The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1947
Page 6
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fAOK tOt BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWg TH« BLTTHIEVILLE COURIEIl NEW* *™ raim «*** oa «. W EAUOD8," PubUihtr JA1OB U WIBOEFF. Editor Winner 00, N«w York. Chlc«*o, Ditwtt, AfUrnoon Kxc*pt Sund»y M Moood elH* nwtUr at the port- oOfc* »t B»th«»ill« ArkuMM, under ,»ct at Con- OttobM « SUBSCRIPTION RATHB: '»» ewrtor io tb» city ol Blyth«vil!» « *W '«uburb»n town wnere carrier «*rvlc« !• m»ln- Ulned, aoc per week, or 85c per month £r i»U within * r«Uw of 60 m!le«, M-00 ptr »,« MOO for tix monthi, »1.00 for three month*, 5 iSl ouUUta SO'"* «*-. *«>•«> "» r »*" j»y»b!e to »dv»noe. Meditation *» a noble Us*. Now Ttie wylnc •* s u " : If o«i»e of bishop, he deslr« i bishop miat be »bove reproach, marrtei only- one., temperate. Miulblc, dUnifled, hoaplWUle, w «pt teacher, no drunkard, not violent but (enUe, not quarreltdm'. and no lover ol money. _I Timothy 3:1, 3.' * • • • Many people who desire hlih office and hl»h honors to Hf« »re not wil|int to meet the «to rU» that hither altitude. rt«pp«d on Testing Ground President Truman vejcntly stated That American cities, towns and villages are the testing ground, of democratic government. "Here," he said, "where every citizen meets and deals with the governmental process daily and directly, lies the 'hope and future of democracy." Tht president's words are as important today as at any time in the history v of America, the cradle of democracy. They are perhaps more important than ever before for America it, the bulwark of democracy and some students of world history are fearful for the future of democracy here and • ..elsewhere in the world where it is struggling for existence. General Eisenhower months ago said that democracy in America will face during the next decade or two its most, severe test. The attitude of such national lenders as President Truman and General Eisenhower and scores of others, who could be named, gives rise to the question: . , \ . '_ What ,1s the score in Blylheville and • £ other Mississippi County towns'.' ' \ v " Are citizens here alert to the issues of the ,day, to the dangers which threaten the democracy we love so » much and do so little to protect? than •xUtmet, they OM *notb«r'i toM. But thU ik no Urns for recrimination*. Th«r« .ther «•—th« countries which, with th« Americana, make up o«cid*nt»l eiviliiation. They are cold, they ar« hungry, their clothing; in in tattert, their home* «r« shamble*, their indu»trie« ar« broken down by war, their raw material* ar« depleted, They h»v« littl* itton.y, and ther* i* little to buy. MOMOW do«« not want'to help them. That it a most convincing argument why w« must. Moscow know* that the colder, the hungrier, tht more disgusted and di*cour«g*d the people of Europe become, th« weaker will grow their faith in democracy, the readier th«y will become to lintea to the tiren »emg of oommuni«m. Out of poverty and mi*«ry wt »» w communism »ri*e in Ruaeia. Out of poverty and 'defe*tism we »aw faclam lake over Italy and naii»m wir.e upon Germany. Surely w« need no further proof that totalitariiini»m feeds upon distress, and we cannot forget, that totalitarianism bre«di war. We can't lit by and watch the rest of Europe drift into the Comintern's web.; 1 It, is important whom we elect President next year, and what principles he is pledged to. But that battle should be fought out on legitimate is- nues. Our children would never forgive us if, to advance the .fortunes of. a political party or a candidate for office, we procrastinate about halting that economic and moral breakdown in Europe which—if we let it proceed—as sure as shooting will end up in » third world war. Distress Breeds Totalitarianism VIEWS OF OTHERS Unused Inflation Checks There are indications that the European relief program may run into 1948 politics at the special session called by President Truman. This would be most 'unfortunate. There is a time for everything. This is. not the time for politics. President Truman says that France needs ?357 millions from us before the first of January, when Congress ordinarily would meet; Italy needs $285 'millions; the occupied countries need |500 millions. These figures may be right! or too high, or too low. We are in no position to know. "We do not ask Congress to rubber stajnp them. It is Congress' privilesra and duty to check them with care. But it ii important that Congress Should not delay. Congress should, by ~y »ow, have- moat of the 'information \ nec«ss*ry for reaching a sound del~ cuion. If the President has facts not in possession of the legislators, it is to f f be assumed that he will supply them. ••'» The important thing is that neither the President nor Congress should ,v play politics with tlm matter. The ,-. .iniportajvL thing, it action. Correct action i* very desirable, but prompt and poftitire action is essential. .A few unobservant or deliberately ' blind tourist* have returned from Europe dairying that the hunger and want there verges upon starvation and de*.• titution. These are in a minority. Not only our most trusted officials, but - , our most -proven objective observer* ; •«*»« that Europe's need U so great i that we, cannot deny it, so pressing }, that w« dare not delay. Berhaps the Europeans brought - thi« misery on themselves. Too many I •Biirfom tried to live on a continent in, i ompAble of supporting them. In the for »om*thing a liltl* b«it«r "Going My Way?—I Think!" TUE8PAT, XOVEMBCT 4, 194T U.S. Wall Builder? Give Othman Cause for One Long Loud Wail THE DOCTOR SAYS •Y WILLIAM A. o-BuntN, *. n. Written for NEA Swrie* ' Emergency car* for Injured person* should not be ha*ty, except to stop bleeding. 1C is better to do too little, r»ther thin t$o much, while waiting !« comjfet*nt, aid to •rr(ye. Every bon« iractur* should be splinted before the patient it moved, rirst-ilders »hou!d not attempt to pull on »n injured extremity to let the bone. It may be necessary to straighten out »n extremity, if the limb U In a grotesque position, but thla should b* done gently to avoid injuries to the arteries or nerves or lurtlxr bone damsgf. If there i* » cut or lacerated wound, antiseptics should not be applied, as even putting tincture of iodine In a cut causes further damage to the tissues. The first- aider should simply cover the wound with a clean dressing. Following the Injury, even though the patient IB left in the street, Edson Believes UnAmencan Committee Erred In Not Allowing Lawson to Make Statement BY PETER EDSON NEA Washington Correspondnt I HEARING IS ABSOLUTELY LEGAL WASHINGTON Nov. 4, iNE.M— The idea that the Thomas Com- The House Committee on UnAmc:-- mittee has no legal right to mukc, Uiis invcslieauon is a lot, o[ nonsense. Congressional hearings are : established procedures, by law ami Film writer John Howard bawsnn by custom. To take away from Con- lean Activities has tumbled tlie ball acain in it.i Hollywood investlga- *• It the Administration and Congress really want to check price inflation they can find move effective means than those President Truman has vaguely described lo the Congressional leaders, instead of pouring gasoline on the fire with more subsidies, they -would better discontinue present subsidies, Including farm beiietlt payments which agriculture does not. need. They might wipe out »ome federal bureaus which serve no useful purpose or spend the taxpayers' money on activities better left to the'private enterprise to which our publicists render such voluble lip service. In these ways the Treasury's prospects for debt reduction could be in some measure compensated for the Inroads which »ld lo Europe will make upon them. Reduction of the public debt world against monetary price Inflation. Easily and simply, our government could serve notice on the world that there 1* to be no tampering with llle American currency. Tins could be done by repealing the statutory authority by which the 1 . Treasury head, with the President's approval, may buy gold at any price they choose to offer. This gold-purchasing authority, surviving from thc bad fiscal legislation of the early 1930s. i» probably the caus* ol recurrent rumors that tht dollar is again to be devalued in terms of gold. A gold buying jpree of the Treasury preceded the devaluation of 1934. Some of our monetary authorities, Including the Federal Reserve Board, are concerned about the danger of excessive bank lending. If ther§ is such « danger, why -not repeal the bank law amendment which in June, 1945, reduced the required gold cover for Federal Reserve note issues and reserve deposits of member banks to 25 per cent? Why not return to the 40 per cent coverage of notes and 35 per cent for reserve 'deposits which were previously in eftect? As last reported trie gold coverage stood *t 48.1 per cent of combined notes and reserves. Neither of these expedients would radically affect present practices. The Treasury Is not paying more than 435 a fine ounce for gold and Is not likely to do so. But repeal of tht* poten- ttalily dangerous authority would significantly affirm the government's rejection of currency juggling as a means of relieving the world's alleged dollar shortage. And return to the earlier gold coverage requirements would *«t closer limits upon possible expansion of bank cx«dtt. It, Is particularly in order now, when gold b moving into tbf United state* and to not unlikely to «ert the upward preuuie «n prlow which incoming gold usually dot*. Admittedly, one of the powerlul pri*e-ln/l»- itor.ary influences of the lime* !• tht great Tolume here of spending money, oirculittng note* and bank deposit*, in the pre*ence at food* shortages. Good statutory bank Inwi 1* a better ni*«Tis of handling such a situation than giving tht Federal Reoene Board trie permanent control of 'consumer credit. lt« chairman cravfs for H. —WALL STREW JOURNAL. Lawyers not familiar with the congvc.ssioual heaving p f o c edure ob- Tho stand in his own defense. He will b: cited for contempt oi Congress at the coming session. Other writers ject that witnesses are not rcpre- wprc similarlv cited senled bv counsel and cannot cross- _ ... _ ThisTs probably just what Law- i exan,i,,e: Bui lh«e hearings are j Party in the U. S.^ay^Norjhould son and pa!s wanted, It makes them not trials. The congressional investigation REDS' MAIM OBJECTIVE IS AIDING RUSSIA While American CommunW make » great, to-do about wantin to heller the condition of the un derprivlleged people in the U. S that Is not their main purpose i life. The Communists have no pro gram lor Improving llle; their number one objective is to further the foreign policy of Soviet Russia. If it were otherwise, why should e should be made as comfortable By FBEDERICK C. OTHMAN (Unit**! Fraai Stall Corri*pon4*ni> WASHINGTON, Nov. 4. (UP)— Let's ponder today the cast of th« homeless wall. Just a plain plaster wall, 45 feet long and painted baby blue on one side and apple green on the other. In It-self of no Importance... .and yet it may give you some Inking of why our government It so expensive. One of the troubles »eeiru to be too many amateur interior decorators and or architects on tht federal payroll. No matter how many marble halls the government . j buildB for its clerks, in any event,', it's always short, of desk room. So it. is that federal agencies have brought their uniformed guards and air conditioning units to suites in private office buildings all over Washington. The National Press Building, where I pound my own typewriter on the seventh floor, long has rented seversl scr»s of space to the Alien Property Custodian and the Federal Deposit Lnsurance Corp. On the sixth floor, directly belov my own swivel chair; the pounding of hammers and the clouds of dust from the cement rriving on - --- , ... ,. i the freight elevator lately indi- s possible and covered with enough cate(1 thal 50^^,^ lmu5ul i .... lankets or coats to conserve neat, ut not ring too much blood to the sur- acc. -- "",.•,_« <i» going on. T nlded down the back too many, which might , f|re escape to Me wh>t wsg cook _ Ing, Boy, fan me Vith a blueprint] The alien property boss, It turned out. had found space somewhere else and had vacated the entire lloor- The deposit boys, whose job it is to pay off the customers of bankrupt banks, decided to ex- J>an«, Their idea was to bring back some of their clerks from Chicago where they'd been banished b\lB Washington's war-time crowded-^ ness. The sixth floor layout might have been all right for the alien experts, but it didn't suit the bank insurers. At this writing the premises are swarming with plasterers, glaziers, tilers, electricians; carpenters, paint- . The patient should not toe lilted y hi« luiees , and armpits and hoved Into the back seat oi a car. fractures of the spine are resent, this movement can cut the pinal cord and cause permanent paralysis. PHYSICIAN GIVES MORPHINE When a physician is called to »tend an injured person, he usually an injection of morphine to ease the pain, except when there < heart injury. In the latter case. the brain may become too depressed by th« morphine 'to make it safe, 'if a fracture is suspected, it is much better to splint it before the patient is moved, even though no break in the bone is proved later. A severe' sprain,' with torn joint ligaments, should be splinted as it' JTaYt'erlnV'up old ones, taking out, lessens the pain. ln ankle sprains, wa || a ind pu tting 'em in. hooking up ers, and carpet layers. They are gawing holes for new doors ind heroes. If they are given fines or ; jail sentences, they become martyrs to the cause of freedom nf speech and the preservation of American civil iirjerties. Their counsel may appeal the citatioti as unconsliui- tioni.1 and carry the case througn thc federal courts. That would make the committee look even the Communists be so reluctant to admit their party membership? There is no law which makes It a crime to belong to the Communist there be such a law. FBI Director J- Edgar Hoover and many other the shoe may be left on to act as a splint. • • • QUESTION: Pleaee send instructions on how to quit smoking. ANSWER: I have no written Instructions on the subject; all you have to do is to stop. At first it may be difficult, but it will not lake long to get rid of the craving if you really want to q.uil. Stop- pitjB smoking is a dtsplay of will power, as vital tissue processes are not affected. When drugs or alcohol are stopped, the patient may be left in a serious condition. lies some place between a grand j responsible citiiens have said that jurv piobe mid a common law pro- ; outlawing the Communist* would cccdin" in a court of equity. Thc j merely drive them underground and purpose is to establish truth. Wit- I make them harrier to combat, nesses and records may be subpoe- The Thomss committee may rec- naed by comnessional committees, ! ommeiid passage of an anti-Comand statements: before them aro j muiiLst law when it gets through marie under oath. Federal courts . with the Hollywood hearings. If it air coolers, and carpeting the floors of the big-wigs with fine green broadloom. So I got to talking to the artisans and their bosses and they said did I want to see something? I did. And would I promise not to Use their names in the paper? 1 promised. They led m e to the rear of the floor, "through a door and Into a corridor paralleling the building's hallway. The new corridor had mahogany-colored doors leading into an office room on the other side. "This is the third wall we've put in here," said a rueful spokesman. "First these government people said they wanted one big room. So we gave It to 'em. "Then they decided they couldn't use the regular building hallway like other people. They had to 'have » private corridor Inside. So' we put In a new partition to The lew patches of beans left I make the corridor. Not any plaster IS Years Ago In Blytheville — worse. If Lawson had been permitted I tees in . their have upheld congressional commit- ; does, it will further convict, itself numerous instances, rcc- I of wanting lo suppress Ihe Bill of Righto wnich guarantees American freedom. ' John Howard Lawson's insistence in ' on protection of his rights to free- It - dom of thought and action "as an American cili?,en" cannot and i-ea'd his" prepared statement, and : ognizlng and so establishing iswer the questions put to him in special jurisdiction. is. own way his testimony would- The Un-American Activities Com- and some late garden vegetables were ruind last night by the first killing frost of'the season. According to George P. Qrebb of the Blytheville Canning Company all the beans had been picked except board, either, but s«lid masonry Somebody came alons and said it wouldn't do. Th« new corridor was too dark. "We tore down the wall as per orders and put in another ad U, any was a fabric of abase. '< built up the c«se that there vvas an ] American c.tizen" cannot ami • For a week, this committee lias active minority ol Communism m ' should, not be denied him. But, it onductcd an IllcKa! and indecent. HoJyvvood who were exercising, an j furnishes a laughable commentary of Amcricaii citizeiis, whom j influence out of all proportion to on this whole issue. Under the Com- those in very small patches. The i mostly of plnte glass. Somebo«5> frost is a boon to the spinach which [ else came by and said It was ntf is being grown for the canning I good on account of no privacy in company and for the turnips which i the office- We ripped out the glass were planted after the early gar- : wall and put up this one ?.nri now dens had been harvested. rial .- committee has selected to oe ublic!)- pilloried and smeared,'' Lawson's statement rend. American public, it has n shorter dirt. I leol liVe a man \vh3 their numbers. There is plenty of popular sup- we've got our fingers crossed." Wheat prices shattered records 1 He estimated tJiat preparing th« mimist system, Lawson would have f Or 300 yean; today as they edged [ premises first with no wall and no freedom of thought and action. the ; port just now for putting the Com- j He would at all times be subject to i^^ millority out o! business-1 a court system that, under Soviet for sllcncin" il Hot by censorship I law, is even more onesided than Ihc justice being handed out by lower and lower on the Board Of j then with three different ones had Trade in-Chicago. December wheat j cost to date a shade under $5,000. dropped to 41 7;8 cents .today, un- precldcnteci since Queen Elizabeths time. IN HOLLYWOOD BY KRSKINE JOHNSON NEA Stiff Correspondent McKENNEY ON BRIDGE •«••«•«•«••••••••••••••••••'•*" HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 4. I NEA)—phone. He sounded mad. Maybe An Independent press agent cor- i "he was going to sue mo. ncrad. Robert Montgomery just be-; "Cui Jonu Crawford tell y for e he l^' 1 fo ' the Washington that she didn't want to be sei hearings on Communism-ln-KoUy-' out with me?" He snicl. wood. I I told him what she said. •'This will cost you S500, but It's; "Oh." said Bamzer. "Thanks." the greatest, idea I've ever had." ! He slammed down the receiver. "What's the greatest idea?" ask- • What goes, ed Bob. • quarrel? sure I want to stnrt niarryinp Just yet." "Tile title ol your latest picture , is 'Ruie the Pink Horse.' So you j ride into the committee chambers I on a pink horse." ! The press ngent is still r.v.ning.; Margaret Sullivan's divorce 'ronv Lclanrt Hnyward may find her be- MILITARY INFLATION coming Mrs. Jimmy Stewart. Tf- member. Jimmy, escorted her to the preview of "It's a Wonderful Lite" lajt fall. SONG OF SUSANNA P«ler iooks Uk« the | Army barracks at, noon. Se trans- Clever Second Hand ™ I High Beats 3 N. T. BV W1LVIAM E. McXENNEY America's Card Authority Written for NEA Service. .. •• Many people are surprised to learn of the charity activities of thc American Contract Bridge Lea, S«e. During the war the League or- pnscr Jack Jleakin by confiding j gan j M( j vrtt orphans Scholarships, about her newest romanrr: "Be's Inc anrt now ^ hai transferred perfect rt,irlln K . htit I'm not I ((s ' activily in the light ag&inst kiddies? A lover's the spades until the third round. Then he led the. eight of hearts, The rule is for-second hand to play low, but if West plays the four-spot on this trick, declirer will finesse the nine In dummy. East will be forced to win with the queen, aud without » «p»de to relurn, he can do nothing to prevent declarer from winning the balance of the tricks. On the next heart play dummy's jack can be finessed and the ace will pick up the whole suit. However, instead of plnying low on the first heart. Bob went up with ilie king. Declarer had to A movie starlet (T.Hirri* corn- The eland is the largest of ail antelope, being as heavy as a cow. One can easily Jump over another's back in flight, however. wise Htwk would have cashed the rest ol the spades. South re- lumed to his hsnd with a diamond and led the other heart, When Haw* played the (our, dummy's nine was finessed. Naturally South knew that Hawk did not have the queen, or he would have played it in order to cash the spades. East won the second heart trick »nd exited with a diamond, and SoutM found it impossible to make mor« T eight tricks, not being able foi: than will in dummy with the ace, other- to cash the hearts. cancer to a new corporation known j as Children's Cancer Fund. Inc. One of the people most inter- Alan Ladd gets the most phc- | c si e d in this new activity in Bob nomeiial Army career in history. I Hawk of fuiii fame. Bob has done The shooting schedule of "The I a great deal to fo«ter charity Long Grey Line" called for him i c!lvlse . s O f the to be inducted one morning, BO to I l<Md In "Song of Norway." She's, ferred to officers' training school! baclc afie.r a yeaj of voice jtiirty In i i n the afternoon, go overseas the j Italv and Purls. . . There W.-LS no j ayrm and return home — such line *s "come with me to the i wounded hrro — lhat afternoon. CaslMh" in Charles Boyer's role in i "Algiers. " But the line has been mane so famous by Boyer imita- I tors that Tony Martin will say It ; to Marta Toten In the U. 1 mtisl- osl rerjion of the story. 'Casbah." MMta plays the Hcdy Lanurr role, gir Paramount b iishis; a nrw musi- ml scorr fur nine Crosby's "A] Connecticut Yankee 1 '— five tun« bj .lolmny BurVi- and Jimmy Van Ifeuscn — Mislead of lli« oricinal Kortsrrs ami 11*1 music. Para- rrmmt brought the rights to the but the part of th c native Mark Twain story, but Xodser* Is now much bigger. S'.srld an A Hart's nsrntji wanted several BARBS 87 HAL COCHRAN Oolf'wss invented by » Scotchman. Perhaps hli wife objected to his drinking «t home. * • » Only • envple of months BOW mntH /rru'll Gllrie plaved It in "Algiers " Now hundred thousand dollars for rights Yvonne de Carlo has the part, j lo the niiisie. Paramount sairt Tvl\. PrKilrtinnr Within a year's Bob Casey is writing the history time, iimrpendrnl and major ol thc Chicago Northwestern Rnil- utiidios will bf rlln»"i: one pie- lure nut of fvrrj four In Kn c - l»nrt In ujf n? mtmry froren by • the Hrlllsh. SorrtPthinj; I can Iv.irdly \valt to nee: Sam Wood dirtx-fliiR "1'urca- lWT Strftt" on Sl.iKo 10 at Universal-International. Irving Piclicl Mr. Pealiodv and ihr road with nn eye on a possible movie. ... A p.iwnshop in Los Anfwles calls itself "The Loan Rancrr." And It's Louis Haywarri's thoucht: "Anyway, the new skirt,'; rrrlatnly covet » multitude of shins." WAKN1S GOKIVRR Mermaid" nn SUsr U'al Hie s.imr In il.e Chancery Court. Chlfkiwaw- slurtln. SUc f 11. no dmibl, will ha District. Mississippi t.ovmlj, be Nn Man's I.nnd. Arknusa^. Joan Crawford Mid it: "I haven't Robert M. Hcimmps Hanttfl, had a date with Ores Tlaut-.or since April 3. I don't want that kind of publicity." I py I inert it- No. 10,294 Rosa Lee Hcnnines Defendant. Next dav the telephone ocd-lookitlR rnne. Holly- . The defendant Rosa Lcc Hcnnmgs Is hereby warned to appear within thirty rtavs !n the court named in . nzer & go-R y- wood attorney) was on the tele- i the caption hereof »nd answer the W AJ»S3 • 1062 U. S. Envoy Aniovcr <o J'r^vlou- fu**\t Hawk 4k K 10873 •KUH ! W I S Dealer « 973 + Q 107U * ASS P»ss * AKQi *AKi« Tourft»rn*oi — E-W We»« ' N»rtti Pass > V Z N. T. Pass 3 N. T. Opening— » 7 _ < Here is a nice defensive pla .hat Bob made in s r»c«nt g«me Dummy plsyfd the j«ck of spade on the opening lead M\d Ea-it cov ered with the queen. Declarer re insert to win this trick »iid laid of HORIZONTAL VERTICAL 1 Pictured U. S. 1 Wire measure minister to Sweden, H. Freeman • 8 Oriental guitar 9 Measure ol paper 2 Near x 3 Paving material 4 Snar« 5 Before 6 Pronoun 1 Tree fluid S Ratifies 12 Speed contest 10 Mansion 14 Cushion 16 Sheep's bleat 17 Italian river 11 Babylonian deity H Unclothed 13 Symbol for 29 Handle cobalt 30 Peruses IS Writing tabl* 32 Feminin in h.arin? 16 Witticism r> ame ;ld bearing .„„___,_ ,_,.„ 33 shower 21 Anesthetic 34 Sainte (<ib.) 22 Trousers 38 Either 24 Hardened 39 Grape refus» 25 Haw»iian food 42 Indian 28 Dove's call 43 Dolt , 44 Hawaiian wreath 45 Balance (ab.) 47 From complaint of the plaintiff Robert M. Henninw. Dated this 27th day of October, 194T. HARVEY MORJRIS Clerk By Dorolhy Conlcy. deputy Ed B Cook, Atlornev for Plantir. ' 22 Pillar 23 Trials 25 Eskimo garment 26 was appointed by President Truman 27 Preposition 28 Writer's mark 31 Roman roads 35 Heavy blow 36 Lath 3T Girl's namt J8 Mystic syllable to Prevaricate U Bustle 13 Verbal 45 Moringa seed (S Porlico (8 Fortification iO He is a veteran , State Depart| ment 49 Ambary

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