The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 3, 1947
Page 6
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•IX Budapest Food Shops Barren; Fear of War Gets the Blame i • / * ' . ' (•MTOR» NOT» Her* I« another dUpttch by the European news •«tor ol UM united Pr« „• the food problem In Europe. written after b* wtore to London from a .trip through half a do«n continental . »T WILLIAM R. KItiGINKOTHAM VniUd Praia. Staff CorrMaoB4^H LOWDOM, Nov. J. (U.P.)-A correspondent In Budapest tsked XuwriM rfficUl why *>m, shop, wer. barren of food whll •orcrnment claimed there wax enough to jo around The« la public hysteria," the official M ld. "A' lear of w *r HUM who oan do to are stocking up i« w rve »upp)i«." j ' •uch thinking does not appear to* __ : _____ " BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER . NEW» "FASHIONS OF THE TIMES" be general !n the Soviet orbit of Eastern Europe, but It is a factor. Another factor In whether that part of the world wiil get enough to eat ihU Wint»r is—can Russia deliver on her promises? CWCHS FAKE BKST CiSchojIovatiB appears to be butt off of the countries in that region. A man'a ration there !or a month U •about 16 pounds of bread, three pounds of meat and four eggs, plut » •m»U amount of fats. There It I . »e butter or milk, , Restaurant meals require ration (l tickets but they are generous with > i the food provided you can spend S3 or $4 for a meal. The Czech work- Ing man making an equivalent or amout $125 a month cannot afford it, The Russians promised 2400 tons of grain a day, starting Nov. 1, for the next six months. This will help make up a loss of about 13 per cent of the expected production because of drouth. If Russia delivers, Czechoslovakia will cat. Hungary Is hunting for wheat, in lhe world markets, she needs about 30,000 tons. The first, shipment of wheat promised by Russia to Czechoslovakia was delivered. It was Hungarian reparations. Hungary had good crops of corn, beans and sugar beets, and plenty of oils. Ru»lans Deliirr Promises. Russia also promised wheat to Highway Death Toll Stands at 23,200 for 1947 OHJCAGO. Nov. I (OP) — Thl nation's highways have dtlmed few. fL if'" f " lh!s J«r than du>Ing the Mmr perioVI i n IM6. but m ?" th U>M *• ilkcl >' *> *<> *' f *L nc ? r * f <<t><er tew f " i "- lon " **ttl f Council «i d The council said the nation lolled Into the final quarter of the yea. clinging to a small reduction in traffic deaths, as compared with last, year.-, although fatalities in September Increased slightly for me ruth consecutive month September.traffic deatlis totaled 2,820. a one per cent increase 'over September. 194«, the council said in a report on highway accidents' For the nine months, the council recorded 23,200 ricatlis, a drop of four per cent from last year and 17 per cent under IMJ, when the all-time traffic fatality record was set. Forty-five states reported There still is doubt that the traf- ficc toll for the year can be held Iwlqw the 1946 total of 33,703 however, the council said. Cities with more than 300000 nop- ulalton reporting decreases for the nine months included: Jacksonville Fla., 44 per cent; and Atlanta, Ga.,' Guerrillas Suffer Losses In Northwestern Greece Bulgaria, which is short aboul 165, 000 tons lor the winter. The potato ration for city dwellers for the Winter ii one potato a day, each about is big as the fist of a two-year-old. The Polish minlslcry of supply •ays the country n'll| be 500,000 tons short of gralr,, but there is more meat available this ycarl A™.™,,,than last when the UNRRA fed mil-•... ,? NS - Nov - 3 - (up > — Press lions, and potatoes, sugar and ' dls " al cne,s reported today that Met- •ggs are beihg exported, | -J° vo:l . mountain town of Northwest, Greek economy Is propped on "-f 1 ' 0 * 1 ' 6 ' had been relieved of'guer- the American dollar, The people! 1 ,' P" 15 ™." »"er nine days of •111] eat better than the Germans St: . !rm! . 5nin 8 Rnd lllc attackers had or Austrians. except when they rellcr ' tc(l to the North, happen to get cut off In the ' One newspaper said about 300 fighting areas of the internal hos- Siierlila bodies were counted in Wlltles. I inasr graves, each containing 30 tr So far Russia's help to that 50 bodies, it estimated that th- part of the world Is not visible.! guerrillas probably suffered twic» . but American and other goods that many casualties In dead and are available. There are stories wounded. in : Eastern Europe that Russia | Greek fighter planes swoopinc low hopes to use grain as her leter, over the guerrilla forces were re to open all of Europe to Commu-i ported to have accounted for heai'y nisrn. , i casualties. But in many places her armies Carnegie Group Honors Heroes Medals and Pensions Given Survivors of 4 Who Sacrificed Lives PITTSBURGH, NOV. 3 (UP) — n "m > ' < T g '. ne " '" tnelr 2 °' s w h° crificed Saturday by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission. The commission awarded bronze •nedals In recognition of all the heroic acts. Survivor^ of two heroes * e ™ 8«nted pensions totalling «1,080 a year. A grant of $500 was made to a survivor of the fourth. A bronze medal wa* sent to the widow of Richard Robert Eustlce 28-year-old crane opefator-of Wat- sonvlUe. col., who re.scued three children of a friend, but was fa- ally burned In a vain effort, to avc his own two daughters. Twcniy-one-year old Orvllle Sale Loos, drowned In the swirl- ng waters of the Merced River at El Portal, cal., July 8, 1D4B, In a futile attempt to save Keen Free- MONDAY, NOVEMBER 8 1947 man, 12, The medal was sent to the youth'* father, Orvllle o. bow, Dayton, A bronze medal and monthly death benefits of MO will be sent to Ralph John McBrlde, Detroit, In recognition of the valor of hi* son, Ralph Joseph .McBrlde, HI. Young McBrlde died In an effort to save Loretta B. Price, 9, from drowning in the Icy waters of Ore La*e, Brighton, Mich., last January 27. Exhausted' by his efforts which aided In saving the life of a 15- year old girl, Howard E. Pierce, 21, of Williamsburg, o., drowned In the East Fork ol the Little Miami River near his home last June I. Plerce's widow will receive a bronze medal and »50 a month in death benefits. EXPECTANT MOTHERS ! JMKWBVXN CARE. vrllU* by M MUtAAdrRt »H«I»IIH f«r ••»«<U«t M tE«r» M lb« 1n«4AM«*UU ri vmUt ••< •••tori •«•. 44 JIM* •! UriUMtFtMl Ult «II*| 74 III" CITY DRUG CO.- T.t WilUanw, DntcM M 1. Main St. V hoB « f Listen to Showers of Blessings Over KLCN Tomorrow Morning at 8:30 a.m. ' Sponsored by Church of The Nazarene Tetanus Infection Causes j Arkansas Woman's Death COTTON PLANT. Ark., Nov. 3.— RhrrPuneral services were held odaysfor Mrs. Forrest H. Wilson, 24-year-old Grays', Arkansas, matron, who died of tetanus In a Little Rock hospital Saturday. She had been ill some three days after stepping on a nail. Mrs. Wilson Is survived bv her husband and three young children. Intrepid Airman Puts $23,500,000 Plywood 'Monstrosity 7 Into the Air K • McLaughlin Loses Ruling In High Court By JOHN VON DER HKID- + United I'rrss Staff Correspondent LONG BEACH, Cal, Nov. 3. <U.P.>—Howard Hughes.'who nearly lost his life flying one experimental plane, took his 200-ton, $23,500,000 plywood flying boat into the air yesterday—three days before a congressional Investigation of his wartime plane contracts was to resume In Washington. The . world's largest lying boat was-scheduled only for taxi runs after Saturday's flotation tests to see if it leaked. But Hughes suddenly surprised a crowd of 1.000 Hughes had said he might "con- HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. Nov 3 (U.P.l— Loo P. McLaughlin, colorful ex-mayor of the Spa. Is sched- " lcd lo go °" iril11 '" Garland M< ""* "" ., .', , ' " skcd lhe Federal Court to take Mnr n K !T , 3 - l0 °° 'I 0 "ei>oweriover his case. He contended that H±. ,-n°i et L '" " taxi "'"' " e wi " not oblain a fa "- Wa in Hughes lifted the ship from the I state courts, water. C01UMIIA IIEW1NO CO ST. LOUIS TUDEBAKERS CHAMBLIN SALES CO. § « * STUDEBAKER * Ser ATTENTION, STUDEBAKER OWNERS: Drive by for a free check on your climatlzer Heater and Defroster, Be prepared for winter. A good selection of new and used trucks. Also, a number of late model used cars . . all guaranteed! S T U 0 Soles * STUDEBAKER * Service E B A K £ R STUDEBAKERS Railroad and Ash Streets «_• Lex ChamWin Dial 2195 Bill Chamblin O BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Hughes, in , . ' lant over Us shirt sleeves dur- ! flight, was jubl- The appeals court also dismissed >.n appeal by former City Attorney! are living partly or wholly off the . l»nd. And Eastern Europe is WEek ' awaiting her deliveries. ;, T 110 IIntn fn never wi'll fly" I year ln Prison and fined $750 forl It was the first time the 32 j acceptl "B » bribe from gamhlers. .propeller blades had beat the i Airport News Rain and low clouds late last week and;over"the week-end held flying activities at the Municipal Airport to a minimum although earlier in the week local pilots and students took advantage of a (ull »oon and flew on three nights. Additional night-flying is expected to be done from the field here aa'the days grow shorter during the remainder of the Fall and Winter. Some of the pilots made their first night hops last always ask for AIRY PRODUCTS ,u»r sk ..AT YOUR DOOK • AT YOUR STORE DAIRY PRODUCTS THE MEASURE OF QUALITY W* Feature: Homogenized MILK GREEN'S DAIRY Distributors only on request. Airport officials said yesterday that Class Two physical examination forms are now available here and that pilot, planning to take the commercial rating course should take their physical exams as soon as possible, Mutt Blnckwood of .Manila soloed here last week in a Cessna Don AjBtln of Blythevlllc enrolled In a flight training course here last week. Charles n o5 c of Roseland flew lo Fayettevillc Friday in his Bonanza to attend ,the Arkansas-Texas A. and M. game Saturday. C. p. Rcagen and L. E' Carroll, both of Texarkana, flew here In a BT-15 for the Blythevllle-Tex- BTkana game Friday night. They returned yesterday morning. Botii Mieir sons played on the Texarkana team. Transient pilots landing here dtirln? the past week included' Dr. Cnrr of Reverie. Tenn.. Piper cub; A. o. wimpy of Dnhlonega. Ga Bonanza; w. J. Dcnton of Wilson, Aeronca; E. W. Welch and W. p. Pnnnell of Elaine. Cessna' On the first run down the 10- mile course the ship held to 45 miles nn hour air speed. ' The ship took a terrific bufet-, mg ns it squashed Into choppy< whitecaps blown by a 16-knot wind. On the second run. the airspeed indicator climbed pnst 45. then trembled at GO. Technicians and newsmen concentrated on Hughes' right hand gripping the throttles |,S!owly the needle moved up to 90 The the plane steadied. It was on "the step." barely skimming the waves. We knew he had said he \y_r<sn I going to take off, (hat hej wns ' fighting no with tne congressional Inciuiry" and would "fly it in April." But we also knew Hughes wns a daring man. who crashed a photo reconnaissance plane a year and a half ago and nearly died Then the engineers reported the motors doing 2200 horsepower each and suddenly there wns no slapping or waves at the sides and we were In the air. The plane flew a mile at an al- itude of just 70 feet and then landed quietly on the water Two Killed as Small Plane Crashes in Rain GASTONIA, N. C, Nov. 3. (UP) —Two persons were killed Sunday when their light training plane crashed a mile from the Gnstonia Airport during n driving rainstorm Gary Medlin, 26, Stanley, N. C., died instantly in the crash. Charles Mauney. 25, Belmont, N. C., died soon alter reaching a hospital, v The men recently received their pilots licenses. They were returning from H cross-country training flight to Jacksonville, Fla. DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLD6. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • P/ioae 3646cwl2525 FARM (J| LOANS Home Office, Newark, N. J. LONB TKRM PKOMTT CLOS1NO LOW RAT* C\LL. WRITE OR SEE RAY WORTHINGTON \V> S. Third St., Blytherille, Ark. Servinj ThU Sfftion ?5 Vrun Authorized Mortaagt Loan Solicitor tor THE FRUDF.NTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA '"'n to look' after them. *^w'«"$^^ for SENSITIVE SKINS by ROTHROCK DRUG STORE buys anything at Wards! 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