on the south side of Grove street betwen Ash-bury and Clayton streets. It will . contain two flats and will cost $10,-700. Loans for Homes St Francis Wood is firmly established as the finest place of homes in the city. Today more homes of the better class arc being built in St Francis Wood than in all other residence parks in San Francisco. Though many of these new homes arc being financed by us, wc are still prepared to make home loans to all who wish to build in St Francis Wood on the following terms: We will lend 75 of cost of house and lot repayable in monthly install' , ments over a long term of years. . .- No one who wants a home and can pay one quarter of its cost need wait longer. Mason-McDuffie Company 278 FOST STREET SAN FRANCISCO ' SUTTER. 2171 j - Tract Office Phone Sunset 1779 mum TODAY IN THOMAS SCOBLE rina Park Tract Street Work Has Been Started and the Dirt Will Fly 1 la STREET WORK WILL BE COMPLETED IN . 40 DAYS "VALUES WILL INCREASE RAPIDLY Another record smashed. . Three weeks sales, $497,000. Total sales nearly $900,000; We have the choicest lots in the entire Panama-Pacific Exposition Site We have wonderful marine view lots. Also we have lots opposite the proposed Exposition Palace and Parks on which the city is spending $2,000,000. Lots Froml25()0 Up BUY NOW BEFORE PRICES INCREASE Do not be misled. We are not connected with any-other Marina Park Tracts. . TRACT OFFICE Near Purcell's Airdrome on the Marina Boulevard. Ask for .Thomas Scoble's Marina Park Tract. THOMAS SCOBLE 321 Bush Street. Phone Garfield 6966 IS- Jr -1 APARTMENT" -y ; - . Best uut $35 Buy in the Bay Repzon At Redwood City in "The Perfect Climate Belt" 45 minutes from San Francisco. (Total price $3,500.) Only Per Month This is a Perfect Home Highest type of construction best of plumbing your own selection of wall papers and color schemes Colonial and California Spanish types extra wall bed and big fireplace in the living-room detached garage large sites from 50 to 100 feet in frontage 100 to 200 feet in depth lots of room for family orchard, flowers and vegetable gardens chickens, pigeons or rabbits good streets, city water, gas and electricity west of State highway near new $500,000 high school most convenient commuting in bay district the ideal home for the man of moderate means our Redwood City offices open all day Sunday. LEONARD ?tet&. HOLT 4 1 MONTGOMERY ST TEL. SUTTER 7U35 "WERE ALIVE REDWOOD CITY 316 StafcBghwqpr-'ElfclMDod 570 9i Home of Frank Kale, Alameda. Sidney B. and Noble Newsom, Architects. A $749 Investment in Face Brick THE OWNER of this attractive face brick veneered residence spent $749 more for it than he would have spent for the same house with an ordinary extcriorfinish.Forthissmall additional sum he secured not only architectural charm and distinction, but also construction which time will prove to be truly economical. The cost of upkeep on a face brick house is reduced to the minimum. Face brick never cracks or peels, never needs painting or any surface renewal other than washing and that only after long periods of time. This house is cool in warm weather, and resists the penetrating winds of the that the fuelbillislow. Time and weathering will act to improve the beauty and distinction of the structure. The $749 more will make his whole investment more secure. Deterioration will not rob this home of value; the owner can find a ready market and a good price for his home at any time. The wise home builder gladly spends a little more for face brick, because of its richer beauty, greater permanence, surer economy. VENEER WITH FACE BRICK Manufactured by ' N. CLARK & SONS . GLADDING, McBEAN & CO. , LTVERMORE FIRE BRICK WORKS RICHMOND PRESSED BRICK CO. 116 Natoma Street Telephone Kearny 2830 Crocker Building Telephone DeugUs 340 604 Mission Street Telephone Sutter 434) Sharon Building Telephone Sutttr 4884 MilliMMlMltlllllilllliltlillU!!ltiiPlttliiliilliiilillltiillllii

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