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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 10
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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 10

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Page 10 THE EVENING CITIZEN, OTTAWA, CANADA Friday, August 8, 1952 Mary Moore's Meals Readers' Friday, Column The Daily Home Page Mory Haworth Young Father Of Two In Act Of Desertion and holding you to blame for his Daily Astrology Column spoon cream, stir until sugar is dliwolved and then boll to 230 de. Tar. extremely soft ball stage. Remove from heat and a.ld 12 cut-up marshmal-Iqws, let stand until marsh-mallows are melted, then pour slowly over 1 egg whit stiffly beaten, beating all of the time. As soon as syrup is added pour into Jar, cool at room temperature, cover and keep at room temperature.

Green Relish (uncooked) To one-half medium sized cabbage chopped fine (or ground) add 1 quart ripe peeled tomatoes cut In eighths. 2 green peppers chopped fine after seeding, 10 small onions sliced or chopped, 1 cup chopped parsley, 1 cup chopped celery, 1 oz. mustard seed, 13 cup salt, 2 cups sugar, 1 cup water, 2 cups vinegar. Mix all together, and stir until sugar Is dissolved. This may be kept cold in crock in a good cellar, covered or canned cold in Jars and sealed.

If desired, the sugar and vinegar may be heated together and poured over boiling hot, Just before sealing the relish. In Jars. Molly DeProse it- v. minutes; then dissolve over hot onion, salt, and paprika; cool. till stiff; beat gelatin mixture 3, 3 i A VV Good AnytimeThis handsome, coohlooklng mousse is made with cucumber, and you can use it anytime, for anything from a reception to a midnight snack.

Try it for dinner tomorrow. Ingredients: 2 teaspoons gelatin, 3 tablespoons cold water, 2 teaspoons vinegar, 1 teaspoon finely chopped onion, Vi teaspoon salt, teaspoon paprika, 1 cup whipping cream, 1 cup peeled, seeded and chopped cucumber. Soak gelatin in cold water and into it. Drain the chopped cucumbers and fold into whipped cream. mold.

When mixture is thoroughly and set unmold on platter, and carrot curls, radishes and Canada Dept. of Agriculture Photo Question: Would you be kind enough to give me a good mustard: plckle-sweet .1 have never been able to find one similar to that pickle which one buys 1:. the stores and that's the one I particularly like. Marjorle R. Answer: I can't quite guess which commercially packed mustard pickle you mean, but here is a recipe like my mother used and it Is.

a prize. Sweet Mustard Pickles I would be grateful it other readers would clip this now as it will be much demand in another month. Three quarts small cucum bers, 2,. large cauliflowers, 3 quarts picKiirg onions. 3 red peppers, 3 quarts vinegar, 4 or 6 cups brown sugar, Vi table spoon salt, Vi cup flour, 2 table spoons pepper, Vz teaspoon enne, 2 tablespoons mustard seed, lYz tablespoons turmeric, 1 cup dry mustard.

Wash cucumbers; cut' if necessary. Wash cauliflower and break into small flowerets. Wash and peel onions; cut pep pers in strips. Put in separate bowls, cover with hot brine (Vi cup salt to 1 quart boiling water) and let stand overnight Drain. Heat vinegar to boiling Mix sugar, flour and season ings, stir vinegar slowly into them and cook until thick Add drained vegetables and cook 5 minutes.

Bottle and seal. If you have a cold cellar this may be kept in covered crock. Question: I wonder if you have a recipe for marshmallow sauce as an ice cream garnish I had one years ago a sugar and water syrup with diced mashmallows cut into it, that formed a thick saucs but lost it, and have never been able to dream it up properly since. Also a good relish for meat sandwiches (peppers, onions My Pete is working in a brick yard this summer hoping to earn enough to go to Uni versity this fall. He only gets Vi hour for lunch and can't come home, so you should see the lunches I pack! Eloise S.

N. P.S. Do you have this recipe In your "young bride" file? I started making it for my man 15 years ago and it's still his favorite: Chocolate Squares Contributed by Eloise One and one-half cups brown sugar, V4 lb. butter or less, 2 eggs, 1 full cup flour, 2 heaping tablespoons cocoa, salt, vanilla, Vi cup walnuts. Cream sugar, butter add eggs beating In one at a time.

Add cocoa-salt, vanilla-then flour and walnuts. Pat into cake pan. Put Icing on when cake is hot out of oven: Icing 2 tablespoons butter, 2 tablespoons cocoa, 2 tablespoons cream, icing sugar (to make of spreading vanilla. E.S.N. Answer: Thanks for the Chocolate Squares.

My! We are kindred spirits aren't we? Both with a Pete starting at University this Fall. Both boys working at back-breaking he-man's Jobs. Marshmallow Sauce Put in saucepan Vi cup sugar, Vi cup water and Vi tea Mary Beeckman: It Is Woman's Privilege Edited By 1 vinegar for 5 water. Add Whip cream Man First; to wait for. you to bow andor speak to him first.

But if you know each other well, or even fairly well, and meet quite often, it is natural that you would greet each other simultaneously neither one "standing on ceremony" as to who greets whom first. "How Do You Do" You are on your vacation. You are being introduced. The way you acknowledge an intro-duction is the very first manners-impression you will make on the person to whom you are being introduced. And that first Impression is mighty Important mighty important.

It's easy to remember and I hope you do remember that the always correct acknowledgment of an Introduction is "How Do You So you never have to spend any effort to 'think up' any other reply. But, if you wish to be considered a charming person, watch most carefully how charming people say these little everyday words "How do you do." Notice the grace with which they say them, some-thing-to-remember, something-to-remember-them-by. Hear the cordial tone of voice, the friendly warmth that makes these pedestrian words walk Joyously on tiptoe! And for "extra added attraction" people of charm always listen alertly to "catch" the name in an introduction, then they add the name to their "How do you do." And you know how pleased every one of us is when a person has the grace to remember our name, and to use it with grace. Meet the challenge of that first-impression bow say your "How do you do" with such a delightful manner that the newcomer in your life will think, "Here's a charming person indeed here's a person to know!" Nice going on the pathway to Friendship perhaps, who knows, on the shining pathway to Romance! MARY BEECKMAN. if i very slowly well Put into oiled chilled garnish with parsley.

DEAR MARY HA WORTH: am a married wonnn, 30 mother of two childrenthe elder is 3, the younger seven monins. i am at my wits' end about my husband, who used to be a wonderful man, and now has changed until he seems like a stranger to me. not at all the person I married All he has done lately Is argue, belittle me and tell me how terribly I've treated him He is inconsiderate and hurts me in so many ways, and shows no joy or interest in the chll dren at all. And now he has left me for a month's separa tlon. He says he will not return unless I live by a new set or rules laid down by hlm- rules that would let him Uom lnate me completely.

I admit to many faults and mistakes in marriage, and con fesslng such, I asked him to come back and let us start anew, on a basis of never re ferrlng to the past, and being as nice as possible to each other, in the hope that things would work out ideally in the end. However, he refuses this: says he will never come half way, that I have to go the wnole way in making things rignt between us. He offers money for the chil dren's and' my support for a month; and says at the end of this period the payments will stop and I will have to ask the Court of Domestic Relations to determine the amount of main tenance I'm entitled to thereafter. In the situation, what do you advise? I cannot live with him In such a dictator ship. I would be always un nappy and depressed not a good mother for my children in that state of mind.

P.A. Gripped By Panic DEAR P.A.: It appears to me that Henry, let's call him, is trying to outrun a nervous breakdown at this point, going AWOL from the trials, tribulations and burdens of supporting a growing household. I gather that the second baby, now seven months old, was the denouement that cracked his nerves and touched off his panic state which is compounded of a guilty sense of responsibility, In conflict wiui a aesperate impulse hi reject his dependents and thus get free of tedious conjugal obligations. Instead of recognizing or admitting that he is proved weak and disloyal, frightened and unmanly, in the role of family head, Henry is making you the scapegoat for his shortcomings, Thrifty, Adorable It's darling It's delightful-It's newest style for your child. Mother, this is a good investment of time and fabric I She wears dress and sun hat the rest of summer, Jacket and dress to school.

Pattern R9061: Children's Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Size 6 dress, li yards 35-inch; Jacket, 1 yard; bonnet, Vi yard. Applique Instructions are Included, This easy-to-use pattern gives perfect fit. Complete, illustrated Sew Chart shows you every step. Send thirty-five cents (35c) In coins (stamps cannot be accepted) for this pattern.

Print plainly size, name, address, style number. Send our order to Marian Martin, 60 Front Street Toronto 1, Ont. Designed by the The Evening Citizen fashion expert. R9061 sizes ysy i-ujz-i .0 distraction. It is significant that he proposes despot rule as the price of his return to duty.

In maneuvering to put across terms that would grind you down to slave status, obedient to his whip cracking, Henry is saying in effect what all tyrants say that he can't be bothered trying to achieve mature humane character, which alone makes co-operative relationship possible, on a basis of dynamic mutual effort, adjustment and consideration. AWOL From Duty As I see the picture, Henry has no Intention of coming back: he is in the act of deserting, whether he knows it or not. At best he is trying to ease the shock for you, trying to wean you gradually from dependence upon him; and at worst, he is simply In flight, trying to cover his tracks until he feels safely In the clear. What to do in the circum stances? Don't panic. Be of good spirit; keep your chin up; believe in your worth.

You are still on the Job and Henry Is not, which shows that you are a better parent and partner than he. Don't try to make sense of his haggling. Don't dignify his alibi bluster with a struggle to "answer" it logical ly. Get in touch with the Legal Aid Clinic, or the Children's Aid Society, or equivalent advisory agency In your community, for guidance and help In coping with Henry problem behavior; and in making safe harbor with the children, on your own power if need be. MJi.

Mary HawQrth counsels through, ker column, not by mail or, personal interview. Write her in care of The Evening Citizen, Ottawa. This And That Easier Washing Before washing bathroom walls, fill the tub with steam lng hot water, go out, and shut the door for a half-hour. Then wash the walls with soapy water and the job will be much easier than usual. The steam loosens the dirt.

Perspiring Hands If the hands perspire too much while sewing or embroi dering, apply some talcum powder to them. The work will be kept much cleaner and neater looking. Silk Handkerchiefs Silk handkerchiefs should be washed in tepid water containing borax. Use little or no soap. Wrap in a towel and Iron while dttmp.

Use Dividers If you use dividers in your pressure saucepan you can cook two or three vegetables at one time and there will be no Intermingling of flavors. For "Small Fry Small fry often enjoy raisins added to their cereal; they like brown sugar on the cereal sometimes, too, as a change from white. Mud Stains Let summer- mud stains on clothing dry thoroughly before you try to remove them. Then brush the stain well before sponging with clear water. If soap and water will not harm the material it may be used.

Sponging with alcohol will usually help to remove the last traces of the stain. On colored materials and acetate rayon dilute the alcohol 1 cup denatured alcohol to 2 cups water. For Seafood For a delicious cocktail sauce for seafood, combine a half cup of tomato catchup with six tablespoons of lemon Juice, a tablespoon of horse radish, a few drips of tabasco sauce, a half teaspoon of celery salt, and an eighth teaspoon of salt. Quick Quiz These famous conductors play or played what musical instruments? 1. Bruno Walter.

2. Leopold Stokowskl. 3. Serge Kous-sevltsky. 4.

Arturo Toscanini. 5. Eugen Ormandy. See Answers On This Page SALADS Ripi en trry foctog" XT For Saturday, August 9, 1952 Today's Quotation: are many people who would never have been in love if they had never heard love spoken of. LA ROCHEFOUCAULD Saturday for everyone: Be as self-reliant as possible without giving offense.

Co operation of the right type will be difficult to secure, and the chances of friction or misunderstanding are great, Look for your birthdate and blrthsign below: ARIES March' 21 to April 19 Make actions, motives clear to others; put responsibilitle; before self-interest. TAURUS April 20 to May 20 Engage 1. activities requiring minimum contact; complete tasks; carry through duties. GEMINT May 21 to June 20 Don't rely on pals or "breaks in matters of any Importance verify appearances; plug up gaps. CANCER June 21 to July 22 Leave elders and superiors no ground to be disgruntled; bol ster status; use "kid gloves." LE'V-July 23 to Aug.

22 Some confusion may prevail hold major decisions In abey ance; don't be hasty. Use care In transit. VIRGO Auc 23 to Sept. 22 Give transactions affecting pos sessions or financial ties with others an especially careful "going over." LD3RA Sept. 23 to Oct.

22 Don't lean too heavily on others, harmonize differences; keep at customary routine. SCORPIO Oct. 23 to Nov. 21 Try to make things go more smoothly on the scene or job keep ideas pertinent, clear; em ploy tact, consideration. SAGITTARIUS Nov.

22 Dec. 21 Be patient if you don' have leeway in love, money, or other matters. A.alt a safe opportunity before taking ac tion. CAPRICORN Dec. 22 to Jan, 19 Examine "angles" In funda mental issues; stay on a firm footine: adjust your affairs amicably.

AQUARIUS-Jan. 20 to Feb 18 Carry through customary activities; 1 i 1 travel calls; think straight. PISCES Feb. 19 to Mar. 20 Give bankroll and assets "the once they require some care, practical thought.

PLANNING AHEAD Good for entertaining, sociability, August 10. 14, 20, 21, 22, 23 RITA DEL MAR much for cartons that wear out so quickly. Now I am freezing surplus beans and peas. I blanch them cool them under running wa ter and Dut them in sealers too. By the way I don't use rubbers on the sealers so they aren't air tight.

I am watching the carrots As soon as they are three inch es long many of them are go lng to the freezer too. So are some beets, cauliflowers, pump kins and plenty of corn and peaches. Being a squirrel is easy with a home freezer. It is fun to store up food for winter. There are more peas and beans ready to be picked right now.

So 1 11 say, "So long" and get to work, The freezer lsn full yet. Answers To Quick Quiz 1. Piano. 2. Organ.

3. Double Bass. 4. Cello and piano. 5.

Vio lln. with a delicious TOM, RUM or WHISKEY mad instantly with COLLINS MIX Just add the required Liquor and Soda to Holland Houee Collin Mix )fr and terve. No lemon to No fuaa, No bother. 8 Vofialiit Ton Collins Manhattan Dry Martini Oil Fissioned Whiskey Scar Slit Car Baifuiri Ironx fUll 1 fNOUCM fOU 22 fa 43 PINT I COCKTAILS or Mil DUNKS for toa of hod, drug end Diportmtnl iforai Trm ar In Cotklmti Cmp Xtripa TtUm CamooMan DliMbulon. CIOIOI ROOKi CO 1277 ilaaa t.

Waat, farwi II PrWarta Billaa4 Kt al Ca Vara "coumS lljf Tomorrow's Menu Breakfast Sliced Peaches Ready-to-Eat Cereal Bacon and Jam Coffee or Milk Luncheon Cream of Celery Soup Ham Sandwiches Pickles Fruit Cup Topped with Lime Sherbet Tea, Coffee or Milk Dinner, Hot Potato "-lad in Bologna Slices Green Beans with Lemon-Butter Sauce New Cabbage 1 i Corn on Cob Blueberries and Cream Cake Tea, Coffee on Milk Beouty At Home Tl I -V i iM5 i reuimeru Will Improve Ragged Cuticle DEAR LYNN CARTER: What treatment can I give ragged cuticles on my fingernails? Wrap some gauze strips that have been dipped into manicure oil around the fingertips, and leave these on 15 minutes. Then brush off with warm suds and apply cuticle remover for a minute or two. Brush this off and any dead cuticle will come with it. The new cuticle will be softer and more manageable. Wrinkle Preventative DEAR LYNN CARTER: What pnnrt PVAaatrrln tries nrovon.

I Hau A tive? V.W. Massage a little mineral oil uround the closed eyes nightly. Success Hint DEAR LYNN CARTER: What Is called "the secret of successful S.C. To call attention to one's good features with bright light makeup, and to mU.lmize the poor features with darker makeup. Another lovoly HALO OIRl Mn.

F. E. Uaj "Halo leaves "Soaping'dulls hair. Halo glorifies it! Lillian Allison Friendlee Chats The squirrels and I have one thing in common these days, Now don't misunderstand me I haven't started to climb trees. But I am feverishly storing up food for the winter just like a squirrel.

This year it is so easy too. Other years I canned every thing that was saved for the cold weather. And what a task that was! Preparing the fruits and vegetables, scalding seal ers, pre-cooklng or making boil ing hot syrup, adjusting hot, sticky tops, then placing the jars in and 'removing them from a boiling bath without scalding myself. That was work that even a clave shouldn't have to do. When I got the automatic electric oven it replaced the hot water bath.

Believe me, it was easier out invariably sealer of fruit boiled over and the smoke from that burning syrup mixed with the heat the oven added to an already hot kitchen was almost enough to make me wish I'd remained a school teacher. Then last lau we got our freezer. Now even the squirrels envy my easy method of stor lng food for winter. It is al most a pleasure to do it this year. The rhubarb came first.

washed the stalks, cut them In sticks about ten Inches long, piled them up like kindling and wrapped sufficient for one or two pies in waxed, brown pa per, sealed the package with gummed paper and put them in the freezer. The stalks cut easily when slightly thawed and wrapping saves buying contain ers. Sixty Quarts And strawberries I As soon as they were washed I mixed in sugar then spooned them into quart sealers and popped them into the freezer. I have sixty sealers and not one cracked. I put a-thin syrup on the cherries so for safety's sake they were stored in cardboard cartons, although it breaks my tartan heart to have to pay so cia-t To Speak To DEAR MRS.

BEECKMAN: sftn a woman, married, 45 years old. I have a neighbor, a man 30 years old. Shouldn't he speak to me first, as we meet, or must I always speak first N. N. It is the woman who is given the prerogative of speaking first, And so, If you and this neighbor of yours don't know each other very well, it is courteous for him Extra Uses Around Home For Your Fan A portable electric fan can be a convenience as well as a comfort around the house.

A fan cah hasten the thawing of frozen fruit or meat, for example. Leave the food in its tight wrapping while the breeze helps thaw it, and turn the food from side to side for even thawing. A fan can help in many drying Jobs around the house, especially in humid or rainy weather. Placed at one end of an indoor clothes line or rack, It can help blow the clothes dry. Polishing floors with wax can be done faster If a fan blows on the wax as it is applied.

A fan also can hurry the drying of varnish, shellac or paint. Use fans In any room to clear out smoke, steam or odors. Set the fan in front of an open window in laundry, kitchen, or bath to blow out stale or steamy air. When using a fan this way, be sure it stands steady on a wide enough surface so that it won't or fall. Be sure also that is stands on a dry surface.

Let your fan help you cool the house off at night by setting it so that It will draw in the cool night air. Many homes can be made more comfortable is the accumulation of heat in the attic is fanned out at night. Run the fan during the night before an open window, leaving the attic stairway open, so that it draws up cool air from below and also drives out the hot air. Thl (ummar frea of belt, rid, pirn. Try made br So to dm, hindy to carry, and to comfortable! M4 MM III Krt aim Ragvlaa ml Uipm.

Ann Ollbarl, tOT Unlvtnlty Twr, Mantra) 2. Fleaae and me FREE, io plain packag, 3 Mrdi tampon and the Ttrw booUrt, "tact about Tampon," Nam (nail ram) AaaVeit r. mm i. -) ti. Want your child's hair at its loveliest? Rtad how Brenda's mothsr glorifies her hair: noticei my daughter's beautiful platinum blonde hair.

It's simple matter to keep it beautiful with Halo Shampoo! After a Halo Shampoo, Brenda'i hair falls into soft, shining waves and glistening curls. Halo if tops with our whole family Born of Sunshine i-C "I'm Mr. every I TOl-A plump, red-ripe Aylmer IV mVJ hLT I tomato get my tender care. Zl VPJjft Straight from sunny fields to KST.WX I Aylmer kitchens they NTi i sVrtl" ril for thnt richer flavor you catsup) Brenda's hair soft -wonderjully easy to manage" "Soaping" Dull Hair HALO GLORIFIES IT I Hilo remove leave no dulling, dirt' catching film need no special rinin. Halo Money-Saving FAB SPECIAL 2 is llAL0 A SHAMPOO A Fb civti billowy iudi imtsmly.

Wtshu ttoiho clwner, whiier, inhem llncbiit. Rinso fur. Cn't ktrt opy icura on ditbts, tub or mrinner. is recommended for even the fine hair. And mother Halo i.

i. I Vt'tAi better last longer! 1.

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