Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 19, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 19, 1896
Page 3
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Will Not Perform Miracles But It Will Cure. I Nervine I Restores I Health.,..., D F.. MILES' RESTORATIVE NERVINE euros nervous prostration. Not miraculously, but scientifically, by first rumoring tiio-Ki'rms of disease, aid then supplying healthy nerve, food, increasing the appetite, helping digestion and strength- onins the untlro system, Despcrato cases require prolonged trcwmont ius shown by '* that of Jirs. M. 11. Eoed, of Delta, Iowa, who 5 -writes: "As the result of alisrlitnlujjstroko, | the physicians said I had .1 ll!;ht stroke ot pamiysis, ray limbs would all draw up. I would liavu tbrobbings In my chest that seemed unendurable. Porthroo tionths I could not sleep and (or thruo vrcoks did not close my eyes. I prayed lor sleep, and Sfc'.tthaJlt roller did not corr.o I ivould bo } desd or i«s:iiio. i took -Dr. Miles' liestora- ij tivo Servino and the second night slept two hours and fronr. that time on my health improved; slon'iy ut first, but steadily and | surely. I took in all 40 bottles, and I cannot express ho\7 pratctu.l I am, lor I am now ! perfectly well, and havo taken no medicine 'for over Jour months." Dr. Miles' Nervine issoldoy drurrsisis on guarantee that first bottle bcncCts or money refunded. Book on hoftrt. andtficrves free. Dr. MUea Medical Co., Klkhurt, lad. THE Muosoo Tfpewritef Is a Good Machine. THE CHURCHES. Olu'iicli—I'lie i>as- lor, D. 1'. J'u-Wiauu .will pixiieh this inorniujj upon "Kullassiasin." The Hon. S. K. Nk-holnwl, the autlia of the XichalNOii 1x11.1. will }ilve t.lio ai at the uuloii mceHiiR Ii» tlio rtn iill A Wgh standurd ot eiceilence. Mnn> 'isers of the "itunson" consider it , THE ,BEST. You will find It a valuable assistant In jour ol- Hc& Address tor ptittlcalars THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO 340-344 Went Lake St.. ChlciiRO, 111. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGANSrOKT, IND. • ffiSOQ.OOO J. F. Johnson, President. 3. W. Ullery, Vice President H. J. Holtbrink, Cashier. DTRECTOES. 1. 1. Johnson. S. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider, Buy and sp'l Government bonds. Loan noney on personal security and collater- Jg Issua special certificates of deposits ie«Tlng 6 per cent. Interest when loft one '••r; 2 por cent, per annum when aepos- BoxesTn Safe'ty Deposit Vaults of thl» «nk for the deposit of deeds, insurance •Ucles, mortgages and ether valluablea, •nted at (rom »5 to »5 r«r year. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-. UNDERTAKER •-• N», 417 Market Street, Calls attended to promptly, day . or Central Union and -Mutual telophoneB. Office, No. 16; Residence, No. 12L L. G. PATTEHSON I Has opened a Fire and Accident Insur- nce office at 410 Broadway, up stairs, and ollclta a share ot the public patronage. »Iono but First Class Companies Repre- ented. Bound trip rate 'to St. Joseph, $2; to ,ake Maxlnkuckce, 51. Train leave* Fauclalla station every Sunday at 7 . m. SIX SIX. . Special Train EXCURSIONS -TO- MaxinkQckee Lake VIA THE VANDALIA LINE July ipth, 26th, and August and, 9th, idth, 23rd, ; Fare for the round trip ?1.00. Train eaves Vanclalia station at 9:00 a m. St. Joseph is a -most delightful resort luring this extremely, torrid . weather, re for the round: trip, ?2.00.. Train eaves Vandalla statical at 7:00 a. m. >v'ery Stinday. -..•'''•;'' ' '•: this evenin.ir. The public are cord: invited. Se.rvleeji at ihe Evjin^elical fluireh to day ai-s follows: Smidiiy s^Iioo-l .'it 0:30 ;i in. Sermon at Vf.'.W a. in. KveiiUi: sen-iees. V. P. A. at 7 o'l-liiek. Seimioi at S (.I'ckn-k. I.'n.iver.-ialist Oluui-li. betwepn Kifjhtl Mid NUivli streets ou P.ro:ul\v:iy—Sun day.!?elicol a 1^10 a. an. Mornhij; servlen at H o'flock* tin.- l.ev. Mr. Untoi) o J^mhafd umvuiniiy cceupytiif; the pnl pit. Cluuvli of Christ (SeienlteH—Sevvii'P xvlll be IwM ii» their rooms in Uie Key sunn.' bl-nck, (.-orniM- of Sixth street am I-In.vidw.'iy. Sunday nionvin;; al 10:30 <ubJL>.et—'-T-he Ark of the Cnveiiant.' AM are invited. Ninth si reel Christ!:i.n (.-iHtreli—Serv i'.-iv; at. 1.1 iiVlnek. (.•ondneled.liy fhe pas lor. T. S. Fri'euia.ii. Sermon by Ilu Rev. I'.. N. Karly. la-te'.y of Harvard iniJ vi-rsi-iy. Sniulay seiiciol jut l ; .',''l' 11. "i All weliMKine. Mjirkci stn>i-l. .M. K. c-hnrch— Proaeh- liii.' by the pn.<lor. W. 1!. \Vones a 1. ln:-l" a. in. ami ~:'-'A> p. ni. Kvenin.n ll'.eiuc Htinl sernir.ii 'in the Sabbath.' Pa.bbatl si'lvool ar. !l:MO a. in. C'.'.a'i-'P :ir ri:-!." a in. a.m'. i!::.'.0 p. in. .runiir.r League a I •' 11. :n. Kpwnrth I'.ea.i;iie at C:"0 p. in All arc iiiiviicil. Si. l.uki'', 1 ; Kim'lisl'. LntheHvn ohnivl: (ivnu-r Kii^r a.!id Mnrknt streets—J. C KanlTinan. pastor. Snnilay .--elKul a I !:-::'!i'l a.nd i-Iir.ri.-h servicr* sir 11 a. in Tin- Holy Onui.M.nioii \vi1l tie olwervoi am! an iMTiiriii^: taken for heiiov<ilenee .Inm.ini.' ICinlcavo-r at .":0d and Chrisriai Kiuleaveii- at fi:-"i>. All are iiiLVitwl. Cumberland Pirsliytetvni- chiii'di.- \Vi-xt I'.ruadway near l->row!i siruet C'luts. !-:. ^V^MIioni. pa.sior. r-.-eaehiiis at n a. in. ami N p. in. Co'iixiviratlo-.-.a sonj; serviee and short scmnon on popn lar subji-ei in the eve.ninj:. Sunday rfehool at'.):-!,' a. in.: Clri'istuni Ktn.U>avoi at 7 p. m.: midweek prayer-meetini: cm Tliinsilay evening at S o'clock. All welcome-. \A - lu.>atlaiid M. E. cilmreli—Rev. ^r. A. rr.-ii'ljni pastor. Sunday school at 9:^0 n. in. Sermon at 10:45. Class at 12 m. Junior Ix-:t.unie nt 3 p .m. Kpworth De- votiioiBd Kor\-iws at ii:3«. Public In- stiil'tHiion of Epwoi'tli I.-oajrne officers ami program on "The Sn-nilay Lwigue of A ineriea" a t 7 ;00. A co.'.-diiil welcome to a,U sm-vices." Services at the A. M. E. ehnreh. cor- ne.r of Market and OLcott Streets today a.s foMows: It Ixiiits cinaa-terly meeting OL-c-iusloii. our love J'Ki-.<t. will be conducted by Uie Rev. A. Smith, P. E. at 10:30 a. in. Simd-ay school at 2 p. m. CoaniOTiMO.il services at 3 p. in. Sermon by tire Eev. It. C. Semans of tt'.ie Broadway M. E. cliuivli. 7:-15 p. in. sermon, by the Rev. R. C. Wilkinson. All are welcome.—L. Petti ford, pastor. Broadway Presbyterian- cJmrch, corner NiiiiHi stToot and Broadway, H. Ac- wood Tereiviil. pastor. At. 11 o'clock a. m. Wie pastor will pveacb a scmion on beU:ilt' at' the Humane society rcceirtJy. oi'pin-i/ed in th-is city.. Subjoct: "Our Ditty of Morcy to Dumb Au.iim.-i3s." Bible school at 0:30 a. m.; David Elder, , T , ^' 1> C! *~* 17 .t 1" P. "Tl snperiiiitemletiit. i. i. £*. ^. J-*. "^ v.'jv p. in.; subject, "Uoolis and Reading;'' MiAs 5Hrla.ni McM-tt. taldor. Free sea.rls. All Avelcome. Union services lu tho I'ki'k at 7:-l." p. m.. . DEATH OF MRS. W. A. VrGUS. ' "At 10:-.I." o'clock ra,=t mg"ht. jn-s.TT.A. Y.ijrus, widow of lilie laito Col. Jordan Ylrnis, of. Losirniqiart, lud.. aud mother of M.IW. ^ r . R, Pdlstoui, pa.=sw1 mvay at •tiljc rosideiico of Hr. Polstor., 143 North 'H.i^h street. Deceased ' wa.s boni .iii Slarom, Y't., but liad been a resident o>[ XasliviiMe sjinK.-e 1S7S. "Mrs. Vipnis was SO years of'age, and had spent Inn- IJlCe ilti ivoJl do-Ens. She was'a la'c-ioniy incmlxsr o'C the Presby- .terlaii clrureli', and has prone to a'bright- ev world. Evcii' as Solomon ral'd: "A womn.il libat Ceareth llio Lorrt. she shall lx) praistxl. Give her o:f the imit of her hands ami lot her o^ni worfe praise her."—Nashville Tribune. ' A CHILD E^ 7 JOYS The pleasant flavor, gentle action, and soothing effect of Syrup of Figs, when la need of a laxative, and If the father or mother be costive or - bilious, the most gratifying results follow Its use; so that It -is the best family remedy known and every family should have n bottle. • ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harrison's. . . Read up. Best books on the financial (juis*ion, both sides, at Giffe's book store, lOc ami 25c. , , $1.00 linen pants and vests, .DOc; percale shirts, flannel shirts, .undershirts, all po at-halt price.—Harry .Frank. ., Tn* the Tx>s;a-nspOict Wall. Pnpor Co. iin tlidr clearance sales oC cheap wall paper. Wo will, not disappoint .you, Insist on taring jiist what you call Cor wheat you, go : to buy, Hood's Sarsa- jarllla, the One True-, Blood Purifier and nerve tonic. ^ . . .. TOWN TOPICS. Jolm MuJwilij-'s clfflir store on Broadway Is •luemlqud'.rtuns tor ;i_ eoterU. 1 ot bushiest* iimt pnatcsslioaiiiL nieu, wlio £iir.liw l:lici-e every evanilng to h«ir the current iM-liui'G'U »wws discussed. pnc:u La a while llie ilteciiiA-li.'m grows warm riuid it becomes jiwrcssairy for John to -mthly Minima life I'rtencls riuu "This is mo public luil-l;- \vliy do-u't you fallows l>ttlh.l 11 pliLitt'onu !--u",newlit>ire. Of hire a UaJl wliwe you can til.k." On* evon- i>H"' not 10'iijr .siiu.-f lih'Civis w:ii5 fi sin-nil groiup of we.lt kin-own gc'nileuuMi sit-. iiMi,- '.JKMV wiilt'Ji. .Toiuii. iiai-oujjjpr to- th r:ill\ of a .M'knv. who was iwitlji'.r a "iiios's nia.ii iioi' a follower oC any of prOrlVfskw. He imikes I:C:> living b; t'rn.iUnir. If. don't nvalcc- mnc-li d-iil'iy-cnc wli;i.t: lit is. M' Hhoiv is< :i rm ile Im it. In. 1 I l.lui 111:1.11 who -is aJltcr i:li.e iloJlar. "J ti'l .roll .ia'ii1i]«;H,'ii," ,=:i.isl rli'ls ac plisli'pd iTiulOi-, "t.lito Cimiiiiry will n sin; |].rni?pi>ri'fy :i-si.ln imt.il WP Imvc CrVC-C^D v< personal tli "Hmr," sakl fldic of :ihe si-cup,, "w.ha effect wo'ti-ld fii:i't ILIVC en tlie MW.SS n the pro-ptc 1 / U ales' t-h.ry littd ^nietliiUL, ro ^-Ivc i.!! exclunxw for the fi'-'e silve thai would la; (-(Killed, they wjmld be i: a,5 b.-ul a IIx as Uie.v nnw :ire." "'1'ha.t may l:e t-,n>e of 1=01110 «f tlu-'iu,' i;hi> fni'di'ii- ai::iwi'rcd. lint ycin will ad nvit thait 't'.lw ilebunr c!a.--,< is tlK' lavties ciasw ii| tlic'f coirjli'y. wun't yon? "M'eli. wlwi-t n:' MKU?" u';i.* flu answer. "Sijuply ili-is: 'l"iere :i> no donhr in- mj ir-'.nd t.hat the free i-:MiK!.ie of silvt 1 ! If a man (iwe:l a ih-lif. it wonlil be easi i.'i- l'i>r Ir'iin to pay i:. -iin that kind o iii'..n-cy. wouildn'-t -iitV Pnppa-'c thai tin silver iIiM'lar i.* only wwrlli. fifty tiews is 'Hue Itoiiinst in,C'.r.i.'y tni'iii'insist .cr it> l"i:n>n i 1 !' we li-ivc freo silver we wil have plenty o>:' ni'uiii^y !:,i:d t.lu- m.-ni w.lu owk-'< JflOfl or .-n::y nmcvn.nr will be alili ro pay it off wh'h Iwi-lC what if takes "Di>i:'t ,-\ f nn !'o ; u] yrnLiytHf.'' snid a by sra-n-doi'. "tl'je HMUI ^vho lias aiuyth.in;. i>u-ti5l!iii:(l.i'ii.!; n-ill ru-Hect it or ta.ko ; none payable Jiu ^nld. You e.-:a)'t beat. aniybody these days. The people arc rno sm.-irt." Tho button eraxe was rlrousht te luive >aeln.-d nh-e 'height of ins populai-iry when it was made do to bear the pic- tuns of a favored ca.ndiidate. There's i. iwsw oaiie on t.he market, however, one whfcli iui« .fitst nuido i-is npi"'f"'« 1JCe .- ' l « tlcsti'ued for -the honest money moil mil .is. in fact. :i sroW bnp allixed to a btiirton, to bo worn, in. nhe crait lapel binttOJi hoJi?. .Taek Hayes liau the first one thait. was' broujrht J'o Lojwnspor.t Tli«re's -ataoUiei-' Iciiml of a button wliiic-h is not a Invr-tOJi. It is Co-r the sil- verttes to wea,r. ' It'is niwc Hko tlie fcw- s tliflt lilie slutol&nfs ffaUwk^ put up for Hie rifleman to take a shot, a-t The pet p-ropor js< a wliite jiwhil disk,, tlie «>i7.e afi a dollair, ami boariWK tilie words Qt.nraped • In a ciavlo awmmd i'ti? outer !dj;e: "Sisfceau to one or bust.". In- the ;ciL4,ej- O'E the wtliiiite uie.tal disk there is a ttido spot of paid, about tthie sixo of. n liinilfcad, wh'teh vepree«TOiLs the bullseye tiho fju-Kert. TIM) appeara-nce of this indsc Js .'W invitation, to Hie honest nonev ine» to "take a sliot at it." .. : DEAFNESS CANNOT BE CURED jy local applications, as they can each the diseased portion of the r riic'rc Is only one way to cure dcafuoss ,.nd tba± Js by constitutional ueuicdles: Deafness Is caused by CD Inflamed con- Ition of the'mucous Uulnjs of the Eu- tachlan Tube, When'tills tube gets uflaraed you 'have a rumbling sound r Imperfect hearing, and when It Is cu- irely closed deafness Is the result, and unless- the inflammation can be taken nit and this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing will .be des- royed by catairb; which'Is nothing but n iuflamed condition of the mucous urfaces. We will give One Hundred .Dollars or any case of deafness (caused .by atarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's latarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. F. J.'OHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. : So.ld by Druggists, 7"if GRAND EXCURSION TO NIAGARA FALIiS-BIG FOUR. ROUTE. ' On Wednesday,. July 22d, the "Big 'our", will run. another popular escur- ion to Niagara Falls and return, -wltii ide bip:to Toronto. TJie rale for thu oun'd trip from Indianapolis Is ?JO; .afayette, $12; Tej-re Haute, 11.50; lattoon, !|!.12.30; •DaDTllle, 111., ?i2; Blooming-tori, ?13; PoorJa, $14; Cairo. 13; corresponding rates from iuter- med'iate stations. Toronto only ?1 more lian rate' to Niagara Falls. HANDSOME BOOK FOR A- TWO- CENT- STAMP—NEW. PUBLICA-- .. TION BY THE D. & C. ]'>INE. : To tilKMC -w.lio • eomteni-plate tiiking ;a ummov oaitinjj, w.e will. nifl.il. for 2.?., osta.ge our 'Uluistaited.pamphlet, which ontaiiins.a. large annvber.of ftnc engrav- iiSS of eyeiry isiunmer resoirt bet.weeai _!lev«]aind, Toledo, Deteoit.aiud Picturesque MackilMc, It has.maaiy nrtlS-Jo jC-tomefe of poiujte of -totca-est of Uie Jppei- • Lake. • .region.. IliformatJon ue- li!«g :boith sliorC ««! exteiiiided tours, osfs of. ti-aBspoiihitioti and hotel fa.ne, be. ., -, ..-.:•. '....•.-: ....-.,• '! ."• Vddress A. A, SCHANTZ; G..P./A, .' ... . - . Detroit, Miclil •. and all other expenses, AwzA. we cxMi^e*vt <yui - oe£ueo -KM-tfi \$w> Spa^c-, ^vo-u^v One ^Wbofo St^Jc voot^Ci) not co^vKi-vK- -a ti-ct- en ow^t- 3c>cvTxjci4^ / u>'. We want you to get accustomed to CQMtNG without, DRUMMING, assuring you a cordial reception and ECONOMIC PRICES. (WSAAAWVSM' OC L-O, PERSONA'!.. Joseph Kries was ::i IVrn T'hur.sd!iy Fred l.oiifr liii.-i f;o;:c rr, .\iis;.:iw;ik;i t > work. W. V. 1'ealer ef Ji.-irlMi ;^ in th'.: city N. 0. fttiss wa< :i! Ft. V,':iyi:-,- Ti:i:r.- W. F. KaSlW •:[ '''I. Vraym- 1V.-..S :: 1:11e city Thur-day. Vi'ilthuu Seidul e,l' AYk-.'.iniac was i'. Uie ei-iy yes'K'iday. Mrs. T. 11. H:iriii!i--li .:!' K' wlaad v'.= ited liero fiiis week. 0. R. "IV.ijjili 1 t''. \Vai>;:sh w::< ]'.(••' yu-ten.lay uJi biiisi-nr-.--. M-rs. C. Hiny.i'.nrai! .-i.i'.d , urs r-.l' I' 1 , from a visit "at Kt..'\YayiK'. Dr. .1. P. nv.t.hcrliiifleii w:v at Infi! aiiap')'li' s Tlnirsilay c,:i hns'/ai'.--.-;. :':•«! 0 \veais has miiv.'iK 1 :! :o M* h.:"' at, Franklin. ln«l.. aifte;- a vUir iioiT. Mr. Lowell Xf(T or Hunker I.U11 i. : the fjciirsf OC [Tarry Wrijibt ;'.'f tli is H:y Frank Ccok has resumed h's p'-wHo.'i at T.mw CHIT. after u iwi-. -.ve,-k<' v:i- calkm. 5w-lj;lr-r. Powell lias rcinninl I'l'iHii n vi.si'l- wlt.lt Craeiinl,- a: Lake Ma.xl.ii- kuekee. Sa.ui Smii'Ui of Cl,'-ino:i lias necn (.-silled to Ke.nr.l.-iiMl by i'l:i> si'! ; i<in.s'ill:u-es of a relative. Miss 1 Eva Smith has ret timed from r. nisl't with, friends m t.he Western p: of tho State. S. B. Fail'tenson and wife of Otfninwa, Iowa, are siie.uuli.iijr the y-nminver at I'--ake Drawings of All Kinds Made by MfaM.1* Etta find Alice Fi-ne'li w.i|l p" to EockvMlc today for :i week's vi-.sU wliJi relatives. Koko-mo Tj-Hnnie: JIw. M. A. C.-ivr and Mrs. Untie. Trwi'a nn> vislvhm Sir. Cli-ides- Ma.r.>haJ 1, l:he Uiuudvy- r.ait, will join lits fa.iafcl.v today in ciiiup H Lake Ma:ciiii.kuek«. TvoL A. H. Don.arlsiiss awl i':i'mJ'. v ^' ;i ° i,ro ait Jfa.Ntakiiekeo fo-r nn ouUr.a re- iui-ivcd home yeste-vday. JIiw. W. C. Paitrfck JM visithis vela:Ives :it riymontb, aiml otlior s.owns i« -b.-e .mynth-eru paint, of nlio Sniit.o. Naitj'iain Ross, Hettte Elliott fii'id Helen Jt-dc ! i)in-el-l have i-ekunwd from Maxi-'i- cnck.ee. -Ur. Itoss will' rrtinai in t'l'C Peru .ToiijTiml: Mr., anxl Mr*. Eli rut- '.i-bang.h and dangilntei.-. Hi's. 'Will Lc:i- vjii-t aiul JPiKW Annul NiccJ we-o iai r,o- sunsport today. ,Tud?e and Mrs. D- I'- Ba'.dwi-u- led. ^r.idny morn'mg for Chantauqiia, N. f., an.il Oitiliei 1 eastern resorts, expect- npr t.o lie KOI«! l:ll; ''<- ><? wct'lcs. Mi-s! .Tcin'e- w-lio wc-ftl: to Lnke-Maxill- :iK-k(M rhe «-i»t o>f the week to spend a u\v weekA was willed ho ; iue yo5U:rday iy Tii»-llliuiess of her 1uii?ixi,ml. Rev. -T. C. MoConuick who lias omc-iati'n? at SL Vinceiu chnreli ;ri;ng t;he nlwennce o>f (lie Very Kcv. M. :. Campta), liit-t ye^ta-day lor Clii- Tli-e Sli-sses lloore oC Bast Ml-gli street iivo ;i iwamliiiff I>a-rty and Uraclicon In Janip Gunse Tlinrsday evening in honor of tlmfcr 'prnosi:. SHffl Bert Roach of Delphi. . • . A. A. Moore, Mm Mowe JUKI Mr. and Irs. .Tolrn Mclntosli lisive i-etutned Croin Tiuidfilll where Uvcy w.ere calletl to atom! tlie t uncatil of I'liC L-nUter's brotheiv iir.. Stctc-aJf, w.ho was Icffled by liftht- itofr- l.ist Tuesday. Mrs. N. T. Gaw« aLnul Mrs. .T. N. Neff if this oilty, have gone to Warssiw and AsssomWy wJnoro tlicy will rcp- Ixijranspo-L-t and (ihe Srate at .a Hu.uv.ipc mectitifr -toniglu, and ou Hu- aniiiC day next Wednesday. ' . Trot, ami Mre. D. .C. Arttair. Byxon ;-oii\lo,n, AuHum 1 Gimmiid.- Miisscs. Carrie ind Mii.rbui' JR-XjlA, FijanJv ajjd Lillian 'iirkci-. awl MJi«s-.Bessifi IfiiKtEffltoefe o£ lijs cJ'tv. :i;iKl MJHS-.BTlitl'on oiC Eilgin, !-"-» Hill. of' Waibash, wJio have icon 1 canipimg. ait .Lake .MaxiJiJtuckcc. st.u-rned to -tlioir homos Tlnirsday. . ', •• Subscribe for the Journal, 40 cent! er month. ; BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney, bpry Block. Logansport Artificia} Gas Sills due the Firs of each month, ten day's grace. All bills pay able at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Streei. Special—Low rates on h'eaters during the months of May, June^J'uly, August and September. To The Ladies This is the season ottbe y«at. when the unpleasant but necessary work of house-cleaning claims the attention of the housekeeper and not a little d» ponds on the appearance of your lace curtains as poorly done-upcurtalnispoll the effect of a well-Curnlshed home quicker than anything else. We nave experieneed : help In this class of work who do nothing else and we KSOW we jan give you perfect'satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year of laundering shirt waists, being the only firm In the city using machinery eicluslvely for the purpose. We will appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. Are You Out of Employment. Have you a horse, buggy or other personal property, or vacant lota you would Hke to exchange for a business that wlligiv* big returns? Gall at 703 riichigan Avenue. KRONER & STRAIN, Undertakers P &Embalmers. 6io BROADWAY. A Stolen Bicycle Means a great deal to the one that Is a loser. W-hy run an,f risk when you can have your wheel insured against theft At a very nominal figure and get Its val- ue when stolon? Insure at once and be on the safe side. Ponctared I ires Repaired From this date on for 25 centsjjt the Burgman Cycle Co SUFFERERS WITH KHEU1JATIS5I We have obtained the agency for a remedy for .rheumatism which' has had remarkable success. Sold on positive guarantee. You run no risk of losing your money. We invite you to call at our store and let us tell you about It For sale by B. F.'KedsUng. ' Merit in medicine means the power to cure. The groat cures by Hood's Sar- snparJlla prove its unequaled merit:

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