The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, May 25, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTIffiVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOUTHKAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL XXVIII—NO. 58 Blylhevtlle Courier, BljU»vll!« D»lly~Newi, _BlytheTjlIe Hertld, MiaJsslppl Valley Leader. AUKA.NSAS, MONDAY, MAY 20, 1H3I CHARGE SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS VOTES ILLEGAL E*-Banfc Employes Arraigned at Jonesboro ILBUI5CBIT * ENTER DENIALS TO Former First National Cashier Pleads Guilty on One of Six Counts. Four former officials and em- ployes of the First National bank of this city were arraigned before Judge Martincau in federal court in Jonesboro this morning on charges of embezzlement and conspiracy in connection with a shortage ot approximately $50,000 which was discovered while the bank had suspended business last December. A. E. Scott, former cashier, en- toed a plea of guilt? to false entry nnd pleaded not guilty to live other counts contained in tiic indictments against him. Junius Sliipman. E. B. "Izzy" Thomas and Arden Crow- dcr entered plens of not suilty to charges of embezzlement. Trials of the former First National employes was set for Wednesday. . Thomas, former assistant cashier, Sliipman and Crowder filed demurrers to the indictments against them and the motions were to be argued this afternoon. Shipman's demurrer motion was overruled by Judge Martineau on all five counts. Similar motions, by Thomas, who is indicted on five counts, and Crowder. who Is indicted on two counts, were . to be heard later this afternoon. Max B. Reid, attorney for Scott. W. Leon Smith, attorney for Shiu- man and Thomas, and Judge Zul B. Harrison, E. E. Alexander and Claude F. Cooper, counsel for Crowder, were in Jonesboro to represent their clients.- - '- - 'Miss Germany' Thcy'n; Young, Bui Sea Voyagers „.— • \ •- *v * " She's the 1931 model too. this Miss Daisy D'Ora, above, who is also the Baroness Freiberg. Chosen at a recent beauty contest in Berlin,! Not Equipment of Life's Laboratory But Its Lessons Are Valuable. Forty-five girls and twenty-three young :nen. who make up the b:e- cst graduating class in the history of the cily high schol, heard the annual baccahuireale sermon Hun- day abng with hundreds of ri?h- ' lives and friends who tlironge:! ihe cily iiiditormm. The Rev. E. K. Uttlinrr. pastor of the First. Christian church, used "Wonders of Hie World' for his theme. Tiie first public appearance of the entire class was marked witli nn appropriate program and beautiful deeor£lio:is which made a pretty i settiujj: for trie organtlic frorrl-.s. in paste! shades, worn by the girls who carrted arm boutiueU of summer llowtrs. Tr.e choir of 40 voices was directed by Mrs. Paul L. Tipton with Mis; Margaret Merrill at the piano. Ueidcs tlic several group numbers tlv"re was a selection by a double Charles N. and Seattle, Wns'h., went all tlic way across Ihe continent, lo New York, then sailed for Europe en the Maurctania. They're on ihe high seas now. The picture was snapped, on board Ihe big liner before si ic sailed. ufseJ quartet, and William Hotter san» a solo. :Thc Rev. p. q. Horio. pastor of I Ihe First Mclliodist church, s:,id the Texas. she will co:nc to America to repre- j/nvocation anJ Ihe benediction was sent her country at the interna- (Pronounced by the Rev. Alfred S. tlonal beauty contest in Galves'.on, Harwell, pastor ol the First Baptist church. In honor of the occasion Ir.e congregations of Hi; Firs'. Methodist. First liaptisl, "First Christian. First Presbyterian and Cake Afreet Methodist churches dispensed 'with'th= mornin; church worship. Life a. ( Laboratory Mr. Latimcr urged the class to icccpt life not as something for its ill Track Driver, Tourist Accuse Each Other An lee pcddier and a tourist, who coyldn't sellle their differences following a collision on Highway 01 north of this city this morning, were due for a settlement In court this afternoon after each had sworn out a warrant for the other. According to reports H. E Moody, driver of the ice truck, had I further arrests of their truck driv- the first warrant issued charging; e-rs by T.cachville officials for vio- A. C. Kennedy, Litlle Rock tour- j ation of ordinance 23 of the town's isl, with reckless driving, after the | privilege license code.' and truck had been practically demol-1 Ing the validity of Ihe ordinance, ished in the collision. The war- [ which was passed in ?928. rant, it is understood, followed Kennedy's refusal to pay Moody for the damage lo his Iruck. Kennedy retaliated by swearing out a Jonesboro Concerns Seek Injunction Apainst Enforcement of Law. Two Jonesboro firms have filed a joint action in chancery court here seeking a temporary injunction nroliiblllng collection of lines and resic iclenl Reversed Himself Since His.Cam* paign Says Joe T. WASHINGTON, May 25. (UP) — n sake but as "God's laboratory Senator Robinson, Democrat, Ar- tlr training men." | kansas, who last week scoffed at Reminding his hearers thai al the '• "attempts to humanize en! of life on earth they will not! Hcovcr -" !las returned to the talc with them any of the equip-<'"^ ^ Ll) ft criticism of Mr. Hi President ai- :OQ- mot of the laboratory of lite any ! vcr ' 5 "Instability of design and vac- mori than they take the equipment ! lr " of ty;ir classrooms with them Into the yorlri, he urged them not to seek 1 iossessions but to "go out to- 1928. The Jonesboro Coca-Cola Bottling company and Sam Hummelstein. trading as Auto Paris company, arc plainliffs and Dob David, may- day ito Ihe vast laboratory of life wilh fc. determination Uiat you will use it(o dtvclop not a living but a life.'', The iboratory of life was described by M r Latimer as the seventh of the tru^ great wonders of all time -woudrs which, unlike Ihosc o-' ancitnt Greece or of modern science, w} never cease lo be won- or, nd A. M. Cooper, lachville ar fcndanls in the suit. town niar- de- similar warrant for the Iceman. The hearing on the misdemeanor shal| of Leacnvi u e aro namcd Charges was lo te held this aft- fcn(]!lllts hl thc sl]iL erncon beiore Justice Oscar Alex- _,, , ..,. ,, . jg,. | The bottling company attacks the ordinance on nine allegations I and the nuto company Is a Joint W ... _i I ni.nnt.L.J I plainllff in six of the allegations. arrant Is Uispatched Among other complalns a | van cen the Ipainliffs allege lhat the ordinance in in reslralnl of trade and „_ conlrary to Ihe conslitulions of 0 ' Ihe slate and federal governments. To Hold Perry Suspect EAGLE RIVER. Wis.. May (UP)—A copy of the first degree murder warrant issued last fall neatnst George W- E. PeiTy charging him with the murder of Mrs. Cor.i Bell Hackelt has been sent lo San Francisco authorities. Sheriff Thomas McGregor, Sr., said today. San Francisco oificials nre expected to use thc warrant In detaining a suspect there who has been identifiers as Perry. If Governor Phillip S. LaFollette signs nn extradition warrant two officers are expected to leave Immediately (or California. Armada Carries Mimic Air War to New England BOSTON. May 25. (UP5—High Under thc terms of the ordinance the plaintiffs, among other types of businesses, rmist pay privilege license for the privilege of selling their products in Leachville. Drivers of trucks for thc companies hnvc been arresled in I.eachvlile upon failure to pay the license fee. In their complaint Ihe Jonesboro firms seek to have Ihe fines held up and further arrests of their drivers prompted pending a hearing of the suit. Ilation of purple." Thc occasion for this fiankin? movement on the part of the senate minority leader was thc president's refusal lo consider calling an e.xlraordinary session of congress. In a statement yesterday Robinson agreed there was no great demand for such a session but accused the executive of inconsistency in his remark, ''we cannot IcglsTMc ourselves out of n world economic depression." "The point," he said, "is the One Residence Destrovcc •flncl Another Badl' Damaged Sunday. Damage in two fines Sunday wa. estimated at '2800 by Fire Chle Roy Head. Litlle Carnera-Sharkcy Fight Put Under Court Ban NKW YOUR, May is. <UP>— A temporary Injunction which would prohibit the bolding of a scheduled ino c.imem-Jiu-k Sharkcy p'rlvc- Ilijlit on June 10 nt Brooklyn was IMIICI! toduy by Federal .liulyc: John Cl. Knox on application of Uio Miullson Square Garden corporation of Illinois, The Garden corporation asserted it had a previous contract btmllns Camera to a light wilh the winner of Uie Max Sdimcllns-WlllUim SlrlblhiR light in Cleveland on July 3. STUDENT POET TIESIIN LIFE Senior at Mcmnliis Inslitu- tion Shools Himself During Cha[>el Services. MKM!>lirs. May 25. <UP>—While irnyera were bclnc said In Ihc Southwestern Pnvdiylprhn co-educational collcpe chnncl here lotr.iv William Minol Mitchell, 10, senior Mudent from Grenada. Mls.<i.. slln- vd unnoticed Into an cmuly class- r.ioin nnd r.liot himself with n revolver. Ho died almost Instantly. Mitchell, who was to graduate In June, vvns the youngest member of [V.o gradual]!!? class. .He was known as n promising ynmia poet, his writings appearing In colleqe- publl- ra'ions nnd In other periodicals In tlic south. Shut Heard In Cruiwl • OSCEOI.A, Ark.—Suit niccl. by TliD shot was clearly heard In the !M ™- Eulalln French Crawford, wld- lltile chapel but 110 Investigation '-•-'"-•-•-" ' • -- Cvawford-Carlwriglit Dmn- 3[>c Suit Exocctcrl to Conic to Trial Ncxl Week wns made nnd Ihe chaplain continued his prayer. The youth's body ow of (lie late M. L. Crawford, and her dauehtcr, Miss Lavcrne Crawford nualnst Flnley W. Carlwrlght. was found by Dr. W. R. Alklnson. | wealthy Osceola hardware merchant, for damages In the turn of S2S.M3 resulting from Uie ' fatal shooting of M. L. Crawford here nn March 1st, wilt probably 'came up fnr hearing during llio second week of the lerm, of federal court which convened In Jonesboro lodny. Tlic suit, filed by A. F. Dnrhnm of Osceoln nnd N. F. Jamb of the firm of Lamb nnd Adams of Jones- Crawford died of gun shot wounds In a McmoMs hospital several Iroiirs after the professor of psychology. Nearby lay a revolver . Mitchell, popular among students nl Southwestern, wns a member of several literary societies and wns a staff member of thc Journal, student publication. He wns a nephew of Dr. Moore Moore, secretary of thr- board of directors of Ihe college and lived nt Ihe lallcr's home. He " rnl <>'""" belonged lo Ihe Kappa Alpha social ._[ 0 '., n !I c ? es . fraternity. "He never seemed to worry about anything." Dr. Atkinson said. "He was a moody sort of clmp. but wns very pleasant. He took a area! Interest in English nnd lovcil to write poetry." no dama<! third fire. Tlic resulted from a loss wns partially covered by Insurance. The honv of A. 73. Dolaii, 100 West Rose street, was destroyed about 3:30 o'clock Sunday morning. According tn reports Dolan hullt a fire after awnkcning because o! illness. He fell asleep again and the stove became over heated, igniting wall paper of the room. The fam- llv escaped with n few clothes. Firemen forced their way into the burning house lo recover money and diamonds which hod been left behind in the hurried exit. Tho loss of the house nnd furniture wns estimated nt $1600, covered by In- derful. .ie wonders of the ancient' rlcn '" incongruity of Mr. Hoover's suranco. world, li said, were remarkable j announcing now that- governmental Someone dropped a lighted demonstitions of man's physical ;ac " on cannot aid In curing our in- j match near a quantity of gasoline power, t)', wonders of modern sci-' dustrlnl ills, whereas nis whole I anil cleaning fluid in a negro encc arelemonstrations of man's campaign in 1923 was that the elec- rooming house, 214 South nroad- intcllectu! attainments, lint the lion of n republican administration ;reat wonjrs of all time are monuments iouan's spiritual nature The sp<ter llste<t hese was vitally required in order to insure prosperity." He also referred to the president's greatest, wtders as the miracle of business conferences, when he ' confidence In \ P'cdgccl big business no', to cut wo- federal building pro, is exhortation of busi- Christionitss a way of life, love] i ness ^° build now, to his genera! the crcatic, mankind, inian moral gra^ur personality. tlie!B"s. to Ills of Jesus Christ", i Kram - !i " d Court Opens at Osceola But No Cases Are Heard OSCEOLA, Ark.—Judge G. E. Keck convener! the spring term of over the battle of Revolutionary war \ civil court here this morning, and days the modern air armada American army sped today in ic warfare as the Invasion imaghi While wards positions < exhortations to spend money, am! contrasted them with the present drive for federal economy. "K the president is right, now. and he probably is right." said Ilob- inson, "he was wrong before." and the latatory of life. Spiritual-slues Imperishable "Thc tweijtlj centure." he said "looks oack on the first and sees that all ma could do then was produce nithj s hands. Tlic fortieth century my look back with scorn upon t intellectual attainments ol ouriy, bul neilher time nor space c: ever eradicate o- make obsciiroic greatest wonders of all time—:U SCV en monuments not to man's ty or his mini but BUDAPEST, Hungary, May 25. monuments 105 spiritual nature." <UP>—Hcler.e, princess of Greece _ Christianity, said, "is not a re- ! nild tn e divorced wife of King Car- ligicn r.s we nimonly use lho.°' of Roumania. has been ruled o'.i' term, bul an ciail cede, a way of ! ot '»c «>y-.i] family, the Roiunan- llfe Inaugurate^- Jesus, through %lan newspaper Patria. organ of the which man's rfeus nature may national peasant party, said. Carol's Divorced Wife Refused Royal Honors way, late yesterday afternoon. A pair of shoes was burned and a window shade scorched before Ihe fire was extinguished. A large Iwo story residence, property of A. L. Sanders, at 201 Lake street wns damaged by fire of an unknown origin last night about B o'clock. According to reports, the house was empty, although firemen said, that a man, who It was said had been living in Ihe house, could nol be located last night. The- fire, which originated near an electric meter on the back porch of the residence, swept up the wnll of the house and re- suited in considerable damage before the blaw was halted by firemen. The damage was cstimaled at approximately S1200. be- made the human person^' n:s!. expression of In banner headlines Patria pul)- Ilfj. 1 li_i. _ .» . i ... ... lisr-.ed a report Lutheran Pastor Plans New Series of Lectures The Her. H. J, Klcindienst, pastor of Pilgrim I.uthiran Church, •••j .—• •• -—»• v ..*.... --—^ - . . .101,vii n itpuii. LULU miniaTy i of the ; shortly afterward adjourned the Ulristianitj-siposo. he. said, "is Zanders had been ordered to ; j in mim- session to next, Monday. | p ge. a hold up t.&l inherent re- Hclene, whom Carol only Ian vear i of an No jurors had been summoned, Ife.oas instinct man and cultl-!proclaimed his queen as a private military c/:m- ' announces a second series of lec- mile and bombing planes, piloted picked members of the U. S. air forces, staged a thrilling sham battle against a background of cloudy skies over Old Harbor on Dorchester bay. . __ ..... ..... be dls- selfish living, brijj (0 th j ,„_ missed withou* hearing any cases. Dividual Joy and i: jness that can Shoots Radio Player, Claims Self Defense come from no olht : Imperial monitor science." WASHINGTON, May 26 IUP)—i TAYLORVILLE, III, May 25. (UP Professor Douglas Clyde Macintosh • —Bernard Grigsby. a barber, was Dwlghl, professor of theology at | killeej police said today, because Yale University, was held today he Insisted it was his right to piny by the supreme, court to be inellg- a radio at II p. in. Ible for United Slates citizenship ! The police held Albert Bores, who because he would swear to bear;lived upstairs nnd complained to arms for this country only In what lie would consider "a just war." Grigsby. Uorc; said lie shot self defense." i) U rce save the soul con-1 Alabama Dynamite Plant \u li, r i • equally wrecked by fcxpiosion '• lectures Inntu; luros on Christian day. 8 p. m.. pastor. U30 the Fundamentals of Faith to be^in on Tues- at the home of the Threatened Siiiclilc Other members of the faculty said t':e youth wns moody and a chum said he often threatened suicide, sometimes making hln prediction? while at parties, during tennis games or In discussions on thc campus. A search' of his room revealed no notes. Facutiy authorities said Ills grades were good. In English class he led nil others In grades. Mitchell wrote in free verse. Tliat he killed himself because of an unhappy love atfair was dla- counleti by friends and family members who said lie had but a "passing interest" in girls. Shawucc District Results Also Contested :, Boarc] Meets Again Thursday; CliaiRrs of illeKnl votlnir in the Wilson and Klnwnro school dbi- trlrls al Ihe recent .school election, and tnllmatlens that Investigation would reveal similar iireuularltles elsewhere, rore heard bv the [-01111- tv board of otlucallon nt the courb house Siturdav nlcht. The board lock tcsltmony in a contest filed by four defeated candidates for plains on Ihe Khawnec bcnrd, nnd held nn certification of results of "the county board election. The Ijoard will mrct again Thursday. May 28. at 1 n. in. Amoii7 Ihn high lljrhts of Snt- urdav nlehl's sesstnn were revela- Itrns that hi the' Shawneo district II. Is Ilia custom for husbands to ,'ote once for themselves and once for Ihplr wives, when II is not convenient for Ihe latlcr to come to ;ho poles, and Ihnl In nt. least nix instances vo'i^s apuear In have bcm recorded nl Wilson for persons wlio voted at other bovcs and who deny havlnj voted at Wllsotv On the face of the returns In the county .<chonl eJsctlon Jnlin" Bear. Lcachvllle. was elected to one of the two seals liv n. margin of rearlv 2m votes, whle Joe Chanln. Mohlla. lins a maroin of eight vitrs ovnr U. II. Robinson, Reiser. J. ' 13. Bunn of 0:cco!a and K. I? TMI of Bassett ran substantially behind. • ' .; ' • DBtiavants Volccr, TrotMt .13. Harrison, who nresidccl nt (he meeting, explained that the hoard, yhlch met lost Tivjidny to P!>nss» Iho returns, had twcn'-pn- • phots • wefe.iv>-u.lfii11y •, and . oiisly" in/lieled by the defendant. CnrlnTlght is at liberty uudsi $25,000 bond pending trial In circuit court here on a charje of flrst degree murder following h!s Indictment by n Mississippi county grand jury following Uio. shooting last March. Trouble between Crawford nnd Cartwright Is said to have grown out of allegalions made by Mrs. Carhvrlght lhat Crawford annoyed her with his attentions an;l threatened her life will) a pistol when she resisted his advances. Cartwright hntl warrants sworn out for Crawford's arrest charging him with assault wilh a deadly wenpcn and following officers lo Crawford's ] i',','. home lo serve llic wararnt on Ihe night of March Isl. Is alleged to have fired the shot that resulted in the man's death while officers read the ij; In mnkc certification of.Jhc ircfi'tta..' 5 ! : H C.W,' of aorarent Ir\ff i itif rll 1W. ' Krlrt find-"Vnl ffi^Sn- ; -' dictates of Saturday nichl's meeting In give them nn 'onp'ortiinltv to make am- prolest Uiev desired. Neither Clinpin nor Rohinsrm. 1>e- tween whom nny 1 contest over the county board election seems to lie. wns present, but 7Tnrry Dunnvnnt of Keller said that he was nrewnt In behalf of Mr. Robinson lo oro- lesl certification of the result-; un- I'l the vote l/ul been recounted nnd HV-ral ballots eliminated. Basil ScKrnves of Oscroln. a member of the board, said that Mr. Robinson end Rov Wilson of Wilson hntl called nt his office in Ills abpenre f/ilurdny afternoon nnd had left word that Mr. Robin was satisfied wilh the results shown on tl-e face of the returns and did not desire lo file a contest. Dunavant reiterated lhat he warrant to him on Ills I had received authorization from doorstep. Cartvvrighl contends (hat | Robinson personally to make a he shot, In self defense. Dale for trial of thc case will be set Tuesday morning in Jcnesboro and will probably be fixed lor one day during the second week of the term due to the fact that liquor cases and war risk Insurance coses. which' are given precedence Order _ Restored at Illinois jSr > ^i e ™ l *STr l i» the Institution Aftnr Burning of Five Buildings. VANDALIA. III.. May 25. (UP) — Four men were <=!:o:. a drv,?n others were injured In hand-tn-hand fighting, nnd five slate b'.ilitlines la ruins today as llic result of Ihe latest outbreak in Ihe scries of riots that have fiamerl during recent, months In' Illinois penal inslltn- lions. With 'the baycnr's of national guardsmen bristling around the barbed wire r-ucbsed farm, anil Ihe "honor" prisoner apj>arently subdued after a slwrt but mad riot during which t!:ry burned their dormitories. oHl'lals felt crrt.iin all scntcd by J. T. Coston nnd Uruce Icy of Osceola. Wits Davis of Memphis and Virgil Greene of Blythc- vlllc. Osceolnns summoned on thc petit jury panel for the term nre W. J. Driver, R. A. CarlwrigM. Dca:i Hntclicr nnrt Andrew Florida. Brother and Sister Die in Mississippi Accident MERIDIAN, MIS5. May 25 —Two persons, a brother and sister, were killed, anH five seriously Injured when two aulomoblles collided near Decalur. Miss., late yes- lerday. Tr.e dead are Halplne Adams. 13. prolest. but Scgraves declared lhat unless n candidate, ns the inler- estcd parly, personally files a pro-' test Ihe board is not authorized to. go behind thc returns. Dimavant inquired if .the board, regardless of (lie position taken by will candidates, wanted to certify the wc?k results with the knowledge" irre- right Is repre- gularitlcs existed. He said he did" ncl think Ihe board would do its duly If it failed to go further into Ihe matter. Found Apparent Duplication . Mr. Harrison Ihen explained thc nature of Ihc anparent irregularities found by the beard when, it met Tuesday lo canvas the relurris. Casual examination ot thc Wilson poll boo!:, he said, revealed Ihc names of a number of persons known to members of thc board to be residents of other districts. Poll ( books from Ihc home dislricts of (UP) these persons were u le , n examined and showed lliem recorded ns vot- dangcr of troiibte was psst at the jdrlvcr of one cf Ihc cars, and his stale farm for m:-dcmeants about Isislor Sue. 17. Both aro of Newton a mile from here. i • Unlike Ihe riot? in other prKo In recent inontns In prolest „,.. treatment, lost nl?hfs riot here was; Langmore Patent Fieht Said bV nfTlrt'vTc in Vin iMrrtMl,- n.ft ^tuc-rTTv.^. WASHINGTON. May 25. (UP) — result of the failure of four men in These lectures will contlnu? thcre- Thc Tjingmo-e radio tube patents Walking Is Post's H 0 bby PHOENIX, Ariz..)p,_ A vey of hobbies of closed lhat C. w. Rf. ei. a mall wrcckcd tl>c building and shook Ih carrier, enjoys nolh'.better than slirro;lnti l"S terrltoiy today. These free lectures nre open to ln -' nrc<i - tha public..While they train for (led j " ll , crn ' >c rshlp in the church, no one a good walk in thr*o n i n » a (( cr maximum tetnperalure here yesler- ing there ns well ns at Wilson. 13y telephonic .he raid, they den : od vo.ting at Wilson. Mr. Harrison also referred to information which he said the board obtained from the superintendent of schools at Wilson, who said that he was called from his duties as election I judge by school duties at noon after only a few votes hod been cast. He said that he signed the certification before leaving, snd was surprised to learn later lhat 151 vctcs were certified from Wilson. J. F. Tompkins, another member of Ihe board, inlet-posed to give Ihe names of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Calchings, Bassett, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Chiles. Pecan Point, and Mr. nnd Mrs. E. C. Lynch, N'odena, as persons who were recorded as vlt- Ing both in their home boxes and at Wilson, but who 6?ny having voted nt Wilson. . "In view of s'.ich irregularities I I According to the; oillciol weather ! am not willing to certify these re- observer. Charles Phillips. Jr., tho! tuirS '" nc declared. ! maximum tptiitvr/>tn™ haw» VAC!**.. Claude Cocper, \vho was prewnt the ri!s- nct tho WEATHER ARKANSAS — Parlly cloudy to" Tuesday: somewhat un- southeast portion to-

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