The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on February 10, 1928 · 15
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 15

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 10, 1928
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Ctf TH SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER) FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10. 1928 15 "The Student Prince' to Be Shown on California Screen Today 'Ml SINGER' IS P 0 1 OHANT FILM DfliA EMBASSY THEATER i "The Ja Singer." a Warntr Brothers picture, based on the play by Samson P.aphaelson; scenario by Al Cohn; directed by Alan Crosland. THE PRINCIPAL PLATERS! Jnkle Rublrowlu. Bobble Gorton, Al Jotaon Vary Pale May McAvoy Faru Hshinowll Eugenie Beaeerer rnntr Kanlnowlti Warner Oland Cantor Joeef Roaenblatt Htmeelf MolKlia Yleuaon Otto Lederer A director..,. Richard Tucker Levi , Nat Carr By EDGAR WAITE. When better ma-MA-my sons are sunfr At Jolson will tins them. And when more lovable icreen sweethearts are developed, May McAvoy will be among those present. Neither of which observations Is particularly germane to the situa tion in hand, except that in the lone-awaited "Joss Slnr" Jolson fairly revels in those sentimental little songs that have no artlstio apueal whatever, but that wallow in splendid heart-tugs; songs that Al Jolson sings incomparably. And secondly, that Miss McAvoy. even in a part that gives her all too little to do, entrenches herself more firmly than ever in the affections f this cynical old reviewer, UNLIKE OTHERS. "The Jaz Singer" Is unlike any n ctura seen here in the past, un like chiefly in the fact that instead of contenting itself to be a mere motion picture, it introduces the Vitaphone in the role to which it tmrelv must be destined that of giving life to the silent drama. This picture thus becomes al most three-dimensional, for when the mammy minstrel is singing his ballads he all but steps down from the screen, and with arms outstretched, makes you feel that he is there. (Grant us a little imar inatlon, friends. And don't send in a lot of letters protesting that he didn't do It the time you saw the picture.) TOUCHING QUALITIES. There are so many facets to 'The Jazz Singer" that a brief review can hardly scratch the surface. There are qualities that are touching beautifully conceived snatches of pathos that send the memory skipping back tr "Humor-esque" and "Over the Hill." These retrospective thoughts are mentioned without sacrilege to those good old kerchief-despoilers, too. REBELS AGAINST RULE. The theme concerns the son of a cantor, a boy who rebels againtt the restraint cf religion, and who outrages his -orthodox old father by singing "Frlvilous Sal" and "Shuf-flin' Along" instead of "Kol Nidre." The boy played with feeling by Bobbie Gordon runs away from home and a few years later is sing ing in the familiar Coffee Dan's of San Francisco, . Here Jakie, now played by Jolson, impresses a visiting musical comedy star, (Miss McAvoy) and she paves his path to Broadway. The story mounts swiftly to a climax, when the singer, on the eve of his first big opportunity, has to make a 'hitter choice. He must decide whether to go on with the opening performance, which falls on the Day of Atonement, or bring happiness to his dying father, by singing "Kol Nidre" in the synagogue. On the one hand is the girl he loves, who thinks of his career. On the other hand, his mother, who sees onlv a chance for the son to bring peace to his father's dying moments. Jolson, in my opinion, has not the eift of facial expression. But in black-face and in nis own metnum he is in a class by himself. Of all the distinguished company that contribute to "The Jazz Singer" I believe I liked best the work of F.uirenie Besserer. as the jazz sing er's mother. Like the role of Miss McAvoy, the part Is altogether too fragmentary, but what, there Is of it Is magnificently done. May McAvoy Appears On Stage With Film - May McAvoy, diminutive Warner Brothers' star who plays opposite Al Jolson in "The Jazz fclnger, came to San Francisco yesterday to witness the picture's opening at the Embassy. Miss McAvoy made a personal appearance on the theater's stage last evening, and spoke briefly of the making of the picture, one oi the most popular on the screen. V Oil rw V- !.. w . j - s 1 m ? STIRS GOSSIPS The old adage about giving a dog a bad name seems to have been the ttieme on which the authors of "The Scarlet Woman" now at the Geary (formerly Lurle) founded their play. Pauline Frederick as the heroine of the story, Agatha Mar ley, braves the taunts and ptrsecu' tion of a crowd of gossiping women when she brings an adopted found ling to her home town. 'Gold Digger' to Make Personal Appearance Lorelei Lee, the blonde beauty they all prefer, will come to San Francisco Sunday to make per sonal appearances at tht Granada over tha week-end, in conjunction with the screening of "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.". She la Ruth Taylor, who baa been selected by Paramount Studios as the most fitting American girl to portray the role of Anita Loos' famous gold-digger. Stay of "Goat Song" Extended One Week Due to the sustained interest In the "Goat Song." the Players' Guild will offer the dramatic tragedy lor an additional week commencing next Monday, closing it Saturday nignt, t eDruary 15. RICHARD DIX (inset) shows himself as some salesman in "Sporting Goods" in which ' he comes to the Warfield screen tomorrow with Gertrude Olmstead, shown above. S. F.MrSTERY "Nightstick," the name of the police play at the President, has proved a juzzle to some. Few per sons, the manafrement has discov ered, really know what a nightstick Is. Some have thought that it is cane, others thought it an umbrella, A nightstick is another name for a policeman s club, nut few patrol men hereabouts exhibit their clubs'. A. . 1 j Night Life! 1 I wroassLsi 1 MISS STAR IN FILM "The Student rrlnce." with Ramon Novarro and Norma Shearer, opens at the California today for an engagement of two week. Originally "The Student Prince" wis a short story written by Meyer Forster and called "Karl Helnrlch, The late Richard Mansfield, seeing the beauty of the story for drama, tic purposes, had a ploy written from It and called it "Old Heldel- burg." The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer production of "The student Prince" opened In New York to 12 prices and ran for many months. The production was directed by Ernst Lubltsch and the cast in cludes Jean liPrsholt. Guntav von Seyffertiti. Phlllipe de Lacy, Bob-by Mack. George K. Arthur, Lionel Barrymore, Edward Connelly, Kdythe Chapman and Otis Harlan. Marine War9 Shown Modern and ancient methods otragua. warfare, used side by side, are illus trated In the current issue of M. G, M. "News." Thin newsreel shews at the War-field. The pictures were brought to New York by airplane from Nicaragua and show Uncle Sam's marines put- ting down the uprising of the rebel general, Sandino. Airplanes and machine guns and ox carts and flintlocks are all part of the game In the light in Xica- ROSITA KYLE in a scene from the underworld drama, "Broad way," now at the Curran. produced in Los r"rm ViFanc - Mart , A ' I P res ? ' o J which Esther Ralston Gets New Lead AR1KTY," national paper of the movies and legitimate stage, reports that the Publix stage units are to play In San Francisco at the Granada, to be exact. This Is news. What is to '4 become of the ;r Y?SFanchon and c o stage s e ntations, hlch had their birth at Loew's vwarneid7 vail rlety" says that F a n c h o n and Mnrrn will ha 4 opposition to the P u b 1 1 x stage shows and, instead of playing In the Granada, will be switched back to Loew's Warfield. This is all . but here is the flu lit : n ti ' rather involved story: . The Fanehon and Marco stage By LOUELLA 0. PARSONS. Motion rirturc Ml lor of I'nlvertal Smlr. LOS ANGELES, Feb. 9. Not all exprrimenti urn out as well in the movies as Esther Ralston. Her inexperience and her lack of any recognized ability made her chances in the movies none too certain when she started. The powers that be at Paramount knew she had ioo,fs and a person-lity, but so have pletv of other girls. For a yeur she was cast In small i produ' ona that didn't count for much beyond ordinary program pictures. She built her " following slow ly, but "-par-ently surely, for a count of the box .iflce returns shows that Miss Ralston is one of the money makers of Paramount. Her reward will be a better brand of stories with no more step-child scenarios. "White Hands," by Arthur Stringer, has already been purchased for her. It is intended as her next. Gresrory La : Cava will direct and one of Paramount's luvenile hopefuls will play opposite her. y shews are new Angelas, where they play the Metropolitan snd then, after a circuit ef the smaller southern California cities, arrive at the Granada en their way toward Portland, Ssattlt, Vancouver and thence east to Ogden, There thty disband, as a unit, and the players return to Les Angeles to be plaeed in new units. The Publix shows are staged in New York, under the direction of Jack Partington, former San Fran ciscan, and John Murray Anderson. In association with the theaters of the yarcus Loew Circuit they travel west; heretofore never west of Chicago. Now, according to re' port, they will Journey to the Pa clfis Coast and play In Seattle, at the Fifth Avenue Theater; In Port land, In a theater now under con structlon; thence to San Francisco Los Angeles and then jump to Denver. PRESIDENT SWtUrSTtR nt MAR KIT BARGAIN MATINEES ' TAUADDAUr 0. CIIUTUV . Himlocl S3 STRUTS 5c oOc. urMBV m M ' - NtW VDRK aucctss uTTT tls A ODERM ODRAMA THEATRE KIKT TO CIMsN JormtrlyTHlWKie jL PBOSP. S2S rollne Irrdrrlrk. iurllm of the oil. hn (nrpt hrr to an-Ihfr triumph." Kmlor. SKATS OW nK NEXT WEEK The pictures show the removal of "leatherneck" wounded from the mountain passes, where no airplane could land, by ox teams which carried them past erupting volcanoes to. the plateaux below, where they were transferred to airplanes, which took them to Corlnto. The pictures also show Lieutenant Frank Schllt, "the hero of Qui-lull City." who saved the lives of many wounded American marines by flying th m to the base hospitaL MARX BIIUS OH WEST COAST The four Marx Brothers, who appeared here In "Cocoanuts" at the Columbia, have Just eigne! a West Coast Theaters contract. The deal calls for the appearanco of the comedy quartet at the principal "movie" theaters of the cir-oult, extending from San Diego to Seattle. " 'NIGHTSTICK' is a Class A Show" FJith Bristnl, CALL B.f, Matt. Sun, , Thuf., Sal., ZSc, hOc, 76c AUr, 7!W. SDMI, fl .2.1 1 O'Farrall i ALCAI Qth BIG WEEK Tnl sweep; fRANCjBflWNS(pMCOV TRIUMPH -R03EBT MCWADE UN HIS oeiamai. po,j,) 1iUCN FERGUSON Br. Mat. Sun., Wtd., Sat, ZSe, SOe, TS-MaliHl 8r. tWc, TK. H.OQ. STARTS SIMtAV BARGAIN MATINEES Tomor. and Sunday I 25r,S0r, 7."r in ikemtHtsr comioy of the centuky .naa j-... wjBfs I Sir DousTn ' rr- I C ijlVl I Sank, la T a a ij ' Mlfl t ' Taday . . the ikawt raaasc yaar laat rkaaee , , batter harry! mm sr vmm ear . wm 1 RAMON NAVARRO NORMA SHEAREFU LONG AS YOU LIVE THIS SOFTLY SPOKEN. HEART-CLUTCHING SPEECH IN JED HARRIS' WORLO-MmSCMm Of TH CAiAMtTT hp - aID (I llll hiVSj ii a a MW M L, PHIUP 0UNNIHGa6aMCt AUOTT OISJUGARO SIllOUT RUMORS 9000 OHMttTMA AND UlCONY SCATS fOR ALL PiRFOAMANCIS AT BOX OFFICE KAVS QMUf SAN FRANCISCO NIGHTS INCLUDING SUNOAV SO n tliO MATINEE STUaOV SOt TO H OP ITAftlUL hYj W Hi I I takw r g r 1 M II sW I aal W The iweetesl of all ntage romances . . "Old Heidelberg" . . now coupled tcith the favorite operet-tn . . . to moke the oereen'i finest drama I PI are to th Stadeat Prir mal by U1.0 SUVERI. MS I J rMftM.7 CALL Rift 313 BUT vn,...: :Frnd. the Yer fieri II ONf -J t I I If f I 11 f TlX-V " a aaaai m mm U rmm m m m m w Tni.... HKHtk.. Virion . a. a VH jmmTWO HAIGHT DISTRICT HAIGHT With Halcht and Col GEOROE BATROFT In "Tr.lX IT T( 8WEEMEY" Chmter (ankllni Halcht Orrhratra NORTH BEACII DISTRICT WASHINGTON Powell near I'nlon " THE CAT D THE CANARY With Laura La Flanta . . Herd Klddlra! DOWNTOWN DISTRICT IMPERIAL Market, opp. Jonea Phone Market 'JH76 KROIN'ALD PENNT . . . bausha! Thrllla! With Marian Nixon In "OCT AI.I. UIGHT HERNANDEZ and Bla ORCHESTRA OTarreU nr. Powell THE TIGRESS" .... with Jark Halt Dorathjr Bevlee . . S Acta Vauierllla UNION SQUARE CAMEO Market 8t.. oppoalte Stb S BIO FEATURES" on the Screen . .' . and Parktewn Plantation ReTlew . . . With 15 Peenle n the mate KOINTRY STORE TONIGHT AT SS POLK AND LARKIN DISTRICT Polk and Great) Marlon Darlea In THE FAIR rO-EIV Hanaon Klddlra Hevue. & Rudolph's Mnale ALHAMBRA ROYAL Polk. nr. California Mary Aor and Gllhert WF.WT Roland tn "ROPE of the GOI.OEN FRANK MEGRIST and ORCHESTRA RICHMOND DISTRICT ALEXANDRIA 'THB JOY GIRL" with Ollra Berdeni jarkle Cootan in "THE BUGLE CALL" Geary EL st ISth Ave. COLISEUM Clement fit. at th Ave "THE LONE EAGLE" . . . with Raymond Keane . . Special hTAGE ATTRACTIONS MISSION DISTRICT ROOSEVELT 34th and York Wonderful . . METROPOLIS . , lfa Creat One of year's beat filma; other feature. MAJESTIC MlMloa near Slat Georce Mldner In "CLANCY' KOSHER Wr.UDIMJ" SYLVIA HANSON'S KIDDIES' REVUE PORTO LA DISTRICT San Bruno At. nr. Borrow! MARION DAVIES in "THE FAIR CO-ED" COlfEDlES and LATEST NEWS EVENTS AVENUE EXCELSIOR DISTRICT EXCELSIOR Mlsalon at Ocean Realnnld Denny in "Ol T ALL KIUHT" With Marian Nixon . . . Speeialtr Nlrht SUNSET DISTRICT IRVING llai 15th Are. and Irving Clary Cooper in 7.ANR GREY P WerT "NEVADA iaaa kUdiea . . Beh McOarstrn's Meslt Broadiccf, the eophutlealei, fought tor tickets to this glorious, wholesome, old' fashioned romance at $2 apiece. q JOMOIWW RICHARD Speed , , . lave . . . laughter and roan an re. '"It atfaTaTafafaW AT i m I IE 1 I t f- I 41 t 14 i e, ii w. II aa. jM rw-tr- w a l v aa a m me i m . . l V-a1-" I DOUGLAS v .rtT . rv vvvvs- r""vli5rT- j ii v TifP ejV 1 riVVjk1 1 romnnrn . . speed 1 iJB f -fTV PV T. J Pv I and action of the 1 rar V f V ASSSl fft' JyJr-rr rCrt) Seiaatlo. I " l l y. ' LreUj " tHat bted'e frSf n SSsi 0nitj J 'ftll j'Sik i Time. Te 1 I ll row I I t x ty 35Srt,' fiJT ' USE I - SHT "EXAMINER" WANT ADS I m RESULTS Laaata. ' - .4aaaaayaa Laat Tlmea Tudar "ROSE MARIE" loaa Crawford Heoae Peters See Ul Hear the music of "The Student Prince3' TODAY . . CALIFORNIA Market at 4th Same papular prices. Engagement Limited. CAPITOL NOW PLAYING Continuous 11 A. M. to 11 P. X. GIRLS THE UI1DERVJRLD Mmanin Floor Lr Flow LADIES MEN ONLY ONLY MfTfilfSS Kxpo Of Trf

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