The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 3, 1947
Page 8
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FACT EIGHT -LYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW* U.S. Marines Replace Traditional Regiments With Landing Teams Geared to Atomic Warfare Wf NEA Stnrlc* -CAUP TJUEUNE,'N. C.. Oct. 31 <NEA)-The Marines are r«>rfra"lz- et, naval gunfire »nd nlrcrnU support. TlK Marines "liojw to \complcle warfare." .. Traditional regiment*! . organ- iwtion is gone. In Its place »r« re- Inforced batilllon landing t««ins, she to x division which cun be ready for action on any front on ihort notice. •The reorganized -Marines, sayi Gen. A. A. Vandegrift. commnnd- »n(. of the Corps, "will provide a greater number of combat ready units. Increase the firepower of the uiill.s and .provide more highly mobile. striking forces," If atomic war comc-i, this new fleet Marine Force could disperse iti battalions without sacrificing firepower. Because each Is a unit, the 1 battailous could be transported 1 by " submarines, planes, or lift- r»l vessels without administrative difficulties or loss of efficiency. 1 • Artillery batteries have been Increased -from four to six guns. Each Infantry battalion will gel addl- I tonal anti-tank weapons, and will have available tank, artillery, rock- *r«« '"« Corps, <ary on Nov 10 nznrt Armlver- I No longer are the Marines concentrated In the Pacific »x they were during (lie war. Today the First Division is based here, tiic Second at Camp Pendleton, Calif. The Third Brigade, lias headquar- If atomic war romr*. Marine* •tih flrnre there'll be tvrirh- . heads, to take and they're planning accordingly. At 1* 1111« Creek, Va., an underwater demolition team (right) sets off explosives to prepare for land- Ings. In the ' Caribbean, the Second Division (bclniv) 'unloads supplies from I.CVI't during maneuvers. (Official U. S. Marine Corps pholns.l Mayor Serving 36th Ytar R*v*rt*s D«c»ion and Will S««k Another Term PRESC01T, Ark., Nov. 3. (UP)- Mayo'r Randolph P. Hamby of Piescotl has retracted hl« statement tl)«t he would not run for a 19th term. He Raid some anonymous businessmen payed hl« registration lee and submitted his name In the preferential prlrnjLrv. • Hamby will have two'opponents, Cotton Buyer R. T, Murphy and Foimsr City Marshal Curtis D. Ward. The city preferential primary Is Dec. 1. and the run-off Is Dec. 16. Mayor Hamby said he would not have run, if the businessmen had let him quit. He aaid Wednesday that 36 year* In office Is enough !or anyone. "If by some miracle I should be elected," he said yenterday, "I would resign at the end of the first year anrt let the council select my successor." It'l Nurnt national park in the New«t United States is isle Royals national park In Lake Superior* It is the only one completely surrounded by water. ler» in Guam, and the Meet Marine Force West Pacific is stationed at Tsingtfto, China. Marine air forces arc stationed al Ews, Hawaii; El Toro, Calif., and Cherry Point, N. C. The Corps' re.serve now totals M.OOO men. By Jan. 30. the Marines hope to increase this to 100, 000—30,000 iu the Organized Reserve. Reserve ground units al- serve, 10.000 In the Volunteer Re- ready have been established in 80 cities throughout the country. An air reserve of 24 fighter sfiuadrons and eight ground control intercept squadrons is spread through 21 different Naval Air Stations. anyway—even , hnrk AM THE STORY, On ihr iay it! CQllrEr Cnturllln Anifln, dattchlrr «f Ihr Drnn. !• chldrd fcy y*u»ic 1'rufcjvnor HerbfTI Pvvvell lor nol h«,inv wrillrH •* him dwrlMK the • nmmrr. He w»r»» her IhM »he rnn'l KI* »» CrtrTlNK forcTer Ahani iiary Marlnwe, wh« WHB killed In the *»«r MM* wh* everrhnd? IM»h» w«a £•••'• Iraiclc rnmntire. N«t CAM - w«« ! H«ver IM Invr vrllh Cimrr. 'I'hr one >nnn nke tovr* vi«Ji Jftfl Cntiruj, iTh,> fcnil nrrn IAN Monr ta rlniMk ruttfrr four 7*nr« ,••:•.. CAM tett> Hrrltert »fce IB thronch rnmrtnclns. l.eBvlMJC Htm,' BBr Mnkr» hrr VT*7 llirniifclt.a rrnvr4 «r ar«~ 4e*lB vrhra BHddriilr •DmroHe 'BwlBB^i her flrnund And kli her. It l» Jnrl Comrn » TeferBN Bditlenl. RAvnic .•with Jnel nnd remrm AerlnBT hnw Bh« once mlnleil r:Arr. Cum wamB him nnt (A fhlAk »Ae !• •til! In'lATe wllh him. fn*ttlM! •t BB>«Arliiv hnrf, Jnel Ihrowi >«>fc hJi hend Bud iBUfti.. v F course you're not' in love with me! Lord, Cammie, you didn't .think I wa« expecting to find you keeping fresh flowers by iny picture:?" !'. "I never had a picture of you." at was a silly thing to say. But his laughter had stunned her. lllogi- Ically, she lelt a little deflated. A ptitUe sorry she'd been so eager to |«xpres5 herself. i "Tjisten," Joe beamed, "we were jkids, then. That was swell. That was sweet. But now you're a big girl, and I— well, I've sweated out a war. If. we started mooning at each other now, it would be the for-keeps kind of game. We'd be- they'd take m« without Cammie. A Senator's daughter. Plenty of '"icy behind her. A car of her own, clothes out of L' mofl super College Shoppcs ot "* ••-• most flagrantly expensive fash- n iiorcs nn Fifth Avenue and -nig 57lh StrccL Why not Mau,l? Blair? ike a lawyer hai-angumg a jury she lurned her head and sur- 'My best trieml at the scpnra- .eyed the bean's big front par- foil ccnlcr was headed for Carter ; rr . T handsome room despite its oo, young larly: We sot 10 6e ,!i s hily ihrcadbare overtones A irctty chummy on.ihe strength of ,;ooU background room. A good hat. The poor devil s name is Lan [rarne for her, when her dates .udlow, and he s married and they started calling lave a kid and another one com- i • • • ook placid. Arid he doesn't *tnnd i ., . a chance of keeping up his urndcs I , „,,,,. , vith all that load." Joel -' uotll<i 1)c? "'"Pation n ™ hlcl1 me , n . l sm,!ed. ! VUK , , ny \ hc P fo P le who but somberly. "Why Cam if 1 !;! mounlcd 'o somcthinc, of course. .hought for one minute you might °"J y fhc ™ m P" s Homebodies. Somewhere beyond the window, as c °" there, she became awn re of a murmur of voices; a m:m ' s , voict- and a must be standing on . gin spinning dreams about a cottage with roses and the patter of tiny feet, right?" "I— I guess so. If we were in love. Most people— seem to." "Well, not your old friend Joel rn. fought for three dirty years *o earn my right to come back ;hcie.and get the thing I've wante jrnost all my life— a college cduca Ition. And what would the kind o et nothings that wind up altar do to 'that?* He pointed a Ion* flneer >.t hei Ok Man Winter Is Just Around the Corner I,et UH remove the water from .mar tire* and fill them with calcium chloride anti-freeze solution. We will be clad to make an appointment to care for nil your tractor* at jour farm—thus saving you time. REMEMBER WE SERVICE ALL MAKES TRACTORS Russell Phillips TRACTOR CO. 5o. Hhvav 61 Phone 2171 MONDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1MT FRECKLES /HIS KRIKNDS By MERRILL BLOSSER ---. THAT THE ™^«.r. , WHO MOVED UTO THE OLD , THey'ee . NTEK£Sr£D.' / A NEW \ DOUBIF "i like to defend cases like this one with an element of chance—either we make a nice bit of money or you go L'KISCIU.A'S POP Method to His Madness By AL VERMEER Pop. when I'm big will I get married? / nope your brother v hope so, Prisd/ld. VIC KIJNT Guess Again, Mister By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE wasted little time getting over (o Janus Wadham's after Growl and I left. fiteanwhile Anita discovered some thing odd about Willoughb/s collar. THIS [S OtJR CHANCE, UlCREllA.'AHirA, 1 OVERWROUGHT, IB SlfEPLESS, TAKES M OVERDOSE OF SIEEPINGPILIS.' , GO .UP AND «T THEPRST PltL ',--•• INTO NCR.' WATER IN WHICH YOU HAVE DBSOtVBO ENOUGH PlttS SO 1HH NOTHING Witt WAKE HER/ WHV.n'SAKIN& i-OCKET/THERE SEEMS TO BE N. F. Richards WASH TUBBS A.5 SIWJW JELIEEW WORKS OU Tr« WROilS *~ TOIlUi TO RECCK'EE THE Di(>»*OtiD HE'D HW- OEM, 3ErFIE's_FEOi5 E5CWS5 IN THE C1MEE... Rusninjf Things By LESSLIE TURNER MOW 16 Mf/ CHA.MCE TO GET TH— GREAT GOOO \MMV....TK 4£3"TO FIHP.-^HOVDSTIU. OB. 1H»T STONE! BUT Wft& IVWSONBitb SCOTT' THEDtMMJND Service Station State Line (Around the Curve) Featuring: Gulf Courtesy That Good Gulf Gas Tires, Batteries Accessories Discount Rate to Truckers Open 6:00 a. m., 10 p. m. ' Weekends the front orch. The girl just had spoken— vords loo low to detach, at this distance, from the muted flow of onnd in which they had been Tormed. Then the man spoke. And what ic said, she could catch quite eas- ly. "This way, it's perfect! You're not in love with me and I'm not love with you. But we can .1 some ol our spare lime to- Rclhcr — bcrinisr we both know hat we nave fun whenever it's Cure for Basnfulness By FRED HARMAN YOU VE r 111 SEVER UK SAVtO I'll h-liavc to be getting inside now, Joel." This time, perhaps be- ward it by now. Cam's voice was . perfectly audible. She knew — she made it her . dinner. Thanks for walking— The front door screen, deep in - thai no other sorority in Carlcrs- ' ville carried qtiilc the same cachet'. . slammed liglnly but deliberately . To be an Ela was to walk among as Maurinc released it. Her heels the-truly anointed. "They couldn't tucn me down " she murmured. "Being Cam's PICKARD'S GROCERY clicked liglilly. too. rro=sing the pointed flooring. "Camniie!" But it wasn't Camellia whom cousin, they'd have Maurinc had come out passing me by. Kspccially if I can house to inspect. . make Uncle William fond enough . had shuttled almost without pause of me to count Having the Dean's toward the long, lean figure lean- Foozy's in Charge Phnne 2043 10L1 Chickasawba By V. T. HAML1N I , ing against the pillar. Maurine smiled, straightening a . Oh! she thought, the Impact as , little within the embrace of the , sudden as that. Oh, sister, look (To Be Continued) Our Boarding House with OUR WAY By J. RWffl WHILE I'M. VJORD FROM. NSEVER MIUD SHOW IMS \— ME AO-VM-- IXL USE MY ) CAM OPENER.' I TXXJf \ CARE WK\T Ad MY CCOCS \ DID--THI& ^ITCHEM i& / .. KEEP me HOLES OUT OP W HEAD TILL. Tuose SOCIAL SECURITY PAYMENTS START ROLLINS IN!,/ -. A BRACE OF BIRDS VJOULO HELP *(EE.P COOK1KJC--. WOT ^ SEASON ALVJAVS, SEEMED TO MET06E BAts PUBLICITY' BOOTS AND HKR RUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN SI VU. I TtVVOW1 be in love with me—I'd be in the icxl county now, and still running!" i She felt something deep down nside her squeeze together like a closing accordion, until all the Drenth was crushed out o( it. That couldn't be her heart, though, because she was the girl who didn't lave a heart. She was the girl who couldn't fall in love for keeps. * • • VTAURINB BLAIR leaned against the window sill ot the front window of Dean Austin's big front parlor and looked oiu with round, bright eyes at Fraternity Row. Fraternity Row! Handsome old houses that lined that three-block street on cither side, rising proudly above the trees. The white one with the widow's walk riding its peak—that wns Eta Mu. She ' business

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