The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on May 1, 1884 · 3
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 3

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1884
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THE DAILY EXAMIKER, SAN FEANCISCO: THURSDAY MORNING, MAY 1, 1884 ,m EITEA SESSIOE 'The Brooks Amendment . to Barry Bill Adopted. the 'Dissatisfaction of Anti-Monopoly Senators. J)l3Cus3lon In the Assembly on tie Exemption of Fruit Trees anl Vines front Taxation. t?t)ial to th Examiner.! Sacramesto, April 30. The deep calm that follows the forensic as well as the ele- ' mental storm settled on the Capitol to-day. . The spirit of peace spread its wings over both branches of the Legislature when the gavel of the Speaker in the Assembly ana of the President in the Senate announced . that another day of deliberation full of import to the political future of the State had .begun. In the Assembly the scene was al-' most lonely, there being absent many of ; the legislators who yesterday could not be "divorced from their desks for a fortune. In the Senate the session began with equal lack of enthusiasm; but as the consideration of the Barry bill proceeded the interest revived, and before the hour of recess arrived the brooding spirit of Jeacehad fled for the day. The railroaders are much 'concerned over the caucus of Democratic Senators yesterday, which resulted in the pledging of twenty Senators to assist in every way the proposed legislation to control the railroad corporations. It was expected that when Cross of Nevada, who is the spokesman of the so-called "conservative Democrats," would bolt from the caucus, at least twelve, or possibly tureen, Senators would follow li im. Much to the DISMAY OF THE BOLTERS, They found themselves on quitting the .meeting-room a mere pitiful handful of eight members a minority which cannot have the temerity to assert that it voices anything but interests hostile to those of the party that elected them. Had the faithful Senators been in the minority, or had the caucus only diawn together sixteen Senators, 80 that it could be claimed that the party was divided, there would have . been much gratification among the railroaders. As it is, however, twenty Democratic Senator, representing the best intelligence, the most undoubted in-tegritvand the most unswerving earnestness of the Senatorial boiy, have pledged themselves to a course of action best calculated to satisfy the public demands for reform. A minority oi twelve Senators, some of whom have so far not done overmuch to commend the implicit conlidence of their constituents, will have hard work to convince the public -.that their refusal to follow the maior-.ity was based on pure considerations of patriotism or a conscientious regard for their oaths of office. If it had happened that the majority who remained in caucus and pledged themselves to popular legislation had been composed of men notoriously unfaithful to the trust reposed in them the acts of the bolters might be explicable. As it is, however, there can be no-other explanation o the conduct of any Senator who refuses to vote with the majority of his party than that he does not desire to do his duty, nr is nipntallv ineomDetent to decide what that duty is. Already the bolters who have any consciences capable of being quickened realize the UNPLEASANT PREDICAMENT In which their conduct ha3 placed them. It is very doubtful if even those who have long since been regarded as lost to every eense of shame can stand the frightful Bressure of public opinion and the load of obloquy that must follow a persistent pursuit of the crooked course which taey have marked out for themselves. There are few men who care to be read out of their party, and still fewer who can calmly, in addition to their partisan degra elation, see themselves branded through nut the bind aa derelict in thoir duty, unfaithful to their oaths and unworthy of anythine but the con' tempt of all fair-minded citizens. No one realises this fact better than the rail roaders, and tney therefore regard with aimrehension the organization of a deter mined majority of twenty Senators, who have the fullest public confidence. The ouestion nresents itself with telUne force. What Democratic Senator stands so high in the public esteem that he can diner with thia tnaioritv and vote atrahist laws that have the popular approval! Not only does the organization threaten to de prive the railroaders of Democratic influence, bnt it is calculated to draw to the support of popular legislation the honest Republican Senators who owe to the monopoly no debt of gratitude for their election. It remains to be seen how long the minority of twelve Democratic Sen ators can aliord to vote with a Republican minority, ostensibly actuated by no higher motives than the advancement of railroad power and the dis- inttsrxaiion of the Democratic party, The ailiance of the minority of Democratic Senators and the handful of rtepuollran railriiaileri is a most nnholv one and can not last. The strong party composed of the twenty fai hful -representatives will retain the popular approval, and when they make the record it will be a dark day for the Democratic Senator who shall be found voting against the people and with a huntful o i;cpubikaaa whose highest aim is to sow dissension and subvert the best principles of a truly Democratic Government. It is more than likely, however, thai.' beiure that hour shall have arrived the Democratic minority, or a portion of it sutiiciciit to insure the passage of flieii;nt laws, will reconsider its course and allay the popular indignation by casting its fortunes vkith the iriends of ho-cist and Just government and the advocates of the j-roper restriction of railroad monoi olies. THE BARKY BILL. The Senate to-do y took up Section lof the :ar; y bill, which Is s follows : Secti ai. No railroad corporation organized under the laws of this State is permitted to accept any charter or corporate franchise from any other Government, Slate, or sovereignity: and no corporation organird under the laws of any other Government, State, or sovereignty is per-rnittei to operate any railroad or carry bv rail within this Stato. Brooks moved to aim-nd by striking out all after the figure " 1," on line one, and insert, in lieu thereof, the following: "No corporation organised under the dws of eny other Government. State, or sover eignty shall be permitted to operate any railroad or carry by rail within thii State on more favorable conditions tnan are prescribed bylaw to similar corporations crganued under the laws oi this Mate. SPEECH OF SENATOR SPEXCEK. Dcnni3 Spencer of Napa delivered one cf th most eloquent Epeochcs of the session in TiVvuFot the section without amendment. XUo effort of the gifted Senator from Xapa was fully up to the high stand-, rrdhicahis previous sneeches this session have led the pnblic to expect of him. lie said that Section 4 of the bill was founded injustice andreison; that it bad for its main object to put all foreign railroad corporations doing business in this State uron the fame footing as domestic corporations. The Constitution of the State of California provides Section 15, Aiticle Xlii that a corporation organized outside of this Mate nuall not be allowed to do b jsiness in it on more favorable conditions t"ian cnriiorations organized within the feti te. Tltis, sir, is designed to give full .effect to that provision, li' a corporation is organised outside of this State and simply permitted to do business in the State the foreign corporation end the domestic corporation are not upon the same footing; they do not do business on the same conditions. A corporation must have a residence; it cannot migrate; it musr dwell in its place of creation. Their charters are tao loins of their existence and are not taken wherever they go. 1'hev rfsitie at home, but Bhnoljr do busi ness abroad. This being so, what authority has thU State to forfeit their charters for anv o;ienaei 'learl none. Again, this -rsrn!iis3 ocirea non-resident, what riiiht l as this State to tax the franchise? This is a question of grave doubt. Of these f ireUrn- corporations you cau tax their biitf, their tangible property, but it is eravefr doubted who her you can tax their franchise or not. J Jact it is claimed ' by Judire .Sande.-on and tfce attorney for ttc Central 1'aciiic and the Southern 1 '!!o raiiioud companies, that you cau't tajc them in this fetue nr iVfi? franchise. at least be t er se tii-.-ir franchise is not derived from this titasp. but from a foreign. Govern- ineut. to wit, the federal Government. Aval ii, if they reside abroad and i-implr do bnssnefs in tiiis State, the foreign corporation fcas a right t jtnkeany enit to which th.y are party into the ivcdaiul CVcrts. lid-ii unquestioned oy legal authority. If the homo corporation is subject to iorfciture of charter, tj taxation cf fram-hise. to all the T R'.a'tits of this bid ft nd the ether be ex- tsiiiiit, then i! is manifest wc are legislating i,i t-tvt-r of torersns corporations. li'erakra eerp'.rat:ovs if they want to do business t;ir State, itt Uicni incorporate uouer mr laws, it capital cnt owell m our S;au. Sb'cct to tie faaino nnstrictions and thst conrrcl cawtal invented in touict'.c corporations, it had better stay out. TlicEC tht are too frood to reside in our mid Jt are not worihy vt the protctiua oi the law a oi the tofcue. . - SJ'KXCH OF SEXATOR St'LLIVAX. Senator Sullivan of San Francisco op-pos.i tiieaniedmeat of tho section in a Wfcii-.imea epeecn -t lowed to panstct Vhsiness within the State otf more favorable conditions than similar corporations in thi3 State. Section 17 nakes all railroad, canal and other transportation companies common carriers and Sub ject to legislative control. Section 21 provides ngainst any discrimination in charges and facilities for transportation. Section 22 creates Kallroad Commissioners, whose duties among others shall be to establish rates of freights and fares, to examine the books and so counts of common earners, and to pre scribe a uniform system of accounts, to be kept by railroad and other transportation companies. The section further provides that common carriers shall be fined in large sums for non-compliance with the regulations of the Railroad Commissioners, and, also that the Legislature may enforce this article of the Constitution by forfeiture. I would ask the Senators who have spoken whether these provisions can be enforced unless the corporation is OEGAJTIZED IX THIB STATK? " I will ask then If the striking out of Section i will not nullify the -object of the whole bill I Where is the difficulty to be experienced In organizing a foreign corporation Tinder our laws! It is a simple method. The payment of a few dollars for fees and the thing of a paper containing the necessary btatemeut and signa. tures, is all that is necessary, vv Here is the hardship sathctically alluded toby my friend, the learned Senator from Alameda, Mr. Whitney I In what way will such a simple method of procedure affect -competition and deter capital from flowing in golden streams to our Sthtel The argument against this section in reference to narosnip on foreign capital, ana aiso on its bad eiiect on competitive trunk lines, is groundless. The great State of California, bv virtue of its Drotection to the interests of any corporation, is entitled to ask that, in return tor uie protection so aaoraea, iao corporation sludl make itself amenable to tha Laws of the commonwealth : that it shall comply with the Constitution, and pay its taxes promptly and without tin-necessary litigation in other Courts than, those of the State. By virtue of the protecting arm of tho State, these "corporations enforce the law of eminent domain, receive tolls through fares and freights, and " thereby obtain a profit from an investment in a public highway devo'ed to the use of the public. It seems to me that a foreign corporation must 'be treated as an individual. If the latter cornea into our State to invest his money, ho must comply with our laws, and if he does not he is punished as a citizen would be. On what ground should a mere creature of the law be excused from non-comnliaifce with the institutions of the State I The Senator from Alameda, Mr. Whitney, has referred to the platforms of the political parties. I maintain, sir, that this question of unjust discrimination is no longer a mere question of party. It is an evil admitted by alL Section 4 will assist in correcting it. The learned Senator, in a speech replete with flowers of fancy, at first condemned the Central Pa-cilic Kailroad Company for its parsimony and its injustice to the people, and 1 believed we were going to hear an anti-monopoly speech, based upon the platform of the Republican party; but, alas ! we were doomed to disappointment. The gentle man delivered a laudatory oration upon what railroads had done in other States and what might be done here. He did not know but that the 8PECIAI1 CONTRACT SYSTEM Was a good thing. He repudiated the idea that the shipping interests of the State would sutler from its Daa enects. iie De-lieved in competition as the panacea for all evils art the present and future time. I was supnsed at tna tenor or tne conclusion of bi3 discourse. If there is anything, sir, that would cause me to vote for this section it is the fact that it would assist in destroying the infamous special contract system of the railroad companies a system bv which they hold the merchants of the entire ttate by the throat The .Barry bill dent s the right of these corporations to make special contracts, or to be interested in them directly or indirectly. We must have some method of enforcing compliance with the bill. How can this be done if railroad companies chartered under the laws of other States can enter our State and not be amenable to the law? Why pass the bill without this section, which compels tiiem to organize in this State i I notice a "protest from some merchants of San Francisco against the passage of the Barry bilk I am glad to see that, out of the 1,100 merchants who have special contracts, only eigh t signed the document. I can imagine what these other must have said to the agent of the railroad: "You may exact what terms you please in connection with our business. You may force us in the very excitement of despair to sign away our liberties as free Americans, but you cannot com Del us to ask our representatives to- forge anew our chains and bind us in a worse than Egyptian slavery." I am proud to see that the merchants of be assessed all at once as land, I'm willing, because that will lessen the labor of the Assessor. ' Rowrxo CROPS. Campbell I think that it is the duty of the Legislature to define the -term "growing crops." Now, what are growing crops I V bat should guide the Assessor ? Should he be called upon to decide ? The gentleman says it is tho fruit upon the trees. What will he do when ho comes to a field of hops, to alfalfa f We say by this amendment that growing crops mean the work of human hands. Now the Constitution also says land and the improvements thereon shall be separately assessed. - The gentleman from Napa says trees are improvements. That is not the popular acceptation. m- - . ' Fleming If A mortgages bis fruit crop to B. does that carry the trees with it 1 Campbell No: because the trees are part of the realty. Now, the object of that provision in the Constitution a to cul-ti rl and uncultivated lands was to nut some of the burdens of taxation on these owners of big tracts. The thing operates exactly to the contrary. I think that the spirit of the people of the country is against the principle 'of taxing industry. Instead of taxing a man 'for setting out trees, as in Turkey they do, he ought to bo paid for it. Johnston On the same principle, ought not all the industries of all people to be exempted Campbell As far as possible, It ought to be done. " -. Johnson Will the gentleman say that old boots should be taxed as growing cropsl ' Campbell" Answer a fool according to bis folly." I think it was Solomon said that. Wharton The gentleman from Napa has well said that the object of this amendment is to assess a piece of property with an orchard on it exactly the same as one alongside of it without any. I am earnestly in hope that this bill shall be passed. There is no reason way a wneai crop snau be exempt and unprofitable vines taxed. Cammettl I'm against the exemption of any property. But there's no justice in assessing that which improves the property, after you've already assessed the land at an increased valuation, because of those improvements. We who favor the bill are not asking any exemption. Flynn I heard the arguments of the gentlemen who came before the committee and asked for this lav. .1 am not interested either tn vines .or grain crops, but the question presents itself to me, after hearing that statement, in this way : If A puts bis money in a factory and B puts his in a vineyard alongside) B should be exempt and A not. WHEAT AND. WINE CHOPS. Wharton Mr. Fleming says we came here to make everybody, railroads and all, pay their proper proportion of taxes. I'd hate if I bad a crop of 4,000 acres of wheat I'd require a good deal of courage to get up here and oppose the exemption of the little twenty-acre vineyard in Fresno. They're both the same kind of property.- The bugs may destroy my vineyard: the north wind may destroy his grain ; the man here who has a colt may never have it reach maturity. His grain is not exempt on account of the danger of north wind ; it's because it was proposed to encourage the development of the soil. The gentleman from San Francisco objeets,. because he thinks San Francisco will have to pay more if we are exempted. I undertake to say that the .development of these southern counties is yearly lowering the taxes of San Francisco. Johnston was indignantly replying to Campbell s sarcasm. 'Answer not a fool,' etc when Wharton rose and said : ' Mr. Speaker, I think there's been a misunderstanding. The gentleman from Sonoma did not understand that when the gentleman from Napa spoke of old boots he referred to the " corn " crop. Matthews I believe that any bill that exempts the farmer and not the horticulturist, is unjust. It is class legislation and ought to be remedied. Doty I think we ought to look at it In this light that it pays us to encourage and foster all agricultural pursuits. The man who plants a tree and who plants a vine is the man who confers a benefit upon the country in which he lives. It is to the interest of the State to encourage him. Back of all your sources of wealth is the farming industry. We claim that by improving the uncultivated land we give more revenue to the State than we take by this exemption we ask for. The man who goes into a manufacturing business gets his return immediately. It is not so with the farmer. WHAT J CIX K WALLACE THIXKS. Wallace In my humble judgment the gentleman who has last spoken has struck the keynote. I believe we ought to encourage the production of trees and vines. I don't own any, and I think I can speak disinterestedly on that aecount The Constitution has made the rule that lands and the improvements thereon must be separately assessed. Now, what are the .SEETISG KOTICES. nillrrrs and Members t. thm Aimrin Protective Aoeia-1r"Lir! tion. You are hereby noticed to attend : J your repilar meeting THIS (Tborsday) hi - : iVEMSU, Mr 1, 188t, at 8 oclock, at your new quarter, 71 Kew Montgomery gtretl Every brother Is earnestly requested to be present, a changes in oor rule relating to quarterly meetings will cooie up for consideration. Byortterof K. T. MICHAXSEN, President. 5 O. 8. Ombc, Ree. fee. Irish Jfalloaal league Parnell Bjanoh, A ersnd literary and musical entertainment will be given on FRIDAY EVfcJS-IMi next t Vaiverasl HaU, &U Pacifia street, near Stockton. A .in.ilon frja. - Irish. tmerlran Benevwltaf fto d-t7 A meeting of the Picnic Comtnitte willbeheMTHIS (Thnrsda?) EVEN'S, at 8 o'clock at the Society's tail. A full attendance o( the mem- I ten is requested to mae nnai arrangements ior your x4ta an una! excursion at cnueuen rara on Sunday, May 4th-- W. O OONXEXJ Pies. ; Thomas C t' ksi-vchim, Bee Com. Kt 1nrrlli'a SHInnr mT Cali fornia Tho nunilar monthly meeting of San Fran Cisco Alliance, Jia. 1, will be held In Conclave Hall, 104H Market tUeet, XIUS (Xhunday) EY'EJOXUk at 8 o'clock. . - JOHN JOBD AX, President. Jakes J. Lro&s. Reg Sec. St. lrsarit IurTulrnt SorletT. The regular monthly meetms of this So- ty-wiU be heiil THIS fllrarsday) EVEKIJiUi iiaj 1st, at 8 e clock sharp, at the usual place. JOHN KEDDAN", President , Joror Mahomet, Recording Secretary. A. A. If - Ilivlxfon No. S. Tke resrular monthly-meeting of Diviaon Ho. 2, A O. H , will be held in Irish-American Ball, TH13 (Thursday) EVEiiTSG, May 1st, at 8 o'clock, final arrangements will be made for oor picnic, to be held av Badger a Park, Sunday, May 25th. I yery member is earnestly requested to be present at this meeting. By order of JoiLN i. 1LELBAN, President, M. Tf. TJottlbavt. Secretary. IRjy Society t Id FHrnd.- An art- &r jouroed meeting will be held on FRIDAY, May as 7:30 p. M., In the Ckmrtroom of Judge Robert FerraL old City Hall. Kominations of officers, postponed from last meo ing, will take place, and picnic tickets for oor twentieth anniversary at Schuetzen Park, Alameda, on Saturday, May 17. 1664, will be distributed O. H. GOPGH, President J. E. SrjyKET, Secretary. Itoiri Kn. 21S. W. and A M Oiiicera and members of this Lndin, ara rtrehy notilied to attend the stated meeting THIS (Thursday) EVENING, May 1st at 1:30 o'clock, at 121 Eddy street Your punctual attendanoe is earnestly requested. By order of the W. 1L EMU MARK3, Secretary. The suemberm of tbe Kob-? erfc Emmet Circle. Fenian Brother- wVwi hood, are earnest ly requested to attend the V N jl "meeting THURSDAY EVENING, Jiayi Wl-lst Business of importance will coma before the meeting. By order cf CENTER. Blacksmiths. Attention. There will be a resrular monthly meetino' of your Union held FRIDAY EVENING, May 2d, at Sanders' Hall, at 8 o'clock, sharp. All members are requested to be present as business of importance will come before the meeting. By order. M. A. WILLIAMS, President J. J. McDaip, Recording .Secretary. TtaeSceUishThistlrrinb f will hrtlii ita rsnnA .n n' ering and games at BADGER'S PAE.K,"M will be introduced, including the Reel o' Tullock by children in costume. Athletes from sister clubs of the Coast will participate. Games open to all comers. Prizes, $3 50 to 0. Admission, 50 cents; children, half price. Tickets now on sale at stores Nos. 603, 781, 1224 Market 913 L&rkin and 1503 Powell streets or at the Oakland Ferry May 17th. Hoaic by Second Regiment Band and Pipers. Trains leave ball hourly irom foot of Market street By order. J. D. COTJLIE, Royal Chief tain. Don ald VVeir, Royal Recorder. SITUATIONS Yi aNTLD-MALE. SITUATIONS WANTED-rEXALE. Advrtumenti under thi$ ktai inserted res cnargs. RELIABLE COACHMEN, BUTLERS, WATT-ers, cooks; also, chambermaid ; firnt-eiaaa French cooks, and all kinds of male and female help, are waiting for situations at J. LAMBbA'S, successor to Rice Co.. 108 Geary street. - - T7ANTED A SITUATION A8 GARDENER 1 1 and tn do milking, by aa industrious man from Switzerland. .. Pleaaa address A. B, 621 Cali fornia street. - : A YOUNG MAN (SCANDINAVIAN) WANTS steady work; knows how to take care of horses and make himself generally useful. Address A. JACOBSON. go Eliis street up stairs. SITUATION WANTED AS ASSISTANT bookkeeper either in wholesale or retail; will furnish beat of reference. Address In care of SHIPPER S WARTZr 233 Market street. T ANTED-CXKRKr UNDERSTANDS FUR-I V nisbing goods and clothing business; wha speak J- rench, English; awl German. CaS 1J5 Fourth street - : TXTANiBD A SITUAIIO BY A YOUNG V man lately froai the 1 ast, as porter. Apply 51 thipley street " . A YOUNG, WELL-EDUCATED GERMAN, j 2S. wbo understands En dish, partially French, wants a position of any kind; not afraid of work: was mojeet Addreu OTTO BUCH-HEIM, 222-223 Pacific street. - A BOY, 16 YEARS CLD, WANTS WORK TO drive liriit wae.m: has ajme experience in grocery business; would work cheap; raided wita parents, a t ram street. , , , WANTED A SITUATION BY A STEADY, f rst-claa meat and pa try Co k. retsly from the Micgi-ipri riven piicate house in citf p.e-ferr.d. Ad iress CHIEF COOK, this office. - A FIRST CLASS BOOT AND SHOE MAKER, (Beepting sewed work, wants a position; city or country; lately from the East. AudieasH.lL, 40 Fourth street , - A YOUNG MAN, SPEAKING GERMAN, wishes a situation as clerk or porter in a wholesale house; ean also drive sinile nr double team: best of efsrmce given. Address L. N., 62i Clay street city. AFRAID OF Address SITUATION WANTED BY A COMPETENT woman to do general housework; is a good cook. Reference,, city or country. Address 623 Post rt 4 A YOUNG GIRL DESIRES A SITUATION a second girl in a private family. Call at llfi Austin st, between Polk and Van Ness. A WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO I V general housework. Apply 213 Seventh St., ; . MALE HELP Tf ANTED. . t Adtxrtumaut twaisr 1M head. amrc& Jnt of caarce. - A GOOD POSITION TO A POLITE AND Industrious man; a successful canvasser pre-terred. J. DEWINtl A CO.. 420 Bush street WANTED A PARCEL BOY. APPLY AT EAGLESON It CO.. 4 and 6 Kearny st, near Howard. WANTED A FTRST-CLAR3 TAILOR BY the week, for custom vests. 540 Vr'ashing-ton street, Rooms 9 and 11, . 1 YOUNG GERMAN. NOT XX work, wisbes any kind of situation. A. K., Rhein Hotel, Ivtamy Itreet. or lodging-house. street AND WIFE, LATELY FROM THE it want a position to take charge of hotel Address W. M.L., 540 Fourth. EXPERIENCED STONEMASON WANTS work at his trade, either In California. Ore- Nerada or Britisu ijolumma. Aaureas gon. mi The Caledonian Clab. I be held at Shell Mound Park, Berkeley, M J HAi L elua i , trie jist oi aiav. a spien-' did nro?ramme and rjrizas. Half -hourly trains. JOHN F. KENNEDY. Chief. David Kerr, Secretary. Enrrka t'oal .Hining Comraiiy. A meeting of the stockholders of the Eure ka Coal Mining Company will be held at the office of the President, William T. Coleman, 121 Market street on the fifth day of Hay, 1884, at S o'clock p. M., to elect Trustees for the ensuing year and trausact such business that may come before them. V. H. LOMBARD, Sec, pro tern. POLITICAL MEETIS(jS. nemocratle Club o. 99 will meet THIS (ThursdaT) EVENING, at 8 o'clock. at Teittonia Hall, Howard street between Ninth and Tenth, for the transaction of business. ju&fcm r. i-.i.i.h, x-rsa. Wir. H. WAtPBoy, Sec. DeMroerntlc Clnlt Ho. S7 A Meet- inn of the aboyiamed Club will be held THIS (Thursday) EVENING, May 1st, at 1648 Mission street for the purpose of the enrollment of members. TERENCE MASTEUSON, Pres. Stewart S. Waij, Sec. Stonemason," Lsng Station, Loa Angeles co. A MAN AND WIFE. THE MAN TJNDER- Btauda taking care of bortes and garden, and the lady is a good, cook ami general nousework. Cailor address P. TARRENT, 614 Broadway t WANTED A SITUATION BY A MAN that understands the manufacture of pickles, catsup, sauces, jellies, jama, etc. Address P. W., 869 Market st TTT ANTED A SITUATION AS BLACK-f Y smith's helper. Can sharpen picks acd bars. Can make bolts and nuts. Wages, $2 per day. No objections to country. Address L J., 1030 Ala- bama St. - WANTED A SITUATION AS MACHINIST or engineer, town or country, by a young man 23 years of age. Address G. J. M., P. O. WANTED A SITUATION IN THE CITY or country by a first-class cook and baker Apply. F. S., 315 Lombanrtt WANTED BY A YOUNG MAN WHO IS a painter, some work. I am willing to do ! anything. Aaaress u. a. o. oirrTTATTON WANTED A3 GARDENER BY 1 BinKle man of thorough experience. Address No. 421 Bush street A YOUNG MAN JUST FROM THE EAST desires a place to take care of fast horres or to drive a private coach. Address M. H. BPIEGLE, 6 56 Commercial street. f SITUATION WANTED BY A YARNISHER; understands finishuift fumHure and all kinds of hard wood, etc. Address 115 Sixth st.. tin store. TWO FIRST CLASS GERMAN WAITERS want situations in some country hotel or some Summer resort Apply for two aays, or sena postal card to 15 Eddy street MAN AND. WIFE WISH SITUATIONS Man understands horses and gardening; wife able to do housework, op stairs. GERMAN GIRL WISHES A SITUATION . in an American family, to do housework and cooEuxr. Apply at 17 Joan at, oif Powell, be tween j&cAson ana ifacwa. WANTEDBY RESPECTABLE LADY, A position as working housekeeper; is competent and trustworthy ; good reference ; is fond of children; none but lespectable parties need apply. 415J Tehama street tT7 ANTED BY A RESPECTABLE CTRL. 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Address 74s Howard street A COMPETENT GIRL WANTS A 6ITUA- XI tion to do general housework; no objection to uMHwce in conntry. villi ai, smo n-ui ssives. SITUATION WANTED BY A GOOD, steady womast to da hnnaevrarir? im arood cook, washer anl irooer. Address 1024 Howard. SITUATION WANTED BY A FIRST-CLASS waitress and chambermaid in. nrivale family: reference. Cad 623 Bush street A YOUNG GIRL WOULD WISH A SITUA-tion to do light housework or to do up stairs or to take care of children. Call at Tiaj Mission. A RESPECT ABLE GIRL WANT3 6ITUA-ticn to do chamberwork or as nurse. Ap ply oh Minna street, near tuxitx. vtuuug to go to the country. . A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A 6ITUA-tion to do chamberwork or as nurse. Ap-ply 426 Tehama street Country preferred. COMPETENT WOMAN WISHES A ETTUA- J ' tion in a vriTate family: is a first-class cook. 521 Taylor street A N EXPERIENCED PROifEST ANT NURSE V wishes a situation to take care of children; I BOY WANTED WHO UNDERSTANDS how to run a Gordon Press. T. CASEY, 20 Stockton street A CATHOLIC YOUNG MAN, ABOUT 15 to 20 years of age, to go into the country to cook for two persons, etc.; wages, $5 per mouth, etc.; none wanted unless with good reference. Address C. C. C, Examines cfhje. WANTED A CARRIAGE PAINTER. aleneia street - 40 WANTED PAPER-HANGER. APPLY AT 902 Larkin street, pear Geary. WANTED A FEW STEADY, FANCY AND plain loom weavers. Apply 'at Golden Gate Woolen Milis. WT ANTED A YOUNG-MAN 06 TO S3 t V years) for painting; one preferred who has worseo at painting, u xyler street. TjRINTER WANTED ON BOOKS. T21 HOW- X ard street YVT ANTED-A YOUNG MAN FOR THE cashdesk. Great I X L, corner of Kearny sou vommerciai streets. XT7 ANTED BOYS TO STRIP TOBACCO AT ? f JNo,ao7 Third street - pOATMAKERS WANTED AT 428 MOXT- J gomery street - mWO FIRST-CLAPS GILDERS. STEADY X work. Apply to 124 Market street WANTED A GOOD, SOBER, INDUSTRIOUS young man to go into the country. Lake county, for small wages, to do light housework and cook for two persons, eta Address L. H. this umcv. WANTED A BOY AT GOLDSTEIN t Conn's, 822 Market street, I helan Building. TV 7 ANTED A GOOD BOOK CANVASSER: y V will make very liberal terms with the right Apply to ii Ltui.l.iH Alontgomery st ! T70B A NICE. SQUARE MEAL. A CLEAN. J? airy room, go to Overland Host-, 533 Sacra mento; lodging per night 25a and upward; week, $1 and upward; good iainily board, U 60 a week' excellent cooking; give as a csu. TTTANTED-A BOY ; REFERENCES EE- f f quired. Apply ICOo Market street TAILOR'S SALESMAN Montgomery street WANTED AT 323 117 AITT. R WANTED. CORNER FOLSOM II and Sixteenth streets; wages, $15 per month. 17 ANTED BOOTBLACK. CALL 1405 POLK v T street; good wages. 1XTANTED A MAN IN A FIRST-CLASS f V livery stable; miwt be a good buggy washer and of sober habits: none other need apuly. Ad dress by letter only. W 8 227 Second street TEE-SO X AL. STRATH WHAT DID YOU TRY TO DO tome? Did I sign 2 CAP. PAUL-LOOK FOB A LETTER THIS WEEK. AMY. TAN NESS WAS DISAPPOINTED. LOOK r for next steamar, sure, r BKLMONT. STOLTZ'8 WALNUT COSMETIC, A PER-f ection for erar or sandy hair, whiidtpm mi?. tache, ladies' hair and eyebrows; does not rub otf; 60s per stick; for salebjwlraggists and Tjarfcera. De pot, 3 Harnie place, off Kearny, near lish. TUOU. FRIDAY A. M CABLE: A NORTH. A GENTLEMAN OF REFINEMENT AND IN-tegrrty wiaces to correspond with a pretty young lady in conlidence; object, inatriakooy. Address N. this office. GO TO CRAVEN SISTERS, 127 KEARNY, for children's stylish patterns. 813.500.1 green, banta Clara yAN-. ARE WE STILL. LET U8 KNOW. ADPOENNE. ROSIE-WE W1IL GO ANYHOW, toere. . EO BS W. MAY-WHY THIS 6TLENCUT EXPECTED at least an answer : would like to hear from yon. S19. STANDARD SALOON 25 SIXTH STREET; wines, liquors and cigars. M. JOBST. Pron. SUITS 55. BASQUES S2, POLONAISE S3 and upwards; perfect fit guaranteed. MAD- aju, oui,ifi,Tiiiix. Auoa ijarkm street. rriHB BOOT AND SHOE HOUSIS ft T Tt A SHAW ft CO., 42 Sixth street, Lrve but one price. All goods are stamned in chin fimiren Everytiuog sold hy this bouse is guarsntrcd to be good value for money paid. XgL42 8iArlxiST. GOLDSTEIN OOHEN3 LEADING HATS VT and wig store; best work; lowest nrices. 822 Market street Pbelan Bui lain. TTOME FOR INVALIDS. PRIVATE FOR 1 L tedies. No. 827 Howard street MMB LEAH PERIDOT, RECENTLY AR-txred, reads past present and faturs with a degree of intelligence. ami J, Ban r rancaaco. I Dupont street parlors 3 COLLINS. INDEPENDENT SLATE er. business and mineral to-edium and magnetu: heater. 39 Kearny street Boom 17. HIRS. iVi. writer. LL FAMILIES SHOULD HAVE THE i Fred'.izksbnrg Bottled Beer delivered by POS-1ELL BROTHERS, S. W. corner of Valencia and a wentj-tairu. streets, ocnu oraer p posiai caru. ALWAYS AHEAD FRESH BUTTER, 35a A rvli; 6 large cans table Beaches, SI; 11 iarge cans tomatoes, 91; tre-n etf-s. 2Je per io; cans Eastern Sugar corn, 81; jellies and jams. 20c. a can; 411 ins. gooa raisins, 91; 11 ids. wmbe sugar, 1; 15 is. brown sugar, $1; Eastern sugar-rurrd hams, 17e. a lb.; a large assortment of teas and coSees always on hand, at H. HOLLMAN 8 Cash Store, Bortnwest oorner 1 wenty-tourth ana I3ion sts. BE SURE AND GET YOUR BATHS BROWN'S 02 Fourth street AT T7LANAGAN A GALLAGHER. UNDERTAK- X era, 20 Fifth street Eveiy bing renuisite for runenus at snort notice, aeiepnonc o .1-).. city or country. jfiitn. Address 407 Tehama street, near I AMERICAN PROTESTANT WOMAN, experience! nurse, can take full cnarm of in fant from birth, would like an engagement; is willing to travel; reference. Address li2j Market street. Room 22. TTTANTED-A SITUATION AS HOUSE- f V keeper for the oonntry or city. 502 Steyen- son street, comer. 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Apply at 219 Eddy street WANTED A STEADY CTRL TO TEARN dressmaking. 21S OTarrell street. WANTED A GIRL FOR LIGHT HOUSE-work; wages, $10 per month. 49 Minna St. 1Y7 ANTED OPERATORS ON FLANNEL V shirts end drawers, on Wheeler ss Wilson s, and Singer's Machine. 219 Pine street top tlojr. Oemorratle f'eontv rommlttre. A meeting of the Democratic County v:il Ka ItAlrl ,1 trMd.,.rl.r, .if my city will not be parties to any attempt I improtrenients that should be separately I the Committee, No. 417 Kearny street THIS In I - j i s v t- I (ThnrwUr, F.VF'NTXO. a ft'riork Charters will ilsscsbcu t v iiav sjic ui a uictuic la kiich i jj - w Apply 1519 Dupont street I fc.g and housework. 256 Jessie, third floor, room 5. AEjJwfPECTABLE LADY WITH LITTLE girl 1 years o'.d wants a situation; is compe- ! tent Address 130 Shipley street A COMPETENT GIRL WISHES A SITUA-tion to do general housework in a private family; wages $20. Call at 307 Jones street, near Eddy. 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A YOUNG SWEDE OF GOOD HABITS, 5 years in the country, desires a steady situation as warden, nurse, janitor, or anything similar; wages, S30 and $35, with board, l'lease address EDWARD FLOWT.RHTLL, No. 140 Minna street, Room 14. ANTED S ITU ATI ON AS BAKER, IN-1 country. No. Z1U ladasaorn street. W ANTE D-CER MAN OB SCANDINAVIAN girl (14 or 15 years old) to take care of a baby and assist at fight housework. Call at 101 Ash avenue, near Polk street A WOMAN TO COOK, DO HOUSEWORK V and assist with washing; must give reference. 0 Jones street. tT ANTED A GIRL FOR GENERAL V housework. Aip y at Seventeenth street and Bryant avenue. s T. "IT ANTED A GIRL TO DO COOFONO v V and housework for a small family; wages. 915. Apply at 1218 Geary street to interfere with their representatives. In conclusion I will .-say that I will vote against the motion of the Senator of Santa Barbara on the grounds : First This amendment is nothing more or less that the words of the Constitution, Section 15. Second It will allow foreign corporations to escape taxation in this State. Third It will permit the special contract system to prevail, as it does now. Fourth It will nullify the sections of the Constitution alluded to by me and will permit transportation companies to trample upon the laws of the State. It will allow the railroad companies to continue in .all their force. The good old rule, the simple plan. That they should take who have toe power. And they should keep who can. The Senate at 2 o'clock continued to dis cuss the Harry bio. Del Valle, whose health had been very poor, made a fine speech against Brooks' amendment to Sec tion 4. lie argued that all corporations should be amenable to State control and that that section of the bill brought them directly under state law. tteddy also opposed tne amendment in a vigorous speech. Brooks claimed that the amendment wai desired by his constituents, who expected that a foreign railroad would soon enter their district. A FATAL AMENDMENT CARRIED. A vote was then taken on the amendment, which resulted as follows : Ayes BrooksCronan, Dougherty, Fra-ser. Harridan, Keating, Kelly, Kelley, Keiloejr, Knight, McCarthy, Kelson, Perry, kontier, f.yan, Vrooman, YValiis, Whitney 13. Noes Baldwin, Buck, Chandler, Cox, Filoher, Foster, Johnson, Langford, Lynch, Maddox, Murphy, Keddy, Reynolds, len-nis SSpencer, J. 1). Spencer, Sullivan, Taylor, Wolfskill 18. Del Valle, voting no, was paired with Cross, voting aye; English, voting no, was paired witn aicAJiure, voting aye. Lieutenant-Governor Daggett stated that it was his constitutional right to vote, the Senate being evenly divided. Mr. Daggett then voted aye, and the amendment proposed by Brooks was accordingly adopted. Kddy and Sullivan condemned the bill in its amended condition, as divested of all li'tue. Sullivan said that all that was good of the Barry bill was dead and buried, and he would not vote for such a measure. Several unimportant amendments were offered, Kellogg submitting one for the avowed purpose Of making the bill ridicu lous. rooman replied to an able SDeech by Spencer of Napa on tho question whether railroads are public highways. Spencer took the broad Democratic view, and Vrooman argued the Republican idea, that railroads are but highways in a limited decree. His argucment, though fallacious, was very ingenious, and showed a surprising amount of investigation and acquaintance with the legal authorities. The Senate adjourned at half-past 5 o'clock, before Vrooman had ended bis argument. whk-h, though im- vmnvntu. wna hoth. vnrormis EHO, tawuenu Mo sui.l : " The Senator from Plumas says that tcttiou 1 of the Ifctrry bill is opposed tn ti-.n ir.rer.i-j, ,.f tim wni'kinsrnicn and TircJdccrscf the Statu. He has failed to i i o w wherein it b o inmdous to such ir threat a. Deolamniion is r ot a true state-ticnt of facU. Assertion will not do for rca.v.iniiiir. Thia bill, if it means anything. liirans tuftt no extortion or un,ust dia- ciii)in.ticn ean be rreeticed bv any cor- p.r.-i.u cf lulsStatv. Uriels the corporation is OTs iritred under our laws how can we c.'tvipcl ierfoniiuice uf the provisions or our lauuiiuectal law or oi this statutes. The sootiens of the Oiasiitution could never b enforced. Wlmt are thev r 1 fco-!ioi 1 of ArUdo Xil it is provided no curpursuiHi nrguniFea outsiu (he-iiM.ti o t;a fctftta aaad be al- FRCTT TREES AND VINI3. Th mornine sessionlof the House was taken up almost entire'y by the discussion of a bill proposed Dy iieia to exempt rruii and nut trees, vines and ornamental trees from taxation, the same as growing crops. The biil i-s introduced as an amenament to Section 3U17 of the 1'oiitical Code, and differs from that section as it now is only in the tact thnt fruit trees, vines, eta, ere not defined as improvements. - A majority of the Ways and Means Committee reported an amendment to the bill and their amendment was amenueo oy uie House so as to follow the last lineot the bill thus: Seventh Growing crops snail include all products of the soil not detached therefrom belonging to the vegetable kingdom and not oi natural growin. The argument made against the bill by a minority of the commiitee, summing up their objections, concludes as follows: The proposed amendment even goes lururer than to exempt "fruit, nnt-bearing and ornamental trees and vines not of natural erowth " from taxation. It proposes to ex empt their products from taxation. Wc do not Dciitivc the public demand any such legislation. We are not aware that the grain monopolists of this State are entitled to nave tuoir grain stored oy tue mousanas of tons exempted from taxation. We tnmk they should be compelled to pay taxes as well as every one the. We do not believe they are of such immense value to tho tteovile that they should be the ob jects of philanthropic legislation. ' - in tins position me uui came oeiore uie House ior a second reading. Clark of Colusa, opened the debute by remarking, "It seems to me th;it if a man is so fortunate as to have all his property in a largo tiri-hazd ho would fcicapo taxation altogether.' ... . Johnston of Kara, ere or the minority of tho committee, by way of explanation of the cdverse report, replied : Tho plain object and purpose of that amendment is to a-wis.a a tract of land havinar on it a large orchard or ornamented with trees, the same as you would a tract without orchards, vines or ornamentation. In other words, to exempt from taxation these improvements and to assess the land precisely as it they did not exist. Section 1, AxticU XUl cf the Constitution reads, "Orowing crops shall be exempt from taxation." The question then arises as to whether the fruit, nut-tiearing and ornamental trees are growing crops. We believe the fruit to be the crop, not the tree?. Caminctii Are not vines in your county assessed ai improvements, and huid as laads t . Johnston i hat bill will, in my. county, reduce the assessable property two or three millions, and yet there is not a man that would say thnt Uo. property is worth less. The result of the passage of that bill would he that Hood and Stanford and otiiera, who have great estates ia San JMateo and other couuUe. world escape taxation on their vast r amis. And ad to hsj biii itself, it the land and the trees cau to the eye when you speak to a man of lands and their improvements, as Webster, says, buildings, fences, drains and those-meliorations of a permanent character, etc The addition of vines and that sort of thing is an interpolation. I am opposed, as my friend from Sacramento says, to telling a man tho first fruit your trees shall bear for you is a tax. I want to know why it ia that the gentlemen who plant vineyards are up in arms. It is because they feel the working of the present system. If they ask for an exemption altogether, I am opposed to it. But the lands should be assessed specially. Three times the Assessor comes around before your vines bear. Is that right : Kvery prosperous year depends upon the product of the soil. So far as possible I am for the policy of encouraging the development of all the farming industry. 1 therefore propose this amendment to the definition of real estate : "And all things attached thereto, and at the time growing tnereon, other man ine products of the .cereals or of the vegetable kingdom." Campbell then, by consent, withdrew the committee's amendment torke-l have in my mind an crcnard worth 5100,000. If the trees were exempted $05,000 of that value would be untaxed. Is that not injurious to the county as well as the whole State I Coleman I would like to know whether, under the Constitution, the Assessor has the option of taking land with an orchard on it differently from land contiguous to it that is unimproved. Before 1 will vote for that biii, I would like to know whether a man whose property has increased in value to $300 or 3100 an acre is only com pelled to pay on $30 or $10 an acre -taxes, because the neighboring unimproved land is taxed only &0 or 140. The amendment was lost IS ayes, 23 noes. Coleman announced that without the amendment he would vote against the bill. . . The bill was then made the special order for 2 o'clock P..)i. to-morrow. IJCVERSON IGNORED. Leverson's concurrent resolutions for tho removal of Carpenter and Humphreys were referred back to the Committee on Corpora ions, so as to strike the introducer's name from the resolution, Wharton has introduced a resolution for a committee to investigate the frequent charges made in debate lately, that members have been corruptly approached, and the resolution has been adopted by the House. Carter presented a petition from citizens of Coutra Costa county, urging the passage of the Barry bill, and other legislation. ine concurrent resolution asiung tne Congressional representatives to induce Secretary Lincoln to expend immediately the appropriation for clearing the Sacramento and other streams passed the House this morning. . Mrs. Veriest YFfilard. Tho literary entertainment given last evening by Mrs. Vernon Wiliard at B'nal. B'rith Hall was attended by a small audience, which, however, fully appreciated the lady's talent. Her recitations were rendered with a high degree of feeling, which won for her at once the approval of her hearers. Her voice was sweet and carried a svmbathetio tone expressive d the thorough manner in which she under stood uie poetzy rendered. .Master tucnard Vernon Wiliard, aged seven years, recited "The Charge of the Light Brigade,'' and showed that he had Inherited the rare cift of eloquence and -expression. He also re- 1 ceived well-merited applause from his hearers for the excellent manner in which he recited "The Ocean." Mrs. Wiilard showed herself as gifted a sin ger as reader. The programme embraced musical selections by Miss Klttie Blass, C. Hoiiman and Henry Lersen. Charles Robertson recited "The Siege of Lucknow. be ready for distribution to the permanent officers-elect of the Forty-seven Demoeratie Assembly Precinct Clubs. By order. JOHN T. TOG ARTY, Chairman. Jomr J. KlM.1, Secretary. . Tilde and Hendricks Clnb. The reeular mettles nights of the Central Club will be held every FRIDAY, at Lower B nai B'rith Hall, at 8 r. K. Prominent speakers will always be in attendance. The roll fur membership will open at 1 r. M. Executive Committee meets at 7:30 p. M. A CRAIG, President J. p. Dsxtok, Secretary. SPECIAL KOTICES. MrAIesier A Jones. EmI Entate and House Broker's Onioe. 421 Montgom ery street between California and Bacrameuto; the best regulated ofl oe in the city; men of expe-H.nm hovii tt7 Btiuiieil the wants of landlords and tenants for twenty-five years; reliable, prompt and responsible in the management of real estate; renting, selling and collecting, and taking full charge of property at the lowest rates. Btg Br.- C. C. O'Donnrll Office and residence. N. W. cor. Kearny Washington. Dr. Kicord's Celebrated Prepar- atloaa. Sole Agent A. GitOS. corner a i . ,i, Tk.. v. . Morton street, gan FraacLco. farmer Ine and W 1)1 tent n si CnAKJJif BhX)8333 Tyhsrst: Oakhutd branch, 21st and Telegraph arj telephone call 49 KlYtki Rtrsrrt. ladles French kid button shoes at S3 50 and 4; men's elastic side gaiters at s-'4 children's etronjr school shoes at $1; and don't forget that we keep for men and ladies' wear tho very best band-sewed boots and shoes that the markets o the world afford. I. R. fciiAW k CO. Try tu and you will be pleased: we make to order and repair, btrictly one price. - - - Rnilrmad Wafcbrs narant-ed iimkeeuera: ouartz ieweby: society badiras: name pins; prices reduced. MYLli-'S, 1014 Market rf"p James Eanrahan. Eral Fttfe SZ& Broker and General Collector, SIO.fM) to loan on moitjase, some street. AWEIiIi KSCOMMJJJ;i GlSKmAJS on.-, nurse wishes employment; eity or country, Adras 648 Clay street WANTET A POSITION A8 COLLECTOR by a sober and industrious young man; ref- WlliUia XJJS.AJ.V, IP m BrfPC Address 10 Wetinora place. "t iTANTED-A YOTJlfG GIRL TO ASSIST T f in light housework or to take care of eiul- dren. App.y ui r Uimore street SITUATION WASTED BY A PEOTKSTAUT -woman to do general housework, good cook, or go out by the day. Address 419 Eleventh st Americaa Exchange, 319 San- It. D. llrFJroy. Rotary PnbUr. Oinrn. Room A Phelan Baildin?. San Frandseo. Depositions taken in any part of the city, at anytime. Particnlar attention given to conveyancing and drawing legal instruments. 5jf-rj. Kit 0,06 9 paid In endowments to date. 1 he Uuivenal Benevolent Association of California, incorporated August 8, l&L Home ofhee, 1038 Mimion ttreet San Fraa-cisco. CaL Issuo osrtiCoates of endowment of $l,0:o to $2,(K)0. payable at marriage or at maturity. Bern) for circulars and papers. Reliable agents waited. The Crirbrated Bndwelser the glass, only at the Louvre. by Dr. Kearny. Vf. r. Cool. Dentist AH work warranted. i v. J-i-.j Tke Ploawr Misc. ITearingof the case of the PimieerGcJd 1 TJinicg Company against B. 11. Baker, concerning the ownership of tho mine was resumed on Tuesday In JudgQ Saw- j yer's Court, -when a motion to appoint a re- ' celver was made. By an agreement, the defendant, who is one of the many creditors of the company, obtained control of the mine with the understanding that its j dcbti should be paid Irom us products. tho company to redeem tho mine at the ; end of four years. They failed, however, to redeem the pledge at the expiration of tha time, and a further six months term was allowed, which also expired without ! cancelling the obligation, and now the de- fendant holds possession cf the mine, hnvinir refused an otter of S1O0.O0O from the company, the amount of the orisinal I UiawOteoBessto nun. - w fbarges on Wool. ' At thoir meeting on Tuesday, the Harbor Commissioners refused an application for the reduction of toll charges on wool on round bales, from two cents to one cent; on half bales, from one to one-half cent; on compressed bales, from three to two cents. Commissioner Irwin suggested the advisability of readjusting charges on shipping treifraM, Decause, ine preseus rates are calculated to drive vessels to Puget Hjund, and that place emulate a commercial rivalry with San Francisco cn account of the Northern Paciilo Railroad. The Art Exhibition. The reception of tho San Francisco Art Association will be held this evening, after which the Spring exhibition will be opened to the public. The work of decoration and the arrangement of pictures are now being carried on in the rooms. '1 he catafogue. which is not yet our, wui nave on ine outside a sketch from the pen of Thomas iiUi, depicting a rural scene. Bad Tenants Ejected for U Collections made city or country. PA- CXFIO CULLiX'TIGi CO.. 23 California st IBrs. n. F- Wilson. Ladles Xnract best city references.' 164 Clara street r $1 for Visit dies Cleaned t Class Us7 10c. Americaa Clock Depot 37 Eixth. Blrs. Falrrbild, Independent slate-writer, business and mineral medium and magnetic healer. 4 Ellis street np. J. K. Knntnl makes correct diagnosis and cures radically all chroma and constitutional disease. CoasultaUoa free. Hours 10 A. M. to 4 F. it, eondays excepted. OiHce, 150 Fourtb street Tr5 Mts Jintrs, Btasnetle Healer. Is-y ac Steyenson street. . James - ..S; AOTABY pipxic Asra Comsiissiokik or Dksdsj For evy Slate and Terrhory, .-- - yo. 308 CAUFOEAIA STKtJiT. nii tMksiclit and sold. sl."8 Old JBook Store, 15 Fourth, near Market II. M. SlrtilU. Rotary Public and Attorney at Law. Cmce ia Fasten Fldridse s, 22 MonWoiaori street, opposite HonaOi San Francisco. -' SrT- Ir. B. lvrlnnd. ee B-Jt and residenoe. So. 604 Leavenworth strevt Office hours W to 10, 1 so S ; and J so in the evesr ing. '--- - ' "- A BOY 17 YEABS OF AGE WISHES TO lism the Kthcgraphing trade. Call or address G M., 352 Jessie street ' A MIDDLE-AGED MAN, WHO IS A GOOD hand with horses, also a good penman, wishes m. citnatiVM,. willim to work at anything; a noma more of an object than high n Address S, Montgomery's Hotel, Second street W ANTED SITUATION AS FORTKB OB to work in a wholesale house, by a young man lately irom ine case. Auuresa jb. v., wwi House, Sanome street. , SITCATION WANTED BY A VvTXLEDTJ-c&ted middle-ased German who speaks French as porter or similar work; reference given; wages mouerate. Aauim uu o ud,.w., -eery store. i ArOTTNO MAN WOULD LIKE A 8TTTJA- ti, . . MlAamsn. shirminff or receiving elerkt understands the grocery business, wholesale or retail: best of references. Address BO 21o Austm street. " . WANTED BY A TOTAL ABSTINENCE and non-smoker, situation as groom, coach man and gardener. Apply to T. SLUDOAS, Sb& roisom street an Jtraccii'co. WANTED SHIPPING CLF.RK, OB AS AN aaaistant wishes a situation: A 1 marker; best eity references. Address 2tie0 Harrison st t YOUNG MABBTED MAN. WHO HAS iV. a good business education, is a good bookkeeper and salesman, speaks English. German, Frtnch and Spanish, and has gocd city refarences, seeks employment in any capacity. Address M. B., 830 Folsom street . MIDDLE-AGED MAREJFD MAN. JUST from the East wishes a situation in a wholesale or retail grocery, with best recommendation; knowledge of bookkeeping, and not afra d of hard work. Address GJiOJiuE F. UOOD. 100 How- ard street rWNFECTIONEB WISHES A SITUATION; Vj experienced in the bakery and confectionery trade; 10 a week and board. Address 140 Minna street Boom 14. A STEADY MAN,' WHO USUsBSlAaira the care of horses, a food driver, understands .1HlMin. n-ttwU wi;he m Situation With . . V . . . . L.' TV U private zamizy, city or coimuj. auuik. x.m. -, 1215 Scott street A SITUATION WANTED BY A mail, in a country store; wages no object Ad-drtS3U. J. W.. 943 Maiiet street - WANTED A SITUATION BY A YOUNG sua to drive a delivery wagon, is well accounted tn the city; or as porter ia a store, has a twelve-years reference in one place, and wages nominal. Address K. 6HEPPAKD, ttiisofcee. SITUATION WANTED BY A YWBU man to travel with a gentleman or a family; speaks eleven Inngnages; acquainted all over the world; ref erences of Grand Duke lexis of Kiissia. Address 4i ross street, an w 1, MICHAEL. - s PHACT ICAT. AN AOCUBATE BOOK- A keep desires a positinn; refarenoos given and satisfaction this office. RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIKL WOULD like to learn the millinery business. Address K., 52 Everett street VIT ANTED FOB THE COUNTRY, AN V V eld rlv Protestant woman to take charge of two little uMi and their wardio'je. and to ma'-s herself useful; wages Jio. Address M. L. D tnis otooe. guaranteed. Address O. K., 1 YOUNG SWEDE, FIVE YEAE3 IN THE V country, d. sires a steady situation as warden. nurse or sautort wages neeaea 00a boerd. Ilease sddieu EDWAbO HILL, 140 Minna street Boom 14, FLO WEB- I ENGLISH WOMAN WANTS eiTUATION j as ladies' or children's nurse, or a place of trust; references. Jo. 10 Anthony screes. COMPETENT WOMAN WANTS A 8TTUA-tion to do housework in a small family; ia a good cook; reference. Apply 372 Clementina st RESPECTABLE LADY WISHES A BTTT7-ation to do housework and plain eooktasr, fond of children; country preferred; would like Alameda or Berkeley. Call far three days at 13 Carolina street between Folsom and Harrison. WANTED BY A BESPECTABLE YOUNG married lady, lifeht bouse ork for a few hours daily, or chamberwork; wages moderate. Call or address 618 Stevenson street THIRST-CLASS CHAMBERMAID WISHES A V situation, or will da second work. Apply 120 Clara street WOMAN WISHES WORK BY THE DAY; housecleaniug r any kind of work. No. 134 Fern avenue, between Sutter and Bush streets. GOOD COOK, WASHER AND IT.OXEK DE-sires a situation. Apply at 618 Jones street A YOUNG GIRL WOULD LIKE A POSt- i tion as traveling companion and mind a chad. Address A. !., 107 Gormama street WANTED A SITUATION BY AN EDUCA-ted American widow as working house keeper, in city or county; goon cook. Apply or aa-dresj MBS. HENBY, 11 Stockton street, up stairs. SITUATION WANTED TO DO GENERAL bousework; understands all kinds of house work. 22J Minna street SITUATION WANTED AS CHILD'S NTJESE by an experienced Protestant woman. Ad-dress 407 Tehama street ItTANTED A SITUATION AS A COPYIST. t V at home or at office. Address L. J., corner Greenwich and Pierce streets. - - COMPETENT WOMAN WANT3 SITUA-tion as cook in a boardins-hous9. Apply 1013 Mason street, nomesteaa nwise. SITUATION WANTED YOUNG GIBL TO assist hi general bousework and sawing. Aprly 517J Market street. fUESE-SITUATION WANTED BY A II eoainetciit airl as child s curse. Address. fur three days, 2444 Pacific avenue. TiESPECTABLE GIBL WISHES A SITUA- x tion to do bousework; is a first-clafs plain eook; ean furnlsa references. Ao.Su sunns st, A COMPETENT WOMAN WISHES A situation to go out by tha day to wash and ' iron; It a good laundress. Apply at 111 Natoma. ITT ANTED. BY A BESPECTABLE MTDDLE- 1 v a;el wotcan, a situaaoB aa nurse; is capable of taking full chsrgo of an infant; would like to go to short distance In tne country. X ObU or address NUBSE, 333 Suth street OrjUATTON WANTED BY FTBST-CLASS O chanit-ermaid; city or country; reierenoe. Address 1051 Market street SITUATION WANTED BY A GOOD COOK and laundress; reference; eity or country. Address 748 Howard street tTTANTED ON OR BEFOBE MAY 1ST. A V V young tirl or middie-aged woman to sssist with housework in a small family; wa ;ea $10 rnr I month; large washing given out Apply at 1220 Valencia street nearly enty-tmra. ANY LITTLE GIBL. ABOUT TWELVE years eld, wanting a good home, kind care, where she will be well fed and clothed, can hear of such by applying at 1418 Marsetstreet WANTED EXPERIENCED MACHINE onerators. barters. Docket-makers, finisher. bushel oris and small girls to pull out basting. 121 Sansome street w 7 ANTED A WATTREPS. APPLY BETO S- wick House, corner Sixth and Howard; good wages. WANTED WOMAN TO DO PLAIN COOK-tng;wagesg25. MeehagiC3'Htto'-,03 Sixth st IOOK AND HOUSEKEEPER. (RESTAU-J rant). 649 Mission street. A FIRST-CLASS TAIXOBESS ON CUSTOM made coats: frood; one who understands buttonholes. 952 Mission street - GIRL WANTED TO DO LIGHT HOUSE-work: $10 to 12 a month. Apply 464 Clem- entina street - ' "S TAD AM LIVINGSTON. HEALING MEDIUM IIA Just from the East 121 Sixth street TMVOECES: OUICK TIME: NO PUBLICITY: XJ good everywhere: advice free: strictly corn- dentui. Address ATTOKNEY, P. O. box lasfi. A NEW DEPABT LTRE DIN NEKS S EBVED m from 11A.M. to 8 P. m.: l ot imillini. etc. MSJia inu a uyster urotto, as fine street QTYLISH SUITS MADE to l"P; 8ATISFAO kj tion guaranteeo. cu atcvenson st, cor. Mxtn. J. F. TWIST, DENTIST, street rooms 9 and 10. SOS MARKET w. E. PRICE, DENTIST. HAS 11EMOVED to 3. H corner Market and rush streots. n RE AT REDUCTIONS IN MEATS CALL vT fornia Sheep Baisers, e.. Fif d k ;iemen?ina, TADIE3 CALL AT THE WONDEB I i flower and feather store. 1024 Msrket street jNew goods at the lowest prices. rrHE ARCADE SALOON. I'M MARKET ST L Wines, Liijuon and Cinr3, l-ool and Billiards. vv. llias UO.. late of Aa e Suva street BUSINESS PtKSOXALS. TTILLIAM a PIERSON, PATTERN AND f V model maker, lis Fust street second floor. TITATCHES OR CLOCKS CLEANED AND f V warranted, 50c WENZEL S, K Third st -C0USTRT EEAL ESTATE. QOQ AAft 564 ACRES GOOD CHAIN, &iCO.JJJ fruit or grape land in Vacavills iruit oeit, two nines irom aepot: iarmoouse. uaxa and outbuildings; family orchard and vineyard; 4 ells. TTUmus ana windmills: ov) acres w heat ana bailey looking fine, all for above prici is onered low to make quick sale on account of party leaving the country. H. H. BROWN at CO., :0 Kearny street, or BEOWN it WALTEB3. Vacaviils. ., SQ ( n A A 120 ACRES IN WABM BELT vjO.UUl. near Los Angeles; good hou?, barn and outbuildina water piid to house; 4.70J choice fruit trees, 3.of0 in bearing: 35 acres bearing Tines; 22 acres in wheat and barley; 4 horses and harness; 2 cows and calves; 2 wagons and a!t farming tools. This place will pay at least Si. 'X-0 net this year, foil particulars of Si. H. B140W.S k CO, 30 Kearny streut 130 ACRES GOOD GRAIN, erAre or fruit laud, at Ever green, panta (jtara enuaty: roc a house: two ca-ns and onthouges; family orchard and vineyard; placs all sown with wheat and barley, looking line, A Dargam. o. a. th.u v ct s co, a Kearny stre.v SA fflff ACRES ONE MILE FROM Vf. 'JXJVJ. LoeGatoa; good house and bam; tool well of pure water; 830 fruit trees; 6.000 grape Tines, choice varieties. S. IL BBOVi S k CO., 3i Ktaruy street QIC (CC EIGHTY-SIX ACRES, TWO Oil ). UUU. miles from Los Gates; choi'-a ....... 1 "j 1 .1. w. .1 . . , . 1 . H.A "1 T . On, afuirv iu ireani, , ;c(S vnij . Fiench prunes; t 0 apricots; 475pears ret last year; 73) prunos; 250 apricots; 00 peach; 4jO plum; sOO pears, set this year; two acres Muscat grapes, set last year; line spring, piped to house; four norses and narneas; one Jersey sow; twoneuem; two-horse covered spring wagon; lumber wagcu; plows, cultivators, harrows, and all farming tools ana part or rurniture ro wito ranch: a bargain. O IT . ...".'X7,.. 1. .... nr I' . o. jo. jxcww nam A.t akearny ss. - QQf) AAA S20 ACHES OI" CHOICE Vt)V,vUV. fruit grape or grain land; is in banta Clau county, 3 miles from depot in nno neighborhood; lare house of 8 rooni anl lia barn and outbuildings; large windmill and tank; water pipes to house, barn and grounds; fine stream of living wa er flows throua the ranch. wiiH ana timber along its banks; fine family orchard; 50 acres of grapes, set last year: & acres apricots; 5 acres peaches, 1 year old; this placs will double in value in 2 years, properly h indied. torn is a cargain; over iUJ acsof r'5 S3 tits place. Full particula-s of S. li. liUO N k CO-, UlKeamysreet . ..... . . . 1C9 ACRES FRTTIT. GRAPH aud eraln land. S mile f mni thriving town in Vacaviile fruit b-ilt: new house 1 rooms, bams and outhocsoe; fenced in 3 11 ...... -q 6,000 vines set last year; luO acres sown to bar .or; 9 norses, 1 wagon, 3 sets harnea, 1 sulky p'ow, 1 plow, 1 harrow, 1 cultivator, 1 mower, I sulhy rake. 1 seed sower; all go with ran ill. K. li. liKOWN it CU, 10 Kearny street 0f!0 flAA XJ3J ACRES GOOD FRTTIT. CUsi.tUl, grape or grain land in Vaoa-TUie fruit belt; railroad station oa tiie laal, and nearly all land ajw sown to train: a stiitn lid lo cation for a colony; terms one-tLlrl cash, balaiics 1, z, i years; p.r cent interea. S. D l!KO vVif CO, 30 Kearny street or EKUWN k WALIES, acarilis.. ., S10.000.. LANDS FOB SALE BY sT J. L. SANFOED CO."' QQ V PER ACRE; 730 ACRES; SUPERIOR, O" weUJniproved farm, w ith growing crops, in Sunol Valley. Alameda county, twomiies from railroad depot; living springs and "trearns; unsurpassed for cereals and rraits, a delightful, proata-bis and healthful home; 4u0 acrss luxuriant - wheat and barley. QCfT PES ACRE; 56J ACRES, 120 MILE3 300 from city: 2 miles from railroad; soil deep, byaat, alluvium, mne better for grain, fruits ani Teet-aTtea; living water; crops never fail; health, fid climate; pays uniiurmly 12 par cent per annum on asking price. J. W. TUCKER, WATCHMAKER AND jeweler. Corner Geary sad Kearey streets.. GENTS' CLOTHING REPAIRED, CLE ANED. dyed; bad fitting garments altered. 5-6 Bnsh, cor. Stockton. Openeveuingstill 6. P. Wit ALLEY. THE LOUVRE IS THE BEST RE3OBTF0B lunches; retreahmenH at all hour. TTtANK KENNEDY, ATTORNEY. No. 511 f Kearny street, room L Probatt divorces, iiiTOlveney. etc.; eoUectioos made. ICBXITUBE, UPHOLSTEBY AND MAT-tresses made oyer as new; good work; low prices. V. WETi upholsterer, Ht. Fifth. STAMMERING POSITIVELY CURED. M. FRANK. o Market 1 to 3 r. M.: reteranoai. E003IS TO LET. 114 EDDY ST.-NSWLY FURNISHED sunny rooms; gas bath; gents pref erred. Ql EDDY, OPP. TIVOLI-FURNISHED O JL rooms by day, week or month. H. HALL, 28 SEVENTH ST. FURNLiHE-O BOOMS, suitable for single geutlemeu; fvL-o edits. Q0 4 ELLIS ST.-NICELY FUBNISHED OCx rooms, double and singly for gentlemen. 508 ELLIS-FURNISHED SUNNY FKONT room, suitable for one or twn gentlemen. P 1 Q STEVENSON ST., NEAR 8EVENTH O I if Nicely furnished front room; use of kitchen if desired. Qf7 MISSION ST. SUITS, HOUSEKEEP- O I bag anl single rooms. 830 single. WANTED A THOROUGH GERMAN cook (no second ork) for family of two. Apply 719 Poet street, betweeu 11 smd 12 o'clock. w T ANTED A GOOD aiontgoniery street. VE3TMAKE3. 426 WANTED-FIRST-CLASS "EST HAND BY the week. 640 Washington street Booms 9 and IL t AT ANTED A GIRL TO V Apply 528 Ellis street. DO COOKXSa WANTKD A RESPECTABLE GIRL- FOB light housework. 221 Turk street. WANTED YOUNG RESPECTABLE GIRL Sr middla-aged woman to tend baby; wages. $10 or 4.3 per month. Apply 1110 Montgomery st FOR SAXE-MISCELLAlfEOUS. PUMPa-G. W. HEDGES, FORMERLY OF HEDGES & DILLKNBURti, located at 109 Miaatou St.. baa Francisco (rear!, and will be g'-sd to see nnl serve the patrons of. the oid srm, and the prfl'Uc in gtaereL wiu-i auytaing in tiie pump line. Look at my goods iaf"re baling else win re. MUSICAL IXSTRUMETS. 1 O AAA GUILD PIANOS NOW IN TJSK-JLy.yJVf Beat pianos ia the market for ths money. F. W. fcr'r.MJhil a sole agents, u sno 25 Fifth st, S. F. tend for catalogue. TT OHLEK k CHASE, POST FTBF.ET, NEA3 AV ARipona Largest piano ana organ nowsm STEIN WAV, KRANICH BACH, G ABLER k Roecis h 1'iinos. M. ORAVe. . Post st TYBON MAUZY. AGENT SOHMEB AND J other pianos. 107 Post snwet - S75. GOOD TONE: ROSEWOOD CASE: tn perfect order. DUNN S, 1210 Market LARGEST STOCK OF BAND TNSTBU-meats. M. ORA Y, 206 Post street S. V. GABDENER-3 SUTATION WANTE1-B s man of long practical eperiaK m all orsncnes; wming w um -k-iui, .w. Address M. H 25 Post ttreet COOK IN ALL BRANCHES EDUCATIOSAX. LOST ASD F013I). . r-m-in A wan-s situation, hotel or good boardiug- bouse; eity or eounay. Aanress wwa, a rroct street, ; - YOUNG MAN LONG EXPERIENCED AS waiter, wishes a position for tho Summer ia small country hotel; speaks Germsn and wUiin;to work: good recoaimfcndat.ons. Address LOtla BUTHE2.BUBG. FostofUce, ban Franciaca. ITANTED A SITUATION AS BLACK- Miuni WANTED SITUATION BY A MAN FROM tha East in the soda-water or ginger-ale business: can make all his own extracts; can pro-dnce A No. 1 ptngefale; no objections to country. A duress D. WILaON, 256 Eighthstreet , WANTED A SITUATION AS WAITER in a hotel by a toy 1 years old; retire and Uidustiiouc; eta giw rufcrncss; ooiy expects moderate wages. Address A. B CPUWE,Eooa 20, No. 10 CmUornia street, San Francisco. Cat. FB $25 WILL TEACH ANY ONE TN TEN lesson tt paint a beautiful portrait 13 bt Ann's Building. Portraits to order. ZEITSEA INSTITUTE; 952 POST STREET Day and bearding school; French,German aud English for young ladies acd children, with kinder garten. ALj-JJ-a-ttlX, c -T,X1.0JJ1 ji.innr-ii-nilM,. YTOICB CULTURE. ORATORY AND THE I V drama. MRS. BRADLEY, 6H Elhs street; office hours. 1 to 3 r. at. tmkt numirn-S TV PIANOS CAN BE J) bad at the Musio Stores of SHERMAN, I LAY a CO.. K eamj and Sutter, and Market and Duoontsts. Wener. inicxenng. t-nerman, ciay a Co. I pri;nts and Mansfeldt Kotni Pianos, In h-.njfiil I n walnut eases, lustallroent nay- ments from S10 per month upward. Prices lower and terms of payment easier tu.n at any other reliatue nouse. xwvery sum guaransce TET SELECTED SHEET MUSIC AND J) cooks. M. GB VY, 3iio Po it rt oet S. r. rIANOS-F. Ll -NEUMANN, HAMBURG; X O. Bechstein. Boriu-, ho. 83 Junta street OLDEST PIANO AND ORGAN HOUSE. 4.BAT. 206 Post street, 8. F. M. W s.uith"s hdvcr.Jk drive shoes. C'lat13 TECOR ATTVE ART-IESSONS GIVEN IN Miuna street I J J drawine, painting, barbotine ware and aJ tuJ- n-Vt' SITUATIONS W A STED FEMALE. TXUNT knl l raiiKea iu this marked smoothest castings, best baicr have ail latest improvement; anade from best irore every range guarantied; ninety-seven styles and sires of the Gienwood; was awarded medal Meccanies' Int t Fair, IttX Ask your djaier for these ranges. If be does not keep them "end f iw circular and price-lists. W. a. BAY A CO, 13 Market street Saa Francisco. , - - - - QAHLAXP. : ARLOR, HALL, DINING AND BEIjBOOM f ur jiture, hair and spring msttresKS, cheap tor casn at H. 8.'UELLH ASS, 408 Elerenth st. QUBSCRIPi'IONS AND-ADVEBTWEMENTS tj receiver for theEjuiMijiKB at Burns' News i Dupot corner of Ninth anl Brjadway, and Seventh and Broadway, Oaklan L and by H Y. Baker, P. M., W est Oaklanl. it bPEINGER, Agent " ing school, from 3:0 to 50 P. H. 841 Market st MODERN lAKOCAOEBr ENGLISH brasKhea. PRO'- KOENUa, room 60, 6 Eddy. av A a a ht st-uoui. zra rn cjwv. A. Bidldins painting in oiis. water-colors, min erals, portrait, baroane, mcaeung repou-o er bammerea mevais. mua. . . x. .. nrHnnt, O CIVTL. MINING AND MB- iS c'aanicai eneinesring. suiwving, drawing, 1 ivl jCVAX DKHKA1LLKN. 24 Poet st THAN-OS KOW ARRIVTNO SCHOMACH3R, I Kalifltt a CnnuUHi. Jaw Nichols tt Co. New England, Standard, fcehaing k Sens, togetaerwith our celebrated irpproved AntUeh; 600 pianos to rent si to 7 per month. T. M. AMlsKLL PIANO COMPANY, 24. 6 tnd 23 Ellis street B CBDETT DOMESTIC. WILCOX. A WHITE organs, w. I.KA1 , Jb rost str-jet. p. r. A EION. STECK, BCRWECHTEN. CHICK-f erim?. Mausfel lt and Ne-tui PUnos. BE-vJA-MIS C17BTAZ 8 O i arrell i-reet AGENTS TFASTED. wtdrertisautt smder tlit lead inserted Jrm qf ! Kesrcj street Room 5. . . . . .in tw n-ijt a? r-tj V" T rT xr 1 n11 T" -J" TTARMONY AND MUSICAL COMPOSITION ' I L iuucW- in educaOonal 11 taugns; term fu- 1 cjdmiet NY RELIABLE PFESON WITH -r - ri.l nrf .,rim at JVLCS IAS. ELA'S, successor to B-ae k Co, 10 ieary atreet. A oonn KF.AMSTRES3 WOULD LIKE A i few (tnraimnenia to SO out by the ixf Va- i derstands all k.nd of family sewinf, or will aaUt wi-b drers:! aiucg. Call at 1 annua s-rev SITUATION WANTED A3 CHAMBERMAID by a competent young woman. Call or aaorens Room 3, bKiunoiid House, ltirut-tei CDUCATED AND REFINED PERSON AS iA traveling maid or nurse; cpeacs 1 rencn, f,n5- CLOCI-TION, ORATORY AND DRAMATIC j l-1, ,,.., li Ir-S LOLA COIXIN. a gradu ate of the Boston bchcol of Elocution and Ex- ! p.wssioa. Hours fro-a 1 to X 6vd Tajlor. 1 cydoieciia and business g'lij.- the mast coaiiie educational work ever issued: royal octavo, threw Toiumes bound In one, Lit;') paces. 4:0 iliustra- ti.K; it ia without doubt tha most tnorouguiy ,-irtory book for actnts and a Jtorue s that has been issued for y ar sold on installments or foreman. Aiawuii tai suaa v, o. . JILDICAL. . mrvTinVU M1K CHAPELS FRENCH A Female Pills; va'uaMs in irregularities of monthly teriod- from eoid, etc.: price, "3; ladies la deist heaith and other eon lit ons shou!d-uss tesjuT Address MBS. DAVlEa, 1-4- Market street comer Ninth. " ' WANTED FIFTY AGENTS; FOUR BEST selling arUoies. t all on C F. SHOiiT, American Exchanse HoteL AGENTS' TAKE THE BEST SELLINa i book, "Collier's Cjckiptidiaof Commercial K.-V.1 rnfimnsrioa: a most COPlljlttd buSI- nw.u.1 . 1 ginmrtn KtlnnM illuS-Tatcd 1 nw eiii-i-3 :"cn intaliin-nt3 aud tor cash. CtL UtR, 14 jjqpont street Boom 31, S. F. ASTROLOGY. M ADAMS LEOIA, TEE BEST fortune teller in the world, revtals , past present and future I gives lucky charms, love tokens, and reads th 1 Pianeta. Residence. 23-6 Missioa at tttwaen Nineteenth and TweutieiJ:. OfnMaoov to9f. M. Fee.$l. '- l'sh and Cerman; city reference. Aius-i street. - . - T VTANTED-A SITUATION TO DO GEN- eral housework in a rmaH trivate family where tee washing is give a out: li a good cook: ref-ere -: s fivrn; city or country. Address COOK, 715 Howard street t YOUNG GIRL WANTS A FOSITIOJ XU A wrrk B s store or learn a tade; pay from the Bart Apply 3U Fifth street Cil at LW I M'tVFV WIN'TFD AXTl TO LOAN. I w-wrwi mttxt-AI. FNTIOWMENT ASSO- l eiauon. attention- uve Boum"" - . HffiVET LOANED ON EVERY DESCRIP- IV L tion of security; old gold and silver bought 51113. OOLEjIAN, 41 Third st Watches cleaned. gL Private entrance on jesae sr. air-Brsi-vE meectoi-y. wanted : the best terms sver onured. W. JONES, SStc-e.aiy, 14 llupon. strts. YtTANTED AGENTS TO CANVASS rta V them.estnrostcomp!etndbestlla-imaps ever made. ut.o. s - m-arimv t,c SEW1SG HACIII5ES. rpJJE LEADIMl AND LATEST IMPROVED L machines and sewing machine supplies of all kinds; machines rented; machines repred; estab-lisbed 163. SAMUEL HILL lofAiE, 6.(4 Market rtreet (opposite Palace Hotel), and 8, 11 and Ll First street San Francisco. Or TO $15 S1N-5KR. DOMESTIC, AT7TO- ctcx; rent $2 per month 145 Sixth DOSITION AS HOUSEKEEPER WANTED Jt by Amt riean lady, or would go to mining camp to tike charge of board ne-hous; twelye years experience. Address 711 California st T-ATTvn TUNTSTT GTET, WISHES SITUA- 1 tion to do general housework in a small American family; to a good cook. 26 EUisst, up stairs. A T.inv W A NTS TO GO OUT BY THT5 A day to do any kind of housework. Apply 413 Nutoma street TTAVTF.n A SITUATION AS A HOUSE- V keeix-r, by tha day or month. A;viy .2 Second street Artist Staterials. EANEORN, VAIL k CO, 857 Market strenk Pictures Frames, Mckiui.s. Mirrort, etc Arrhiterts. j, H. T. BEjTOB. Architect 238 aFarrelt t-eet - Assarer. W. D. JOHNSTON. 113 Lsided3rff, nr. California Hrwers. HIBERNIA BREWERY, 1229 Hovrad street be- tvreeo r. i m. 1 1 -ii , ..tin., jm. , . . . 2TATTONAL EEEWIN'' CO.. conwr Fulton aaj Weuu-r ta . E. UAitsLN, Pres t OA RELIABLE AGENTS WANTED, BY ll the U. B. A. oi CaL. to whom special terms will be granted; our crainiissiona i are rery -Hr--tnry Ad.lresa. THE U. B. A UJ! --. lo8 Mission street Saa Franctco, Cal. SATES- I lug. TOR vrw AXI- K V.l Tt N" O-HAKD safes call and f my stock before bujr J JOHN ilOLLOY, 54 Clay street PHYSICIANS. M17(i:L WVUf 1. i-'viwsvii to Dr. W. sv. sm::a, rrueiaa -::ua.iis. SI A PER ACRE-1.100 ACRES, LEVEL, 120 X J miles from city, 2 from raihuad; very dnp aedimeutary soil- first quality bop land; superior for Peacliea and Apricots; a good live etoek tarn; improvements valued at $J,0u.'; rents readily at $ti -to 12 per acre. QO A PER ACRE 2,000 ACRES, 110 MILES , jOJ from city, 5 from railroad; 4 each of not-to u, table land and low hills; all good and mostly superiur land, adapted to every branch of culture; may be alTantagoou&ly divided into ten or tuoro profitable farms. 8 OA PER ACRE-1,500 ACRES, 1S0MTLFS AAJ, from city, two from railroad depot; soil, do p. sandy loam; part river bottont; bring water and abundance of wood; well fenced; small house and barn: adapted to diyenined farming; especially recommended for a oombuKd dairy and bog farm. 160 acres, at ?'3 per acre, tewL good fruit ani f-vming land; loO acre- at, $50 per acre, hi ly, contains nwrhle quarry; 100 acres at $j0 per acre, part level, adapted to grazing, ev reals and fruits; situated 3. miles from Fairfield, Bolano count?; oaeceu as m wuote at tv per acre. TJNIMPROVED LANDS. Ql fi PER ACKE-S SECTIONS NEAR r I 1 1 Ellis. Pan .'o.vroin counts. 70 miles f rau c.ty, 2 miles from rail way; level, sandy loam. TO ?I0 PES ACEE-5,000 ACRES IN detached sectious. Tulare county: near railway; in artesian belt. QQ TO $5 PER ACRE 15,000 ACRES, alter-iJO nai secti ma, San Jutuiu county; level; splendid sandy loam. For particiilars inquire of J. L. SANTORDft CO., SiX) Montgomery street, San Frsncisca. S3 QQ OAA cnEAP.-i60-AOEEm t?0. (4UV farm, 30 arras under coi;J Uving water the year round; eight-roomed bouoe. large bam, sheds, eta.; include two wagons, all farming and carnent-r tools, two eowa, forty sheep, poultry, etc; luv fniit trees, family Tineyard, etc., one-half acre bbtcklwrrias; noely located in Lata county on stage road I guarantee this) a bargain; easy t?nns perfect tftle. also 40 acres unimpruveii for$:00. W. 8. REYNOLDS, 531 California st, 787 FOLSOM STREET NICELY FCR-nt-hed sunny front rooms; us-! of kitchen. FOLSOM STREET NICELY FUR. nished fiont sunny rooms; double and ELLIS TWO LARGE SUNNY IN-JLytr fumifhed rooms for light houjekoei Ing. s UJTNY FUBNISHED ROOMS, WITH OK witaout rise of kitcbea. aio. Marxet street '2075 TAYLOR 8T FUBNISHED SUITE or singla rooms in private f asuly. TWRNISHED ROOMS TO LET F.E HOUSE-I keejiing, at 8'5 Harriron street near Fov.rth. 205 SIXTH BTREET NICELY FUB-nl&hed sunny front rooms; reasonable. PRICES REDUCED AT LINDELL HOUSE, S,rth and Howard; suite of rooms focmeriy 91 bow too.; rooms formerly 50s. Bowiba. 616 637 OAI.A. ST. NEWLY-FURNISHED roouas suitable for gents; private laoiily. CALA. ST. NICT-LY FUBNISHED rooms, wiih ct5of kitchevj. 729 CALA. ST.-TWO PLEASANT SUN-ny suites; bath; deyuabte location. 611 POST ST. LABGS FRONT BOOM, nicely f uraLhed; closet bath, gas, 16 STOCKTON PLACE SUNNY FRONT room, nicely f urn shad, suitable for two. MONTREAL HOUSE-1300. Stockton street, ehauEed hiu.Is and thoroughly rno'aied; ciean roon-s, ty the day. week ormontl; jicrnight .aceuu, ppward. v flu, i roi.netor. ST. DAVID'S. NO. H5 HOWARD STREET; near Third A nrst-ehws kxljpu? hotel, containing 190 rooms; water and go in each room; no better beds in the world; no guest alio red to uss the iiaon own sated by another; a large rea ling-room; hot and onhi water; baths free; prion of ward; open all -ught B. HUGHES. Pronrietor. 726 SrTTER ST. SUNNY FURNISHED suite of front parlors, first rtoiw. FRONT FUBNIf HKD ROOM. NO. 613 I. Leayenwortn street 4485 THIRD ST. FURNISHED BOOMS for housekeeping; bath; sins Is roons. E0ARDISG AXD KOOMS. in V RTTtTTR 8T-THAKKEU HAMW 4 I oletant sunny rooms with board; central Ijcaon. - HERMAN EXCHANGE eryTEL, S,N-A -in. tre-rt under the nianwrenaent of Charles Montgomery, will hereafter be found to bo one of the Best ana most respemmuK roam? m-oi. the ct-.y; table nrst-ciajis ia every parucuiar; WvL-d. with mom. SL SI 26 and II rO per aay; taste Boara. 5 per wera, w jh auwiu. torn coach to and from ths notai, "if ONTGOMERY-S TEMPERANCE HOTEL, ilJL 227 and SSS Second street Brad and room. 7c to "1 per oar; vj am .wi, mm s -..'a- meals, Joe; sinine rooms, tiwa, vm vw,, uc. coach to and trass a9L HOUSES TO LET. 1XR BENT THE BASEMENT OF 8Y1A-1 eojie on Mason street between P.wt and Ueary, formetly oeenpled by the Paci! Busmees College. . iui-ire of A. aaWAiA-, 72S tary at mo LET IN OAKLAND-FIVE-BtjD-I COT-A fciS. ?19p-r month. AipSy to KidNKNEB & CO., 3-0 fcaiisome street. TMNE VINEYABD 169 ACRES NEAR Tv'Saota Rosa; wonderful bargain. Address C. P.. Box iiS. Station B, pity. FaCITANDVINELANDS, ORCHARDS, gf . Tineyards, general farms, grain, stock and V ualry ranches for sale and exchange; send staxua for catalogue. MATIHEW3 4 SAYBE, f Kearny street. PR BALE IN TOMBSTONE, ARIZONA Thrse furnished bouses on two lots, 60 fee fjvnt by 120 feet deep: three rooms ia each; uiarble-toii f lumiture. all in good order; Brusjela carpets; will base'.d cheap on account of the owner tearing Arizona; good ti le; also, two lott for sa!e. App.y or address at 914 Fremont street Tombstone Arizona. CITT HEAL ESTATE. F)R SALE 114 TURK BT.-IOT AND IM. protements. By H. O. LABOHM, SOi jesjia. DESTLSTS. CROOME DENTAL ASSOCIATION.KSS MAR-ket St.. above Fourth. Artificial testh. frouiS7 per set: filling, from f I; extractlug, 50 cents, aud with gas (of which wo make a specialty). A!. 'ETS OF TEETH. i; EXTRACTING, EVEN. ) ing, Soo. 10 Third st T. CKOSafcTT, dentist ANFORD SUBLETT. SIXTH STREET, 3 corner Mission. CLARKE, DENTIST. 127 KEABNY PLATES aud fiiiinf. at reaaopaols rates; gas given. WARRANTED Teeth-ullinz. IL DR. SIMMS Dentist 825 Mai-ket street. - .IW YORK DENTAL ROOMS. 1 SIXTH near Market VV agres to picas or aoctaargaw OT A BET FOR TEETH- y as good as ean be made. K C. 8. DUCKETT, DENTIST. 23 SIXTH street; reasoiialde rates; gas given. COLTON DENT At ASSWIATION l'helan Build in , Booms G, 7. 8, 9, 10 and U. DR. CiiAP.Ll!.S W. DECKER. Deatist J. DYER, EESTI3T; 31 POST BIB-iiili corner Kearny. J. BUSH 4 NEUMA-Nir. DENTISTS OFFICE, Kearny street between Geary aad Pot Of EIVE AND LET LIVE-SPLEN-fwjr Ql). did set of teeth only S3 at uentaiCTj"; a rooms of DK. 'P. BULTOA", uli Howard suest Filling a specialty; all work guaranteed. 11 A. BLISS, DENTIST. EOOM3 T AND S, !. 8u6 Market street ASSESS3IEST S0TICES. ATOTICE OF AS8KSSMENT. DELAWARE il Sliver Miuing Oompauy. Location of prino-pal place of business, San Francisco, (.'a iivrnia. Locauon of works, UoM HUl Mining IHsttict fto-rey count v, Nevada. Notit is hereby given that atanieetinf of the Board of Directors, held era the 2-th day of March, 184. an assessment, No. 6, of trre eeuU per r bare, was levied upon the eai- tal stock of the corporation, Krt'aile immediately, in United States gold coin, to the feecretary, at the oil ce of the Conipany, 600 Market street Saa Francisco, Calii'orr.ia. Any stock upon which th!s sssesamcnt shall rs-main uiiiaid on the 6th day of May, lie!, will be delinquent and advertised for sale t public i:c-tion; and, 'inless payment is made bef ore, will bo soldi on MONDAY, ths 6th day of May, ISA. to pay the dilinoneot assessmeut togirUier with cost of sdver-i-iti-od er) of tale. By order of the Board of Directors. W. F. BOG APT, Secretary. Office, 800 Market street Sau Francisco, California. - UXFEEaISIIED HOUSE WAXTEP. , ...,t. ,iv TTNFURNfSHIiD FLAT OB i,,tl bos of sereu or.eiht rooms yoo " i .v.. ii..;,-t hnunrlel br an i' IVrSo TjhTaod Ma-ai Uwa Ap ply to " EX AMI Ji E R," this office. OFFICES A3D STOKES TO LET. T'iTORE AND TH O ROOMS WELL FITTED A up-, .sood .taud fora shoe stor and thoe-maker. cheSp; Twenty-fourth ttrsck. aear ilar-risoa. Apply S Broadway. BOSSES AS ffAGGXS. OECOiiD-HAND BUSiNESa WA .GONS. BUT, O ries. coupes, always on baud, cliea AliOa. BOLEttia. low Marset street THIRTY HEAD OFGOOD DRAFT, DRIVING and saddle horses; also, four gd brood mares, choice iralcJi cws, a-warjon tx.d U svwk-yHrd, cor. lentil and Howard. J. P. BiJRAN. A GENERAL' ASSORTMENT Oi? GOOD, sound yonna bores, always arriving from tha country. A F. KAaON. 17 alenoiaii-jreet .'OR BEST PIUCES TRY LUNI Y. MAB-r ktt street between Fourtii and xiXn- ItARTItS HAVING FUKNITL Khir On. SALE wi!l please call on TiiLE k Cli. it. Malket street opioiite tho Kxamixkk ortice. IX'ilMTL'KE FOi: SALE. TUBXITURE AND CABPET360LD ON b SHE INSTALLMENT PLAN. EASY TERMS. GILESP.T k MOUiiE. li end 30 ECTTEP. ST. BEST AND BELCHEB MINING COMPANY. Location of works, Virginia City, Storey oounty, Nevaila Location of pnncipalp ace of business, San Francisco, Califurnia. N.tice is hetei y tiv-n Uiatat amWneoitL Uiestois, held onthJl'iFfEEN iH (15tH day of April, lo4. an assessment (No. 23) ol Fifty Cents (Jo) ptr share was levied upontli cajiiial stock of the Corporation, payable immediately in V. S. gold coin, to the becretary, at ths ofric of the Uompacy. Boom No. 2.J, Nevada block. No. 303 Montgomery street San Francisco, California. Any stock upon uieli thu asiewmeut sliall re-roain ud oTwEIiNKSDAY, tue Slat day of Mir. laS vwH to deiinmient m advertucd tf sale at pnblic auction ; ami rii,les paymeiit to Sid. before, will b sold on EDNLnD AY. tho 1 til day of June, Ue. to pay the de uiuueut assessment tocether with eoits of all emiing aud expenses of ie- -t.,, Krrrtmrv t-..- tiAm Xi. E Nevada Block. N(i. C0J Mootgoiwrry street San Francisco, Cal. apl7d "a tbiltN A NuXit E - EL CAPITAN A go J nxuTii: Slicii.g Company. L -cation of iriuciual plaos of bieiness. Sau Frarcuco, CaU-t raia: ligation of works, Giiiily Gulclu El Lo-radocjunw, Caii;ornt.v-Not:ce fa hereby girea-that at a meeting of t! Board of Dir-ct-jrs, hl 1 on the 2.1 day of ApriL ISi. aa asseBsniest (o. 2J cf tn ( c-ntg per share wa levied upon the w-hal stocK of tiie orpora-jon. payaili: imaiiatc.y. in L idled tstute golii eoirM to the becretary, at tuo oioJ of the company, Loom 34, Haiteck block, No. 320 Sansomo ttreet. Sau Francisco. Cal torn;. Ar.y StCK upoawulCU iniv a-,.u:e;:i 10- main uuiiaid cn tne teith (Ui day of M;;y. Is-ii, wii be de'- n ner.t and adertisi!d f r saie a, pu l o auction, and.' nuteM psmieet U made befo.-e, 11 he so d oa SATt liWAr. tha 3 st day o: ay. IS 4. to pay t. delinquent swaevami nu Vn:--'-'"' with cost of sdvertiiiirg ju 1 e, oaisei oi sale, liy order oi the Board of Drfectors. orucroi j. jj. iiRi.NtKMANN. Bserjtnrr. - OSce Kooro 54, iuii:ecr au. m some ttreet San Iraucu co, Canf ornia. 1 1 " !7 ,-. y v -Tll MfVtV'i' GOULD tWKal oil. a, iv ai.'iiiw-rauy. Loca-,icB.oi pruicijiai Im of tni-tisss. tftnFRincwco. C .'.; location of wtrks, ii-giuil, Storey county. cvaaa.-Noti( w bar. by i venthata; ameetiiiji-f tne Boanl of Trunin., held n the th day of Mrch, ISSi, an asse-s meut (No. 4"! of Fifty CUlM (iOalpir siuu-e wasli-vicl upon tiie ca-iitai sfotk i the corporation, arl.i lil med:auly in U'"tel Kfcvts old ei-i'. to t!- Scortary. at the o-'lice oi t';e C-mpany, Koosn Xu 6 , Nevada B:oc.-, No. i. Moutg--merx atrevt laai Francisco, Call.urm. Any stock uiwn whi h thn ssJessment shttt ro-auua uuraid onoue llta d:y of 11. wilt j r? ... ... ...i -.i.,., tm nl at nuelic auc- Q 'illltllltjui rti-' - - , . .;H l j .i ii- lew riinujat is n.sda b tore, r.ui m sold'on MNDAV,"thw 5ih day of.Maj- 1S. -S, t h e.Jt jay tiie re.iuquent arssnt toow ah , a iverti-iQi and etpio of sUs, ly o-dcr of Morgomer, strew. Sja Francio, t at

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