The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 1, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 1, 1947
Page 6
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•LYTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER NETfg in Europe Will Suffer fangs of Hunger This Winter, $mf Some Will Die of Starvation £ EDITOR 1 * NOTE:'— William Be Higglnbolham, ..European <f»» editor ol United Press, hu returned to his desk Ill-London »(ier ijbtUnc a half doeen continent*! capitals. Here I* « dispatch giving t> firrt-haiMl wUnute ol Europe'i basic problem, which to food.) IT Bjr WILLIAM R. HIGGiNBOTHAM "t .United PT«M Staff Corre*p6u4ent £ LONDON, "Nov. 1, (U.P.)-Millions of European* will have hur*er jjfns thli winter—like you get when, you put off breaklast too long. iv Som» may *tarve. They will be the sick, the old, the very young and the few too Isolated for human help to reach them. 1 .But iomt may gel fat. It de-1 WHr of devastation, pends onwhere you live and how There Is another side to provcrty, fear and prl™t!on, 1 have eaten Much money or food you can beg, borrow or steal. -By and large, the average man Mid his wife f«id children will get through with mere existence, a great struggle for him as the- "cold war" U : raging about him "These are general conclusions from a six-week tour across Ihe heart of Europe, and from local & many lands. aaThey conic rts close as bare statistics anil direct observation will allo*. But they do not tell the whole story of almost unbelievrrWe eontrsst In fear-ridden Europe two and a half years after Its greatest , goose swimming In rich gravy In Czcchaslovakia, veal garnished with , , , egg Inside a lavish mound of vege- I , >ny more coming. For luxury meals t paid — In local money — Hie equivalent of »3 Lo 115 each, in some of those lands thai is a week's pay for an ordinary, native working man whose small legal rations are all he' can buy. In Austria It, Is « month's P«y at black market currency rates. Most people say lhat If the plenty in small food-filled oases Jtlt<j Switzerland and Belgium wcr e distributed all over Europe It would be scarcely a morsel for Ihe yawn- Ing maws of France, Germany, Austria and others, But In any estimate of Europe these contrasts must, be report ed. Because In Europe, as any where, a man with enough mon ey, or a traveler with dollare to siwnd, can cat and live comfortably If he pays the current rates. JJcyond this there are great stretches of Europe, big cities, industrial areas and marginal farmlands where hand-to-mouth Is the h " d e.a hand In Belgium — aH In reslauranU «l legnl pikes. And I hnvc seen Austrian girls' eyes bulge in disbelief and amazement at real candy on sale th miles outside their homeland. I have watched Germans dive like Imtvfcf for an odd potato rolling from >» torn sack, and elbowed with people in a Vienna butcher shop that had three small sausages for 20 customers and no.promises of bit comes most, American label. ™ "tie . r~ t »,,« ,n,j,, t^n, ejti uinge in oisociici and amaze- LA •• , iLrt* corres P° n(icnU : m f»<- at real candy on sale three Man 1-OSeS Pants in Race With Passing Taxicab MEMPHIS, Tenn.. Nov. 1. (Up) —Pedestrian Cecil A. Herman lost his pants in a race with a tnxlcab yesterday. He.vman dashed across an inter- THE STORY i Om Ik* .pr . Powell (or .01 k.vl.n Trrlllr. , w«r»o h«r tmmt ate raa'c fa am , BTrtcvlav forever •boat Gary • Marlowt, wao waa killed In Ihe | war. Caj. ka« a°l .eta IB lot* ,. v wll» Garr. mm, aiort ih.> .he aid her. I. 1 >T , W |,. other ymmm cadela who. .he bad r;\fa, Hat wa«» Gary Irfl hi* la- I. c*m, mm at. -Il.rhcee," ,.,,»»crr«.« hellered II I. a* . •^-^••* 'the one mmm I'aa* rcallr V^i* Te * Wlw •*•*' C'oaroy, wao had »e*« 104. »oor 10 Hal.a college tomr year* ajro. Cava lello ller- Jert aae lo through roaianrlaa;. I.e.rl.t kin. .,e make, hrr rrny (hroBBli • erowd of «lBdrnt« ^B^BJ ••ddenly .omeoiie .wlnv. ^^er (round and klo.e. hrr. II I. Jnel Ci>»r*r. »««k «. • ielrra» IV JJOR the first time, then, she glimpsed the honorable dis- , charge button glinting golden in j y JUl*.lapel of hii tweed jacket. Her T emerald eyes— those hateful fabricators of trouble — widened. -.-c: "Y-you'.ve been In service? Of course, 1 knew you must be. Every time ! thought ol you, 1 imagined you in uniform. But — but — " _: He chuckled, deep in his'throat. ""So you did think of me!" "Why— yes." Cam could feel her cheeks take on the posture hue of the papw strawberry sundne glued to the fountain mirror. "I— often, as a matter of fact I've wondered a great many times what happened to you." "I signed up • f cw weeks after ( I left Carter," ; "You— you never wrote. not, Joel?" Cam was not aware- that this was the ijuestion. another man had of her. scarcely ten Why even same been min- arlier. Her gnze held Joel's kingly, not even, as yet, of u own intentness. "I didn't think he answered, ) efforl it would be honestly, been so deflniTe^a'part of Vis 2° U "l" fe V? """ ™ Vy were "There Mayb, to expect I. going have to hear. overseas. not coming back. You young. And besides—oh, ihrill greetings, two sophomores from the Eta s wriggled between them irnSht K / emotka - so close Cam Suchl dhha , Ve reachcd out ""I • it/ucnCu nirn u>i<- ™_^,_i: as loud, insistent, "Come a | on! ; r m ,, pcl _,, Jw| was K . wilh 5roa ' •"•*'•" >he Mit ""« voice tjie merest shade unsteady. Joel Conroy lilted back his britht head and Uurhed aloud. swung shut behind them, then, and I was chuckling the ••"•- ..... " "Not they were out in the street. Directly across the way the campus stretched cool and indistinct in the lengthening shadows. Ancient elms waved their high plumage all up College Hill's long easy slope. Golden light slanted down across them in dim, angular lines like fallen banners. "It hasn't changed!" 'Joel breathed, os if to himself, a tree U any dinfercnt." Cam glanced up, cataloguing the small divergences between this man's face above her nnti the boy's race so closely like it wliich seemed almost more real (han reality even now. He was laughing, over nothing in particular beyond his pleasure in being here where he wanted to be, as thev climbed the old walk side by side Georgian houses of the Dean and l "f, President rode the hill's crest -lou've been missing Carter haven't you. Joel?" "So much, sometimes, that it was like a bad toothache. Moved down uilo my heart, of course. Part of me just never did leave here " He looked down at her. laugh- iniL aSai 1'p 1 " Didn>l you ever Du mp into me?" he demanded. "The first time Miller's Pond froze over enough for skating. say? rd £ fb^have been, looking r orP you poor lonely ghost that I haven't been skaling Not ai Miller's Pond" had held almost there, was." "I-I years. Ln ° her warning under her elbow. rcminiscen rcmlnlscel Hopes of (Europe And the World Lie In Marshall Plan JACKSONVILLE, Ala., Nov. 1.— (UP)—Henri Bonnet, French ambassador lo the United States, said here yesterday that the "hope of Europe and the world lie* In the successful application of th« Marshall plan." He declared that France could get back- on her. economic feet "within three years If the European aid plan proposed by U. 8 Secretary of State George Marshall Is put into action without delay" The French ambassador spoke'to the Alabama chapter of the American Association of French Teachers at Jiu.-k.5onvll)e Stale Teachers College here. Bonnet said that many of France's problems "which appear to be of a political nature are reall the offspring of misery and hardship." He told the audience of 360 teachers and college students that "In spite of superficial appearances Ihcre is every reason to have faith in the future of my country." The French ambassador and Mme. Bonnet were honor guests at, a reception given last night by College President Houston Cole. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1947 Skin-Breather Tclmatobius mlciophthalinus, a Irog of the Andes mountains, brcalliCR through its sltin. and rarely,. If ever, comes to the surface of the water. Read Courier News Want Adi. section with hts coat thrown over his head for protection against rain. His hip pocket was unprotected. The doorhandle of a passing taxi hooked the pocket and made off with his wallet, some papers, a comb—and his pants. Our Boarding House with Maj Hoople OUT YOD'RS THE OhiLV GDY \MHKVS THE PROGRftW MOW O,vl ... Piris At^D 16 R6f\W TO POT frl KSEEDLE.S THE AOTOMftTtC BED \;V AMD ST1U. USUAL COMA -riu_>toiJ cove DOT COCOOM iri FRECKLES £ HIS FRIENDS Big Honor By MERRILL KLOSSER SEASON'S BOOY ** Cl GIVE YOU THAT SOMEBODY' -NCIEK.. FELUDWS AND GALS.' TWIRP SfASON IS OVER NO LONGER. IS THF WOMAN! REQUESTED TO PAV Bur SOMEBODY TO PAV/ OUK LFAOING F1NAN . . HAS THE? HONOR OF KECEIVIKJS- CHECK.! CATCH . HIM-HE'S FAINTING "You won't really appreciate th« beauty of autumn till you re my age—enjoying the last act of the show and hoping rt runs on a little longer!" PRISCILLA'S POP Ch, the shame of it! You've Puffing Hallowe'en pranks.' Caught by the notice/ !•/?//, I hope you learned 3 lesson n Don't go out with Pop on Hallowe'en. He can't Oie Man Winter Is Just Around the Corner Growl Compliments Me MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE Let us remove Ihe water from your lires and fill th'em with calcium chloride anti-freeze solution. We icill be (lad to make an appointment to care (or all 1 your tractors at your farm — thus saving you lime. KKMKMBER WE SERVICE ALL MAKES TRACTORS Wf'D SETTSR PUT HIM IN THE CELLAR AFTER THAT LUNGE HE MADE ATAONT lUCRrTIA, BUT FIRST lETMt Rl iWOVE HIS HEAVY COtlAR. I'M SO- Wli DOWN TO SEE IF [ CAN FIND TOUR fATHER'S UWYER. HE DOESN'T ANSWER HIS PHONE. NOTHING BUT ANGINA. GKOWL. DEflTH OCCURRED 7EN TO TWELVE HOURS AGO. NO SIGN OF FOUL WAY. FtlHT JHINKS DIFFERENT, DOC. HMD FORA PRIVATE ME CM BE PRETTY SHREWD AT TIA1ES. V3U GET SOME SIKP. ANITA. Ill 6E BACK IN TWO HOOKS AT THE LATEST. Russell Phillips THEY'RE IEAVINS POIIC6 AND FilNT.TOO. ANITA rV/tt Sf AUUfff TRACTOR CO. •io. Hiway 61 Phone 217J N. F. Richards New Operator WASH TUOIiS Here Comes Eugene Bv LESSLIE TURNER MOVI LET'S SEEi 3EFFER-SOW... WHXT50UMDS 500BTO SOU? WELL, WELll f ITS NOT THE MANW LITTLE FEUOW THWGOTOU /T6LL VOO WHM-...1U MtkKE * B^EGAl^i! LET ' WE WE^E IT r\ WHILE MOD I'LL RETbRW HE'S HUN6SW (kNVWM WITH A SHOULDER CASE LIKE Jim M.WM5 ,..- ....rT— ,, rl nmuc «NW i.1.1. HtlUKW 11 \FUIU OF SOMETHIM6 NOti'LL LIKE YERV MLtH Service Sfafi'on ! State Line j (Around the Curve) ' { Featuring: J Gulf Courtesy ' That Good Gulf Gas ! Tires, Batteries ! Accessories Discount Rate to Ti-itckers Open 6:00 a. m., 10 p. m. Weekends GKW BUT tEWAE GET; EUGEM6 OUT RED RYDER The Wrong Horse FRED HARMAN WITH ME FOR DJ5f£« S PARTY. R FRA-!,I FOF=3=T1 SURrMu. R'.C- SP££CH ) E60NY-' HE'S HITCHE-D AWJSC £ Co^^^5£R.l^J w TILL WET SADDL PICKARD'S GROCERY I'hone 2013 10-M Chickasawba LETCO •( HOLD IT.OOP.' LV,' OFF.' V-^ OF ME. I YOU'LL STRIKE COOL* YOU WQ ! ONLY OVZ? OUC VVAI.B.V ^\ BODIES; EACH ONE BLOWS ALL , KIM INTO rr-- TH\T OOOHTA VCXJ SAPS.' IT'LL BLOW HIM UP! X> VOO WA>JT TO BE SHORT A PLAYER ? fIF'i -11 m iTTi ryrr rim i (P nnn> FTTH- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES The Plans, Gentlemen! By EDGAR MARTIN SWOP \_OOKS ,e>OT \ \v WOOD . OVO- ot<iwbyy=, TV\tV CfM-i JOB! THE DEAD ENP -__--.... & i v.i»i,,ij\.t:,i L i We II hunt up that ghost boy." 00* M turned to face him. Thej had reached Ihe while steps leading up, between handsome old columns, to the Ocan's front porch. She would say goodby hero, quickly, and send his way. "I won't be having time for many dales this fall. Joel." A scowl brushed his fore" "Of course nol!" "Not—nol married? Somehow I never thought—" "Nothing like lhat. I' m j us ._ just busy, that's all. |- vc elected Hve full courses. And I'm committed to quite a few charily jobs that tie up most of my afternoons. So— "I know what's the matter wilh you, Joel said suddenly. "You're afraid of ghosts. That's what's biting you!" "You just don't understand. Oh maybe we were in love on Ihe way kids sometimes do fa love. And il was sweet. But—" "Darn sweet," he agreed, blue eyes on hers. "I-I'm not stiil in love wilh you. Joel." she made herself say Her voice was clear and incisive even though the merest shade unsteady. Jt she had expected the smile to fade from his bronzed face, if she had been dreading the way light would drain out of his purple-blue eyes, she never had been "ore mistaken. Joel Conroy liltert back his bright head and laughed aloud. (To Be Continued)

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