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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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The Ottawa Citizen Fags 17 Saturday, November 11, 1361 BISHOP SHEEN WRITES LINES ON LIFE Man Tries To Avoid Self-Knowledge Young People Misjudged dicate that many teen-agers who B.v Dr. Stuart E. demand more liberties are, in fact, frightened by the very pros pects of freedom. They are not edge, is exaggerated self-disgust. The victim thus affirms hopelessness, and avoids the necessity of change.

He says: "I am rotten" just like he might say, "I am too fat." Then he freely reaches for another chocolate. Sometimes one hears it said: "I am at the first of the month they are afraid to open them because they are bearers of bad news. Many a modern conscience is like a woman before her mirror. Just as soon as she sees herself, she puts on her makeup. The mask is made for others; the seeming self shows itseif, while IF WE WERE honest v.i!h ourselves, we would have to admit that each of us has more trouble with himself than with any other person in the world.

We know other people better than we do ourselves. Someone once asked Socrates why he was such an unhappy man despite the fact that he travelled over the world. Soc VOl'NG PEOPLE are misjudged by most adults. Grownups expect them to be different from them in at least two ways in which they cannot be different. Tne popular postulate assumes that "young people, today are not what they used to it also suggests that "youth is a time of rebellion." The truth, however, is in an old sinner." (They are always i the real self is hidden.

quite sure how to handle it. Thus, parents falsely assume that they are being most understanding when they exercise the least amount of control; then, they must imagine, there will be less to rebel against. But young people do want, need and respect authority. For themselves, they will seek to gain certain specific free areas of activity. But, as rates said: the opposite direction.

Today, as always before, young people are miniature adults they snak nn all of "Because wherever you go, you take yourself with The ancient Greek i I sopher Thales said that for man to know him-s 1 is the hardest thing in the world. v1 Bishop Sheen In such a false judgment, one combines an affirmation of how sensitive is his conscience, with the opposite affirmation that nothing can be done for his betterment. rpHE AVERAGE person is very much like an onion; he is made up of many coats or disguises. Since tearing them off brings tears, he avoids stripping down to his real self. Many, too, are like icebergs one-fifth of their character is above water, four-fifths is hidden and unexplored.

Others are like department stores in which the wrong price tags have been placed on many things: hairpins sell for diamonds for a dime. Conscience they regard like bills i the peeves and if it If prejudices, re- fleet most of attitudes Dr. Rosenberg of their elders. Far from be The modern mind is completely surrounded by mechanisms for self-deception and for avoiding all knowledge of self. A mood As Browning put it: "God be thanked, the meanest of his creatures Boasts two soul-sides, one to face the world with.

One to show a woman when he loves her." Despite all these escapes, the real enemy is within. Man cannot love himself as he really is when he does wrong, so he blinds himself and tries to love the self that he thinks he is. The more proud a man is, because he knows little about himself, the more sensitive he becomes to the insults of others. But the man who knows himself, that is, not as he is before his own standards, nor as he is before his neighbor, but as he is before his God, that man is never much troubled about the attacks of others. His principal worry is himself, how he can become not just a man, but even a child of God.

A person will learn more about himself on his knees for five minutes than he will learn on a couch in five years and it is much cheaper. Michael-angelo had the right idea when he said: "T-ord, take me away from myself to make me pleasing to Thee." is constantly being created that an attitude toward hfe in general, they feel much more comfortable in a world where there is obedience and respect for authority. Not unlike their elders, by the way. 'HEN MEN GROW grey, they romanticise the "good old days." Part of that nostalgia is due to the physical frustrations of age when "the grinders cease because they are few" which they contrast with the power and vitality of more youthful days. Weaker, older men were once more physically sound, and they like to believe that they were once more spiritually vigorous, as well.

Youth has thus become the ideal age and we have imagined that it is also the age of idealism. But with notably few exceptions, youth can grow no wings in an earth-bound society. As in all other things, they do not live like Robinson Cru-soes; they are very much part of the world they populate. Where men become islands unto themselves, and the drive for security the chief consciously-desired EASTERN RITE CHURCH we are not personally responsible for the evil that we do. (It should be stated that though many claim they are determined to be evil, nevertheless they insist that they should be praised for the good they freely do.) Another trick to avoid self-knowl- have been attending divine services in the Murray Street chapel.

Due to several repairs to their new St. Peter and Paul Church, the inaugural service will be held late this month. The church is on Riverside Drive, in ing rowdy rebels, they are notorious conformists and imitators; if this were not so, there would be no Pied Pipers, no rock-and-roll Kings, and precious few disc-jockeys. The attitudes of young people toward the social, economic, political and religious questions of our times are the same attitudes of most people young and old. The prevailing winds blow; they touch us all alike, showing careless disregard for the number of hairs on our heads, or the years we have lived.

Somehow we like to deceive ourselves into the belief that "we were different in our day," from the young people these days. This is just not Roman Catholics from the Middle East living in Ottawa and area will now worship in their own church. The former Our Lady of Presentation Church, shown here, will now be utilized by Lebanese and other Eastern rite Catholics. The new parish priest is Rev. Theophile Atalla.

For the past several months, these Catholics Church News Each Saturday, The Citizen devotes two pages to news of our churches. Notices of special services and meetings will be published free of charge by the news department, but they must reach the City Editor no later than noon each Thursday, Missionaries Speaking At Eastern Rite Sunday School Lesson 1 abernaele operators, such as no civilization Congregation Gets Church human goal, youth can never, The Uniform Sunday School lesson for Nov. 19: "GROWTH THROUGH SELF DISCIPLINE," Matthew 7: 13-14: Luke 9 23-25; Ephesians 4: 25-32; 2 Peter 1: 2-11: I Corinthians 9: 24-27. any more than their parents can, become part of the continent. If there is confusion among our youth, it is the result of the lack of guidance on the part of Some 165 Ottawa families, members of the oriental Byzantine rite of the Roman Catholic Church, will soon have their own parish.

The congregation of St. Peter and Paul, made up mostly of parents. For the blind will never lead the blind! By Roy L. Smith The future in this world will belong to that nation, and those people, who are best disciplined. This means that they will be disciplined by their government, has yet demanded.

It is a fact, of course, that automation will throw thousands out of work, but at the same time it will open the door of opportunity to those workers who are willing to make the effort to achieve training. It is not a question of politics, or of union organization. It is one of the inescapable facts of life. Skill And Discipline The achievement of skill begins with the willingness to subject one's self to the rigors of discipline. Just as discipline represents the rock base of efficiency in so! We were different, yes: but only because our parents were different, too only because we reflected, as all young people must reflect, the dominant value, judgments of our own era.

JTVERYONE, except those who work intimately with young people, seems shocked to discover that youngsters are not automatically rebellious, just because they are young. Far from it. By their nature, they may seek to obtain more privileges and freedom, for themselves. But there is abundant evidence to in Missionaries from Thailand, Viet Nam, and Israel, will be among featured speakers at the 59th annual missionary convention of the Christian and Missionary Alliance which opens Sunday in the Gospel Tabernacle at 600 Bank Ottawa. Services will be held every night except Saturday at 8 p.m.

and two services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. on both Sundays. The convention starts Nov. 12 and ends Nov.

19. The Christian and Missionary Alliance operates in 23 mission fields in Asia, Africa, and South America, with more than 830 active missionaries speaking 180 languages and dialects. Three of these missionaries who recently returned to Canada and will be speaking are Miss Irene Hearn of Thialand, Rev. H. M.

Collins of Viet Nam, and Rev. L. F. Irish of Israel. i i iiiiit-m Best Design LONDON (Reuters) The Times Friday won the award for the best-designed newspaper of the year in the annual British newspaper design or that they will discipline themselves.

Day by day the market for unskilled labor is narrowing. With every invention of a new machine, there is an additional market for the trained and skill families of Lebanese origin, will be moving to the former Our Lady of Presentation Church in Overbrook. Services were formerly conducted at the Murray Street chapel. Rev. Theophile Atalla, a Brazilian priest and former leader ed worker.

The industrialization of the underdeveloped areas of the of the St. Peter and Paul mis world waits, in large part, upon the development of a mass of sion, will be in charge of the RIVERYIEW PARR CHURCH OF CHRIST 15H CbomJeT Crescent, near CorenatJoB Sunday Services Bible School 10.00 a.m. Worship 11.00 a.m. Evening Service 7.00 p.m. Midweek Service 8.00 p.m.

Wednesday Roy D. Merritl. Mlniste Telephone RE 3-4783 trained workers. Mills cannot be parish. operated by ignorant "hands' Father Atalla was invited to The development of natural re Ottawa by Most Rev.

M. J. Le-mieux, Archbishop of Ottawa, to ai, army, so me eiiecuveness 01 an industrial system depends upon the readiness of the workers to accept discipline in getting their training. The ability to move with precision, to calculate exactly, to eliminate waste, to avoid unnecessary action this is basic in the requirements of an industrialized society. The first element in a dedicated Christian life is, again, this matter of discipline.

Peace of mind depends upon an intelligent and determined management of sources comes only when trained labor force is available allow the growing number of Pravcr Week The new world of automation BAPTIST which lies only a decade or more ahead of us, will call for a qua! At YM-YWCA itv of workmanship, and skilled Catholics of the eastern rite to worship under one roof. The building housing the former Our Lady of Presentation Church is being restored. Damage caused by vandals while the building was vacant is being re- On Monday paired by volunteers from the Those who have elaborated on the "high cost of funerals" in articles for which they were professionally paid, did not reveal the MAJORITY of rates that are actually charged. In effect they do an injustice to many families Such misinformation and elaboration creates apprehension and misunderstanding. The truth is, that complete funeral services are available to all families entirely within the means of their wishes and circumstances.

For your guidance and information herewith is a breakdown, over a 12 month period, of costs for complete funeral service at Hulse Playfair. UNDER $300.00 5.5 $.100.00 to $400.00 7.7 $400.00 to $500.00 19.2 $500.00 to 17.2 $600.00 to $700.00 30.2 $700.00 to $800.00 12.8 JSOO.oo tc $900.00 4.1 $900.00 and over 3.3 and0aiafr FUNE RAL DI RECTORS' 3I5McLeodSt. 1098 Byron Ave. CE3-1143 PA8-1761 congregation. ANGLICAN CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Corner Main St.

and Evelyn At. Pastor D. G. Olley. Minister 9.45 a.m.

Bible School Classes For All Ages 11.00 a.m. Morning Worship "THE LAST CALL" 7.30 p.m. Evening Worship "A VINDICATION OF PAUL'S MESSAGE AND MINISTRY" Wednesday, 8.00 p.m. Mr. Ken McLennan, Shantymen's Christian Association We Believe In The Plenary Verbal Inspiration Of The Scriptures You Are Cordially Invited To Calvary Church one's mental processes.

Christian character begins with discipline, and without it there is no such thing as Christian character. Heresy Of Waywardness Generally speaking, the churches have laid considerable emphasis upon the matter of Rev. A. Frank MacLean will conduct a joint service of the YM-YWCA in Chalmers Church Sunday as both associations bej gin Prayer Week. The service will be immediately followed by a friendship hour in the YWCA.

From Monday through Friday of next wick noon day meetings ST. MATTHIAS CHURCH Parkdale Avenue Ret. Canon B. C. Roacn A Hughes 8.00 a.m.

Holy Communion 11.00 a.m. Mattins: The Rector "THE SEVENTH BEATITUDE" 7 no Evensong: Reverend M. A. 'Hughes "THE CHURCH AND THE FUTURE" Organist-Choirmaster: William T. Armstrong correct theology.

Certainly there is no place in good religion for fuzzy thinking. will be conducted in the YMCA FOURTH AVENUE BAPTIST Bank St, at fourth Are. Baptist Convention of Ontario and One bee Minister: Rev. E. H.

Cameron, I). Organist: Mn. Hewis, A.R.C.T Neither is there any place in 127 Metcalfe from 12.30-1.00 p.m. Monday's speaker will be the Christian life for undiscip lined tongues, appetites, tempers, passions, or desires. ST.

MATTHEW'S Rev. H. Douglas Stewart. Rev. B.

Frank Rice will address the group on Tuesday. Wednesday 10.00 a.m. SUNDAY SCHOOL 11.00 a.m. NURSERY, PRIMARY Just as Christianity cannot Rev. Erla M.

Currey will speak Thursday's meeting fill be con 11.00 a.m. MORNING SERVICE 7.30 p.m. EVENING SERVICE 8.30 p.m. YOUTH RALLY THE McMASTER QUARTETTE will sing and speak at all services A Cordial Welcome To All countenance erratic logic, neither can it tolerate undisciplined living. It is for this reason that ducted by Rev.

William J. Robin it must demand disciplined lives Carting Avenue, near Ban Street Clergy: The Rev. Canon R. E. Osborne The Rev.

A Baycrofl Organist and Choirmaster: Gerald Wheeler. F.R.C.O REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY 8.00 a.m. HOLY COMMUNION 9 30 a.m. FAMILY COMMUNION 11.00 a.m.-SERVlCE OF REMEMBRANCE Preacher: The Ven. C.

O. Hepburn 7 00 m. EVENSONG Preacher: The Rev. J. A.

Baycroft Fellowship Hour in Jefferson Hall Following Evensong son and the final noon hour session on Friday will be di from its disciples. rected by Rev. Stuart Ivison. BROMLEY ROAD BAPTIST) FIRM BAPTIST CHURCH Alcohol And Discipline Various medical conferences Lanrier and Elgin street and laboratories have been at St. Matthew's tempting of late to determine tt Bromley Road and Lauder Drive in McKellar Minister: Rev.

B. Rica, B.A., B.O. Organist: Don E. Halle; 9.45 a.m. Sunday School 11.00 a m.

"REMEMBRANCE" 7 30 p.m. EVENING WORSHIP Rev. Stuart Ivison Minister Organist. Mr. Russell Green, A.R.C.M REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY 10 00 a.m.

Young People's Class 11.00 a.m. Morning Worship and Sunday Church School Sermon; "To the Fallen" 7.30 p.m. Evening Worship Sermon: "The Life Everlasting" Thursday, 12.15 Noonday Organ Recital by Mr. Green just how much alcohol can be tolerated in the human bloodstream before the drinker must be adjudged an unsafe driver. Various state laws have been CHRIST CIIUIKTI CATHEDRAL Sparks St near Bronson 8 20 a m.

Corporate Communion for Young People 11.00 a.m. REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICE Group Capt. the Venerable E. S. Light, Director of Religious Services, RCAF 4.30 p.m.

Evensong and Sermon The Very Reverend J. O. Anderson The Municipal Chapter I.O.D.E. Will Attend This Service Visitors Cordially Welcome enacted fixing the alcoholic content at various percentages. But uriHiT tilVMYAI NLA I upon one fact all authorities are agreed; even a minute quantity makes a difference, and that difference is always a diminution of skill, accuracy, and depend BAPTIST CHURCH Pastor Kev A lea Sh.xiH (Meeting in PARKWAY PAR PUBLIC SCHOOL) 10.30 a.m.

Bible School (Nursery Provided) 11. IS a WORSHIP SERV1CB Nuraerjr and Junior Churco Provided) ability. io Honor War Dead The names of 47 members of St. Matthew's Church who gave their lives in two World Wars will be read by rector Rev. Canon R.

Eric Osborne, at a parochial remembrance service at 11 a.m. Sunday. The Venerable C. G. Hepburn, archdeacon of Ottawa, will be the guest preacher and the church's Book of Remembrance will be carried to the altar in procession by Sea Scouts.

The Last Post and Reveille will be sounded by George Old. There will also be a celebration of the Holy Communion on Saturday National Remembrance Day at 9.30 a.m. EASTVIEW BAPITSI CHURCH 129 Olm stead EastTlew Rev Walter T. Steven, M.A, B.Th. Minister 10.00 a.m.

THE CHURCH SCHOOL 11.00 a.m. AN ACT OK SOLEMN REMEMBRANCE Sermon, bv Request: SAFER THAN SOLOMON 7.30 p.m. PIONEER AND PERFECTER Young People Monday at Eight Willi every heightening of the demand for discipline in American life, the use of alcohol in any quantity becomes an aggravated problem. If the democracies are to hold ST. JOHN'S CUM Elgin at Somerset THE CHURCH WITH THE OPEN DOOR'' The Rev Wm.

1. Rohlnson, Rector Mr. Ewen McCualg. Organist The Rev. A.

G. Brewer, Assistant Rector THE TWENTY-FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY SPECIAL DAY OF REMEMBRANCE AND INTERCESSION 8 00 a.m. Holy Communion 9 15 am Family Communion Service Bring Your Boya and Girls PREACHER: THE REV. A. G.

BREWER 1100 am Morning Pravcr and Sermon (Broadcast CKOY) PREACHER: THE RECTOR -TO YOU WE THROW THE TORCH; BE YOURS TO HOLD tT HIGH!" 7.30 p.m. Evening Prayer and Sermon PREACHER: THri RECTOR "JUST LEAVES OR FRUIT?" HOLY COMMUNION SERVICES THIS WEEK: MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY at 7.15 a.m. THURSDAY Also at '0 00 a m. SATURDAY at 10.00 a.m. only their own against the forces of communism they must be pre pared to achieve personal disciplines in the lives of individual WESTBORO BAPTIST Ottawa, Ont.

Rev. t. Shanks, Mlntstei Organist: Miss M. Krltb Choir Director Mrs Gfellet 9 4S a.m. Sunday School 11 00 a MORNING WORSHIP 7 .10 p.m.

EVEN1NO WORSHIP Guest Sneaker: Rev. Reginald Snell of Moncion. B. Wednesday 8 pm Prayer and Bible Study itizens. We are not far re moved from the point where we must undertake to discipline our BAPTIST CHURCH (Richelieu at Montclatr) HULL 10.00 a.m.- Rlhle School 11 00 a.m.

MORNING WORSHIP 7 OA m. GOSPEL MESSAGE 8 00 p.m. FRENCH SERVICE Guest Speaker at All Services: REV. SIDNEY MONTPETIT of Cornwall Colored Movie selves or be disciplined. No undisciplined people can At MucKay ST.

GEORGE'S hope to survive the demands of the nuclear age. A colored movie entitled "I Copyright by the Division Memories in the Attic In thousands of Ottawa attics and basements the passing years are marked by a clutter of no longer needed articles. An outgrown tricycle, dress form with, alas, outdated measurements These things are worth cash to other families, and hundreds of Citizen want-ad users discover every day. Call today. of Christian Education.

National Council of the Churches of Christ In the United Stales of America. Do" will be shown at MacKay United Church Sunday evening. It deals with a young couple approaching their marriage date. They are disturbed by feelings of doubt about their ability and understanding to cope with the THE VISITORS' CHURCH Metcalfe at Gloucester JUST A TEN MINUTE WALK FROM UNION STATION Rector: The Rev. L.

J. Baird, B.A. 8.30 a.m. Holv Communion 11 00 a.m.-SERVICE OF REMEMBRANCE Sermon Topic: CANADIANS REMEMBER 7.00 p.m. Evensong KNOWING GOD FRKL METHODIST ALIA VISTA BAPTIST RE 1-2P78 Meeting in ARCH STHKFT SCHOOl I'RrtANPAl Visiting Speaker: Pastor John Rnhb 10.00 a.m.-Bible School 11.00 a.m.

Morning Worship 7.30 Joining Wesihoro Rapttst Church Evangelist Crusade Rov. Reginald Snell Wednesday, 8 pm. Prayer Sen Ice S54 Keats Ave. A HI RCH. A FAITHFUL MESSAGE PLEASANT PARK BAPTIST 414 Pleasant Park Rd.

Rev r. Kennetl Minister Timothy Shnwalter Mnslc Director 1 4.1 a.m. Main Church School 11.00 a. nv Nursery and Primary 11.00 a.m. Morning Worship: "EACH ONE BRINO ONE!" problems that arise after FIFTH AVFME FREE METHODIST 1 II niliRCH OF Cor Firth Ave.

and Monk Streei METHODIST SI BARNABAS A Rev. A. ft. Mrl.eod. Minister SUNDAY.

NOVEMRER 15th 15 a.m.-"Llirht and Lite Hour" 8.10 on your dial 9.45 a m. Sunday School for All Anes 11.00 a.m. MORNING WORSHIP 7.30 pm. -EVENING SERVICE ALL SAINTS CHURCH Chapel St. at Lanrier Avenue B.

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY 8 00 a.m. Holy Communion 8 00 a Family Communion Rev. R. P. Playfair 11.00 a m.

Church School 11.00 a Mattins Rev. J. L. Duncan 7.30 Evensong Rev. R.

P. riavfalr Monday. p.m. Parish Suppe Holv Communion-Wed. 7.15 a.m., Frl.

10 .10 a m. Tuesday, 8 Young People Kent and James Streets Rector: Rev. J. W. Cornish REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY A Dsv of Continuous Intercession for the Peace of the Vtorld 8 00 Mattins 8 30 a.m.

Holy Communion 11.00 a.m.- SVN'G EUCHARIST AND SERMON 7.30 p.m. EVENSONG AND DEVOTIONS Dsllv Tus. 10 00 a Wed. 7.00 a.m.: Frl. 7.10 Sal.

I Requiem I 9 00 am. MrPHAIL BAPTIST Branson at Llsgat Rev R. Smith. Minister a Brando A Organist Nurscf- and Church School 11 00 a.m. 00 a.m.

"REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVILE' 7 in TRINITY op CHRISTIAN VIR71 RES" I WESLEVAN MEIII0D1ST flllRfll Sunnyslde Ave at Grosvrnnr Ave. Rev. M. B. Bummers.

Pastor S.45 a. -Sunday School 11 00 a MOUNINti WORSHIP 7 F.VEMNi; htRVICE Tuesday, 8 p.m. Prayer ben-lca CITIZEN WANT-ADS (j chosen by most! BETHANY BAPTIST Baseline Road Opposite Laiirentlan High School Minister: Rev. i. C.

rirll. B.A B.O. 30 a.m. Church School (Nurerv Provided) 1 a mornim; worship 7 OO EVENING WORSHIP Ever-vniie Welcome Meeting Wednesdnv. 8 Prayer and Bihle Meditation Friday 0 5 a Men's Prayer Time Friday.

itStn C. for 9 thru' 14 ELCOME!.

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