The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on February 13, 1916 · 26
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 26

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 13, 1916
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G S THE SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER- -SUNDAY. FEBRUARY 13, 1916 VALENTINE PARTY rOW MEMBERS VALENTINES played a pretty part In the entertainment riven by the Papyrus Club last nigrht. Mrs. 'Albert J. Mitchell and Mrs. William Jay Conroy directed the dansant, which formed the engrossing feature ot the evening. Assisting Mrs. Mitchell In receiving were members of the various committees and chairmen of the departments. Mrs. Florence Richmond, president of the dub, headed the reception line. Mrs. Daniel J. Tatter-uon, whose candidacy for president of the club was warmly supported by a largre constituency in Papyrus, assisted in welcoming the "valontine guests." Papyrus Club announces a number of interesting events for the coming fortnight. The next social day, February 16, will be under the direction of Mrs. Celine Straus. A play written by Ella M. Sexton, the well-known California writer, will be presented, tfhls will mark the first production of Mrs. Sexton's play entitled "A Game of Solitaire." Mrs. Celine Straus is director. Talented members from the dramatic ".action of Papyrus will appear in the cast, assisted by George R. Rhom-on. Mrs. Sexton Is attending the rehearsals and dictating the stagecraft Other numbers scheduled for this vent include vocal selections by the talented singer, Mrs. George Howard Newman. She has chosen for her selections two delightful songs. Mrs. Newman made her debut as vocalist at the Papyrus anniversary luncheon. Her appearance next Wednesday la of Interest to music lovers. Mrs. Ida Remington Broder will accompany Mrs. P. Donaldson in a group of songs of her own composition. Mrs. Broder is the daughter of Mrs. Remington, past president of Papyrus. The programme entire will be as follows: Vtnlla 8nt Fred B. Hornick "Itlialu MMitation." (b) "Pierrot Boreuade." , Vwal Selection Mm. G sortie Newman (a) ' Jntt a Iittlo Bit of HcMen." b) "Dairiog." Accompanist, Mm. Jnrh Swan Whit Vottologua, "The Birds' Chriatmu Carol" Maa Francis Jones Stoical Skit ....Mrs. Prosper Reiter, Mrs. Annie Franklin Aemmranist, Mrs, Josephine Swan White. Toral Selection Mrs. P. Donaldson !a) "Sprin." lo Stem. W "Dancin Kyes." Composed by Mrs. Iris Remington Dmdw.) Aommpanist, Mrs. Ida Kniington Broder. CkntillatimM Mrs. Joseitliina Swan Whits Quartet Mrs. Tjota Jjb Pajre. first s-nnrano: Mrs. tt. Fouratt, serond soiiraiio: Mrs. M, Mo tJiirrie, first alto: Mrs. M. Prentiss, second a! to. fa) "Hapr!," O. O. Knwatt jb) "Ito's Old Son." Accompanist, Mrs. Max Salomon, Piano Selections HU Auerbarh Gams of Solitaire (first production)... Mrs. Ella M. Sexton ITader personal direction of Mm Celine Straus. CAST. ifm. Jjansbie Mrs. Celine fl trans per tTnbidden Quest. .. Mrs. William Jay Cooroy Mrs. Smith (typical hotel busybody) , ... , ....Mrs. Ira Oscar CrosscuTI Ht La Turing. , George It. Thomson Lanlsa (Mrs. Lansintr's maid) , ......... Mrs. Harold O. Voo dor IMOt ' A luncheon will be given at the Ra- Sona Hotel February 23 by the mem-irs of Papyrus under the direction of Mrs. Joseph S. Harlan. A dra-roatlo skit will be presented on this occasion with Mrs. Martyn Troy and Harold Parson in the title roles. Elaborate plans have been made fcr this event. A special stage has been erected In the splendidly appointed dining room of the Ramona. Spring flowers will be used in thet. decorative scneme. vocai selections by Mrs. Richard Rees and Miss Rosalie Harrison will add to the interest of the club event. The pro- gramme Is as follows: ramatia skit "Yellow Roses' (in on act), Sir Chan. Young, Mrs. M. J. Troy, H. Parsons. Vocal selections Mlas Rosalie Harrison Mrs Josephine Swan White, acoompani't, JtsdUtion Miss Margaret K. Potter vocal selection Mrs. Richard Rees .Violin selections Big. Gino Sersri 8 S8 MEMBERS of L.eo Cooper's class, which meets at Paul Elder's stufio Wednesday morning, will discuss Charles Kenyon's play, "Husband and Wife." Mr. Cooper read the play last week. The discussion on Wednesday will be Impressions received. Theodore F. Bonnet's play, "A Man of the People," will be read by Leo Cooper Wednesday. Mrs. Ruth Fuller Field of New Tork will entertain children with trtories and tricks of magio on Tues dav afternoon. February 22 Wash lngton's Birthday at 2:30 o'clock at the Emerson studio, 239 Geary street Classic dancing will be interpreted hv Evelvn Cavaarnaro and Bessie Wela-el. runtls of the Misses Wyatt Admission will be 25 cents Including orangeade with wafers. The Tamalnais Center Club will meet on Friday afternoon at the club house In Kentfleld for their regular meeting and luncheon at 1 o ciocic p, m. Programme at 1:45 p. m. The following programme win be invert: PRESIDENTS' DAT PROGRAMME. MM-fnimtt tjllka ...Presidents of Marin County Women's Clubs Piano solos . Josephine Fern aid tA BELLA TOLEDO, who dances' for the Red Cross fund at tlhe Overseas Club on Tuesday evening at tlhie Foramni clu b rooms. . , - r- - ! IS I - i - ( ? f I - -H lit - , f-'? Jt& - i j f. , h i ' M P f A i t v t T r i i - if, ffimr n!.-ttsW 'Mil!WI III I ' : ' , k I t , J J , W--: -X-Hrt-W 1CWa mi "TSi RpiHfr of - FVderation' Knight, Stat president u, r. Addiess. Mrs. B U w.'s a !SttMmtlrt louiae Grlach, Kathryn Reilly. Alice 0aumga ten, Anna Hesselmeyer. Bstiita Caprice.... Edna Rutren. W'nifred Watson Rendezvous Lina Ballun, Margaret Iigh HumptT fumptr. .Jessie Kevin, Ruth Armstrong llomrnt Musicals ..Manraret Iinh, Tina Paston, LaTina Ballun Ils Ray Sanders. Financial fceeretary. Airs. I. P. O'Brien. CorremKMidiiig SecieUiT. 'A cake sale will take place at the pext social day of the Spring Valley lfothers' Club. Wednesday, February J8. school auditorium, 2:30 o'clock. Children of the school will be the entertainers at the social event Mothers of the neighborhood are cordially Invited to attend. A JLADIES tier? Formerly with O'Connor, Moffatt & Co. Opening Specials-Suits. $45, up Made) of handsome Imported Spring fabrics. Exceptional Etyle and workmanship. A perfect fit guaranteed. Special for February. TAKE ELEVATOR TO BECOXD FLOOR arr-roi rm rni rm toi mr-rn $ It aoznotr3oiniorzaorz3ocz3' BaBBBBSHHBSSSJB S'l . I B.l.:ill 1 fciwwaw siiiw Km?z2&a- :w m wMKm : oof A CLEARANCE SALE OF FURNITURE OF EVERY STYLE Contemplated changes in the arrangement of our display floors necessitate a temporary reduction of our stock. Not since June, 1913, have we offered at Special Sale a general assortment of the best grades of furniture, such as is embraced in the Sale now announced. The need of a prompt clearance of space has resulted in the Radical Price Reductions which distinguish this sale. To facilitate selections, our entire Fifth Floor has been devoted exclll SlVely t0 the display of this furniture. , The magnitude and scope of this FURNITURE SALE have not been equaled in San Francisco for many years, and the values never, W. & J. SLOANE Oriental Rugs Carpets Draperies 216-228 SUTTER STREET , cocao; COCIAL center work will be con- Toung Women's Club, Mrs. .S. F. a, a .a f i, t i. i . . C: ( v, i t . . ..v. !;..!-.. jnM T tinned at the John Swett Gram mar School on Wednesday evening of this week in the auditorium of the school. Mrs. E. B. Henry, president of the I'arent-Teacher Association will direct the programme plan ar Smith, president; publicity, San Jose Women's Club and Outdoor Art League; hospitality, San Jose Women's Club and three members from each federated club of Santa Clara county; reception committee, Mrs. ranged to celebrate Child' Welfare George Schumacher, assisted by all cay and Lincoln's jirtnaay. "The Yellow Jacket," a Chinese drama, announced as "An Exotic in P. D. Bandon... .as Hot Schuster elded who will make the nomination nr. o. b. Roou!.!"'.. Cheek, speech when the California candi- The Persistent Vendor of piiotrapiio Ha- date Is presented to the New York .. , largcments, hlennlnl Thomas Nuiian, Dienniai. . The Dsnremua Dnai and Thimb Man. It is announced that the Blltmore Bay Polk.... .. ... ... as Uaj-t Lovell HoteI win De the . headquarters for oubb uiara Alexander. Beatrice's Faithful Black Maniuiy. l.lterature," will be presented by Mrs, Charlotte Curtis on Friday afternoon at the Emerson studio, 239 Geary street at 2:30 o'clock. 8l $ S$ .as Meiind California delegates. Mrs. McLean, chairman of the hotel committee or the local biennial board in New York will supply information as to rates and- the financial advantages of securing room mates. Mrs. John C. Lynch of the Alameda, district Is chairman of transportation. From her all information on railroad fares and rebates can be secured, as well as advice on the ,1 .n.tnn. In r. 1., . , , , .,. . , , . r III uuer L11UO iui n Lai klllfi 111 V 1 V. V. 1 vv. n 1 1 rm nnmm tlApa -will na In rpn il 1 - . 4 0 1 . : . 11 1 , 1 i 0 .. ... ..... 'Aucr ou cajiuisiuuh oj. iiicLuuun nrrive at New York on tne opening ness for the opening day. Misa Ruberta Tanquary of the Oak- av l Holding this convention .at :the time and Technical High School, the "fll - of the Blossom Fete Is delighting and pu lls gave a llvey demonBtration of U csil n II attracting many club women from all various eames. nlavs and activities bOClffll DSW l parts of the San Francisco district. uaed tha acoulremerit ot the French e federated club presidents. The Hotel Vendome has been se- pUPILS from the Oakland Technl- lected as the place for meetings. cal High School gave an exhibi- The hotel will accommodate many of tlon of the methods used in the the club women. , French Department of the Oakland Mrs. Percy King, president, will an- 'schools, before a meeting of the Cal- nounce the various committees ifornia Assoclalions of Teachers of throughout the district this week. Romance Languages, In the French lnal work of the programme, ere- Library, Sutter and Montgomery, on EDWARD B DE GROOT. director of dentlal resolutions, rules and 'regu- Saturday afternoon. tion, athletics, social and lecture centers, will meet with the mothers of the Spring Valley Mothers' Club on Monday evening at the home of the president, Mrs. .E.. Honlngsberger. Flans for, the initial events in the flans IOr, tne initial eveilia in Ilia t nrlrUHnn in tha K hftd elnh wnmpn - social center work of the neighbor- J l"n ,05, language In the Oakland schools. Al- AT a recent social day given by the hood will be discussed. i., .r i It." .A"'" though the proceedings partook of mn nnd Bella Club. Mrs. George IOU Will UO UlBCUBSeU. r.l tU rv,or,,r l"c H.ct:uU.B Va.L un. ui The committee in charge of the beBides the delegates will attend this n?ture ' a classroom exercise, Beadle of piedmont acted as hostess.; cpnng vaney anairs comprises Airs. (. T uotn me pupna penorming ana uib Mrq Tj. T Bercman or uaKiana ten ing at 10:30 o'clock, in the club headj quarters, Emerson Studio, 239 Geary street. The subject will be "A City's Music." An "Abble Garrish Jones' Day" will be given at tho Pacific -Coast Women's Press Association, to-morrow afternon at 3 o'clock. A paper, "How I Write My Sons," will be presented by Abble Garrish Jones. Soprano solos by Mrs. Richard Rees, with violin obligatos by Hother Wismeij four lullabies by Mrs. Charles A. Neale, and solos by Mrs. Harry Steele Haley, are booked for this musicale. Miss Beatrice Becker and Mrs. Charles Smith will be the accompanists. 8p $ Miss Mildred Leo Clemens will give a lecture: "The Message of Yosemite" In the Colonial ball room of the St. Francis at 2:30 o'clock on Saturday, February 19. This lecture is being given by Misa Clemens as an educational feature before clubs and educational bodies tlirouehout the country. Honingsberger, president; Mrs. Ida Morgan, chairman and supervisor of the social center work; Mrs. I. W. Breslauer, treasurer; Mrs. Louis Botcher, assistant chairman. Mary E. Keating, principal of the Spring Valley School, is an ardent supporter of the social center. San Jose convention. . JpHE English Club of Stanford University has announced that It will play "The Great Divide," by William Vaughan Moody, on the 3d of March. Considerable Interest Is aroused In A Spring Valley Mothers' Club and their work w-ill be given at the California Club house, 1750 Clay street, On the evening of Friday, February 25, at 8 o'clock. Admission will be 5 cents. 3 audience, enjoyed them. Students v,nstpRn The following short pro were satisfied as to the practicability jrramme was presented: Reading, of the method for the speaking of "Welcoming the Minister's Wife," French, and for the acauirement of ivrra tph Whlted: niano solo, Mrs. formal grammar. Louis Albert Larsen. Both of these ' The following pupils took part In contributors made an Initial appear- ihn p-irViiVilHnr.. fha Cnn and Bells ClUD. The Misses Bernlce Berwin, Car- Thear work was "exceedingly nne men Stolpe, Caroline Dean, Dorothy according to the popular veroiui, aim " r r .. m -a i At in 1 1 i Tripn Slftln I "a rnllno Ilonn II HZ??L? Se-fSTtS Kellogg; the boys taking p'arT w"ere: p?oveda surprise to the club mem ituuert xeo wiepnenson, ueorge uera. j.w ui huw. rr OWnnt a'WOiaC, J.VCLY lJlUllll AUUJtlli V, s,vv. Favor Mrs. Cowles $ distinctive work. Tryouts for the parts in the cast of the powerful American drama have been held. The cast will be announced in full at an early date. Rehearsals are now un- lam O. Owen, Stanford, '14, who CALIFORNIA club women are con" on the subject of Recreation played many important roles during nueni mat uieir canumaie ror me his college career. presidency of the General Federa- muslclans before 6 Eustace Peixotto will address the iK-iniov ' Sohnol Mothers' Club, Wednesday afternoon, at 2:30 o'clock (QREAT interest is manifested among the federated clubs of Santa Clara county in the coming t Overseas Club Another event by the Mcivmiey Mothers' Club Is ararnged for the benefit of the Dental Clinic on the evening of Friday, February 18. An entertainment will be given with the officers of the club in charge. The annual convention of the San Fran- THE Overseas Club will give an en- the local board on matters pertaining prograr Is announced for 8 : 30 . vir ; X, tertainment ror tne Kea cross to the biennial which convenes in " vl woiiipiin uua iu 0 iibiu w oiu fund on Tuesday evening, February May reports that Mrs. Cowles will S tion of Women's Clubs, Mrs. Josiah Evans Cowles, will be elected. Mrs. P. G. Hubert of Los Angeles, who Is In New York conferring with Jose, 'ine aates nave now Deen is. .t. s-sa nVinr-w in ttiA Vnrnm n, e i,,k r positively fixed for March 29, 30 and Club rooms, 525 Sutter street east to west. 31, inclusive. Miss Clara Alexander, the talented Mrs. E. G. Dennistoa, chairman of Much of the preliminary work of dramat c reader, has charare of the ,v, f ., I Vow? V... - V.,- . . ' "l"""01 i.uiiiiiiiiw hid iui mci- i.i c uuu ut..- .u. proBraiiiine pian, wnicn inciuaen done by the club women of Santa many brilliant features. Mrs. Reginald Clara county. Everything indicates Brooke leads the announcements as that business pertaining to this great vocalist of the evening. Mrs. Brooke's gathering of club women will be done Bong selections will be of particular with dispatch. The following com- interest to music lovers, mittees and officers have charge of $ $ . $ the local arrangements; La Bella Toledo, a young Spanish Mrs. A. E. Osborn, chairman of dancer, will erive Spanish sonss and ing of Mrs. Cowles campaign, anticipates a landslide over the entire country in Mrs. Cowles' favor. It is reported that other candidates are Mrs. George B. Sneath of Ohio and Mrs. John T. Sherman of Chicago. Neither Is regarded as formidable rival of the California woman. The eleo. Senator William Scott and Edward de Groot will address the Columbus School Mothers Club on Friday afternoon, February 18 on the subject, "Military Training in the Public Schools. - , L ... Mrs. E. J. Holmes, president of the club will have charge. All who are Interested are invited to attend the meeting at 2:30 o'clock. 25 c& A meeting of the St. Francis Del-nMsm mh will take Place at the UtwiUi tt lit svWAva kj uauiau ouuiia aiiu . - . . Till liill i ,iuu mil Vnu ilvv local board. - dances for the first time in San Fran- n or Mrs. cowies is predicted by t Df the president Mrs. Grace B. Mrs. a. Schumacher, president San Cisco. Tania Akounine, the baby -lnse tlDes informed as to political Caukin on Monday evening, Febru- Jose Women's Club, vice chairman, -tianseuse of Exposition French doll suhlietles in federation circles. Mrs. ary 14 Tne members are planning Mrs. A. A. Fowler, secretary and fame; Mrs. George Uhl, a pupil of Cowles endeared herself to 800,000 a Valentine party, beside the regu- treasurer of local board. Miss Clara Alexander's, will recite club women of the country at the iar ! study work. Miss Loie Fuller The following committees have English poems. John Mahan of the time when she sacrificed her chances wm SPeak on the Belpian relief work been appointed: Auditorium and dec- Family Club is scheduled for a group fr the executive chair in the Gen- in which she is so vitally interested. orations. Mrs. G. F. Degelman, chair- of his Irish soncs. Other star Der man; music, Mrs. John Jury, San Jose formers include: Senors Emilio Gon- Women's Club; information and reg- zales, Jose Arias, from the San Diego istration, Mrs. Johnson, chairman, Exposition, in folk songs and dances; Fortnightly Club; excursions. Miss R0y Folger, the popular Bohemian Smith, Willows Improvement Club; club raconteur, and .Miss Gertrude badge, Mrs. A. M. Coburn, Palo Alto Marrlson; pianist and Mountain View clubs; hotels and In addition to these numbers a rooms, Mrs. C. Haley, San Jose farce entitled "Object Matrimony," Women's Club; trains, San Jose Cir- will be presented by Miss Clara cle of Women's Republic, Mrs. H. D. Alexander. In the cast are: Matnews, cnairman; press, aanta , nuce -uDjeroi mammony,- A, nior. Woman's f!lnh. Mrs. H. A. My- Produced by Miss Clara Aleiandar, ta irhlehT v.u.v. - - ' jus. ueorgo v u... Appears ss ueatnee Boutnern prs, preniuwn; i'mkcb aim uaneieia, who nas seen perter a ays. eral Federation, that the biennial of 1912 might be brought to California, She was next in line for the office, but there is an unwritten law against The Emerson Mothers Club will hold their next session Wednesday nfternon. February 16. "An lnterest- the hostess state presenting a candi- in? nroirramme has been prepared," uiiio. at hub oeen ieii inai at tne ena of the term of office of Mrs. Percy Pennybacker, the honor that Mrs. Cowles so graciously laid aside In the Interest of the State, should return to her. It has not yet been de an Hav the president All mothers are cordially invited. Refreshments will be served. Supervisor P. D. Hynes will address the New Era League Tuesday morn- Did you ever hear of buying Oriental Applied Art Goods at less than HALF PRICE? YOU can do so at this Remarkable Sale There are thousands of sale items to be offered on Monday and Tues day at considerably less than HALF PRICE. BON BON BOXES literally encrusted with Silk Brocade and Gold Lace BRIDGE SCORE PADS Bound and Mounted in New Art Linen, cut right c cc down to this Sale Price L The above are only two illustrations of the deep price cuts Thousands of items are Reduced Right Down to 50c and 75c and hundreds of more expensive items of the utmost beauty and utility carry Reductions of fully SIXTY' FIVE per cent It is indeed a rare opportunity and the Sale time is limited. Note the Address: 40 1 -404 Liebes Bldg. 177 Post St. 130 Geary St., 3d Floor Near Grant Ave. A. ROTHBERG Ladies' Tailor Importer Announces his return from New. York, having been successful in securing a Beautiful and Complete Selection of , the Newest Models and Materials for the Spring and Summer 1916 The line consists of the Latest Colorings and Textures in Silks, Satins, Trico and Jersey Cloths. Also Woolen, Novelty Patterns for Fancy, Plain anel Sport Suits. These beautiful materials and models must be seen to be appreciated, An early call "will convince you. Telephone Douglas 5364. ist Crochet with Klostersilk VirtWSSJl "Humming Bee LwS7 t&s&W!i Yoke" dfyjwto, Easy- to - follow- Instructions Free Use Klostersilk for all kinds of crocheting and embroidering the perfect twist of the thread makes it impossible for Klostersilk pieces to shrink or pull out of shape after many launderings they retain their brilliant lustre and remain as beau tiful as new. mm Present this advertisement to your dealer and get absolutely free "20 Klostersilk Crochet Instructions." If he does not happen to sell Klostersilk, send his name and three Zcstampsforthe I u-Ki 20 Instructions. The Thread Mills Co. Thread Sales Dept. X 219 W. Adam. SL. Chicago. III. m aw. v Rk. .m im i. VW. a Jaw , II Mfll'liilH t Villi -Vh niHlTiili Devoled lolhe HEALTH. COMFORT BEAUTY wuntr, BODY-TRAINING MILITARY-BELT Welcomed like a very dear but long lost friend! That's the reception given the NEW Nemo Military-Belt Corset by a host of slender women who would wear no corset but the original Military-Belt half-a-dozen years ago. Supreme comfort and superb style for every woman of slender or medium form who wears the ' NEW Nemo Military-Belt $50 330 For alender to medium figures, ihort or of medium height......... 333 For taller (lender to medium figurca.. .. Fine white ooatil Sizes 20 to 30. You'll never "slouch" in these corsets. You will have an alert, erect bearing; you will breathe deeply; there will be no pressure anywhere to harm you; and you will be COMFORTABLE whether you are dressed for the street, for the reception or the theatre; whether you are playinf tennis or golf, dancing or skating, you will feel as free as though you had no corset on. And you be comfortable in your household tasks cleaning, sweeping, baking, hanging curtains or scrubbing the floor. It's all in the shape, the fit, and the exclusive hy- gienio features of this wonderful corset. BE A WISE WOMAN! Wear the RIGHT Nemo! Sold Everywhere $3.50, $4.00, $5 tip to $10 NnMTHrtitnie-Fatbioa tailitate. New Terk A Charmic; loffipiexioa Preserves, beautifies and nitrifies the kin and complexion. The favorite or over year. GourcacFs Oriental Cream 2i'V"'"t'n? ""nP'oximi chnmol an4 book of Powovr Ipw for lie to erer cost ot Saar.inic in j wrapping. A I Dnoqitts and Department Store -MjrjlOMIM A SOSJTSrfrt to, $t.. ,, pa,

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