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no pitch oi blasphemy too high for their ambition to attempt Inlhe name of Reason, they outrage Reason in the name of Religion, they eradicate Religion from the human heart in the name of Intellect, they degrade civilized humanity to the level of the savage; and in the name of Progress, they would have the world to stand at gaze, "Like Joshua's moon at A don." Tlie Registry Law. 'Editor Examiner As there seems to be considerable diversity of opinion in regard to this infamou3 Registry Law of Horace Hawes', will you be kind enough to iaform the public as to when it goes into- effect, and thereby oblige many of your subscribers. A. J. Prior to July 1st, 1S67, citizens may secure Sprlag Opealag.

Mile J. HOOT, MUUntry Boqas 33 Montgomery street, opposite the Lick Iloase (up Btaira). Th largest and moat magrlfl- cent assortment of Parisian Bonnet In this city, ev iug received, per steamer, au invoice, oarefoll) se lected by her Resident Age it in Paris, comprising tne latest and most recherche deafen, which cannot be equalled for STYLE and ELEGANC together with a selection of Choio and Splendid Trimmirgs, which, for beauty and grace far surpasses anytf big heretofore imported to California. MBS. o.

COOK, Mahuiaotobm or Hat Jkwxlbt. salkbbooxj: 646 Clay Montgomery and Kearny. WxuuAic A. Fbkt, 404 Kearny street, near Pine, dealer In Sheet Mualo, Pianos, Musical Instrument, Fancy Goo a a. Toys, eta All ktads of Musical Instruments repaired.

GENTLrMEN'8 Cl-OTHTN AKB FVBNTSHINO GOODS by steamer Golden Age and America, The justly celebrated Clothing House of J. B. Mxa Co. are in receipt of a superb lot of Clothing, the finest ever imported to this city. For material, cat, and style of finish, it cannot be excelled outside of our own Manufactory.

We are also in receipt of a large and well selected stock cf Famishing Goods, and now on exhibition at the house of 3 B. Muo Co corner of Mont gomery and Bush streets, under the Mercantile Library. Db. D. C.

Scott, Pbactical Dkutibt. Teeth In- sorted on Gold, Silver and Vulcanite. Gold Fillings put in and nicely finished, and warranted perman ent. Parsons desiring Fibst Class Operations, at Bxabohabue Pbicbs, please call at No. 617 Clay street south side, a few doors above Montgomery, Strangers -visiting San Francisco can use the Burglar-Proof Vault of the CALIFORNIA BUILDING, LOAN AND SAVINGS BANK.

California straet, (one door from Sansome street,) 'or the temporary deposit of Gold Dust Coin, Bonds, eta at a small monthly rent, according to the value of the property deposited, for which the Company will be accountable. THOMAS MOONET, President Who paid or bid $500 for the Forrest Ticket IiAJfOTT DIDN'T. Hats and Caps, new stylo, same old prioes. NEW TO-DAY. Advice and Assistance.

ruemecrau stout to register can procure FEE 8 advice and assistance from the Bern- ocratla Oonnfr CommlitaA. st ranm tin. 51 r.OS Man. I -w. chant 8treel; between the hours of 18 A.

M. and 5 P. I M. Naturalized citizens are particular! 7 rea nested to bring their papers to the County Committee be- fore applying to the County Clerk for registration. German, French, Spanish, spoken.

By ordt of the Democratic! County Omnmiitee 1 utO. II. BOGEBS, Chairman. Fuank V. Scuddeb, Secretary.

je7 Seventh District Democratic Club. MS There will be a Sleeting of the Seventh District Democrat! 3 Club held at Barns' Hall, corner First and Minna streets, on Monday evening, June 11th, at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of electing members to the County Committee for the ensuing year, and the transaction of general I busiuess. All Democrats in the Seventh District are requested to attend the meeting. PETEB WIIELEN, President John Casey, Secretary. je9 td CONTRA COSTA LAUNDRY ASSOCIATION.

THE TODERSIONRD, WIL.LIa.rtI II. BOE. has this day sold and transferred to the underdlned, Pliaey Bwtlett, Geirge U. Hallett ana v. Jawaros uutoo, au nil interest la th "i on- tra Cost laundry." inc'udinct the property, busi ness, good will a dwbts due to the firm be'ofore Kncwn ss tne "Contra Cof-ta Lau cry the salt from said firm and DUH1DAB8.

Ail mands agairst aid firm will be paid by the uanen uaiton, ana an aeota due to wk hovkfl GK'. H. H4IXKTT, UVILE IT, P. E. BALTON.

San Francisco, June 7, 1866, The nnderstfiTiied wPl continue the business of the lata firm at the same places as heretof- re, and under the aame name of the "Contra Coa Laundry 1 sao- ciauon." wjco. u. HALITE IT. P. ALTON.

San Francisco, June 7, 1866! Je9 St IDtTUWAKD "The Star of Empire takes Its Way." THOMPSON KELLY. BOOK, JOB AND CARD 1 DOL JT J9 533 market Street, Near Montgomery, and opposite Second street, ban Francisco. -SpecW attenUon paid to the correct Printing Fenian Brethcrhood a oTTbi. cSTsieTtor slTORSATiVN 9th m8tn. the Pavilion, Hayes' Park.

Al' Irish- the meeting. M. E. HUGHES, Centre! 'oas aiuspbt, eo-y. je8 2tned jenreka Circle.

Fceisu Brother. e' hood. Attention 1 Von h.h,nrt attend a Soecial Meeting of yonr Circle, on 8 AT OB-1 DAY RVKima Qth ln. I the transaction of very important bnsmess. By or- P.

J. Oaskt. Sec'y. SONOMA WIWE AND BBAD1DY, Fere and Unadulterated, BIT THE PIPE. CASE.

OR GALLOV. FOB SALE AT MAULER 444 California street, nnrtheast cor. Montgomery, IX THR DtSrctlCT COTJRT OF THE Twelfth Judicial District of the State of CauTor-' ma, in and for tbe Oitv and Couny of San FraDciaco HABIAmME TINES. Plain tiff. vs.

WILLIAM TINK3, Defendant Action Drought in the District Conrt of the Twelfth oompurnc mea in eaia citv and conntvor a i Jr'ran. cieco. in the effics of the Clerk of said District Oonrt LS? of Califorci. send greet- are hrebvuTredToekr in an action brought against yon by the sbove aanoed Plaintiff in ixiu uibwici uonnoi ine.iweiiin judicial i sinci of the State of California, in and far the City and "lta tnerein witnxn ten days (exclusive of the day of service) after the eervice on yon of thUSnm- mons 11 eerved wltcia tnis ronntv; or if served nint by def.nlt will be taken againat yon, acoording rr a X.V sua Kaon is uroaftn. to oonui aecree dissolving tne bonds of matrimony existing be tween the Plaintiff and Defendant and giving to Plaint ff the care and custody of Willie.

Caroline Frederick. the cWldren of said parties; also for casta cf suit, and for such other and furtuer I asmay be meet ia the premlsoa. And yoa are hereby notified that if you fail to appear ana answer tne saia compiau sa eouve re. 1 quired, the said Plaintiff 'ill sddIt to the Conrt for re.i-i tueisia oemandea Given nnler mv band and seal of the District Conrt of the Twelfth Judicial District of ihe 8Ute of California, in aad for the Ciy and on'-ty ef San Francisco, this 9tta day of June. In the year of our juora one tbotisuid eight hundred sod sixtj-alx.

lou-cem. xnt. uev. Bkunp, tv.8l WI. i OiWT.

Clerir. iiy Wit. B. Aepnty Clerk. a TO LET WITH BOARD, A suit of kinklt forsiishso JOJL.

Booms, to a gentleman and wife. Inquire at June street, oetween Ktocaton ana roweil streets. I A kl KOIILER, at ctnel. Importer of Knsie sal Macai GEHTS1 F0R5 flIKG GOODS J. n.

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Caetar. Lisle TareaH, Silk, ClaUa. Lcattter.Faead Back, Ku Also, Constantly 01 Hand, LacUna Travel! ag Traaki, Sole Leather Traalta, Valfaas. Carpet Bai, ete. J.

IV. MAB CO, mvlltf Hmn Kra- rl WALKER. mGORE 00. (sreexssas to a. wAixraj MASTSVILLE.

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Ss 8. BOSESTHAL. Ancncnear. myl7 tf G. S.

WAIT. svocxssoa to watx cmxos, Lracooi9T aivd apotuecikt, Sontheast corner and Second streets, my0 3ns Saerameat. 1856. A CARD 1866, THE LEAPER AJTD IXTRnDCCKK of Fashions for HATi sa 1 CAPS on this ooast is Dtt. Latest Spring and Summer Style aaOIsTaaaa SILS HATS.

01 IKXBODUOED alsVTaa A EX 0 7, CATOBTZB AKD KA3TCFACTCBZB CF Bats and Caps of every Description MAM MCXTTXD BT LATE STKUtKB ATROM PARIS AATD HEW TORE Latest Stplea la lata Fasaloaable World SST Maatfronacry street, BCSS BLOCK. o-merPlne and Montgomery. niatf HATTER! WAiHiioToir street. e19ptf Vraarltes. TOPACCO, TTJST RKCK1VKD, KX 8TE HKH CO aj etltotion.

Direct from the tnanufactorers Bichmood: UO came WAT30JT8 OELSBB1TFD CHEWTS TOBACCO, fa balfponnd 91 lh rkga. For sale to the trade, in Bond or Dnty PA CUhleTY a WfcB, ffaylllSB fYofit mtrrmt. a. snxonaaaai NEW PRINTING HOUSE AOIVEW eTc HILDEBRABaT Ovrr tha CLAT KTBEET MABKZT. Fntraate, SSday street ft nae aelecttoa of ew auteruu WILL pi ncE, EXCEL? IOR CTJTLKBaV SaQ.BaagKrs, Lockrailhs and ALL KIND OK T'Bla Ai et Cntlery and Locrs constantly en auade aad reptlied.

Xers fitted in ar pert of the ctty at the shMteer and In the bet manner. 13 Jaeksoa street above Keey. syrv.Blari.gioe aeawaT Oonatrv orders seat by Wells, Fsr'0 OUKA1 t-iric CLOTH Di(bawp LtclU'Ho. JC- D. Wheeler will lectors bef- re "the Deehawsy asa cUtloa TM KVkNINO at 8 CJQcs Br-J'S 'M nt ram yfS McClellan will address the Legion on SUN DAY, evenii'g, at o'clock.

Subject Third ana Last lecture on the Owl's Ear, and on the Horrors, Miseries and Woe of Intemperance." At th Hall, corner of Second and Matket streets. Je-ll Lmeoin. Youth1. Tcwpersnrs L- irfon will be addressed on Funday afternoon. at 4 o'clock, by the Kev.

J. B. Hill, at the Hall, corner cf Market aad Second street. Je-lt Br-T9 tiientfos, o. U.

Wolfe 1 omm tv Guard I A somble at tout Armory on SUNDAY the 10th instant, at 8 o'clock sharp, for nirade and tara-et practice. By order. A. WAaulv. Captain.

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and a favorable lease for a term ol years; a tellable working man, American or German, can buy on favorable terms, an established business that will pay a sure and handsome profit on the money in vested; apply to J. B. CONE, 431 Montgomery st, opposite Wells. arpo JO. jev Ofi'ri-STOKE KUSIIVKSS KOR v50J Rale; with a good horse and wagon.

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Cn application to the Agat, Wine with the new label can ixt orthlth enppUet. J0 2plw A Nil. FIVE i FIttST CLASS HER WAGES, 93 FEB SAT, And Constant plormtstl FOB ANGEL ISLAND ANo FOLSOSC. Annly at BAST'S STOKE TABS, foot of Third wreet. j7tf ned TO THE LADIES OF SIS FitAHCISCO.

SAMUEL L. HARRISON, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL EVERY MORNING. i Commencing at BOX o'clock, at ANNE WB AUDI BR0THER8.I No. HO Montgomery street Opposite the Lick House, until every article dispoied of. Thlsetookisi very large and eomprises a great variety of hand some articles for the completion of a Ladles' Ward SAMUEL L.

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WARREN SMITH MAS COM menoed hi 4 business of canvassing the city 1 for Subscribers for MIDDLETOS'8 OIL FOB-1 TBATTS. the series of which em trace WASHDXOTOH and MABTHA, LINCOLN, WEBSTEB, CLAT, DOU0- L4S, GRANT, SHERMAN and JACKON. Mr. SMITH will call at the bnsisees places ofonretty. and at dwellings at reasonable boors, and exhibit some oi the above beautiful Oil Poart raits.

He hopes to meet with success, as the Pictures are worthy a place in every drawing-room in oar country. Agent Headquarters, JOHN MIDDLXTON A SON'S, 404 Montgomery street 49Snbscripttons from the Interior received aad promptly attended to by ns. JOIIfV IDDLKTOlf A SOS. General Agents for Middleton'e OH Portraits, myHB lm 404 Montgomery street JONES WOOL Have 3EL THEIR jj L00 Jang UlaSS aDQ FlCtarO StOTO To the If ew aad Spacious NO. 643 MARKET STRSBTI Between Second and Third.

Jealmls Collect your VTOTKS, BILLS, DRAFTS AW" OV JJJ ane Aeoonnts, promptly eouected oy JOHN McOOMB. B. K. WASHINGTON, Editor. SATUROAT KVEKISO.

orn social, andmurh condition. SPIBITTJALISM. Last month a meeting of Spiritualists a State Convention they termed it was held at San Jose, and after a great deal of non-eense and not a little blasphemy, had been talked by various persons, a series of resolutions were proposed, and adopted, as we. are informed through the columns of the San Jose press, "without debate." As it may fairly be presumed that these resolutions expressed the real opinions of the Spiritualists, and as they appear to have beea drawn up in some measure as a code of splritualtic tenete, we propose to discuss in the present article so much of their contents as present any opportunity for argument This is but little, since, out of fifteen resolutions, we have been unable to extract more than two or three which are not vague and meaning-Aridities. Perhaps the 3d and 7th however, may be said to contain the pith and essence of spiritualism, and here we quote them: Besolved, 3d.

That there is no absolute and universal standard of truth; and in matters of religion every man should rely on his private judgment, freely investigate every important question, and be constantly willing to abandon any dogma when proof of unsoundness is resented: and that it is more creditable to believe in false dogmas, after impartial investigation, than to believe the truth, after listening with partiality and prejudice to only one Besolved, 7 th, That rejecting all fixed formulas of faith and practice, and holding the right of private judgment in extenso, we cannot, as philosophical religionists, be justly held responsible for vagaries in opinion or action of individuals Calling themselves Spirit ualists. These resolutions, passed in solemn conclave, fully bear ua out in the opinions we have before expressed on the subject of Spiritualism. It will be seen that the foundation of this parody of religion, is the entire removal of all responsibility, and the erection of as many standards of truth as there are Spiritualists. It Is, however, somewhat surprising that the teachers of the new doctrine have failed to perceive how utterly impossible it must be to defend Spiritualism againt itself. It is a suicidal belief altogether, for as it professes to be based on reason alone, and ignores any higher standard than individual judgment, it is manifest that the people who are not Spiritualists from moral conviction, are at least as right as those who are and so far from its being a progressive doctrine, it is probably the most fatally stagnant of any that has ever been promulgated.

This is evident, thus If there is no absolute and universal standard of truthi and if in matters of religion, every man should rely upon his own private judgment, it follows inevitably, that, whatever conlusion a man's private judgment has arrived at, must be, for him, a correct one. How, in the lace of such a proposition, the spiritualists can consistently carry on any attempts at proselytizing, it difficult to un derstand; for by their own rule, the Mahometan's creed is -ound and rfght, if he thinks so, and the same with the Buddhist, the fol lower of Confucius, the Devil Worshipper, the Parsee, the Mormon, the Southoottite, the Fetish man, or the Thug. In short, it is but a round-about method of putting the good old maxim that whatever 'is, is right" Where is the Droirreesiveness" of such creed" We confess that we are unable to see it But it is clear enough that if they acted up to it themselves, thev would never attempt to persuade anybody, else to join their ranks, and the only result of its uni versal adoption would be that every man would think and believe as he does now. with this difference only, that society would cease to possees the great guarantee of moral restraint without which communities would Boon lapse into anarchy and barbarism. But contradictory and absurd as is the first part of the proposition, what follows is Btill more ridiculous and illogical.

They say, that it is more creditable to believe in false dogmas, after impartial investigation, than to' believe the truth, after listening with partiality and prejudice to only one side." In the first place, having denied the existence of any fixed standard of truth, it is a most arrogant piece of assumption to talk about false dogmas; for, since every mania to be his own standard of truth, and is to rely upon his private judgment in all questions of religion, there can be no such thing as a false dogma so long as somebody believes it to be true. Under such a rule no man can have a right to sav to another, "vour doctrine i. un true," for the other would immediately re ply, "No! for I believe it and therefore it is true." All argument as to conviction is at once put au end to by this theory, for every man will consider his own judgment as trustworthy as his neighbor's; and, as he has to work out his own salvation, he will of course be the more inclined to obey the promptings of hia own head or heart, as the case may be, After all, if anything is meant by the Spirit ualists it Is this Men are to do as they see fit in all Jhings, aad the irksome responsibil ity, the moral restraint, which attend a recog nition of a God who sees and judges all ac cording to their merits in His eyes, are to be done away with. So long as a man has only bimseli to answer to, he can do many things without scruple which would, were he a chris- una, cause nun uneasiness, and the Spiritual- ibis nave, iney imagine, hit upon a plan whereby life may be rendered smoother, and freer from conscientious difficulties. If this is not the sum and substance of their creed, they have expressed themselves badly.

If it is, and we think their own. statements justify us in bo concluding, it is one of the most shockingly blasphemous, irrational and monstrous doctrines that ever disgraced a civilized nation. Put to the test of reason, upon which it professes to be founded, it shrivels Into a weak, silly, illogical and absurd theory. Viewed by the light of the Gospel, its defects show more glaringly than those of any other religious imposition the world has ever seen. Inconsequent, contradictory, inconsistent and blundering as the ravings of a lunatic, or the senile drivelling of second childhood, this brazen epitome of blasphemous folly rears its Billy head in the midst of an enlightened people, and demands admission and recognition as a profound truth and one of the great discoveries of the age.

la capable of the "redwclio ad absurdum" more readilj than any other creed we know of; and It strikes at the roots of social safety ad protection from crime. There is no absurdity too outrageous for its votaries to give credence to; and there appears to be HOU0OKCCPCR0I MEAGHER, TAAFFE Ajui omnm at A aUBOl SXOOX OW CVPIBZOm 33 A. X3. 0 zr9o Sheetinssj 7 QfifltJ, F2acnt23 Laoe and ZZailia Ccrtaisj, Eto. AL4- Cottcn Cheetissa cad Zhktbzx MOM TOO I.

iaekBIacJc 17 Battery WKOIisS AliB HOVBl PiaeaadOaUforaia. OXXES3. DONNCT'O, DIOHOFF'O AND POIMOON'O. SUPERIOR BLACK SILE0, PURCHASED AT THI a Auctloa Cals ZaAROa lor MESSRS LAZARD And win be at a Ortrai mo SO per aoat. Crasa tltetr I asaal Preaea.

Ueagher, Taafie Co- MONTGOMERY STREET. WHOLESALE BOCSElOTBa tarpat. Je9 2p It Between Pine aad Caafbrnts. aonrjjGvo ARC REDUCING THEIR THE HE 17 a 000 0 17ott befay Uti9 Up by itsSxl new Yonit houcs. BUT TO LOTMrjr WITMIM SIT S1XTT OATS OB HEUOTON, HAOTIMCO Ct CO.

I Oar. MeetgoaMST myn la W.X. afUlxrjt VaAKK KAaOa. W.M.; MTJLLUr, MAUOS At OO t. Caret samel a PlB-tsral SOS OkW 1 I their right to vote at any elections by enrolling themselves on the Poll List, and until that time it will not bo absolutely necessary that they should be entered in the Great Register But we should advise all Democrats to have their names entered, in the Great Register at once, as the same evidence is required ior enrolment on the Poll List as on the Great Register, and the advantage derived from registering is, that once done, the rigbj of voting'is Becured to the elector for his life time, and if he.

moves, to another district or precinct, the certificate of his enrolment on the Great Register will secure his unquestion ed enrollment -on the Poll List The disadvantage attending laziness or pre crastination in is thia that the elector whose name is not on the Great Register, and wishes to be enrolled upon the local Poll LiBt, will have to prove his citizenship previous to every election, with the same strictness as would, once used, en sure his freedom to -vote, if he went directly to the Great Register. It must not, however, be supposed' that who are enrolled upon-the Great Register are not obliged to be entered upon the Poll List' Enrollment upon the Great Register merely secures their freedom to enter their names upon the Poll List without question, and without having again to prove their citizenship. No person can vote, Great Register or not, unless he be enrolled on the Poll Lists. Let this be distinctly borne in mind. It i3 absolutely necessary to be enrolled on the Poll List, and thia must be done before the thirtieth day preceding an election.

The Poll Lists are kept by the Clerk of election in every election precinct It is the duty of every Democrat at this juncture to enrol himself In the Club list of bis district, and the Secretaries of the Clubs are prepared and willing to give them every information as to the proper method of getting themselves registered. In conclusion we would impress upon them once more, as we cannon uo xoo we importance oi the famous exhortation Register Register! "1 I fl 1 i 3 Register The States Where the Negroes Vote. The Albany Argus, ia a comprehensive state tuent of the existing condition of this ques tion in different States, Bays the Mountain Democrat, denies the truth of a statement lately made by a Worcester paper, that ne groes are allowed to. vote in Massachusetts on paying a poll tax. There are only two States in tha Union where the negro is allowed to vote without- property qualification They are Vermont and New Hampshire, the former of which has eishtv neeTd voters, and Cf tJ 1 the latter one hundred and ninety.

In Massachusetts every voter must within two years have paid a State or county tax, unless ex cused from taxation. In Rhode Island a vo ter must own real estate of, one hundred and tnirty-lour dollars value, or 01 the clear year ly valueof seven dollars over any ground rent A colored person is not allowed to vote in New lork unless he ha? resided in that State three years, and ia a freeholder in value of two hundred and sixty' dollars, and paid taxea thereon. Massachusetts, which does not at home allow any man to vote who does not pay a State or county tax direct for they ail pay it indirectly, is very desirous that the Southern States shall allow negroes to vote without such discrimination. She goes in for universal black suffrage at the South, while denying it to her poor whites at home. lhis is Massachusetts philanthropy, or pre.

ference of negro to white. In her factories her operatives are worked harder and treated worse than the slaves of the South. It is a mockery to talk about the free and independent voters of Massachusetts It is a notorious fact that the lords of the loom, the ar rogant aristocracy 01 that btate, compel their employees to vote as they dictate; aad that men have been discharged for votiDg in op a v. 1 jjuBiuuu to kueir employers uirecuon What Do the Abolitionists Wavt? Why, only these reasonable things, says the New York Day Book to-wit: 1st. The utter overthrow of self-government, and conquest I 01 tne tsoutnern people.

Zd. The destruc-l at 11 uoa oi toeir enure propeny, real as well the land of course must be valueless. 3d. I That they shall go down, or try to get down, to a level with their negroes, and in touch- are quite as good if not better than themselves. 4th, and iiuaiijf iiim iiiey saaii De loyal," and I unll Know best what is good for them, but that all these I things, this cod quest, this loss of liberty, of I I real blessing tn fn' "1 That is all these patriots and "Union" men I tell them' whartheyTwill get xucjf win gei waai uiy got wnen vney nret appeal ea among us, tairty years ago, only muie eo ao mucn so mat not one sintrle a i trx? i 1 1 i wui do teit in ail tnis Droad land, Stmpatht.

We Bhodld not be Burprised, eaya an exchange, if certain humanitarian journals should be trying their hands (by and by when the public opinion against him has subsided a little) at' sympathy' for the Philadelphia murderer, Probst Already tbey are beginning to speak of him aa thA uniortunate man." That is the first step. Anon, as like as not it will be the poor That ia what a Tribune writ Toii 1 T- ujixxixtriei. wuu was nunir anwn i east the other dav. Thor ia I doubt but that with the same Ma nf Bentimentaiists, the butcher Of eight persons Will be a poor boy," too. before he dies.

I Vtt 1 Tvnro I iegro liureau in jNorth Uarolina have viola-1 tort thai- i I xixcuixcx uttxirumteu to 1 excue general indignation. Negroes have been subjected to such a system of extortion I ana crueny, by philanthropists, so-called. I whose onlv rl psira aniun I nn xx a to uccu 1 com as much money as they could during I tbe exercise of their brief authority. The I noisest philanthroDista ar nnllv the himMt Rebeluno. The Radicals of BoBton cannot stand the abuse of Wendell Phillips when di rected against themselves.

This is the lan guage one of them uses in addressing him They (the Radicals) will endure no more ol the moral bullying to which, they think, you are beyond'measure addicted. And if you wish to know how they propose to help themselves, I can tell you. Tbey will either cut you dead, and leave von without an andienoe. ur wey win nave you indicted lor libel by the be a I skuiu jury, ana convict you.too. as sure your name is Wendell." I I tn I at SLSl PACIFIC EXCEUSIOR DLLS! Fcx t2a8 Hsssfestsre cf G0TTG3 UiTICG, EATTCG, ETC.

etc PACIFIC EXCELSIOR HILLS. T17S ARB VOW RJStOT TO BE wV ceive orders for tke above newly at roods. superior la anything of tha ktad on the padne coast SS tlsinjiiin at our offloe. I. C.

MATER etc S099. ISO Montgomery street WlatlMff to fmralaa Taitssfs. Octk desiring i 00TT0H -vTABDISS, 1ATTL, Iwllm vary nflin AT quh XZ7 TXII3 oun rnr.T.8 cur. Oar by fh, Foandrles, and ooaaMntng SB tat sapetMr to any WBm tm the Vnlted .1 Oar CaaOUtes are price Xt tn prepared to 11 Ordsrf to tbe csteat cf frca le r.TAYCCJ Ct CONO, ITTADOHTO -Z2AJD2! TO nrrrrrm AIT AST OOLO0. "pzzZlf ct CsU Closed.

T)F AST mySaf JeT 8t pMtf lft Meatgomery 'wffliaos4Tapwenpsslpa, aiy.

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