The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1947
Page 12
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/ TWELTl Congressman Dares President To Back Civil Rights-Proposal By GtANT D1XLMAN, (Ur*it«.1 Prr*r. SUff C*rre«paa»Tle.rt) - WASHINGTON, Oct. 31. (UP) — A Republican congressman chall- the flrrt step «<** Act «nd othtr s. In Congres., even' (launch »d- minl»tr«tion supporter* agreed there was little, likelihood the recom - —, ...»».. a i-^w* viiT.7 4CVUVU" y to-mended legislation would be passed •—T j— •••-" •"-<• ~--<u inK-Wi |:'in the foreseeable future It might up hi, civil right* committee liyijiMs toe, they «ld, but U demanding passage of anti-poll tax almost certainly would b« flllbus- Wfwwtton. •• ••-••• tered to death In lh« Senate by ; Rep. George Macklnnon, tv, Southern Democrat!. Minn., said It U wjuarely up to Th« anti-poll'tax bill passed the U» administration whether I'.r House In the wining day. of the •ommittee. recommendation. be ; . lait session and.w«*not conlldfr- eome law. • "AJl the *ri«»iuent has lo do to get', action on the anti-poll tax bill ll to call In his Senate Demo- •ratlc leaden and demand acllon," be asld. ''If w« have some assur- inc« that Senate Democrats aren't (joint- V) kill the legislation, then we can go ahetd on the other m»l- .; The President'* 1 • apecUl committee, warning of "serious flaws" in ttie present civil right* system, yesterday urged •nactment of aiV- poll tax, anti-discrimination nnd MiU-lynch Ing laws. It .aid feder- •1 aid should be withheld from pub- He a«enole* practicing dlserlmln*- in»v ac.vuun HMU. was not considered by the Senate. Sen. Irving M Ives, R., N. Y., also has a bill before the senate Labor committee to wipe out discrimination. Sen. Scott Lucas. D., III., M ld the report "deals courageously with some fundamenlals the people of this country ; must reoogntae sooner" or later — the sooner the better." HlB views were echoed by several other senator* and representatives- •Urly Action Vn«4 Americans for Democratic Action urged both the Congress and Ihe various state legislature* to m Bow* prakt Mt Immediately to carry out Uie committee's reoommfindatlons The group Mid It would mobllii* tt* chapters througtiout th« country to support the program for Democratic! And at Providence R I Aiso- tton. BUI (teM : Tint report _ _ from Americans .... „„ _ Action, CIO President Philip Mur-!cla(« Justice William o. „,„«,„ ray, the National Council for »] of the Supreme Courl said the civil 'Communist* — murt b» zealously guarded. , He said both Fascism and Com- munlsm 'are a "negation" of the, whole phllosopl>y of the bill of I rights. But he said wa should "not sacrifice th e great purposes of the bill of rights even when we deal with, the minority that seeks to confuse and divide us." Southern congressional JiLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER VFW to Seek Reforms in Government " «,„ ^....c.^.u.,.! sources , r ^' ITT t !: ROCK ' Oct. ,31. (UP) — said they would oppose bitterly any' Arkansas Department of Ve<r- A* fn*t i n r..i~i. i u _.-...,.•.. i- 1*1 . Cm IIS Of Prtrplmi VJLfd >••> i. ,(."<• sources effort to push through such leglsl*- tion. It would, they said, "be »n outrlghl invasion of states' rights." One Southern spokesman labelled the report "political." Body of Missing Youth Recovered from Cavern PUEBLO. Colo.. Oct. 31. (UP) — Mr. and Mrs. Byron Vannest won a bitter victory today. They knew definitely that/their »on was dead. After a we>k of digging and biasing, Tannest had received a body that had bern entombed In an underground limestone cavern since July. He and his wife did not *ee the body, but identified a lock of hair and a coal. "Thai's our boy," they said. ' The Vamvests' 17-year-old-son, Kenneth, disappeared in March. La- :er a body was found in a cave near here. It was in a virtually Inaccessible spot and authorities iden- •'"- J " --' that young Vannest. Kji^Krr^jK^s^C ST^^^SS «B£ £X"£ STiT tified It . from persona! possessions found nearby Wit)) rtie VannesU' permission Challenge To "' By ETHEL HAM ILL *"^ - •- erans of Foreign Wars will sponsor an amendment to the State Constitution limiting slate county and municipal officer* to one four- year term and providing for removal of any officer after one year If his services prove unsatisfactory. The Seller Government Commit- lee of Ihe VFW will direct the work necessary to get the proposal on the ballot In the liue primaries Tilghman B. .Dlxon Judge advocate for the department, eald. "We want to return to and maintain a democratic system of government in Arkansas," the Little Rock' man said. "Our objective Is to end the present practice of one individual man or group of men perpe-' tuatlng themselves In 'office." Dlxon said the piiriwse of ths proposed amendment • is to curb powers of executive officers nnd to give the people an opportunity tn exercise their right to discontinue a man in office If he proved unsatisfactory to, them. One feature of the proposal would Rllow the governor to be a voting member of the Senate for two years after his tenure in office. Another would not permit an officer to be re-elected, "being Ineligible to seek Ihe same office until after a waiting period of four years. THE STORTl II. Ik* ••7 ymmmf Prftfraaor Herbert Fawell for Bat Baviair, wrlHca wiirvm fcrr tka< aae ran'! a;o vm KriCTlBic ferevrr mvtr timry Mar- «7«a» ftad ••! fcrr» l» i ovf wl«a* Vary, aa? marr than »« r aad W*«' tai la»c with olaer rouMK •adeia wkoai at* »ad dated and later nrlttra V-aialt ta. B«l Cam. «a kla "flaMee*," crcryali* awtleved It t» be a. tracic r«- Han<r. Oaa> aai tried 1. rx«l>la ami !• an avail. Kaw aae tetla Hetkert ake la thrururk romaaie- ')**,- that ake la Bat K*ljiaT »• wUlead aB7»a« elae. . in gERBERT leaned forward, answering the words but not the unspoken thought. "All very well lor transients, my dear. But I'm permanent here, and in line for a full 'professorship. 1 love 'you, 'anellia. Lean offer vou a secure -.orr.e, the sort of' atmosphere 'ou've grown up—", "Herbert, please! I've been tiy- ng to teH you. I'm not worth loving. I-I guess maybe they just left whatever it takes for a'big, bang~T> love affair out of niy make-up." The professor snorled. "A girl with your case history—" "Oh, ye«, I've" been stirred up *o « fine froth,'time after time, by moonlight and wartime partings But after a few weeks. Herbert there's always been somebody els It's never lasted.* 1 l "You mean to .*ay no man's ever made a lasting impression? Never?" "No one. Never.** Well—to be quile accurate, no man but one. He had been a freshman at Carter the year .before •he'd been ready to enter college, back in those threshold days when r*e still had been more the Dean's pretty kid daughter than a campus . a»er^onality in her own rjght. He had been a .farm boy, 'tail and hard-muscled, with blue eyes the [deep color of spring violets and a »nop of red-gold (hair. I After that first Christmas vacation, be hadn't returned to Carter. Kam had beard her father discussing Jt, once, with another .. member of the faculty. Too bad •bout that young Conroy, he'd •aid. No money of his own to continue, and no more scholarship aid •vailable for the promising lad, too. namlte blast last July. However, VanncsL and his wife remained doubtful of the body's Identity and. when authorities refused to reopen the tomb, began work on their own last Thursday. Working with the aid of volunteers, in constant danger of rock falls, Vannest recovered the body late yesterday. Ole Man Winter Is Just Around the Corner Lei us remove the water from .your tires and fill them with calcium chloride anti-fr«eze solution. We will be Rind to make an appointment to care for all your (raclors at jour farm—thus savin I you lime. REMEMBKR WE SERVICE ALL MAKES TRACTORS Russell Phillips / TRACTOR CO- 3o. Hiway 61 Phone 2171 tar*. Htj n »tA Muntr MCTT/M. Md. U. * Ha. am FRIDAY, OCTOBER »1, 194T FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Wealth Worries TiWIRP SEASON & ENDING- WITH A PARTV. • •40 LON&ER. wio. we WOWAW M •eeouesTn) TO FAY. "Robert's quit* disappointed tri school—two months of the first grade gone and he can't read th« newspaper!" Tfj« BiNse is eoNN*. COST DOJ6HT I' STILL WONOE*. WHO'S TAHIW6- THE RAP/ SHOCU-DUY f- f eve eor soiff TO WORRY ABour/ HAND OFF YOUR. WAUEr — I. WA5 , KlDOWGl By AL VERMEER months nnd"months. And, strangely, all the laughing young navigators she had seen off io their advanced training had become mere Blurred reflections of Joel. semester. A That much, much yownger Cam had cried herself to sleep the night she had karned that Joel Conroy'i days at Carter were over. To her, b« had been more than "promts- seen each other on the . moss-streaked campus walks •They'd skated together on the first [strong ice of the season, a* Miller's gond. They'd sipped a soda—two jjtraws, or* glass—at «b. Kandy iKrtch«a. They'd held hwids, «wk- Iwardly, behind th* rented potted jwlrns »t President Balfour's an- «u«l Th.nksgiving Day reception. , nothing more than that. h«r world bad K«n«-d empty lor Arms »wep« around her, from behind, withort wunint. While Cam was slill jiaspinfr in surprise, Ute Ull man bent hii head and •H DKttth found her own. '' bush. More than one boy In the jam would have stopped her if she had not avoided his oulflung hand with a quick smile. ., • — ««... By this time tomorrow the lele- \es, one boy had made a "last- ! phone at the Dean's hoi se would • ng impression" on her. However, be jangling steady There wou d she mizht H,nv i, (n »„, ,,, nolses ,) lurnbl:1 4- edlnt ° relh *7 lt .; Mu bullelin board informing her thai. Jack had called—and Dan and she might deny it to Herbert now. "I'll have to hurry," she apologized, rising. "Just Ume left >o change for dinner, and you know what Dad is about mealtimes Especially tonight, since its Maurme's first meal in residence " "Maurine?" It sounded like the first question in a class quiz the demanding way that Herbert said "My young eousin, Maurine Blair. Her father's Senator Blair My molher was his sister." She was moving as she spoke "She's entering with tliii year's freshmen, and on account of the family ties she'll be living at our house instead of in one of the dorms." Wait!" Herbert commanded, behind her. "About my date— It wouldn't do any good to give you erne, Herbert You'd just want lo kiss mo the minute we were alone. And I'd have to refuse you " She could hear him »iin spm tering where she had left him M »he ecled deftly through the throng clotting the aisU. ^HE booths wet. behind to now. She had only to run the ««unUet,.of the soda fountain to reach,open air »jrain. She knew many <X the students P » hofn "•« beating her eang er way like a jungle traveler in the i all of them was going to be the same, m this new year just beginning. No more dates. No rr.o-c romances. No, indeed, no more romances! And a: for kisses— Arms SWC pt around her, from behind, without warning Ha.'d reckless arms which plucked her out of the crowd and turned her around and lifted her high. While Cam was still gasping in surprise, Ihe tall man bent his head and his mouth found her own. The pressure of that contact was hard and swift and triumphant Now I've really been welcomed back to the campus!" Cam stared up at him, dizzily 11—it can't be—?" "You remember me, don't ymi? Joel Conroy?" Remember him? Oh, yes' Whether she'd wanted to or not. Cam had remembered him. • "W-what on earth are you hi Cartersville?" He grinned down at her Joyously. "Home is the soldier, home from the fox holes! I'm going ki college again, Cammiel On my i Uncle Sam!" (T. B* N. F. Richards New Operator GULF Service Station State Lint (Around the Curve) Featuring: •JT Gulf Courtesy + That Good Gulf Gas Tires, Batteries Accessories > Discount Rate to Truckers Open 6:00 a. m., 10 p. m. Weekends Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 10(4 Chickasawba evrBoardin., Housewith M ai ..Hoople|OUt OURTWAy- BvrriTwHi.^. T.YrV 1N "' "^N-' FACT IS, (WV AOTOMWIC B£D, YEH.BLJT TMEV DON'T LIKE VOU DOIM' IT.' ONCE 1 SEZ. 'SEE THIS LOOSH DEWLAP? IT WAS THREE ' CHINS CrOCE'" IT NAADE HkM T- lAOPE KEEPER TMAT WAKES BY GENSTLY HIW TO H16 FEET, HAS . FWZT, M ACSOR. / DID,VOU GET A PEMSION WHEN KXJ'RE THROUGH -— NEXT \HEEK SME'LU FIND A BUYER A>JO THE ABOUT. I THAT i I'RISCILLA'S 1>OI And What Would Father Sav? You children y/ere fully warned that ringing doorbells and soaping^ windows on are not a/lowed! -i^,i oe no arrests!! However- if you don't scurry right home to your little beds- VIC FLINT Drama by Lucretia --o---j lungfed for Lucretia, and I sprang- at Willoughby. By MICHAEL O'RIALLEY and RALPH LANE atcretia uttered a low main; slid gracefully to the floor.and the medfcal examiner moved in on her " LET'S SKIP THAT, flUNF IUCREIIA. FATHER'S DEAD AND-- , VOU'RE BACK! I'M SO WO'D BETTFR &FI UP OFF THE HOOK, MAMM, OR YOU MIGHT CATCH A coin WASH TUBBS . By LESSLIE TURNER m YWV NOT TAKE 3fFFER«l DADDV? Ill IOOK AFIER ..KECKW ClOSE HIS tAOUTH NOW! NOT 50 HARD TO WAN SIV-OH JEtLEBS WAITS STOIEM WM*ONP HE HIP ON TOMM TUBB6. JUST KFORE Watch Out, Kran! FRED'HARM AN I HOPE trie FAVOR WATCH fOUR 5f£p, RGrAEnBER TrW A LQT O" NO GOOD LiP-STARTS LL 6E TRYIK>'TOA YOU FOR. TbUR. CArt YOUotVE THIS ..., SOME ^SEW =H3£5, <A.*OS ? ^/^. HE iWt V1OOLJS Uh!LSSS^CARe Of You 1ST TO Rli?E VEH..JJ5T VWNlto GIVEN UP TWIN' T MAKE HER. TELL FOLK'S IT V>A*N'T Mt V.HO BLOCKED HER. EYE. SHE DISAPPEARED SUMPIN GOT HE?...r-DON'T ' THINK IT WVS HO AN«*L I'LL SM YOU DON'T \/AV OOP TH.MK... Ce YOU'D )/ YOU DON'T BE&N/I KAFTA FRE1 °. <> ABOUT UHO By V. T. H AMLIN ..EVERYBODY X EH? YOU?? YOU NOWS OOCLA PONE ITSSHE / I SHOULD* KNOH'.N IT. r rsEvee HIT A. DAME IN MV SS.T INVOLVED IN )f HIT TH' «:£.'/ V DAME... BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN

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