The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on February 29, 1924 · 1
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 1

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 29, 1924
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1 Two Go to Bat. What's "Sacred" in Crime? Copper Needs Salesmen. Dangerous to Sell Francs. 1 By Arthur Brisbane (Copyright, 1824. by BUr Coann;.) The political battle is on. Hiram Johnson enters the primaries in Ohio. Al Smith of New York en ters the primaries in Illinois. His petition was filed with the Secre tary of State yesterday by friends, lie said. He, it seems, knew noth in? about it ' Another copper concern, the In' spiration Copper Company, yester day followed the example of the big Anaconda, and skipped its dividend. That means bad salesmanship and toot enough advertising. If the copper men would explain, through advertising In plain language what copper means and what it tivet on building, no company able to produce copper at 20 cents a pound or better, need lack business. The convenient flummery that permits lawyers to withhold Information concerning clients as "secrets and sacred" should be ended. As things stand now n big legal frascal, helping a bigger corporation rascal to conceal his stealings, rises olemnly in court to say, "this is sacred confidence between lawyer and client." 0. CLERIC 2v ! Pinrr K-Vw."y K S X.J . I J . im. J 11. I 1 11.11 .11 . I " tl I 1 It II WHM 1WM &Xoxwrt)i of 1 Wrrtrttrrtr&rt' . W the Smites KJ 4J REG.US.PAT.OFF. THE WEATHER Fair -.-rrv VOL CXX. NO. 60. Frirlnv - j -t r-.,t in San Fran- ( cisco bay re- V .; 111 AUU . Tamalpais. Yfl, J Corap!t We!hT R-port on Pure S2. CC SAN FRANCISCO, FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 29. 1924-THIRTY-FOUR PAGES DAILY 5 CENTS. SUNDAY 10 CENTS: FVoY, There is no more reason for such sacred confidence between lawyers and clients, where crime is com' mitted, than there is for sacre confidence between burglar an pawn shop keeper. When a pawn shop, man helps burglar to sell his loot he is com pelled to tell about it and refund. A lawyer helping a corporation to teal property from the govern ment should also be compelled to tell all about it There is not any "sacredness" in theft. nlLffllMIc) tj sW .r J L. i ,ii 1173 v-wwi LJ LJ Li u LJ LI LJ IP y uu .Z3 t 13 FIGHT FOR $12,000 ' 1 i ,001 The franc, while a little stronger yesterday, is still dangerously weak. But be careful how you go short of French currency. The French have a great deal of real money, Thev can. whenever they choose, cut off the cost of extravagant mili tary spending, the subsidizing Poland and other military powers. The French are naturally most economical and on-the average the richest people in the world. won't pay in the long run to sell France or her money "short London police discovered a new drug that secures its victims in a new way. By inhaling the odor of this "perfumed alkaloid" the drug habit can be established and the perfumed drug leads gradually to cocaine, etc. This is new in the drug world although since the days of Antony and Cleopatra men have been lured into making fools of themselves by perfumes ot various kinds. Old Eunyan, in his book on the "City of Man's Soul," told of the gates to that city, "Eye Gate, Mouth Gate; Nose Gate." Trouble comes through any of these gates and takes possession of the city. A 40 per cent tax on inheritance would be foolish in various ways. First the tax would be evaded Extravagant taxation defeats itself, Second, such a tax is not neces sary in this country, where entail cf estates is forbidden. . Young people that inherit money (Continued on Page S, Column 3) Today You Gain An Extra Day not again until 1928 will you have an extra day. why not make it the "Red Letter" day of your life the day you bought your home The person whose monthly payments go toward the acquisition of a home has something solid, concrete for which to work. The money expended for a home in the Bay Region is also placed in a safe investment which is steadily climbing in value for the real estate in this vicinity, is of greater value now than ever before and the value is constantly advancing. Make today February 29, 1924 THE DAY of your life! Buy your home! Select the one you want now from among the offerings of the leading real estate dealers advertised today and every day in Examiner Want Ada AGED WIZARD VANISHES AS FAME CALLS Electrical Genius Disappears on Eve of Victory and Riches After Thirty Years' Struggle Plans Also Disappear at Same Time and Circumstances Give Rise to Fears of Plot Through one ot fate's Ironies, an immense fortune ra waiting for Elbert C. Kilpatrick, 74, inventor of a remarkable electric motor, when be mysteriously disappeared two weeks ago. r A. V V J No trace of the aged inven-tor's where-ibouts has been found. In the meanwhile, KM-Patrick' . . at tor -ney. H. B. M. Miller of tnis city, has broad caarted hts des tription through a 1 1 California police depart ments and waits to tell him, if lo- E. C. Kilpatrick. cated, that he has been offered approximately $12,000,000 by English capitalists for the patent rights of his invention. Fear has been expressed that the aged man was despondent and discouraged and feared failure after his long struggle: that his mind may have become temporarily upset through brooding. Miller does not entirely eliminate the possibility of foul play. For thirty yar Kilpatrick had worked patiently on his Invention, said Miller, and he sacrificed much Once in a fit of despondency he is alleged to have said to Miller: "When I get to the end of my rope '11 blow my brains out." The plans of Kilpatriek's Inven tion are also said to have vanished and it is believed he had them with him when he disappeared. He was formerly a school teacher of San Leandro and was declared by Father Ricard. the famous astronomer, It is said, to be an electrical genius. Akron s Cars Resume, Idle Since February 1 AKRON. (O.), Feb. 28. Street cars were in operation here again today under terms of a franchise igned by the city council late last night. The city haa been without car service since February 1, when the Northern Ohio Trac tion and Light Company was ordered to discontinue local operations by city officials. Blazing Auto In Cliff Drop Fires Forest SAN BERNARDINO, Feb. 88. A blazing automobile plunged over a switch back on the Waterman Canyon road at 9:30 o'clock tonight and started a serious mountain fire, the fourth during the past week. As the machine fell on its fiery course it scattered fire for 250 feet In its path. V. F. Boliver, the driver of the machine, leaped as his car reached the brink. He was slightly burned. The automobile had apparently caught fire from brakes while descending the mountain grade. Forest rang ers were rushing a large force of men to the scene of the fire, which is close to the heart of the resort region. JOIN FOR DRY 'AIJM Representatives of Fourteen States Direct House Move to Legalize 2,75 Pet. Beverage General Appeal Made to Al Members to Get Behind Bills Scheduled for Next Week Russ Noble, Bride Freed at New York NEW TORK, Feb. 28. After be ing detained ai e.uis jbihuu iuui days, the Baron and Baroness Michael Rovce-Garrett of Russia ere released by authorities today when a theatrical agent gave assur ance that the baroness was booked for a concert tour in America. lOIEIY - GUREILL WIFE One of the most unusual "court' scenes ever staged In San Francisco will be enacted tomorrow noon at 2100 Turk street, when Superior Judge George H. Cabanise will go to the bedside of Mrs. Gladys M Kopperud to hear her testimony in a divorce action she has brought sgaiinst Oscar E. Kopperud, ship ping man. Those attending Mrs. Kopperud believe. It was stated yesterday when request for the unusual procedure was made, that the divorce matter i weighing heavily upon her mind and that once it can be disposed of there will be marked improvement In her condition. She has been 111 aJmost since her arrival here nine months ago from New York, where she married Kop perud on May 9. 1922. She says that despite her illness, her hus band has nagged and quarreled with her. The hui(band, although contend ing that all of the nagging has not been on -his part, has announced that he will not contest the action and will await an improvement in his wife's condition before attempt ing to effect a reconciliation that he believes is still possible. If a decree will, help his wife's mental attitude and hasten her recovery, he wants her to have it. according to statements made yesterday. Governor Byng Calls For Canada Tax Cut OTTAWA, Feb. 28. Governor General Byng In his speech from the throne at the formal opening ol parliament today emphasized the mportance 6f lower taxes. Lord Byng's speech also brought out that the government was con sidering stabilization of freight rates on grain from the Great Lakes to Canadian ocean ports. Moroccan Rebels Shell Spanish Forts MEI.ILLA (Morocco), Feb. 28. Melilla is cut off from communlca tion with the Spanish positions at Axdir. Ezus and Afrau, which are belns: bombarded by rebel tribesmen rebel battery on Monte Tlfernln has she!!ed the Spanish fortifications. The rebels are reported to be constructing trenches. WASHINGTON. Feb. 13. Forty members of the House joined today in an announcement that next week each will introduce a bill to legalise the manufacture and sale of be erages with an alcoholic content ot 2.75 per cent by volume. The announcement was made In a letter sent to all other House members calling on them to join In the movement to modify the Vol stead act .. Announcement of this plan was made today by a "committee of forty" who signed their names to a letter sending copies of the bill to all members and asking them to Join In the effort. The bill would merely declare that beverages con tainlng 2.75 per cent of alcohol are not intoxicating. Those who signed the letter are Representatives Britten, Illinois Browne, New Jersey; Berger. Wis eonsin; Bmmm, Pennsylvania; Cal ler, New York; Clancy, Michigan; Connery, Massachusetts; Connolly, Pennsylvania; Corning, New York; Doyle, Illinois; Dyer, Missouri; Ed monds, Pennsylvania; Hill, Mary land; Kahn, California; Kindred, New York; Kunz, Illinois; L Guar- dla. New York; Lampert, Wiscon sin; Lehback, New Jersey; Llnthi-oum, Maryland; MacGregor, New York; McNulty, New Jersey; Mead, New York; Minahan, New Jersey; Morin, Pennsylvania; Newton. Missouri; O'Brien, New Jersey; O'Connor, Louisiana; O'Sullivan, Connec ticut; Perlman, New York; Ransley, Pennsylvania; Rosenbloom, West Virginia; Sabath, Illinois; Sehaffer, Wisconsin; Sherwood, Ohio; Stephens, Ohio; Tagus, Massachusetts; Tydlngs, Maryland; Voight, Wiscon sin; Wolff, Missouri. KAHN'S SON JOINS UNION, FULL FLEDGED JAZZ ARTIST NEW YORK. Feb. 28. Roger- He paid his $50 Initiation fee and Wolfe Kahn, 17-year-old son oi Otto H. Kahn, chairman of the board of director of the Metropolitan Opera, now is a journeyman musician and Jazz saxophone artist, a paid-up member in good standing of Local American Federation of Musician is dues in advance after a musi cians' union committee of five yesterday had decreed his efforts on the saxophone were of sufficient artistic merit to permit his membership. He now may lead his five-piece Jazz orchestra wherever and whenever he will, so far as the union musicians arc concerned, f Shooting Stirs Demand For Quiz of Dry Bureaus WASHINGTON, Feb. .28. Declar-ng the accidental shooting of Sen ator Graene of Vermont, during a hase of suspected bootleggers by . dry law enforcement squad, was typical of the methods pursued by the national prohibition depart ment. Senator Edwards, Democrat, New Jersey, urged in tne Senate to day that a thorough investigation be made of the Federal enforcement agencies. Senator Edwards spoke In sup port of his resolution empowering he Senate Judiciary Committee to conduct Xhe proposed investigation, and asserted that the deplorable tragedy which prompts the resolution places the inquiry far from personalities and partisanship. He said: I have been waiting patiently for someone who advocates straight-out prohibition to take official cognizance of this latest evidence of contempt for the, public in the alleged effort to enforce a law that Is not enforceable. I do not understand the studied silence on the part of those In authority. To me it has a sinister aspect. Bandit Girl With Bobbed Hair Seized PHILADEL PHIA, Feb. 28. Philadelphia's "bobbed hair bandit" was captured today by police In a pistol Dame witn ner male ac complice, who escaped after seri ously wounding one patrolman. The girl gave her name as Dor othy Rodgers, and admitted having participated in the robbery Tuesday night a chain grocery store, the police said. Her capture followed an unsuccessful attempt io hold up a shoe store. who.e manager frightened the bandits by shouting for help. Would Drop Burden EER LAUNCHED IN CONGRESS: . WAITING FOR LOST INVENTOR ATTEMPTSTO BLOCK LEASE PliDBEAIIiED Additional McLean Messages Show Plot to Interfere With Plans of Senate Committee Two Historic U.S.Documents Are Enshrined WASHINGTON, Feb. S8. The originals of the nation's most historic documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, were placed on public view in a specially constructed shrine in the library of Congress today In a ceremony attended by President and Mrs. Coolidge, Secretary Hughes and leaders of the Senate and House. In n n nni mini C h. u. r. suuipft , . RENEW FIGHT f M DAUGHERTY SEEDS m fS MYSTERY PARIS, Feb. 28. Interesting tests of a medium claimed to possess a mysterious luminosity the emission of blue light rays with radiographic properties- are an nounced by Dr. Gustave Geley of the Metaphysical Institute here. The medium is an Italian named Erto, of Castellammare dl Es tradia, brought to Paris recently for a more searching examination after experiments in , Italy had failed to solve the question whether the subject's peculiar properties were natural or produced by some artificial means. Dr. Geley claims that he sub jected Erto to the moat rigorous tests. The examiners declared that Erto, when placed In a darkened room, appears to be surrounded by a kind of halo, while every now and then a clearly defined fan-shaped ray of light is projeciea irom uie eft side. Occasionally also, a cons of light appears above the head. Former Millionaire Dies in Poverty NKW TORK. Feb. 28. William Bradley, one-time multi-millionaire, builder of most of the Broadway-Seventh avenue subway, the Home- tead tunnel of the Pennsylvania Railroad, and the Croton Siphon, led a week ajro at his home here, virtually a pauper, it became known today when his will was filed. Pearl White Wins, Actor Loses Lawsuit NEW YORK. Feb. 28. A Jury In Brooklyn today returned a verdict In favor of Pearl wnite, movie actress, and the Fox Film Corporation, who were being sued for 50.000 hy John F. Beatty, an actor. The suit arose over a collision ot horses while the two were riding la making a picture. Party Leaders Displeased at Plan to Allow Him to Stay in Cabinet Pending Inquiry Resolution Calling for Probe of Justice Department to Be Passed by the Senate Today Henderson Victor In By-Election LONDON, Feb. 28. In the Burn- leigh by-election today, Arthur Hen derson, secretary for home affairs, received 24,671 votes against 17,634 for Camps, his Conservative opponent. Bismarck's Grandson In Reichstag Race BERLIN. Feb. 28. Prince Otto Bismarck, grandson of the Iron Chancellor, Is the candidate for the German National party for the Weser Ems district in the impend ing Reichstag elections. Russ Recognition by Hungary Indicated BUDAPEST, Feb. 28. (By the Associated Press.) Hungary has decided to recognize the Russian soviet government. Haynes, Dry Leader, III at Kansas City KANSAS CITY, Feb. 28. Roy A. Haynes, federal prohibition com missioner, became ill here and a physician was called. WASHINGTON, Feb. !8. Re newed efforts to bring about the resignation of Attorney General Daugherty are under consideration among Senate Republicans. Some of the party leaders who have participated In recent negotiations looking to his retirement are not satisfied with the arrangement which permits him to remain In the cabinet until the Senate Investiga tion of his administration is con eluded. The statement of Daugherty be fore he left suddenly yesterday for Chicago was an evident disappoint ment to these Senators. ' Although the general belief Is that his reslg nation will be demanded at the conclusion of the Senate inquiry, It is argued by his critics that he ought not to be allowed to remain In office. The resolution of inquiry la to be adopted tomorrow under a for mal agreement entered into late to day. These leaders expect comparatively little discussion and adoption is assured He and others will oppose the provision naming Senator Brook- hart, Iowa, an Insurgent Republican, to head the Investigating committee, but It appeared likely tonight that he would be chosen by a majority vote of the Senate. Daugherty Names Two Lawyers for Defense CHICAGO, Feb. 28. Attorney-General Harry M. Dausherty on leaving for Florida tonight announced that h had retained George B. Chamberlain, former United States Senator from Oregon, and Paul Howland, Cleveland attorney, to represent him In the Senate Investigation. Plane Plunges Into Sea, Sportsmen Saved MIAMI (Fla.), Feb. 28. Walter D. Hinds, nationally known sportsman and C. J. Martin, prominent business man of Miami, are recovering today from a night of harrowing hardship In the mud of a shallow bay south of here and In a manprove swamp after the seaplane in which they were coming to Miami from a fishing trip on the West Coast was brought down, out of gasoline, in the worst gale of months. i 4 I t y v yv' ( : V. ' . ' r a- j l, ; K x ,,, Chairman, Attacked for Secret Fall Conference, Says He Will Retire as Leader Senator Irvine L. Lenroot of Wisconsin, who has announced his intention to retire as chairman of the Senate oil lease investigating committee. ROOSEVELT 111 LIKELY TO QUIT WASHINGTON. Feb. 28. (By Universal Service.) Ill health and a complication of political troubles, resulting from the oil expose, may bring about the retirement of The odore Roosevelt as assistant secre tary of the navy. Roosevelt has been suffering a severe attack of grippe and his physician has ordered him to stay at home as much as possible. Notwithstanding, he has insisted on going to his office each day until noon. Two high naval officers also are under the weather. They are Rear Admiral William A. Moffett and Rear Admiral Edward W. Eberle. Mrs. Wilson Given Free Mail Rights WASHINGTON, Feb 28. The House today passed a Senate bill granting to Edith Boiling Wilson, widow of Woodrow Wilson, the privilege of using the malls without cost. Democrats Protest in House Election Row WASHINGTON, Feb. 28. Vigor ous protest to the recommendation of a House elections committee that Representative Sol Bloom, Democrat, be unseated as a member of the House from the Nineteenth New York district and that Walter M. Chandler, Republican, b seated, was made today by three Democrats on the committee. Belgium's Premier Shuns Reinstatement BRUSSELS. Feb. 28. P) Pre mler Thtunls, who resigned yester day after the Chamber of Deputies had voted lack of confidence in the government, today, refused King Albert's invitation to form another cabinet. WASHINGTON, Feb. 28. (By Universal Service.) A Pandora's box was opened by the Teapot Dome Investigating committee today, when a second sheaf of telegrams exchanged between Edward Beale McLean at Palm Beach and his employes and official advisers in Washington was made public The messages revealed an almost unbelievable record of Intrigue and conspiracy by persons in high places to thwart the Senate committee's efforts to drag out the facts of the naval reserve oil lease scandal. They show that not only was McLean kept advised of every step ia the progress of the Investigation, but was, through his advisers here, bringing every possible kind of pressure and influence upon members of the committee to protect him from being summoned aa a witness. , Most of this Influence, the tele grams show, was directed against Senator Walsh, who was Insistent upon having McLean explain his story that he had "loaned" $100,000 to former Secretary Fall. The names of Senator Under wood, Senator Curtis, Former At torney G-eneral A. Mitchell Palmer, Francis H. McAdoo, son of William Glbbs McAdoo, and Wilton J. Lambert. McLean's attorney, figured in the telegrams. The telegrams show that McLean's employes here made every effort to use one or more of these persons to Intercede with Senator Walsh against having McLean put under oath as a witness to explain the reputed $100,000 loan, which already has been proven a myth. They were willing to have Mc Lean submit a letter or a deposition to the committee, but wanted him kept off the wimess stand. A direct result of the reading of the telegram was the issuance of an MAH J0NGG SET FRISKY; LEAPING LARVAE BLAMED SACRAMENTO, Feb. 28.-Jump- Ing Mah Jongg tiles, latest develop ment in the ancient Chinese pastime which lately has swept America, were encountered In Sacramento for the first time today and it required the ministrations of a state plant quarantine official to quiet them. The Mah Jongg set of Knute Anderson, 1325 L street, put gal loping dominoes to shams. ine tiny bamboo counters were self-propelled and hopped hither and thither on the playing table this afternoon like Mexican Jumping , Seans. The "East wind" struck the "Red Flowers" and "Green Flowers," but they moved in every direction without reference' to the wind. Athletic Chinese Insects lodged In the tiles caused the trouble, announced A. C. Fleury. state pest Inspector, when he was called to investigate. When the Insects warmed up, they began to hop and their bamboo homes hopped with them. The leaping larvae became quiet only when Fleury subjected the Mah Jonpg set to a treatment of carbon bisulphide. The ChaMM World ! Two interesting views of tht constant change in economic affairs affecting capital and labor are presented by WM. H. JOHNSTON President International Machinists Who tells how the labor unions have assumed virtual control of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad shops an experiment which is proving a tremendous success. SIR ALFRED MOND Member of British Parliament and one of England's foremost industrial leaders, voices English capitalism's answer to Premier MacDonaid's new labor government. TWO ARTICLES THAT WILL INTEREST CAPITAL AND LABOR ALIKE IN NEXT SUN-DAY'S EXAMINER Spb$crib Now

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