The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1947
Page 5
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER S1, 1947 Huge Flying Boat To Get Taxi Test i jHoward Hughes Plans To Fly Plane Before Senate Hearing Starts SAN PJEDRO, CAL, Oct. 31 (UP) —Howard Hughes will give his 100- Pnstengcr Hercules flying boat ils '"'«} taxi tests tomorrow morning. Hughes hopes to get the huge craft into (lie air before a Senatorial investigation of his war con- U'Mts resumes. He announced earlier that he woijltl get it hilo the harbor "bei t«cen Nov. 5 and Nov. .10." Two rtaj'c later the Senate subcommittee moved up the date of Hughes, hoar- lug! from Nov. 17 to next Monda^. TJie clght-englned 200-ton mon- • .steij has been in a graving dock lit tliciliarbor here for several .months wh(le finishing touches went on. • Arrangements have' been completed to let the K3.000.000 craft out; into the harbor at 9:47 am Ps 'f- ' Hughes himself probably wi,, be at the controls as the boat makes lourspceci t.ixi runs up jmd down the|;hsrlx>r, testing controls «nd Instruments. A; lane will be cleared in the liar- bor,;and exliu police piotectioi! will be inrnuiged to hold back crowds expected to jam the area. Tiie plane iLself is a. 5 \,} a as a JootiiaM field, its wines stretch 320 feet from tip to tip. a , l(1 j ts hu!1 big i enough far a banquet hall, is aliitosi 30 feet square and 200 leet BLYTHEVILLK (AKK.)' COURIER NKWS Boss'Offer to Share Profits Proves Better Deal For Employes Than They Asked in Pay Demands Dyersburg Man Charged With Narcotics Violation MEMPHIS. TENN., O . ., ct. 31 iup) -Carlyle Hood, ss year old Oycrs- m * held action nar- ^- nanic loi Federal Grand Jury yesterday on a afcarge ol cotics violation. Ifood was brought here from BjiJrsbiir B where he was arrested by ilocal police accused or buyin- narpotic.s. By S. BURTON HEATH Staff (jurrrspuinlenc ™ I " IELD I'AHK, N. J., Oct. 30. (NtA) _ This Is the story of a tough union that took what the boss offered, instead of what H was demanding, and discovered that it got more than it asked, ilils also is the story of a new lype of labor contract that elves workers the one thlnj- they say they want _ a' fair share in the value created by their own effoils Last June.-Local 2M of-the United Paper Workers (CfOI reopened Us contract with the Con- tinenlial Paper Co.. and demanded a 15-cent-an-houi raise across the uoard. This would have been the fourth raise since V-J Day. Three previous, of which one Involved an 11-week strike, had added 38\4 cents an hour* to the nay scale for every wage-earner. "Let's not do It that way," the company answered. "Let's keep (he wage scale where It Is. ranging from $l.l6'i to ll.Wi If you will .do thai, -*e will guarantee our workers a lived share in the value that they create br their work for us;" ; There was discussion, of course, and explanation and consideration. But the union accepted. And out of these negotiations rime the first Sliare-Ihe-Producllon afirco- meni ever written Into a union contract. The idea behind the contract was worked out by Allan W. Rucker of Cambridge. Mass, but has nothing lo do with his Tool Owner's Union. It is simple: By analyzing government statistics for a period of 10 years, Rucker discovered that employes have received an almost unchanging share in the value created by tlielr work. For industry as a whole this has varied through the years from 3Q to 38 per cent. In some industries it has been much higher. In others much lower, according I Named for Planet Uranium, lh e important element use« in atomic experiments, waj discovered m 1189 and its discoverer named it in honor of the plafiet Uranus, which had become known only eight years before -., , to their technologica. — methods But. for each Industry,' the surplus account - "sliouhi be as for all industry. It has been al- set aside to pay lor $3000 group most constant. life insurance on each empfpye So Continental offered lo guar-' l )llls a retirement annuity col- nntec to its workers, by contract, j 'edible f.l age 65. ! the same percentage of what they: Three 4-week settlement hiv. create that they had earned under teen made. They ,1,0 how tVJ normal conditions In the past, system works Sr d , yP m h< " VCd tlmt U " s W " S MM In thi<t ll '" c thc company spent pe L c ' 1 S1.2W.089.S5 for raw material, uie company and the union , su l'Phcs and repair materials agreed that the old wage schedule. W!lcn Local 299's members got setting hourly rates for each clas- ""•"""'- -"•- "- •• sificatlon, should remain. Each worker should be paid weekly un- On It* dolled line: Georf, C»nilk (left)l presldHit of *Jnll«J |> alM . r Murk..™ local .1 Continental Paper Co., »cc«pls |hc urn from W. J. AIliHrd. IB,, company pretldtnl, to .Ijn (heir new-typc labor coii^ tract. In.ur,n« official ,h« u n d«»rol« rellr ewnl p. y looks „„. dor it. Every [our weeks the com- , J ?'"'" g " le conl l>"'-.v at *l and re- liany would figure how much yal- url "K at 65. can B«I. .n nnidi ns ue its workers luul added to ra* ' materials, and would lake 30.51 per cent of It. and pay each worker as much of his share as his weekly pay envelope had failed to give him. But he was not to (jet it nil in cash. First, one-fourth of the excess would be set aside to protect the company against any period in which the employes did not even earn their guaranteed wage. Every six montlis. whatever ot this had not been „ i L . ri by Ule comp>ny would go to iue workers. .Then half of the remainder — plus half of the workers' share In each semi-annual settlemen.1, of Laney Comments On Four-Year Term Proposals LITTLE ROCK. Ocl 31. IUI') — Gov. Ben Limey- toitiiy nxreed only I" purl with n projwsccl coiistl- tuiioiiRl amendment which would limit elective officials lo one lour- yc&r leun. The Arkansas Dvpuruneiii. of the Velcriuw of KoielRii Wars has ftn- nounccd Dint It would sponsor nn ameiulnicnt limllilis suite, comity and municipal officials lo one four- year term ami provide for removal of any oflicln! alter one yenr If his services proved unsatisfactory. Laney suld he \vns opposed lo tin- pro])oscd 28 per cent of voters nec- i>.uary lor n reciill iiml described it as eonstil(itlii K a ••constant on lo)> of his thrent" »nd u pronldlng "politic*! expediency lor dissenting factions." He siifiiiMted llml 4o per cent of the voters would be xn equitable numlwr >i«cetw«ry on «' recull u«- tltlon. Tiie governor said * recall after one yeur would noL be effective since one year Is not enough lime U> prove the meriti of an elected official. "He could nuke mlitakcs his flrit year and still overcome them »nd become a valuable public servant with more experience," Uvney declared. T h f pro|X>sed conattliitloiml amonclment was announced by THuham E. Dlxon of Lltllp Roci, Judd* advocnle of the VFW slat* department. Acquisition Granted $330 a month clal security. A feature of (he letivcmem plan. »-hleh HIP union m-mtx -n chose for themselves. I* that, any Continental worker's right to t.ta annuity !s N'Joltite. He can IIMVC tlvj uompniw tth'jncver he ehmwcs. anil at HJ (•o:'ifi wh..level r.iinully his I'om- !>.•'.• y e:irn:n;:s p.uj lar. Without NIC IlimifUIICC fClltllie. -ri'I'lV l^r«r>l I L the plnn has been used for S i> v -i , ' eral years by one Cnuadiun nndj Oaddo lake, on the LouislHim two Boston companies which h.\vc ! border Is the largest naliirnl lake no unions. CoiillneiHiir.-; expc-r-' In Texas. Twenty miles lon« tlu- lencc thus far coincide,, wllli ilielrs luke Is said by old settlers lo have over lonser periods. ! been erenlcrt by an earlliquakc. UTTLE flOC'K. Oct. 10. (UP) — Gov. lien L-nncy today granted thu I'Xtniditlon of Uuvicnce A, Cookson to Milwaukee. WIs,, lo face churncs of non-support of his llve-ycar-old child. The was made by Wisconsin's nctlns governor, Osear A. llennebohm, Cooksrm was ar- rcsled hero last Oct. IS on the re- (jllesl of Ills wife. For Complete Protection Against All IHSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W.J. POLLARD AGENCY Gtencoe Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. • • • ,:>j DM12407 i '•* Kupwt II^M y tU ffM MMim M. , Felix A. CtiriMy - : : Good Southern Cooks delight 'em with Hot Biscuits and DIXIE DIXIE maltei golden brown bfscuils e«tra delicious. Finer ingredients give ft a fre,h. flavor-rich faste In Wt. DIXIE flatten the flavor'of ««.iorfs of hot breads, rolls, pop. pveri, muffinjVah'd foajf.And DIXIE 11 richer In food energy . . « n economical source of precious Vitamin A. pound the year around is;forfified with Vitamin A. TOUR GROCERS ALWAYS SAV through with them these ma'terlal.s had a sale.s value — not sales or receipts, or profits - that counts So . the workers (>ot credit for addln- the difference between these flc- urcs, or Sl.365,927.52, by their efforts Under the contract they were -lUitlet! to .10.51 per cent of this or S416.741.48. But under contract wage rales they had received only »317,5I761 The company owed them JB332687 more, it put, $2-!.«06.70 into the reserve, it paid S37.210.08 to the employe.;, totaling 11.7 per cent of each man's wages for the rx>r- lort. And it ' paid another $37 210.08 to the Connecticut General • Life Insurance Co.. which has been pretty conservative about most wage-earner annuity plans but, a- grned to underwrite this. The union hud asked $1.311.-. nn nour for laborers. With je'tlle- ment pay. laborers in this n-wcek period have received $1.30 an hour .Plus an interest in the reserve' Plus an average of $6.885 a week paid for their Insurance and annuities. "Hie union asked $1.91 "4 for machine tenders. Thus far these have received $2.08',i an hour Plus an interest, in the reserve plus $15.130 n week- paid toward each man's Insurance and rc- i serves. i As with any annuity, the amount on which a worker can rel.ire depends upon how much he pays and when — that is, on his npe his salary, and how long lie works for Continental. But spcc:al provision was made lo protect old- timers with the company, Hearing retirement. And as business now • runs, an average-iiiLOmn employe, I FALL CLEARANCE of Fine WALLPAPERS * * j a <jg> jWallpapers Originally Priced | From SOcfo $1.00 Per Roll | • Now Being Sold at 40% Discount pfherPgpers Priced from 25% to 60% Off lH > i l iKTl^ RTS ^ SATURDAY — CONTINUES UNTIL STOCK IS EX I | HAUSTED —COME EARLY FOR BEST SELECTION ilUUKISEX [This is a Good Opportunity to Bring j Fresh, New Wallpaper in Your Home at | Clearance Prices. See these Papers Now! ! Deal's Paint Store ino r * ki • , Y ° Ur Wa!l Pap«' Style Center' 109 East Mgm Street Phone 4469 Equitable • Uf«-Insurance Society of United States SJT Kppfrst-jitillv,, GUY TREECE JOE ALEXANDER, Jr. DA W. A»h St. riionr :iwj l.lslm lii ll Thl!i li your »'HI" Friday! 7:30 p.m. W.Mrs Give to Your Community Fund How! Try Our Dsliciously Fresli REELFOOT CRAPPIE > Chicken 'N Basket • Sizzling Steaki • Hot Buttered Rolls • Fresh Vegetables "Away Down South It's Dixieland — For Fine Foods" Dixieland Cafe North Highway 61 at Holland, Mo. Phone Sreele 17F22 ••••••j We clean and dress perfectly all ly|)M of Suede, Buckskin Hinl White Shoes. Careful, hliili grade work with llic finest materials Insure satisfaction. • HflLTCRS QUflLITY SHOC SHOP iz i w. M a i N ST. FARM LOANS At Lowest Rate of Interest Quick Service A. F. Dietrich ' United Insurance Agency ItiO 8. 1st St. ln K nn BM K . 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