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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Pare 5 THE OTTAWA CTTIZE! Saturday, June 21, tS53 Zippy Wry And Ginger' Is My Fur Lady Successor By Carl Weiwlberger Crack A uto Ring MONTREAL 'CP'rolxe Friday nsfht they expect to rravlt a theft ring that has at least 22 new cars within the U't frw months in Quebec tad Ontario. WORLD'S BEST LOOKING EYEGLASS) HEARING AID vue'. He provided the young lovers with such attractive lyrics as Honeymoon on the Moon. Don't Be So Suspicious and To Hold My Love. The other couple in the show was a tail Mountie, Brett Bank (Herbert Horsey) and Liane I iTQTi I I 1 MV UNITED CHURCH McLean.

Scanning the dedication program are, left to right: The Rev. H. W. Wonfor, the minister, Dr. Dyson Rose, chairman of the Building Committee, and Walter Hubbs, chairman of the Stewards Committee.

-Photo by Nwton Sunday afternoon the Eastbrook United Church will be dedicated by the Rev. A. M. J. Gray assisted by other ministers of the Ottawa Presbytery.

The $100,000 building was designed by the Ottawa Architectural Firm of Burgess and LEISURE AHEAD! Miss Myrtle Chown of 707 Gladstone Avenue is saying goodbye to Schools. Here M. W. Curtis, principal of Wellington Street School where Miss Chown taught presents her with a piece of luggage. At right is W.

T. MacSkimming, chief inspector. Photo by Ne-to Wry and Gainer, the iipy success to My Fur Lady, the successful 1 1 I University Students' Revue, opened at the Little Theater last night before a full braise, shot a rocket to the moon (or nearly did so), took us to the Calgary Stampede, the commerciaiizt-d Indian Days at Banff, the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, a posh nightclub in Montreal and a garden cocktail party in the metropolis. In a word, we were given tourist Canada in a nutshell, and this reviewer agreed with the enthusiastic gentleman in the audience who suggested that Wry and Ginger be sent to the Brussels' World Fair to perform there somewhere in between Glenn Gould and the Hart House Orchestra. To be sure, the clever political- jibes and jokes which needless to say-are the salt of the witty book would be lost on the world's visitors, but oh! those pretty Canadian girls, those shapely Canadian dancers and all the catchy songs! They would "sell" Canada to the world.

(By the way, the enthusiastic gentleman in the audience was not John Fisher of the CBC). But we agree with him, even though some of the acting, particularly of the spoken dialogue, here and there, seemed a little less assured than the clockwork (professionalism shown in My Fur Lady. But this new revue new for Ottawa is far from being the proverbial "second It's full of new flavor, zest, inviting you to a third helping. Enjoyable Songs Meanwhile, we enjoyed the sight and songs of the young couple Tom Ridley (Buddy Nai-smith) and Jane Paget (Holly Higgins), who plan a trip to the moon, under the sponsorship of a comical Canadian Under Secretary of Defense, Ernest Fret-well (played by Christopher Dobson, the father of the re- New Church Dedication Sunday ACOUSTICON'S EXCLUSIVE families in the Eastview -Over-brook area. The architects were NEW STYLEAR 111 ir An ambition of many years Itandlng, a United Church aerving the Eastview-Overbrook ra, will be realized Sunday afternoon at three o'clock.

At that hour, the new East-brook United Church, on Donald Street between Beaudry and Quill Streets, will be dedicated by Rev. Dr. A. M. J.

Gray, of St. Paul Eastern United Church and immediate past president of the Montreal- Ottawa conference, assisted by Rev. Dr. H. W.

Wonfor, pastor of the new church. The two United Church congregations of Eastview and Overbrook were amalgamated by Synod three years ago into Eastbrook United Church, arvd the task of raising funds for the new church was launched by Dr. Wonfor and Dr. Dyson Rose, chairman of the building, committee. The rtew church, built at a cost of will serve 200 Burgers and McLean, Ottawa, and the building was erected by the Teron Construction Co.

Modern in design, the new church building will house the chancel and the nave, and the connecting vestry and rooms for the choir. In the basement is the church hall for Sunday school and other uses, a connecting kitchen and other ohurch rooms. Construction was started last fall. Marshall's Dyanne Skeates, a rich rancher's daughter, who was particularly charming in her flowery Calgary Stampede dress plus ten gallon hat and delivered her songs in a brisk comedy voice and perfect vaudeville style. We liked the contrasting verve of the awkward under secretary's Aery English, very enterprising wife Marilyn Lightstone).

who swept like a sophisticated she-devil through all the funny-fantastic scenes of the cross-country atrip, including the golden glitter of a phoney rocket to the moon on the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. Geoffrey Cosgrove showed himself the most experienced character comedian of the evening in his two scenes of an old war veteran to whom life and "things just aren't the Another funny figure was the timid Calgary bank clerk (William Lyon), who had to impersonate a dangerous bank robber to be overpowered by the bank manager and locked in the safe along with five other bank clerks, posing as bank robbers to add more commercialized bravado to the stampede. Excellent Costumes The costumes were joyously colorful and so were the stage sets including a bright Emily Carr Indian village against the towering skyline ot the Rockies, and the dazzling glamor of the CNE midway. Pictorially, this was the finest scene of the show: The six barkers singing and dancing, the hip-wiggling Hawaiian beauties, and the circus girl with the snake around her neck; the marionette-like clowns, in particular, plunged the revue, for a moment, into a dynamic Petrouchka atmosphere, though with music by Jerry Horovitch (instead of Stravinsky), the musical director. This scene was one of the brightest highlights of Gordon Atkinson's direction and Heino Heiden's choreography.

Wry and Ginger, a benefit presentation for the Theater Foundation of Ottawa, will be repeated tonight, and after a pause return to Ottawa Thursday, Friday and Saturday and also with a matinee performance on Saturday. The new Acousiicon Stylrar look! ar.d feels like normal glasses, yet it conceals a powerful 4-trjnsistor network in the temple bar. A colorless, incon spicuous tube conveys the sound lo ihe ear. This precision-engineered, fashionably styled hearing aid is so light and slim it naturally goes with any modern normal size eyeglass frame of your choice. They may even with the smart eyeglass ironts you're now wearing! C.

Caplan Rldeao St 1 Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada ACOUSTICOfl J. P. LAURIM LTD. ASK FOR OUR FREE BOOKLET ON "How to Choose a Monument" 213 YORK STREET, OTTAWA 1 1 CLARKE WHYTE 85 SPARKS ST. Room 207 CE 3-1714 tlnxptl All Flay Saturday, WfPkdayi a m.

to 111 ra. 8 TVo Injured When Auto Hits Pole Slippery streets were partially blamed for an early-morning car accident today that sent two men to hospital after their car plowed into a telephone pole. Injured are: James Dodds of 291 Olmstead Street, Eastview, who has multiple heaa and body bruises and was admitted to General Hospital: and Roy K. Partridge, 25, of 291 Blake Boulevard, Apt. 4, Eastview, who was released after being treated for slight head and body cuts.

Police said Partridge's auto was heading east on Riverdale Avenue when he attempted to turn north on to Main Street. The driver told police a car travelling south on Main cut in front of him, causing him to lose control when he swerved to avoid a collision. The Partridge car went into a skid on the wet pavement, jumped the sidewalk and hit a pole in front of 381 Main. Partridge was thrown on to the lawn while Dodds remained in the wrecked vehicle. Exclusive Ambulance took the men to hospital.

The car was estimated as a total loss of $1,000. Const. John White investigated. Dear Ahby ft ft Use Your Voice Vw Closing Services WITH REV. AND MRS.

JOE TALLEY of Abby Van Buren Greemhorn, North Carolina a a 1-1 si a i DEAR ABBY: My wife Is all wrapped up in her voice coach because he made from her a soprano out of a contralto. She used to take one lesson a week at six dollars and now he comes three times a week and is having his meals with us. My wife never 1 tLtWiu h'H Ut tn I It I I for itrvc p.os. co CE 2-5337 Man Charged After Crash 'A 21-year-old Ottawa man was charged with careless driving and driving without a permit following a two-car head-on collision early this morning that sent three persons to hospital. Charged is Harry Stumm, of 85 Stewart Street.

The accident happened shortly after midnight near the intersection of St. Patrick and Sussex Streets. Rain was falling at the time. Police said Stumm's car had been heading east on St. Patrick and swung south on to Sussex.

It collided head-on with a northbound vehicle on Sussex, driven by Rheal Lepage, 40, of 81 Falardeau Street. Injured and taken to General Hospital by police were: Lepage, who suffered a gash on his right knee and a bump on the forehead; his wife, MrsL Lucie Lepage, who had severev facial cuts; and their daughter, Louise, 17, who had a cut on her chin and a bruised left forearm. AU were treated and released. Nobody in the Stumm auto required treatment. talks to me because she Is saving her voice for singing but she talks to him.

Now he is hinting that when he goes to teach at a summer music camp she continue her lessons. Don't you think this is too much? Please give me some advice. DEAR E.J.K. It's time YOU cultivated YOUR voice and made a few sounds. Tell her you've got no more "dough" for the "do re mi" department and also that her camping days are over.

DEAR ABBY: Your reader who said bullfighting is a cowardly sport doesn't know what he is talking about. It is neither a sport (it is a drama) nor is it cowardly. The man and the bull have a 50-50 chance. That is more than you can say for the American sport of duck-hunting. When the ducks can shoot back I will say you Americans are as humane as we Mexicans.

FOR BULLFIGHTING BELLEVUE CEMETERY Annual Memorial Service will be held in BeJievue Cemetery on Sunday, June 22nd, at 2.30 p.m. If weather unfavorable, er-vire In South Hull Municipal Hall, Aylmer Road, P.O.. jt kjA )L fc-jc Vestboro Baptist HEAR THFM ON "HYMNS OF HOPE" TKOY 8.30 a.m. SUNDAY 1.45 a.m. SfNDAY SCHOOL AND BIBLE CLASSES 11.00 A.M.

MORNING WORSHIP 7 P.M. "Ottawa's Greatest RELIGIOUS SURPRISE CHURCH ami why buy off the rack when you can have it TAILOR-MADE for the same price? it it 307 Richmond Road Minister Rey. R. D. Hnlmea 10.00 a m.

Sunday School 11.00 a.m. I Morning Worship 3.00 p.m. Open Air Church In Britannia Park 7.30 p.m. "GETTING AN EARLY START" Bright Congregational 7 Special Choir Selection! A Message for the Youth of Today -J EVERYONE WELCOME Music Ynu Will Lonf Remember Golden Trombone Electric Steel Guitar and Banjo Organ and Piano DEAR ABBY: Why doesn't my husband call me by my given name? He calls me "Babe" or "Doll" and then turns around and calls every other woman the same name. If he's talking to a friend and I'm right next to him he'll say, "My wife." Our friends know I'm his wife.

Can't he use my name? I no longer feel like an individual but just like another "Babe" or This has been going on for 22 years and I'm still burned up. NAMELESS DEAR NAMELESS: Don't worry about what he calls everyone else. You are the only one he calls his WIFE. Be satisfied. Organ Prelude at (.30 p.m.

Come and Bring a Friend You Are Welcome SKRaaajB9Bij i SACRED If ML Ml RECITAL Monday, June 23. p.m. presented by WILMOS CSEHY Concert Violinist DONALD G. CHARBONEAU LTD. OFFERS YOU CUSTOM BUILT COTTAGES TAILOR-MADE TO YOUR INDIVIDUAL REQUIREMENTS FOR THE SAME PRICE AS A MASS PRODUCED PRE-FABRICATED UNIT Fall Injures 2 Workmen Two men were injured early last night, one seriously, when the ladder they were using to trim tree branches suddenly collapsed, hurtling them some 40 feet to a gravel laneway.

i Gerald Sheen, 33, of 541 Bay Street, has a broken back and injured left ankle. Civic Hos-' pital lists his condition as serious, while his partner, Buddy Offord, 35, of Arthur Lane, is in satisfactory condi- tion with a compound left leg I fracture and a broken left arm. 1 The men had been hired to trim tree branches in a yard at the rear of 387 and 389 Sunnyside Avenue, just off Rose-dale. Sheen and Offord were stand- i ing on the two-piece extension ladder, when the connecting links snapped, making the ladder fold over. Terry Hunter, 37, also of 541 Bay Street, told The Citizen, "I i was cleaning up branches at the 1 foot of the tree and' had my back to the others when I heard Gerry shout, 'Look out and down they came." The victims landed on a hard gravel lane and remained there until Exclusive Ambulance took them to hospital.

MRS. GLADYS CSEHY Talented Musician Piano Chimes Vibraharp Mice am riFRPKF 1 1 fc? Lyric Soprano mm in the GOSPEL TABERNACLE, 600 Bank Street REAR tHF.SE TALENTED MUSICIANS WHO HAVE APPEARED In NEW YORK'S CARNEGIE HALL and MADISON SQUARE GARDEN SUNDAY 11.00 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. DEAR ABBY: Thanks for publishing the article about how "shutter-bugs" ruin weddings. I been in the photography business for over 40 years and have tried to be kind to amateurs, but things are getting out of hand.

I was recently asked to get pictures of a wedding and I counted 16 bathtub Rembrandts there. bride's parents decided to hold off ordering my pictures until they saw what the amateurs came up with. Naturally, the profit from that job was almost nil. Why don't amateurs leave the wedding pictures to professional photographers and stick to taking pictures of Yellowstone Park? PHOTOGRAPHER DEAR PHOTOGRAPHER: Not everyone can afford professional photographers but when one has been engaged, I think in all fairness to him, amateurs should not be allowed to compete for the Our cottages re not pre-fabrirated Our rottaspn hv 2x4 studding and 2x8 joists Our cottages hv I ft rafters to carry a heavy anow Joad You have your choice of Sun Sash or Plerson windows all windows at no Srrpn for extra cost 1. 2.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

8. 9. 1 BEECHWOOD CEMETERY Attractive time payment plan Only the highest quality materiala used in construction Anv plan may be chaneed to aiilt the purrhaser'a requlrementa or position 3 DIGNITY REVERENCE CONFIDENTIAL TO "GAMBLING Your number will come up before your number comes up. Barnum was on lot Winterizing feature easily included at reasonable extra cost to convert your Summer home into a year round dwelling Chimneyn. flush available to all purchasers.

"THE GATINEAU" 10. Expanding facilities at Beechwood Cemetery make it possible to offer a final resting place tn a setting of dignity and reverence. We invite enquiries today from families in Ottawa and District Pre-arranged final resting place for loved ones, and future needs without interest or service charges. OKFICK HOURS a.m. to 5 p.m.

Monday to Friday a.m. tn IS noon Saturdays Telephone SH 6-0201 KITCHEN LIVING ROOM LARGE 24' 30' SIZE 3 BEDROOMS CONFIDENTIAL TO ANN: He may be the "salt of the earth" but somebody should shake him. MAIL THI COt POy FOR Ot RFGVLAR CATALOGUE AND PRICE IIST Upper Canada College For a personal reply, write to ABBY in care of The Ottawa Citizen. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Distributed by McNaught Syndicate, Inc.

TORONTO, CANADA BATHROOM PLUS 8' 24 PORCH See it on Display ot the corner of Hinton Ave. and Carting Ave. Phone PA 2-4810 OPEN EVENINGS 'TIL 9.30 Name I Boarding and Day School for Boys I Phone I (Noi-4enofflinatronol) Street N'o. City Wir PRIPABATOSY SCHOOL. 7-13 ti wrrm i.nvui, Prov.

I oc. fGrodas 2-10) (Grodn f-W Ontario Senior Matriculation and post-Matriculation VIA form for gifted boys. Spacious grounds. Exceptional facilities for athletic and extra-curricular activities, large estate at Norval in Credit Valley for weekend camping, scouting and skiing. AuUim ttrm oagmi Wtdmttday, Septonbw l(W, I95J For prospectus and information about curriculum ejtra-curricular activi-tres, etmes and acholarships, apply to Principal, Upper Canada Colleee.

Toronio 7. Tha lev. W. Sowby, M.A.. O.D., riocip OOfJALD CilARBONEAU LTD Will Consider By The.

Canadian Press Canadians of Chinese and Japanese extraction joined hands Friday in a request to the federal government that Restrictions on immigration of their relatives be removed. Immigration Minister Faireloiigh, who received representatives of the Chinese Canadian Association and the National Japanese Canadian Citizens Association, was reported, to have said she would consider the request "sympathetically." CE 2-9604 REALTOR 340 McLEOD ST. Nursing Graduate Miss Elaine Robertson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.

H. Robertson of 91 Sunnyside Avenue, who graduated from the Hotel Dieu Hospital School of Nursing, Kingston, at the recent graduation exercises Miss Robertson is a former graduate of Im-maculala High School. Representative GORDON BROWN: CE 5-3811 PA 2-4810 CE 2-9601.

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