Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 21, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1895
Page 2
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PP|app|ppipjp^^ -She Worked Too Hard. How a Young Girl Was Broken Down. Should Xot Have Been Allowed to Thus Injure Herself. But «!' Uour.se- the Best Thing Done l/iKli-r tlie Circumstances. Perhaps you think you are not working too hurr!, but if you feel weak nervous, tin-d, fretful, if you have dnll-f'-oliufr Ix-ttd, .-leeplessucsp, arc easily ;.cUsHirbi-d or exuin-J, you art. over-taxing yotir IH.TVD .strength. They arc s-ure syinproti-s of exhausted nt.'rvt- powt-r. Otln-r symptom* soon folio v/, such as (li/./.iufHs, i.rt-mblii)^, . poor bloc.il i.fid col.' exfrcini i !«.-*. They l^td Co prostrur.ion, panihsi", insanity or pnMii.itiir« d<-nrh. Miss Bland;,; At-vood. of Srowc, Vr.., ff" 1 into just this condition. H.-r mothur, MM. S. Cf. Aiwooil, wi-itea as follows about her wouili.-rt'ul oure: "About H yeara^'o, 111 Y daiiRhter, Blu-ticlie, from ulose iiupiic^C oil to study, beca.ui« worn out. ll.-r.head was all- corit.u-tt.-d.- and tit timc-s bh« was almost era/.y. Sho was terribly nervous and did not sleep well at till. "She was i" a frightful condition, and we worriKl constantly about her. We "«ro oblixt'd to take h- r from school, for s^io WHS not able to attend. Sho was completely used up and good for nothing. 11LANC11K ATWOOD. '•A fduud who had been cured by Dr. SreeuM's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, iidvis^d us to try if. She commenced usius it Jtnd almos-t iinmedidtely ( beKan to improve. Her nerves grew strong, the »'ept -well and her head became clear. The -medicine benefited her general health aUo, an she was much better and stronst'i 1 than before. I recommend Dr. Greene's Nei-vura blood and nerve remedy to everybody. If you have overworked, in any way and weakened your nerves', or Injured your hralth, you can (?et well by taking this wonderful medi- ciue. There aro thousands of people who are in just this condition. Thoy are not sick with any particular disease, but they are out of order, have weak nerves and tired bodies. They do not eat or sl«ep well, wake tired morning)', have lost, their snap and energy, and work becomes an effort. Buuli" people need Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy. It gives health and strength. It .should by all moans, be used at this season, (or it is the best of all spring medicines. It is not a patent uiedi'ime, but the prescription of the most successful living specialist in curin^nervous and chronic diseases. Dr. Greene, of 35 West 1-ltIi St. New York City. He has the largest praatioe in the world, and his tri-and medical discovery ia the rosul't of his vast experience. The great reputation of Dr. Greene is a ^ii.irantoe that his medicine will cur-" aarl the fact that he can be consulted by anyone, »t any tim-, free of oharce, personally or by letter, ijivtis absolute ns<uranc« of the ben":if.ial acton of this wonderful STREET CAB COMPANY ROBBED. Properly XsUen From «lie C«r Stables FoaHd ml a Local JunK Shop. JoeMeNaryof the street railway compacyyeeterday afternoon succeeded I oQadlnK and recoverinp four brass boxes or coverings for the motors of bis street cars that had been taken from the car shed several days ago. The boxes are of brass and are valued at f5 each. Ihey were found at the establishment of a local j"°k dealer, who purchased them as old brass from a co ored mao, whose name be war unable to Rive. From the description given, however, Mr. McSiry his DO doubt as to the identity of the guilty man, end proposes to make him tick of his burgaln. I'hera nro otbtrs of the bnu-? motor bexes ntill mlsdioa. Tne ihKft was discovered ycsierday wbun un extra motur was needed and war foucd roinun the box. YOUU NAME LN 1'Hl.NT. IteuiM i.r u S'lTHOiisl Chi.i"i<-<<j- Coa- cerniuK Lu;:«iiiMi>or«iT«aiJ<l Tht'lr ' - CTriuiidri. in the city yesterday: Juy Cook Of Peru. A. M. Miller of Elwood. S. L, Toner of Kewanna. K. Garrldon of Converse. Thomaa Cory of Webash. Ira Bordoer of Brookston. A. M. Thomas cf Winamae. C. K. Crare of Crawfordsvlllo. Dr. J. D, MoCann of Monticello. GoorgoT. Tbayer, jr., of Plymouth. The Rov, A. M. Chamberlain ol Crawfordsville. frietds In Sydney. N. S. TV., tias a gmnc ooxcr jmroc-.l K-tor Felix. w!io is voported to DC a cnmiii!,- mnn. He Is C feet 4 Inches In heltfit nnil wclfrlis In the neiphbor- hooil of. -00 pounds. Recently hp defeated Dan Kceloy oC Victoria In twelve rounds. Hu-li r.ohan. Grlfto's manasror, sajs that th<- yoimsr Austrtillan's inability to hit linrd "with the gloves is clue to the fact that IIP cannot close his hand when it Is "-lovod. Uchan adds that Grifl'o's forte "is f.dUlng- with bare knuckles. ' find ho offers to back his protcsre arain<it any man in the world at this stylo of tlKhtlntr for $10,000. Joe MeAultffe, the ".Mission Boy. is still inclined to think that he is being unjustly treated by several of the heavy weights. He says .he would like to hear from Jake KilnUn regarding their match, which is supposed to take place In the near '-ature. P ECULIAR in combination, proportion aad preparation of ingredients, Hood's Sarsaparilia possesses great value. You should ''PY IT. Dan Gorman is vieitlog Chicago. C. H- Crane of Chicago Is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Joe McJSary. G. P. Dykeman and wife came in last night from Wilder, lad. John Wilson of Danville, Ills., la visiting Jeff Billey in the city. Joseph Mandel has just returned from a business trip to Chicago. Prof- G W. Michaels will return to his homo in Delaware, 0., today. Mrs. Uhl Xaft of Richmond IB visit- Ing her parents on the West Side. Owen McDovltt of Indianapolis was & guest of Pete Brockmnn yesterday. Tho famous Ole Oisen was a guea of E F. Keller fora few hours yesterday. Will Boorger and Joe Messloger will attend the fox hunt at Lucerne today. Mr. and Mrs. W. B Westlake of Marlon were here yesterday on tbt way home from Chicago. A dispatch from Loganapoi-t to a Chicago paper/Bays tbat Judge D. B McDonnell of the circuit court will resign March Slst. C. FJeher and wife of Sycamore street were yesterday summoned to Lafayette, O., by the serious illness o' Mr Fisher's mother. H A. Tnomas.agroser of the North Side, was thrown from abufgy agains a tree Tuesday afternoon, but luckily he escaped serious Injuries. Misses Margaret Swlgart and Mayme Stanley will attend a muslca entertainment to be given by the Ama teur Mualcalo at Paru Friday night. They return Saturday. Attorneys from Logannport argued tho case of the P., C. & St. L . agaloa Sullivan in tho Supreme Court yeeter day. Sullivan was awarded damage by the lower court for alleged Icjurie received. Tho msmbars of the Broadway M. E congregation turned out well to the social last night at the residence o Mrs. I. N. Crawford. W. 0. Washburn was an honored guesi.and tots method was taken to introduce him to the con gregattoo. Atl-utlon. J.os*n JMv 20. V. H. K. P You are ordered to be a. armory to olgDt at 7:30 for adjourned meeiint and inspection aad installation. GEOKGE A. SCHAEFEK Capt. Borer—Co 11 sdon. The wedding of Arthur S. Boyer am Miss Sadie Coogclor. occurred las night at tha residence of tho bride' mother. A few friends wcra present DELIGflTEWOMEf Or Debilitated Women Should Use J Tonic properties, rrii n| c~ S ;vnd exerts n won- r |_ HI MI [_ tderfuliufluencoin ' j tonin? up anil R&GUkflTOR, I System b\- driving tlroucb the prop«r| ? channel all impurities. Healtt imdstrengtfc, S are guaranteed to result from its use, , . b<K!rf.!drn for elshWMH To You The Most Important Matter demanding- attention ot this cea?on is the condition of your blood. Your health depends upon it, for as the quality and quantity of the blood van-, von arc better or ^vorse. The" blood conveys ail the elements Well "0 to make up t'.ie organs, nerves and tissues of Uiy body, and carries awav a!l dissolved, useless material. Every bone, muscle, nerve and tissue, lives upon what the blood feeds to it. The whole ivorld knows that Hood's Sarsaparilia is the standard remedy for making pure blood. _ It possesses merit peculiar to itself and by which it effect- i.mrvelous cures "'.iven when other ]••--^rations fail. When you buy your s; : iujf medicine get f.hc best, and thai - . }5. T;iUfi Hooi^saiidonjyJIoorVs. 77 ~, X. i « easy to buy. e"y to take, KOCCl'S PlhS e .t s y in eaect. 2D". Ti'rnir. for Jinhljt-rs. , la., Man:]! id.— Judge jlindman Wednesday morning- sentenced Frederick \V. Alonso and Ernest Kunha.ni toliftccn years in the Anamosii penitentiary and Thomas P.ooth to twelve years for the robberies committed and attempted in .Morgan and Oakland townships, in this eouuty, last January. __ _ __ ._ _____ >-<,.<rrrss l.yiirlii'tl In -IVmi^siM'. YKTTKvri.i-K. Tenn., March 20.— News has reached here that Harriet TaLiey (colored) was hanged night before last liy a mob near Petersburg. She was suspected of burning the dwelling of Mr. Baylor Marshall, uear hci-o, a lew months ago, hence her untimely duat-.li. rcorhi, III., HUM !l nl « l ' lr<! ' iii.v, 111., March 1!0.— A loss^of over 8100,000 was caused by a fire that broke out at daybreak Wednesday morning in the Dewein building. The building was an oflice buildkigand was occupied by various firms, most of which were heavy sufferers. All were fullv insured. _ _ THE MARKETS. Grain. IVovlntons, J£to. CHICAGO. March '10 FLOUR— Quiet nnd steady. Quotations ratiga aa follows: \Vinlor - Patents., {2.30®* K>\ BCrul-tils, *!. 353-.50: clears, $i!5®S.30: sec- ends H.'JOjiOO; low srudos, $1.00^1.85. Spring — Patents. $3.00:23.50; slniie&ts,; bakers'. Sl.8JSicJ.S5; :ow prudes. $1.75@1.80; Bed Doft, *l.K>.*1.75; IvJ'O, $2.303i50. VVIIFAT — MoJemtoly active and unsettled. Casli, MM®55«c; May, 55;;3»<!Mc; July, 5D« ©STMc. Coux— Moderately active aad 11 rm. No. 2 and rfo. 3 Yullow, 4Ua; No. a, 4-1/.C, and l?o. 3 Yellow, -tfc; May, -17)4 a»4T;;o; July, ^OJsJiiJ •I'Xic; September. 47@-l";-ic. OATS— firmer, wlthmoderito trailing. !No. '., »9o- Muv, 39ai®L 1 SJ£o; July. -'StfaffliSe. Samples steady. No. 3, 20«;*30o: No. 3 White, SlKiafciMe: No. -', 2iiMSii9-^c; No. 2 White, 3^ RVE-QuIot; ratlxor less demand. No.' 2 In store, SJ'.Jc; sample lois, M:v5-li/<c: outside choice; No. s, about JS^r.Oc: May delivery, 53o jiA'iLFV— Ir. only moderate supply; quiet and oas.y. No. i. 5Uu,52o; No. 3, 5J@Wi: for fair 10 cubico. and No. 2, bV&ate. MESS I'OHK— TridlnK was qulto ac'.lvo and prices lower. Quotations niajjeJ at Sll..»a 11.00 for cash regular: 3lt451i!l!.55 for Marck, and. il l.'v&l l."i) for Kay. . . LV.UU— Bather quiet and lower. Quotation?) ran'-cd -it .56 03(jjC.Gr',i for cash; SB. Kiaa l>7K for March: ftiTiiWiUJ/Ta for May, and 4C.8T«St!.UO -rur pound: Turkeys. sis} lie; -Jo; Ducks, 9@ltc; Geese, per for seller July. LIVB 1-V CUlckcns, (lO/CHi >^OfSti-03. jioTTKil—Creamery. J03IO;; dairy, CJJlTo: Pack-luK Stock, !>itl3c, Lio.uo.us—Wlilsky ciuoteil steady at $1.20 porcallou for higliwiiics. N'Eff YOKK, March 20. FLOUR—State accl western quiet, steady. WHEAT—Receipts 40,000 bushels, sales 2.203,000 No. :! red fairly ticilvo. May. (!l@i!l 7-Uc; July, ol!-a-3<il fl- 10c; August, Gift®!!! 13-10o; September. aiKu.6'5*<i: December, HiX@He. COBS—So -. stronor. moderately active. Muy,51?;<aM>iC: July, 50Jj®51?io; September, OATS—No. 2, dull. flrm. May. 33<$@33Jio; Stuto. 3T©4lc: western, 34£4lo. BEEF—Quiet uric. Extra mess, $7.50®8.£j; family, {9.75*12.00. POBK—Qulot, steady. Jloss, 813.00313.50. LAKD—Qutet. Steam' rendered, $6,95. BUTTER—Best creamery firm and fairly active; western dairy, 8®12>4e; do, creamery, now, ll®2Jo:Uo., old, 8«@14c; do. factory. 03 IvC- Elffina, 20c; ImltuUon crearacry, 9,&13^ic; roll's, 781120. CHEESE—Fancy, tlrm; fulr demund: state, larpe, 8&ll!4c; do. fancy colored, ll&c; do. white, He; do,, small. 3©I-c. ECGS—Fair demnnd: steady; western, I2H 1.1 va Stock. CHICAGO. March '-0 Hoes—Market ratiior acilvoi clioiee heavy lots flrm and prices 5c fclgher. Other pcr:ides without, material chunse. Bales ranged at S3.4034.-iU tor Picsv J4.30&4.GO for HKbl: $4.25^4.40 for roa«h iiackiair: S4.30S-1.05 for mixed, ami S4.454i-i.80 for heavy pacfcinj; and sblpptutr lots. CATTLE—Market active and feeling rattier firm. Prices ruled lOu-iic liijrher. Quotutioaa ranged at J5.70 tG-^i for choice to extra bhip- pins steers; tb.UK^.CO for pood to r.boice do.; S-l.tiO'i4.&j f07 fair toKOoJ:$4.00@rl.55 for common "to medium do.: J3.8u.i,,Q,i:.u for Bu:cn- ers' Steers; &2.6J;4;i,GO 'or ritoclters: J3.50.J 4.4U for Feeders: Jl.5aS3.3i for Cows: $3.00 fa4 :0 for Hcifors; &100J54.73 for Bulls: S3.uO.ii 4.'»for Texas Steers, and $.±50^550 for VeiU Calves. ifciTvit 'for'two months, la getting well.-* J J, JL JOHSSOS. Milvern. Arfc Sou or »" »">ts*"* «t $!.«> pw <»tilf- BRADKIELH HEGCLATOB CO.. Atlnnt»,G« Large Profits Await Investors From which ali msy learn how to Speculate with asfiirai.-ce o success. Mailed fr< e cu ap p icat.ion to any address. TJare opronu' ItHs «c!st on TOul ' t for the Dlscrcn Specuiiitor. am) th'f IltL'ppiin- TV!!- h-'W 10 K-ke aovantaae or Oar P.-imonletN Ktid Dsl-'y Slnrk3t Letter contain full Info, niatio- »1 out tl-f Ma'Sec 'or-tofK Bonds, lirain. fjovlslons- and C-it n. we bu. auJ sell fcr ••' sh. rr < n a S 'o 5 pt-r cent n argln. COMMISSION, 1-16 PERCENT. Writ? us anrt Leam. Hlfibesl Referfnc", (Established 1S-SO (Incorp rated 1S92.) Consolidated Stock-i Produce Co 50 >"ew, and 52 Eioad St.; -Sew Tort CURRENT EVENTS. Mike McDonald was burned to death in a fire which destroyed the Ing-ram house at Oranjre, Tex. The Illinois imd Miehifran canal will . be opened for navigation from Chicag-o to La Salle on Monday, April 1. German manufacturers have formed a commission to invade America and . fight for a. larfrer share of trade. Dispatches from Quito state that tho , insurrection in Ecuador has been suppressed and the leaders arrested. Jinnes M. Ashley, Jr.. of Toledo, 0., is a candidate for the United States senate to succeed Calvin S. Urice. Vice President Stevenson, with his family, will leave April 10 for Europe, where they will spend tlie summer. The St. Paul road will build docks at j Sturjreon Hay City, Wis., and establish . a line ot'car ferries with the east shore, j Cabinet oilitials believe that ^ the j United States should protect Vene- j i-.ueUi from oppression by foreign couu- j tries. A receiver lias been appointed for j the bony; Island Traction company, controlling slivet railvvay lines iu Krooldyn. N. Y. Conlirniation has been received of tho reported sinldny ol the American schooner Irene: by the Spanish warship [ut'anta Isabella. •John Oarffiis and his wife, of Knllalo Island, Ark!, were killed while asleep by robbers, their baby lying: between them bcius uninjured. Five inches of snow fell at Kansas Jity, Mo., with heavy rains thrnu-h Kansas' resulting '« cutting off all ileffraphic comuiunication. Ken and Allen I'l-inffle and James JJritton had a hostile meeting- near Kewaunee, Miss. Tlie brothers were killed and Uritton fatally wounded. While- attempting to make an arrest at Ci-oton, In., Town Marshal Strope was shot iu the back of the head with a shotgun by Joe Milen, who escaped. Thel-'airbanks. Morse & Co.'s works at Beloit. \Vis., which have been rim- nin."- eif;'ht hours a day since the strike, willVcsiiinc ten honrs a, day at the old wayes. I'iece work- will be done as much as possible. Ocnevievp Howard, aged 50 years, a former well-known actress, died in a Philadelphia hospital, of injuries received by falling downstairs at her lodging-house in that city February 2.1. Jvo one has come forward to claim her body, and it may be taken, to the potter's field. WINDOW GLASS TRUST. Combination to KegnlHte I'rlcen and W>iec» of the Workmen. PITTSUUKOII, Pa., March 30.—The com- Wnation of tho window glass interests of this country is now an assured fact. At a meeting of manufacturers in this city Tuesday the National Association of Window Glass Manufacturers was formed, which is • designed to regulate the production, the price of the product and the wages of the workmen. The capital represented in the association is estimated at 825,000,000 and the aggregate yearly output at from 0,000,000 to 7.000,000 boxes. A Lri'tuctivo Slioc. • DENVER. Col., March 20.—Pat Growe, the famous train robbcx- and diamond thief, has shot and fatally wounded Detective Al Moore, lie made his escape. Kfd I)il|M-<i' l»y"TTaI" 1>S. CoT.onsus, Ind-. March 20.—Kennedy Stewart, a boy M years old, returned to his home in toll is city Tuesday after an absence of two years. He says he was kidnaped by tramps, who made him beg for them. After traveling through the western and southern states he at length escaped in Mexico, and then worked his way back home. Another Spunluli Ship Said to Bo Lost. LONDON, March 20.—A dispatch from Seville says the Spanish steamer Carpio, which sailed hence for that port on February 27, is supposed to have been lost ia the recent heavy gales. It is believed that all. her crew have perished. Three Day*' isaitie in' rcru. BAREASCO. Peru, March 20. — The rebels and government forces have been engaged in battle in Lima for three days. The attack by the rebels began about 4 o'clock Sunday morning. The rebels'were commanded by their chief, Pierola, assisted by Durand. Ore and others. Ireland'* Hill Advanced. LONIiOX. March 20.— The municipal franchise bill for Ireland passed its second reading Wednesday in the house of commons and was referred without a division. >'oveltj' Work* Aralgn. BAH.NKSYILLR. 0., March 20. — The Buckeye Advertising company, one of the largest novelty works in the state, has gone into the hands oi_ a receiver. jiopu'ior 'uuicic jjpinnsp. ST. PAUL, Minn., March 20.— At a meeting of tlie board of .directors of the Walter A. Wood harvester works it was decided to take immediate steps toward releasing the company's property from the control of the receivers who were appointed Tuesday. It was thought that this can be accomplished in ninety days. LONDON. March 20.—The Yorkshire Post announces tho death at Mentone Tuesday of the duchess of Lumstur.the Botcd beauty. —Ton"-s were said to have been m- ' vented in China. J3. C. 1122, but representations of them have been found oa the Egyptian monuments, B. C. 2200. In India they are claimed as in usa n since B. C. 000. and their principal em ployment in that country, where fires during the most of the year are superfluous, was to facilitate the handl.ng of dead bodies in the funeral pyres. Seventy pairs of tongs, some bronze, some iron, have been taken from the ruins of Pompeii. 'GETTING RID OF PESTS. Reelp« Thnt Will b« Welcomed by K»»ry Anxiooi Housekeeper. TTiere are few housekeepers who have not wakened some morning to find the bouse alive with ants. Corrosive sublimate is one of tho quickest poisons known, and for that reason is efficacious. The proportion should be about one part corrosivo sublimate to 100 parts of water, which makes it very strong. This, used as a wash, is nearly always effective for tho time being, but other measures are necessary for a complete riddance. Ants usually appear in the pantry or cellar-way, aiid invade everything they find. Sugar, flour, etc., so affected should be scalded with plenty of hot water, to kill those already there. Then everything should bo removed from the shelves and scaldiug water poured over. Corrosive sublimate solution may then be poured around, ami when tho shelves are dry, blow with a powder bellows rod pepper in every crack and crevice. It is unlikely they will ever return. Rats ami mice are more dif.icult to deal with. Poison is or.t of the question in the summer, for tlu\v always choose a place in the hoi--.se ;o die. Trans fail to ensnare them. The only "plan to drive them away abso- ntely, is to get a quantity of potash, nit it in the sun till it bocomes soft, •uid then, with a stick, smear every jlo that can be found. Sooner than walk through this a rat vill change his abode. From a druggist who 'sells glass get all the pieces ,'hey throw away, pound fine nud throw n the holes. Being sharp it will cut their feet. This combination, potash, and glass, is a never-failing cure. •Roaches are among the most persistent pests that invade a house. Get equal parts of par is green and borax, and, at night, set around their haunts n old dishes. They will die away like magic. Some- tiinc-s" they are found in desks, especially in "offices. This preparation scattered freely under the bottom paper will rid the drawers of them. It is almost impossible to get rid of bugs in a soft wood bed. Better burn the bed up in the beginning. It is generally true that tho baby's crib is the oiVending member, being made of softer wood. Then nil the beds in the house should be given n. turpentine bath, pouring it into all the cracks and crevices. The spring should have an extra good dose, and the edges of the mattress, bolster and pillows soaked. A pint to a bad is the average allowance. This will kill all bugs it reaches. Blow insect powder all over the bed spring and mattress; examine the bed every day, repeating this treatment twice a week for a month. Next varnish the wood work. This will close up all little cracks where they could have hidden, and not only keep thorn out, but prevent others from getting in. The base boards rmd other paint should also be looked to, turpentined, and, if thought necessary, varnished. Such treatment will destroy them m short order. Willow cribs and rockers need attention,particularly during warm weather. Tlie remedy for'these is scalding water, an application of corrosive sublimate- solution and a coat of varnish, which had better be left to a furniture dealer to administer.— Boston Globe. KINGS AND HAWKS. Monr.rclm of Old who Hunted With the Mini*. Richard I., when in the Holy Land, amused himself with hawking on tlie Plain of Sharon, and is said to have presented sonic of these birds to the sultan. Later on, while passing through Dalmatia, he carried oil a falcon° which he saw in one of the villages, and refused to give it up. He was attacked so furiously by the justly incensed villagers th.it it was with tbo utmost difficulty that he managed to make his escape. t King John used to send both to Ireland and to Norway for his hawks. AVc are told by Froissart that when Edward II I. invaded France lie had thirty falcons, and every day either hunted or went to the river for the purpose ol hawking. Henry VII. imported goshawks from France, givingfour pounds for a single bird—a much greater sum in those days than at present- Henry VIII. whilst hawking at Hitchin waa leaping a dyke, when the pole broke, and the king was immersed head iirst into the mud, and would have perished, in all probability, had not his falconer dragged him out. EUxabeth and James I. were much interested in the sport: tho latter sovereign, indeed, expended considerable sums on its maintenance. Aubrey, in his Miscellanies, says: "When I was a freshman at Oxford, I was wont to go 'to Christ church to sec Charles I. at supper, where I once heard him say that as he was hawking in Scotland he rode into the quarry, and there found the covey of partridges faUing upon the hawk, and I remember his cxpres- s'on further, 'And I will swear upon the Book 'tis true. 1 "—Chambers 1 Jour- -Svmpatliy is that within us -.vhicb enables us to look at our neighbors a: our other self. -Youn-r Men's Era. Wh«-n'J»«Ch-il .I:«MM -f Uie llnrnlns Han"llke:i;):i:iov»rtu-3Sirt t CA of tb« earth. It will hi- well for r<rab<*>re ventanns imo tb^raw vnp.irous a'r, chJir^ea. pernat.s, with the «*«Js or D-alarmorprovociittve ot rnenmatic twin:'«. to takea«;n*«las.vlul of Ho t«i*r',s Stoma«li El.ren: an p thnswalcld voursclf from aimospherlc lnflaenc.es tare.wnlnir to Siealth Ifjuo happen to«*t.*noit«J, Oceted or ralnea won, use the saro- preventive, tnd avoid ihe rhenmatt«m or n dan^ro.sco'd. Th-aar^tab^ warmth Infused into the drcolatlon by this eralal atomachlc. JK InfRoraUn-iand rf^nlatlne pro,»rtles commend tt-:il appreclntfwol the fact that prevention Is teortihai.eurf. Usethe Blrt«r» {or dvspepsl^. DlliousooM, cerroosnesf and tldzer trouble, sick headache and deblUtr. KNOWLEDGE iirincs comfort and improvement and -•"ids "to personal euj"vment when •subtly used. The many, who live bet- *<r tlrin othersanJ enjoy life more, \vith -sa expen<H:u.re, l^ more promptly -',i-ptiii" the world's test products to ht> neoiis of ph'-sical being, will attest. ho valuo iu U-alth of tlie pure_ liquid jxative principles embraced m uw • -Mieuv. Syrup ol Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting • iK- font most .-u-copt;ib!e and pleas- Jit to tlie taste, the refreshing and truly •viieficial properties of a perfect, lux- iti've- efteauallv cleansing the system, tUpei'li-asr cM*' iu-.idr.elies and fever* ,-•!' pc-r'u.ini'ntlv ctiriiijr constipation. .', h4"iven satisfucuoirto millions and net' Tith .4ho approval of 'lie uiedieai ^.Cession because it acts on the Kio,«-v-"Liver and Bowels wjihout weak- •liiiJ- them and it is perfectly free ironi .v.-rv obieci.wnaMa substance. Svrup of Fi-'s is tor sale by all dnig- .,-0.; in fide nv.l' S) bottles, but it is ir.au- ,HCtured by tlie California Fig fcyrup A .i onlv, whose name is printed on every «Lekac'p, also the name, Sy.iip of Figs, , *"'. * i :.. r .. i-.,-l »T,-VVI i»t i ] ] n/%*! ., -..,, informed, you wdl j-xt-.pt any suhstitutc If oflsiw"- PAP CALENDAR $ Por * » « ! ', 1895! A Desk Calendar is a necessity — most convenient kind of storehouse (or memoranda. The Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest and handsomest O f a n—[ u il of dainty silhouettes and pen sketches and cnterlaininfr thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you of the superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and of your need of one. You won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-ccnt stamps. Address Calendar Department, POPE MFC. CO., Mention thli pijKr. Hertford, Conn. IMllH, Tlit-Ir Un> «ni) Almsc. Pills are \>y far the best cathartic to use, but you must not abuse their UBO by baokually depending en them for dally stools. If you will use llnehari'B fills you will Qnd ihc-m[to •osulatc the bowela apd afford repular nd free dally stools, by an occasional ose of onf plU Sold by B. F. Kees- ln<? and Keystone druc store. Children Cry for Pitcher's C-9«">rla. If you leek strenf th, with no tlto, takeRlnehart'sPlllB. Sold by B. F. Keealing and Keyrtone druff store. Children Cry for Prtcher's Castoria. Fale Llpx «d Flmhed Cueekn Arc a sure sign, ot etuouch worm* In e-hlldren, and if not removed the ejrop. tomsare more alarming by frightful dreams, nervousness and spasms. The best remedy to use is Rinebarv'e Worm Lozeoges. They always remove all kinds o! woircs and the worm nest. Sold by B. F. Keealing and Keystone drugstore. Tbef. si* <ves a Child. EM cncd f or Costflrt*. /ben «ne rjccajiie Miss, ste cionR W Castortfc ytxo «ae oad Cmioren, sue g«ve t If your child baa pale lips or Is fretful, give Rlnehart'* Worm Lozen.-. ? BJ. Sold by B. F. K-sesling and Keysione drug *'"'*>•_ Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. TandKlia Line Excnrwion*. On April 2 and 80. 1895. home seeker's excursion tickets will ,-|^ on sale at very cheap rt^J to various points in tbe SoulB,: i and Southwest. For rates, limit stop- . • over privilges, etc., apply to ' J. C. EDGEWOBTS, Afft, Logansport, Ind.

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