The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on May 11, 1869 · 3
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 3

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1869
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MAY 11 Traveler's Directory. w Fo Eteamer tdiho will leave Folsom atreet wbarf f r Honolulu, We AneBdav May lt t 4 o'clock, r. at. Fob Majtuin. The steamer Montana will leave Folsoni-street wharf for Mexican ports on Tneerlay, May 11th, at 10 o'clock a. m Fob Bakta Critz, Mon-tvee, Saw Bimbos and Sab Ioch Obbpo Steamrtilp California, Fol-som street wharf, May 6th, I5tu and 25th, at 4 1 ac For Basta. Babbaba. Saw Fxr.Ro and Ban Drxxw. fctearasMps Orixaba and Sierra Nevada, ATOmrxe5t wharf, every Saturday at 9 A. M. nurauw. i ue tsteamer Cora leaves Broadway wharf daily (Sundays excepted) at 8 r. a, for Suisun City, touching at Bececia anil Mar-tinea. Beturntns leaves Snlsun at 7 o'clock A. x. Fob 6tocetos. Steamer T. O. Walker, every Tuesday, Thursday and faterday. Pacific street Walker, every wnarr, at 4 r. at.; steam - avifc'anon uuminny a boats, daily (Sundays excepted, at 4 r. St., from Broadway wharf. Fob Napa. Steamer knitta?, 3 r. M., Pacific street wharf. Connects With Paelfio B. R. via Vallejo route for esioramento, daily. ,; Fob SacHAjiknto. Navigation Company's teats, utty, Broadway wbarf, 4 r. sr. Fob SACBAsncNTO, vla VALiJtro.-Hleamer New World, from Front street Wharf, corner Tallejo, every day at 7 A. at. and 4 r. M., connecting with Express Trains for Napa and Sacramento. irctunnnK. vara leave Sacramento at 6 a. it-, and m-. viinn)Ka w i a. m. ana 2 r. m.i Vai- l1o lt S a. M , and 6 p. m. i f ' j?ob 8a Jos a and Gmto-r. Cars leave depot, Market street, at 8:40 a. m., 830 and S p. M.I Sundays, 8:30 and 9:50 a. St and 8:40 T. M. Returning leave Qilroy at 8:50 a. sc. and 1:50 p.m. Fc Oakland. Ferry leave junction Pacific Mid Davis streets at 8:50, 7; , 11:30 A. at, and ,4,6aSand6S0F.ii.; Wednesday and Saturday rights, 11:30 p. sc.; two first trips omitted Sun-nays. By creek route-r-iaas a. at. and 8 p. if. (Sundays excepted). Fob Alameda. Ferry leaves landing, Davis street, between Pacific and Broadway, at 7:50 and S0 a. a., lo, 430 and p. sc.; on Sundays, 9, 11.30 A St, 1:80, 430, and 6 P. sc. Fob Saw Quxkxin. Steamer Oontra Costa, from Davia street, near Vallejo, 10:30 A. sc., and 4:30 p. t. Three trips will be made every Sunday, boat leaving at 030 a. m., 1 r. M. and 430 p. sc. Fob Sacceijto. Steamer Princess, Meigffa" wharf, 9, 11 a. sc., 230 4:30 and 6 P. M. p. sc., Bundays, 10 a. sc., and 12 St., and 3 and 4 p. w. Fob PBTALCsfA and Sonoma. Steamer Pta-nrma, Vallejo street wharf, daily, at 8 A. si. and 2 p. St. (Sun lays excepted), leaves Petaluma at 8 a. ic. and 1 M p. if. Steamer Belief, from Washington street wharf, Tuesdays, Tiiursdavg and Saturdays, at 11 a. st. Anmsememts ToOHght. Alrambba Tbeatek. Farewell becefit to Miss Amy Stone. Caupoiinia Takatep. The "Hunchback." MrraoroLiTAS Heller's Salle Diabollque. Maouibe's. Minstrelsy, etc. COMMERCIAL. Saw Tobk. May 11. Gold 137?,, 138 -20s U9H.U1H Q. Silver ..193 PacinoMail 92 a 8.Kx 109 U.. Hit O. 8 Bonds ...80 Cotton .28 St Wheat, fl 701 75 Flor...T 00S10 00 L. Tender.. ..7374 1 London, May 6. Consols 9H, 93 Liverpool, May 8. Wheat 9s. 3d. FREIGHTS. CHARTERS, ETC. Tuesday Evbsino, May 11. The sailing of the steamer Montana, for Mexico has again been postponed until to-morrow at 10 o'clock a.m. Bhip Nightingale cleared yesterday for Hong-, kong, with 1538 centals of Wheat, 6000 bbls of Flour, and 200 cases Salmon, valued at f 28,782. Ship Archer, 905 tons, and Franklin, 1124 tons, have been laid on the berth for Hongkong. GENERAL MERCHANDISE. Market is still quiet, and few sales reported from first hand. This being steamer week very little will be done in the way tf trade and not many goods change hands. CANDLES Sales of 500 b 8 Adamantines, mostly Grant's, private quotable at 1717c. SCttAB Sales of 200 hf bbls Hawaiian, In 3 MOLASSES Sales of Hawaiian, in smn lots, at 26 JSc. PAPEK 150 reams California straw wrappius, Saratoga Mills, 90-$l V ream. OIL Sales of 80 ce Devoe's Coal, at 48J$c. KICK 800 mats China sold ia lots, at 5! J4c Its. 8PI SITS - Sales of California Alcohol, In lots at f 1 85 for bbls, and $2 V gallon in tins. PRODUCE MARKET, f FLOUB Bales of 1800 bbls Oregon for export, private. WHEAT Sales of 1200 Bks choice at $i 60: 1200 do good, at $1 45; 1700 sk choice, $1 45. BARLEY Sales of 403 sks Brewing, at fl 60; 100 sk4 good, $1 25. OATS 1400 sks. Part California, sold at $1 45 fl 65; 000 Fk, f 1 40. POTATOES Humboldts Sf-lliDg in lota, from store, at 9095c; Bodegas. 45955c 100 lbs; Missions, from teams, lHle ? IB. HAY Cargo talcs from wharf, in lots, at $12 14 a ton. Receipts of Produce. pob ras x wun-iooa hours krdibs 12 o'clock, May 11 ; ' Per Julia 460 aks wheat, Mathews k Co; 610 do do, Ilolconib & cs; 1C0 wool, 210 hides order. . Dreadnought 1540 sks wheat, M. McColl: ICO dodo, Miller & Co. Per tfalinaa, etc 720 baTes of hay order. Alam-da 430 sks barley, Edmunston & Oo; 210 do do, fchetter k Co. Relief 310 sks potatoes. Brocas & Ptrkins. Fannie, etc 3G00 sks wheat, Fricdlander. Walker 190 bales wool, order. . ; - BBOAPrrrAAXioH Wheat, sks. 6,370Corn, Bkg.. Barley, ska.... ... 640,Ryesks oats, sks. . . . . Potatoes, sks.... . Flour, qr sks Beans, qr sks.... ran, ks ........ Bait, sks TUESDAY . . Hay, bales. 720 810 Wool, bales COO .. Coal, tons........ ,. Hides.. 210 Onions, sks...... ... Buckwheat, sks.. STOCK ASD KXCBANOB BOARD. May llilm, I860. 9 THIS KOBKTKO'B SA1B gVWW., shsat 6GH V sb; Alpha, 50 shs at 3637 H It sh: American, 150 shs at $616134 v sb; Brodt, 8l sbs at tlii3U4 V sh; Belcher, 4 shs at f 18H19 9 sh; Bullion. 67 shs at $i8g 81 9 sh; Cbollar, 9 shs at S?d8U0 sh; Crown Point, 60 shs st $68S68)4 t sh; Daney, 225 shs at $4 44 V sh; Flowery, 50 shs at$34 ft sh; Gould Curry, 10 shs at $117 X113 9 sb; Hale A: Norcross, 94 hs at $19S300 ft h; Imperial, 107 shs at 1 9092 t sh; J ustice, 100 shs at $8 9)4 V sh; Kentuck, 17 shs st $247&243 V sh; Lady Bryan, 6 aha at $13 X ft sh; Overman, 143 sbs at f 9293J sh; Ophir, 353 sh- at $2K$2534 W sh; Savage, 228 sb at $99102 th; lellow Jacket, 147 shs at WJvnH 9 sh. SUN AND TIDE TABLE. Computed by Thomas Tsnneht, Mathematical ' Instrument Maker. - May 11. . WATEB. (unn.) 1,. WATEB. (LABSB.) H. WATEB. (IHAU.) 1 WATKB 1UIX.) 11 44 P. M. 3 52 A sc. t 0 14 P. sc. t 8 28 P. M. THK BUN. -4 68 t Bets Rises.. .8 65 MARINE INTELLIGENCE. San Franelseo May 11, 1869. Arrived. May 10 Stmr Oriflamme, Connor, 10 ds fm Victoria, via Portland, 2 ds and 16 hrs. via Columbia Bar 56 hrs; pass and mdee to Holladay at Brenham. May 11 Stmr California, Bogart, 65 hrs from San Luis and way ports; pass and frt to X. P. T. Company. Bhip Elizabeth Kimball. Balrh, 14 ds fm Port Gamble; lumber to Pope Je Talbot. Bark Buena Vista. Foster, 7 ds fm Teekalet; lumber to Pope It t albot. Br bark Energy, Griffiths, 68 ds f m San Jose de Guatemala; a agar to Low & Co. Bchr Adrianna, Hobron, 40 hrs fm Banla Cruz; lime to Davis fc CowelL Schr Wm L Richardson, Harloe,24 hrs fm Half Moon Bay; produce to Goodall & Nelson. Sailed. - May 10 Schr N L Drew Pendleton, Mendocino. . Schr Mary Dello, Nelson, Fisk's Mills. ' ' May 11 Ship Nightingale, Sparrow, Hong-hong. ; Brig Lucy Ann. Hanson, Humboldt. Schr Fanny G iiuior, Farley, banta Cros. Schr Stina Nicolatsm, Laraon, Timber Cove. Bchr B H Ramsdell, Tufts, Trinidad. Schr Huichica, Harvey, Stillwater Cove. Bchr Alfred Adams, Hannah, Santa Cruz, Detained. Brig Lucy Ann, outward bound, hat anchored off Meiggs wharf. Memoranda. Per Oriflamme Sailed from San Francisco April 10, at 11 a m; crossed Columbia River Bar 13th, at 130 p in; arrived at Portland 1130 p m; Bailed from Portland on excursion trip to British Columbia and Pucet Sound AprU 21; returned May 4th. Left Portland May 8, at 8 .30 a sn, crossed the bar at 7 p m, arrived at San Francisco May 10, at 12 midnight. . , V! . - Domestie Ports. MONTEREY May 10 Stmr California sails at 3 p m for this port via Santa Craa. SACRAMENTO Arrived, May 8th and 9th Enterprise, Gem, Solnno, Alaska, Caroline Mills, J P Haven, Marion. Nelson, Veto, Wm Hicks, Nicotine, Wonder, Goodman Cistle. Sailed Solano, Fourth of July, Golden Fleece, Golden Gate and J Mora Moss. PORT MADISON-Sailed, 9th infstant Bark Chris Mitchell, for this port. POR I LAND Sailed, 8th inst at 8 a in Stmr Oriflamme; at S p m same day, stmr Ajax, both for this port. . . , . 8EHOA1E Arrived, 8th tost Bark Amethyst, Swlnson. hence April SI. -8EATTLE Arrived, 10th lnst-Bark Florence, VanNamee, hence April 23. . . PORT BLAKELY Arrived, 10 Inst Ship Nlch-.l nil. amv Witce Anril 22. STOCKTON Ariived, May 10 JeBlie mont. Bailed Tartar. By Telearrapn. ' Tom Lobos, May 8-1 ao r, Weather clear; wind fresh. K. i BORN. Frs- Iu this city. May 10, the wife of Captain 'Ar-thur H. Atkinson, of a son. - - ' Ia Chile Gulch, Calaveras couBty, May 8, the Wife of Herman Batzer, aeon. In Xreka, May I, the wife of E. W. CoDnor, a ln this city, Hay 9, the wife of Wm. 8. Dibble, a daughter, .- i 5,-'-'r ,.:;'-f f r ini l ;z .-TV- tntuts city, ApriUO. the wife of Charles H. Gwyna, a son. At Oroafs Ferry, April 28, the wife of Abner Uroat. a daughter. At Hosktneon's ranch, Calaveras county. April 26, the w.fa of Ihomas B. JBoskinsoa, a daughter. in this city. May 9. the wife of Henry Korts, a son. At Folsom, April 24, the wife of Thomas Mo Derbv. m. inn In Yreka, April 29, the wife of W. W. Powers, a son. ' In this city. May 2, the wife of J. Theison, mnn. In San Joee, May 2, the wife of Dr. D. Volght a son. - - r . MARRIED. At the residence of the bride's father, Elbert A Brinkorhoff. of the firm of Tbeo. Po hemti. A Oo.. of Kew Aork city, to Emily A., daughter r I tt. xv iciuiuii, ui auiji-wooa, xsew Jersey. i iicar innaoiivu, , v. Drown to Mary M, j Lovelace. - 1 In lone City. aTav 9 a iun .i . VI V pbine CliftonV ' T -- tn oroviilo, May S, Demetriaa J. Decker to Mary JB. Orav. . In two Kock Vslley, May 6, Thos. B. riint. of In Analy Uwnahip, May 2, Oils Gale, to Mary At Mokeiurnne HUI, May S, Walter Hopkins v tivura vs. atuwuo. In Visalia, April 28, James Jasper te MlssM. E. WW. In Oakland, May 9, by the Rev. T. Cmrtn, O. Jb. i.urkin to Lizzie daughter of Hi '0. Emmons, all of Oakland. In San Juan, May 3, Terrence Murphy to Mar- Bares jsraay. Near Visalia, April 22, C. M. Monroe to Mrs. F, Lee. DIED. In this city. May 9. Edward Frederick, infant eon o' Edward and Hat tie Carlson, aged 1 year and 10 days. In this city. May 8, John Farmer, a native of Ireland, aged 64 years. In this city May 9, Henry George, son of Henry and Elizabeth Higgs, aged 13 years and 6 months. In this city. May 6, Caroline C. Bneror, wife oi ueorge ti. jiorion, agea m yeai s. In this city. May 8, Louiee Marie, wife of A. inentpeuieo, a native of France, aged 39 yeara. LOCAL, INTELLIGENCE. Board of Supervisors, The Board held Us regular t easlon last evening. Present Messrs. Flaherty, Winkle, Ashbury, Bhattuck, Ring, Cavallier, Shrader, Stanyan Nunsn, and Csnavan. In the absence of the Mayor, on motion, Mr. Ashbury was called to the Chair. The minutes cf the last meeting were read and approved. ' ' " 5 Petitions and protest were received and re ferred to proper Committees. The amount for the past week allowed and ordered paid was $4,141 62. A communication was received from the Eureka Paving Company, with accompanying plans and specifications, recommending the Perry improvement pavement. THE GAS CONTRACT, AGAIN. Mr. Canavan moved to reconsider the award of contract made the Sin Francisco Gas Company. He said gas could be manufactured in this oity for $2 25, and he regretted the contract lor ntteen years, witb the old company; but as he knew it to be useless to p ess the matter to a vote as the majority was strong against him ce withdrew bin motion. OXHXB BUSISEF8. The Pnsident appointeda Coinmi'.tee from the First, Third and Tenth Wards, to confer with the Commissioners of the County Court with reference to the change of grade of Beale street, and to fix Uf on the locality to be benefitted. THB PINE, MAKKKT AND PBONT STREET X.OTS. The resolution heretofore passed to print, to compromise with certain adverse claimants to the above lots, was reported formally upon by Mr. Cavallier, of the Judiciary Commitee, but on motion of Mr. Stanyan, was laid ovor for one week. - . - . '" APPEAL CASES. - Ceveral appeals from street assessments were postponed for one week. Two others were confirmed and one dismissed. , HYDBAKTS. The Clerk was directed to advertise for pro posals to furnibh two hundred hydrants for the Fire Department, said hydrants to be cf the Ackerman pattern. NIGHT WATCHMAN. Mr. Bhattuck moved to go into the election of night watchman for the City lis' I. Patrick Mur phy was elected to this office, Messrs. Ashbury ana nnraaer voting no. The Board adjourned at llo'clock. Monthly Sleitlna" of the Labar Ex- chaajre. The regular monthly meeting of the California Labor Exchange was held yesterday. Present Ira P. Rankin (Chairman), C. V. Gillespie, C Meyer, J. B. Roberts and R. B. Swain. . The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved, and the monthly report was or. dertd spread on the minutes. The latter showed that occupation bad been found during the month of April for 574 men and 251 women; that the demand for nearly all classes of labor was constantly incicasincr, snd that the supply was at leabt equal to the demand; that especially the demand lor house servants was daily more pressing and difficult to satisfy. The finances of the institution continue In a healthy condition, toe subscription being kept up with great regularity. On the last of April there was a surplus of $132 on hand. The Exchange commenced operations on the 27th of April, last year. Up to the present time about 17,000 persons have been furnished with employment. Alter a diFcnssion touching the completion of the Pacifio Railroad and the European emigration qnesttoo, and the very material advance which has take n place recently in the value of labor, the Board adjourned. Labor Movements. The House Carpenters' Eight Hour League he Id a meeting at Dasbaway Hall last night. The room committee reported that they saw no prospect of getting the room they had contracted for at the Mechanics' Institute, and the League rented Dashaway Hall every Monday night until next January. A proposition was made to celebrate the 3d of Jone by having an address dolivered at Dashaway ball In the evening, and a dance afterward. The proposition was favorably considered, but as it was thought to be a day belonging properly to all the eight hour men of the city, it was referred to the Mechanics' State Council, who will take it up to-morrow night; the delegates should ail be present at such a time. The League decided a very Important point in relation to membership in the difierent Leagues : That is, " No man can become a member who owes dues iu another Eight Hour League if it has representatives in the Mechanics' t-t .te Council." It was ordered that the Financial Secretary shall spend the afternoons of Friday aud Saturday In collecting does, and that he employ som4 person to remain and attend to the bueinefs of tbe Exchange while he is absent. One widow waa relieved, H members elected, and $90 received. Con ff Tabulations between Philadelphia and San Francises merchants' Exchanges. . .. The following telegraphic correspondence has taken place between the Presidents of the Phila. delphia Commercial Exchange and the San Francisco Merchants' Xxohange, resp ctively. Philadelphia, May 8, 1869. To tub President op the Merchants' Ex change Association, Ban Fbancisco The Commercial Exchange of Philadelphia send sreetiiiff. and extends to the Merchants' ExchADge rf San Francisco the right hand of fellowship from the iron arm this day completed from the Atlantlo to the Pacific J. H. Mich c neb. President Commercial Exchange, Philadelphia. San Fbancisco, May 10, 1869. To the President op the Commercial Exchange op Philadelphia The Merchants' Exchange of San Francisco accepts cordially the right hand of fellow.-tiip. Let us be grateful for the new bond which this day unites the Atlantio and Pacific. May it insure our unity for ever. Thos. H. Bxlbt, President of San Francisco Merchants' Exchange. The French Benevolent Society. Th an nual election of this organization took place oa Sunday. " The session, before proceeding to elect candidates, was principally occupied in crit'eia. ing the acts of the Board of Directors during the past year. But they were sustained. Amendments were proposed and carried limiting the right to vote at elections for officers to the French members only. Th candidates for Physicians to the Society must possess a diploma from a Medical College, which must be presented for verification to the Committee eight days before the election. The annual election took place with the following result, which we translate from the Courrier de San Francisco. The fifteen gentlemen having the highest number of votes were declared e'ected. The contest was very close for several Directors. Between 4 snd 6 o'clock, p. M., the time fixed for voting, 459 tickets were deposited in the box. The Directors for the ensuing year are s A. Weill, 454 votes ; A. Carrere. 377 ; A. Van Damne, S25 ; E. Bufiandeau, 283 ; B. Klelnolans, BfiO; Henry Pay ot, 251; H. Videau, 235; J. Renault,222; A. de 8urville,220; L. Anraduo,216; Paul Roth. 200 ; F. A. Borel, 108 ; P. Namur, 195; A. Bourgoin, 1U5 j L. Pouzadoux. 179. The physicians elected were : L. P. OAutier, 431 votes ; A. Huard, 190. ' 1 'S'.vi - "Hickory Democratic Clcb or the Tenth Wabd. Pursuant to notice, a number of Democrats of tbe Tenth Ward last night met at No. 127 Third street, for the purpoce of electing permanent officers of th above named Club. Dr. J. S. Miller In the chair. On notion of Mr. Lorence Murray, the Chair appointed a committee of five to nominate permanent officers, and the meeting took a recess of ten minutes.' On the meeting reassembling, the committee reported the following ticket: For President, Lorence Murray. Vice President, James F. Eelley; Secretary, Thompson Dudley; Treasurer, James A. Mayer, Mr. Murry declined the nomination of President, and Frederick d. Heustoa was Dominated in his stead and unanimously elected. The other nominations were then taken up and confirmed seriatim. On motion ot Mr. Dudley; tbe Chair appointed a committee of three, consisting of Messrs Miller, Mayer and Murray, to procure a suitable hall for the Club and report at the next meeting. On motion, the meeting adjourned subject to the call ol the Piesident, and the President was authorized to give notice of the time and place of the next meeting of the Clnb through the columns of the Examine and Call. Meeting op the Democratic State Central Committee. CoL Joseph P. Hoge, President of the Democratic State Central Committee, has issued a call for the assembling of tbe members of the said Committee st the rooms of the Feo-retary. No. 321 California street, on to-morrow at 13 o'clock. Honse Carpenters In San Jose They Commence IVorlaiMtf Eljrht Henri Tor a day's Work The Coei etc - This morning General Winn, President of the Mechanics' State Council . received a letter front A. a Stowe.President of the" House Carpenters Eight-Hour League" at Saa Jose. Yesterday the penters were commenced working eight Hours pur uay; luliy three fourths of the carnen ters in that city have become members, and tbe luurui are oniy waiting to ate how it Will succeed. It ia not a little strange that men stOl aouDt about the success of tbe eight-hour gjs itiu, waen over sit thousand senslbli working men have united ih this city and Oakland, for for the purpose of carrying oat the reform so clearly beneficial to the working man; Such reforms don't go backward; even now it has spread its Influence to almost every dry, town and village on th'S coast, and soon the eight-hour men may rejoice over a compact organization that will defy all opposition. The mechanics, farmery, and other working men, are truly the bone and sinew of every country, and that they should try to better their condition is just what ought to be expected. 1 he vast improvement in labor saving machinery makes it unnecessary for men to work as many hours as they have done heretofore. The work necessary for tbe comfort of mankind can be done in lets than one fourth of the time that it required ten years ago; so there ia no longer a necessity for wearing oui me suman machine and making man old before his tine, 'ihe world don't need it. tnouga men or wealth may require it for tbe purpose of quickly makins a fortune. Mr. Stowe asks about tbe right they have to Bend Delegatea to the State Council and fr the oennt or tbe new Leagues now forming all over ine. country, we nave learned tbe particulars, Ihe "Mechanics' State Council" is a bo lv com. po?ed of three delegates from each eight-hour Association In this State that is, if the members are working but einht hours oer dav and if iuoj iuave passea resolutions in favor of the eight1 hour system, and intend at some future time to adopt it as a rule for work, they can send one delegate. The Council meets in the 15th District Court Room every Wednesday night. There is no other form necessary tor Sending ""rgates mm mat or an election by the League) and r certificate of the facts giving the name of those elected, wh ch must be signed by the Pras-ident and Secetary of the Association, and pre- scuieu oy me oe legates to tbe President and Secretary cf the Council. When such certificate is presented the delegates will be admitted as members of the Council without further trouble. Council will be ready in a few dava to issne cove. nants to Leagues, and tho associations t at de sire a more perfect union may enter into it by passing a resolution asaing io oe permitted to Co so. The covenant takes the place of a charter- is print) d on a large sheet, in fine style, and Is to be signed by tbe President and Secretary of las council on ine part or tne Leagues that have already entered into it, while the President and Secretary of the League t .iking It, will sisrn it on i lie port luuir zneineerH. We are promised a copy of the covenant when ready, which we Intend publishing for the benefit of tbe eight-hour men and the public generally. Telegraphic Correspondence. The following dispatches are self-explanatory : Kew Tobk, May 10, 18C9. To His Excellency H. H Haight, Govsrkob op California: Receive our hearty congratula tions on the completion of the Pacifio Railroad the grand event of the times for the American people and for mankind, and to our whole Pacifio Coast, fruitful in all elements of prosperity and power. fSisned.l Stephen J. Field, James W. Nye, -D. O. Mills, J. W. Seligmsn a Co., Eugene Casserly, Wm. M. Stewart) Eiweae Kelly a Co., AS ells, Fargo & Co., Lees & Wal er, Wm. T. Coleman. LaulsMoLsnc, Chas. t McLace, SAm Fbancisco, May 11, 1869. To Stephen J. Field, Eugene Casserly, J. W- aye, Wm. M. Stewart, D. O. Mills, E. Kelly k Co. J. W. Seligman & Co., Wells, Fargo k Co., L. McLwe, Lees & Waller, Cbas. E. McLane, Wm. T. Colemcn: On behalf of California I respond with all my heart to your congratulations. Wa regard tbe completion of this greatest industrial achievement of modern times as the dawn of a new era for the Pacifio Coast and for the whole country. . -.. t . H. H. HAIGHT. Governor. Nevrs From Ireland Excitement oi the Streets ToDay. ; r There Is considerable excitement on th streets to-day. A telegram, per Atlantic Cable, says that mass meetings are being held in the principal cities and towns in Ireland, at which resolutions are passed, denouncing tbe English Government for declaring O'Sullivan, Mayor of Cork, ineligible to Parliament, or any other official position. The San Jose Railroad Accident. Last eve ning there was great excitement In the city in consequence of a rumor that a serious accident had happened on the San Jose Railroad. Later intelligence however, went to show that the acci dent was not so serious as waa at first reported. It appears that a portion of the train known as the Gilroy train, due there at half-past six o'clock. ran off the track when approaching Murphy's station, SDout nau-pasi znree o ciocs. 'ine Dag- sage car was thrown entirely off tbe track, and one end completely smashed. The forward truck of the firi-t passenger car was also thrown off. bnt no damage of coasequence done. Mr. Harry Dyer, Welle, Fargo & Co.'s Messenger, had sev eral of his ribs broken. He wag brought to this city All the upward bound passengers and freight were brought up. The downward trains were delayed several hours. Narrow Escape. At about noon to-day gentleman named Williams, mounted on as un ruly horse, was crossing the corner of Mont gomery and California streets. . When opposite Wells Fargo tt Co's., office, the animal became very fractious fell and threw the gentleman off, falling upon him. It then raised itself np m wus owii to era on on its own account when Mr. Allan McBoden, who was passing by, seized the reins snd soon made the fierv steed yield. Fortunately, the ridr was not materially Tax Italian Fair. Last evening the opening ceremonies of the Fair, for the bent fit of the Italian Hospital, took place at Piatt's HalL The President of tho Society, A. Mangini, made the opening address, which was received with great applause. The Fair will continue during the week, and the entertainments of each evening will te varied, so ss to offer new attractions, an t render the Hall a place where the evenings may be agreeably passed in. listening to beautiful music, and in assisting the laudable object the Italian ladies have determined to render suc cessful. Collision in the Bat. The steamer Capital, on her down trip last night, ran down the sloop Ocean Bird. This hsppened midway between Pablo Point and Red Rock. The sloop was struck and crashed. " The owner made his escape by jumping inlo the water; he. was rescued and brought aboard the steamer, where a change ot clothing was furnished him,, etc. No blame whatever can be attached to the pilots or those in marge or tne steamer. J. he captain of , tbe Auvjf iwweu uu iignt ana gave no signal. Martin's Calculator. In the Board of Su- rervisors, last night, a comm unication was received from H. B. Martin, calling the attention I of the Board to an invention perfected by him self for calculating the taxes on the assessed values, which will save a large sum annually in clerk hire, and will facilitate such calculation, besides being Invariably correct. The machine has been in use in Sonoma county for several years, and has given great satisfaction. Tbe matter waa referred to tne Jrinance committee. A Soldier's Isventiox. A private In the United States Engineer Corps, stationed at Yerba Buena Island, has invented a patent cream-skim mer. This consists of a sort of fine sieve, formed by stretching a piece of muslin or flannel over a hoop or rim made to fit the milk-pans. Tbe milk is poured Into this sieve, and when it has st iod long enough to form cream, the soive is lifted out, and with It comes all the cream. which is emptied into vessels ready to receive it. It is a very simple, perfect and cheap con trivance. - Resulted Fatally. We mentioned yesterday, the very serious accident which befel the little daughter of Mrs. Shipley, by falling out of a window on Sunday afternoon. We regret to say that the poor little sufferer has since died of her injuries. The Democratic Clcbs. Just at this time an unusual degree of enthusiasm and ardor pervade the various Democratic Word Clubs. We presume this is owing to the veiy important State and local election that is approaching. Some of the Clubs are electing new officers for the ensuing year. - ; - ; Vrwc. An Italian fishing boat was npset about midway between Alcatraz and Yerba Buena Island, on Bunday afternoon. Those In it we thrown out and remained in tbe water some little time before tbe accident was known. They were rescued oy a nttenau boat. ; ,( lake's Sapetx Valvs. The Board of Fire Commissioners decided last night that there be a public trial of Dr. Blake's patent safety valve, on Thursday at one o'clock, at the corner of Cali fornia and Dupoct streets. This valve is de signed to rejulate the pressure on hose. Labor Exchange. The engagements at the Labor Exchange, between yesterday noon and to-day la o'clock, were -22 men and 18 female servants. The occupations of the men were 4 laborers, 2 swampers, 3 millmen, and 8 of various trades. ' The State Sabbath School Convention, Th State Sabbath School Convention will convene its annual session to-night. In the Hall of the Young Men's Christian Association. It will con tinue three days. Rev, Dr. Eels will deliver the opening address. Rich Lead Ore. The Healdsborg Flag says: John li. ilaigb showed us the other day a piece of ore wbieb. apparently would assay eighty per cent lead. Haigh got it from a man who said ho found it in the Coast Range, where there waa a large vein of it, not many miles from Healdsburg. The man took a small box full to Baa Francisco for assay. Crops. The Yolo County Democrat save: Early sown grain throught the conntv blda fair to yield a good crop. The injurious effects of the north winds are plainly discern-able in fields of late grain, which, nnless watered soon by copious showers, will yield 1 . ' . . 1 - .1. L 1J- - uui jiiuo muio fcuau mm a crop. Death of Ex-Mayo a Miles. Dr. B. M. Miles, an old and much respwed citizen of Maryaviile, and the first Mayor of the city, died at Alleghany City. Sierra county, oo the 8thin8t. OYEHLiND DISPATCHER DATES TO BlAf 10th: -India a on the War-Path... .lacen- dlarlsnt la Chic a gre... .England te ' Make Reclamation on Spain Miscellaneous Domestie and Far- ; cijra Items. , -t j ,:. Mtscellaneena. 8t. Louis, Hay S. Tbe KeDnbllcan has a letter from Washita, which says that since April lath twenty lodges or Cheyenne Deionginir io ine Dana anaer Little kodo. who surrendered to Castar on the cdpe of the staked plains duilng tbe latter part of m arc a, ieit litre wiins-ui permission irom tbe proper authorities. This makes 120 lodges ot the 160 captured by Custar who stariea norm to join ran Ban, on ihe Kansas border, making at tbe lowest estimate 600 warriors now ready for hostile demonstrations In tbe vicinity of Republican, Solomon and - Saline Creeks, and North Arkansas River, t The Indians express a supreme contempt for tbe military. Tbe Arrapaboes, and a few Cheyennes who did not rnn away, start for Camp Supply to-day, where they will draw supplies till tbe Arrapaboes have made tbelr temoval to tbe reservations still further Horth. It is rumored in camp that Lieutenant Jacobs with fifteen men of the Fifth Infantry, who were sent as escort for the philanthropist Vincent Collier to Fort Bas-com, were attacked by Indians at tbe headquarters of the Washita River, where tber foujht two days and succeeded in making their escape, ine report comes from In dian soorees ' Teaching1 the Indians tbe art ot agrictlture progresses slowlyi Tbe juo was and Uamancnes are averse to labor, and look upon the matter as entirely too desradine for the afflicted bacds in cudd. Remnants of tbe Caddowaco, Washita aud Towakana binds bad planted corn, but these tribes have raised it for half a century wiinoui wovemraeni ai(L .. Chicago. May 10. xeeterdav morn ine at 3 o'clock, a notorious house of prosti tution, on Monroe etreet, near Wells, took fire and was completely destroyed. The fiimes spread so rapidly that tbe inmates Dareiy escaped with their lives, not be Ice- able even to put on their clothinsr. Two girls were severely burned one probably miaiiy. ine nre wa nnaouoicaiy the wont or an incendiary. About noon a nre broke out in the three- story building on the same street, a little mrtner nown, wnicn completely aestroyed tbe building occupied by Bent & Howard, manufacturers ol refrigerators, etc! loss $40,000. The Times' Washington snecial aava Secretary Fish baa received advicea from Minister Johnson eioce bis receipt ot the official facts from the United States Gov ernment relative to tbe seizure of the brig Mary Lowell. The EDglish Government will snake reclamation upon Spain for the outrage. Tbe brig being virtually under tbe protection of a British frigate, tbe owner of tbe brig will therefore, look to England for damages. - maw lORK.May 10. warren and Cos- tello, the Fenians, arrived on Sunday, and were met at tbe dock by a large crowd of sympathizers. They will have a public re ception on Wednesday or Thursday. rromatabie recently prepared bv the Internal Revenue Department, it appears that the receipts from tbe whisky tax are double those realized under the two-dollar tax- It appears that tbe Supervisory Law proved oi great value to tbe revenue in unearthing lrauds and compelling persons to mane returns, ah tne Assessors say that more income returns have been made this year tban ever before. - W ben Secretary Welles left his Depart ment in vv asnington ne received permission to use one of the Government vessels to trant port his household effects to his home at Hartford. After much trouble the goods were loaded and tbe vessel sailed, but it waa found that sbe drew too much water to cross tho bar at the mouth of tbe Con necticut River; tbe consequence was that tne ex-secretary naa to taste tne goods to New London and ship them thence to Hart-lord by express, the expense being double wnai n wouia nave oeen li ne naa snippea the goods from Washington ia a regular iraoing vessel. tasa, Washington, D. C, May 10. The Dis patch says tnat tne secretary oi tneJNavy has called the attention ot Admiral HolT to tbe fact that Spanish vessels are in tbe namt ot searching American merchantmen in neutral waters the uuu of Mexico. The Department diiscts the Admiral to keep a vigilant watch hereafter, and pre vent sucn urn-actions ot international law, It sat s tbe Admiral's duties are to protect not oaiy American citizens but American commerce. It ii stated that Captain General Dnlce "has renewed bis attempt to bribe the lead- log patriots into leaving the Island. Gen. Ces pedes has been offered a free pass for himself acd family and $200,000 If be would abandon Cuba. Other Generals have re ceived similar offer, though of less amount. Thfl ftffiara OTm maH A t hmnfrh 1 f l,jn, Knfr they were spurned at once. It is declared tnat some, wno sought to accept tbe am nesty offered six wteks since, were murdered by outposts. Several citizens, sus pected of patriot sympathies, have been laicen irom Santiago Jan at cigut and murdered, by order of Dulce's Chief of Staff. Chicago. May iu. ihe Tribune's ew York special says fifteen gunboats have been contracted for Mystic Bridge, Connecticut, to be ready in ninety days. It Is understood that they will be built on Spanish account, and the construction approved by Washington authorities. ine xsew xora staats zeltune advises tne Germans to have nothing to do with i be Cuban insurrection. General 8ieel re fuses to allow his name to be used on tbe calls for Cnban neetiners. New York, May 10. A Chicago Repub lican special says mat rename cuoan ad' vices show the determination of the Span ish to hold Puerto Principe, Ncuvitas, and tne railroad oetwecn. unesada has been preeeinz them bard.' The Spaniards were compelled to maintain the connection with toe coast or be hemmed in at Princlrje. Tbe Captain General found it necessary to ueiain two Datiaiions ot volunteers. The Cubans declare that Dnlce is sreatlv alarmed at the ferocity of the volunteers. fearing it may compel tbe army to inter lerence. ine tone oi tne uuoan advices is very hopeful for the patriots. All refer to pending movements, which promise fa- voraDie results. Amusements. Alhaiibba Theatre Farewell Bcsurr to Ml Stone The talented and deserving actress, Miss Amy Stone, will have a complimentary benefit this evening. She will appear in one of her specialties " Fanchon. the Cricket" in yoned by nr. btone and a full dramatic company wwMiui ior ins return oi ine uauiornia Mlu. strels.. They will bring out a new Ethiopian tar. Songs or Scotland Mr. Kennedy's Second Week of .ScottiBh Songs and Stories was wel comed by a Isrge and enthusiastic attendance. at Mercantile Library Hall, last evening. A dozen of the choicest of Burns' songs were given, with anecdotes snd explanations reminiscences familiar to 'all acquainted with Burns' Poems. John Anderson My Jo" the Scotchman's pride one of the best things of the evening, and was loudly encored. Xot less acceptable wai the Inspiriting battis song, Scots aha has wi Wallace tiled. which is the choicest of Mr. Kennedy's selections, and appears to be Jnstlv the favorite of eur public The Star Spangled Banner was grandly aung, and awakened the most lively enthusiasm. The beautiful song. A'beland o' the Leal, "is a genuine musical gem, which Mr. Kennedy sings with admirable pathos and beauty. The next entertainment will te given on Wednesday evening, when this charming song will be again repeated, as also our own National song, together with an excellent variety of a dosen or more of song. Miss Kennedy presides at the piano, and during the intermissions a ill Dlay favorite Scottish aire. reels, jigs, cto. These concerts are maintaining ana bated popularity, which deserves to continue, as Mr. Kennedy's musical accomplishments are of no Inferior order. , Improve Obdeb op Red Men Grand Pic nic at SaOCXLIto. The members of tbe Improved Order of Bed Men, of Diitrict No. 1. San Fraaclsoo, will observe their annual fe stival tomorrow, by a grand picnic at Saucelito. An ration will be delivered by Bro. Oaves D. Hall; vj awn. . a. noooson. Two large plat forms for dancing have been prepared. Will's fall band will b- in attendance, ample refreshments can be procured on the grounds. Three large steamers will leave Meiggs' wharf at 8, H H. B, , 10. 11 and 12 o'clock a. St. Thia .in K. one of the grandest excursions that ha left the uiy uua season. Excursion op the McMahon Gbenadisbs. Thia high-toned and ; popular company (Gen. Thos. M. Cazoean). will have their tenth grand annual excursion, to Saucelito, on Sunday next. May 16th. It will be an immense, monster affair. Four splendid steamers have U tered, and three full military hands engaged for the occasion. uim cjwiiuus pavuions nave Everybody is going. been erected. Wolfe Tone Guard. This company have an excursion to Paradise Grove, on Sunday. May aota. Full particulars will be miKmn i afu r. , .... Meagheb Guard Excvbsion The eishth an. nual excursion of the Meaohsr Guard, Company x, irsx inianiry (man) Battalion. Captain John Eagsn, will go on an excursion to Point San Quentin, on Sunday next, the 16th instant. The celebrated Lrt.h Battalion Band, Chas. Alnera leader, is engaged. 3 his, too, will be a very pleasant excursion. , , ,.. , , Ibon-Uotldebs' Exctmion. The AasociatJnB of Iroa-Mounders will have an excursion to Saa Queatin, on May 23d. Celebration. The British BenevAi a. ciety will celebrate tbe Queen's birthday vv 34th, by s grand dinner. wrutday May LATE Completion af the Pacific Rail Read. " Tbe Alts of ibis morning contains the following dispatches! . , ' T rsonoNTORY-SrifMil, May 10th 12 h. To t Associated Press, Last ami IPesX.- The lnat Mil ia laid the laRt SDlka ririvnn k Pacifi.0 Railroad is completed. The point of junction is a.uso duh es ui ine Missouri river, anu ouv mm ui oacramento. J ELAND btani obd, u. a Kaliroad T.O. DrUAFf, BTDXET DlLLOtt, John Dcff, U. P. Railroad. JPXCTIOIf L. P. B. it- and c P. R, R., ilav 10th. Durant and party, renresentlmr tbe Union Pacific Railroad Company, cm led Webber River this morning, with the Palace and two otter Putrman sleeping ears, arriving here at ten o'clock, to participate in the ceremony of laying the last rail and driving ias last ti':Ka a put wi uo Awenty-nrst TTnibwi NtatM TnfanerT f250minl ..m time to take part, and the band of tbe reci- Borne three thousand people were nmwnt at tbe ceremony, in which the interest of the whole American people is centered, and which affects ail thoughtful minds in Europe and America. ' snortiy oeiore noon two trains, one from uie n est cirawn by a Central Pacific engine, "So. 60," handsomely decorated; and from the East, drawn by engine "No. 119" of the Union Pacifio Railroad, moved to the spot, and the Chinese on the Central Pacifie side placed the last few ties in position. Tbe last rail bnt one waa then placed and spiked. The spikes at tbe closing rail, except the end ones, were driven by Hi Nottingham. President of the Michigan Central and Lake Shore R&ilroad, and Railroad Commissioner 11. liavne. of Nevada, utner spikes were driven by Sherman of San Francisco, and other friends of the road. The crowd thronged the spot wnen tne moment for completing the work bad arrived. General Casement addressed them in a few words. asking for space, that all might see the inter esting sight -- Messrs. Btrowbndge ana usea.two Super- mtenaents oi uous -rrwion. men took np tbe California lauret bad placed it under Edsrar Mills, of Sacramento, as President of the occasion, oaiisd the assembled people to oraer. The Rev. Dr. Todd, of Pittefield. offered a snort and very appropriate prayer. The tie under the last joint being in position, the end of the rails were adjusted, the right, looking west, by the Union Pacific Railroad men, and the left by the Central Pacifio Rai broad men. The next ceremony was tbe presentation. in the name of California, of the golden spike oj ut. xiarcness, witn an address. , Dr. Durant, for the Union Pacifio Railroad. roraireu iuo gut, aua piscexi it lu ine auger hole prepared for it. The Hon. F. A- Tritl. of Nevada, presented a silver salver on behalf of the citizens of that State, with an in- BCIipUOIL t-'ov. Stanford, for the Central Pacific Rail road, received the eift. Gov. Haffjrd Ar. izona, then presented. In the name of tha territory over wrucli he presides, a spike of buiu, surer ana iron, wim an appropriate sentiment, Gov. Stanford then responded for tha Pa cific Road, over which be presides, in appro priate language. lien, uodee. Lmon I'aciflo 1 Railroad, re sponded for the road he is associated with. x,aear Mills arldad a few words. Air. (Joe. President of the Pacific Union Express Com pany, iu presonuna a suver simmer io uov. otaniora, said "tfenilemen of the Pacine Union Batiroad: The Pacific Union Express Company desire to express their appreciation of your enter prise, ana nave expressed this silver hammer expressly for tbe occasion." Gov, Stanford responded to tbe speech e of at. nariiness, lion. nr. TTitie, ana Uover- nor tsanord, of Arizona, as follows : " G trULemen : The Pacific Railroad Com panies accept with pride and satisfaction these golden and silver tokens of your appreciation of the importance of our enter prise to tne interests ot the sections which you represent on this occasion the material interest of our whole country, East and Wes-t, North and South. These gifts shall receive fit tine place in tbe superstructure of our road. Before laying the tie and driving the spuces, in completion ot tne a-vacinc itailwav. allow me to express the hope that the great importance which yon are pleased to attach to our undertaking may be in all respects fully realized. This line of rails connecting tbe Atlantic and Pacific, and affording to commerce a new transit, will prove, we trust, the speedy forerunners of increased facilities. The Pacifio Rail road will, as soon as commerce shall be given freely to realize its advan tages, demonstrate tbe necessity of such improvements in railroading as to ren der practicable the transportauon of freights at much less rates tban are possible under any system which has been thus far anywhere adopted. The day is not far distant when three tracks will be found necessary to accommodate the commerce and travel which will seek a transit across the continent. Freights will then move only one wsv on each track, and at rates of speed that will answer all demands of cheapness and time. Cars and engines will be light or heavy, according to tbe speed required and tbe weight to be transported. In conclusion, I will add that we bepe to do ultimately, what is now impossible on Ions lines, transoort coarse. heavy and cheap products for all distances at living rates to the trade. Now, gentlemen, with your assistance we will proceed to lay tbe last tie, the last rail, and drive tbe last spike. - Oakland AtTalra. Items from ever the Bav are as follows: Last Priday afternoon. James F. Parker. an inmate of tbe Alameda Park Insane Asylum, committed suicide by drowning hi ru ne u in a cesspool on tne Asylum grounds. Parker was admitted to the Asvlnm in April. 1863. He recently suffered from an attack of typhod fever, which made his insanity tbe more hopeless. He was missed by the attendants at the Asylum about 1 o'clock Fri day afternoon, and after a careful search bis dead body was found in a cesspool. The pool was covered with a platform of boards, and the suicide tore np one of tbem. and climb ing aown ne replaced it before plunging into tne water, justice mement, acting uoronsr, convened a jury, and an inquest was held on the body. They returned a verdict to the effect that the name of the deeeased was James Parker; bis age 27 rears: that be waa a native of England; and that be came to bis death May 7th by drowning himself in the cesspool at the Asylum grouuds; and tbe Jury iurtner iouna tnat no blame attaches to any : connected with the Asylnm. Tbe record of refil estate sales for the past week is much more e&cmir&ging than that for the week previous. There were a few heavy sales snd a large number of sales for a moderate amount-On the 1st instant tbe Alameda County Treasury contained 29,399 07. Half of this I sum was apportioned to the credit of the i school Fund. Not more than twenty-five or thirty persons have thus far signified their intention to co-operate with tbe Committee in fighting mo iOHi ciairn. PROPOSALS. "ILEKK'8 OFFICE, BOARD OF BCPEBTI- W sors. San Francisco, May 11. 1869. Public notice is hereby given that, pursuant te Beaoltrtion Mo. Vtt9 of the Board of Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco, sealed Proposals are hereby invited for the work orrrailding the bridge and flight of ataira at the crossing of Harrison and Second streets, as pro- viuru iur in we ac oi tne legislature ot tais State, entitled " An Act to authorize the Board of Supervisors of the City and County of Saa Fran cisco to modify the grades of certain streets,' approved aiarcn 30, 1868. au proposals must be accompanied with a bond in the sum of $200, signed by the bidder ana by two sureties, and otherwise to conform In a 1 respects with Section 5 of said Act ef the Legislature. The said work to be done under the direction and to tbe satisfaction of the Super- wtenaem oi mouo sweets, ana in time ana manner provided in said Act of the Leoislatnm. Plans and specifications to be seen at the office ox tne uierx of Board of Bupemaora. KOTTCE Bidders will state a SDCclfle mm t. r we entire wora complete. tn orclor to preserve uniformity and u facili tate the award, blank forms have been prepared ana win oe iarnisnea to bidders by tbe Clerk. Tbe Board reserves the riant to reteet any or all bids, rhontd they deem it for the public good, and also tne bid ef any party wlo mar have proved delinquent or ttntalthf ol ia any former woKin wim waia uiy ana uounry. So bid will be received after May IT. 18A9L at auciuca r. a. , - myll-St JSO. A. ItrSSEIX, Clerk QaSOLUT03 KO. Resolved. That tbe lol- At lowina: aamed strerts and street eroaalnea. baring been eonstrocted to tbe aatafisctloa of tbe BopermteBdeBt or Public streets and Highways, end the Committee on Street., Wharves, Grades and Public Square beand a hereby accepted by tbe City and County, except thuse prttoa required by taw to oe aept ia oraer by in naiiroea coapsny hav ing track a thereon, the saoe havinc been raved. carDaa ana eewerea, la aecoraanre with provMoas ei tne acs approve apru sv, aeoz, vis: Commercial at reel, from Devla to Dronua. Croseirg of Commercial ard faTla. Eddy street, from Hvde to Laawaworth. ' -Geary strset, firm Stockton to Powell. . Crsssiaa of Seasom and Pacifie atreeta. Ia Board of Saoarviaara. Baa Fraactsca. May 10. too. Paasad for printrsg by the fcDowmi votet Ayea Supervisors Winkle, Flaherty. Aahburv. tuiinci, wag, vaniuer, enrauer, nunan, vaoa- vaa, etanyan. a teen t topes inur IlarroKL Cole. snyllM JKO. A. BUSS ELL, Clerk. OHERIFF-S SALE. BY VIRTUE OF AN EXE. O cation issued out of the County Court of ta City and County of San Francise j. State of California, in tne suit of M. w. Clark and W. Ii- mey. doing business as Clark a HefBev. aeatnit .nana i. v. i uiiut, noiyaiunea tne loartn day of atay, a. as. j duv, a u.v. k vira upon All tbe right, title and interest which the de fendant, Maria B. Gimmy, had on the sixteenth day of Angust, A. u. istii, or has had sines that day, in and to that certain piece or parcel of lanu, .n ucw, tying ana nriog ia toe tnry ana County of San Franelseo, State of California, bounded and described a follows, via: Com- rnencing at the intersection of Ihe southerly line of Pine street with the westerly line of Monroe street; thence southerly, oa said westerly line of Monroe atreet. aixty-eigbt reet tune inches 1 tbenoe at richt aneles westerly ciizhtv feet t thence at right angles northerly sixty-eight fe t nine incur to tee southerly line of Pine street ; thence at right angles easterly, along the south erly line of Pine street, eighty feet to the place of beginning, being a portion of n ft y-vara lot i nnaaber three hundred and nine (SOB.) Notice ia hereby given that on TUESDAY, the first day of J use, A. P. 1.363, at 13 o'clock, noor in front of the City Hall, In the City and Ooanty of Saa Francisco, 1 will sell all th right, title and interest aforesaid of the said Defend ant, Maria tf. (jimmy, ia and to the said above described property to tbe highest bidder for mylO-ll-lMfrai r. J. WHITE, BheruT. CORNER- LOT OS T WEST T-FO T7RTH" 81.. 105x11a. Twenty-fourth and Ticksbtrg. Only three and a half blocks from the horse eat a Title, V. 8. Patet t. Lot is level, on the grade, and will be sold ss a whole or ia subdivision-, apply 4o .. . GKO. W. CHAFLV, BVal Estate Agent. Kg aaj-8-3t THREE S0VAE48 OK PACIFIC STREET, betweea Scott and Devlsadero. Splendid Resldecce Property and fin view of the Ocean, Bay a d City. Title PertVct. To be sold at a splendid bargain. This property mut be seen to be appreciated. Apply io fat - W. CHAP IN. heal Estate iiwt. 338 Montgomery street. xnjS-at TATLOB ASD LEWIS STREETS. B ETWEES - Post sad Sutter. 2S-?xhO. Splendid evi dence Property, being oa the desirable side f tbe atn-et. and in the finest part tf tbe city for Private Revidenee. Two line cf bora oar within a block, apply to GEO. W. CUAF1X. Beat Katata Aovnt. SH Montgomery street. ayS-3t FOB SALE BT KEXLT a SHAY, 137 Montgomery street: 100 acres of line land at School Bona Station. 60-vsra. Western Addition, S3.000, 60x137 !, ir jwoved, on Lombard street. 191x141, or .-nr of Fifteenth and Dolores. 0xl2d, oa Battlett. near Twenty-second, im proved. '.r-'BxMu, uiurcn, seir l wemy-axin. lltxlSO, comer Church and Twenty-sixth. 60x137 It, on Folsom, near Beale. -60x75, Mission, near Twel'th. 8 northwest corner Hyde and Poet. SOxHt, comer Seventh and Bryant. 95x125, corner Twentieth and Howard. 60-vara, Post and Franklin. 75x105, Mission, ne tr Sixteenth. 45x139. corner Twcnty-ihird and Mission. 140x140. MisAtoo, near Twelfth. 110x1 17 X , Mission, near Twenty-fifth. 60x125. corner Mission rod Twenty-eeeond. 65x125, Mission, near Twe .ty-nftb; improved CHEAP LIST, 53 Lots near Industrial School, f MM each. 27)4x13;:.. Greenwich, near Kearnv. with bouse. 60x111 CMrner, Fairmotint Tract. 25x125, Bluxome. near Fourth. 60x00, corner Minna and Jalta. 60x127 i, Sacramento near Scott. 61x117 H. Fair Oaks, sear Twenty-second. 61x117, Dolores, near Twenty-third. 8xrX, Folsom. near Twenty-third. 60x114. Hancock, near Sanches. House and Lot and Shipley a tree t- 65x1x7 M. Clay, near Broderlok. 120x90, Bernal Homestead. Houae and Lot on Clemen tins, near Eighth. Six fine Lots in Haley Tract. WANTED Property on County Road, between Twenty-sixth street and the West End Homestead. We have facilities for immediate sales. Apply at once to KEXLT k SHAY, 137 Mont gomery street. my4-lw DAILY LOS 'ANGELES NEWS, rtmmBU) eveby car, (hcttdat exczpted). BY KINC & OFFUTT, At the "Sew." Balldlag-, COMMERCIAL STREET, LOS ASGLLES. THB - DAILY SEWS" 19 THE SUCCESSOR of the LOS ANGELES SEMI-WEEKLY NEWS," a Journal of more than ten yeaia standing, and poeaeasinK aa it does the largest boainees and etrculatlon of any jmrnal published south of San Francisco, it possesses advantage, as aa advertising medium for the Southern portion of the State and Arisons, unrivalled by any journal in the state; and those wishing to advertise in, or seetic g Information concerning what is rapidly becoming the most Important part of the state, wiu ao wen to consult its columns. aps-u THE CANTON TEA STORE, EDTFAKER, B0LT03 & CO., So. 514 MARKET STREET, THROUGH TO BUTTER STREET, BAN FftAXCISCO. THE LARGEST AND FTKEvT GROCERY ESTABLISHMENT in the city. Best qual ity of goods at low prices, for CASH OH AP- l'UULUUB.Ull-. First-class Families, Hotels, Restaurants, Vessels, Contractors, Farmers. Miners, and others, wishing to purchase in quantities or packages. supplied AT LOWEST JOBBLNCi BATB4. Our stock of Staple and ancy Groceries and Provisions, and varied assortment of House keeping taoods, cannot be excelled ia this city. Fine Teas is our Specialty, Of which we have always on hand a superb assortment, received fresh from China and Japan by every steamer. French Brandies and other foreign and domes-tio Liquors and Wines, purs and of the best qualities, expressly for family and medicinal Die. Also. English and home-made Ales and Porter. N. B. Entire satisfaction guaranteed in every particular. api-am an ranm. culiu a a w FURNIXUHE! pARLOH, CHAMBER AMD DINING BOOM 8CTT3, In all the various oda and latest designs. Wt gaaraatee better eat iafaelloa mad lawer Price taaat any hosssa fa the city. X. XXCHSrSQEB, Manager, apl9-2pU Ko. ft. Market street. Ira. 33 TkT All TTTE BEO LEAVE TO IK FORM OUR OLD If customers and tbe public generally, that we have this day removed to No. 532 CLAY STREET, Between Montgomery and Sansome (OVXB THB STEW BAST VBAlKnSOO W1BJCXT, OrPO- rom uuawan axaaar,! Where, with largely extended facilities, and quarters adapted to our increased business, w are prapared to execute every variety of BOOK AND JOB PRIHTIKG In a style and at prices that will favorab com par with any office In the city. deS N. Ii. CtRR St CO. BAY OYSTER HOUSE, 636 HACK ST STREET, (Between Montgomery and Seamy, IS KOW OPEH. THE ! choicest Bivalve a Delicacies of the Bea- mjr son. FINE WINKS. LIQUORS AND CIGARS. Innner from tt to 1 o clock r. MEaaaa. CHS. HAASS aplMm a ALTEOF. Proprietora. FOR FINE PICTURES GO TO The Citj Mart Photographic GALLERY, Junction market and Kearny sta. ' aplS-tf WOOD AND COAL. T KAVK TOCR ORDERS AT J- .lflllK 1 r.TC-l-'-W'fc' n nayl vaala WJ and Coal Yard, SA L'SYiem atvwa, bersvweat tlsptat and Kxarnw. Where yon eaa be supplied with every descrlp. tion of s-uet in the promptest manner ana at to lowest rates. Bur-Cartage its te any part of tbe city. apl6-3m A R A M'S FARM. SITUATED near San Jose, on the Coyote river, at the crossing of the Mission road. containing FORTY ACRES ot Land, all in a high state of cultivation; in Vineyard of ten acres; a large Orchard containing the heet varieties of Fruit; ten acres in Hops; and afar? acre ia Strawberriee all yielding well. Also, a good DWELLING HOUSE and outhouse, and a fine flowing artesian wvU. Will be sold cheap. Apply to or address apa-dawtr wsa. anast. Baa 4 pee. D. GmKAKDELH & CO., 4IS and IT Jacluoa street. Between Sansome and Montgomery. Sole Chocolate Manufactory In Cliibrnia ! SPECIAL EFFORTS HATE BEEN MADE TO 4a Mht th!. arttelA of Tfoma Muraf-A. tor far superior to any Imported. The Cocoa is received direct from Guayaquil and Is of the finest quality, and does not deteriorate oa the voyage to Saa Francisco, as ia th case when exposed to the changes of climate when sent for lafactareto Europe or the Atlantio States. This Chocolate eaa suffer no feriueutattoa after its manqfactn;, a ia th case with tha import. ed article, which undergoes nor er less deteri. ratten from the pans on the voyags ia passing through the Tropics. CHARTRES COFFEE, Hie, Java, Han tie, ., Grounca. Ojrpioos, WINES akd iiquors, "- ' IHPaitTRD. Al 1 CE L.C A NEO U9. S. F. and S. J. Railroad. Santa Clara andPaiaro Val-ley:Railroad. THB BUMMER ARRANGE VEX f OF TH! above raads I announced a follows, co mencin MOXPAY, April 6th 1K0: PASSENGER TIU.I S will leave Baa Francisco en week days For Gilroy and Way Stations at E 30 A. St. and 3.-40 r. at. For Saa Jose and Way Station at S r. at. Will leave Gilroy (or San Francisco and Way Station, at 630 a. At. and 1 50 r. at. Wiil leave San Joaa for eaa Francisco aaj Way StaMona at 6:50 li.Ii, sc. and r. St. Tne Train leaving Saa Jew at a. a. will be run aa aa EXPRESS TRAIN, arriving at Saa Frand-eo at 86. the Train will stop (and for urat-claaa fare only! at Santa Clara. Mountain View, Mayncld. Menlo Park. Redwood City, Saa Mateo and MUIbrae, exeeptinr Monday motn-ings, when It will Mop at ALL Way Stataoaa. PRE OI1T TB1T 'wi0 Baa FraacIsco at 1330 .'at. and Gilroy at 12 at. ' BtTKOAT. . PASSENGER TRAINS will ran as follows: Leave Saa Francisco for Gliroy and Way Sta. Hons at SM a.m. Leave Haa Fraadseo for Saa Joee and Way Stations at 930 a. sr. and 3.40 r. at. Leave G Iroy for San Francisco and Way Station at 1 30 r. sr. Leave Saa Jae for Saa Francisco and Way Station at 8:10 a, at. and SriO r. a Paatcnger Traiaa to and from Gilroy make the D pot on Fourth street. Sao Joee. All other Trains the Saa Pedro-street Depot. CiCHARD P HAMMOND, spJ-tf tiener.! SnxierintendeDt. ' CALIFORNIA HARIHE METALLIC PAINT. THIS COMPOSITION. THE RESULT OF dentine and chemical reeearca, after having been thoroughly tested for the past twelve months, is now offered for sale by the " California Marin Paint Company incorporated March 3S. 1SA9. Th experiments to which it ha been submitted have proved that it ia one ft the meet valuable dl-coveries of tala wonderful age of invention. It has been extensively used in paint. Ing tbe bottom cf all kinds of sailing vessels, wood. Iron snd copper, and with Invariable ae-. Wooden bottoms, piles, etc., are taorough. ly protected from the destruction of the tnrrdm ntmUt, or sea-worm; and 1 on veeeels effectually preset-red from the adhesion of barnacles graaa and all description of soophyte, no Injury whatever resulting to the p'atea, aa f eqneutly occurs from the u of copper, and o her pernicious paint.; but, oa the contrary, its known properties will prrrve them. By the use of thia Paint, coppering veearl Is rendered unnecessary; but where a vessel has been coppered it will not only keep It from fouling, but preserve the capper from the ordinary wear and tear, amounting to ten per cent, par annum, and rendur it almost iadeatractibla. It la also invaluable for the preeea-vatioa of all wooden structnree. especially railroad timbers, brldiM, floor beam in hoaaaa. talesraBh mn. and 1 a eertain preventive against the action of tne wmte ant ana comajen of Mexico, China and ADaia. Tbe Company are now prepared to supply all fwuers, ana enier into contracts lor tne application of this Paint, Orders and communications in regard to terms ouresnea to .. L BULLOCK. General will receive prompt attention. Superintendent, , B. H. WATERMAN, President of Company. LLOYD TEVTS. 1 JAMEi4 POLITICK, L. L. BULLOCK. Trustees. BOOTT TIDBAIX, THOS. A. T ALBERT. JOHN S. BOLLS, Secretary. Ban Francisco. March 39 1808. tnh29-tf FOR THE SPRING STYLES IN CLOTHING, OO TO PETER SHORT, 013 Washington street. myS REDUCTION IN PRICE OF FR M AND AtTEB THE FIRST DAY OF JUKE proximo, the nri e of Oa. will ba reduced from fi 60 to f 4 7i per 1,100 cubic feet. JOSEPH a. EASTLAND. Secntarr. umoe oan crancuco oae uompany, I May 4th. It69. 1 ytf STEELE'S SAPOI 1CF-CUS T03TH POWDER! AN EXCELLENT DENI R1FICS. TT WHITENS THtl TEETH WITHOUT IN- JL lory tj tbe enamel, arrest decay, snnon the breath, destroy tbe animates which infest the teeth, and prevents the accumulation of tarter. Made and sold by J O. 6TEELE t CO . Chemists and Apothecaries, 311 Montgomery St., net ween Clay ana t.mmercial. apjQ-lmJp KewYoraMiiieuReaiieraiiiMer. ' SB , ".. TMPnOVED FOB 1869. BIST COMBINID JL Machine oa Lhle Coast. For sale bv B.AEF.B At BAM1LTM, Sole Agents for the Paciac O-ast, Importers of all kinds of ls-et improved airri- coitnrai implements, it ana iy front atreet, ban rraoetaco; ana street, pacrainento. apm-im MARKS & BRO., AUCTIOaV ajvd CXMMISSIO. SAX.ESBOOM 91 KEARNY STREET, Between California and Pine, . BAN FBANCISCO. 7 Out-Door Sales attended to. T Aavancej made em Oonsigamenis. fe8-U - - JOHN ROACH, H AS BKMOVTTD FROM 511 MOVT- OOMEBY STREET, to : - ; 640 WAsnir;GTorj street, EAST Of MONTGOMERY STREET. ay garvey Ing iBstrumenfal made, repaired and aajnsseq. noisu TVTOTICE TO CREDITORS ESTATE 1' BATTISTA PAPI.NA. deceaaed. OF Kotice la hereby given by the trader signed Executor of the Estate of BATTI3TA FAUX A. deceaoed, to the creditor of, and all persons bav. tog claims .gainst the said deceased, to exhibit tbem wita tne necessary woncnera, witnm tea months alter tne nrst publication or this notice, to the said Executor at the office of J. D. Steven son. Boom IS, Barron' trolkUsg, 614 Merchant j atxeet, la the City aad County of San Francisco. , , . AAUtUI JjAatiT ' ' Executoc : Dated at Ban Francisco, April 14th. lees. J.D. Stevensoa, Attorney for Executor. . ; apl4-law5t RaSOLUTIO HI. ST31. Whereas, The Oom-suiitee ea Ontaida Lands havipg mad tbnlr ReAort oT the laaa. iewi v.d f pablic a. ather tbaa lor etreala aaa utgnways eaa ef toeir asx nentof the valne ot the landa o iwn ', apaa aath nieeeaad naroel ef land delteeatad oa the map of outride Uu4. aceoraiag to tbe appraised vale of lb. land ao dauoented, ana bavuig Bia Renwt. ia duDUcat?. aader their hand ee. copy of raid Beeort having been flled ia tha office the Clrk ef tbe Board ef Sopevriaora, cad the etbet c py ol said Kenan 'il awaa niea in ta oSm of tbe City aad Ooaa'y Recorder ia accordance with the provMoae cf recUoo 10 of Order h e SCO. tber-rora Easolved, That the said Report of aakl Oownaitt ba, aad th. suae is Benny apprevea, rauaea ana mAnr.imA in ail It. Darte. Ia Beard ef iBperratoT, Saa Francisco, May , 109. ' . -, 1 - Adonted try u totlowina Tote: Area-tMipervtiar Harroid. AahtarT. Fhattack. Binx.OavaliBir. Bhreder. Nawaa. Sraayaa. Aiiueei pnparvaaore wmaie, rtanerty, Dote, saylO At " ' JXO. A. BUggrXt. Clerk. CALaTORNIA TRUST WIPAaiT, 21 California street, San Frmacisco. : CAPITAL. l,000,OOQ. BISK OF DEPOSITS AM) LOANS. Ace ants Kept. Mect te fheck r Braft. Oorrespondent for Banks and FankeT. latsrest Allowed ea Drpeail aad Trwd Faada. MONEY TO L.OAJT. Boad. Stocka Faners. Jewehv. Ml Xiu-Ua, etc., kept at moderate charge, . . ta large Xselter Firs and R arxlar-proof aalu aad eaMa. rvMw im.i,- ... . n.t .ii kind of Financial and Trost buaineas promt tly attended to, , , , . , i ' Kew Tor Correspondent. ' ' rirst Kalleaal Baak Kw Trtt. BFVRT L D AVI?, President. T W ft THOMMOJJ. taablcr. TFUSTEil-U H. Habtht. John Catrey. Wm. H. Sharp. J. H. A' n T irW'nlium. C. Al. Plum. W. B. Camwinga. a Heydanfeldt, F. 8. asnaloger. Wau lilac-wood and B. a Lee. myt-iawtX-Ta STEAAISHIPiV ETC For San Bias, MazatlanjGaaymas and La Paz. Torcmxa at caps st lucas fob pas- BFJSGERS ONLY. , : 1TV TBS WORTS PACIFIC Company's 1 Tranaportatiota i Bteanuhip T. S. F'-iaTyw r- Will Leave FoLtom-rtreet Wharf FOR THE ABOVE PORTS, On Wednesday; Mar 12th, '-t At IO a-clwch A. K. - - Xo cargo win I received after the 8th instant. Without clearaoo from the Mexican Consul. HOLLADAY ft EEENHAM. Agents. tny-td 4 as fJallfrmia etreet. ap-tlra. FOR HONOLULU. CAERYIXa THE INITED BT1TZS MAILS. .Via S-ltXi a a-awax-i ciLtia Trenspirtatioa Ce as pa ay mis2m. Steamchip PACIFIO a 9 ' B. 8. FLOYD CotnmaixVr WUI FOR HOXOLU1.1T, ON VetTnesdar,---Iar 12tli,lS69 At o'cleck, f. 4T. For peag or fretght, apply at the ofltoeof the Oompeny. corner California and Lradeeaora s'reets, np stair. HOIXADAYftBBEfHAat, mjT-td Areata, FaciSe man steaxcjsliip Cora panya StsaasMps for 1 ' NEVY0RX,JAPAH6CHIXA Will TMspnte-hed aa PUwtl fp. liAVE WHARF OORNTE OJ 2&&LTtrw and Brsanaa atreet at 11 o'clock A. AL,wi th following date, for PANAMA, oow-nectlng vU Panama Ruined with ea of U Opinpa'y japlecdid steamers front A SPIN-WALL for NEW TORE. r n the 9th. IKih and 3th. of each month. When the 9th. 18th and 3iXh (all oa Sunday, they will leave oa Saturday preceding. steamer leavtnc Sta rraneasoe wa the tts tone! ea a ltaaauiuv. All tonsil at Aeapnlrtt. Deparrurea of tbe t'th makee rluM concectioa with steamer for Central and South America. Departun of tbe lath are axvaesed an awaneci with tbe Freaeh Trane-Attaatle Oo." raaniss foe at. Basaim.and F.nglih ettorr fo Soutbaanp. toa and South America. TAroughtickeiacaab obtained. - The following tearaahrps wta be dlpsschH w auvwa imow I May 18th CONSTITUTION. Capt. Wm. H. Hnd-oo. conn tiig with HENRY CdAl'X- t sl, t apt. Conner. May 39th GOLDEN tiTF. Oapt. Wm. F. Lap. i"Kr. wonnecting wita AHUU.XA, Opt. amaury. Fasaenger berthed through. Baggage through ; 100 pounds allowed each adult. aa experienced bargeon ea board. ana artenoanc trea. Theee steamers wfH positively sail at II o'eicxA. a-Biaiiaigiii are laqneatea to have their oa noara nerore is o'clock. Through tickets to Liverpool, by the sad national Bteanuhip Lioee, eaa be obtained at the P. M. 8. 8. Oo.a offloa In San Fraa,. oiacci, where may alao be obtained orders, for pa, age from Liverpool or Southampton to Saa Fran-eUeo, ettber via New York or 6C Thomas tf desired aa amount of 10 to EM will be advanoed with the above orders. Holders of onto will be required to Identify themselves to the Agent la England. For Merehacd! and Vralahi. for Raw Tau sad Way Porta, Company's form cf Bill lading hw-No Fretght win he saimrai In. aaaed alt. 1 r. M. of the day prior to the asaamer'a dCDart. ire. - The RteamahlD JAPAN will he dlanatrlMd for YOKOHAMA and HONQKOSi oat TTE4. DAY. May 4t h. Ibdtk. at noon, eonmetln at Vofc-n. kama with th steamer KEW YORK for EHANO-HaL FcTP it and all other Informattoa arahr Be the PaciSe Mall Steamablp Oa. offloa, enrawC Cl taiBsiiuanu and Lwldoaloin' streeta OUTU ELDRIDSa, aVawsA. BORTH PACIFIC THASSPOETA- TiOI ; MPAmSTEilSHIPS. THE STEAMSHIPS OF THE North Pacine IrantportaUoo Company will leave aa follows. i on the fuIlowtBg roaten: Frwaai Falaaia etteet Wkarf, CALIFORNIA. Santa. Crat, Haatmr. Haa aaaa, aad staaa sjerta Oadapa. Saa Fran- IFea Luie;Sa Siat-IMoato-tanto cico. i uoiaao. I eon. rey. iOras. April Tf SO 90 May 1 1 May T , May tm 1 .- . May 34 JT 34 2 Sf - VT Leawssxaj SU P. ST. ' raw Saara Barbara. Saav Pedro, aad - ataat mffm. ORIZABA and SIX ERA NEVADA Lea via sit e'clack A. BY. 7 , I Ran Saa Banla Franctsco. Dtewv ' Pad. TiarWi. liaturdayt..WexliMsdaya..Thursdaym... Fridays. PELICAN, Fer Eareka, Trlaldad, Creerwat Clly, Coa Bay aad Una pI an Hlvw-, . Lea-ing at 10 o'clock A. M. i. W Oa th 3th of each sniBth th f learner will fxtend her trip to Coos Bay and rmpera Blver. BAILING "va , Sth aad 30th FOB HONOLULU, POn MEXICAN PORTS. O KT T -sV 330" HOLLADAY ft BRX5HAM. Aswnts, d33-tl FOR STOCKTON. THB KKlf STBAHBB I T. O. WALKER, fVaJSJ Sa9aaaaaaaa Will lean racIJIoHrtxwat Wharf, -. az o'exocx, . sc. tvm Tnaerlay. Thaxaday and Satarday BetuTtuhg, leave SAocxtoa, Mamday, Wadaeaday atad lYiday For Frehrht or Passage, apply ea board or te , - , ..' 1. M. eBZXKBOOD, Agent, aplS-tf OSlo, SIS aad SIS Davis SAUCELITO FERRY. OX AXD AFTER MAY Sn, tb PRINCESS " Will start a fotlows: " 1'rom Sancelito, e ana 10 a. a., 11 a., and ISO aad 6 J 5 p. at. From Meigg Wharf, s saa u a. at . lao, 440, and C r st. On Saturday th o'clock trip will be omitted sad cn Monday morning the boat will leave Meigs Wharf at T o'clock. istauAiiiiau Meiggs Wharf at 10 a. sl, 13 v., and 1 aad 4 1. at. besceuto at u a. a-, ana i, Sana r. x. Far... ....Twraty-fl ve Ceata. A OOTTLLIOW BAD ta attendance at the Dane Floor every Sunday. Stages ta eaa ha aei. A good Ltvery Stable. O. H. HARRISON. Agent, aptT-tf SIV Front street. IMEKDER OF STATE KINDS. EALED PROPOSAL, WILL BE BECEITED J at th Office of th Secretary of State, la twenmento, asui u o cioca au. of Saturday,' - - 3Tay 22d, 1869, Sale and Surrender of Bonds of th. fa ef! FWed Debt of the f "?T nia, hmwd siace the n 'ZT7mt eaaas- Oa said day all k wiu of ExaaiUa. ineuatsai oot rMl mm over tr.-d uy to each t dlecon"- amount as win ta P" - - vi uiraa thaa. Oa Baasn aa ... , aad 0v h.ndrad d.Ilarr, ta the Tieasnry for that ptnw OoMOota, "STl,. nt be accompanied by a satlefao. tolTaaarante fur lb. deUvery of the Bond. Governor. ! B. L. XICHOLS, .. . Secretary of BtatS, : JO. HAM LTOJT. . - . i.- . Attorary-Oaoeral. Board f Azaaaiaara, Sacraawato, May ath, 1S89. . . arjs-td H- X. BAIOBT. JASaOWTaWlE. I II Al GILT & TE31PJLE, Attoraeys aad Coajnaellors ai e BIO Jnokson sjtravot. . acj - , aAW.FRAXClKXAi i I IlIISCTSLLAIVEOUS. lBANK OF CAUFORfflV AN FKAPfClNCO. Capital Paid Up, 4,6,003,003 D. O. MTXX8- V. CL RALSTON ... AOBXTfl. Ia New Twra JKaaava, La rfe Walhw la Meetea .Trwaaaat Katsaaual Bavsxat la Iiadea, Orteafl ttaah Cwpewatiea rTtBYS BAJTK "lSSrES tJrTTstRJ X Credit, avaUable foe she perchae of iiiiiai iwiiii. umanwu aae uanw mt Xurep, In-ia. China. Japan and laatnlls IXCHANOl FOB BAU . - -r ATLANTIC CITIIt. EEA W PIEXCT ox ON al Tlwasta, IVevpaac. yd star. DabUa, Pavria, natt As Ba barf. Haha m UtVaala. aaaa.fwrt ai salt NEW HOUSE. 53 GLASSWARE, ETC. r HAYIUND, HOOPER h. CO. 33B Pin street, . . . Just below Montfotnery. superior induce nErrra OFFXBZS TO CO UN TRY D UYE R 8 1 A. FiHSTXAASa BTOCK, rALL NEW,. ft SUITED TO CITY TRADE I TTB FLEDGE OTBSELVES TO MAXZ I t every rflort to Satisfy a'l who may f avwr as with their patronage, and respectfully solicit a cau. JOHlf T. H AVILASX). JOS, KE3T HOOPER, Batxes as Lawto.IOo. f. apla-aplm a W aAAH'A l sja I X UnraaaaraT.w tjaa Booraa ft Co JULIUS MORRIS, CIGAR MANUFACTURER, HA8 REMOVED TO 209, 211 and 213 Clay street, fiXwwa Fxaat aad Da via. apl4-lm2p NOTICE. THS rXDEES'GXED. ACTIXO under inatrwotMO. fewta the Mayor, and with a view to snaking th payment of AaeessuM-Bta ea Out-aide Lands aa eswy aa poaaltii, has roSTPOJftD THE HALS OF SAiD LA VP d FOB HXTT DATS FBOM DAYS. No additional rxptewa wOU h added oa account et this poerpone- Bnent. Aw AUBTI. Tax Collect er. May Tth, 19f?. , .. aaj7-tf PAOIFI C ' IRSURAHCE COMPANY Of SAX FBANCISCO, CAL. Office No. 422 California Ft - CASH ASSETS, JCLY 1, 188,' tl,433 037 81. C'lre. Ooein. Atlorlnssy ' Inland INSURANCE. llr?cforsx Bast Fmaacssoot Oliver Etdrldga, J. B. RooartaT W. O. RaJatoa, A- L. Tabba, Wa Alward, - Jonathan Hunt, A. B. Forbes, aUe.fttifca, A. eliaTmaa, L. B. beocbley. Wm. Fbormaa, J fpeFi isaiij, J. G. Bray, David fnrn, D. O. Mill, L Friedlandar, Moaas Bailer, H. M. Kew hail, G. T. Lawten, Myla D. Ow.isne; Cnaa. Mayna, B. L. Ooldateta, J.O. Earl. Uoyd Ta-ris, Taos. H. Seiby. Adata Grant, Alrbeo BalL , ft. M. WUsos, D. J. Oliver, W. Scholia, TsoaBnea, ChaaMata, Che. B PailiB. 4. U, Will F, L. Weaver, wan. xioooeav J. W. Clark, a. EUyward, -T. J Barkr, W. dark. aiea. wem. Cnaa. ate ChaavX. M. A J. halloa. T. Lammen Meyer. J. T. Ltoaa. ISstw Yobe: Leal Mclaa. Fred k BllUnaa, Jaanee Laaa, J. G. EaUoa-a. wax. X. El 11a. Edcar MlUa, J. H. Carroll. O.T. Wbeeker. J. H. Jeaett. PoamuAjru, Oregomi w. a. iau, Jacob Kaaaas. VraoooA. Mawadat Wakahatoa. OflltTerst Baa-. Alvwrd- .Ties Pi aal Jmit A. J. Halats Aadraw BavtrdL .Mans aplA-ti TTBI ilD EiEIlI QSTJLilCli THE FIREtalArrQ IMSURAriCE .COMPANY Of aarraaelseo.O orricXi 8. W. cer. CaL and Sasscms st. OaxAjnrxD AFBix as. lsea. CAPITAL, $500,000, FULX.Y PAID LN GOLD COUT. , Fire, Qaxliia, Harbor, and X&Iand Transit Risks, Oa a favorable as any Oocnpany. oa t-i wfH be re- rva.pal, paid tm V. m. 0l " " P. . BTAFLEa, ftasHatit. aayMf OHASL B, BOXD. I 18091 18691 : II XL v II THE HEVYaHD ELEGAIIT SFRH7Cr AI7D STjmXER STYLE or CENTS' DREGS HATO WILL BI IlTTEOPrcnJ on Batorday, Tebroary 20111, 1853, XT LAMOTT, 'HATTER, Ko. 227 ,&ontgomeiT strefjt. ay Th aaost Kubtm araaruf Bat Eared to a reL - spSMai OH.

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