The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1947
Page 5
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1947 BLYTHEV1LLE (AHK.) COL'UIKR NKWS Bang's Disease Tests Required Supreme Court Rulei On Appeal From Craighead County UTTLE ROCK. Ark.. 'NOV < <l>Pv ... Thp Arkansas Supreme court yesterday enjoined dairymen in C.'iaii-iiead County from selling »!!.k without first submiiiiiis their ner<! s | n tests f or B at)R > s Disease. 'Hie opinion upheld validity of a uB'aie Health Department re^uta- ' tion renhirlns ;he tests and at the "me l!,,ie reversed » decision of tile lower court thru Ihe condemned anlmnls need not be killed. The case was heard by Marcus Evrjird of nivthevllte, Ark'., ns <;i>c- cial chancellor and he held that the health department regulation was valid wi'h reference lo the requirement that the diseased anl- ninl.s be segregated from dniry herds, but thnt the "owners should not be reouired lo kill (he milmnK Bang's Disease. affects the milk mil does not. make incut from rit- .VFwed animals' unfit for luminn consumption.. The supreme court also held yes- : terrlav that-the Kansas Citysouth- ' ern Railroad Compiiny was not m- \ titled to special consideration under Arkansas' • law because of higher expenses caused by the Mate's full-crew law and Ino mountainous terrain through which the road travels. Pulaski Ruling Reversed The eoilrt held that the nil- road must pay the statf an sdrti- tional S2B.433 for Income taxcrf aci cruing In 1941 and 1942. ' • ' In avvardinc Judsmcrit .against ^'fhc railroad in fnvor of 'Revenue commissioner otho A. Cook the court, reversed a Pulaski chancery decision holdiiie lhat an net of 1!)2!J as construed by Cook imposed n discriminatory burden on the railroad. , - ... Pnrller .the commissioner had made rteficiencv assessments because of fnels admitted Iw the line in tax returns for fhe two years. The comnnnv contender' that bv reason or (he Arkansas full-crew la'.v, pe- ciillcr to this state aliri to no olher through which the lin p oncralos. an unnecessary expense of sn.onn was imnosed in Arkansas. The firm also asserted flint its oneratine ev- pen«».s in Arkan.w w»rr. rnis"rl bv additional power needed on hcnvv pradcs and that revenues were lower because nf sparctty of population. In jiistifvlnc its refusal la nay the tax the railroad admitted that it "rvnrnoselv and Intentionally" Ignored the Arkansas l"w font sold the statutory ratio of figurine ex- P*nses shown not he followed. The high court "found that the Kan=?s Clty-Potilhcrn had not proved that the Arkansas law provided arbitrary burdens. Jayceettes Aid Christmas Seal Sale Drive" Wilton Miss Mary E. Symoitds, music director ut Wilson Scluxils. presented (lie OIWICUH -viw Manic IJcnn f.inlk", Tuesday iiiuht at Ihe HlRh School, Pupils Ifmn ••hulrr- uarten Ihrough Ihe slxlh grade participated. The Ui'v, s. O. PiUly arrived In Wilson Thursday where he iissmn- ed his duties as pnsto of the Witson Methodist Church. The Hev. Mr- and Mrs. 1'ally formerly lived in Augusta, where he was pastor of Ihe Methodist Church. Mr. unrt Mrs. C. S. Stundllcr s|ien| Id,, weekend In Fuyelli'fillt! with .Ifielr diuigl'tcr Mis^ jcnu Standlfer, who Is « student at Ihe University. They " Atlend«l the homece-mins (ootball game there. Miss Merle Kyuls, who attends the Methodist Hospital School of Nin-sliiB in Memphis, .spent Ihe weekend with her parents. Mr. nud Mis, j. K. RynU an.l family. Mr. nnd Mrs. Parker Dowcn and Mr. and Mrs. Arnold MeDaniel spnit the weekend In snvannnh, Ten,,. The Hev. JUKI Mrs. K. Cl. Knftzcl and dnuKhler. Miss Theluia KaeUe, shown here selling 'I""'" 1 '° s l ) f lllR "' li<> ' Ark " T ""«- ' neie sennit, ( |, |y xlteff (h< , Rcv , M| . Ka( , (/d assumed his duties as pastor of th t i Sprinsdule Methodist Clivirch. lie 17-24. The national drive opens Nov. 24 and the mimial leiters conlainini; chrlsimos Seals will be out, [ '"' s '""" I llist< "" " f llle Wilson Mu- In the mails on lhat date. Shown above «re. leu lo ,-mhl. Mrs. 1, O. Thompson Jr.. Mrs. Clarence Webb,' - Sl Chl "' ch ' o1 ' "'* |ml l0 "' Mrs. Vance Henderwn, Mrs. utho Burpes, Mrs. James Nebhnt. Mrs. Leonard Johnston. Mrs. Carl Marshall, Mrs. Marshal! Blnckard, Mrs. James Guard aiul Mis. \v. it. Crawford. PAGE FIVB News I'hottl Members of the Jayceetles, auxiliary of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, arc O. \V. MeOutchPrj liie (irst »100 Tuberculosi? Association Bond In the 19-17 chtisliAas Son I Sale ciiinrmixn. The jaycetttes will handle yiersoncil solicitations of Htyihcvlllc business (inns durint; tlu> week of Nov. years. Mr. and Mrs. James Wilson nnd children and Mrs. J. w. .IncX-son of U.S. Appeals To Slays Over Ouster of Newsmen, WASHINGTON, Nov. 1 tUl>» — The United Stales has apnctiled to the Yugoslav government lo reconsider the order under which correspondents loi 1 I lie. New York Times and the United Press were expelled from Yugoslavia.' A note, delivered by U. s. Am- bnssarior Cnvendlsh W. Cnnnon to llni! foreign Minister Vladimir in Ht^xrnde. eNprossed confidence that there were elements In Ihe case into which the Yugoslav uov- ernment has not yet had time lo ! look. The nise Involves Ai'tluir lirnn- del, eoi respondent for the M'w York Times, and his wile, Mary Lester, United Press Correspondent. After Ihe U. n, note wn.s prepared. Ihe ViiROslav Bovennuent uminuiK'ed (hat the expulsion order did no; apply to Mrs. Urnndcl or lo Ihu Untied PITOS nnd expressed willingness lo let her remnin, Ittiwever, her visit wus not extended Ktul Rhe left with her husband^ Veieblt (old Cnnnon In one of his conversations lhat llrandel hnd ofiensively crlllelied cabinet members ami Ihivt. Vnuoslixvla particii- Inrly objected to an aliened Jlrandcl stoi'y which compared Mnrshul I Tito willt Ucnllo Mikisollnu J^BOOKLET/, ! EXPECTANT i MOTHERS i <«py of MAHRHAL »n4 KLWROHN CARE. ferlUn br An eiitittntfini i^cUlhl tor iipftla-il rmolfiffi *<i |M ni«L«rn', tut. 1,1 pig«i •! rdu'&lltml \n\. H Hh 79 Klui- rVj ti'",i' i'ui" t ' i«r *n **NHIi* »nl ratlhrri. CITY DRUG CO. Kil Williams, Drujslsl 101 K. Main SI. I'liunc FEMALE COMPUlUR Are 7ou troubled toy 61itr«M ot rcumle functional periodic dUturfr- anceR? Poea Ihls make you »uff*r from pntn, feel £0 tterpoiu, tired—at sucli tlai«$? Thi'ti BO try X*ydl»K, 1'lnklmin'o Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. Pink him'» hns a grand sopthlnu effect on one of woman s wait important ar During the .summer ol 1946 «B8.8!!> persons visited Grand Cnnyon natlonn] park in no'rtKeiii Arizona. ' ' ' EJefld Courier News Want Ads Impressive Trip Outlined for Pretty Southern Girl Named Maid of Cotton KV WILLIAM J. KOX [ill Ihe Maid of Cotton Contest her (United Press Staff Correspondent) i ixjpnlar 'career f!irl" tinininy MEMPHIS, Term.. Nov. f (UP)— |co«l'SC." Press agents cii cams are wondrous I Thins Out IJcbel Aci'eul to behold. Take the Maid, of Cotton The career course business will himt, for instance. | lake place during the two days im\Von!d you like lo fly to Paris? mediately preceding the finals, Jan. Visit London? Bask on the Riviera? 4 allti 5 - u ' s designed lo keep old See the British midlands? Sojourn in New York? Romp with bcnmiCul gills? Don't be silly. Who wouldn't? Well, those and nioro are the rewards for the jiretly little Southern beauty who is chosen as the 1948 Mniti "of Cotton. The Cotton .Maid contest is an man cotton's maid-to-be .from drowning in magnolias nnd irippini! over her "you-nll's." More formally, the advance blurb sniil. Candy's course will he "streamlined to suggest valuable tips relating to modelinf.', appearance and personality." Late]-, the Conovcr lair of Ins- annual affair which brines JDy and I clogs leers in New York gives the travel and elegant clothes Lo a winner a full-blown indoctrination \veet youn.i; Mis n i of the South- 1 in modeling tt'chniqiies for a series hind. And, jnst incidentally, a coxl- \ of all-cn'aon fashions *sho\vs in pie of mijions. Sponsored b>' the cotton exchanges ot Memphis. New York and New Orleans in conjunction with the National Cotton Council, the contest regularly pick.? the girl who serves as cotton's "good will amba-ssador." lt_is" open to all gh'ls born ui a cotton-producing state, unmarried, and between the ages of 19 and 25, inclusive. Closing date for entries is Dec. 1. Applications come front ! cotton. rbout 30 inaKfi cities across the nation The hii'ky yiviinsster like last, years winner. Soui.h'>vcstc:'n University .senior Hilma Seary of Memphis—spends a month in New Yo being prepped, primped. mod!ed. Viewed photographed, interviewed and onlfitted will! an exclusive line ol drcs^ and accessory models. You yuessed it the clothes arc made'of the Couon Council here. Thiit's where the press agent comes in. lie dreams up all the cute gimmicks which are supposed to put the. pictures of the competing lovelies on page one. The latest angle, for instance, is •thi! -fact that^"the*"nationally-famous Candy Jones, beautiful Harry Con- ovcr model who married the ho-.s. "personally will give all linalisLJ For ihe first lime, the 1943 niairt Marriage Licence* i'in^ couples oblniticrl mnrriaue licenses over the weekend in the ol lice of Miss Elixatelh I Hlythe, cinmly clerk: Henry Mill 1,0111: ana Miss Kiiiuo- line Modelhic Jernigan, both of Blytlieviilc. Wi:ilam Dol. c:hronister and Miss biuira M-ie Miller, both of Hayli. Mil, Walter U. Rowland, urt] city, Mo., and Miss Ruth V. Broim. ol Cape Oii-iirdeaii, Mo. Wiliiinn a. Parsley and Miss K.Uhlren Holsrlaw, intli of Manila. Earl Griflm and AIiss Cliiirlene Johnson, both of Blylheville. Russell Pierce, and Miss Pauline VanlamKir-ihaHi, both of Munlln. Eldnn Richard Richardson ol Little Rock, a,id Miss Mary Mnxinc Edwards of B.yihei'HIe. Charleston, Mis-s.. were Ihe week- ' tuier, was miest spenker at the end uuests of Mr. and Mrs. Jin ford Wilson Schooi. O:l. M. Mr. Kills, Imru Hoyles and family. J and rented In JIUK. mul with Win Mr. and Mrs- U. Chlsiii were, a Inrce colleellon of jrn ese rel- In Memiihls Pridiiy. > "•», which he showed to tho slu- Joseph Rills, lecturer nnd adven- denls, Read Conner News Want Ads. Riviera. The ultimate touch will come with her brush with the "internationally known Parisian coutow- icrs." (That's whBt the press agent callrd those lilglt clusu dress- malters.i They'll "receive her at their establishment.'; and create cotton cosUinies for her." - TiKU'.s what the man sal.d And all you have to rto Is be pretty, ui- ivill visit Er.Kl.ind. She'll go to Man- IcnU'd and Suulh'n lo . Chester, in ttie lieart of the English j cotton tvarfe. area. The British Cotton Hoard will plan her intincrary. mid she'll meet the lord mayor ot Manchester and other functionaries. Then it'll be Paris and other French cities and a jaunt to the from where I sit ...fy Joe Marsh Let's Look at the Record Whenever I want to ftnrt twit Vi-hnl's happening aU over Arttnn- BILB, I just look closely Rl the county i]ews[tajM;r8. There's very UtUu liifferoncis In coiinly hap- pcniriR.s nnd ncw«. Mont of them now are having their fairs ami livestock show.-*. They're hacking tlipir county scat football tenmi and electing their queens. Tlit' IH;\VH noliinmii »l%o fr*- qnmtly rcpnrt cuurt |»r(H'«*iNtln>;M \vfilcli reveal hdvv prnUlhlflnn In >vor];liijr—"f porli wjwt 1 *hmiU1 way how If fa NOT working—)• (he no-called Hrv ciHint^t*. Here I have a clipping from "dry" Columbia County, in *outh Arkansas and another from "dry" Polk County. In extreme wentern Arkansas. Tlie first h«AcllItie reads: "FIVE ARRESTED WITH WHISKTCY." Tho Bccoml «nya: "FINED $100, GIVRN JAIL SEN- TENCW ON LIQUOH CHAHGK. 11 From \vhon> I .nit, proltltiillon hill'I prohlhJUnic In llu^n I'o \\«*. Iristrjul, it's only iittdiMl to (ho l»w mrorct-nit-nl prohlcins. U- <'ctif«-<l retail b*H',r outlets, un (|i olher luiiul, are hiiliji'd to Mulo roKiilutlniK 'I'hry urn fn**|H'rtnl hy \nv\\\ iiltU'lMln. And they pay Hliiiti itm) I'K'nL fnvi-tt* Mnt lxx> tickers don't pay luxes. They jn*t pay small flnca —and cnnLUuio to ply their Illegal trade outside the law. ARKANSAS COMMITTEE, UNITED STATES BREWERS FOUNDATION HACO IOYD, STATE DIDECTO* ... 402 PYDAMID HOC,,'IITT1E KOCK, A>Kt The YOU SAW IT IN . . . AND HERE IT IS! HOTPOINT De Luxe Range Everybody's Pointing To HOTPOiKT A Few In Stock For Immediate Delivery • -A- With 11 great, postwar advancements, this brilliant new Hotpoint Automatic Range brings yon everything you'va wanted in electric cooking! New lifetime Ca'lrod' heating units start faster, cook more efficiently and—with a dual- service thrill-cooking unit—the surface capacity is increased 25 r t. New scaled-heat oven gives more oven space pins evenly distributed heat for belter cooking results. Improved broiler cooks steaks for 10 persons in 10 minutes. Hotpoint Ranges stay cleaner and arc easier lo clean. Areurnte automatic timer permits you to cook entire meals while vou nve away. See these great new features in Hotpoint. world's leading electric ranep. >Hcg. U. S. Pat. Off. AMERICA'S FINEST ELECTRIC RAHGE U n II r II H r tl II L Auto & Home Supply Store 419 Wesr Main Street Phone 828 A tie V>:P NaUonat Guard reciu'.U'.i; 1 , drive is in fvill swing. Thousands of young men are joining up in all the states, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. ' It's a "big Heal." Just think: a full day's Regular Army pay for two hours of Armory training each wcckl Fifteen days' pay lor the two weeks of summer field exercises! Expert instruction in technical skills! Sport* . . . recreation . . . social events . . . new friends! All this and much more is yours as a Guardsman. You'll serve your country, corn good money, win the admiration of your community. Don't hesitate. Get in now, and move up faster! Visit the Armory nearest your home for full details. THE GUARDSMAN'S PAY For •acK 2-haut •w«*kly Armory tr«talng p*ri«4i PLUS 15 rfayi' pay * af " *-•««** lMitm«r H*M *rwW longevity pay for each 3 y«ort «f j»r*¥r*»i mUrtorv |3.50 . 2.** . 1.00 . 1,1* . i ai . 4. SO . S.SQ >*l, wttb t*rvt«*. NOW HlOntl UNOfK NCW IAW- YOUMO MIN Of »7 ' [FT & COMPANY BLYTHEVILLE S T U D E B A K E R S S CHAMBL1N SALES CO. 5 "£) Sales * STUDEBAKER * Service D P iVITKN'TIO.N 1 , STUI>l:i)AKKK OWNKR8: f".. Drive by for a free cheek on your cllmatlzcr Heater trid f^ Defroster. He prepared for whiter. A K E R S T U D E B A K E RS A A uood selection of new and used trucks, Also, a number J^ of Into model used cars . . all guaranteed! j|^ Railroad and Ash Streets t* Lex t.'hiimhliii Diiil 2195 Hill Chumblin T3J BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH - Phone 3151 FARM £3 LOANS Huin« Olticc, Newark, N. J. LONC TERM FKOMPT CLO11NO LOW KATK CALL, \VKtTK OH SKF. RAY WORTHINGTON \\\ S. Tlllril SI., HlyDievillc. Ark. Snrvllll! Tills S-rllnn 2S Vrilin Aiulirtrlzi'tl Mortuima Loan Solicitor tor . - THK PKUDF.NTUI. INSUKANCK COMPANY OF AMERICA • 11} "DiuUly, I've a surprise I'ov you I . . . You.wcre rigltt when you s;iid we ouK'it to have our brakes rolined ut SK AY RIOTOUS!" '/ General Contractors DIRT FOR SALE Phone 517 CAN WATER AID ARTriRITlS? The aid thousands have received from Mountain Valley Mineral Water Is proof that this delicious water dom Hot Springs. Arkansas. Is » natural help in Arthritis. Do lliis — drink six to eight glasses a day for the next few weeks, nnd judge for yourself the real value of Mountain Valley— the famous mineral water from America's most pf>P"!»* health vesoit. Free he.illh booklet on request CROSSTOWH WHISKIY SHO> . /ut.

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