Fitchburg Sentinel from Fitchburg, Massachusetts on March 20, 1937 · Page 5
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Fitchburg Sentinel from Fitchburg, Massachusetts · Page 5

Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 20, 1937
Page 5
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F1TCHBURG SENTINEL, SATURDAY, MARCH 20, 1937 imnmtimiminmmnmittnmmmnini iiimtutiwmimmntmmiiuiuuutwu News and Comment Of Stage and Screen luutiuiiuuiiiutuiiutiiiiiuuiniimmutiuiiHiiiiuiiiiitiuiuutiiuimiuitiitm! Guy Palmerton will re-open the Whalom park theater June 21, according to present plans. Frank Lyon, Nancy Duncan and others who were with the company last season are exported to return. * · » The sudden decision of Noel Coward to close "Tonight at 8.30" caused the theater manaRemont to refund nbout $25,000 which had been received irr advance reservations -for the next week. Mr. Coward, after a short rest in the southland, will return to London for the coronation. * * * -Slim Summerville should-dierish ( his role in "Love-Is News" which j opens at the Fitchburg theater to- ' morrow with. Tyrone Power, Don Amech'c- and Loretta Young. For years Summerville was a police officer in the silent days and never got beyond 1 he rank of patrolman and so should appreciate his role as. the countv judqc in the new picture. " . » · · · Once again George M. Cohan proved a friend of stage artists. "Fulton of Oak Falls" closed last Saturday after a loss of $35.000. Now it is announced that Cohan refused . .to.accept any salary for playing the leading role and also refused royalties or expenses in an effort to keep i^he play gcing, so that his company would not be out of work. · * * · * · Back in a role that is much akin to "The Informer." Victor McLaglen is starred "in "Nancy^Stecle.Is Missing,", . t h e Easter feature at Shea's. In the same cast are Peter Lorre and Walter Connolly and they help much to present an exceptional drama. * * . · · * ' Several of the dramatic attractions in New York at the present time de. pend a great deal on the presence of dogs, goats, pigs arid ducks for much -of their patronage appeal. Much applause greets the nightly appearance · of the animals such as a goose in "Sun Kissed " a dog in "Storm Over Patsy," a goat and kids in. "White Horse Inn" and others. * * * . . u - Yfl-r'5d · · .Henry Fonda has been engaged to pla'y opposite Bette Davis in "That Certain Woman" in which Miss Davis is to be starred. · » * . - . ' . A triumph of dramatic suspense and romantic appeal, "Wiriterset," the prize winning Broadway hit, will · be- at the Universal Wednesday arid Thursday; The gripping story of pas- I sion and revenge on New York's waterfront, features Burgess Meredith, noted stage star; Margo, fiery Mexican actress; and Eduardo Clan- nelli, all three of whom were in the sage show. * * * George Ross, NEA service crore- spondent, does not believe "Now You've Done It" will last long in New York, but like other reviewers favorably comments on the work of Walter Greaza -who stepped -into the leading role with short notice. * » · A piano, which played itself, spoiled a scene in the making of '"Maytime" j whieh'wiH-sean be at the Fitchburg theater. Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy were in the midst of a long dramatic scene and things were running smoothly, when suddenly the high C on the set piano gave forth a loud plunk which not only spoiled the sound man's take but startled the two stars. Investigation showed one of the keys had slipped. * * » ' · Variety said that "Michael Sfro- goff' is one of the most made pictures. It was first produced in Berlin several years 'ago with Adolph Wohlbruck starred. It was repeated in Paris with the same producer and star. Now it has been produced in Hollywood under the name of "the Soldier and the Lady." Again the same producer and star made the picture but now the star's name has been changed to Anton Wai- brook. _ .,,, ,. Many persons contend that "The Mighty Treve" is Albert Payson Ter- huhe's finest dog story. At any rate it has been made into a mighty appealing picture. Its 'engagement at ;Shea's ends tonight. The companion picture is '"Fair Warning" with Betiy Furness: * .* » . "The Great Waltz" is to make a return engagement in Boston April 12 and as before will be presented at the Opera House. The cast of principals is nearly the same as before. * * * Don Ameche, who js at the Fitchburg in "Love Is News," has been engaged for three more films- -"Last Year's Kisses" with Alice Faye, "Love · Under Fire" with Loretta Young and "Thin Ice" with Sonja Henie. * * * · Alma Kruger, featured in "Love- Letters of a Star" at' the Universal the next three days, began her stage career in Shakespearean plays appearing with Southern and Marlowe, Ben Greet and Robert Mantell. Her stage performance in "Pride and Prejudice" won her a movie contract and she made her debut in "These Three." ; «. ; ; * · · '·' ;On their first day off the "Espionage" set, Paul Lukas and Edmund Lowe assumed new roles. Lukas was teacher and Lowe the pupil. The subject was fencing, Lukas, an ex " pert at this ancient art, promised to make a star fencer of Lowe and they got together on the rudiments between scenes of the new picture. The picture appears at the Fitchburg the latter half of next week. *. * * Among all the characters Booth Tarkington's prolific pen created, few surpassed "Clarence" jipr.hearty, human interest. In its talkie form it brings out the lovable qualities of Tarkington's fiction. "Clarence" will be at Shea's the next four days with Karns. in.the .To}e,madejnz. mous by Alfred Lunt on the stage. * » » Marie Brown, who had golden hair in "Boy Meets Girl," has brown hair in "Brother Rat" as the producer wanted a dark haired actress for the part in the new show. Miss Brown was willing to lose her golden hair and quickly dyed her hair and got the new role. * * * · "Nicodemus," a colored boy discovered by Mae West in Harlem recently, plays a comedy .role in "Go West Young Man" which opens a three days' engagement at the Universal theater tomorrow. He was a musician in Cab Galloway's band when the actress discovered he had rare acting ability and the possessor of unusual comedy technique. . ' · · - . . ' . » . · » "Maid of Salem" failed'to enthuse picture critics in England and many oT t'hem"object5d . 16 Claudette^Col-" bert being cast as an emotional actress. . . .· · » · · » . ' · Henry King, who recently directed "Lloyds of London," also directed. "Seventh Heaven" which will be at the Fitchburg theater Easter Sunday. Simone . Simon, sensational screen star who rose to fame in her first American picture, "Girls Dormitory," shares starring honors with James Stewart. « * * The first complete tour booked for next season has been announced for "Victoria Regina" now a success in New York. The show with Helen Hayes will play eigVit weeks in Chi- Closeup and Comedy By ERSKINE JOHNSON--GEORGE SCARBO immn STRAND THEATRE CLEGHORN SQUARE -- TEL. 4815 WEEKDAYS 2:«l. Mats. IOC -- EVES. 7:15., Adolts lac. Children lOc SL'NDAX CONTINUOUS 2:00-10:30 ADMISSION 15c, Children Cnder 12, 10c TODAY May Robson, Sybil Jason. Guy Kibbee in "THE CAPTAIN'S KID." 11 t ~~ yres, uaii Atncfe. || i Paul Kelly. Chapter 2 of "THE PHANTOM RIDER' and Cartoon, all colored. "SINBAD THE SAILOR" -- SAT. EVE. SHOW at 6.30. SUNDAY, March 21 Continuous 2.00 - 10.30 Jack Holt, Evelyn Venable, Gubn '.^Big.. Bay".-.. Williams in "NORTH OF NOME" and William Boyd, George Hayes, Gail Sheridan in "HOPALONG CASSIDY RETURNS" . . . Backyard Broadcast--Knight for a Day (Cartoon) and Community Sing, ,Jfo. 1 . . ' . - . . ' . ' . ' · MON. - TUES. March 22-23 Walter 'Huston, Ruth Chatterton, Paul Lukas,' Mary Astor in "DODSWORTH" and Marsha Hunt, Robert Cummings, Paul Kelly, Kent Taylor in 'THE ACCUSING FINGER 1 Metro News and "Straight As An Arrow".. TODAY -- "PIGSKIN PARADE/' also "Fugitive in the Sky" UNIVERSAL Contiriudus Daily 1.30 Id 10.30 (Sundays 2.00 to 10.30 MATS. 10c-15c 'EVES, and SUN..20c-25c SUNDAY Thru TUESDAY" CHILDREN lOc Mas goes to th» country and tin whbb~ country goes hey-h«y with Mat/ 1 IUKQ* fUKSXHTS MAE WEST }B "GoWestfbnngMan r WARREN WILLIAM ""RANDOLPH SCOTT ALICE BRADY · Elii.b.ih P.n.rion . t r l. Ttlb«i. I»b*l J.w.ll M«r fl «itl P.rty · br H»N«T HATHAWAT · Di.U... br MM W.H COMPANION FEATURE lOVflETTERi HENRY HUNTER/POUY ROWIES, C. Henry GORDON ADDED! PARAMOUNT NEWS CAN'T GET AWAY WITH IT" cago, ..- 6 ~, four in Boston and three in Philadelphia. The tour will take in 23 states. * * · · · It is said that "Breezing Along," a classic of racing dramas,, has a whipping finish that is a classic of racing dramas. William Gargan has the principal role with a sterling supporting cast. It will be at Shea's the last half of next week with "We're On the Jury" with- Victor Moore and Helen Broderick as supporting feature. Oscar Straus seems to have adopted Hollywood as a permanent home and is remaining in that movie capitol while writing music for a Before iri WHICH Boooy -starred. "Make a Wish" may be the title of the picture with the waltz king writing all the music. . . » . . . . . . » » · » · · ' "Gold Diggers of 1937," which will be at the Universal theater March 28-30, has a great number of dance- numbers all of which were erectc'i and directed by Busby Berkley, well known in this city and vicinity. * * * · · Stuart Erwin-has been signed for three years and will be'presented in two pictures each year. The first will be "Small Town Boy" and the second, "Face the Facts," a story by Clarence Budington Kelland. * « »' ZaSu Pitts claims she never sang in all her life until she sang the cowboy lament for "Siiig. Me a Love Song" which will be at the Universal theater* Friday and Saturday. James Melton, well known singer, accompanied her in this number. Variety said that Fred Astaire and Carole Lombard have been assigned for the leads in "Damsel in Distress" and their combined salaries wjll cost the producers close to $500,000 ·Astaire is said to get $250,000 per picture and Miss Lombard draws at least $200,000. · . « » · . Walter Hampden is through as play producer. "An'Enemy of the People" went into the storehouse after the Boston engagement In one week the show grossed $11,000 but the losses were too much, for the star to stand. He has been managing and producing for 19 years and in 'that time grossed over $8,000,000, according to Variety. ' Claimed to be one of the most beautiful Technicolor productions .yet filmed, "Wings of the Morning" with Annabella and Heiiry Fonda, comes to Shea's theater soon. The beautiful lakes of Killarney form the background of the story and John McCormack's golden voice is heard as the story unfolds. * * * . : · Guy Palmerton, who conducted the Manhattan Players at Whalom for the past three years, is to try a stock season in · Worcester again opening at the Worcester theater, March 29. Frank Lyon will be the leading man and "Personal Appearance," which was used to open at Whalom last season, will be the first production. He plans a 10 weeks' season, * · » - F l o r e n c e Sundstrohi, who plays the leading feminine role in "Brother Pat" at the Plymouth theater in Boston, is known to readers of various national magazines as Karen Sundstrom whose picture is prominently displayed. She is one of the most sought of models in New York in addition to being an actress of ability and charm. * · » Gene Raymond and Ann Sothern are co-starred in "Walking On Air" which will be at the Cumings theater the next three days. Miss Sothern wears many stunning gowns in this picture. "Meet Nero Wolf*" is the co-feature. * * * Dorothy Parker, considered by many to be one of the wittiest women in America, contributed much of the comedy dialog in "Lady Be Careful" which will be at the Cumings Wednesday and Thursday I!EAH RAY HEIGHT, 5 FE.E.T, OHt, 124 P Q U i s S . HAiA. GP£V SSK?-' -r · -. AUTPlMOHMtSCOP*. O-- O- ABOUt POP- with Lew Ayres and Mary Carlisle. "Two Minutes to Go" is the other feature. * · * ' Bob Steele in "The Law Riders" and Chester Morris and Madge Evans in "Moonlight Murder" are the features for the Cuinings theater Friday and Saturday. Amusements . I - ' What Press Agents Say About I Coining Attractions Fitchburg The romance of a thrilling threesome, whose kisses crash the headlines and whose escapades sell extras, with handsome Tyrone Power, outromancing his "Lloyds of London" role, lovely Loretta Young bringing fresh charm to a portrayal that is enchantingly different, and Don Anieche creating a dashing new screen characterization, provides hilarious entertainment in the new streamline hit "Love Is News" which jyill .open: a four das ...enr. ys tngater tomorrow. With Loretta Young in the role of a . beautiful heiress,/ heckled and pestered by sensation-seeking newspapers, the enjoyable . pace is set at once when she vows vengeance against Tyrone Power, "ace" "news- hawk who has just .tricked . her again into the headlines without, however, reckoning with his dynamic hard driving .editor, Don Ameche (radio star of "The First Niehter"). . . . To give Newsman Tyrone a dose of his · own medicine, Loretta determines to make him a public figure and not only announce her engagement to him but also states she has presented him with a million dollars. ' Besieged on .every hand, Tyrone strives to expose the hoax but his efforts serve only to increase his notoriety, as well as his unpopularity 1 with the managing editor. On a wild chase into the country, both 'the newshawk and his quarrv are arrested for speeding and jailed by Count Judge Slim Sum-, .an incident which results in some of 'the most hilarious moments in the picture. Loretta's revenge: works up to a bewildering and an amusing climax in which the . tables are. turned and the pair find themselves, as the newspapers had so often repealed, .really 'tJiat way" about each other. There is a great suporting cast including Shin Summerville, Dudley Digges, Walter Catlett and Stepin Fetchit. To complete the program -there will be a . new issue of March of Time, a cartoon and newsreel. Shea's Roscoe Karns has. arrived! The funny little man who entertained millions in dozens of pictures as a featured player, and comedy interest, is now a leading man. in his own right and the famous polka- dotted bow .tie is in for even greater popularity than it enjoys. . . Karns made his first leading pearance in "Three Married Men," but shared honors with William Frawley and Lynne Overman. So enthusiastic was the reception of that comedy that Paramount immediately cast Karns in the title role -of Booth Tarkingfon's-coracdS "Clarence," which opens tomorrow at Shea's for four days. ' As the man-of-all-work wr-o takes it upon. himself.. to. straigthen out the tangled love affairs of bis employer's .family, Karns is supported by Eleanore Whitney, Eugene Pallette, Johnny Downs, Charlotte Wynters and Spring Byington. The companion feature at Shea's tomorrow and the first half of the week is "Paradise Express," with Grant Withers and Dorothy Appleby, Today'* bill, at Shea's is "Fair Warning" and "Mighty Treve." Universal There are three men in the life of Mae West in "Go West Young M»." which begins Sunday at the Universal. .' · ; ' . ' '" ; Romance number one is with Lyle Talbot. cast as an old flame who has become a prominent politician, and finds it good publicity to "mark" with the glamorous sar portrayed by Miss West Talbot knew her when --the star knew him when '(bey. called him "Butch." She thinks he's a lotta fun. ' : Romance number two is with "tall, blonde 'and handsome" Randolph Scott, cast as farm-boy inventor, "with' large and sinewy muscles." She wants him to "Go West" to Hol- lywooi She's helped so many men realize themselves, as she nuts it, and Scott has an invention for mo- ion pictures. Romance number three is with Warren William, playing a press agent who accompanies the star on her personal appearance trip to the movie palaces, primarily to keep her from getting married. They fight and bicker about her romances and the marriage clause in her contract. William extricates. her from all her entanglements, but somehow gets involved himself. A fourth romance is also suggested with Etienne Girardot, a professor-this, however, is strictly comedy in hilarious vein. "Love Letters of a Star," a mystery; is the co-feature. The film, featuring Henry Hunter, Polly Rpwles, C. . Henry Gordon, Walter Coy and Hobart · Cavanaugh, sets forth the strange mystery which surrounds the death of a blackmailer Edward Arnold, with Lionel Stander in the role of Archie Goodwin. Wolfe's chief stooge and private investigator, · Plymouth Theater, Boston Like the healthy, happy youngster it is "Brother Rat," the newest and most hilarious laugh-hit to comfe this way in years, is playing its sixth consecutive week of uproarious fun at the Plymouth theater in Boston, and is merrily going into what' is termed "a run." The title refers not to gangsters or uijderworld characters, but is rather a term of affectionate regard used by the upper classmen to the .entering classmen who automatically become "Brother Rats" as they progress. Admiral Byrd, Jack Holt and ' r (ipJ.;,Fwderick Green, .who, are graduates of Virginia Military institute. {the locale of the play) all are "brother rat" to their classmates. The exciting story deals with student escapades .inland outside .cam?. pus' Kouncfe ,with romance cleverly interwoven. There is not a dull mo- merit" during the two hours and a half s' playing time, as attested by huge audiences that have rocked the. Plymouth theater with howls of laughter nightly. "Brother Rat" has been acclaimed as the brightest, freshest and funniest comedy in years. Included in the large, young and talented cast are Florence Karen Sun'dstrom, Marie Brown, Mary Cheffey, Lora Rogers, Edwin L, Phillips, Tom Ewell, Paul Ballantyne, Owen _Martin, Roger Hewlett and. Frank Camp. Would Make . Nantucket Isle "A Republic" ' ' /BOSTON, .March 20 M) -- A jeifing. -proposal that, the island of -Nantucket, fighting for lower electricity rates; should set itself Up. as an independent republic .came yesterday from the head of the island's power company, Alexander Macomber of Boston. Islanders, fighting for five years to reduce the electric rates, recently suggested they might secede from Massachusetts and join New York, of which Nantucket was a part in colonial '.days. , . . ' " . : Referring to the move, which he said was led by State Rep. William T. Swain (E., Nantucket), Macpmber suggested to a legislative committee the islanders "should have advocated a separate republic because then he (Swain) could be the dictator." ' The comment brought the sharp rejoinder from Rep. Joseph I* Dooley (D., Taunton), member of the committee: "I'd advise you to cut that out and avoid any personal reference to Mr. Swain." Macomber referred to his Nantucket gas and electric company as "that unfortunate little company." He opposed legislation permitting islanders to set up a complete municipal plant. Textile Wages o . . . Boosted; G« I. O. Drive Near BOSf6NrMarc¥ 20'.'(/pf- The New England textile industry yesterday had granted'wage increases, in most instances of 10 per. cent, to approximately 80,000 of its 350,000 employes. . ; The increases were granted as an organizing committee of John L. Lewis' committee for industrial organization met in New York to launch a campaign to bring the textile industry within its fold. V .Workers in all six New England states were benefited by the increases. First of the pay .raises were announced last night and were followed in quick succession throughout today by others as mill after mill .boosted payrolls into higher brackets. Gather Cigaret Butts in War On Smoking : ...NANKING,. £hina^ March~20 -O --Buckets of half-smoked cigarets are being collected in Nanking by the promoters of the New Life movement in a war against smok r ing- . ' ' · · ' · . ' : · . Armed with pails, officers of the movement are roaming the streets asking smokers to throw away their, cigarets and to abstain from smoking in the future. Patient Regrets SAO PAULO, Brizil.' March 20 W --Luiz Russini, 20 years old, fell asleep February 1, awoke February 18 and upbraided his physicians because they had failed to rouse him from his puzzling stupor .in time to permit his participation in a carnival. . . 6 Ends Chosen For Minstrels By Clan Leslie Clan Leslie Ladies' auxiliary "Black and White Minstrels," for the past several weeks in rehearsal for the third annual performance in the Grove street hall April 2, will pre- . sent the usual group of six ends. '. » They will be Herbert Howard;'; Betty Hancock, Ernest Crotch, James M, Logan, Addie-Crotch And . Carl P. Ferguson. David Allan is interlocutor. They are holding many ,' .^hearsals ,ani .will .present -various*.--novelties. ' ·'·;. Betty Hancock and Addie Crotch, each making their third appearance.·· with the organizations, are expected to jegeat^the^success^oi.ethex. stosi**-.^, "ducfiohs." . '·'. '.. Mr.- Howard is making his. first.: appearance with this group. Mr.. V Logan is expected to repeat the success he scored in 1935. Mr. Crotch ..."·! and Mr. Ferguson are veteran*, of: two previous shows and they are'. . great favorites in this . city and; Leominster. . . The. black and 'white scheme in ;.' costumes and stage dress, which has . been so well liked in the past, will, be continued. Mrs. Mary .Gringanv' and Mrs. Isabel.Newsholm will.hSve charge /of the cotumes and Mrs. · Grace Reynolds, the makeup. · The hall committee consists of Charles S. Broome and William S. . Crawford with .John R. Sharp in charge of the ticket sale. Tickets have 'been sent to Clan Forbes of Clinton and Clan Scott in Worcester. The chiefs of those clans ' and Deputy Royal Chief William ·X3rahairi:'6i~W6f cesteT'^in'^"fu that evening. Many members of the. two organizations are expected to be present. : ' · Dancing until midnight, with music furnished by a six-piece orchestra, will follow. ; . ' · . ' The performance will also be given April 3 at the Worcester County hospital in West Boylston for the staff and patients. · ' _ Amoskeag Dividend BOSTON, March 20 C4)_Arthur Black, master in charge of the liquidation of the Amqskeag Manufacturing Co., has declared a dividend of $1 per share on the 365,977 shares of the company. The dividend will bring to $3 the amount thus far ordered paid on each share. ness of an entire family. Strand Seal hunting in the primitive Bering sea country is depicted in Jack _ Holt's .; picture, ."North ,, of. Nome," Sunday at the Strand theater. It is a graphic story of poachers and hijackers, and a romance that involves a wealthy girl shipwrecked with friends on an island habitated by -a poacher. . . . Playing opposite Holt is Evelyn Venable. A one-man battle to bring law and order to a roaring, lawless Western mining town is the 'theme of, "Hopalong Cassidy Returns," the co-feature. Walter Huston and Ruth Chatter* ton head the cast of "Dodsworth;" featuring, the program : 'Monday and Tuesday. Huston again plays the title .role of Sam Dodsworth, the easy-going American husband, in which he scored on .the stage for more than two years. . Miss Chatterton has 'the- role of Fran, the pretty, frivolous, selfish wife whom he adores. . Sidney Howard; who wrote the stage adaptation, is again author of j the screenplay, which is enacted by ' a, 'great supporting cast including Paul Lukas, Mary Astor, David Niven, Mme. Maria Quspenskaya; Gregory Gaye, Odette Myrtil, Kathryn Marlowe, John Payne, Spring Byington, and Harlan Briggs. Mme. Ouspenskaya and Gregory Gaye repeat the -roles they created in the stage : version. . · - · . After playing either cop or gangster roles in spine 30 or more moving ^pictures, Joe Sawyer finally blossomed out of the cops»orrrobbers character into the role of a kindly prison chaplain in "The Accusing Finger" the co-feature. Cumings "Walking On Air," co-starring Gene Raymond and Ann Sothern and featuring Jessie Ralph and Henry Stephenson, is the featured film' at ' the Cumings Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Although not a musical it is spiced with hit music and .gives the principal players plenty of opportunity to sing while romping through un-: usual heart tangles. The melodies include "Cabin On the Hilltop," "Mv Heart Wants to. Dance" and "Lefs Make a Wish." - -The- story- -draws sophisticated humor and good-natured horseplay out of an adventurous young college graduate's madcap, solution of the unemployment problem. The hilarity starts when Raymond hires himself out to Miss Sothern, t wilful and uncontrollable Beverly Hills heiress, io help her 'overcome her father's objections to a fortune- hunter with whom she fancies herself in love. The complications set in when Raymond falls in love with his employer, after doing much too well at nil job, which is to pose as an insufferably arrogant foreign · nobleman and' to insult her father and aunt so thoroughly that -they will consider the favored suitor a rare catch by comparison . "Meet Nero Wolfe" will be the co- feature. Much like a master chew- man, 'Wolfe moves his beer .bottle caps like pawns in a game of murder and mystery. This portly, lovable criminologist is portrayed by ENDS TO-DAY 2.00 and 6.30 -FAIR WARNING" "MIGHTY TREVE" S . Tel. 2870 H EA STARTS TOMORROW! for Continuous SUNDAY 2,00 to 10.30 lOc--25c--35c Booth Tarkington's hilarious romance of a sax-play ing fixer- upper, . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. · With;.. .,' ' ' ·,, ROSCOE KARNS _ ELEANORE WHITNEY, EUGENE PALLETTE "PARADISE EXPRESS" ' . . - . ' with-.r .;.-.'... " " . . Grant Withers, Dorothy Appleby · A Republic .Picture . J'llUIIIHIllllllllllllllllllfllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll; 4 DAYS BEG. TOMORROW Boston Demanded a Second Week Of It . . It's That Good! THE TOP COMEDY . v . OF THE SEASON Sweethearts who might . as Well live in glass houses . . . their kisses .crash the headlines and their nights of romance sell "Extras" in the morning! When they thrill, the world thrills with them .. and so will you--especially over Tyfon* Power, new star sensation of "Lloyds of London," in a role even more romantic! SUM SUMMERVILLE · DUDLEY DIGGES WAITER CikUEtT · GEORGE SANDERS JANE OA*WEU · STEPIN FETCHIT EXTRA! "MARCH OF TIME" CarJtoon -- LnUst News ' ' '" TOMORBQWr; 1 ' ·"" "' PERFORMANCE CONTINUOUS 2 to 11 P.M. TONIGHT Cont From 6 O'clock EDWARD ARNOLD - FEANCINE LARRIMORE in "JOHN MEADE'S WOMAN" -- Also ' GUY KIBBEE in "DONI TELL THE WIFE" FREE PHOTO OF TYRONE POWER, New Screen Idol, To AH Patrons Attending Sunday Matinee 5 = = HlllUUUllli

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