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Page 15 Saturday, September 9, 1961 The Ottawa Citizen B1C! Sunday School Lesson J'rr-t I'll j' cent. If we are to complain that Poll By Episcopalians On Dropping Prolcslant weighed down the daily mail to 7 A -jit. if I i I A ill to M- if- I By Joe-Ann Price New York Herald Tribune NEW YORK Episcopalians who read the weekly magazine, "The Living have been polled by the editors in advance of the third 60th Episcopal General Convention on the question of dropping "Protestant" out of the legal name, "Protestant Episcopal Church in the In the Issue dated Sept. 10, they have come up with 144 varieties of names, ranging from "The Episcopal Church" to "The Church of England in the Colonies." "It was just an idea we thought up on a hot summer afternoon," said editor Peter Day, of Milwaukee, as ballots, each a coupon with three choices on it, SALVATION ARMY 11 cava 200 Mater Street Capt. and Mrs.

t- Ham 10 a.m. Family Bibla School 11 a.m. "A Battle In the Smoke m. "Rurmins Away" Friday, Sept. 15, 8 p.m.


-MORNING WORSHIP 7.30 p.m. EVENING WORSHIP PARKDALE CITADEL Parkdale at Wellington Major and Mrs. 1. DougaU Telephone PA 24734 SUNDAY SERVICES 11 a.m. and 7 Sunday School 10.00 a.m.

YOU ARE WELCOME; 7T! 1 Of School At Aylmer The blessing of Si Mark's Catholic School in Aylmer will take place Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m. Most Rev. R. J. Windle, auxiliary bishop of Ottawa, will officiate.

The construction of this new IB-classroom school was started in September, 1960, and ended at the end of May last. It was built by the J. G. Bisson Con. struction and Engineering Company of Hull at a cost of The architect was Jean Issalys of Hull.

RAHA'I TEACHINGS THROt'OH MEEKNESS MAN IS ELEVATED TO THE HEAVEN OF POWER: AND AGAIN PRIDE DEGRADES HIM TO THE LOWEST STATION OF HUMILIATION AND ABASEMENT." DISCI SSION GROUPS THURSDAY EASTVIEW SUNDAY OTTAWA For Informatics or free literature. Phone SH -209, SH 6-KA04, PA 8-2764 or Citizen Box 631 BEAUTIFUL ECONOMICAL I i i i There is no more eloquent means of recording for posterity your devotion i for one another than to express it through the medium of an enduring family monument of marble or granite Authorized "ROCK OF AGES" and "EVENTIDE" Dealer i Cemetery Lettering 3 i i George Brown i i i Sons 473 BRONSON AVE. Near Gladstone CE 5-8969) i the church is always asking for money, does it mean that we are ready to Uiose doors because there is no money with which to support them? The first collection the infant Christian church ever took was for the purpose of relieving the distress of the poor, and the last doors to cioe will be those that have' opened to the destitute. The church that is asking for money is one that sees something that ought to be done. Let's give thanks for the church's ability to see the needs.

Cleric Blasts Attitude To Wives VANCOUVER (CP) Anglican Bishop Godfrey P. Gower has criticized congregations who are inclined to regard the wife of their pastor as a servant. She is the backbone of the ministry, he says. Writing in The Anglican News here. Bishop Gower said the wives of clergy take a deeper plunge than many realize when they marry a parson.

They bake pies, play the church organ and are expected to keep open house for everyone in the parish. "Mothers, chatelains, peacemakers (most of the time), expert cooks and Sunday School teachers, voluntary organists, bazaar-openers, tea-pourers, the wives of the clergy are helpmates and teamworkers in the fullest sense to the men they married. "What clergy wives object to, and so do is the notion entertained by some congregations that they can have the full-time services of two for the salary of one and that by no means a princely sum. The unpaid curate has no place in our economy." Co-Existence MONTREAL (CP)-The first duty of the federal government is to recognize the co-existence of two major ethnic groups throughout Canada in fact as well as in law, State Secretary Noel Dorion, said Friday night. Mr.

Dorion, addressing the opening session of the first world congress of French speaking universities, said this recognition "must be expressed in all aspects of our national life." TRADITIONAL CEREMONY Rev. Jacob Cement (left) is pictured in front of the Holy Ark with Rabbi Simon L. Eckstein at Congregation Beth Shalom. Cltizen-UPI Staff Photo The ancient ritual of sounding the shofar (ram's horn) will be a significant part of the service at sundown Sunday in Ottawa synagogues as the Jewish religious New Year of 5722 is welcomed. Ancient Ritual Marks Jewish Neiv Year Here BAPTIST Beechwood Memorial Service A special memorial service will be held at Beechwood Cemetery on Sunday at 3 p.m.

The service, the first of its kind, has been arranged by the Ottawa Council of Churches and Beechwood Cemetery authorities including Henry Bowkett, superintendent. Rev. Dr. James D. McCrae, Chalmers United Church associate minister, president of the Ottawa Council of Churches will conduct the service.

Other clergy participating will be: Vcn. Archdeacon C. G. Hop-hum: Rev. Arthur F.

Conrad, St. Pete r's Lutheran Church; Rev. Doufilas Stewart, Knox Presbyterian Church, and Rev. Stuart Ivison, First Baptist Church. Seating has been arranged for (he Beechwood service to which the public is cordially invited.

A half lemon, kept on a shelf of your refrigerator, will help to absorb odors. CAIVARY BAPTIST CDURCH Corner Main St and Evelyn Ave. Pastor D. G. Otley, Minister 45 a.m.

Bible School Classes For All Agei 11.00 a.m. "JUDE'S DOXOLOGY" 7.30 p.m. "ON REASONABLE EXCUSES' Wednesday. 8.00 p.m. Prayer and Bible Study Believe in the Plenary Verbal Inspiration of the Scrlpturea You Are Cordially Invited to Calvary Church the magazine.

The name question has long been a source of irritation to a segment of church members ho insist the church is more Catholic in history than it is Protestant. Drop "Protestant," they have said, at conventions, to editors and to other. Episcopalians who want to keep the word. The question, a veteran of many sessions of the general convention, is again slated for discussion when it comes up in the House of Bishops meeting between Sept. 17 and Sept.

30 in Detroit. "The Living Church" said it favored editorially the name "The Episcopal Church in the U.S.A." as the best choice. It argued against variations of "The American Episcopal Church" on the ground that ihe ord "American" is resented by South Americans as being applied to citizens and organizations of the United States. In the poll, 791 votes were counted for "The Episcopal 589 for "The American Episcopal 336 for "The Anglican Church" and slight variations of the name; 332 for "The Anglican Catholic 254 for "The Protes-tant Episcopal 146 for "The Holy Catholic 128 for "The Anglican Episcopal 100 for "The American Catholic 31 for combinations with the word ortho-dax; 60 with combinations of the term Anglo-Catholic; 15 for "The Church" and one for "The Church of England in the UNITARIAN THE UNITARIAN CHURCH OF OTTAWA 325 Elgin street (at Lewis St.) Church Office: 118 Lewis Street Rev. David C.

Pohl CHURCH SCHOOL 9 30 a.m. 11.00 a.m. "THE DISCIPLES OF LIBERTY" Sermon by Pohl the whole family to Sunday School. BAPTIST Bromley Road and Laudet Drive, In MrKellar Minister: Rev. B.

Rica, B.A., B.D. Organist: Don E. Halle? 8.45 a.m. RALLY IN THE SUNDAY SCHOOL 11 a.m. MORNING WORSHIP 7.30 p.m.

EVENING WORSHIP A1TA VISTA BAPTIST Meeting In AJtCH STREET SCHOOL LRBA.NDALE Interim Pastor) H. Lafleur 10.00 a.m. Bible School 11.00 a.m. MORNING WORSHIP 7.30 p.m. EVENING SERVICE EASTVIEW BAPTISI CHURCH 329 Olmsfead Ave, Eastvicw Rev.

Walter T. Steven, M.A., B.Th. Minister 10.00 a.m. THE CHURCH SCHOOL 11.00 a.m. THE WORD BECAME FLESH The worship service will be followed by the Communion of the Lord's Supper.

7.30 p.m. BETTER THAN THE PREACHERS First of several sermons on the words of Jesus, "But I say unto you." PLEASANT PARK BAPTIST 414 Pleasant Park Rd. Rev. r. P.

Bennett, Minister rimothv Showalter. Mnsie Dlreetoi 8.4S a.m. Main Church School 11.00 a.m. Nursery and Primary 11.00 a Mornine Worship: "CHRIST COMMITTED FOR US" FREE METHODIST FIFTH AVENUE FREE METHODIST Cor. Finn Ave.

and Monk Street Rev. A. H. MrLeod. Minister 8 15 a.m.

"Light end Life Hour" 630 on Your Dial 8.45 a.m. Sunday School for All Ages 11 00 a.m. Morning Worship 7.30 p.m. Evening Service Monday, 6 30 p.m. Light and Life Men's Fellowship Meeting Tuesday, 8 00 Young People's Meeting 8 00 p.m.

Praver and Bible Meditation Welcome FOURTH AVENUE BAPTIST Bank St. at Fourth Ave. Baptist Convention of Ontario and One bee Minister: Rev. E. H.

Cameron, D.I. Organist: Mrs. F. W. Rewis, A.R.t.1.

10.00 a.m. SUNDAY SCHOOL 11.00 a.m. NURSERY, PRIMARY We have clasaea for all ages. Bring By Roy L. Smith It is a matter of religious, as well as historical, interest to discover that the first great collection ever taken by the first century Christian churches was a gathering of funds designed to relieve the destitution of the mother church In Jerusalem.

One of the common charges levelled at the Christian church is that "it is always asking for money." But even a hurried examination of the record reveals the fact that a vast share of the money collected is used, in one way or another, in the relief of distress. It is a fact, of course, that some of the finest and most expensive) buildings in almost every community are the houses of worship. And it must also be admitted that huge sums of money are spent for stained glass windows elaborate altars, and polished pews, including many minor pieces of equipment which are very expensive. But by far the major expenditures of the church. Catholic and Protestant, are occasioned by the efforts the Church is making to provide for the care of those who have suffered some kind of misfortune.

Hospitals and Homes Consider, if you will, the hundreds of hospitals and homes that are open every day of the year to the sick, the aged, and the orphaned. Then consider the fact that not one of them is expected to pay a profit that' every such institution which enjoys any surplus immediately invests it in additional room and equip ment with which to render a larger service. In the case of Catholic hospitals, particularly, consider the thousands of sisters of mercy who serve without salary of any kind, content to render such assistance as their consecrated skill permits in the relief of suffering. Doesn't it seem reasonable to ask the public to support an institution to which so many godly women are giving so much without personal compensation of any kind? One of the very first institu tions founded by the Christians in the New World was George Whitefield's orphanage near Savannah, Georgia, which is still operating and rendering an enormous service to the nation in a for children. Let those who complain that the church is always asking for money consider the loss to the nation in the abandonment of even one such institution.

Educational Institutions Add to the relief agencies, the character building societies organized under the auspices of the church, all the schools (Ca tholic and Protestant) and colleges which owe their founding and a i enanc to religious groups, and you have a staggering sum that runs into the hundreds of millions. Is it any wonder that the church is always asking for money? It is quite true that other in stitutions do not go about "beg ging for money." But that is because those same other organi zations do not go about doing good. The tens of thousands of Sun day schools, for example, which offer religious education to the children free, are making a con tribution to the nation of incom parable importance. Yet the doors of every Sunday school in the land are open to any child, without the payment of a WEST OTTAWA Al.t SAINTS. Wfjtbnro Rlrhmnnd Rd.

at ChurrhlU Th Rpv. T. E. Dowii'j Services: A.M. 6, .15, 11; P.M.

7.30 CHRIST CHl'RCH. Hells Cor. Richmond Kd. at KimherUj The Rev. W.

t. Belford Services: A.M. 8, 9 30, 11; P.M. 7.30 ST. MARK, Carletn Hrtrhts Fisher Ave.

at Vormandie The Rev. t. G. F'ojr Services: A.M. 8, 11.15; M.4 ST.

JOHN, M'rtvale Services: A.M. 10 00 ST. MARTIN. Woodroffe Loekhart at Prlnre Charles The Rev. K.

R. Cowan Services: A 8, 7 30 nr. MATTHIAS Parkdale near Kherwond T)r. The Rev. Canon C.

H. Roech Services: A.M. 8, 11; P.M. 7 ST. PETER Merivule Rd.

at teaslde The Rev. A. E. O. Anderson Services: A.M.

8 45, 11.15; 7 OO ST. RICHARD. Citv View MerUale Rd at Rorsland The Rev. C. Garrett Srvicw: AM 8, tH 11.14; 7 no 5T.

STEPHEN, Britannia Watson Britannia Ht. The Rrv. 4 E. Allvopp Services: A 8. 11 PM.

4 a THE ANGUCAN CHURCH WELCOMES YOU NrJJ "MINUTE MESSAGE" Due to the volume of telephone calls received, we have now increased our facilities with the addition of new equipment, enabling us to double our former capacity. The previous number CE 3-3323 has been changed to: CE 3-5605 Rev. Gordon R. Upton "Your Telephone Pastor" 11.00 a.m. THE COMMUNION SKKV1CE SERMON: "IN THIS SIGN CONQUER" 7.30 p.m.

EVENING SERVICE SERMON: "THE BOOK OF THE REVELATION" (First sermon in a series on the Revelation) We tnvlte everyone who does not already have a church home to share our fellowship. Come to church this Sunday for inspiration and encouragement in the.e troubled times. You are always welcome at Fourth Avenue Baptist Church. PRESBYTERIAN BANK STREET (AT R0SEBERRY) GORDON WI5HART, PASTOR ERSKINE PRESBYTERIAN Bronson Ave and MacLaren Street The Rev. Robert Good, D.D.

Organist: Mr. Vernon A. M. Kemp, E. 9.30 a.m.

Divine Service 11.00 a.m. Church School All Depts. including Nursery and Beginners 11.00 a.m. Divine Service "POWER, GOD AND MAN" Visitors Are Always Welcome CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY 5 Days Days Days 600 REVEREND LA FN- I Rev. J.

Sidlovv Baxter Noted Bible Expositor of Great Britain Sunday 9.45 a.m. 11.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. Sunday at sundown the ancient ritual of sounding the ram's horn will be an important part of ceremonies in Ottawa synagogues marking the first day of the Jewish religious new year, Rosh Hashanah. The Hebrew calendar records the begining of the holy day as the first day of Tishre, 5722.

Rosh Hashanah's high holy days end on Tuesday and commemorate the birthday of the world. Emphasizing especially man's ability for self conquest and for return to the paths of salvation, Rosh Hashanah also proclaims God's sovereignty over the universe and the lives of men and nations. It is during this "Day of Judgment" that the Lord "like a shepherd causes the souls of His flock to pass before Him" and urges all men to review their deeds of the past year and to pray for His forgiveness. Services, which begin at 7 p.m. Sunday, will end in 10 days with a final blast of the ram's ST.

STEPHEN'S CHURCH Parkdale Ave. at Sherwood Drive Rev. Geo. H. Sparks, B.A.

Organist: Daisy Roe Moore, A.T.C.M. 11.00 a.m. PUBLIC WORSHIP (No evening service) Sunday School: 10 a.m. Primary to Senior 11.00 a m. Nursery and Beginners ST.

GILES CHURfn Bank Street at First Avenue Minister: Rev. i. Logan-Vencta O.K.E., M.A., D.D. Organist and Choir Leader Mrs. Angus Orr, A.T.C.M.

PUBLIC WORSHIP 11.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. Dr. Logan-Vencta at Both Services Visitors Are Always Warmly Welcome ST. PAUL'S PRESBYTERIAN 971 Woodroffe Avenue Minister: Rev.

W. F. Duffy, B.A. Sc. 9 45 a.m.

Sunday School Grades 212 11 00 a.m. Nursery School and Beginners 11.00 a.m. RALLY SUNDAY, SEPT. 17th Sermon: Shameless Persistence CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY Sunday Service II 00 a Sunday School 11 00 a Nursery Accommodation Wednesday Evening Testimony Meetings 1st and 3rd Wednesday of Each Month 00 p.m. to BROADVIEW AVK.

PUBLIC SCHOOL All Are Welcomel SCIENCE CHRIST, SCIENTIST GOSPEL TABERNACLE horn on Yom Kippur, the "Day of Special services will also be held next Monday and Tuesday mornings. Rabbi L. Eckstein, Rabbi Stanley Weber and Rabbi J. Benjamin Friedberg will officiate at services in the local synagogues. Dedication Speaker Rev.

Horace Burkholder, general secretary of the Ontario Council of Christian Education, who will preach at the Sunday morning service at Kingsway United Church. The church's new Christian education centre will be dedicated at the 11 a.m. service by Rev. Arthur D. Waite, chairman of Ottawa Presbytery.

Rev. F. R. Har-back is Kingsway minister. The new church centre will provide adequate space for all church activities, both for Sunday and throughout the week.

Speaking Here A conference for the deepening of the spiritual life will begin Sunday in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Gospel Tabernacle, 600 Bank St. The guest speaker will be Rev. J. Sidlaw Baxter, world famous Bible expositor of Great Britain. Services 11 a.m.

and 7 p.m. Sunday, and Monday through Thursday at 8 p.m. Bear Kills Tuo LOS ANGELES (AP) Ivan, a massive polar bear at Griffith Park Zoo, has claimed his second victim in less than a week. A smaller male named Bcurneven died Friday of wounds suffered in a fight with Ivan in their grotto Thursday. Officials said Ivan had been sulking since he killed his mate, Miss Dewline, apparently In self defence last Saturday.

v3 EnanfriM Invited Today for Your Need Tomorrow RR No. 3 Ottawa TA 8-1895 I i -rr. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Laurler and Elgin Street Rev. Stuart Ivison Minister Russell Green, F.R.C.O. Organist 10 00 a.m.

Young People's Clasa 11.00 a.m. Morning Worship and Church School Sermon: "God in Our Dally Life" 7.30 p.m. Evening Worship Sermon: "The Church In the Province of Asia" Thursday, 12.15 Organ Recital by Russell Green McPHAIL BAPTIST Bronson Ave. at Llsgar Rev. E.

R. Smith, Minister Brandow. A T. Organist Nursery and Church School 11.00 a.m. 11.00 a "SOMETHING TO REMEMBER'' 7.30 p.m.

"WHAT IS MAN?" Come and Worship WESTBORO BAPTIST Ottawa, Ont. Rev. J. Shanks, Minuter Organist: Mis M. Keith Choir Director: Mr.

F. Gfellet t.45 a.m. Sunday School 11.00 a m. "WHO HOLDS THE PURSE?" 7.30 p.m. "SERIES ON EPHESTANS" Wednesday.

8 p.m. Prayer and Bible Study QUEENSWAY WEST BAPTIST CHURCH eastnr Rev. Alex Shook (Meeting In PARKWAY PARK PUBLIC SCHOOL) 10 30 a Bible School I Nursery Provided! 11.15 am WORSHIP SERVICE (Nursery and Junior Church Provided) MOXTCLAIR BOULEVARD BAPTIST CHURCH tl Montclalr Blvd. HULL Pastor: Rev Wellington 10 00 a Bible School It 00 a m. "REPENT OR PERISH" 7 00 m.

"THE ACCEPTABLE SrRIFICE" aim p.m. FRENCH SERVK'k, You An Cordially Invited Attend The Church of Your Choice This Sunday -Z DIRECTORY ANGLICAN CHURCHES Schedule of Sunday Services BISHOP OF OTTAWA The Fight Reverend Ernest S. Reed CHRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL Sparks near Bronson Very Reverend J. O. Anderson Services: A.M.

8.20, 11.00; P.M. 7.30 (Sept. only 4 p.m.) Hospital Chaplain: The Rev. J. A.

Winters Address: 42 Klnnear PA 1-3091 WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN 470 Roosevelt Ave. (South of Richmond Road) Minister: The Rev. K. Currie Creelman, M.B.E. Organist: Mrs.

W. A. Newbury 9.30 a.m. Young People's and Intermediate 11.00 a Nursery and Kindergarten 11.00 a m. THE MINISTER 7 30 p.m.

"A NEW BEGINNING!" Visitors Welcome ST. ANDREW'S PRESBYTERIAN vfellington and Kent Sta Ottawa, Ont. Minister: The Rev. Arthur W. Currie, M.A., B.D.

Organist and Chnirmasteri Carman H. Milligan Mus. Bac, M. Mu 11.00 a "THE WAY UNTO LIFE" 7.30 p.m. Recorded Broadcast of Morning Service Over Station CFRA (560) Visitors Are Always Welcomel KNOX CHI R(I1, "in The Heart of the Capital Corner Elgin Street and Ltsgar Street Minister: Rev.

Douglas Stewart, B.A Director of Music: Lillian Forsvtn 11.00 a.m. "THE EAGERNESS OF GOD" The Minister Will Preach 7 30 p.m. VESPERS Church School Reopens Sunday, Sept. 17 at 11 a.m. ST.

TIMOTHY'S Presbvtprian Church In Canada 2400 Alta Vista Drive Ministrr The Rer. John A. Johnston, Th.M Ph.I. Assistant: Mr. Garth ppff Organist: Mr.

Leslie G. mith 9.30 am. First Morning Service. Nursery nd Church School for All Aees 11.00 a m. Second Morning Servic lSursery and Church School for All Aps "SHINING FACES" A Church Home for Yoa end Your Family CHRISTIAN FIRST CnURCII OF of Revival Blessing of Spiritual Feasting You Won't Forget Monday through Thursday 8.00 p.m.

EAST OTTAWA ASCENSION. Ottawa Fast Echo Drive at Hawthorne Services: A 8.30, 11.00; P.M. 7 30 ST. AIDAV. Elmvale Acrea 95.5 incate Drive The Rev.

K. G. Rulter Services: A.M. 8, 8.30, 11.15 ST. GEORCE.

Hawthorne Service: A.M. 11.15 ST. BARTHOLOMEW I2S Mrkay St. at Victoria The Rev. A.

T. Carson Services: A.M. 8.13, 9.45, 11.15 ST. CHRISTOPHE Cardinal Heithti The Rev. K.

A. Pnlker Servicea: A.M. 8 00, 9.30 ST. PAUL, Overbrook Kinr Georre School Service: A.M. 11.00 ST.

COI.L'MBA Manor Park 24 Sandririie Road The Rev. J. Stewart Services: A.M. 8, 10.15; P.M. 730 ST.

MARGARET. Eastview Montreal Rd. at Codv The Rev. F. R.

I.auier Services A.M. 8, 9 30, V. P.M. 7.30 ST. THOMA', Alt Vista Alta Vista Drive The Rev.

W. R. Wrirbt Services- A.M. 8, 9 15, 11; P.M. 7.30 CENTRAL OTTAWA ALL SAINTS.

Sandy Hill I.atirier at Chapel I he Rev. J. L. Kunran Services: A.M. 8, 9.

11 ST. ALBAN, THE MARTVB Kin; Ednard at Daly The Rev. Canon C. L. G.

Bruce Services: A.M. 8, 11; P.Mf-7 ST. GEORGE Metcalfe at Glouceslcr The Rev. 1 J. Balrd Services: A.M.

8 30, 11.00; 7 00 ST. JOHN Elein at Somerset The Rev. W. J. Services: A 8, .15.

11; P.M. 7.30 ST. LIKE Somerset at Bell The Rev. P. 8.

Irwin Services: A.M. 8, 9.30, 11; M. 4 no ST. MATTHEW. The Glebe Carling near Bank The Rev.

Canon R. E. Osborne Services: A.M. 8, 9.30, 11; P.M. 7 00 TRIV1TV.

Ottawa Ronth Bnnk at Cameron The Rev, Canon W. Bradley Services: A.M. 8, 9 30, 11; P.M. 7.00 ITY OF HI LL (THoeese of Montreal) ST. JAMES.

Main street Th Rev. e. P. A. Tlmmoni Serrvicea: A.M.

8, 10, 11 METHODIST WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Runnyside Ave. at Grosvenor Ave. Rev. M. E- Summers.

Pastor 4S a.m. S'jndav School 11 00 a m. and .10 pin. Tlie Pnr win Sneak at Services COMING ANNIVERSARY SERV'K KS Ser t. H-1T Guest Speaker: Dr.

B. H. PI-iAVP, A General Superintendent of the Church Also Special Music bv the Chotr and Others Services: Thursdav through Saturdav at I no m. Sundav 00 am. and 7 30 m.

Metcalfe at Gllraour Sunday, U.OO a Sunday School 11.00 a.m. Subject: "SUBSTANCE" Wednesdav, 8 00 m. lrriudinf! TESTIMONIES OF CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING FREE READING ROOM, Hardy Arcade, Spark St Open Dailv Evcppt Sunday CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALS" 10. CO a.m. Every Sunday.

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