The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1947
Page 14
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?AGf! FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (.ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 80, 1947 Ham Economical Despite Price First Cost, is High But It Is Good To the Last Scrap B.v GAYNOR MADIH X NBA SUf( Writer Though the first cost. Is high, • half of ham (or Sunday can be used to the last scrap. Therefore. it is actually a delicious form of meat economy. Keep the bone and fit wraps for -split-pea and lentil • aoup. • Have the butcher cut • renter slice, about one Inch thfek. Ham Strak in Orange Sauce J ' (Servm 4) One slice ham, 1 hlclv thick, I t«aspoon kitchen bouquet. 1 flounce can broiled mushroom?, 2 tablespoons cornstarch, 2|3 cup orange Juice, .*i teaspoon salt, >£' teaspoon dry mustard, H teaspoon powdered, ginger, • 1 tablespoon browji t sugar. 2 teaspoons grated orange rind. 'Brush' ham with kitchen bouquet. Brown OH both *ldes hi a well-greased frying pan over moderate heat. Place In a shallow baking pan. Drain mushrooms. Pour . mushroom liquid Into frying pan. Blend together and add remaining ingredient. 1 !. Cook over mo- i margarincd casserole. Mix one- derate heal, stirring constantly, un- [ half cup honey or brown siifinr til sauce thickens. Add mushrooms. Pour over ham in baklnR dish. Bnke, covered, In ». moderate oVcn (350 degrees T-) for one hour, ."^erve Immediately. Cut up the end of the ham for eurry with noodles. Ram Curry with Noodle (Serves 4-6) Four ounces ^.-medium noodles. 3 .tablespoons f«l,-i -teaspoon mihced onion, 3' tablespoons flour, 1 teaspoon curry powder. 1 cup ham broth or chicken bouillon, 1 cup rnllk, 1J16' teaspoon pepper, H cup finely diced processed American cheese, ^ teaspoon salt, 2 cups 'diced cooked ham, paprika. ; Cook noodles In boiling salted water until ' tender. Meanwhile. melt fat In saucepan, nrtd onion ana cook over low* heat about 3 minutes. Combine flour and curry powder and blend into fnt and :onlon, Add ham bK>th and milk. Cook over moderate heat, stirring constantly, until sauce thickens. Acki pepper, and cheese. cut Use of Fruits Can Help Save Needed Grain Use fresh and canned frulU to cut food costs and lo help the national wheat-saving drive. I'ear Tower Salad (Serves 41 Four Anjou pears, 2 'i-ounfcc packages cream criccse, 3 tablespoons milk, 3 tablespoons pitted dates, finely cut. 3 tablespoons walnut meats, chopped, 2 tablespoons raisins, finely chopper!, watercress and lettuce, round buttery crackers. Wash the ripe Anjou pearj and chill. Soften cream cheese with milk; whip with fork until light and fluffy. Add dales, walnut meals and raisins. Core each pear from the bottom. Slice pcar.s crosswise Into fourths. Spread slices with cheese .mixture and put hack into original [war shnix?. Garnish with watercress. Serv'n In lettuce cups and pass the French dressing. Accompany H ctlcr °usly with round buUcry crackers. , OraiiRft Sweet P«l:i<ti Casserole ISerrM 6) Slice oi- dice 6 small oranges (not- peeled), partly cook si" me- cUum yatn.s or .sweet p'^ '.oes. Alternate the nraugc.s and potatoes In layers In a buttered or with one-fourth rup orange Juice and one teaspoon of salt. Pour ov- rr the potatoes and orange*. Bake four one hour in a moderntc .oven 1350 degrees F.I Autumn Salarl | (Seri-M 6) I Combine one cup orange sections. 1 cup diced apple. 1 cup Do Not Disturb Sixteen-year-old D;irrcll Mocdy's 270-pound Hampshire Harrow doesn't even want lo wake up nnd look at the first prize blue ribbon it won at American Royal Livestock Show in Kansas City. Mo. Nine to 12 double-coil springs are used In the seat of an ordinary chair In the best grade furniture. Chess is one of the oldest gnrnw; known to mankind. It M-as invented by the Chinese in 2345 B. C. diced celery and cup nuts. If desired, add .lo taste. I Serve Iti lettuce cups nnd garnish plale with colorful aulumn leaves. /owo State to Analyze Rural Crime Problem AMES, Ja. (UP)— Because of Increasing interest In crime problems In rural areas, Iowa Slixtn ColleRc'.s curriculum includes n. course In crlmlnolopy for the first time ilils year. Students registering for the new course will visit Iowa's correctional institutions. Training films on small pieces. Stir until "smooth. 'J 10 '«»l;neiil ana care of oftcn- Swson to taste with sn!l. Add ham »nd heaflhroughly over moderate heat- Arrange drained noodles around edge of serving platter. Pour ham and sauce in center of platter. ders will be shown. 'Hie course is directed by Dr. Walter A. London, sociologist, who served as an army prison officer in England, France and Germany Sjwinkle with paprika" R nd serve! riurins World War II. . Immediately. Missing Boy's Body Found in Clump of Bushes ; ""-aOHICAGO, Oct.'30. (UP)' ! — The decomposed bod.v of n small boy, his head smashed by a large, bloort- fi plained .rock, was found by a mail ': jOfrrier. today In a clump of bushes. , ri.-First aticmpu at identification vindicated, it was th' e body of sevcn: jre«r-old Lonnle Feliick. who clis- , appeared Oct. 18 after belli;; seen :in a park wtth three older boy.s. ' Th e body was found in suburban : ;Maywood, m.l near the DCS Plaines ' .River. It wVs lying face up In the '; jbushes. The right arm was twisted ; ;.beriind the back. - '• .The rock, larger than the boy's ; 'head, was resting 0:1 the forehead. V • TTie mail carric.r,.Theodore Knrr, found the' body while 'Ukins; a -'; ihortciit through » vacant lot. ,Ni> Messy SpniVs, Taste or Powder — Inexpensive STATK DISTRIBUTORS Carcade BhlR. I.ltllc Rnck Revrrst Order ; SAVANNAH, Ga. fUP)—The or] d*r vas reversed the day the Army t •no Air Force recruiting station ; here began to Issue "victory" ,, medals to World War II veterans. ! Krst In Line was a mother, Mrs. ; Hannah M.'Franklin, with the <l!s"- .charge papers of her son, Lleui. j Edwin J. Franklin, Right behind > her nra« A. W. Sims with credentials for his mother. Mrs. Fannie 1 I: Sims, * former WAC. Read Courier News Want. Ads. _ OU Man Winter Is Jirtt Around tht Corner ' •>5 - ~ ^ V \ ^ Ihe w»t«r from tin* and (111 them with cat- chlwM* nU-fre«« »olu- W« will be glad U make •• pp»«toti«i!i.t «• care for all tnwt»ra at j»»r farm — (hus 7»« lime. " ITBCK WK SKRVICK. AM. MAKES TRACTORS WITH MOTHER'S OATS PREMIUM PACKAGES NOW AT YOUR GROCER'S Wonder of wonders! Onc-aml.anly Mother's Oais, wiih 115 famous growth, energy and vitality elements, doesn't stop even [here in providing extra benefits! Every premium package brings you a lovely piece of ilinncrwarc, too! Trent your family 10 this favorite, nut-msty, whole-grain cereal every day. Get genuine Mother's Oats with premiumjtoday! Motlier's Oats Grode "A" CHUCK ROAST - - lb.45f Cudahy'i Ready to Eat, Whole or Half PURITAN HAMS - - lb.55? "A" Grade Club or LOIN STEAK - - - Ib. 65* SLICED BACON with Rind 75c COUNTRY STYI.K FRESH I'URE MHAT GHOUNDBEEF ,,39 PORK SAUSflGE ,,,59 Cliickcn Noodle Jlushroom LOG CAfiiX TABLE SYRUP 29 SCULLY'S PURE (JRAI'K JELLY 2U . Jiir 59 c I.INDlv'S HOT ROLL MIX 29 c;oi,ncR..\rT PEANUT BUTTER 49 KTAUCY'S SU'KIOTOSK TABLE SYRUP , ,,„ 49 ARMOUR'S MILK Cose $5.59 3 7 all or 6 Small 10 ()/.. Can OKKKNA CI-l'R TOMATOES OKI. MONTK RIMCUI) PEACHES „, 2 , ( „, VAN CAMP'S WITH (JRAvV 10 39° PINK MK AT GRAPEFRUIT I'UKSH TK.XAS CUKKN 10 C4B8AGE U) 5 C AH Kinds Frv v Coke Mix! CITY SUPE?, MARKKA 109 Wesf Main 375 CARLOADS Stokelys ™£ FOODS STOKELY ITEMS PEAS Honey Pod GREEN BEANS "Finest" CORN Cream Style White CORN OeumStyle Yellow TOMATOES Large Red Ripe CATSUP Tomato PEACHES Hiilvcs or Sliced FRUIT COCKTAIL Finest No. 2 Can Case ft 12 24 9S is i 04 r 3 2 No. 2 flf} Cans 09 4 No. 2 Cans Cans 39 I Z T , 4 * 25 *:K 2 Nc ° ans2 3r I 13 T Can I Oz. R«l. 25 1" 2 7 14 Or.. A Ac No. 2'/, A Ac Can No. 1 On 27 C I 57 T 5 7 AGAIN IT'S KROGER FOR LOW COST MEALS Serve 3 neals a day to a fanlly of 4 lor fas tfan 76t a PWSM Pkg. JUICE "v 1 ;,, 28 KROGER Rich Red-Ripe Tomatoes Rolled Oats ASPARAGUS N ;J33 C «UMKO 4 i hs Stokely Cut Cooking Fat JELLY 100 ' No. 1 Can PEARS Stokely Hartlett CHERRIES Stokely Royal Anne IT No. 2 Can ftlotl's Aswirled BEANS 2 Lh. t Bag Great Northern DFJIC 0 No. 2 rCHO L cans School Day No. 4 Sieve SYRUP OQc Delta 33^ 123 19 C 33 C 4S C SUGAR 10 ,t95 PEAS Tasty Ki No. 2 Can TOI» NAME fHHTlD ON C*KI). NO EXtr» CHAICt. INVftOfIS PERSONALIZED Christmas Cards HUWY! GET ORDER BUNKS WITH DETAILS AT KROGER Pure Cane SODA fi Arm & Hammer JELLO Assorted Flavor , te 25' BREAD 2 I>oaves Twisted Dough SPAGHETTI 'Yu: 29 CIGARETTES Kroger Dinner Popular Brands KRAUT 2 N can?23 Avondale M99 Carton MACKEREL N -<i 23 Rose Bowl FLOUR Avondale MEAL " BL , b , , White Com I 93 85 C WEEK CtiHwt Ms Mw. 5 1160 AH Star Priies • Worth *39,275gS APPLES ,U. S. No. 1 Washed POTATOPQ Rc<1 '''""mphs Oil rVIHIVCO 100 Kb Jtag W, TURNIPS Crisp Winesaps or R 0 m« Beauties Red Delicious _ .. ^ _ 2 11 on Fu ' ? 79 IDS. 29c Bushel *•" 100 I,b Kag Wifh Fresh (Jrecn Tops 10 Lb Bag 2 5 HUDSON T SEDANS ?>'-£ anrf root ceotrel radi« 1000 gollonj Ttxict ftr«-Cki»f Gasoline witil tack car GRAPEFRUIT ,49 ORANGES .luicy Seedless M e __ 49 C 8 Lb Bage Cut Food Costs With Kroger Fres-Shore PERCH FILLETS - - ib 43c Ih 19 c OYSTERS Pinl 85 C WHITING Drcsscfl Select PICNICS ,47 SALAMI ,55 Swifts'. Atirmor's Tender Smok Swift Premium Cooked CHUCK ROAST 45 SIRLOIN STEAK 59 KroKer-Ctif, Hoavy Calf Meat Kroger-Cut Heavy CM Meat CHICKEN s ;r 59 PORK LINKS ,,69 Dressed—Table Keadv Swift Brookfield och volu«i<rt Jl.400.00. CiMtxn-nxxU,f»d. 1150 Westinghouse Prizes LAUNDROMATS ROASTERS ^otWs / <•«*» o [»m^t«t* ovtwnotieolly AM o lost line to this jingle... 1000 t4jo1-o-m«tx IRONS For To I find l I olwoyi 9*. tM \n Ifltl 1il« »«J moV» it ih r iriF vi* "J»r" fiB'n- pl*. "rh* hinrf Thai ilnftH " i 1200, CW(«w 90, HI routed, (rtiKly ground cr»d ton lovt o dim* o pourrd. SPOTLIGHT COFFEE 3^U2lh.39e FDENCHBMND Ib.Mc m«r «to«l h'l *««y I* win. 131 v«inn«rt tTY hlontti «n4 rwWt ol Kr»f«f. Winnftn n in Kr«»«r SW««. Coi ott4 (Mt_w!<VMn o On "Linda's First I.ove", Mon.., Thurs, Kri. WMC— 11:30 p. m.

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