The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 3, 1947
Page 2
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'PACK TWO wvrramtn growers of Cotton Encouraged To Place Emphasis on Lower Production Costs for '4B Crop v ATLANTA,;_O*J, l»o». «. (U.P.)—The F»der»l Reserve Bank warned M*7 th«* ootloa muei be produced more efficiently if It la to oom- fete euoeeaalully with aynthetlc fibers. la !«• monthly review of buslnees condition* In tha Southeast, the buik president predicted that cotton exporta In the future prooably ^Would to relatively am»ll. + * ___ • •'.Therefore, the took a»W. (rower* will hav t to depend primarily upon the domestic market H an outlet for their crop. -And In the face of stiff, cottipe- • Uttoa from other fibers, the cotton grower will have to produce •ore efficiently to maintain a profit. Th« bank pointed out, for .*xu»ple, that domestic cotton con• MrapUon In 1M« jumped 31 per Cent over use, whereas the total . fiber eonsumptlon of cotton wool .r»ron and silk Increased il pet • bank aaid th« per ad- . ; vane* In cotton growing efficiently waj the. ona-rarlety cotton im- proT»m»nt program under which higher yield* of 1 lint and teed are I obtained, Mechanisation was the other auggesled means of greater ' growing efficiency. , Meanwhile the bank reported ! that department store ulei in ' September Increased l>j 13 per' cent over Angmt, and were seven i per cent higher than those of • Ust year. The stores »re not em- 1 barking on Inventory building pro• grams vi they did last year. Their purchase* and slocks " have creased due to the season, Its usual pre-chrlstmas ' not in ratio. Much Farmland Sold. but, Favors Revival of Levy On Excess Profits WASHINGTON. Nov. I. <TJP> — Sen.-Joseph C. O'Mahoney, D., Wyo., called on business leaders today to work ,wlth Congress In devising a new "exceat profits tax" formula which would turn prices down without discouraging production, That proposal was one or three which O'Mahoney believed should be considered by Congress in developing an anti-Inflation program at the forthcoming special session. He is a member of the Joint economic committee whld( may play an Important part In framing the program. O'Mahoney told reporters he still was studying the price problem but that he believed steps should be taken along these lines: I !. An "excess profits lax" differing from the 85.5 per cent war- lime levy, which would encourage price cuts without hampering production. What Would You Give to Have One? 1'^', - /•.!«•< 1,,'l > , >f * ,'.f J^-. -. . s, ^ , - 4»M<M« .U . 111111 iil« K/ntu. &ffau*4ft'e* Here, (alt, in case you're wondering what i bid to a royal wedding looks like, Is » reproduction o( the invitation luued for the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and LI. Philip Mountballen. Ham* ot the recipient has been deleted. State Department Accused of Acts Tragically Like Red, Fascist Deals 3. A system to allocate scarce commodltlri among Industries. — - 3 p Renewal of consumer credit jam-land sales have In-1 controls, which expire tomorrow on , ticueu tremendously since the, Installment buying. '• Tr!!' ^ , h ~ n0t . r . eault * <l ln * r|< le-| O'Mshoney said he had not work- spread farm-mortage lending. The ed out details of his profits tax-pro i bank said. In June, 27,314 loans ! posal but that he was TOn"dent It , secured by farm-real-cstate mor- I could be done «>nndent It ' ™".^ r I J niU m, d a ' StrlCt b "" ks PfoftU "* now Comparable lo :lv^-'"-~ -,£& «'—t b ^! E »zr .r^^FS • .In 'the other, slate* the up'-1 ^"tev!?"" 1 "*" '""*""'"« the awing resulted partly from In- __ _ bjana the .shrimping season open-; Admiralty to Decide ed on August 12, canning of 1J — •' •• ' •late Summer vegetables in Ten' neuee has continued the ern- . ployment Increase in that stale, and in. Centra) Georgia the lull ; caused by the close of the peach ; season will be partially counler- aeled by Ihe harvest of the pl- miento crop. An, additional prospect Is the citrus fruit canning .Industry In Florida' which will 1 MountJbotten's Seo Duty LOHDON. Nov. . Stal reported Saturday (UP)-Thc lhat all . •aoon get fully underway. -. -~«.L.IUH.r Ullll RU decslons about I,t. f Philip Mount- batten's future naval service had been turned over lo King Georce who i,, turn asked the Admiralty for suggestions. The Star said It was "unlikclv" "•»' Mountbattrn. who will be .-.. 6 ^^ *"t'J unueiway. l,» a ^^)*^ . „ , *' JI ' °^ Damage to district crops from* ^ d ,i° Princ «-' -Elizabeth Nov. the storms In September and "Oc- *'"' ""' "' " ^ ' - ., ... »JVlJl--tlllUi;t ftllCl IJC- tober was severe only In sections, when the mid-September hurrl on long tours 20. would be sent of. sea duty. "His Job will not cal for any wnen the mid-September hurrU , Ju ° wl " not c>1 'or any cane atruck, two thirds of the*l «"' "«PV»tlon 'rom the princess," LouUlan. rice crop had been har- 1 "'' "T'T, 1 * 1 ' S * id ' Tested, but the remaining third! ,,^ ,",*,! t" 80t '" hh "« l wa» damaged heavily j cu . t , a( - official functions by him- Nevertheless, favorable 'har- t " r1n3 '' He °P C »^ a lo- was damaged heavily. Nevertheless, favorable 'harvcs-, weather and an Increased! , ' He °P C »^ a lo, ,, "™ en °' R*membraiice" * village of Corsham. Wilt- , ,, . us* of combined saved most of L * village of Corsham. Wilt- the damaged crop. The sugar' He ' ormerl y was .talionedl cane production suftered annrnvl. n< L ar ther '- I u — ~. u( -. j. ,,^ BiiKur cane production suftered approximately a slit per .cent, j«luction from the sa»ni»n,i^ t r -«a2E®. . j^-^ssrin • cent in-'nor'- The Evening slandard reported Jthal aimmg wedding Blfts , rr | v . r'i',f u ," 1 i° nd< " 1 , »'" a, white silk flowing nightgown for the princess from Mrs. .j. c . Bryans of 1 '' WASHINGTON, Nov. 3, IUP) — Counsel for six St.iK' Department employes dismissed without lienr- ing June 23 for secmlty reasons lo- dny described the procedure ns "tragically Analogous" lo Coriumintst anrl Fascist police stntc tactics. The chnrRn was first contained in a Idler sent to Secretary of State George C. Marshall Oct. < by the lawyers—Tluirmnii Arnold, former a-wlstant Attorney pciicrnl, Aljr I'or- tns. lormer umlcr.sccrcwry ol interior, and rnul A. Porter, former price control chief. They said the letter asklns a personal conference with Marshal] ha.? not been answered. They Informed their clients this was tantamount lo a refusal by Marshall lo reconsider the firings. In a statement. .Arnold. For)as and Porler said that they were making public Ihe letter lo Marshall and oilier documents filed with the Stale Department at the rcmicst ol the six former stale de- (Icpannient employes. Their names were withheld so as not to "aggravate the injury lo their personal positions." The letter to Marshall argued thai no charges ever had been filed with Ihe six or their counsel, they had never been given a hearing, and no response was made, to their affidavits thai they had not directly or Indirectly been associated with representative* of foreign powers. The state Department snlri they had had Indirect associations with foreign representatives. "These individuals have been con- viclcd in an cx-parte prececdinc;. their reputations destroyed ami trRir opportunity for future employment sevcrly Impaired, if not permanently eliminated," the lawyers wrote Marshall. They charged Ihe Stale Depart- ment's procedure in firing the Hroup was "unfair and nnAmerican" and added: •Tn fact, Hie procedure that has been followed is tragically analogous to ttip taclics employed In the police stales dominated by Communists ana Fascists and has no place In the American system where standards of civil liberties, fail- play and (he Inalienable principles nt Ihe bill of rights are the privilege of Ihe humblest..." IMT Has Huce Foresti In the United States, farm woodlands alone have a greater area than the combined forests of Finland, Italy. Norway, and Sweden. Read Courier News Want Adi. lhe Howard Hugh,* Hearing tolayttl Until W«/n.sdoy :.. WASHINOTON, Nov. 1. (UP>_ ;«*nal < investlprators yesterdav pon«l until Wednesday rwpenlng .of the Howard Hughes inquirv and announced both Hughen and his "fcT^-n!!" 1 ' Johnn y M V«, would ,be c«ll«d (or qu«.Uonin». ' J™* h«artnt originally waa ach- ••duled to reaume Monday. , Chairman -Homer Ferguson of a .Senate War Inve.tlgatlng subcom- mitle* declined to reveal when .Hutnea and Meyer would be called ,for another round with the com- .«nitt««. It waa learned, however ;that m«mbera would reopen the .inquiry with testimony from aev- «ral Army procurement officers. ;_R«ad Oourl«r Itewa Wan* Adi. fourth of. _ crops duiing o«- er i Georgia producers suffer- I _ ~ diimage. The crop of Jail' Rural School ns *" d tomatoes has been! The dent high winds.and'heavv rains have made in Florida's cit- -rus crop has been counteracted bv ^* » ?*7 *' of th " fru ". ""i the total output for 1M7-48 Is es- *,!T* . J^ _*? * milll n boxes. How- conditions and ad- EL DORADO. AaK.. Nov S IUP) -Authorities laid they were almost certain today the fire which des^ J '"I " **°- 00<) rural grammar school resulled from the work of arsonists. Sheriff's officer, still wove investigating the blaze which razed one building at Myrtle Grove school located between El Dorado and Smackover, Thursday night No arrests had been made In cotmcc- i tlon with the fire. ' Unofficial sources said there hart been reports of dissension over the consolidation of Myrtle Grove with th e adjoining Norphlet School District a year ago. Promptly relieves COUGHS of CHEST COLDS T.xorfcono Girl Killed- In Traffic Accident TEXARKANA, Nov. I (TJP> — Funeral services are being planned here today for Patsy June Page 11- year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Page, who was killed when struck by an automobile last night Mary Helen Qoodson. her 11-year- old companion, waj Injured slightly In the accident. • The two girls had juit ulighlcd from a bus wh«n ttruck. Up Surfici Can(K(lon, Tool At the first sign o[ a chesl cold—rul> Mnsterolc on chest, throat and back. It instantly starts to relievo coughs and tight soreness in cheat muscles. Then good old reliable Mustcrole helps hreak up puinfu! surface con- KCstum and checks irritalion. In 3 slrcnKlhs. At all drugstores. Cl»on and wax floor* itandlng up I The wonderful, back-Kaving Bruce Doozit if hen! U.ied with famoiu wax-rich Bruc« Floor Cleaner, the Doozit whisk.i away dirt and dullness . . . leaves wood floorj and linoleum «potltj.|y clean, lustrously beautiful. Bruc« Doozit $T.89 E«rra Pad, j ?e Bruce Hoor C[»an»r 63c qf. io ea*y to Not In tn« famflie, of wipers and sailors wlio did not return. There, lime is no oplale. and memories *« vivid. But in other homes, it's so easy to force! When the turbulance of w ,r ha, ,ndrd and livinj, «pm resume, . p l M5ant> routljle ^^ k ^* on first thought, j« m unimportant to devote i ds'v in reverent roemor>- of our soldier dead. But think! Itii to each O f these thai we owe our life and lilx-rty •*U y .lf their orifice had been in «in. we would now be «i s ,in g and kWing under the heel of tyrant, Not „-,„ . rccori , of ouf f , •ppear i« Kixory book.. t ' ' ' lle P'" th " paid for the preservation of Ife,,,. f or u , '' '5T r •M™'™™ h >' ™™ Panic" in the obsctvances of Armistice Day John C. McH«n«y „, * Snrm ' ^ "Te» Mennment Men- ^ <jHm_^a« , . . ^rS^ RCAl/ICTOR "Solitaire" PoftobU Radio plarmg and Wurio calol*n • N«w-lyp t RCA toncriai, for •»t™ Btlemog heun Com* M and TODAY/ $7500 Complete with Batteries »CA Vicron >nr Z( " ; ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. J- W. ADAMS, Mgr. " Connection Phone 2071 S-T-R-E-T-C-H YOUR Dollar At Jimmie Edwardsl Special! 6 Foot LINOLEUM 59 Square Yard While It Lasts! 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