The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 3, 1947
Page 3
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Numerous Local Elections are Set City, State Business To Take Precedence In Voting Tomorrow BY 'JOSEPH L MYMCR (United fTK* Staff gorrespondentl WASHINGTUN, Nov. 3. (UP) — Local and state business affairs '.o overshadow such national issues -is the Taft-Hartley net, the record ol the 80th Congress, and the Idyli cost of living in the off-year flec- tions coining up tomorrow. Still, politicians wiu ue nsuclihu for guidcjwsts to Hie 1048 national campaigns as voters: 1. Pick a successor in Mississippi to the late Sen. Theodore G. Bilbo who died of cancer in August, without, ever taking the seat to which h<* was re-elected last, November. He was kepi out pending Senate investigation of charges thai 1,0 prevented Mississippi Negroes from voting. 2. Elect 3 governor or Kentucky to succeed the incumbent Republican. Simeon Willis. Willis w is elected in a politic,,) upset four years ago. The state is heavily Democratic In registration, b;ii both sides claim they will win. 3. Pill house vacancies in Indiana I Ohio, and New York. No p.utv up- [ .sets arc predicted. ' j Decide liomiscs fur Vets [ 4. Ballot on .soldier bonuses ni : New York and Ohio. They appeared assured of approval, particularly in New York. 5. Select mayors in several hot races. The Philadelphia and San LITTLE ROCK Francisco mayoralty campaigns have I (U.P.i-Somc ^x wins Hhor 51 ,^' 1 ' 0 '' 0 '' 5 ' """ )C(t - w '" galhor h ™ Werin iemtl off PS cs " eclall >' ac- the opening .session of live in he Cahtorma city. | annual convention of (llc „„,; cV . „" '.' °' loca1 ' city, Education Association, scheduled lo and state officials in scores of elec- [ last four days. The main program lions across the country. will .start Thursday mornin» with • (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS .~!5M..y. ne ..y unior Size) Dem ands School Movies 5,000 fo Attend Meeting of State's Teachers Ark- slate niuht wie- Following arc some of tlic more 'he highlight coinln.. at outstanding contests: session when Dr. Albert Mississippi—Hep. John E. Rankin : Bam. psychologist, writer and Ice- appears lo lie lending five other! turcr, will be the principal spcak- candidates for Bilbo'.s sent. The j "'• others are Rep. w.. M. Colmer,! otll cr important speakers ctnr- Judse John c. Stennis, Paul' B. !-'"(•' L] '? meeting will be Dean wil- Johnson, Jr., and Bilbo's onc-ttmc ! llam F. Russell of the • Teachers attorney, Forrest Jackson. There I Coll c8e. Columbia university; Dr. has been no clear-cut issue. Each i t> '' 11 " Witty, professor of education candidate has tried lo assure the i nt Northwestern; Dr. Karl Bolan- voters lie will preserve Bilbo's views j cr ' flir ector ar national scholastic Kentucky—Candidates to succeed j av '' r "' ris : Or. curl Horn, associate Willis are GOP' State Attorney i P ro "-'ssor of education at Michigan General Eldon Dinnniit and Dern- I sl!lt<! College and Miss Virginia ocralic Rep. Earlc C. Clements i Kl " na "'d, assistant secretary of the Clements has CIO and AFL bacK- r " lliol 'al Education Ing, partly because he voted againsv tlcfcns<1 commission, the Taft-Hartley Act. Dinnmit cam- Association's Young Democrats Of Arkansas Hold Stare Convention LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 3. <UP>— , 1 ouiiB Democrats from throughout for Arkansas were ealhering In the cap- ISH1, Hal clly today for the annual con"— venlion or Young Democratic Clubs of Hie state. Out of state guests Include Congressman George Smathcrs of Miami, Pin., who win be the principal speaker at a dinner tonight; and Roy Baker of Sherman. Tex , a candidate for president of the Young Democratic Clubs of America Sidney s. McMath of Hot Springs president ol the Arkansas young Democrats, was headed a delegation lo prect Texas guests at the Little Rock airport this morning It Is reported that the members limy formally request Ihc State Democratic Committee to appoint an '•equitable" number of representatives among Arkansas 22 dele- lo the Democratic National hospital. Morman was driving '(he car at (he lime of Ihe *reck. His companion. Harold Tackclt- of Parkdale suffered minor head Injuries. Charges Hurled At Oil Companies Sen. Brewster Says They Sought to Hove Records Suppressed WASHINGTON. Nov. 3 \UP>Si-ii. Owt-n UIXMVSIW. R., Me |,ii.s anenly accused American Ol]. coin- pan If» ol Hying | 0 gei ,i; ( . Sl!| , Ui'partmrnl to brine pressnn- on the Senate Wnr Iiivesll 8 nllii|t Com- mltlee to supve.u company rcvord.s deulinu wllli Arablun oil. ' Hrewstir en s n|>ed in „ i u -a!i'd exchange with Olmrles Kvuns i;iishe.s.. Jr.. son ol the former Lhlcf Justice of the United Kiutes and counsel for. tlic oil companies concerned. * Hrewsler accused llutihes und oil cmiipiiny ulllcliiLi of Botnu bclilnd Hie committee's buck to the Stute Department, He said they souRUt. lo net. the Department In seek sup- liiTsslmi of company cables roliitinj; lo tlielr dealing wllli KiiiR Ibu Snuci of Saudi Arabln, "Evlttcntly you returned empty- handed from your effort lo «ct them lo protect yon," Diewst^r told Huj'.hc/;. llo licensed tlie oil companies of ••extraordinary Intl. mncy" wltli "ccvltilu (leparl'uieni.s" oi the I'.ovcnniieid. HiiBhcs, lull, mlildh'-ased and dicnlfled, In.sisteil fie (old the committee counsel In advance that, lie was (joing to see the Stale Department about the (inestioii ol the cu- bios being made public. <'all Situation "The situation In Siiudl Arabia Is ilehi'iile nl all limes," Hughes said. "I nssmnn the United SUIcs wanl.s lo keep Rood relations (here." HuBlics snid liri-wstcr ,, mr | ( , '•Ciiuliillous mid uneiilleil for n>- nuirks" iiualnsl Ids clk-nla and "per. sonul" and "olk-nslve" remarks iiHiilml him. The committee Is lm'c»llrituii! why Ihe Navy pujd $1.05 a barrel for (ill It rmo.r- could have had lor 40 ccnl.s a barret. objected lo u lirowslcr .slatcmenl (lint the oil companies picked HiiKhr.s lo represent (hem iH'oiiiM", ho was "a resiwiisiblc He- PublkMn" who "11111-111 leiul some to Ihf.M- prec'ei-dinns " llunhi's represents, union): others, llic Arnblxn-Ainericiin Oil Company which made Ihe deal with the Navy. This company is owncd'by Standard Oil of G'alllornia, the Texas Co Standard of California and Kucon.v- Vacuuin. At ihu linn. <>| Hie Mavy deul, stiinilnnl ol Calirnrnia and tin; 'IVxns Co,, wen- ihu sule uwneii ol Arnbliin-Aiiiri'lciin. Head Courier Ni!«-» W;int Ads, , 500.000 a year on rural roads. Ken_ tucky~ also votes on whether to call ' a convention to rewrite the stat-3 constitution. ' Ttie teachers, faced with num- [crous important problems', will also paigned on a spend 5n i ., . on rural roads. Ken- i fS"? 1 . . ? .. recommendation by Robber Invades Home, Steals Gems and Cash their legislative committee that they sponsor an initialed act calling for reorganization c districts in the state, 'oil Icms include salaries, inflation and the ,,eed for federal aid for Arkansas students. Convention next year. The convention agenda Includes election of new officers, revision of me young Democrats' constitution and consideration of resolutions - T ° Get Arm Y jP-84 Thunder jet Fighter £^±^ [plan e P°«es Tests —Capital City police today nrc con- ... „ „.V tmuing their search for an armed *' Better Than 600 m a h robber wild, entered the 'home of Mr. and. Mrs.'Ross Qrunt last night escapmg with a $1,000 diamond ring- and SlJt,1 t in>cash.rjMrS, Grant, who was alone in the house at'the time of the incident, told- officers that the large man slapped her before fleeing from the house „ She said lie gained admittance lo the house under the guise of a telegraph boy and slapped her when she tried to signal neighbors by blinking a,-bedroom light. t /^ JIEADfiCHE ed fighter plane, has passed its filing <ests and Is ready for corn- oat at speeds raster than COO miles per hour, the u. S Air force announced today. Answering criticism that Americas jet fighters could not fire their guns at the speeds for which they were designed lo operate the USAP revealed that Ihe tlum- rtcr jet's six guns were test-fired about. 50 per cent faster lhan guns used on aircraft in Die last 'Ihe Air Force said that the p-84 Qualified for "operational service" m iiriiig test.s at the Republic Aviation Corp.. plant at Formingclale N. Y., where it was built. Pfc. Willie H. Jones, son of Mr and Mrs. Milburn Jones of Rl 2 Blytlicville. has been transferred from Kyoto, Japan, to a replacement depot at Zama, Irom where he will be sent to trie United States for discharge, the Army said'todav He enlisted uly 18. 1940. :IIAMBURG, Ark., Nov. 3. (UP,Funeral services were held today for Robert Jewell Morman, 28-year-old Hamburg resident, who died Saturday night of injuries suffered, in an auotomobile collision near Jones La Hejhcd en route to a Bastrop, La.| th , ntrye |en tin pain. 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